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F The MASSACHUSETTS register and "business director;/.. 

8^9 serial no.LXXXVI- 

kOJ Boston 1852- 

/ r6 v. , ; s-C s, : '*■/< 

Title varies slightly. / S 7 z. 

Continuation of The Massachusetts state recorc 


,.... s m^%2L ICN 6l - 2060 




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Wj * 

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CKsi^blislxment Conime-'icod ill "J 833.) 

I -v.-: M/4J i 1 1 II 4lvVil 

.-;•-. ra j\ . ■ i .. ■ i ; - 


fgoi ppi 

| I Constantly for sale, at WHOLESALE OE RETAIL, at the VERY LOWEST PRICES, a 1 
I I Compiere Assortment of 

, , ' PAGE® AND iDED 

I j BLANK' -AOOOUNT ■&£?& H^03.^ ; '.<0. .' , 

For tae uss of Corporations, STerchants, Towns, Societies, and r ion G< 

I I BLANK BOOHS of every pattern, made to order with the utmost despatch 

I ! PARTICULAR CARE taken ui the manufacl in . B 

| I ' * i they shall b« of the best materials, and superior workmanship, and furnished upon the most I 

I | i j m : 

I :■ fa th« best AotiTce*. Foreign and Domestic manufacture ■ rioi WRITI> 

I I RAWING & LETTER l'\: . - r^d Scho ! SI ! riONERY, of cv d i 

I :■ 1>US,C w» Section and FiwTkAC k Papers, DRAWINl MATERIALS, and all ai 

| ;. e «*"ar,dSt«Tejots t together with a -full stock of every tto 

i I Gap?!** Presses, Commercial &n«J Law Blank*, >oks, Cltarta «a« 

I ■ OF Att aCSDS, Ar THS LOWSSf . 

I ) K- UuMDWa KBl . ftffl'fl Sttperforlnasi ■-:■ i, I >reelain imelled.Satf iBxuU 

I | «d C doredC&SDS, aeaata&tlj fas R to, WHOLESALE C - RETAIL, ' J 

' r A "TVT » Ci 



I ,j,i! '-'-'- celebrated V-. which havi 

than fourteen years, are now offered to the ] 
improvements, which render them unrivalled in all the 
I which constitute a perfect Fuma • Fire Pot 

elongated cones running into the Air Chaml ,:, v' 
durability and make it vastly superior tootl 
new mode of retaining the heat in the Air Chamber, i I 
.,■/•■""-.■. ) a larger radiating surface than formerly, hj 

arrangement to remove the ashe3 from the radiator, without en ' 
[ the Furnace or disturbing the brick work, has been ado] I 

- ... a ... "*'" More of these Furnaces than of any oiler kind, have ' 

up in this city and vicinity, and ere giv unrivalled 
ALSO, FOB BALE, an extensive assortment of new and beautiful pattern Liverpool, Ber- 
lin and other GRATES, together with an extensive variety of COOKING RA I 
Parlor, Office and Cooking STORES, VENTILATORS, &.C. 

Tj "V" T. "■="■ • -1 17 TJ ] ; ' ' 


Kos„ 61 & €m Congress St., Boston. 


^-.-:~;^;^ /7 _ __ lathe entire^ Basement of the 

i~~ "':/. . : ^777 OLD STATE HOUS: 

Fronting; State street, Boston. 

- '■ ■ . .. ' .:_-:■ ~ 

;7 ' 7., - ~~™~™~~ 

,-".'■■ ; '.',. ,;L ■ ,-_':- Strangers and citizens generally arc uvgi 

: 77...' L TT^t-IJ \\\ and examine the LARGEST STOCK. OJ 

:: ; ; ' /- L ION ABLY MADE CLOTHING whi I 

T~ found .in the city, consisting of c^ 

) 1 '• Irnents, manufactured from goods of tl 

"'.'"■ i; ations, and in : . : . i I $1 ai d ne 

. - *."*V-' :.~ We have also on hand a 

III wE** II 

From Lie ikta importations, and every variety u itlemen'i vi 





e : 



i V w JU? 6i3 B 

Particular attention i.s given to the Selection of 

bijta&ittj ©iftl^M ifuSj A ■..:■■■.:.-•-.; =.■-.;. b£ -\ , 

Berages and Muslii 3, Hosiery and G ite Good , •" 

OF ALL W H I C U "W E H A V E A CO M P I. E T E AS S It X M E S T A 1 A L L T I ' . 




j A large assortment of Sheeting and Pillow Linens, of the best make; E! nb sj I Qniltt of 

scription; Domestic Goods of all kinds, vk. : Flannels, Cottons, Tickings, Cambrics, J 

Patches, && GOODS FOR BOYS' WEAR, in Woollen, Linen, Sill-:, and C 

a good AssoaiasK? always on haxd. 

3 We are constantly receiving GOODS FROM AUCTION, and Pur • : ; >. at ail Lit-: I 

in the way of BARGAINS, at oar Establishment, 

Nos, 838 & 335 WitsMogtoii Street Corner of West : 


*% c', « 

(v •. '-■ w* 

J .O H M 

\3T U w 


'■?. '''- - - ' " "■ 

-i /^& 



" : : r= 

olesale Dc&lei : . 

: ■ " :' '' 

■ ■ ; 1 : AND 



] , " - i | : CF EVERY BFSIRi 

|J - ■; ' AND QUALITY. 

'£ Pure! - - •'. 

H . ■- .- . I tho xaotl e\i 

[J -. r- •' 

r 1 ; 

II '*..■-.■ men! ; to purchaser* i 

*-" ••- - • ■.... . - '— Kttoa 

I Nos* 1 & S, and over 3 & 4 Hichbern Block 


a 3QVTX GOVS. (Af«w JLyuors Noi-ih of Bi*ek*ton« Stre«<.) 

II « i»1—MIHll >«ll l > l fcM I«il 

DR. T. JI ASIC ELL, ! Boston Medical & Surgical J 

C? TT T? f 1 T? ffi TvT HP TVT r P T Q T I Th " wel1 kn< 

O U Ivu JuUlAS U ilsl* XlOXj the OI 'J : \ *fekiy pul 

86 Court St., comer of Howard Street, 

. . > ' Ila&ovi r Street, 

BQ8T Q M * 


devoted to th 


Nutnfc t i • 
•■ -. 
ited bj J . V. ■:. 5 
i tior\s from ( minenl ... >of t le 

Dr. II. is well supplied with Insti imei Is of the ! part of the coi ntry. 11 
appro's i construction, and materials oi' the best a practi 
quality. lie will personally attend to all branches oi t tried to i i ike its w< i kly visits Inter* st 
his profession, and endeavor, by careful trei ton it ... u jeful to the modi/ 1 
faithful workmanship, to give perfect satisfaction in \ he 1 

all cases. TEETH EXTRACTED without pain or day in February 1852. The pri ei 
unpieasaixtseiisation, by administering pure ETHER, a year, payable in advance. Orders by i 
if^f 5 Prices moderate, and all operations warranted, subscription money enclosed, may be ad 
Advice gratis. [above, to DAVID CLAPP, Pal 




I have in Store- a Iar_-e and valuable variety of the ri ■'■-■-■ : 
well as common qualities of 

:: t: 

(raoM paris,) 

,:.,-■. ...:.... • - 

And Manufacturers of 
Gossamer or Ventilating 

D3 3 * Persons residing at a distance car 
i order, by taking a;-. i here directed: 

No. 1 , Round the head, 

:: 2. Forehead to the nape, 

' : 3. From ear to e:-.r across the head,-- • 
' : 4. From ear to car across the forehead, 




— at BO — 

■ 3 : 1 *■ 


v . - ... . --. 

Made up in every desirable form. 

CUFFS F20H $L00 TO $50.00 FEE FAIR, 

OLD FURS Altered and Repaired by experienced workmen. 


For al! seasons of the year. 

Should any article not prove equal to i^s recommendation, 

satisfaction will be promptly made. 

W, M, SHU T E , 

Store & Chambers, 175 Washington St. E 

► Aol Msuiuf«ctur«re tf 


. .' . . . Bamhr < 

Long Hair, Curls & Braids, 

A K I> C O M B S, 


lagton St. 

U & Co's.) 

S3 ; :'CO^o 


No. IS Water Stre* I " ; »ston, 


And Importers oi Hags, Wires, tellings, & tamfactnrers' Materials & Mtu 

W. E. & K! keep constantly oa 1 , ai of Vi 

W ■..''" . : ' ---.•'• cr :. . ' l the 3 .... 

OF A3 L I>] • : " E ! EONS, Maniifacl red t »• , , ,,..,, 

' i*^ Particular attention given to suj )G& PAPEUS, and to the prompt and fai iful < 

A b )ecial ■:-.,. _--, or contracts. 

A-AA t rt i ivi>' ; F ?'/...-.' • '■'--'" ---•-"' 


1 ?' ee r : -■ ai : ; novations in ORTRoasAPOY. und containii . 

h m-c'^.;-, - , U ,.. r . xhe w ork ]., recommended by t X J> ; nd 

1 L b i.^- : *^>*\far acearaey and co >ivcae88, it is superior t Dk ^""' { ' 

J. & W. McADAjNJ 


Manufacture anil sell at Wholesale airl Retail, 


Made of the best Paper, and bound in the most thorough manner. D?a! 

mum Basses st at, i ■ 

Letter Copying, Account, *V Record lino. 




., s. - ... : , n, 

- N 


Has r«mov«d froia the Stand of thoOl-1 Elrin, to 

Ho. 191 Washington Street. 
if fl'iirifi*i*lfMiiiil ' 

i:|i.'l- : ;':'ii : j'l] III (Corner of Norfolk Arpnce, Nearly Opposite Washington Coffee,) 

© ; J> " . ::• gff, 


i :■ i '•> } j 

■ iriil ;i 





I £ SHELL < OMBS of every description Manufactured: for the superiority of which he hag 
SILVER MEDALS. Ladies' & Gents' Dressing Cases, Odeur Cases, EXTRACTS ofevt 

I I Sharif nd Tcvilet Soaps, Dentrifiees, Hair Dyes iu every variety, Razors and all Shaving A] j 
-; . R rushes oi all kinds, *:c. Cosmetics for € mple ion, Col V'ater, Knives 

C gas I as es and Porte Monnaies, Fans in great variety. Ag n fort i foil ring A 

&AGIC POLISH, for Furniture and listings, (MHJRAinrs PREPARATIONS, POUJ 1 ! HAIR 

DTE, ROUGE, &,c, Satchelers' INSTANT AN EOTJS HAIR DYE, Clirehugh's TRIC0P3 ' 

Seal's Hair Eestorativs, PILOSITOTjS COMPOUND, (Warranted to euro BA3 
1 '.. ;-^-rbrr PREPARATIONS, with all MiscwltaneoHa Articles connected witi tb l , To let, . 


lew Store, No. ! ; . "ssglou Street. 


I - 


: ' Popular, Pictorial, St; ligious 1 



S I 3Tfc* popularity of the authors, and the superi* mam r in which these 1 ■■ .- i 

; ' : •: :. will warrant a • ' md read v Sale thn ighout the United States. Kxclv 

- -.- tses and no Ardent is allowed to ts ■ n I thei 

>w» and yet pay ti '■ ■ . od ] fit : and as the; Bookstores 

j I Agent wiii not i i d i e people supplied with I 

! ^ '"'' s ■• gaging in this business will rind it both pleasant and ; I » ■.", as the woi 
- ' '• ■ -■' the Asentwill feel proud in recommending I 
* ' .' ■■ shihgfor a Circular giving a full description of th© works, prices, mannei ■ 

[ ' v ■ i address 


No. 80 Washington Street, BosU 

J A M E S F Ji E N C H, 

.O. 78 




Bibles, Hy m t ks, Church E 

rks, Annuals, School, ivenilc, a 


' . Cap, Deny, Medium, Bill, Sermon, Note, Printh 
tud Koib ".-! Visitiogand On im 'n! ; G . Card ; 1 istol I 

Writing Pencils; Go! ! a . I Sih p e] Black, Blue, Red • 

Plain, Fancy, and Motto; FRENCH'S, Q] L'T'S, otl 

Oases; Letter Folders; Pen Knives ; QuiJUi; Pens; Pen Backs; . • ; 

'•''• ■ • am Bo a, ; H -.;- : ;: .•,.•■ -. i\ ;•- • :- : .... lies ; Pocket Books, Wallets, Card I • 

dog Co^es ; Fancy Goods ; Writing Books, made < Superfine , 

Qards Engraved or Printed in the best stj !e, at 6hort Notice. 

All of fli? above Goods, together with t eery Description of 

BqoKs ami Stationery! at [all, on Liberal Te 


;hire Trstiv;:! ; TinM^j^ir.-/.,..:!;;- 'i-'-.'.-.u-. r.ecord, and Year Book of Gen< , ion few - i 

:onTersir.2 ; Floral Gems ; Z ton ; Triad; Triune; So its ; So e; TwoM< s; Am i . 

ns and Sayings; The Sociable Str-T-y T-:ller ; Ti ition ; Lectures I 

rTales; The Drerun TulSHeJ ; One-E 11 ' , The Cooper's Son, or Pri 
I Jingle En ry; Life without Lots 
B( • k ; Eleincctary Co? 

S'lUnbera ; Ladies 1 and Gentlci i ■'- .< riting D ook -.. with. C< 
Country Traio", Jh^.ksclh-rr-, -.*: .;•:•= Teach*i3, Ci . •• ■., V. \V<;c i ' Old Other 


ithout Lots ; French' ! .-"-; 

»py Book : ¥v*. ; ell's Practical SVritij •■ B . . 




. ■ -. -■ ■ ■ 



- . 



: of C< ter S oston, 


•.;-.: . 

thek PATENT COOKING RANGES of a great vari 

SAL PATENT — the Best m ' 

i LLJStt RANGE, warranted! it I 
SI RANGE; ail of which will b* put uj 

. M 

Parlor Orates k Stoves, of 3 1 1 I ?ant Patterns, g Steves, I 


The many raaxaffilLetiafeges that have been mad.- this year in the Massachusetts R< 
Record, render the i&jue of this year's volume a very fitting occasion for giving a brief hi t 
account ) of this annual. • 

It was first issued in 1707 by its publishers, Mein & Fleeming, at the London Book v 
North side, of King street, (now State street,) under the name of " Mein and 1 le i 
Register for New-England and Nova-Scotia" 

In 1760, Edes & Gill, in Queen street, and T. & J. Fleet, at the Heart and Crown, in ( 
hill, published "Edes & Gill's North American .^Jhuanack and Massachusetts Register," printed 
upon paper manufactured in this country. 

In 17 74, under the name of "Mills & Hicks's British and American Register, wil 
Almanac, &c." it was published by 31ills & Hicks, in School street, next door to Bracl 
Tavern, sign of Cromwell's Head. 

In 1770,' rhomas & John Fleet became the publishers, at the sign of the Bible and 1 1 
at the corner of Cornbiil and Water streets, and during the time of their publication, it was 
called " A Pocket Almanack." 

In 1801, John West, and Manning and goring, commenced its publication, as " The RJ 
chusetts Register' and United Stares Calendar," which they continued until 1813, when ; f 
passed into the hands of West, Richardson & Lord, and James Loring. Mr. Loring continncd 
its publication for forty-seven years, in small duodecimo volumes, the last issue under his care 1 
being the volume for the year 1 84 7. 

In 1847, the. Massachusetts State Record, in duodecimo form, was published by James Fren b, 
under the editorial management of Nahum Capen. The old Massachusetts Register was 
merged into the State Record iu 1848. and has been continued annually to this time by the 
same editor and publisher, — having been issued five years. 

This year, 1852, the interest and good will of the Massachusetts Stale Record being 
chased by the present publisher, it appears in an enlarged form; and it being the eighty-sixth 
year of the annual publication of this work, although in different forms, it has been deemed 
proper to give this volume its true serial nun 1 . her, 8G. 

The Record of this year, in much enlarged form, (octavo,) contains, besides its usual int .- 
esting matter, a Business Directory of the entire State, thereby rendering it more valuable 
to the business community. 

It will be the aim of the publisher to make various improvements in the future numbers, in 
order to make the work a fair exposition of the unequalled institutions which Massachusetts so 
nobly sustains, and the important business enterprises which tend so essentially to the pros- 
perity of the Commonwealth. 

Our grateful acknowledgments are due to numerous friends who have very kindly furnish* d 
valuable information. The interest evinced in the work by the public, will serve as a power- 
ful incentive to make it worthy of continued favor. Special acknowledgments are due to 
Nathaniel 1>. Shurtlelf, M. D., lion. Philo Leach, Hon. John.P. Bigelow, Nahum Capen, Esq., 
Charles Hale, Esq., Charles Mayo, Esq., B. II. Currier, Esq., Ciiauncy Smith, Esq., of the 
P. O. Department, Washington, T>. C; Timothy Reed, Esq., Rev. Luther Bailey, J. II. Bu I - 
iiigham, Esq., Ferrand F. Merrill, Montpelier, Secretary of State. Vt.; John (i. Sawyer, Au- 
gusta, Secretary of State, Me.; Hon. "Asa Potter, Providence, Secretary of State, It. 1 : 
John P. C. Mather, New London, Secretary of State, Connecticut. 

That errors have occurred in this volume, must be expected, when the great amount of 
labor necessary to the remodelling of the work is taken into consideration. For these unavoid- 
able faults the' indulgence of the public is asked, with the assurance-, on our part, that future 
numbers skill be as accurate as such works can be made with industry and zeal. 

Having sold the oopy-ri^ht of the "Massachusetts State Record ami New Enphind Register " to Me. C 
Adams, publisher of the " Boston Directory," 1 cheerfully recommend him u< my successor. His long 
thorough acquaintance with business of this kind, amply qualify him t<. produce a work tint will un<iuestion:il 
entire satisfaction to the public. NAHUM CAl'KV 

Having sold Ma. Georc.b Atf.*M3 the right to publish the "Massachusetts State fta-ord, 11 I most eh< i 

rtvommend the w.>rk a.i containing a large amount of valuable information, and it* publisher as worth] 



Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852, by Gborge Adamb, in the Cork's OfBee of the 
I'istrict Court of the Distri.-t of Massachusetts. 


Adv. 'rtwmenta 

At*nd< -in if.-* 

lew }.,-.>.v.l by General Court,1851 
Am. Hitpffct Missionary Union ••• 

1... IHbte Society 

do. Board of Fcreigu Missions- • • 

do. Tract Society 

,!., Unitarian Association 

Amber* College ■ 

in il .v,t Theological Seminary--- 
Auti-S! ivery Societies 



■ • 307 


iadons, Agricultural- 








28 L 






Commemorative • 







of Reform- 


Sc:t:!.u!:r* • 

Sunday School- • ■ 


A ■':« ine, Boston 

a--,. Sntau 

',:-;.: g»)* in Ma*s. (See Counsellors ) I 
V-. a '.. i i.i Msuanat busetts 236-244 


1, ndsof 334 

lachusetts Convention 291 

. -!.t 


! Busi tiess Directory > •• • 
County, Officers of- - • • 

Clerg) men 

Commissioners of 

Coin'rs of Wrecks - • • • 

Counsellors and Att'ys 

Justices of the Peace of 

Notaries of 

Physicians of • • 

Probate Court of 

Sheriffs of 

Town Officers of « 

i iety, Huston 

rolent Society, Young Men's- 
hire Business Directory • • • 

o. Couu ty , 1 H c ers of 

■>- Clcrg} men of 

o. Commissioners of 

Coroners of ' 

Counsellors and Att'ys 

Justices of 

Notaries of 

Physicians of ■ 

Prolate Court of 


Town Officers of 

n 1-StjO 

'erkiiu Institution for the- • 
bu.-im.--i Directory 


<r> Property and Debt- • • 
Marriages and Deaths in- • • 

I* Directory 

County, Officers of 

Clergymen of 

Commissioners of- 

Commissioners of Wrecks- 


( nunsellors and Att'ys of- • 

Justice* of 


Ph niciausof 

Probate Court of 

.Sheriffs of 

Town Olik-er;' of 

























Pago. I 

British Charitable Society 291 | 

Business Directory. (See each Co.) 

Business of Massachusetts 320 

Calendar 5 

California, business with 239 

Cambridge City, Officers of 130 

Capital Punishment, Abol. Soc. of- 295 

Cemeteries 261 ! 

Census, New England 3tib* 

Census, United States, 1850- ••• 326 

Charitable Associations 291 

Charlestown City, Officers of 131 

Church Statistics 326 

Cincinnati, Massachusetts Society- 293 

Civil Government, l^ol 9 

do. do. ' 1852 317 

Clergymen in Mass. (See Bus. Dir.) 
do. Aged, Soc. for Relief of- 293 

College of 1 .loiy Cress 

do. Univetsalist 

Colonization Society 

Commissioners in different States 
do. resident in Mass. • 

do. of Insolvency 50 

do. Boards of in Mass. 50 

do. County, (See each Co ) 

do. Foreign 316 

Congress, United States 313 

Connecticut. State of 305 

Consuls residing in Boston 

do. do. in New Bedford 

Contested Elections 

Convention, Mass. Congregational 
Conventions, Autumnal, Unit.- • • • 
Convention, Universalis^, Mass.- • • 

Convicts, Society in aid of .- 

Coroners. (See each County.) 
Counsellors. (See Bus. Directory.) 
Counties. (See each County.) 

Court, Supreme, in Mass. 

do. Common Picas, Justices of 

Municipal, Boston 

Police, Boston 

do. Now Bedford 














Supreme, of United Stab; 










Courts, Uoitod States, in Mass.-- 

do. Probate. (SeeeachCo.) 

Criminal Statistics 330, 

Custom House Officers 269 

Daguerrcot) pes 8-7 

Deaths • •' 329 

Dispensary, Boston 293 

do. Salem 

District Attorneys 

Divinity School, Cambridge 
Dukes Busiiu ss Directory- 
DukesCountv, Officers of- 

do. Clergymen 

do. Counsellors of 

do. Physicians of 

Essex County, Notaries of 

d". Physicians of 

do. Probate Court of 

do. Sheriffs of 

do. Town Officers of 

Evangelical Miss. Soc . Ma 
Expenditures and i. 



Eye and liar Infirmary 

Fatherless and Whoa .' g ■ 
Fire, Mass. Charitable 

Fish. Inspectors of 

Fisheries. Mass. 

1 oreign Population 

Franklin Co. Business Direct* n 

do. Officers of- 


Commissioners ■ 







2 ! 

: i 
i : 
I i 
i - 


Counsellors and Att'j 

Justices of 17 

Notaries of ! - 

Physicians of Ill 

Probate Court of 1 7 

Sheriffs of i ~ 

Town Officers 1 ^ 

Typographi >al S • etj 

Gas Light Companies, '. I 

Government of 31a -.. I '--71 9 

do. of Unit" I -• '• ■ - 51-1 

Governors of Mass., His ton of- •- ■ 

do. list of, fi 1620-- ■ 

do. of the SfciH - 

Hampden Business Directory-- 

do. Clergymen of 

do. Com ty, ( • rsof-- 

do. County . 'I »wi l 

do. Counri- - ioi ■ - 

do. Coroners of -- 

do. Counsel'rs& Att'rys 

,lo. Justices of 

do. Notaries of 

do. Physicians of 

do. Probate Court of- • • 

do. Sheriffs of 

Hampshire Business Directorj 






1 I 
I ■ 
i . 




1 I 
■rs& Att'rvsof 1. > 

Clergyuien of- • 
Count) . I 

Count;., Town 06 
Commi :si n • r- [ 
Coroners of 

lip.SCS of Sun and Moon • • 
ucation In Massachusetts- 



Board of 

is. Statistics of 

>t State Governors- 

Kssex Business Directory- • 
Essex County, Officers of- • 

do. Clergymen of 

do. Commissioners of- • 

do. Coroners of • • 

do. Counsellors and At! 

do. Justices of 



Justices of 


Physici ms of 

Probate Court of • • • • 

Sheriffs of 

Harvard University 

Hospitals in Massa ihusetts 

Howard Benevolent Society •- • 
Humane Society < f Ma* 

Idiots, School for 

Insurance Companies in 1'- 
do. do. Diviil 

do. do. out 

do. Ag< n ies i i Boston 

Iri-li Charitable Societj 

[rish En i -■■ int F ■ • ••' 

Iron Mnnufjictiires 

i Judiciary, Massachusetts - 
Justice t. . 
I Justices of the Peace 
i Lands in Maine 



. I 

Laws and Uesolv* i\ • l 

j . lature of Maa« ich»i 
i Law School, C 

I.rr, nee Acadvim *•' 

! Lawren : 

: LeicesU r Ac lem) 



legislative Proceedings, 1851 33 

Lenox Academy 278 

Libraries 285 

Lowell City, Officers of • • • • 132 

Lyceums in Massachusetts ■ • 2S3 

Lynn. City of : 86 

Mail Arrangements Iu Boston &'A 

Maine, State of 298 

Maine Lands 37 

Marine and other Soc's for Seam'n 295 



••■• 317 
1851 11 
1S52 320 


Marriages and Marriage Laws • • • 

Marshpee, Commissioner for 

Masonic Institutions 

Mass. Bible Society 

do. Congre. Charitable Society 
do. Executive Council of, 1S51 
do. Executive Council of, 1852- 

do. Government of, 1S51 

do. Government of, 1852 

do. Legislature of, 1851 

do. Legislature of, 1852 

do. do. Standing Com 
do. do. Stan iingCom 
do. Le;ris. Length of Sessions- • 33 

do. Militiaof-- 271 

do. Population of 316 

do. Representatives of, 1851 9 

do. Representatives, 1852 31S 

do. Senate of, 1851 'J 

do. Senate of, 1852 317 

do. Soc. for Prom. Chris. Knowl. 291 
Mechanics' Charitable Asso. Eost. 292 

do. Salem 293 

Medical Institutions 287 

Melrose Union Academy 278 

do. Academy - 278 

Middlesex County, Bus. Directory- 134 

do. County, Officers of 127 

do. Count), Town Officers- • 130 

Clergymen 140 

Commissioners of 128 

Coroners of 129 

Counselors Sc Attorneys 142 

Justices of '•• 128 

Notaries of 129 

Phvricians of 149 

Nantucket, Physicians of 155|Rhnd< 

New Bedford, Cit) Officers of 70 Roxburj City, Officers of-' 

Newbury port Cit> Officers 87 Safes, *'uv-proof 

New England Nou-Itesistant Sofe'y 295 Sal m Ci . •• w>i ol 

do. Keg 

New Hampshire, State of 

Newspapers in Massachusetts ••• 
Newton Theologii al Seminary • • • 

Norfolk Clergymen 

do. County, Bos, Directory- • 

County, Officers of 

County, Town Officers •• 

Commissioners of 

Coroners of • • 


Justices of 

Notaries of 

Physicians of ■ 

1'robate ( 'ourt of 

Sheriffs of 

Normal Schools 

Odd Fellows, I.O.of 

Officers of the Several States 

< >rphun Asylum, Boston 

Palmer's Newspaper Agency • 

Parker Sam 'I D., Report of 

Pauperism, Soc. for Prevention of 







ors k Attor'ys of 162 

Fanners in Massachusetts 331 

Penitent Female Refuge Society • • 295 
PettengilFs Newspaper Agency-. • 261 

Phillips Academy, Andover 277 

Physicians. (See Bus. Directories) 
Plymouth County, Bus. Directory- 170 






> .•: of Government, lb 1 

& ual ■ ■ M • ., 1851 

Senate, m ,-< . 1852 

Senator to IV 1 

Schi . 1, Common, Mass. 

do. Normal •' 

8. : : • H ■ rm 


Scots Charitable Society 

• ■ 
I So ietj for Prom. Chrii I 
J >!>>. among tie In lian 

Sons ofTi niperance in B< iton*.* 

State Govei ni ient, 1S51 

State G< v ;rnn ent, 1852 

State- Prison 

Stat.- ):•!'. mu School 

Stove -. Furnaces, &c. 

iunty, Bos. Dl 







Probate Court of 

Sheriffs of 

Militia of Massachusetts 

Milk, sold in Mass 

Ministers at Large 

do. Foreign 

Missions, Episcopal Board of 

do. Home • 

Monson Academy 

Nantucket, Business Directory •• 

do. Clergymen 

do. County, Officers of- • • 

do. Counsellors & Att'ys, 


County, Officers of 


County, Town Officers 

Commissioners of 

Coroners of 

Counsellors &■ Att'ys of 172 

Justices of ' 168 

Notaries of 168 

Ph\ sicians of 

Probate Court of • - 

Sheriffs of 

Population of Massachusetts • 

Post Office in Boston 

Post offices in Massachusetts - 

Postage, Bates of 

Prison, State, Mass 

Probate Courts. (See each County) 

Public Administrators 50 

Railroad Corporations 250 

Railroad .lubi!._-e -333 

Railroads, Statistics of 332 

Receipts and Expenditures of the 


Religious Associations in Mass, - - • 
Removal of Seat of Government • • 
Representatives of Mass., 1851- • • • 
Representatives of Mass., 1852 • ■ • 



do. County, Officers of 170 

do. City and Town 

do. Clergymen 187 

do. Commissioners to q 1 

Civil Officers "■ 176 

do. Coroners of 17-' 

do. Counsellors and Attor'yj M I 

do. Justices of 176 

do. Notaries of 201 

do. Physicians of 2 •'■, 

do. Probate Courtof 17ti 

do. Sheriffs of 176 

Tailors, Charitable Association of • 29] 

Teachers' Associations 2S1 

Teachers' Institutes 2-0 

Telegraph Companies 2 U 

T< mperance Societies in Mass. 29< 

Thursday Lecture 289 

Traders in Mass. (See Bus. Direct.) 

Towns in yew England 30fi 

United States Government 

Universalist College 

309 I Vermont, State of ... 


Vote fa- Senator- • ■ 

v,Y li . -. \- a lemy 

Williams College.. 

Wllliston Seminary 

Worcester City, Officers of- • • • 
Worcester County, Officers cf- 

27 I 














C< imissioners of- 214 

C< ron< rsof 216 

Counsellors & Atfc'j - 

Notaries of 216 

Justices of 215 

Physicians of 1 

Probate Court of 214 

Sheriffs of 214 


The character of the Massachusetts Register commends itself to merchants, manufacturers, and others, as a 1 
of communication with the public. To those who would introduce their business to every portion of the Common 
it is offered as a desirable medium for that purpose. It is our design to make the work a register of the business, a.- weU 
as a record of the political and social character of the State. 

Communications upon business operations, addressed to the publisher, will receivo immediate attention. 

Will be published July 1, 1S52. To the usual variety of valuable business and miscellaneous information, will bo 1 
some new features of interest. The work will continue to represent, as fully as possible, the Institutions and Bus 
of the growing metropolis of New England. Statistical information and notices, from parties in the city or count- 
in during its publication in May, 1852, will be in season for the work. (400 pages, octavo, 5 1 .25. ) 

Omoi 91 WAShiN'iTON Street, Bom » 


JANUARY, 1852. 

Full Moon, 7th day, Ih.'-25m. mornincr. 
Last Quarter, loth day, 8h. 34m. evening. 
New Moon, 21st day, 2h. 42m. morning. 
>"ii;; Quarter, 29th day, 5h. 60m. mornini 

e.j !>..«</ 





K. 1 .^k. 

R.« 8. 

h- ci. h. 

W urer. 


b. m. 

T. m. 

1 ; Thursday 

7 23 5 

6 7 

1 17 

2] Friday 

7 2.3 5 

7 10 

2 IS 

Jj Saturday 

7 23 5 

8 14 

3 19 




7 22 5 

9 12 

4 20 



C. C. P. Lenox, 

7 22 5 

10 2 

5 21 



C. C. P. Boston. 

7 21 5 

10 47 

6 29 



7 21 5 

11 32 

6 17 



A total eclipse of 

7 20 5 




the Moon, January 

7 20 5 


7 23 



6 and 7, visible in 

7 19 5 

1 30 

8 20 



the U. S. Begin- 

7 IS 5 

2 20 

9 35 

12! Monday 

ning Jan'v 6, lOh 

7 18 5 

3 6 

10 5! 

13 j Tu.--.iav 

36m. P. M., and 

7 17 5 

3 56 


14 ■! Wednesday 

ending.Jan'y 7, 4h. 

7 It) 5 

5 3 


15 j Thursday 

15m. A. M. 

7 16 5 

6 13 

1 27 

Mi Friday 

7 15 5 

7 37 

2 36 



7 14 5 

8 49 

3 45 



fter, criminal. 

7 13 5 

9 45 

4 54 



C 0. P. Worces- 

7 12 5 

10 33 

G 10 

2>J Tuesday 

7 12 5 

11 16 


21 IVedneaday 

A partial eclipse 

7 115 

11 55 

5 11 

22] Thursday 

of the San, .Ian 21, 

7 10 5 


6 16 

23 Friday 

Invisible in I . S 

7 9 5 


7 41 

24 Saiuniav 

7 8 5 


8 56 

'-• M MHV 

7 7 5 

1 37' 

9 53 

*'• Mi ttday 

C. C. P. Salem, 

7 6 5 

2 10 

10 50 

- ft***!** 


7 5 5 

2 45' 

11 4S 

->. w*du««*day 

7 4 5 

3 21j 


ft p.umi» ? 


7 3 5 

4 71 


.-' Hi:.,» 

7 2 5 

5 1 

1 9 

• : 


7 1 5 

6 9 

2 1 

FEBRUARY, 1852. 

Full Moon, 5th day. Ih. Bin. caning. 
Lant Quarter, 12th day, 71.. 18m. morning. 
NewMoon, 19th day.Sh. Id:, evei 
First Quarter, 28th day, 01,. 47m. mornfo - 



4 j 



- 11 
I 12 
! 13 

1 l', ; 
: 16 




23 : 
25 ; 

26 j 







y m lay 











Kri lay 






Thursday } 






H. 4 b. 

h. m. b. 

7 5 


- - 

6 57 6 

1-) 30 6 15 


6 54 6 

6 53 g 

41 7 12 

12 - 

C. C. P. Spring- 

6 51 6 

2 1 10 .: 

fiel 1 and Cambridge 

2 44 n 23 

on Monday. 

6 48 6 

6 47 6 

4 28 •- 

6 40 

6 49 1 11 

6 4:, 6 

• ■ : ■= • 


6 4 t 6 

- -j- ■ ■ 


6 43 6 

S. J. C. Dedham, 

6 41 6 

10 17 538 

Jury Term on 'J ues- 

6 40 g 

10 57 - $7 


6 39 6 

1 1 31 -■ •■ 

6 37 6 


6 36 6 

- 7 7 

6 35 6 

C. C. P. Lenox. 

6 34 6 

' • 2 

6 32 6 

1 :.< 10 

6 31 C 

2 11 !•• 57 

6 30 6 

■■ 1 L ] 

6 2S 6 

3 24 mom 

6 27 6 

4 15 

6 20 

5 19 1 17 

MARCH, 1852. 

Full Moon, 6th day, Oh. 45m. morning. 
Last Quarter, 12th day, 3h. 45m. evening. 
New Moon, 2'jth day, lh. 08m. evening:. 
First Quarter, 2Sth day, 4h. 5m. evening. 

APRIL, 1G52. 

Full Moon, 4th day, 9h. 39m. morning. 
Last Quarter, 11th day, 4h. 15m. 
New Moon, 19th day, 7h. 1m. morning. 
First Quarter, 27th day, 3h. 15m. morning. 

! * 



* r 



l 7 























. Wednesday 
, Thursday 
rri Uy 
Satur Jay 
M, n lay 
, Wednesday 
Tbun lay 
Fri lav 
Tu. h. lav 
Friday " 


tt t dnesday 

O. C. P. Worcesfr 
S. J.C. Bost.,L.T. 

C. C. P. Concord, 
Taunton, & Spring- 
| Oetd. on Monday, 
| the 8th. 

C. C. P. Salem, 
! and Greenfield, on 
Monday, the 15th. 

^■L r ^ I -I 

20 6 

1 6 43 

1 3 22 

24 6 

! 8 4 

! 4 12 


! 9 If 

! 4 58 

22 6 

110 12 

: 5 46 

21 6 

; 10 58 

1 6 34 

19 6 

11 42 


IS 6 

j eve 

I 7 47 

17 6 

1 1 

8 47 

15 6 

1 40 

: 9 48 


2 21 

10 59 

13 6 

3 10 


11 6 

4 8 

I 40 

10 6 

5 25 

1 23 

9 6 

6 45 

2 19 


8 4 

3 7 

6 6 

9 8 

3 54 

5 6 

9 57 

4 44 

4 6 

10 35 

5 28 

3 6 

11 9 


2 6 

11 42 


1 6 


6 7.2 

59 7 


7 51 

58 t 


8 52 

nt t 

1 9 

9 53 

55 7 

1 40 

10 51 

54 7| 

2 16 

11 52 

53 71 

2 661 


51 7 1 

3 44 1 


50 71 

4 49 j 

1 42 

49 71 

6 ll] 

2 31 

4S 7! 

7 39 1 

3 37 

|j 1 Thursday 

2j Friday 
I 3 I Saturday 
j! 4 1 SUNDAY 
I 5| Monday 
I 6 j Tuesday 
j 7 Wednesday 
•; ! 8! Thursday 
j 9| Friday 

I 10| Saturday 
j 11 SUNDAY 

I I 12 Monday 

I 13 Tuesday 
! 14 Wednesday 

15 j Thursday 
1 16 Friday 

C. C. P. Boston. 

15 44 7 9 "- 
5 42 7|10 39 
5 41 7,11 21 

16 40 7 eve 

'! 17 Saturdav 


1 19 Monday 

I 20 Tuesday 

I 21 Wednesday 

; 22 Thursday 

- Pridtj 

, ! 24 Saturdav 

; 25 SUNDAY 

I 26 Monday 

II 27 Tuesday 

j 28 j Wednesday 
, 29 Thursday" 
30 Friday 

15 39 7 
5 37 7 
Id 36 7 
5 35 i 
5 33 7 
5 32 7 
5 31 7 
CO P. Plymouth. 5 30 7 
S. J. C. Lowell, 16 28 7 

211 9 8 
2 18 11 IS 

Worcester & Green- 5 

3 47 53 

4 -• 1 jjia 
> U 12 2 3 

5 3 13 

field, J. T. : t.'. C. j5 26 71 9 2 4 21 
1'., Barnstable, on 5 25 7 J 10 4 
Tuesday, the 13th. 6 23 7111 13 " 


5 2.7 


S. J. C. North- 

5 21 7 

D • rn 

7 I '• 

ampton and Taun- 

5 20 7 

ton, J. T., on Tues- 

.'. 1 7 

: 20th. 

5 17 7 

1 17 

5 16 '. 

1 ' 

11 4 • 

5 15 7 

C. C. P. Dedham. 

5 14 7 

S J. C Ipswich 

5 13 7 

and Springfield J.T. 

6 11 7 

on Tuesday. 

5 10 7 

.' .1 

5 B 7 

3 Vb 


MAY, 1852. 

JUNE, 1852. 


MOONS 1-1 1 ' 

Pull Moon, 3d day, 5h. 38m. evening. 

Full Mnon, 2d day, lh. 41m. nv I 

Last, Quarter, l<Xh day, 6h. 3Sm. evening. 

Last Quarter, 0th day, LOh. 80m. non 

New Moon, 18th day, lOh. 31m evening. 

New Moon, I7th dav, Ob. 8m. evei 

First Quarter, 26th day, !0h. 54m. morning. 

First Quarter, 24th day, 4h. 2m. BTeti 


Pav. of 


R. A S. 

b. in. h. 

5 8 7 


h. m. 

9 27 


h. m. 
4 7 





Tuesd iv 


F.. ID. »| 





A partial eclipse 

4 4 1 - 


5 7 7 

10 D3 

4 30 


Wednesday of rlie Sun. Juue 

I 40 8 11 : 


5 6 7 


5 3 



17. invisible in the 

1 40 • eve 9 1< 



S. J. C Barnsta- 

•? ! 1 

11 42 

G ns 1 



United States. 

1 :, ■ S 1 - 



ble, J. T. 

5 4 7 


9 24 1 



I 39 



r> 3 . 

1 6 

10 33 , 



1 39 8 2 li 



5 2 7 

1 48 

11 42 



C. C. P. North- ! 38 E 


5 7 

2 31 

morn i 


Tuesday . 

ampton,Nantucket. 1 37 • 21 



4 59 8 


44 ! 


Wednei Lay 

1 4 37 - 



4 58 S 

4 21 

1 14 1 



4 37 S 5 1 



S. J. C.Lenox & 

4 67 8 

o 29 

1 44 i 




Plymouth, J. T., ou 

4 56 8 

6 42 

2 11; 


L 30 8 7 4 



Tuesday, 11th. 

4 55 8 

1 4, 

2 40 ; 



• • r 2 5 



4 55 8 

8 45 

3 11 


C. C. P. Sonne- 4 36 8 9 30 8 1 



4 54 8 

9 28 

3 42 ; 


Tuesday : field, Concord, and 4 35 S 1" 1 



4 53 8 

10 7 

4 15 ! 


Wednesday ! New Eedford., ou '4 35 8 10 51 4 
Thursday 1 Monday, 1 1th. 4 35 B 11 J 



C. 0. r. Spring- 

4 52 8 

10 50 

4, 45 ! 



field, criminal. 

4 51 8 

il 19 





4 50 S 

11 49 

7 41 | 


Saturday \4 85 B - 



4 49 8 


8 38 



• 4 35 E 1 ■ 1" 

2 J 


4 48 S 


9 30 ' 



C. C. P. Worces- 4 35 8 1 28 10 47 


4 48 8 


10 33 ; 


ter and Ipswich. -i 35 - 2 

4 35 8 2 55 LI 55 



4 47 8 


11 25 | 






C. C. P. Worces- 

4 46 8 

2 22 

morn ! 


'4 35 8 3 1 • mora 



ter aud Newbury- 

4 4o a 

3 11 

13 I 

I n 

'4 35 8 4 1 



port, criminal. 

4 45 8 

4 10 

1 3 ; 

i 26 

14 35 8 5 5S 1 7 



4 44 8 

5 15 

1 48 

! 07 


4 35 8 7 19 ! 45 



4 43 8 

6 38 

2 33 ! 

! 28 


0. C. P. Concord, 14 35 6 8 31 2 23 



4 43 8 

7 54 

3 18 ! 

1 29 


criminal ; Lenox. 4 36 8 9 34 3 



I 42 8 

9 1 

3 aU 

! 30' Wednesday civil, both 28th. |4 3S 8 10 25 8 40 

31! Monday 

C.C P.EJgart'n. 

i 4i 8 

9 55 

4 45 


JULY, 1852. 


Full Moon. 1st dav, 10h. 43m. morning. 
La^t Quarter, 9 h lay 3i 22iu. u-.oruing. 
New M'Oii, 16 n lav, 11 i. 8tui. after, oon 

First Quarter, 23d 
Full Moon, 30th da 

av, Sh. 17m. afternoon. 

9h. 27m. afternoon. 



1 1 Thursday 
2 j Friday 
3 '; Saturday 
5 ' Monday 
Wednesday I 
9 1 Friday 
10 | Saturday 
11 1 SUNDAY 
12 j Monday 
13 ' Tuesday 
34 ; Wednesday 

15 i Thursday 

16 Friday 

17 Saturday 
18; SUN DAY 
19 : Monday 
20 ; Tuesday 

21 Wednesday 

22 i Thursday 

23 Friday 
24JSatus lay 
26 : Monday 
27 , Tuesday 
2s I Wednesday 
29 Thursday" 

31 I Saturday 

f criminal. 

C. C. P. Lenox, 

C. C. P. Boston ; 

S. J. C. Nantucket, 


i Ji 

K.i<. j ri. 

4' 86 6 rise" n °4 
4 36 8 8 56 !l 56 
i 37 S j 9 35: A 36 
4 37 8 10 14 1 15 
4 37 8 10 48 
4 38 8 11 IT 
4 38 B 11 42 
■i 39 8 morn 
1 40 8: 7 
4 40 8 40 

1 15 

1 50 

■£* j 

1 52 

2 29 

3 10 

3 51 

4 ■■:' 

AUGUST, 1852. 

Last Quarter, 7th day, Sh. 42m. afcerooon. 
New Moon. 15th day, 9h. 13m. morning. 
First Quarter, 22d day, lh. 17m. morning. 
Full Moon, 29th day, lOh. 22m. morning. 

I»CT-- Of 


2 Monday 
o i Tuesday 

4 Wednesday 
5' Thursday 
6j Friday 
7 : Saturday 
9 Monday 


4 40 8 
4 41 8 

™ 41 8: 2 2/ 
|4 42 8 ' 3 9 45 
4 43 8. 3 o- 10 31 
4 43 Si 4 3 11 15 
A total eclipse of :4 44 Bj <«ets 117 

the Moon, Julv 4, '4 45 8 § 69 morn 

luvis. in the East- 4 15 8 U 32 37 

t-rn and Southern 4 4 

8t.-;>s. ! 4 

•1 ©y i •' .»ionu. 

5 12 ;' 1" Tuesday 

b' 4! > 11 Wednesd 

7 53 I 12 Thursday 

8 54 ' 13 Fri 

C. C. P. Green 
field and Plymouth. 

P) 28 
J4 48 8 11 27 
4 43 "' morn 
•4 49 B 49 
[4 50 . v 1 27 
4 51 s 1 55 
4 53 8.2 30 
4 53 8' 3 2 
4 54 8 3 35 V> 16 
4 65 8 4 14 11 
4 56 8!risesill 41 

14 Saturday 

\ 16 Monday 
i 17. Tuesday 
; 18 Wednesday 
i 19 Thursday 

I 15 j , 20 Friday 

1 55 2li S itur lay 

2 36 II 22 SUNJ kY 

3 21 I! 23 Mondaj 

4 16 I 24; Tuesday 

5 28 ; : 25 Wednesday 
f, 48 I 26'i Thursday 

8 11 1 1 •■: Friday 

9 19 

28 Saturday 
30 Monday 

1)1 i'li.-sdav 

h. m. h. t. n. 

4 57 S B 51 

A 16 

4 69 8 9 16 


4 60 8 9 41 

l ■::, 

5 7 10 6 

1 58 

5 17:10 ! 

2 31 

6 2 7H - 

3 7 

5 3 7 1! : 

5 4 7 nioni 

4 88 

10 5 7 <i 58 

5 4* 

15 6 7 2 

,5773 1 

8 14 

5 8 7 4 3 

9 1 1 

5 9 "I 5 4 

10 13 

5 10 7 ' 

5 11 7 < > 

11 41 

5 12 7 1 

5 14 3 


5 15 7 


5 16 7 9 

1 37 

5 17 7H0 

■_ B 

- 18 7 10 4 


6 20 7 1! ■- • 

B 21 7-11 51 

S 4 

". m : 

• . - 

5 2 T 

5 24 7 1 1 

'.• 6 

5 ' 



5 29 : 

6 80 71 « 50 



OCTOBER, 1852. 



Last Quarter, 6th day, lh. 50m. afternoon. 

last Quarter, 8th day, 5h. 52m. morning* 

Sew Moon, 13th clay, 5h. 54m. afternoon. 

New Moon, Lirh day, Zh. 80m. morning. 

First Qn.trt.-r, 20th day, 10* 

. 33m. morning. 

Krst Quarter, 19th Jay, 7h. llm. afternoon. 

Full Moon, 28th day. lh. 40m. morning. 

Full Moon, 27th day. 7h. 10m. afterno 

P.; Tit, of 


R. t S. 




Par* of 


R.4 3. i ... 


b. m. h. 

1. m. 

h. ID. 

. lj Wednesday 

5 32 7 

8 28 

A 56 



6 11 8 8 1 

•j Thursday 

/ * ' 

5 33 7 

S 57 

1 25 



6 12 6 8 1 1 : ■ 

3 Friday 

5 3-17 

9 80 

1 58 



[and Springfield. 

6 18 6 9 12 2 18 

4 Saturday 

5 36 7 

9 55 

2 31 



C. C. P.Nantucket 

6 U 8 



5 37 7 

10 25 

3 10 



C. C. P. Boston; 

8 18 1 1 i . 

6 ! Monday 

C. C. P. Lowell, 

5 38 7 

10 51 

3 57 



S.J. C. Worcester, 

6 17 •■ ii j- 

> 7! Tuesday 

S J. C. Spring- 

5 39 7 

11 20 

4 58 



L. T, op. the 5th 

6 ]- •' i . 

S. Wednesday 

field, J. T. Barnsta- 

5 41 7 


6 15 



6 20 6; 1 8 6 51 

9 Thursday 

ble. civil. 

5 42 7 


7 41 



6 21 6 2 

10 Friday 

5 43 7 

1 22 

8 56 



8 22 6 ■-' ■ 

11 Saturday 

5 44 7 

2 20 

9 53 



C. 0- P. Ipswich, 

■ 3 41 19 16 


5 46 7 

3 27 10 48 




6 25 •• 4 3811 

K; Monday 

5 47 7 

4 40 111 29 



6 26 6 sets 11 41 

14 Tuesdav 

P. J. C. Greenfield, 

5 48 7 





6 27 6 

15 Wednesday 

.7. T. ; Lenox, L. T. 

5 50 7 

7 30 




29 6 7 1-' 20 

1>'> Thursday 

both, 14th. 

5 51 7 




6 30 6. 7 59 1 

i 17 i Friday 

5 52 7 

8 36 

1 IS' 




8 31 6 8 49 1 48 

18 Satuxday 

5 54 7 

9 16 

1 59 



C. C. P. North- 

6 32 6. 9 38 2 3* 


5 55 i 

9 50 

2 46 



S. J. C. Cam- 

6 31 6 10 31 3 28 

20 Monday 

C.C. P. Ncwhurv- 

5 56 7 

10 50 

3 38 


W cdnesday 

bridge, L. T. 

6 35 6111 24 

21 i Tuesday 

port and Dedham. 

5 57 7 

11 52 

4 4b' 



6 86 6 morn 5 '-■', 

22 Wednesday 

5 59 7 

11 30 

6 9 


1 riday 

6 38 6 1 10 6 49 

23 Thursday 

6 6 


7 36 



6 3'J 6| 1 I - 

24! Friday 

6 16 

1 40 

8 48 



(, 40 6 2 54 9 I 

2.0' Saturday 

6 3 6 

9 89 



C. C. P. Lenox. 

G 41 6 3 46 9 51 


6 4 6 

8 36 

10 20 



S.J. C. Taunton 

6 42 6 4 o7 10 25 

27 Monday . 

S. J. C. Northamp- 

6 5 6 

4 40 

10 56 

; 27 


L. T. for count;, sof 

6 44 6 rises 10 52 

25 Tue.<dav 

ton, L. T.forllamp. 

6 7 6 


11 28 



Bristol, Plymouth, 

6 !•"• 6 5 16 11 31 

29 Wednesday 

Frank'n, Ilampd'n 

6 S 6 

7 16 

A 1 

1 29 


Barnstable, Duke;. 

6 48 6 6 12 \ 2 

80 Thursday 

co*s : C. C. P. Wor- 

6 9 6 

7 31 


1 30 



6 47 6 6 4* 

cester, Edgartown. 




6 49 6l 7 20 1 5 

NOVEMBER. 1852. 

Last Quarter. 4th day, 7h. 56m. afternoon. 
New Moon, 11th day, llh. 5tm. morning. 
First Quarter, 18th day,9h. 43m. morning. 
Full Moon, 26th day, lh. 54m. aftecnon. 

DECEMBER, 1652. 

Last Quarter, 4th (Liy, 7h. .^Sui. morning. 
New Moon, 10th day,10h 47tu. a!'erni>.n. 
First Quarter, ISth day, 3h. 5-5m morning. 
Full Moon, 26th day, Sh. 2"m. morning. 


r ^ 

1 E. & =• ] rise*, ^awr. 

lb. m. h-i b. cu. ; h. m. 



6 50 6 S 6 ; 1 41 



S. J. C.L-T. Ded- 

6 51 6| s 56 

2 2. 




52 6! 9 48 

3 6 



6 58 6 In 41 

4 2 



6 54 6|11 80 

5 11 



6 55 6; morn 

6 29 



6 '" 6| 1 9 

7 49 



C. C.P.Greenf'ld. 

6 58 6, 2 17 

8 53 



S. J. C. New Bed- 

6 59 6 3 17 

9 51 



ford, J. T. ; Salem, 

7 5j 4 37 

10 43 



L. T. Two last ou 

7-1-7 sets 

11 26 


Fri lay 

the 9th*l 

7 2 7i 5 37 




7 3 71 6 33 




7 4 7J7 30 




7 5 7! S 26 1 31 




7 6 7{ 9 22 2 18 



7 7 5 10 20 

3 8 

! * 


7 S 5;11 15 

4 8 



7 9 5 1 morn 

5 7 



7 10 5| O'i 

6 r> 



7 11 6| 55 

7 "') 



7 11 5 5 25 

S 20 

23 j Tuesday 

7 12 5, 1 50 

9 li 

24] Wedneaiay 

7 13 5 2 20 

y 52 

2> Thursday 

7 14 5 2 55 10 29 

-''• Friday 

7 15 5 8 35 11 3 

'•■' Saturday 

7 15 5 rises ,11 87 


7 16 5 6 2 

A 12 

2u, Monday 

7 17 5! 7 



J uesday 

7 IS 5' 7 50 

1 28 

Mo I 

Ban j 3!ooo 


, 10 

i 11 


i ii 

', 18 
j 19 




Thu> iday 





Tut sday 








Wedn. 1 ty 

Thurs Ut) 

Fri lay 





Ti - I •. 
r ri.! iv 
Tues lay 
Wed tesd iy 

| A total eclipse of 
j the Sun, Derem. 10 
i and 11. invisible in 
j the United States. 

I C. C. P. Spring- 
| field, criminal W or- : 

cester & Plymouth l 

on thi 6th. 

' L. n . h. h. 

18 5 8 4i ! 

19 5 9 81 
2U 5 10 24 

20 5 11 14! 

o morn 

4 37 

C. ('. P. Cam- 
ridge & New lled- 
I f. rd. 

C. ('. P. Dedham 
and I Rvrreiice. 

A p-tr'.ial eclipse 
; of t.'ie Moon, Dec. 
! 26, th>> beginning 
of which only >.•* 
I visible In Now Eng- 
; land. Beginning at 
' 51.. 30m. A M., and 
' ending at lib. Cm. 
I A. M. 

22 5 3 47 9 : '- 

23 •". 5 10 10 15 
23 5 6 35 U 4 

23 ' - ts 1 11 49 
5 52 tnor:i 

7 24 5 

7 24 5 
7 2! :, 
7 25 5 
7 25 5 
7 25 5 
7 25 6 
7 25 51 
7 25 5 1 
7 26 :• 

7 2 ' 
7 25 5 . 

7 21 E 
7 24 5 
7 21 5 
7 24 I 

6 :.7 

B : 

1 17 

9 7 

2 1 

10 12 

2 45 

11 17 

- ' - 


- :- 


1 14 

6 1U 

2 13 

7 . ' 

- 21 

4 . ' 


g .;; 

A .= 

7 42 


1 51 

.", 9 -' 

I: ~ 






Governors of Plymouth Colony, chosen annually by the People. 
John Carver. 1636 Edward Winslow. * 1645 William Bradford 

William Bradford. 1637 William Bradford. 1657 Thoma Pri 

Edward Winslow. 1638 Thomas Prence. 1673 Josias Wii 

Thomas Prence. 1639 William Bradford. 1681 Thomas Hinckley.* 

William. Bradford. 

164-1 Edward Winslow. 

* Mr. Hinckley was Governor till the union of the Colony vita the Massachusetts Colony in 1892, except du 
administration of Andros. 

Deputy Governors of Plymouth Colony, chosen annually by the Pet 
*16S0Thos. Hinckley. 1681 Jas. Cudworth. 1682 Win. Bradford, to 1686. 1689 Wm. Bradford, to 

* Previously there was do Deputy Governor, a Governor pro (em. being appointed by the Governor to : • 
Governors of Massachusetts, under the First Charter, chosen annually. 

*162S John Endicott, chosen in 1640 

England. 1641 

1629 John Winthrop. 1612 

1634 Thomas Dudley. 1644 

1635 John Haynes. 1645 

1636 Henry Vane. 1646 

1637 John Winthrop. 1649 

Thomas Dudley, 
Richard Bellingham, 

John Winthrop. 
John Endicott. 
Thomas Dudley. 
John Winthrop. 
John Endicott. 


Thomas Dudley. 
John Endicott. 
Diehard Bellingham. 
John Endicott. 
Diehard Bellin 
John Leverett. 
Simon Bradstreet. 

* On May 13, 1029, Matthew Cradock was elected Governor by the Company in Englaud, and Thomas Gofle, * 
Governor. They never carao. to New England, and Mr. Endicott was elected Governor in England, as wns a 
Winthrop in 1629. 

Deputy Governors of Massachusetts, under the First Charter, chosen annually. 

*1629 Thomas Dudley,... to 1634 

1634 Roger Ludlow " 1635 

1635 Rich'd- Bellingham, " 1636 

1636 John Winthrop,... " 1637 

1637 Thomas Dudiev,... " 1640 
1640 Rich'd Bellingham, " 1641 

1641 John Endicott, .... to 1644 j 1671 

1644 John Winthrop,... " 1646 1673 

1646 ThumasDudlev,... " 1653 1678 

3654 John Endicott, " 1655 1079 

1655 Rich'd Bellingham, " 1665 

1665 Francis Willuughby," 1671 | 

John Leverett,.... to 1673 
Sam'l Symond s, to I 
Oct., Simon Bradstreet, '79 
Thomas Danforth, to 1686 

* John Humphry was elected, but did not servi 

Deputy Governor of Massachusetts after the Dissolution of the First Charter. 
1689 Thomas Danforth, to 1692. 

Governors of Massachusetts wider the Second Charter, appointed by the Kino. 

1692 May, Sir William Phips. 
169 i Nov., William Stouqhton. 

1699 May, Earl of Bellomont. 

1700 JulV, William Sloughton. 

1701 July, The Council.' 

1702 June, Joseph Dudley. 
1714 Feb., The Council. 
1714 March, Joseph Dudley. 
1 1715 Nov. William Taihr. 

1716 Oct., Samuel Shute. 
1722-3 Jan., William Dummcr. 
1723 July, William Burnet. 
1723 Sept., William Dtanmer. 
1730 June, William Taller. 
1730 Aug., Jonathan Belcher. 
1741 Aug., William Shirley. 
1749 Sept., Spencer Phips. 
1753 Aug., William Shirley. 

17)6 Sept., Spencer Phips. 
1757 April, The Council. 
1757 Aug., Thomas Pownall. 
1760 June, Thomas Hutc 
1760 Aug., Francis Bernard. 
1769 Aug.. Thomas 
1771 March, Thos. Hutchinson. 
1774 May, Thomas O.t.'c. 

* Tho« whose are printed in Italics, were acting Governors. 
t In November, 1715, Eiizeus Burgess was proclaimed Governor, he havi 
he nerer came over to perform his duties, and resigned the office in 1710. 

had the appointment in March. 1711 ; but 

Lieutenant-Governors of ■ Massac-hxtsetts under the Second Charter, appointed by the King. 
1692 Wm. Stoughton, to July, 1701. I 1716 William Dummer. 1770 Andrew Oliver. 

1702 Thomas Povey, to 1706. | 1730 William Tailer. 1774 Thomas Oliver. 

1705-6 January, vacancy to Oct. 1711. I 1733 Spencer Phips. 
1711 William Tailer, (1758 Thomas Hutchinsoi 

Since the Revolution. 
1774 October A Provincial Congress. | 1775 July The Council. 

Governors and Lieutenant-Governors of Massachusetts, under the Constitution. 

Governors. I 1834 John Davis, 1836 

17S0 John Hancock to 1785 ^ Edward Everett 1810 

1785 James Bowdoin 1787 lSl!) Marcus Morton, 1811 

1787 John Hancock,. .Oct. 8, 1793 «"•! John Davis 1843 

1794 Samuel Adams 1797 ! 18i3 Ma «us Morton 1814 

1797 Increase Sumner, Ju'e 7, 1799 lstl George N. Bnggs,....l - -1 

1800 Caleb Strong, 1807J 18d1 George S. Boutwell 

1 - !>ec.W,l|08 Lieutenant-Governors. 

"Ill8l2 ! 1780 Thos. Cushing,Feb.2S,17SS 

...1816 1788 Benjamin Lincoln 1789 

.. . 1.S23 I 1789 * Samuel Adams 1794 

1823 William Euatis, . Feb. 6, 1825 : 1794 Moses 0*0,. ..May 20, 1800 

182-5 Levi Lincoln, 1834 j ISO! Sam'i Phillips, Fcb.10,1802 

* The Lt. Governors, whose names are In Italic*, were acting Governors also during vacancies in the offlcc 
gg? For Civil Government of Mass. in 1851, see page 9 ; in 18-32, see page 317. 

1809 Christopher Gore,.. 
1610 Eibridge Gerry 

1S12 Caleb Strong....... 

1816 John Brooks 


1802 Edward H. Robbins,..1807 

IS07 Levi Lincoln 1 • 19 

1809 David Cobb 181 I 

1810 William Gray 

1812 William Phillips 1823 

1823 Levi Lincoln,... Feb., 1824 

1824 Marcus Morton, Jul] 
1826 Thomas L. Winthr 
18 13 > ■;/'-. .' T. . Irmstron 

1836 Georgellull, ..1843 

1843 Henry II. Childs, 1844 

1844 John Reed 1851 

1851 Henry W. C ashman 



His Excellency George S. Bonwt.T.r., Groton, Governor. 

His Honor, Henry W. Cushman, Bernardston, Lieut.- Governor. 

Johnson Gardner, Seekonk. Emery, Boston. 
George W. Dike, Stoneham. 


Isaac Davis, Worcester. John I!. Alley, Lvnn. 

Rodolphus li. Hubbard, Sunderland. Edgar K. Whitaker, Ni 
Noah Gibson, NewMarlboro'. Philo Leach, Bridgewater. 

Amasa Walker, of "North Brookfield, Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

William Tufts, 1st Clerk. Charles W. Lovett,"2d Clerk. 
Charles B. Hall, of Haverhill, Treasurer and Receiver General. 

William Williams, 1st Clerk. William Caldwell, 2d Clerk. 
David Wilder, Jr., of Brookline, Auditor of Accounts. 
Benjamin Stevens, Sergeant at Anns to the General Court. 
Timothy R. Page, Messenger to the Governor and Council. 

Henry Wilson, President. 
Suffolk. 1 James M. Usher, Medford 

David Sears, Boston, resigned 
March 11; place tilled March 
20. by Cyrus Washburn, Boston. 
Benjamin Bearer, " 

John H. Wilkins, 
Geo. H. Kuhn, " 

Charles T. Russell, " 

Charles Hubbard, Chelsea. 


Moses Newell, W. Newbury. 

Robert S. Daniels, Danvers. 

Edrmrnd Kimball, Bradford. 

Frederick Robinson, Marblehead, 
resigned May 19; seat taken 
May 21 by Albert Thorndike, 

Daniel Saunders, Jr., Lawrence. 


Jos. T. Buckingham, Cambridge. 
John W. Graves, Lowell. 
Henry Wilson, Natick. 

Luke Wellington, Ashby. 
John Boynton, Groton." 

Ales. De Witt, Worcester. 
Edw. E. Bigelow, Grafton. 
Giles II. Whitney, Temple ton. 
Moses Wood, Fitchburg. 
Francis Howe, Brookfield. 

Wm. A. Hawley, Northampton 
William Hyde, Ware. 

Erasmus D. Beach, Springfield. 
David Mosely, Westfield. 


Edw. L. Keyes, Dcdham. 
Samuel Warner, Jr., Wren tharn. 
Alrah Morrison, Braintree. 


Edward Cizncau, Hingham. 
Wm. H. Wood, Middieboro'. 


William C. Taber, New T 
resigned Jan. 27 ; place filled 
Feb. 3. by John Earle, Swanzey. 

Lyman W. Dean, Attleboro'. 

George Austin, Swanzey. 

^ Barnstable. 

Stephen Hilliard, Provinc« I )• a. 

Zenas D. Bassett, Barnstable. 

Nantucket and Dukes. 
William Barney, Nantucket. 

A. L Stone. C'i 

Whiting Griswold, Greenfield 

Btrksh ire. 
AsaG. Welch. Lee. 
Richard P. Brown, Egremont 
Chauncey L. Knapp, Clerk; Joseph H. Buckingham, Assistant Clerk. Rev 
William M. Wise, Doorkeeper. James N. Tolman, Assistant Doorkeeper. Tilson Fuller, Page 

[When the Senate assembled Jan. 1, there wore seven vacancies, viz., 3 in Middlesex, 2 in E u p- 
den.and 2 in Bristol. Another vacancy occurred Jan. 8, by the resignation of Mr. N. P. Banks, Jr., 
of Middlesex, who was also chosen a member of the House, and preferred to retain his seat in 
body. These vacancies were filled in accordance with the Constitution by a convention of thi S( 
and'House, Jan 'J, when Messrs! Newell; Daniels, Kimball. Beach, Mosely, Dean, Austin and 1 
ton were chosen, and thev took their seats within a d iv or two. Mr. Earle was chosen in Convi . 
Jan. 29; Mr. Washburn/March IS; Mr. Thorndike, May 21.] 

Nathaniel P. Banks, Jr., Waltham; Speaker. 


Sidney Bartlett, 
I John Bigelow, 
j Charles Boardman, 

Billings Briggs, 

Edward Brooks, 

Isaac Carv, 
| Otis Clapp, 

Calvin W. Clark, 
! Robert Colby. 
; Samuel F. Coolidge, 

Rehjamjri R, Curtis, 
| Tisdale Drake, 
! William Eaton, 
; Thomas Edwards, 
j Henry H. Fuller, 
| Hmrv J. Gardner, 
] Junius Hall, 

LSarnu: I Hooper, 
Benjamin James, 


Eliphalet Jones, 
Isaac Jones, 
Samuel Kettell, 
Moses Kimball, 
Ezra Lincoln, 
Robert Marsh, 
James Monroe, 
Abel B. Munroe, 
Charles C. Nutter, 
John Odin. Jr , 
j Julius A. Palmer, 
i John F. Pa* soi . 
| Sili-, F. Plimpton, 

Benjamin Pond, 
] William Pope, 
' John P. Putnam, 
j William Scho iler, 
! Nathaniel Seuver, 
j Thomas J. Shelton, 
j Jacob Sleeper, 


John Spence, Jr., do., deceased 
Feb. 8 : his seat taken Feb. 14, 
bv J. Thomas Stevenson. 

Elijah Stearns, Boston. 

George Y\ "hittemore, 

Joseph M. Wi-htman, " 

Clement Willis, 

Azel Ames, Chelsea. 

Edward Bassett, 

Edward Floyd, North Chel 

Sam'l H. Batchelder, F 
Nathaniel Peabody, Br 
William Walcott, D*> • 
Otis Mudge, 
Henrv A. Hardy, 
Gilman P. Allen. Essex. 
Henry li. B tker. C> - 
Jeremi ih K. Cook, Glouci ster. 



Wm. II Haskell, Glouc.-Nter. 
Mones Foster, .'r., Groveland. 
Nath'l R. Farley. Jr., Ipswich. 
J imps K. Barki r, Lawrence. 

Mbi ris Knocks, " 

George B. Lund, " 

Israel Burfum, Lynn. 

Joseph Haines, " 

John Q Hammond, " 

Is.-.bih Hacker, 

William Skinner, Jr., Lvnr.field. 

John Girdler, 2d, Manchester. 

Kiisha P Hutchinson, Middle- 
ton : resigned Jan. 16; vacancy 
not rilled. 

Caleb Gushing, Newbury. 

Jeremiah Colrnan, NewOurvport. 

Edward Tuppan, Jr., 

Isaac Stevens, " 

Addison Gott, Rockport. 

Thomas E. Payson, Rowley. 

Wm Kimball, Salem. 

Wm. F. Nichols, 

Joseph B. F. Osgood, 

Chas. M. Richardson, " 

Augustas Story, " 

Michael Shepard, do.; resigned 
Feb. 13; his seat taken Feb. 
IS, bv Thomas Trask. 

John Q Evans, Salisbury. 

Charles Sweetser, Saugus. 

Neheraiah B.lch, Tup^iield, 

John Porter, Wenham. 

Benj. Edwards, W. Newbury. 

James T. Woodbury, Acton. 
Howard Gates, Ashby. 
James Jackson, Ashland. 
Francis Coggswell, Bedford. 
John Fletcher, Boxboro'. 
David Collins, Brighton. 
Win. Winn, Jr , Burlington. 
Stephen T. Fat well, Cambridge. 
J tisiin Jones, " 

Willard Phillips, " 

Franklin Sawyer, Jr., " 

Charles Wood. 
John Jacobs, Carlisle. 
R FTQthingham,Jr.,Charlest.6'n. 
James M. Stone, 
Oliver Smith, t: 

Edward T'horndi'ke, 
John L. Taggard, " 

Jabrz Stevens, Chelmsford. 
Aaron A. Kalsey, Concord. 
Archibald. 0. Varnum, Dracut. 
Ira Hall, Dunstable. 
Carleton Parker, Framlng'm. 
Phineas G. Piescott. Gra on. 
Simeon Fisher, Holihton, 
Wm, CI ill in, Hopkinton. 
Phiiip Russell, Lexington. 
Danii-I Weston, Lincoln. 
Jaeoh G. Elliot, Littleton. 
Jefferson Bancroft, Lowell. 

Francis I'm-h, 

Joseph !'.-. ilow, « 

James D.^n.oor, " ' 

George Gardner, " 

John M-t\ nard, « s 

U.-mnibal L'ywers, 

Wm fi'ij 1-v. " 

Tappan Wentwnrth, « 

William Johnson, M Odea. 
Ofijuliah W Albce, M irlboro*. 
Thatcher E. K vmomi, Medford 
J dm T. Pavne, Melrose. 
J'd.n D. Fi-k. Pep lerell. 

N ithaniel ( !hi i k.Natick ; allow ed 
his seat Jan. 8. 

M trsh -II S Rice, Newton. 

Jos ph Uarney, 

James S Campbell, R 

Leonard M. Parker, Shirley. 

George ( ». Bra? tow, S >mervillo. 

Fdwai I M mxfield S R 

( U'orgp ' owdry, Stonehum. 

Peter Fletcher, -Slow. 

[si icl Havnes, Sudbur . 

Benj. F. Span] ling, Te ivksbury. 
i Henry A. Gerr) . Townsen I. 
I Nath'l P. Banks, Jr., Waltham. 
j Seth Beinis, Jr , Watertown. 

John B. Wight, Wayland. 
I David W. Horton, W. Camb'dge. 
! Nathan S. Hamblin, Westford. 
I Isaac Cobuni, Weston. 

Mathan Town-end. Wilmington. 

Frederic O. Prince, Winchester. 


Ivers Adams, Ashburnhara. 

Neheruiah Ward, Athol. 

Almerin L. Ackley. Auburn. 

Luke- Houghton, Bane. 

Amos S iwver, Berlin. 

Caleb Thayer, Ci ickstone. 

John Andrews, 2d, Bovlston. 

Alfred Rice, Brookfield. 

Luther Litchfield, Charlton. 

Horatio N. Bigelow, Clinton. 

Leonard Doane, Dana. 

Perley Gould, Douglas. 

Henry H. Stevens,l)udley. 

Charles Mason, Fitchburg. 

Nathaniel Wood, *• 

John Edgell, Gardner. 

Levi Rawson, Grafton. 

Alvab Southworth Hardwick. 

George Gerry, Harvard. 

George W. Baseom, Holden. 

Wm. Bennett, Jr., Hubbardston. 

Anthony Lane, Lancaster. 

Samuel Watson, Leicester. 

George S. Barrage, Leominster. 

Willard Porter, Lun« : org. 

Francis F. Wheeloek, Mend m. 

Hiram Hunt, Mdi'ord. 

Ab 'nal Bragg, 

[Withdrew Feb. 4.1 

Orville E. Thompson, Millbury. 

Jooa. G. Frost, New Braintree. 

Samuel Ci irk, Northboro'. 
! Era.stus U Benson, Northbridge. 
I Charles Ad.m-, Jr., N. Bro'krFld 
i James B. Ware, Oak nam. 
j Albert A Cook, Oxford. 
! Sam T D. Harrington, Paxton. 
: George White, Petersham 
' Ch irles C. Bassett, Phillipstoh. 
F; hraihi Beaman, Princ< ! m. 

Joseph Raymond, Royalstou. 

George A. Gates, Rutland. 

Lucius S AH, n, ..bury. 
! Lovftt Fay, S mthb pro'. 
! Willi tin B.ddwin, Spi ncer. 
| Luther W. Rugg, Ste i i ; 
I Em< son .In;,;,- oi. Stm >x dge. 
i Salem Cham >erlin, S itton, 
I l)< •.•• r < lilbi !". ! ■ [) i ton. 
I V . n u L rk( v. L T x • 

| N ilhan Codv, Webster. 
j Elmer Bi rli tm, Westb 
j E M Hi smer, W, Bovlston. 
i Willi ,.: Curtis W I! 
! J ihn \\ lute, ^ pstmii -■ r. 
! Ah tb (i >rldin r, V- ii Iten I >n 
I John Milton F .:!••. Worcester 

Edw ii I F ••'. . v. 



/■ ■ 
William ' ' !' 
Leon ird I 
H in 

John Wri-.r!i!, '2<\, i 

L i ius 1 erry, 'ir i bv. 
Luke F irlc, • .. 
Dudley s„ir . \\ 
Eiij h B.u Iwell, Ji 
iVilliai . Ti 

h \\ . Aldi . FMhara. 
Fr.- emin Hamlin, I . 
kelson B. Jon ■«, Pre 
[jorenzo G-iylord, S. H I • . 
Chauncy Clapp - 
Ira P. Gnuld, Ware. 
Daniel W. Clark, Westhampton. 
Hiram Hill, \V T il iains 
Ethan Lames, \Y,,. 

H mi} d ". 
Justin Wilson. Blai.dford. 

[Resigned Maj 10.] 
Ann lius C. R iot. Chest) r. 
Gdes S. Chapin, Chico 
Alpheus Nettleton, " 
John W« II . 

Vincent. Elolcombe, Gr nville. 
Alexander Day, Holyok 
Burg< •■-. Salisbury L n 
Wiliiam Squier, Montgomery. 
Joseph Brow] . P 
Rolan 1 Parks, Rus 
Johi ii lb ..: , S ■■ ■ wick. 
Henry Adams, Springfield. 

>hn MiUs, 
Edw. F. Moseley, " 
Thomas W. Wason, i; 
William E. Barnes, T. 11 
Arbej Squi 
James Noble, West 
Daid si G. Wh '• . V S 
Roderick S. Merrill, V-.".. 

Fi mklin. 
Hos*»a Bl«ke. Ashfit I I 

n F. Bi 



! Butlett Balhud, Bm k 
1 1 > r : Leavitt, CI 

| ilor if o Pi i« i. Coler-.i 

, .! mics S. Wh tne\ . Conway. 

, Cep ts CI . Bi i rfi Id. 

I" i • ■ Al \ - ' : . F \ n -. 

detS. Dai] r, 
I.iiciu Niins, ( ield. 

' . in gi i ilia ip, II. ,\ '•■•> . i ill, L vi rett. 
11 Wil >r V : . I 

Asaln 1 Gore, Monroe. 

- Andrews, Monl i 
Alph's II irdui! , Jr., N i 
R'i ■ li nut, Or 
x > ih \\ ■ Is, li .we. 

F -'I;. /, i , | - 

a v , 
U p laman.Si 
Ans, 1 Davis, Wi rw . k 
Samuel Brewer, Wi i 

Sti phen 1. Ai no -. A I 
John II Orr, 


IV ; ,ra Milligan, Alf-.rd. 
\ •■ in Barnes, Bucket. 
.. k< C >le, Cheshire. 
|] |i r Cftamberlin, Dalton. 
. w.. [', ildwin, E 'rernont, 
it tiiii 1'owcr, F'Orida. 
\ ,h ,■ Q Pickett, Gt Barfingto'n. 
•, irdner El iridge, Hancock. . 
Muyroe Emmons, Hindsale. ■ 
A*ihei Buck, Lanesborb'. 
Harrison Garfield, Lee. 
M S. Wilson, Lenox. 
John Branninc, Monterey. 
V.aum G. Bnxter, X. Ashford. 
Benjamin Smith, X. Marlboro'. 
Henry K. Spellman. Otis. 
Xt-nas Watkins, Peru. 
Samuel A. Churchill, Pitts-field. 
Ensign H. KellogK, 
Samuel Bartlett, Richmond. 
Francis Baxter, Sandisfield. 
Robert Sturtevant, Jr., Savoy. 
Rodney, Sheffield. 
Edward C. Carter, Stockbridge. 
Ezra Heath, Tvringham. 
Samuel Bell, Washington. 
Andrew Fnarey, W. Stockbridge. 
Wjllram White, WilliamstDwn. 
Reuben Pierce, Windsor. 

Martin Rockwood, Bellingham. 
Cileb Stetson, Braintree. 
William A'spinwall, Brookline. 
Charles Endicott, Canton. 
Th«»ni is Stoddard, Cohasset. 
E?ra Wilkinson. Dedham. 

[Took his scat Jan. 4.] 
Edward Sharp, Dorchester. 
Nathaniel F. Satfurd, " 
Ralph S mger, Dover. 
Martin Torrev, Foxboro'. 

William Mete»lf, Franklin. 
Jonathan P. BFmon, Medfield. 
Jason Reed, Milton. 
Henry Robinson, Need-ham. 
Joseph W. Robertson, Quiucv 
George Marsh, " " 

L'^ra S. Coaant, Randolph. 

Stephen M. Allen, Roxnury. 

N Brewer, ,; 
1 h< odore Dunn, " 

James M. Keith, " 

John L gjutiinii r, 
Jwfc*.^.jjU-t-p ■re do. ; i 

M tfch 21 . seat taken April i 

by Samuel I!. Walley. 
Albert Johnson, Stoughton. 
Palm r Morey, Wal| 
Elias Hunt., Weymouth. 
Benjamin i'. Whin , " 


Lvman W. Daggett, Attleboro'. 
Abicl B. Crane. B rkley, 
Francis D Bartlett, Dartmouth. 
Jonathan Jones, Dighton. 
Isaac Wood. Jr., Fairhaven. 
Nathaniel B. Borden, Fall River, 
Richard Borden, " 

Richard 0. French, *' 

James B. Luther, " 

William Hall, Freetown. 
William B. Bates, Man -field. 
Thomas Kempton, X. Bedford. 
Obed Nye, 

Richard A. Palmer, " 
Austin Mes&inger, Norton. 
CassandeT Gilmore, Raynham. 
Sylvester Hunt. Kehpboth. 
John Gregory, Seekonk. 
Beniamin Cartwright. Somerset. 
Wiliiam T Chase, Swanzey. 
John Andrews, Taunton. 
Lewis Ti Chesbroush, " 
James M. Williams, " 
Frederick Browned, Westport. 


, Hoi 

Martin Knififllt, I! i 
Nathaniel I tun i K i 

Luther 1! il ... M ..-• 

Joshti ■• 

.1, [», | * ,,,._ \ >;, 

Joi eph I 

Samuel ('. Baldwin, PI 
Jan. 1 

Fell. 3 bv Lemuel B 
William I!. Ji 

- N i - sworn and d.d n 
his seat.] 
Jo , . h. Nye, Plj i 

House vol. i that bis 

election was inform il 

had no liu'i.t to fa - 

11, tliis decision v 

and he sat during ti e 

the s »si »n. 
John II. Clark, Rochester. 
Elijah Jenkins, Jr., Sciluate. 
James South worth, S. i 
Lewis Kinney, Wareham. 
Joseph Kingman, W. 


Barnstt hi . 
Josiah Seabury, Brewster. 
Josiah Ket: Irick, Ch Ltl 
i'horaa s Hall, })>-::, j. 
Scotter Cobb, Eastham. 
David Lawrence, Falin tutl . 
Nathaniel Doane, J r., ii 
Leander Crosby, Orleans. 
Joseph F. J >hnson, Pi 
Ebenezer Freeman. Weill • I 
Nathaniels. Simpkins, Yarn 

Herman Vim ent, < 

S rs< n P. Coffin, Edg*ri 

William 6. Vincent, Tisbury. 

James H. Briggs, Nantucket. 
Reuben Maeder, 

i I . ' .>%\ai:i, 

Isaac Hersev, Abmgton. 

James W. Ward, » 

Asahel Hathaway, Bridgewater. 

Matthias Ellis, Carver. 

Joshua W. Hathaway, Duxbury, 

I.p%i Churchill, E. Bridgewater. 

Edwin Inglee, Halifax. 

John S. Barn, Hanover. 
[All of these members were qualified, and took their seats on the first or se 
unless otherwise stated against their names.] 

Lewis Josselyn, 'Clerk; L. E. Josselvn, Assistant Clerk, [appointed Feb. 3;J Rev. Georgi M. 
It tndall, Ch ipldin ; Alexis Poole, Doorkeeper ; lhi\ id Murphy, Mossengt r ; J useph P. Dexter, I 
Messenger; Timothy Hayes, Postmaster; Silas ii. Buckingham, Page; James X. Tulman, Jr., 
Assistant Pay*. 

Monterej , Fuller of Boston, Prince of V 
Robinson of M >'. Clark of Nor1 

Weils of Roue, Earle of Greenwi '.. 
Mr. Fuller excused and Mr. Plimpt 

Judiciary — Messrs. Griswold, 
mouth, Russell. 
Prohateand CJianeerv— Messrs. Warner, Wood \ *PTJ,'*nn 

»d of riv 


Treasury — Messrs. Sears, Tabor, Brown. [Feb. 
3, Mr. Wood of Plymouth appointed, Mr. Taber 
hiving resigned his seat in the Senate. March 
31, Mr. \Va«hburn appointed, Mr. Sears having 
also resigned.] 

Bills in Third Reading. — Messrs. Saunders, 
Kuhn, Wood of Plymouth, Beach, Russell, and 

Engrossed Bills.— Messrs Hilllard, Whitney, 
GraTe*, ILuvlty. Morrison, Wellington. 


Fin luce — Messrs. 1 rothinsrh tm of < 
Wood of Fitchburg.Ki 11 igg ol Pittsfi 1 I U 
Orange, Bro >ks of Boston, Jones of P • • 
Ci • •• of Berkley. 

Elections. —Messrs. Wood of Fit ; -'. •;^ ■'■'• 

I of Claremont, Schouler of Boston, !' 
rose, Story of Silem, Robinson of Middl 
Palmer of N r ew Bedford. 

: Bills in ThirdR idi> h— Messrs M .-• no! \ ' 

' burs, Haines of Lvnn, Pi I of 1 

, of Marlboi •'. Ames of Chelsea, ^ , > b I 
• . in^field, Chamberbiin of I 1 iltnn. 

i En frdsstd Hills.— Messrs Claflin of H 


/i/rf/cwrv.—Messr*. Gushing of Ne.whnry, Mills rown.ll ot \\e*tp«»rt, L uc.< ro. ■ 
•»f Boringll Id, Curtis of Bo"ton, Wilkinson of Emmons of Ilmsdale, Clark ol 
l)edh um ; Wentworth of Sa brd ol Dor- Day of H«.lyoke, IJrnj«s ol 
che^er, Nims of Greenfietd. [May 6, Mr. Curtis Messrs. Clatim a. 
•xc»««l from further service.! ' Hurton ol West Cambridge and 

Probate and Chancery. -Messrs. Branning of Btooklield appointed } 


County Estimates.— Messrs Messengei vf Nor- | 3, Mr. Hall excused and Mr. Wood of Mid' 
ton, Endicott of Canton, terry oi Granby, Cole of appoint! d.] 
Cheshire, Maeder of Nantucket. I Public Charitibh I hit 

Pay Rail — Messrs. Leaviti ot Claremont, Wood and Warfter.o/ the Senate. Messr* I 
of Pairhaven, Spellman of Otis, Sleeper of Boston, .enter, Lincoln of Bosi 
Churchill of East Bridgewater. [Jan. 16, Mr. port, Rtrivell of Cambi 
Leavitt excused and Mr. Hogg of Worcester ap- \of the House. 
pointed Chairman.] Public Expenditi 

Change of Names.— -Messrs. Burke of Bernards- D mieU, of the .N'< nat 

Bates i 

-Messrs. Burk 
ewslmry, Seabur 

Messrs. Hi 
vi!ii>, Edgell of Gardner, Bancroft of Lowell ' 
of Pembroke, Sanger of Dover, oftht 11 ■■ 
23, Mr. Bnckinghiim excused: nexi . 

Public Lands. — Messi . Whitnej ai I : 
of the Senate. Messrs. Woodbury of A 
son of Rowley, Alexandei of Ervi 
Raynham, Arnold of Adams, of the '■ 

Railways and Canals. — Messrs. '■'. . 
Usher, of th Senate. M . Payi 

Bennett of Hubbardston, Simpkins of Y in 
Conant of Randolph, Smith of Had,. , 

lioads and Bridges. — Messrs. Newell and A- 
of the Senate. Messrs. Stnrtevant of Sa^ • 
renee of Falmouth, Sawyer of Berlin, Kimbi 
Salem, Metcalf of Franklin, of the Home 

Towns. — Messrs. Basset and Drown, oftht S - 
ate. Messrs. Adams of Ashburnham, I)ins n 
of Lowell, Parks of Russell, Keith of R >\ 
Hathaway of Duxbury, of the House. [Jan ! 
Mr. Adams excused and Mr. Washburn ot Woi 
ter appointed. Feb. 20, Mr. Brown excused and 
Mr. Wellington appointed. April IS, Mr. K 
excused and Mr. Aspinwall of Brookline ap- 
ed. J 


The following list embraces the principal - 
cial committees which were raised on various 
jects during the session, except those for rner 
temporary purposes, sucli as receiving and s 
votes, &c. 


1. On Re-charter and Incorporation of Banl 
[Raised Feb. 15.] — Messrs. Robinson, Brown and 

1. On Compensation of Officers — [Raised Feb. 
1.7. ] Messrs Seaver, K eyes and Dean. 

3. On Commissioner to Industrial Exhibition. — 
[Raised Feb. 22.]— Messrs. Gr is wo id, Hawlej and 

4. To inquire whether the freedom of any of the 
inhabitants of Massachusetts has been en 
through the remissness of the ojfi -crs thereof 
[Raised April 9.]— Messrs. Robinson, Wood of 
Plymouth, Ktihn, Keyes and Griswold. 

o. On further Safeguards to Personal Liberty — 
[Raised Apiil 19.]— ^Messrs. Buckingham, B 
son and Barney. 


6. On Payment of Clerks —[Raised Feb. 6.]— 
Messrs. Nettleton of Chicopec, Fletcher of Box- 
boro', Watson of Leicester, Heath of Tj i 
and M aynaTd nf I nwell. 

7. On h toxicatin Drinks — [RaisedMarcl 
— Messrs. Taylor of Norwich, Palmer of B< I 

and Mr.. Freeman of Wellliect appointed:] Chnpin or Chicopec, Hunt of Milford. Bati 

Militia. — Messrs. Itawley and' Saunders of the : of i' - ird U trnes .. f Wellington, and Bean. 

Senate. Messrs. Wilson of Lenox, N'ettleton of Prince! n. 

Chicopee, Brastow of Somerville, Foster of Grove- S. On Raiirotd Bridges and Accide 

land, Hatch of Marshiield, of the Hoi , e. 

Parishes and Religiom Sot rWiw.—Messrs. Wei 1 

and Hubbard, of the senate. Mcs rs. Wood of 

ton, Allen" of Shrewsbury, Seabuty of Brewster, 
Shaw of Cummington, Coburn of Weston. 

Leace of Absence — Messrs. Harding of New Sa- 
lem, J. Munroe of Boston, Vincent of Ciiilmark, 
Rnsg of Sterling, Robinson of Needham. 

Public Building:;. — Messrs. Wason of Springfield, 
Thompson of Millbury, Marsh of Boston, Buffum 
of Lynn, Stoddard of Cohasset. [Jan. 1G, Mr. 
Buffum excused and Mr. Hammond of Lynn ap- 

Printing. — Messrs. Baldwin of Plymouth, Jones 
of Cambridge, Gerry of Harvard, Hall of Dennis, 
Hemenway of Shutesbury. [Jan. 24. Mr. Ames 
of Chelsea appointed, Mr. Baldwin hav ing resigned 
his seat in the House.] 


Accounts. — Messrs. Howe and Boynton, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Adams of North Brookfield, 
Brewer of Roxbury, Packer of Leyden, Seaver of 
Boston, Kelsey of Concord, of the House. 

Agriculture. — Messrs. Wellington and Moseley, 
of the Senate. Messrs. Brigham of Westboro", 
Buck of Lanesborough, Barry of Hanover, Hunt 
of Rehoboth, Russell of Lexington, of the 

Banks and hanking. — Messrs. D e Witt and 
Kuhn, of the Semite. Messrs. Stetson of Braintree, 
Co wiry "of Stoneham, Williams of Taunton, Hoop- 
er of Boston, Kingman of West Bridgwater, of 
the House. 

Claims. — Messrs. Bigelow and Dean, of the Sen- 
ate. Messrs. Bishop of Medfield, Nutter of Bos- 
ton, Wilson of Blanford, Miliigan of Alford, Pow- 
ers of Lowell, of the House. 

Education. '—Messrs. Keyes and Hyde, of the 
Spiate. Messrs. Curtis of West Brookfield, Coggs- 
well of Bedford. Fowler of Amherst, Kettetl of 
Boston, Ward of Abington, of the House. 

Fisheries. — Messrs. Cazneauiand Kimball, of the 

e s .- 


Orleans, Gott of 

Johnson of Provi 

Libraries, — M 

Gofan of Edgartown, Crosby of 
Rockport, Swain of Nantucket, 
ncetown, of the House. 

Robinson, of the 
ley, Earle of Gree 
House. [April 9, 
having resigned \ 

Buckingham, Sears and 
'.■iiite. Messrs. Parker of Shir- 
wich, Sleeper of Roxbury, of the 
Mr. Hyde appointed, Mr. Sears 
s seat in the Senate.] 
Manufactures. — Messrs. Robinson and Billiard, 
of the Senate. Messrs. Whitney of Conway, Stone 
of Charlestown, Wightman of Boston, Ackley of 
Auburn, Faunce of Kingston, of the House. 

Mercantile Affairsand Insurance.— Messrs. Sea- 
ver and Wood of Worcester* of the Sen.::,-. Messrs. 
Raymond of Medford, Barker of Lawrence, Borden 
of Fail River, Gardner of Boston, Jenkins of Seit 
uate, of the House. \ Feb. 8, Mr. Borden excused, 

Middieborough, Elliot of Littleton, Wells of Chie- 
opee, Daggett of Attleborough, Flagg of Coleraine, 
of the House. 

Prisons. — Messrs. Beach and Keyes, of the S< >»- 
ate. Messrs. Thorndike of Charlestown, Kimball 
of Boston, Waleott of Danvers, Fuarey of West 
Btot kVjridtre, Hall of Freetown, of the House. [Feb. 

i of B it in, Mush of Quincy, I' i li- 
ter • J, ami Garfield >f Le ■. 

■\ On ; ■ Entr i c to all the C t* of t) ■ 
Cumn ■ /. —[Raised April 18.1- ! 
Hardin • m, Ripley of Lowell, A 

ofMonta ie, Jone-* of Prcscott, Aldrich of Pel- 
ham, and I'.'-. ■ : t>l Sew I'.i .. ■ ■ . 

10. On A ■■'■■ fasten ten — ( Raised M 
Me; =rs. Taylor nf S'orw i h, Pay ion < : ; 



K Mst of Chester, Fletcher of Boxboro', and Nye of 


11. On Votes for Governor and Lieutenant Gov- 
rrnor.— [liaised J. in 1.] — Messrs. Saunders, Mor- 

soti, dazneau, Hiilinrd, Usher, and Kuhn, of the 
Senate. Messrs Wilkinson of Dedham, J. M. 
Kirio of Worcester, Wentworth of Lowell, Wood 
of Fitchburg,- Stone of Charlestown, Whitney of 
Conwav, Chesbrough of Taunton, of the House. 

12. On Votes for Senators.— [Raised Jan 1.] — 
Messrs. Warner, Wood, Welch, Howe, Welling- 
ton and Hyde, of the Senate. Messrs. Frothingham 
of Charlestown, Claflin of Hopkinton, Bennett of 
Hubbardston, Bancroft of Lowell, Washburn of 
Worcester, of the House. 

13. On Joint Rules and Orders.'- [Raised Jan. 3.] 
— Messrs. Buckingham and Robinson, of the Sen- 
ate. Messrs. Parker of Shirley, Kellogg of Pitts- 
field, Claflin of Hopkinton, Payson of Rowley, 
Conant of Randolph, of the House. 

14 On Homestead Exemption. — [Raised Jan. 13] 
-Messrs. Robinson and Hewitt, of the Senate. 

Messrs. Stone of Charlestown, Colman of Newbury- 27. On Formation of a Xeto County from ; 

port, Allen of Shrewsbury, Plimpton of Bostop 
Bartlett of Richmond, of the House. 

lo. On Amendment of the Constitution to alter 
the Apportionment of Senators and Representatives. 
— [Raised Jan. 15.] — Messrs. Griswold, Keyes, 
Kuhn, Wood of Worcester, Beach, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Parker of Shirley, Branriing of Monterey, 
Brooks of Boston, Clark of North boro', Root of 
Chester, Payson of Rowley, Andrews ofMontague, 
Aspinwa'l of Brookline,' Swain of Nantucket, 
Bardwell of Hatfield, Vincent of Tisburv, Perkins 

of Shirley, Gilbert of Tempi 

Colman of Newburyp >rt, ( . 

Holcombe of Gianvill 

of Great Batrington, 11 11 of 

Westjmrt, Kingman of \\ 

of Harwich, Vincent of Ti 

tucket, of th House. 

2 I :- . on ' .i ■ on Tt 

Canals.-*- [Raised i> >. 13.] — Mes • 
Morrison, of the Senate. Messrs. Woodburj 
ton, White of Willi urnsti wi , I... • • -:i ol 
burue, Pond of Boston, White ul Weyi 
the House. [March 28, Mr. White <.>.'■ 
Mr. Pierce ot Windsor appoinl 

25. On State Paupers. -[Hoist d Feb. 19.]-M< 
Bassett and Graves,©/* the Senate. Mea 
of Boston, J. M. Par!.' of Worcester, B n ey of 
Newton, Baldwin of Egremont, Hill of ' 
burg, of the House. 

26 On Abolition of Police Courts.— [B. ' 
21.]— Messrs. Saunders, Hyde, Wood, o/ / S - 
ate. Messrs. Paine of Melrose, Bartlett of i. 
ton. Bush of Lowell. Varnum of Dracut, Co: 
Edsjarlown, of the House. 

of Worcester and Midd/t 

ised Feb. 2/ 

' -'. — [Raisea i eo. -', 
Messrs. Griswold and Daniels, of the S 
Messrs. Wood of Fitchburg, Schouler of Bos 
Branning of Monterey. Johnson of Si 
Lani.son of Shelburne, of the House. [April 2, Mr. 
Wood excused, and Mr. Ackley of Auburn ap- 

28. Oil Trespass on Groves and Orchards, end 
Crimes on the Sabbath.— [Raised Eeb. 27.]— M( - 
Kimball and Barney, of the Senate. Messrs. Rice j 
of Newton, Hail of Boston. Westou of Lincoln, 

of North Bridgewater. Cartwright of Somerset, Godding of Winchendon, Allen of Roxbury, oj 


29. On Removal of the Se<rt of Cover, t ! 
some town in (he interior. — [Raised Feb. 2 J - 
Messrs. Graves, Hyde, Brown. Austin, < f 
ate. Messrs. Lyman of- Sunderland, Putnam of 
Boston, Carter of Stockbridge, Flagg of Woi 
Stevens of Newburyport, Bemis u\ Watertown, 
Orr of Adams, of tin: House. 

30. Second Joint Comn ittee on To<cns. — . 
March 5.] — Messrs. Cazneau and M tsely, • 
Senate. ^ios-,;-. Taylor of Norwich, Colby i 
ton. laggard of Charlestown. Ellis of Carver, 
White of Westminster, of '<> - House. 

31. Third Join* Committee on Railways and 
Canals. — [Raised March 6.] — Mi ssrs. Hav . 
Dean, of the Senate. Messrs. Hosmer ol West 
Boylston, Sawyer of Cambridge, Barney of New- 

Cobb of Eastham, of the House. 

10. On Asylum for Inebriates — [Raised Jan. 
15.] — Mes>rs. Dean and Russell, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Kimball of Boston, Holcomb of South- 
wick, Brigham of Westboro', Robertson of Quincy, 
Seabury of Brewster, of the House. [Feb. 10, Mr. 
Russell excused and Mr. Hilliard appointed.] 

17. On Slavery. — [Raised Jan. 22.] — Messrs 
Buckingham and Hawley, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Whitney of Conway, Claflin of Hopkinton, 
Churchill of Pittsfteld, Bennett of Hubbardston, 
Colby of Boston, of the House. 

IS." On Harvard CWte?*?.— [Raised Jan. 22,]— 
Messrs. Whitney and Scars, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Cashing of Newburv, Mills of Springfield, Bart- 
lett of Boston, Nuns of Greenfield, "Phillips of 
Cambridge, of the House. [March 17, Mr. Kuhn 
appointed in place of Mr. Sears, who had resigned j t m, Barnes of Tolland, Orr of Adams, < 
his seat in the Senate.] I [March 17, Mr. Barnes excused, and Mr. Squi 

19. On the Ballot.— [Raised Jan. 22.]— Messrs. Montgomery appointed.] 
Saunders and Hyde, of the Senate ; Messrs. Wil- 32 On Aid to the European and Xorth An 
son of Lenox, Lincoln of Boston, Gilbert of Tern- j Railway.—- [Raised March 27.]— Messrs. Wo i '. 
pleton, Dunn o( Roxbury, Brewer of Wendell, of] Worcester, Griswold and 

the House. 

20 On Election of Representatives in Congress 
by Plurality. — [Raised Jan. 22.]— Messrs. Warner 
and Barney, of the Senate. Messrs. Wilson f 
Lenox, Lincoln of Boston, Gilbert of Templetoh-, 
Dunn of Roxbury, Brewer of Wendell, of the House. 

21. On Abolition of Capital Pienisktnvnt -[Raised 

Messrs. Gushing of Newbury, Curtis' of : 
Paine of Melrose, J. M. Eaile of W 
Wood of Fitchburg, Brastow of Somi 
rving o( Monterey, Trask of S I m, 

33. On the Reform of Judicial i'. 
[RaisedMarch 10.]— Mcssis Griswold, Wood of 
Plymouth, and Russell, of the Senate. Me: 

Jan. 22.]— Messrs. Keyes and Howe, of the Senate. CushtnR of Newbury, Mills of Spring' 

Messrs." Mason of Fitchburg, Gould oi' Ware, 
Pond of Boston, Gregory of Seekonk, Lawson of 
Shelburne. of t/te House. 

22. O'nTtiJcing propi rty of Corporate m s in Towns 
k here it is situated.— {'Raised Jan. 23 ]■— Messrs. 
Graves and Saunders, of the Senate Messrs. Ma- 
son of Fitchburg, Cary of Boston. Toppan of New- | Newbury, VValley 
buiypurt, Osgood of Salem, Ackley of Auburn,*//' 
the House. 

23. On the Valuation.— [Raised Feb. 9.]-Messrs. 

Wood of Plymouth, Howe, HawU 
Earle, and Graves, of the Senate. 

Beach, K 
Messrs. Parker 

of Boston, Wilkinson of Dedham, Went ■ 
Lowell, Katlmd of Don hester.and Nil - 
i 1, of the House. 

'.'A. On ]) • , ' ceen Masi 

W <dr hiatal — [Itaisi '. r i'l - I 
and Russell, of the Senate. Messrs Cu> 

of Roxbury, J. M. F" 
Worcester, Branning of Monterey, Wentwi ." 
Lowell, Sti veuson of Boston, and CUti n •■ . - 
kinton, ufthe House. , ., . 

:;■). On Faneuii Hall Market.— [K ■■ ' ' 
— Mersrs. Saunders, Washburn aud Llowe, 




unto. Messrs. Wilson of Lenox, Jackson of j 7.]— -Messrs. Wood of Plymouth, 

inland, Fletcher of Stow, Eaton of Boston. - ■■• 

iynes of Sudbury, White of Heath, and Murey of Fit hburg. Fond of Bo<to 

alpole. of the House. i Clark ol \ . tl mro', U • o 

36. on Gen rat B inking B/W.— [Raised April 22] ! Osgood of Salem, of the II 

Messrs. Warner and Hewitt, of the Sou te.\ 39. On /' / ' . 

cssrs. Frothingham of Ch ttle^town, Hooper of States.— [lln •>■< VIuj !,' — M 

iston, KoUosrsofTitisfu'lJ Whitney of Conway, ident,) Russell, K»-yes f I. I ■ 

aflin of- Hop kin-ton. of the House. \ H«iwley,<?/'Mi Smite. M— r.. I: 

,"»7. On Repairs of Lynn Beach — [Raised April Cushina of Newbury, W.iUeyi 

.]— Messrs Wood ot Plymouth, it nd Knhn, of ofPitl fi Id, Mills of Sprii I I 

e Senate. Messrs. Whitnev olConwav, Sohoul r way, Stevenson of B 

Boston, Haskell of I llou. ester, X. B Bord mof Schouler of Boston; J. M. 1 
al Riv« r, and Coffin of Ed rartown, ofiJu Home. B. Borden of Fall Elivi 
38. On Allegations of Incompetency against Robinson of M BrasJ 

niel Holies, Justice of the Peace. — [Raised May I Coffin of Edgartown, of the House. 


Passed by the Legislature of Massachusetts, at the Session of 1851. 

We give below the full title of all the acts and resolves passed at the last -■:■ ion of 1 
setts Legislature, accompanied by carefully prepared notes and abstracts, whi :h will g n 
to embrace all the inform ition in regard to them which is likely to be desired 

The numbers placed before the title of the acts and resolves show the order of their app "0 
Governor, and correspond with the numbers of the chapter which each nukes in the Code ol " Acl 
Resolves" for the year 1851. The date in the brackets after the name of the law shoi 
of its approval by the Governor. The letter fo] is placed before the titles of those laws which are 
included by the Secretary of the Commonwealtn in the list of " General" Laws and ] 

The -letter [pj at the end of the abstract of an act shows that it is to tike eri'eet from : I 'its 
passage, which is considered eotemporaneoos with its approval by the Governor, as in 
date in the brackets. Ail the other acts and resolves, in accordance with the funeral pr 
the Revised Statutes, take effect on the thirtieth day after their passage, unless some oth 
expressly mentioned, in which case it i.-: here given. 

All the acts of incorpor tion contain a proviso that none of the shares shall he issued fni 
their par value ; the acts for fdle extension of vvh-.irves, a proviso that the legal rights of i »j r - '. 
shall be by jue'h extension interfered with; the acts for increase of bank capital, provid that 1 
capital shall he subject to the same tax, regulations, restrictions and pr (visions as tl 'here 

are various other general provisions which, being common to all laws of a kindred nature • 
included its the abstracts below. The par value of the shares in all corporations is $100, e. i 
wise expressly stated. 

the first eh ; : n b ::-; in 1853; the 

make annual 'reports of the condition o the fu 

and of t:. sch • '.. 

S An Art to anw ■' part of the town . ■ 

1. An Act to change the nante of The Coasters' 
Mutual Marine Insurance Comp my. — j Feb. II 

Hereafter to be named Tin- Commercial Mutual to the city of Lowell. — [Feb 2S/J— Ann x 
Marine Insurance Company. I tralviiltV so culleri, to Lowell. 

2. An Act to clvinge in name of The Revere Mu- tains 3>5 pulls and $'i\ l J >24 valual 
tual Fire and Muriiu Insurance Company — Feb. j Draeut i* left with 440 polls and £7 
IS.] — Hereafter to be nam d The Alliance Insiir- | erty.] [r j 

ance Companv. 9. An Act to incorporat [he Adams Mui 

3. An Ai't to establish a Fire Department in the \ Insurance Company — F< 28 — Tertn, 28 
town- of Wiihurn. — [Feb. 22.] [tv} no policy to be ■- i I till -' i .UOOissu 

4. An A t further, to extend 'Me time for payinglba insured 

in the capitalsto'.di of the. Columbian Fire and Ma-\ 10. An Act to incorp< !l .\ \m 

rine Insurance Company — [Feb. 22 j — Time es.-\Fire Insurance Company. — [Feb. 28.]— I 
tended to Feb ?,, i.SVd " I years ; m n bold real estate to the amount of 

■',. An Art to* increase the. capital stock of the j §20,000 ; capital, .••'"■'.■ : . may he increa- 
Lfxinaton and West Cambridge Railro I Corpora- s»2'.)'»,0 >0 : • ' I be paid, in wil 

tiai —[Feb. 2d ] — Capil I increased 12')') shares of year. \v ] 

SUV) preferred stock, for the redemption of the 11. An Act to establish a Fir C 
["vet if ip] roved at town of ('Unit i. — [March 10 "j 

12. An Art to est d a Ft ■ D irt 
town of Melrose.— [Utot 

l I. ' i A i ■<:.-■ 

r to be j ' ' 

| Extension iuih ri; td, 203 feel ; ' ■ ' 

'ntstees of the I in two y< 

m amount oi th 

„ of the. ' . 
■ \— lien 


fare to ch 

of . Intlo'ucr. — j 11. :'■;.■ I • ' 
ert for the S(dio<d \ab!e E»tutt& tai to com y tin s - ■ i 
.• V ig miiii Han /■ ■'. . an ■' i n te. th ■■ > I estate t/ui - 

, hold iv d estate \ I ■ j— 1 ■ I ' rtes tail m >y 

• ,'>.!>; the town in fee simple, and all remainders u I na rx- 

.- in three vears, I nectanl tht "eon ma\ be barred, in the - 


ncr*-* lej^al estates tail, by the existing laws; the i him or any of his predece sor* ii oti 

., ,. -.-up- judicial Court to have the jurisdiction in fieiently I irge, he I . ■ 
., nit) necessary in certain cases to carry into given. [p.] 
, ..; , t the provisions of this law. 32 [o ] An A> t in nd h'lion to 

!">. An Act in relation to the renewal of Bank \ damage* for dej 

An Act in relation to 
Charters**- [March 13 ]— Continues the Massachu- 
setts Bank, Boston, Atlantic Bank, Boston, and 
Attleborough Bank, Attleborough, till Jar.. 1, 
IS70. [V.] 

16. [<;.] An Act relating to returns for votes for 
County Commissioners. — [March 13 j — The exami- 
ners of such returns sh vl i file them in the clerks' 
o trices of the county courts within three days after 


exander Me 

they have been exami 

for every day after the thud day. 

17. An Act to change the nameoj 
Cafferty, //•.—[March 13 ] [P ] 

18. An Act to incorporate the Railroad Mutual 
Fire Insurance Company — [March 22.] — Term, 23 
years ; to insure " railroad station and freight 
houses and their contents and other property in 
whichrailroad corporations mav have an insurab" 
interest ; " all r 
of Massachusetts. Maine, 
monr, Rhode Island, Con 
nnt 1 , insure in said Company. 

19. An A^t to Incorporate the Chatham Marine 
:y — [March 22.] — May hold real and per- 

A ny person in iy r< ■ 
hi [lit bef ire the Act of I6o0, to ■• 
addition, to »k < tfect, but in iy n I 
damages, except in the cased provided ... 
Act. [P.] 

33. An At to mco pora*i the t, • 
it ible / . d i.i i' i t ,,■■■■. oj I. im asl r.— 
b'ivi persons chosen ai an^ townmei t i kj, t< _ 

1, under penalty of $50 with the minister for the I a 

Congregational S . ■ incorporate 

j tees ot the char I I in t town of 

ter, to choose a clerk and trc -■< ■■■■ I • ■ 
! and faithfully account for ail mom j 
| fund. 

34. An Act concerning the Fitchbura an '!:■■• - 
I ter Riilroad Compm y— [Man h 31 |— / 
! that company to lo ati . n I cons tru 
ilroad corporations under the laws I the use of their freight trains only, to c 

New Hampshire, Ver- the Vermont and \lassachn tts Rai • 1 Com- 

ecticut and New York 


irch 2 
sjm.i1 estate to $4000. 

•2 ; >. An Act to continue in force the Act to in- 
corporate the Commercial Insurance Company in 
Nantucket) unci to increase its capital star!;. — 
[March 22.] — Company continued to June 7, 
ISJI; capital increased by an addition of g2o,000. 

21. An Act to authorize the Trustees of the Or- 
thodox Congregational Society in Shirley to sell 
certain real estate. — [March 22.] — The Society may 
seil its old meeting-house and land, and apply the 
proceeds to building its new meeting house. 

pany, according to agreement in writing with the 
Fitchburg Railroad Company. 

35. An Act to authorize John Morgan ai 
Morgan to extend tin ir cl 

Beverly; extension authorized to the Hn i the 
ends of the adjoining wh u k'es as they now i . 

36. An Act to incorpora, th\ On id Inst t — 
[March 31.] — To be devoted exclusively I I 
ucatkm of females ; mav hold real estati to j .- 
000, and personal, to £10.1 I. 

37- An Act to authorize John W. Da> 
tend /lis icharf. — [April ■'•.] — In Charlestown ; ex- 
tension authorized to the Commissioners' Line of 
March 17, 1840. under certain restricts 

38. An Act for tl ■- intm ' of 

22. An Act to incorporate the Quincy Mutual j Clerk for the Courts of the Count ^ if. 
Fire Insurance Company. — [March 22.]— Term, 28 I — [April 5.]— To he- appointed by- 
years, the Supreme Judicial " trt T for two y< ■ . I 

23. An Act relating to the Warren Institution under the direction of th i 

for Savings. — [March 22.] — May hold real estate to j not more than £8 IQ a ye ir ; iry. 

520,000. [p ] 39. An let •' ■■■ " tif, tl i: 

Corpora? 'on. — [April o.] — Stockhold rs shal • >n- 
t i 1 1 u to b men rs un ti I the 1 
poration are accomplished, notwiihsl 
assignment and transfer of :!. c • to th • 

24. [ci.] An Act relating to the Election ot 
Registers of Deeds and County Treasurers.~[lSliiTch 
28.]-— Requires the Mayor and Aldermen of any 
city, the inhabitants of which are required by law 
to vote for Registers, kc, to cause meetings to be 
la Id for that purpose in March or April, [p.] 

-) Ah Act to incorporate the Needle Woman's 
:h 31.] — Incorporated " for 

iplo'yment tor indigent : .: 
id personal property to | s 

purpose ot provicu 

ales : " may hold r 

i,0()0; all officers may be married women, e 

t the Treasurer, if a female, shall be unma 

I. [v.] 

'. An Act to authorize Donald McKay to e. 

>' his icharf— [March 31.] — in East Bostoi 

?nsion authorized to the Commissioners' Lii 

M irch, 1840 ; with certain restrictions and pr 


40. [o.] An Act ( ■ m ning the Elect on ot Rep- 
resentatives in ' i and Electors 0} V 
••.,,; Vice President of the U ■ >—'-'. 
o ] — Whenever there is a failure to ele< . 


to e 
y at 

id to e, 
Act at 


t Fur 
to the 

the c< 

g of V 
.In A 
a the 

ant /i 

lisha Fire Department in the. 
'March 31.] [P.] 

rizing Parker Hunt ham and 
wharf, and const) act a marine 
-[March 31,] [P] [? . 

\g Notaries Public 

!l.]~Mti 3 

Le> may . 

tive in < 11 iress, iu any district, at 1 
! trial, the person having a plurality <>; - 
; second trial shall he declare 1 elected In 
I for 1'resid nti d lileetor -. the several pi . 
J ing the l.'c:':.: 5t number ol \ ti - to I 
I numbi :. shall be deemed elected. It two 01 
I r-crsons h ivc received an equ il nu 

so that a majoi ity of ,: . • Electors 
i the Go\ ■" uoi shall com ene 

7 Fn 
ars to 

the Gem 
(ind that bodv by joint ballot s . 

f the 1 :• i ■ -. [P.] li tno persons 
n tve an f-qual juimbcr of votes it 
trial for R< presi nt itive in C01 
tion w«mld I •• ordered undi t t 
41. An Act to incurpora e the 
admiriiste ' | Fin I - n nice Compa —[A] M 
w be law- I yi irs: gu irantee capit I, < U 

le as an oi ■ . lirector after 1 
.5 of the N ■■'■■■ j ti ; . •■•■ ho is not t ler of a mut . 

\. : , ' , 12 [({.] Ai let relating to 1 

lan-h 31 ]— In ! wpp> 
tfe harbor foi 
r r j ' all inch acrountJ which ar 1 t i 

late Fond,.— , the time prescribed bv law (3d NV 
any judge ot » mherj; a ppnsilty for d 1 
bon 1 ii n to | tion of fivepw cent, shall bt iu 1 

■ ! of State /»««/«™.~fApril ii 
-•, ifi he dedu :tod from the aud 


of 5 per cent, for each succeeding month. The 
provision of the law of ISI9, prescribing the forfeit- 
ure of the whole amount as the pen Jij for delay, 
is repealed. 

43. An Act to incorporate the Seaman's Savings 
Bank in Procinc ..r,. -.—[April 14.] 

41. An Act to authorize William Howes to build 
zoharves. — [April 14.] — In Dennis, on the west 
siil? of Sesuct Harbor. 

45. An Ar/ to authorize Noih Sturtevant to ex- 
tend his wharf. — [April 14.] — In East Boston; 
same provisions as No. 26. 

46. An Actio authorize William F. Davis: and 
Joshua - s '. Sanborn to extend their wharf. — [April 
14.] — In Gloucester; extension authorized to a 
certain line, within two vers. 

47. An Art to authorize Samuel Hie/gins and his 
associates to rebuild and extend their wharf. — 
[April I 1. "J — In Welltiect ; known as Enterprise 
Wharf, on the east side of Duck Creek ; extension 
authorized, 20 feet. 

48. An Act to authorize Harvey Sparks to hand 
a wharf. — [April 14.] — In Proviucetown Harbor: 
may be extended to (J feet water at low tide. 

40. An Art to authorize Reuben A. Adam? to 
build a wh'irf — [April 14.] — h.i Provincetown 
Harbor; may be extended to 6 feet water at low 

50. An Actio authorize the heirs of Joseph Belcher 
to extend their wharf . — [April 14.] — In East Bos- 
ton ; same provisions as Xo. 26. 

51. An Act to authorize Joseph Mayhew to 
construct a marine railway at Edgartown. — [April 
14 ]-[!•.] 

52. An Act to incorporate the Randolph Savings 
Bank.— [April 14.] 

53. An Act concerning the Manufacturers' 1 end 
Mechanics' Insurance Company — [April 14.] — The 
company may file a notice of the acceptance of their 
charter with the -Secretary of the Commonwealth 
■within thirty days from the passage of this Act, to 
have the same effect as if it had been filed accord- 
ing to existing 1 iws. [i?.;] 

54. An Act to annex a part of the town of Newbury 
to the ioicd of Newburyport. — [April 17.] — A cer- 
tain described portion of Newbury [containing 677 
polls and $852,399 valuation) is set mi' to New- 
buryport, to remain a part of Xewbury, however, 
for the purpose of electing representatives- to the 
Legislature until the next decennial census. 
Taxes, paupers, debts, &c., to be assumed in just 
proportion by Xewburyport, and in case of disagree- 
ment respecting the proportion, the Esses Court 
of Common Picas shall appoint three disinterested 
persons to hear and award, whose award, accepted 
by the Court, shall be final, [p.] 

55. An Act to establish a Fire Department in the 
town of Natick. — [ A p r i 1 2b] 

•5G. An Art to authorize Thomas Holbrook, 2d, to 
build a wharf— [April 2;.] — hi Wellucet. 

57. [G ] An Act concerning mortgages of ships 
or vessels. — [April 24.] — Such mortgages., &c, 
shall be valid, although not recorded by any city 
or town clerk, 

58. [o.] An Art to authorize ShtrijF* and their 
Deputies to administer oaths to Appraisers. — 
[April 24 ] 

corporate the Milford Savings 

An Act to 

Bank,— [April 21 ] 

GO. An Art eonfii 
London JVillimanth 
Hon, inissuing bondi 
securing the payment of tin- sum 
Makes certain acts of the corporation authorized 
by the General Assembly of Connecticut as valid 
as if authorized by the Legislature of Mas »achu- 

61. An Act in addition to the Act :o incorporate the 
Worcester Children's Friend Society. — [April 24] 

;ii the doings cf the. New 
• ; Palmer I: ■ ■■■■ - ' Corpora.' 
I pled \n--j their property for 
>[April 2 k 

—Authorizes the Overseers of the Pooj • 

oat. children I I 

Society to accept a so- • , ru ld 

from tno mother in certain c <■ 

62. An Act to changt the name, and in >■ 
t<> an Ad to incorporate the M 
rAprM2-l |— Hereaftei to be named the ] 

Iron Tube Company ; authorized to manufacture 
iron tubes and artii lea eonn< 

63. An Act concerning the Bn ton, E 
Gardner Railroad' Corporal on.— \;>. .1 :';. — I 
for construction extended to Jul; 1. . 
described in the charter altered ; n\-\ su 

of stock to be bad. 

61.' An Act to extend the time for paying i 
capital stock of the Mariners' Bank in 1 
[April 24.]— Time extended to April I. 1- >2. 

65. An Act to authorize Anthony Reea ?o 
wharf. — [April 24.]— In Dighton, west< 
Taunton Great River. 

66. An Actio authorize Thomas Spar 
others to extend then- wharf. — [April 
Jackknife Harbor, Monomoy Point, ' 

67. An Act to authorize Samuel Adams to t 
his wharf. — [April 21.] — In Beverly. 

68. [c-.j An Act in further addition to on A 
concerning Heights, Measures, and Balances. — 
[April 2 L] — In all cases of buying and sell 
where by ,t he-customs of trade tl -•■ c.,are 
provided by the buyer, he shall be subject r o I 
same penalties for the employment or' il ■ 
weights. &c, as are enacted against the sell: i 
existing laws. 

69. An Act to incorporate the Boston Society of 
Civil Engineers — [April 24 ] — Incorporated " for 
the purpose of promoting science and instruction 
in the department of civil engineering ;" i ; hold 
real and personal estate to #29,000 for this purpose 
and no other. 

70. [a.] An Actio authorize members of C 
Councils to hold other offices. — [April 2k] — The 
mayor, any alderman, or any member of the Com- 
mon Council of any city, which shall tth 

by a vote of the City Council, may, at the s 
time, hold any other otiice undei tl 
rnent to which he may be duly chosen, provi I ... 
be not an ofii :e of emolument 

71. \_G.) An Act to provide Tor the taking of 
I depositions in criminal cases. — [April 24 | — ' 

| a witness who is ordered to enter into r< 

j with sureties is unable to procu:" sur I 
magistrate may, with the consent of i lanr, 

cause his deposition to bo taken and transmit! 

I to the court at which he was or i . pear, 

I under certain provisions and reatricl 

72. An Act in addition to an Act to est 
Waltham and IVatertotcnf Brant : . It \ , — 
[April 21.] — The company is autb 

the location of their road so a* to cr" 
River in Waltham, twice, and join the Pit 
Railroad near toe upper Factory station in Wal- 
tham; time for tiling location extended on 
construction not to be begun till all the stock is 
| subscribed and ten per cent, paid in ; time all 
for the Fitehburg Railroad to pw aneh 

i ro id also extend* d one year, [v.] 
1 73. An Act to change the name of the i 
I Manufacturing Company — [Aprii 24.] — Ilei 
to be named the Greenville Ma: 

7 [. An Act coiweming the .V Mutual 

Fire bu u m< ( mpany. — [Anrii 2: 
ized to injure stock, tools, furniture, mere! 
and other personal property; provided the act is 
accepted by a majority of the membi 

7.'.. An Act to incorporati the A 
Savings Bank —[April 24.] 
76. An Act to incorporate the Atlani 
I Company. — [April 25.J- Authoria 

certain flats in Maiden and CI 
charves thereon, under certain 1 

tsea, to buildl 93. [o.J An Act in relation to Mutual I 

itrictions, nn d laxtrunce Compani ■ — 
to hold real and personal estate to §200,000. [p.] ; be issued uv n v Mut 

{ Herring till §10 

77. J/i >-l/'i ro protect the Mattdkeeset 
y:\Jcrii in the town of ia/r/urtown — [April 25.]' 
So person shall set seines or weirs in Edgartown 
Great Pond between the first days of March and 
September of each year, under a penalty of fifty 
dollars. [*'.] 

~S. An. Act to authorize the Fitchburg and Wor~ 
cater Railroad Company to issue preferred stock. — 
[April 29.] — The company is authorized to issue 
preferred stock to the amount of £100,000, and 
guarantee the payment of three per cent, semi- 
annually thereon, to be offered first to the stock- 
holders, who may subscribe therefor in proportion 
to their respective number of shares, and may 
surrender for each new share one share in three of 
their old stock. The act to take effect if accepted 
at a legal meeting by a vote representing two- 
thirds ot all the shares, not less than three-fourths 
of the proprietors holding less than three shares 
each, voting in the affirmative. 

79. An Act to authorize the Trustees of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church in Pittsfield to convey 
certain property — [April 29 ] 

80. An Act concerning the Charles River Branch 
Railroad Company. — [April 30.] — Time for filing 
location extended to May 1, 1S-52, and for con- 
struction to May 1, lS->5; construction not to be 
begun till the stock is subscribed and ien per cent. 
paid in. 

81. A n A ct to incorporate the Mi! ford Mutual Fire 
Insurance Company. — [April 30.] — Term, 28 years. 

S2 [&.] An Act relating to libels for divorce, — 
[April 30.] — During the pendency of libels filed for 
divorce, the husband may be required by the court 
to pay money to the wife to enable her to maintain 
or defend the said libel. The Supreme Judicial 
Court at any law term held for two or more coun- 
ties shall have jurisdiction of libels for divorce 
arising in either of such counties, and may take 
cognizance of libels now pending therein. 

S3. An Act to extend the time for driving piles 
in the harbor of Dennis. — [April 30.] — Time ex- 
tended to April 26, 18-54. 

81. An Act to alter the north line of the gene 
Jield in West Springfield. — [April 30.]- 
tended to the line of the highway 
Springfield and Agawam bridges. 

So. An Act to extend the time to locate and con- 
struct the Fairhaveh Branch Railroad, and to re- 
duce the Capital Stocfc,— [April 30.] —Times 
extended each one year; construction not to be 
begun till the stock "is subscribed and ten per cent. 
paid in: capital stock, §200,000. 

88, An Art. to incorporate the Bridgewater Sve- 
inns Banh.~[ April 30.] 

87.Jg.-j A? 
criminal eases 

judgment in any" criminal case shall be reversed 
by the Supreme Judicial Court, upon a writ of 
error on account of error in the sentence, t%e 
court may render such judgment therein as 
hould have been rendered, or may remand the 

91. [g.] An Act in <■ '.ion to 
better preservation of on i 
other places of public gathering.— -\ Aprif 3 

the power for this purpo 

towns by the Act of 1- 50, 

mayor and aldermen of cities. 

02. [o.] An Act bail in t 
cases. — [April 30.1 — had in trim 
exonerate themselves by the surrender of their 
principal to the proper j i ler, wh ) is aui 
receive him ; a ..'rendered by 

his bail may be admitted to bail an 

.93. [p.] An Act relating to jail bn 
30.] — Persons guilt; 

ed by imprisonment in the Si ite Pris n not ra ire 
thiin five years, or in the County Jail or i : 
Correction not more than thr< ■ }■ us, or b) :.::■;• 
not exceeding ,s' 1,000. 

94. [c] An. Act concerning Constables.— 
30.] — Any duly qualified constable, who has given 
bond with sureties in >"> '■>, may sei ■ 
own city or town any writ or other process in any 
personal action in which the d n .rri • 
laid at more than £100, r.nd also an; 
replevin in which the subject matter < 
ceed $100. Th" election of all cor. -tables of towns 
shall hereafter be by written ballots. 

95. An Act to incorporate the Triton 
Marine Insurance Compani/. — [April 30.] — In 
Boston. Term 2>years; no policy tobe iss It . 
£-39,000 is subscribed; no division of pi 
subscribers until the expiration of the charter; no 
one risk to exceed S-5,000 rill the funds or iu\ested 
capital amount to 5100,000. 

9G. [g.] An Act concerning prosecutions for the 
maintenance ■ f'i istard cl ildn ■>. — [April 3 ).] — The 
proceedings in such prosecutions shall be accord- 
ing to the course of proceedings in civil ca^es, 
unless it is otherwise expressly ]■:■■■ 
Revised Statute . In counties where t . 
separate terms of the Court of Common Pleas for 
civil and crimiual business, such prosecut n ; 
shall be entered at the civil terms only, and I 

jine ex- I now pending at criminal terms i ferred 

between to the civil terms. 

97. An Act to incorporate the New England jc } e- 
graph Company. — [April 30.] — Incorporated to 
construct and use lines of telegraph in Massa- 
chusetts from Boston towards New York and 
Albanv, to be finished in two years ; ca| 
^100,000. [p.] 

98. An Act to protect the fisheries in the tc vf 

Falmouth. — I April •> >.] — No person shall set - 
or nets in Walruouth Bay or any of the wal 

Act re'atuin to writs of error in Falmouth, ui ler a penalty of not less than £20 
[April 30!]— Whenever a final nor more than §100. [r.] 

09. An A t in addition to an Act to esi ishtn 
< ity of Cambridge. — [April 30.] — 1 1 i ; lily election 
changed froiii March to the rirst Mond 
cetriber; city ch rk, city treasurer and collector of 
taxes to be »in ted by the City Council in Jan- 

case for that purpose to the court before which the : uary , boundaries of wards and numl er ■ I common 
conviction was had I council-men each ward i-> entitled to elect, to con- 

m [O.J An Ad to protect towns from injury hy \ tinue fixed till October, LS5G, at whic I 
neglect of Railroad Corporations.-— '[April SO.]-— ' once in every rive years, the C.ty Cou i 
re recovered against an> town on : vis ■ ; tire dep irtment auth • 

r»* in thA highway within" the locn Lt-shed ity Co i il to have exclusiv< 
tuwn shall be entitled to I lay < itn ■■•■ stn ets and es.timal I 


When d 
aecnunt or 

"on of any r 

recover such damages, together with all the iaxa je ! to appeal to the Middlesex C • 
bleeosta of the plaintiff and defendant against stoi rs ; vacancies among the asses 
the railroad corporation, if liable, and reasonable as* - >rs, overseers nl tl e poor or 

notice has been five!) so that the railroad might : ' ■ mi) ;> r rilh rl I y the City ( 

have defended th" original action [p ] i conunitteco! the C ity Council may m i 

SI An Act to authorize Benjamin Webb and exceed n • • sp 
JonephB. Webb to extend their wharf -[April 30.] go into effect i I adopted by ballot by 1 1 
— InSalem. | tauts at a meeting duly called i 



was rejected ichen submitted to the people, and con- 
sequently is not in foi'ce ] 

lu'). [g.] An Act to regulate the measurement of 
marble. — [April 30.] — The municipal authoritiesof 
cities r.nd towns are authorized to regulate the 
measurement of marble brought into their cities 
or towns for sale, in such way us they from time 
to time may deem expedient. 

101. An Act to increase the capital stock of the 
Boston Belting Company. — [April 30.] — Increase 
authorized to §300,000 : not more than $75,000 may 
be invested in real estate. 

102. [g.] An Act relating to the annual reports 
from railroad corporations. — [April 30.1 — Such re- 
ports shall hereafter be transmitted to the Secre- 
tary of the Commonwealth under penalty of $50 for 
every day's neglect, by the 31st of December of each 
year, who shall, as soon as may be, cause 2000 copies 
of them to be printed as Senate Document Xo. 
2, accompanied by a brief abstract of them, showing 
the leading statistics in this form: — Name ; capital ; 
capital paid in; cost; length; length of double 
truck; length of branches; speed of passenger 
trains; speed of freight trains ; earnings ; expense 
of working ; net earnings; dividends; debt; sur- 
plus; casualties fatal ; casualties not fated. i 

103. An Act to authorize T. V. Loveland, Josiah 
Hardy, Jr., and Anthony Thacher to build a wharf 
— [April 30.]— At the head of Powder Hole Harbor, 
Monomoy Point, Chatham. 

104. An Act concerning the Ncwburyport Rail- 
road Company. — [May 7] — Time for construction 
extended to October 1, 1852. 

10-5. An Act in addition to an Act relating to 
Charles River and Warren Bridge. — [May 7.] — 
Authorizes a floating bath-house to be placed be- 
tween Warren bridge and the Fitchburg Railroad 
bridge. . 

106. An Act granting certain powers to the city 
of Lowell— [May 7. J —Transfers to Lowell all the 
rights formerly possessed by Chelmsford with re- 
gard to +he bridge acrossthe Merrirnac, to Dracut. 

107. An Act to authorize the Lowell and Law- 
rence Railroad Company to construct branches. — 
[May 7-j — In Lowell. Location to be filed within 
one year, and construction finished within two 
years, [p.] 

108. An Act authorizing the proprieic 
tide meadows in Salisbury to protect th 

\— [May 7.] [p.] 

An Act firmer to extend the time, for paying 
in the capital stock of the Springfield Fire and Ma- 
rine Insurance Company. — [May 7-] — Time ex- 
tended six months, [p. | . 

110. An Act to authorize William C. Barslow 
and others to build and extend their xcharves.- — [May 
7.]— In Last Boston. 

111. An Act to change the name Of the First Con- 
gregational Society in Tyringham, — [May 7.] — 
Hereafter to be named hirst Congregational Soci- 
ety in Monterey. [P.] 

112. [g]. An Act to increase the Massac 









md t 


S I 

i rep 




m t 

-The limitation of the 
a dollars in the lb-\ tsed 
it is allowed to aceumu- 
it reaches gl.oOQ.OOO. 
1- Act to in 
bridge Railroad ( 
struct a railroad fV 
in Grafton or M ill! 
burn to South brtd 
tion to be t:h [■ wit: 
finished within foi 
be begun tiii all th 
cent, paid in. 

lit. An Act authorizing the Town of Truro to 
construct a Bridge. — {May 7.J — Across Pamct 
river ; draw 28 feet wide. 

1 15. An Act in addition to an Act to annex a part 
of the Tcnonof Drat ut lathe city of Lowell.—- [May 

tC the M< l>'b> try .v S 
i. — [May 7-1 — to con- 
Boston and Worcester, 
v, through Sutt<»n and Au~ 
Gapital, £300,000. Loca- 
two years, and ci tistru tion 
years. Construction not to 
took is subscribed and 20 per 

I 7.]— The p irt of Dracut am 
| remain a part of Dracut for the ; u 
i ing represent ttives to the Oenei 
I next decennial census. 
11th An Act in addition 

alewixes in II rriny Hi ■ , ,-■ ■■■. / 

We.— [May 7 J- A town eoran I 

pointed to regulate the taking o! 

mere than five days in each . - v in 

each year, &c. 

117. An Act to incorporati '.' ■ I 
Brethren -—[May 7.]— Lncori o\ 
pose of affording mutual ch 

hold real and personal estate to $2 

1 18. An Act regulating the n U i 
hill Bridge.— [M*) J.] 

119. 1 1,.] An Act to repeal the 12 
the laws 0/1849.— [May 7.]— Tne "Act 
tection and regulation of Lieutenant* .' 
the flats adjacent in the toicn of \\ 

120. An Actio authorize Abraham 11. IF 
to build and maintain a marine railwt 
Bedford.— -[May 7-] 

121. [a.] An Act in addition to an Act for sup- 
plying the city of -Boston with pun water. — [May 
7-] — Restricts the control over tide waters granted 
to the city, to the line now occupied. 

122. An Act to incorporate 'the .Y- ■/■ England 
Conductors and Engineers Mutual Bern 

tion. — [May 7.] — Incorporated " for the purp 
affording mutual charitable relief; " may hold I 
and personal estate to §30,000. 

12o.^ An Act to renew the Charter, and extt nd the 
time fur locating and constructing the Agri ultural 
Branch Railroad. — [May 7-'j — To b . :iroad 

from Northboro! through Southboro', to connect 
with the Boston and Worcester Railroad in I 
mingham. Charter of 1847 revived. L 
be bled within one year, and road [ . 
two years. Construction not to I till the 

stock is subscribed, and 20 per cent, of 
every share paid in. 

I'll. An Act to incorporate the Boston M it 
Hall Association. — [May 7 ] — Inc. . I " for 

the purpose of erecting and h tiding • : 
in the city of Boston ; " may hold real and per: . . 
estate to $150,000. [p.] 

125. An Act to incorporate the Dan 
Georgetoicn Railroad Company. — [May 7->- 
build a railroad from George! •■■•> i ! >w- 
ley, Ipswich, B >xf< rd, Topsficld, Wei n any 
of these towns, to North Danvers to j 

sex Railroad. Capital, 1. 

than 5100 each. Construction not to b 

the stock is subscribed, and 10 per cent, on each 

and every share paid in. Location to be fil 

two years, and road constructed wil 

years. I p.] 

126. An Act in addition to an Act to in 

the Pocha Pond Meadow and Fishix ■■</ in 

Edgartown.—[yioe) 7.1— Dukes (• mis- 

sioners may estimate damages caused bj I 
pany's operations,' s tl \oy t tonppt al to a j try. Sec- 
tion 4 of the i r: uter of IS4S repealed. 

127. [<;.] An Act to establish a Boar 
Commissioners. — [May 8.] — Three bank com 
sioners shall f • appointed by the G< ve 
1, ISM, the first named to go out < it I 
end of one year, the second at tl 
and the third at the end of three ; 
. [ >int-ed ; all the commissioners* 
subject to the removal ot the Goven i • any 
time; at least two of the commiss 
least once in every two years, visit md examine 
every bank and Savings' Institution in the Si 
and preserve a permanent record of theii 
ings, and of the condition of each Kink. 
Director or other bank officer refusing I 
formation under oath when examined bv the com- 




missioners, maybe punished by fine n >t more than I capital stock 
51OOO, or imprisonment not more than one pear. 
The commissioners must also examine any bank 
at any time when requested by any five persons 
who are officers, stockholders, or creditors. In 
case of the apparent insolvency of any bank, the 
commissioners may apply to some Justice of th< 
Supreme Judicial Court for an injunction, which 
Bhall be issued, and after a hearing, may be modi- 
fied or dissolved, or made perpetual, and receivers 


may be appointed. The commissioners shall make 
an annual report to the Secretary of the Common- 
wealth, and at any time shall report to him if they 
find any hank or any director or cashier has vio- 
lated any of the existing laws, that he may cause 
such law to be forthwith executed. Xo bank shall 
discount any note or bill of exchange to which a 
hank commissioner is a party, cither as principal, 
surety, endorser, or otherwise. The commission- 
ers shall each receive $5 for every day employed, 
and §1 for every 20 miles' travel, and may appoint 
a clerk and prescribe his duties-. [p.] . 

128. An Art in relation to the Essex, and Salem 
and Lowell Railroad Companies, and the South 
Heading Brunch Railroad. — [May 14.] — Certain 
connections between these roads and the Eastern 
Railroad are authorized under various restrictions, 
and the track used in common is to be under the 
care of a common superintendent, appointed and 
paid by the three companies named in the title, and 
not otherwise in the employ of either (except with 
the consent of all) of them. The last named com- 
pany is authorized to increase its capital §100,000. 
In case of the dissent of the Essex Railroad to 
this Act, the other two roads are authorized to 
build new roads from South Dan vers to Salem, 
south of the Essex road ; location to be filed, and 
construction completed within two years, [p.] 

120. [»>.] An Act concerning malicious •mischief '. 
— [May 15.] — The wilful and malicious injury &y 
the explosion of gunpowder, of houses, &C, shall 
be punished by imprisonment in the -State Prison 
not more than 20 years, or County Jail or House 
of Correction not more than 5 years, or fine not 
more than $1000 — the applying gunpowder with 
the intent to injure, by imprisonment in the State 
Prison not mure than 10 years, or County Jail or 
House of Correction not more than -5 years, or by 
fine not more than 5500— the injury by the appli- 
cation of oil, tar, or any other noxious or filthy 
substance by imprisonment in the State Prison 
not more than 5 years, or in the County Jail or 
House of Correction not more than 3 years, or by 
fine net more than 5300. 

130. An Act to incorporate the Female Mutual 
Seicing Society connected with the First Christian 
Church and Congregation in Lynn. — [May 1-3. J — 
Incorporated " for the purpose of raising money 
by their labor and other laudable means for charit- 
able objects ; " may hold real and personal estate ! orfi 
to 55,000. [p.] newspapers as they may prefer and nai 

131.' An Ad to incorporate the Clinton Saxinqs publication of legal m tices ordered ; pn ridedt 
Bank. — [May 15.] — May hold real estate to 510,000, : U tin n< wspap< r thus selected be deemed I 

132. An Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the (judge or commissioner insufficient to gn 
Commons or Sheep Pasture in Beverly. — [May j licity, he may order the publication in one 
l'>.}~ Authorized to hold the laud so called at J3ev- p ■■■■■■ •'• [i\] 

crly Farms, containing about L35 acres; to manage 139. An Actio ineot\ >ra ■"• St 
and improve the same, and to sell it at public H 
auction, for the benefit of the proprietors. 

be -fixed and lira I 

shall not be less than <■', I nor no 

000. Bi fore 1 omn ■ 

tificate, stating 1 

poses, amount of stock, par ralu ■' I 

pair! in, name an I re 

number of shares held I 

and lib d with the Seen 

and the clerk of the t >wn or citj ■■■ 

ration is located. A similar certificati . - 

addition, the amount • of capital inve I 

and in personal r-t ite, and of propi 

the corporation, of debts due to and fro it, 

be annually made in J tnuary, and d 

the town or city clerk, at wl 

of stock must be made, i f the ofri 

poration neglect th< e duties, th< j 

and severally liable for its d ibts. 1 . 

ers shall be jointly and sev< 1 illy indivi - 

for debts due their luborei s, for services v 

months preceding tin den I I the s • -. 

shares shall be issued f< I then- par \ 

The Legislature may at any lira 

or repeal this Act, and may by special act am 

dissolve an}- corporation existing under it. 

Secretary shall annually prepare a printed ■ bstract 

from the certificates of ( »rp n tii th him 

as above. 

131. An Act in addition in an Act to i) 
the Southbridge and Bluckstone Railroad ■ 
— [May 15.] — Times for location and ci 1 
extended one year. Corporation au1 
divide the road into three sections, tobi 
built, on the subscription respectiv< p - 
5300,000, and 5400,000 of the stock, and i 
percent thereof is paid in. Section of charter 
repealed, [p. J 

135. An Act to incorporate the Won est, ,■ M >han- 
ics' Savings Bank.—\ v i:y 15.] 

136. [g.] An Act to facilitate tJu • \t of 
estates of ih > ■ as* dp r ons. — [May 15. ] — Autho 
the sale of outstanding debts of decease 
under the license ofprol tte courts, subject to ap- 
peals to the Supreme Judicial Court. 

137. An . 1 t in addit 
disposal of the property of th li tj ■• kin A 
burg. — [May 15.]— Dire ts tion of the 
funds to the payment, 1st, ol ts ; ' of the 
reasonable expenses of petitioners and r. n 
strants in regard to the matter, to the i 
of 18*9 an I LS50; 3d, of 5100 10 Rev. B 
Sawyer or his legal represent tives, and I , t 
remainder to be 'divided among three -; 

138. [»■•] An Act regulating the }>>: : \ ■ 
Advertisements issticd under the authority 
,' : , 'yes and nmission rs ft - 1/1 1 1 f. — 
-r-Perspns having busine: i at the 1 

rs shall have the risrht of 


hi. [a 

.] An Act r 

;la t 

ing to Joi 

>it S OCk CO •'■' ' '• 

ay 15.]— Ai 

umber ol 

pi rsons not less 

» tare 

e, who as,o 


e themsel 

ves together for 


so of carryi 


on any hi 

nd of manufac- 

ng, m 

echanical, r 


mg, ur t|u 

trrying business 

road from Stoneham to tin Me 
Boston ,v Mai n R ailn ad in Medford, 
.1 >well Lv .. n .'.. ' •-• : • 
LOtli mile-posts. Capital, 5] . 

filed within one year, ond coustru I 
within three years. Authorized to I 11 



Pittsfield. Original guarantee capital stock, 
5100,000. Twelve directors, (unless a different 
number be established by a by-law) to be chosen, 

half by the subscribers to the guarantee stock (until 
its r- d'emption), and half by the assured, to hold 
office only so long as they are themselves cither 
stockholders or assured; stockholders entitled to a 
seven per cent, dividi lid whenever the resources of 
the company are sufficient. The company may hold 
real estate to \' 10X00. One quarter of the estimated 
surplus funds to be set apart as n reserved fund for 
the redemption of the guarantee stock. Every five 
years the remaining three-quarters shall be reim- 
bursed among the assured, in proportion to 
premiums. The company annually to pay to the 
Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital 
one-third of the net profits, if any, arising from 
insurance on lives. 

Ml. An Act for the protection of the Harbor of 
Beverly — [May 15.] — Punishment for taking 
gravel, &C, from Tuck's Point, fixed at a fine not 
more than £20. 

142. An Act to change the name of the Second 
Parish in Bradford — [May 15.] — To be mimed 
the Congregational Society in Groveland. [p.] 

143. An Act concerning goats going at large on 
the Island of Martha's Vineyard. — [May lo \ — 
Such goats, after Nov. 1, 1851, snail be deemed in 
law, animals of a wild nature, and may be treated 
by any person accordingly. 

' 144. An Art to incorporate the Union Sugar 
Works. — [May 15] — Incorporated "for the pur- 
pose of manufacturing and refining Sugar," in 
Boston ; may hold real and personal estate to 

• s 100,000. 

145. — An Act. in addition to an Act to incorporate 
the Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company. — 
[May 15.] — The company is authorized to take, on 
the issuing of every policy, such part of the deposit 
note, or such cash premium, as the directors may 
deem expedient, 

140. An Art to incorporate the Proprietors of the 
Second Congregational Society in Marblehcad. — 
[May lo.] 

147. [6 ] An Act concerning the effects of passen- 
gers transported by Railroad Corporations and 
other common carriers. — [May io."!-— Requires the 
publication, by every railroad or steamboat com- 
pany, once in six mouths, of a descriptive list 
of ali unclaimed baggage, in at least one newspaper 
in every county in which the company has a 
passenger stat : o:i or ofrice. If, six months after 
such publication, any of the articles remain un- 
claimed, the corporation may give notice to the 
municipal authorities, who may either require 
them to be sold forthwith at public auction, or Lo be 
again advertised and sold at the end of six months. 
The proceeds of articles thus sold, after deducting 
expenses, shall be pud over to the Commonwealth. 
Any corporation neglecting to comply with these 
provisions shall be liable to an action for damages 
from any person aggrieved, and to a penalty of 
5100. 'Whenever any action is brought by a 
passenger to recbvei damages f..>r lo-t. missing, &c., 
baggage, or its contents, if the plaintiff has proved 
mon carriers and subsequent 
t, he may then put inasevi- 
sworn to by him, of so much 
consist of wearing apparel 

it> bailment 


loss through 


dence a de jci 

■r- ■•■■ 

of the eoute 

and other ti 


14S. An Act lo incorporate ih 
Marine Insurance C\ ,-;,!■:,;. — { y. 
Bedford. Term, 10 vears. No p 
till #50,000 is subscribed, and 
profits to lie made till the expirati 
May bold real estate to $1 >.'>a0. 
exceed ft'5000 till the invested 

M9. An Act concerning the First Parish in 
Marshf,.ld.—[yia\ 15 ] — Trustees of the Minis- 

Union Mutual 

iy 15] — In New 
licy to he issuer! 
no division of 
n of the charter. 
No one ri-k to 
capita] reaches 

teriai Fund authorized to invest $20 in r- • '. 

150. An Act to establish a FireDepartnu 
town of Stoneham. — [May 15.] 

151. [o.] An Act von ■ 1 n 1 . I < 
f. — [May 15 

intent to steal, take, away anything wl 
of the realty or annexed th< reto, th< | - 
another of some value, sinll be guilty 1 
simple or aggravated larceny as he woi 
the property were personal— and in 
former description of property 1-, put 00 I 
footing as the latter, by this Act: butnotl 
can prevent any civil action which migl 
elsewisc been maintained. 

152. A u Act to incorporate the Rozbw ' 
— [May 15.] — May hold real and personal 1 
S'oO.OuO, to be appropriated exclusively to 
and scientific purposes. To wholly take th 
of the Iioxbury Athen cum organized uu< 
41 of the Revised Statutes, if this Act is 
by a majority of the proprietors. 

153. An Act in addition to an Act to incorporate 
the First Evangelical Congregational Society in Uz- 
bridge. — [May 15.] — Authorized to assess on 

the money voted to be raised tor the supp 
public worship, other parochial charges, and repairs 
of meeting house, [p.] 

.154. An Act concerning the East Ilampshm ' - 
ricultural Society. — [May 15.] — Name ch 
the omission of "East ;" authorized to rec< ive 
bounty of the State on the same terms as oth : 
agricultural societies. 

155. An Act to authorise the Savgns Bran* 7i 
road to extend the same. — [May 15.] — Extension 
to Flax Pond in Lynn, and increase of capital I y 
£40,000, authorized. 1 .■ cation of extension to be. 
filed within one year. Construction to h rt fin- 
ished in two years, but not to be begun till 

the stock has been subscribed and twenty 
cent, on each and every si: are paid in. 

156. To. ] An Act relating to shnp-breakin 
aggravated larceny. — [May 15 ] — Breaki 
building in the night time with intent to 
murder, rape, robbery, larceny, or any f '. 
made punishable by imprisonment in ti. 
prison not more than 20 years — and variou 
degrees of criminality with less heavy pun 

157. An Act re'atingto Mutual Fire I 
Compa nies. — {May 15.] — The Secretaries ■ 
companies shall give bonds, with sureties, fa .- 
fully to account for all moneys received by them 
for their companies.. 

15S. [o.j An Act in relation to the Clerl 
Courts. — [May 15.] — Whenever the clerk 
courts in any county shall be unable to dis 
the duties of his office, the Supreme Judicii 
may appoint a clerk pro i 

be "sworn and paid as provided by exist::..- . 
and shall serve till the standing clerk re? 
office or another is appointed. 

159. An Ai( to incorporate tie IV 
Light Company, — [Ma* 15.]— May hold real 
1 pergonal est ite to .-"- : 0,0 I. Shall .- 
liabilities of the present proprietors . 
j Light Works in Worcester, [p.] 
! IG0. An Act to incorporate (he M ■. 
) Mutual Life Insurance Company. — [May 15.1 — In 
I Springfield. Number of Directors, eight. I 
>ns same as No. 1 10. 
Jl. [o.] . la. Act for the better 
u ip ' I other lit . .— | M 13 I i -- 

pro vi 

j and Munic ipal orH crs m 1st have th 
; pul [tc reci rd or registrj " wi 11 bound 


and arranged for reference, and shall pi 
suitable p! ice for then preservation and pari 
I security : and in case in;, records beconn 
I tilated or illegible, they must be cnpii I, 
[copies certified and carefully preserved. It - 
j be the duty of each clerk and register I 



records and documents in his sole custody, and not 
r .-. permit them to be removed under a penalty of 
<]'). All .such records shall be open to public 
inspection under a penalty, of §50 for removing 
or tor delacrng them. The custody of books of 
i ei rd arid other documents of ancient proprietors 
of townships, or of common lauds, in case such 
proprietors shall have ceased to be a body corpo- 
rate, or of any church or religious society which 
has been dissolved, shall, if not otherwise provided, 
be vested in the clerk of the city or town where- 
such lands, or most of them, or such church, are 
situated ; and any person unlawfully holding them 
shall be punished by a fine not more than £50. 
County and town officers are authorized to c iuse 
old records and papers to be copied. Any coun- 
ty, city or town refusing to fulfil the provisions 
of this Act shall forfeit for each offence £20, and 
any clerk so refusing, §10. 

162. [c] An Act providing far the appointment 
of Police Officers. — [May 15.]— Municipal authori- 
ties may appoint police officers, to hold office dur- 
ing their pleasure, with all the power.-} of constables 
except serving and executing civil process. 

163. An Act to incorporate the Bay State Mutual 
L'fc Insurance Company. — [May 15.] — In Conway. 
Original guarantee capital, 550,000. Not less than 
eight directors to be first chosen. Other provi- 
sions same ns No 14'>. 

161. An Actio authorize William Humphrey, Jr., 
and Ebenezer S. Twisden to extend their wharf. — 
[May 15.] — In Marblehead, twenty feet; not to 
obstruct the safe anchorage of vessels in the har- 

1G5. [a.] An Aid relating to Insurance on Lives. — 
[May 15 .] — " Whenever any person or corporation 
shall be empowered to make insurance on lives upon 
land, the right so to do shall be deemed subject 
to the same obligations for the payment of a cer- 
tain share of the profits accruing therefrom (o the 
Massachusetts General Hospital, as aie imposed 
on the Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance 
Company by the laws now in force, unless express 
provision to the contrary shall be made" in the 
Act authorizing such insurance. 

160. An Act to authorize Payne G. Aticood and 
others to extend their wharf. — [May 15.] — In Well- 
fleet, near the head of Mayo's Beach, [r-.l 

167. [o.] An Act concerning vacancies in 
Offices. — [May 15.]— At the first election 
city after a new division into wards, the ward ofri 
cers •shall officiate in the same municipal wards for 
which they were originally chose!:. All officers 
chosen at a meeting after "the new division shall 
hold their offices till the next annual meeting, and 
in both cases, until others are chosen and qualified 
in their stead. 

168. An Art to incorporate the Massachusetts 
L'n i cersalist Home Missionary Society. — [May 17 ] 
— incorporated "for the purpose of giving and dis- 
seminating religious instruction ;" may hold real 
estate to £20,000, and personal to £20,000, to be 
devoted exclusively to purposes of religious and 
moral instruction and improvement. 

169. An Act to increase the capital stock oj tin 
Bank of Commerce —[May 17-1 — In Boston. In- 
crease, $750,0u0, to be paid ia on or before the 
last day of April, 1S52. [p.] 

170. [a ] An Act to allow corporations to be rep- 
resented in the t election of officers of Mutual Fire \ 
Insurance Companies. —"[May 17.]— The Directors j 
of any corporation which becomes a member 01 a 
mutual fire insurance company, may appoint cue 
v>r more officers or stockholders to represent it, 
who may vote and be eligible to the office ot di- 

in any 


rector in the insurance 
171. An Act to mecty 
S&ttrfy.— [May 17.1 — I 
poses of mutual assista 
the promotion of know 

company, [i*.j 
orate the German Mutual 
icorporated •• for the pur- 
lceand instruction, and for 
ed^re in German literature, 

by the establishment and m dnti • library 

andtheemploj ment ofoth 

m av hold real and persi . 

172. An Act to iucotjh rtttt •' 1 
Mollis Institute in Uraintret —[Ma; 17 — 
appointed and incorpor ite L to 1 

under the will ofth late John li Hi 

the fund bequeathed by him to the South P 

of Braintrec for ihc pui pose* ol 

hold real estat< to £25.00 I, ah I :•• 1 I to £ 

to he applied to the purposes of 1 cli 

173. An Act relating to the fund 
District School in Weym outh — [Ma) 17*-- 
men of Weymouth authoriz -1 to~ din ct tin I 
of this fund, bequeathed by the will of 
Pratt, to expend part of the in< 

the school-house and for apparatus. [r\] 

174. An Act to incorporate the 

ance Company .—{Si-Ay 17. J— In N- ■ 
Term, 20 years. M-»y hold real estate to Jj 
Capital, 5100,000, with liberty to increase it to 
$200,000, provided that S100,000 shall be 
within two years. 

175. An Act to authorize Thomas II. Kitfield to 
repair and maintain Ins \oharf.— {May 17-] — On 
Manchester river, in Manchester. 

176. An Act to iner ease the capital stocJi 'the 
"Barnstable Bank. — [May 20.] — Increase, / I 

to be paid in before 1st Mondu) of A; ril, LS52, [P .] 

177. An Ai ! t'i incorporate the Marint rs 1 Muti u 
Marine Insurance Company. — [May 20.] — In B -• 
ton. Term, 20 years. No policy to be issued till 
applications have been made for marine insurance I 
to 5100,000; no division of funds till expiral 

of charter. 

17S. An Act in addition to an Act for establishing 
an academy in the town of Framinght 
name of the Fr 'anting ham Academy. — [Ma y 20.] — j 
The Trustees of the academy are authorized to 
convey all the property to the town, which sh ill 
within one year establish a high school, to beui 
the control of the School Committee, and may 
apply the income of the funds of the acad 1 ly I 1 
its support. This Act to take effect when accepted 
by the Trustees and by the town. 

179 An Act to increase the capital stock of the 
Milford Bank.— [May 20.]— In Milford. i 
55(\0(j0, to be paid in on or before Api il 30, i 

180. An Act to increase the capital stot i 
Boylston Bank. —[Max 20.] — In Bosfc 1 
£50,000, to be pi> 1 in" before May 1, 18-52. [P.] 

ISi. An Act to change the time of hold 
annual meetinq of tJie First Uniecrsa ! i 
Althboro'. ~-[>\Sy 20.1— Hereafter to be hoi 1 

1S2. An Act to incorporate the City .' ' 
Marine and Fire Insurance Coynpany. — \i ■ . 
In Host')!!. Term, 20 years. No poll, tobei 
till $50,000 is subscribed; no division of funds 
till expiration of charter. Corn-far.', re tri 
£5000 on any one risk till the capital r 

183. An Act to increase the capital stock 
Bay Stale Bank. — [May 20.]— In Lawn I 

crease, £200,1 , , t ,, be paid in before Mai i. 1- )2. 


IS4. An Act to increase the capital stock oj the 
Bank. — f May 20.] — In Lynn. In 
C5O;O0 1, to 1 e paid in on or before April od, IS '-. 

W. . ■ • 

185. In t \ tc increase tht capital st . >' 

- ' I ■ 2 ».]— In I it 

I •■ rrc ■ •■•. 55 ),000, to be paid in re April 

30, 1852. [p j 

180 c ] An Act in addition t ta Actt 
towns to take land for school-houses — - 
The provisions of the law oi L848 relal ; 

land for erection of school-hou '■• arc ex- 

tend 'd to taking land for the enl irp 
school-house lot, to not more '■' 




187. An Act to authorize the First Congregationa ' 
Society in Lynnfield to sell certain real estate. — 
[May 20.] — Authorized to sell the parsonage lot, 
about tii e acres, [p. ' 

1 SS. An Act relating to the Poicow River Bank. 
— [May 29.] — The. renewal of the charter of the 
Pa vow River Bank in Amesbury by the law of 
1850 shall be construed and deemed to intend the 
bank of that name in Salisbury, [p.] 

189. [c] An Act in further addition tothe several 
Acts for the relief of Insolvent Debtors andtht more- 
equal distribution of tin ir effects.— Q-lny 20.]— The 
creditor's oath required bj trie law of 1848 may be 
administered by a justice of the peace when the 
creditor is unable to appear before the commis- 
sioner. If any person whose goods or estate are 
attached for ,§100 or more neglects to dissolve the 
attachment within a prescribed time, any creditor 
may proceed against him according to chap. 163 
of the Laws of 1S3S. If he has failed through 
mistake or accident, however, he may apply to the 
commissioner, who. after notice, hearing, <£c, if the 
person prove himself solvent, may stay and suppress 

[See N> 


190. [(;.] An Act for the appointment of a Land 

0:1— Wh 

tnere is a vacancy, the 

Agent— [Uz 

Governor and Council shall fill it by an appointment 
of a land agent for three years, subject to removal 
within that term. Salary, glQDO; bond required 
for faithful performance of duties, 5-50,000. It 
shall be the duty of the land agent to superintend 
thepublic lands in Maine, and generally to take alt 
necessary steps for their protection and security not 
contrary to the laws of Maine, and to make and ex- 
ecute contracts for the sale of timber and grass on 
the lands, provided that the mode of selling, &c., be 
approved by a board of commissioners, consisting 
of the Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor, and that 
in no case the fee in the soil be disposed vi. All 
assistants of the land agent, shall be sworn to the 
faithful discharge of their duties, and be responsible 
to him. [p.] 

191. An Act to amend an Act incorporating the 
Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Com- 
pany. — [May 20,] — Company to insure on the 
mutual principle 
applications for 
1 100,000. Nod 
charter. Section 2 of charter repealed. 

19 2. An Act better to establish the line between 
the town* of 'Hancock and Xe'w Ashford. — [May 20.] 
— Line to be considered to be': Beginning at 
N.W. cormr of Lanesboro', thence running N. 71° 
W. ill reds ; thence X. 19° E. to Williamstown 

193. [0.] An Art to prevent disturbances at 
funerals. — [May 20.1 — Every person who wilfully 
interrupts or disturb- any funeral assemhly or pro 



pouey to be issued until 
.nee have been made, to 
of funds till expiration of 

1 be punished by imprisonm 
ot more than 30 days, or b\ 

nt m tne 
tine not 

cession, shal 
county jail n 
more than £50. 

194. An Act to increase the capital stock of the 

Lee Bunk. 

•In L 

Increase S5O.0 10. 

to be paid in on or before April 30, 1852. [p.] 
19o. An Act to increase the capital slock of the 

Mechanics' Bank.— [May 21.]— In Worcester. 

Increase, £150,000, to be' paid in before May 1, 

1812. [L\] 
196. An Act to provide additional Railroad 

accommodations for thi totcn of Wilmington and 

vicihitg. — [May* 21.] — The provisi >ns of the char- 
ters of the Boston and Mi 

ing the establishment of an 

between Andov r and Read 

of the Boston and Lowell Ra 

and Lowell Railroad, prohi 

company from stopping or 

or freight within one mil? 

Railroad, are repealed Nc 

construed to allow cars t 


Railroad, prohi 
tr/n on that road 
it he ••' the c >nsent 

d, and ol the Salem 
« the cars of that 
vering passengers 
Boston and Maine 
g in the Act to be 
drawn from the 

boston and Maine K.iJl: 

Lowell Railroa I, 01 

197. In. Act to im rease th,- capita ' 
Fall River Bank.— [May 21.]— In 1' ' 
crease, go0,000, by makiri ■ ■. pai 
£87.50 i t j -. t ■ id il 57 i f to be paid in 
1852. [p.] 

19S. An Act to inert ■■■■ the 
Bedford Comnu r u ' ft ■ ■'. -■ M • . . . 
Bedford. Increase, $200,000, I 
the 1st Monday in April, 1852. 

199. In A, t the capita 
Free/nan's Bank.— [May 21.]— InBo I 
550,0Q0, to be paid in before the first M01 
April, 1852. [p.] 

200. An Act to increase the capital sfoi ' 
Lancaster Bank.— {May 21.]— In Lan . • 

1 crease, £25,000, to be paid in on or before A] 
11852 [p.] • 

201. An Act to increase the capital 5/ 
\Itoilstone Bank.— [May 21.]— In Fitchl 

! crease, 5100,000, to be paid in before 
I Monday in April, IS52. [p.] 

292. An Act to increase the capital stork of the 

Granite Bank. — [May 21.] — In Boston. Ii . 

5259,000, to be paid "in before May 1, 1S52. [p.] 

203. An Act to increase the capital slock of the 
Worcester Bank. — [May 21.]— In W( 

crease, §50,000, to be paid in on or before April 
39, 1852. [p.] 

204. An Act exempting the members of the A ncient 
and Honorable Artillery Company from jury duty. 
—[May 21.] 

29.3. An Act to change the nameofthepr 
of the West Bradford Meeting-house. — [May 21.] — 
Name changed by the omission of " V st." 

206. [o.l An Arc to provide further 
Creditors. — [May 21.]— The Supreme J . 
shall have jurisdiction in equity upon a bill 
creditor to reach any properly in this Sta 
debtor residing out of the State, which cannot be 
attached or tafcen on execution in a suit 
against such debtor, [p.] 

207. An Actio incorporate the Scituale i 
Bank.— [May 21.] 

205. [g.] An Art to authorize Judges of ! 
to take the proof of tho exectition oj 

tain 1 ascs.— [May 21.]— 1 he Judges of Probate in 
their respective counties shall have c< 1 
risdiction with the courts of record in tal 
proof ; and a certificate of such proof by 1 

[of Probate shall be endorsed upon or anncs 

' the deed, [p.] 

209. An Act to authorize John Gibson at ■ 
to build a wharf in Lynn. — [May 21.]— 

west side of Nahanl Beach, near the middle 
thereof; the proprietors to have the exclusive use 
of the water 159 feet wide on each side of the 
wharf. This Act not to go into ope] 
approved within six months by the L'ity Council 
of Lynn. 

210. An Art to incorporate the S je Wafer 
Company. — [May 21.] — Incorporated "foi I 

pose of supplying the inhabitants of Stockbridge 
with good water;" may hold real and | 
estate to £30,00 Th s water to be conv 
Plain street and the adjacent streets from the 
spring on the land of Major Calvin Dewey, near 
Rattlesnake Mountain, ii Stockbridge ; also the 
springs on the lands occupied by David C : 

211. i'i.j An Act concerning ii 

-i[May 21.] — Such children sh ■ ■ oui the 

mother and any maternal ancestor, the boj i a 
born in lawful wedlock. 

212. J/* Act to inrorporate the W 
Railroad Company. — [May 21.] — To 

road from the Newburyport Railroad in 1 
town, through Groveland to West N 
authority to enter upon and use the Dauvers and 
Georgetown Railroad, and to contract •■ . 


company for the running of their railroad. Capi- 
tal, C50.000. The West Newbury and Danvers and 
...■ rgetown companies may unite air! form one 
mpany whenever so voted by each company. Lo- 
c ttion to be filed within two years, and road con- 
ktructcd within three. Construction not to be begun 
(ill all the stock has been subscribed, and 10 per 
ran', on each and every share paid in. [p.] 

213. [vf.'j An Act concerning the levy of execu- 
tions. — [May 21.] — If any execution against a cor- 
poration shall have been satisfied by levy on a 
member, and the property thus levied shall have 
subsequently been recovered by the member from 
the officer or judgment creditor, he may be en- 
titled to a new execution for the sum remaining; 
due him. 

214. [c] An Act concerning the location of high- 
ways. — [May 21.] — On application made by any 
five inhabitants of a town who shall pay the ex- 
penses accruing in the case, the county commis- 
sioners may locate anew a road within that town, 
after giving notice, &c, in like manner, as in the 
case of laying out highways. 

215. [g.] An Act to exempt Agricultural Societies 
from Taxation. — [May 21.] — The property real and 

personal of such societies is exempted from tax- 
ation from and after the passage of this Act. 

2 16. fc-.j An Act providing for returns qt moneys 
rcceifim bij public officers. — [May 21.] — All offi- 
cers receiving moneys which they are required by 
law to pay over to the Commonwealth or any public 
authority, shall, on or before January 15, annually 
return to the Secretary, under oath, a true account 
of all such moneys received b\ them during the 
year end ins; on the first Wednesday of the same 
month, under penalty of 5200 for neglect or omis- 
sion to make the return. 

217- [g.j An Act to provide for the inspection of 
Belt Leather. — [May 21.] — Belt leather is placed on 
the same tooting as sole leather, as regards inspec- 
tion, &c. 

218. [g.] An Act in relation to Easements. — 
[May 21.] — The notice required by law to be given 
by an owner of land to prevent, an adjoining owner 
from acquiring an easement therein, may, when the 
latter is unknown, be served by posting a copy 
conspicuously on the premises, and by serving it 
Oil the person to whom they were last assessed, 
and by recording it in the registry of deeds. 

219. An Act in addition to an A 't to incorporate 
the Real Estate Mutual Ear. Insurance Company. 
— [May 21.] — Authorized to insure personal prop- 
erty, [p.] 

220. An Act concerning the First Baptist Society 
in Chelsea.— [May 21.]— Authorized to assess on 
pews money voted to be raised for support of pub- 
lic worship and other parochial charges and repairs 
of meeting-house, provided no person not a pew- 
holder shall be entitled to vote upon any question 
relating to the settlement of a pastor, or raising 
or appropriating moneys. This Act not to take 
effect unless accepted "by a vote of t^vo-thirdsof 
the members present and voting at a legal meet- 

221. Ati Act to authorize the Cape Cod Branch 
Railroad Company to extend its Railroad.^- [May 
21.] — Extension authorized from Sandwich through 
Barnstable to Yarmouth, and thence to tide warn . 
in Hyaiinis Harbor in Barnstable. Capital au- 
thorized to be increased by £240,000 in abates of 
§60 e;ich. Construction of extension nut to '• ' - 
gurs till the stock is subscribed and 21) pi r <■< nt on 
each and every share paid in. Par of the ori 
shares reduced to $60. Location of extension to 
be tiled within one year, and construction finished 
within two years. [i\] 

222. An Act to increase the capital stock of v 
Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company, — [May 
22.]— Increase, £300,000. Present stockhol 
njay subscribe for one new share for every five shares 

of old stock, aii''. 

ma shires of pre 1 ;; 

five shai • ra ly tran ,U . thi 

new sto :k. The pri ferred • 

a dividend of <'>/■• 

other. The Act not to 1 

by a vote rcpn ■■■ n 

stock of the company, or until thi 

of the holders of two-tbirda of tl 


223. An Act to inert .-■•■• the ca) i ' 
Tradei •' Bank. — [M '\ J.2.[ — In Bo 
§200,000, to be paid in before the first ' 
April, 1852. ! : 

'..'.'!. [g. I In Act to chai <. > th orga 
the Board of Ocerseers of the Ui i 

bridge. — [May 22.] — The Board, as now c 
shall continue till the fii t Wedm ^ars- 

is V_', and no longer. The Governor,' I 
Governor, President of tin; Senate, 
House, Secretary of the Board of 1. . n, and 
the President and Treasurer of Harvan 
for the time being, with t! irty other per 
then constitute the Board. [TkeB 
of the Governor , Lieut. Governor, the nim Coun- 
cillors, Speaker of the House, President of thi, Col- 
lege, the 40 Senators ; and 30 pern \ 
chosen by the Board .itself, col h ■ i till 

death or resignatio7i.\ The 30 permai - 
bers of the present Board shall be divided into 
three classes of ten each, by lot or otherwise, as 
they themselves may determine: and • 
of the first class shall go out of ofiice r, . 
Wednesday of January, 1852,; the second cla 
that day in 1853, and the third class on 1 
in 1854, and their places shall be filled L . 
lature in joint ballot of the Senators and Repre- 
sentatives ; but the persons of each of these cl 
shall continue in office two months after the 
mentioned, unless their successors shall ] 
sooner chosen. WhentheBc d shal 
been wholly renewed, each, of the class- - 
subdivided, by lot or otherwise, into two 
class s, m iking in all six new classes, of fiv< • 
which shall go out of ofiiee in rotation, one • 
year. It" the legislature neglect to fill an] 
the board within three m jnths of its day i I 
il shallbc filled bj thi remaining overseers. 
Board ma) choose a Secretary, and i 
,'\c. No -member of the Legislator' wfa 
shall be eligible as an overseer; aim i 
shall he reeligible for more than one tei 
diately succeeding that to which he shall 
been first i 1- cted. This Act to Lo in I 
accepted by the corporation and pres« i t I 
Overseers, at meetings held during the p si 
sion of the legislature. [It was so a ■ 
22, by the Corporation unanimously, a 
I In . rs, yec s 51, nays 2, excused 

225. An Act to increase the capital U 

Co hituate Bank, and to change its locatit n.- 
22.1 — In Bost >n. 1:.. rease, 

re May 1,1852. So much of the ch 
requires the bank to be located south if] -' 
stn £ t i-; repealed, hut it shall net be north u: Su 
met street, [p.] 

226. [c] An Act tor the belter % 
ballot.— -[May 22.] — At all elections si.' - 
Nov. 1, 1850", the' votes shall eleai j 

-,r print, the office for 
is de ■ -'1. and shall ail be dej sil 
em' se '■ l envelope, an I no ^ ote d 
other manner sh ill be coun I 
t.i ials for rrpre<<-nt.'.' : ^* to the le . 
no other officer i-> voted for at the s 
n li :ation of the • fiicc may 1 1 on '-•• I i 

The Secretary shall pr»\ 
quantity of self-sealing envelop.'-. 
■ n ce, and of suitabh size and 
use of all the voters." to be distribi 


of the cities and town-:, so that each shall have six 
times as many us the number of names or. ihc 
voting-list, and hy them furnished at elections to 
the selectmen of towns and wardens ami inspectors 
ot" words in cities; who shall appoint two persons 
to take caie of them and supply every person 
cluimingto he a voter ; and may count the envel- 
opes deposited in the ballot-boxes from time to 
time, and open them once in each hour; and if 
more than one vote is found in one envelope, bear- 
ing the name of the same person for the sam ■ 
office, reject all but one, and it bearing different 
names, reject them all ; and nor. count any envel- 
opes " bearing; any mark, impression, or device or 
c«lor designed to distinguish such envelopes from 
others." '• Each voter, when depositinghis ballot, 
shall hold it in such a manner that the inspecting 

harbor of Salem, and n 


238. [o.] An Act regulating • ! 
chestnuts and walnuts. — [Maj 

measured by the strik< 
as rr inberrie and oth 
exi ting lavi ,. To I ike 

239. In At t to u hoi ■: • 

to employ a ch .••<'..— [Mi . • 

lie shall think it necessary, at an cxpi 
exceed 5600, to be paid out of I 

240. An A ■: to iiu or. ! and 
Mechanics' Halt A 

rated "for the purpose of ere< I 

in Springfield an edifice to contain 

ture rooms and halls suit '.hi'- and conv 

the exhibition and sale of article . with 

officers can distinctly see whether more than one is ■ agricultural, horticultural, and m< h i 
placed in the ballot-box." Any person who fraud- j and industry ;" may hold real and p>-; . 

ulently obtains envelopes by claiming to be a voter, ! for this purpose to §3-5, ). 

knowing that he is not, shall be liable to a tine. | 241. An Art concerning the Mount P 
from 510 to $50* Any city or town officer neglect- j Branch Railroad Camping. — [May 23. — . 
ing any duty imposed on him by this Act shall for- 1 for location and construction extend* 
feit not less than §100, nor more than goOOO 

227. An Act to provide for an additional term or 
the County Commissioners for the County of Essex. 
— [May 22.1 — In addition to the meetings now re- 
quired by law, they shall also meet at Lawrence 
annually, on the last Tuesday of August. 

228. An Act to increase the capita/ stock of. the 
Merchants' Bank in New Bedford. — [May 22.] — In- 
crease, 520^,01)0, to be paid in before the 1st Mon- 
day of April, 1852. [p.] 

229. An Act to increase ihc capital stock of the 
Qainsir/aniond Bank. — [May 22.] — In Worcester. 
Increase, $50,000, to be paid in before May 1, 18-52. j 

I ior location ana construction extenaea one y 
Construction not to be begun till the stock il 
scribed and 20 per cent, on each and ever) 
paid in. 

242. An Art to incorporate the North Beverly 
Branch Railroad Company. — [May 23.] — To ' did 
a branch road from the Eastern Railroa 1 in Bev- 
erly to Wenhara Fond, less than 
Capital, #40,000. Location to be filed within 
one year, and construction finished wi1 
years. Construction not to be begun till 
stock has been subscribed and 20 per cent. 
and every share paid in. 

243. An Act in addition to an Act *n est 

jp.] Boston Lunatic Hospital.— -[May 23. - 

230. Ail Act to increase the capital stock of the Council of Boston may pass such ordinance 
Shoe and Leather Dealers'' Bank. — [May 22.] — In \ they shall deem expedient for cond ctin 
Boston. Increase, 5250,000, to be paid in before; business of the Boston Lunatic Hospit 1, and a; - 
May I, 1852. [v.] j pointing such offi iers as in their opinion 1 

231. An Act to authorize Samuel T. DeFord to \ necessary, [p.] 

extend his wharf in Neicburyport. — [May 22.] — \ 244. An Act to incorporate the Wil • 

Extension authorized, 12-5 feet. I Cambridge Railroad Company. — M '23 — To 

232. An Act to increase the capital stock of the i build a railroad from the Boston ■ 

Exchange Hank. — [May 22.] — In Boston. Increase, 1 road in Wilmington, across the Boston and 
$500,000, to be paid in before May 1. 1852, [v.] ! Lowell Kail, iad and the Middlesex Can I I 

233. [g.] An Actio amend some of the proceed* Burlington and VVoburn to the I xh I 
ings y practice,aitdindesqfecidenceorthsCotn-isqf\^ r e^iCambrmse Railroad in V\ 
this Convmonicealih. — [May 22.] — [This is a very 1 or, leaving this line. at tl 

Locks, and intersectin 

the Lowell Bond in Win- 
chester ; also from that road in Med ford or S 
erville to the Pitehburg Ra * Porter's 

Hotel, in Cambridge. Caj . - I 10. .Loca- 
tion to be riled in one year, and road co 
in three years. Construction not to be begun till 
nil the stock is subscribed and 20 j each 

and every share paid in. 

245. An . 1 t to ' ■ the Pror ■ 

Bristol Hail road Company. — [>L j 23.]— To 
a railroad from the Rhode Island line 1 Prov- 

idence, at India Bridge, through Seekonk to the 
southeast boundary -line of th t t wn. C | 
5250,000. Location to be filed within oni 
r< ad comph ted within four j a 
not td be begun tiil all the stock is subscri 
20 per cent, on each and every sh tre ] 
i to incorporate the" Chchacco Mutual \ company may be con 

long and important act, occupying thirty-one pages 
cf the printed book of laws. U was passed unani- 
mously by both I, ranches, through all its stages. 
As it relates wholly to proceedings, etc., in the 
courts, it abounds in technicalities ; and an abstract 
of it would poss.ess little interest to any one, since 
the legal profession, whom it most concerns, will of 
course always desire to refer to the act itself. It is 
founded on the report of the Commissioners, ap- 
pointed in accordance with a resolve of the Legis- 
lature, April 4, 1810. The Commissioners were 
Benj R. Curtis of Boston, (now a judge of the 
U. S. Supreme Court. 1 , N. J. Lord of Salem, and 
R. A. Chapman of Springfield.] 

234. An Act to increase the capital stock of the 
Prescott Bank.— [May 22.]— In Lowell. Increase, 
55O.OOO, to he paid in before Mav 1, IS52. [> ) 

23-3. A 



urn.— iM 

1— In Essex, 

the G 



a n 

Fire his* 
Term, 28 

236. Ai 
cross certain st 
cute, construct 
from their line i 
the Boston ai 
again. [p.] 

2j7. An Act to incorporate the Salem Steam.' 
boat Company. — [May 23 ] — Authorized to hold a 
Meamboat, to be employed in eud about the 

cted with the III ■ ' Island 
me name, if both con 
company, of which 01 • 

company of the s 
' agree, and form or 
md Junction of the direct rs 01 other 
,, v — r > T . v 23.1— -Ma) itants of Mnssachus its. Separate 
,cu at grad< . May lo- , b • kept of the cxpi nd tures in each Si 
p. apiece of Railroad J commissioners shall be appointed, 
j I Governor of each State, to apporti >n I 

le or Charlestoivn, acr< 

Railroad, to their line and expenditures of the road to each Srate 

Act ■ rni 

arrests ' 

committed oil the Lot I'a !> ■ - 

>ow discovered wilfully in 

or committing any kind of malicious n 



I^nl's day, may be arrested by an officer or private 

,. idual, and lawfully detained not more than 

iwrntv-fnur hours, till a complaint can be made 

t^dinsthim and a warrant issued thereon. 

2 17 ['<;.] An Act in addition to the Act concerning 
Electric Telegraph Companies and clertric tele- 
qravhiny. — [May 23.] — No enjoyment by any person 
" or corporation, for any length of tunc, of the 
privilege of having telegraphic posts, wires or 
apparatus attached to the property of others, shall 
be deenu-d to give a legal right t. the continued 
enjoyment of such easement, or raise any presump- 
tion to its grant. When any injury is dime by 
telegraph apparatus, the proprietors shall be 
held responsible to t'ne person or corporation 
injured. No incorporated telegraph company shall 
begin the construction of its line till three-fourths 
of its capital stock is taken and unconditionally 
subscribed for, nor owe debts to a larger amount 
than half its capital actually paid in Telegraph 
companies shall make attested annual returns to 
the Secretary, on or before the 1st of December of 
each year. The President and Treasurer shall be 
jointly and severally individually liable for all in- 
debtedness of their company, in case of wilful 
neglect to comply with the provisions of this 
Act. [p.] 

243. An Act to increase the capital stock of the 
Marine Bank — [May 28.]— In New Bedford. In- 
crease, 5200,000, to "be paid in before the 1st Mon- 
day in April, 18-52. [p.] 

249. An Art to change the names of the persons 
therein mentioned. — [May 2-3.] — Changes the names 
ot' 1 74 r persons. [See Nos. IJ and 2;)1 .] 

250. An Act to incorporate the town of West 
Rorhuri/. — [May 24.] — Tire south-westerly portion 
of the city of Roxbury is incorporated into a new 
town by the name of West Roxbury, the inhab- 
itants of which shall be holden to pay all arrears 
of taxes assessed on them by Roxbury ; also their 
proportion (to be ascertained by the last city 
valuation) of all county and State taxes that may 
be assessed on them before the next valuation, and 
of all debts owing from Roxbury, and shall be 
entitled to receive from that city their proportion 
of the corporate property ; provided, that the city 
sh;Ji incur no Habilit) to West Roxbury after the 
pas.ssage of this Act. The city and town shall be 
respectively liable for the support of paupers whose 
settlement was gained within their respective 
limits. In case of disagreement in respect to the 
division of paupers, property, debts, and taxes, the 
Norfolk Court of Common Fleas may appoint three 
disinterested persons to hear and award, .whose 
decision shall be final. Forest Hills Cemetery and 
the Brook Farm shall be assigned to the citv of 
Roxbury, and shall be free from taxation by West 
Roxbury so long as occupied for a cemetery and 
poor farm respectively. For the purpose of elect- 
ing representatives. West Roxbury shall remain a 
part of Roxbury till the next decennial census or 
a new apportionment. Any justice of the peace of 
Norfolk is authorized to issue a warrant to any 
principal inhabitant of West Roxbury, warning 
him to call a town meeting for the choice of town 
officers, [v.] 

251. [g.j sin Act authorizing the erection of a 
second Hospital for ihe Insane.— [May 24.]— The 
Governor and Council are authorized to appoint 
three commissioners, who shall purchase an eligible 
site in such section of the State as they deem ex- 
pedient, and cause to be erected thereon a suitable 
hospital for the care and cure of the insane ; the 
accommodations to be sufficient for 250 patients, 
a superintendent and steward, their families and 
necessary subordinate officers — the expenses and 
'<■ ibiiitics not to < xcecd §100,000. To defray these 
expenses, the Treasurer is authorized to issue scrip 
ifi the name of the Commonwealth, to an amount 
>M»t exceeding S10Q.OQ0, bearing an interest of 5 

p< r ci '.;., payable semiannually on thi 

and October, re l< ■ 

surplus ^r the tt i *t< rn J: ii ro id Si 

Fund as may remain 

Commonwealth stork, tngetln 

cecds of such publi ■ I i 

after 1856, shall coi I a 

redemption of thi set p, until this fund ;■ 

to 5100,000. 

252. [c] An Act to St 

Corporations. — [Ma) 

company chartered since March 11, 1831, i . . 

may hereafter be chartered, or organ 

general act, shall be nu:-. - 

ually liable for ail debts that may be d 

employees for services within six month . 

the demand for such debt. p.] 

253. [g.] An Act concerning judges of probate. — 
[May 21.] — When a judge of probate is int 

in any case within his jurisdiction, it »ha] . 
transferred to a probate court of an «'■. 
county, unless his interests in the case exceed 

251. An Act in addition to an Act to prei ■ t the 
Harbor of Boston, and to prevent encroachmt 
in. — [Mav 24.] — More accurately defines the 
lim>/ [P.'] 

2-55. [g.] An A r t concerning Defendant* in 
actions on joint contracts. — [May 24.] — I" 
actions, where there is more than on 
the plaintiff may be entitled to judgment 
some of them, in certain cases, if all arc not jointly 

256. [g.] An Act to provide for the <■ 
names of persons. — [May 21 ] — No change of the 
name of any person other than that of the ' 
case of man iage or divorce shall hereafter I 
except for good reasons, by the judges of 
of the several counties, who, after due no:. 
may grant certificates under the seal of th 
of the change of name ofpersons applying tl 
subject to appeal to the Supreme Judicial Cnuits: 
and shall make an annual return in I 
the Secret:. rv, of all changes made by th* 1 
this Act, which shall be published in a I 1 m l«r#i 
with tlie statutes of each yeir. \Il 
charincs of names hate been by Acts of I 

2"'7. [g.] An Act concerning the aj ■' ent < f 
appraisers incicil process. — [May 2-1. J — S 
praisers shall be appointed, one by the 1 
one by the debtor, and one by the sheriff 1 1 h - 
deputy, in whose hands is the process , 
shall • e sworn by him. 

258. [g.] An Act requiring returns fi 

surers of Institutions for Strings. — [May 24. — The 
Treasurers of all such institutions shall, 
the 1st and 10th of May. annually make returns 
to the assessors of the cities and towns wh 
reside, of the names of depositors having de- 
posits amounting to more than 55 '. '• 
amount stauding to the credit of each, un ; - . : • n- 
alty of v''.) for neglect or omission to make the 
return, or falsification in it. 

259. An let to incorporate the Mn' 

Maiden — [May 24.]— To continue till Oct. 1,1872 
Capital, be paid in before Maj 
•.' ' An Act to set off a part of the i 

\,andann xtin sametothetoumof G 1 
—[Mav 21 j— Containing S9 acres. 

Act in addition to an A ! 
• ' s • _ . ' ' il Court and \ 

r' '- —Whenever cut; ti 

fused to be allowed in the Courtof Common 1 I -. 
the truth of the alh pati >ns contained it 
nevertheless he established before the 
Judicial Court, and the exception* 

iieial Court, and the exceptions I 
cording to the truth, under role- of | 
be established by the latter Court. 

motion ior a new is overruled 1 1 




Common Pleas, exceptions may be filed, at the 
same term, the same as if no motion had been 
made, [p.] 

262. [o ] .-1/j Act to exempt petes from attachment 
and execution for debt — [May 12 1. J — A pew in one 
house of public worship Belonging to tiny debtor 
and occupied by him or his family, shall be ex- 
empted from attachment or seizure on execution ; 
but pew.-; may still be sold for non-payment of 
tuxes legally laid thereon. 

263. An Act to im orporatethe Faneuil Hall B ink 
in Boston. — [May 24.] — To continue fill Oct. 1, 
1872. Capital, $500,000, to be paid in before May 
1, 1852. Not more than one-third of the directors 
need be residents of Boston, but a majority shall 
be residents and persons doing business in the 

26i. An Act to extend the time icithin which the 
Eastern Railroad Company may locate the exten- 
sion of i heir void. — [May 24 1 — Time extended to 
May 2-1, 18-32, and line altered. 

265. An Ace to set off a part of "Sew Marlboro 1 
and annex the same to Monterey. — [May 24.] — A 
certain tract of land in New Marlboro' is annexed 
to Monterey, but the inhabitants thereof shall be 
holden to paj all arrears of taxes, and for the pur- 
pose of electing representatives shall continue part 
of New Marlboro' till the next apportionment. 
Monterey shall be holden to pay New Marlboro' 
the just proportion of State and county taxes of the 
portion set oh', and shall be liable for the support 
of paupers whose settlement was gained by a resi- 
dence within its limits, [p.] 

266, [Owing to an accidental omission in the num- 
bering, at the State House, there is no chapter 2'JG 
of the laics, this year.] 

" 267. [a.] An Act to authorize the business of 
banking. — [May 24.] — Any persons, upt less than 
fifty in number, may associate for the business of 
banking, and be entitled to all the powers and 
privileges, and be subject to all the restrictions 
and liabilities set forth in the statutes relative to 
banking, the capital stock to be not less than 
§100,000, nor more than one million of dollars. 
The capital stock of the bank is .to be divided into 
shares of one hundred dollars each, transferable 
only at its banking house and on its books ; and 
to be paid in such instalments, in gold and silver 
money, and at such times as the stockholders may 
direct ■ provided, that one half of the capital stock 
shall be paid in before the bank goes into opera- 
tion, and the whole within one year. A certificate 
stating the corporate name, the place of location, 
amount of Capital stock, number of shares and 
shareholders, and time when to go into operation, 
is to be filed with the register of deeds and secre- 
tary of the commonwealth. The capital stock 
may be increased. The banks to carry on the 
business of banking, at their banking house, but 
not elsewhere. The an litor of accounts is required 
to provide such circulating notes, in blank, as 
may be necessary to carry out the provisions of 
the act, and is required to countersign them on 
delivery, and keep a proper record in his office. The 
auditor is authorized to receive the public stock 
in pledge of any city or town of rh : State, or 
of Massachusetts, or of the other New England 
States, or of New York, or of the United States, 
at not above its par value nor undo its current 
market value ; and wheneverany bank shall deposit 
such stork to an amount not less than fifty thou- 
sand dollars, and hot more than twenty-five pel 

cent, above it s c ij 


iu 1 tor is . thori :ed to 

deliver an equal a 

mount of 

bills, which are to be 

labelled. " Secure< 

1 by the r 

ledge of public stock." 

The auditor may cl 

tange the 

notes and rates, provid- 

ed that the araoui 

: tandiu 

£ pledged shall always 

remain not less tl 

a.; hfl V t 

housand dollars. The 

auditor, unless th< 

public s 

ifety requires the same 

to be revoked, may deliver to any bank powers of 

attorney to receive mterent on 

as security tor the no1 

'I be bank ■, aftei 

law to m.iko them promnwory m ; 

demand at their bank;: • 
same as monej : bu( m 
cuiating notes. Proi i 
tion of such not'--, nut of the la. 
by the auditor, whem vet ai i 
specie for them. Such ban., i . • 
the provisions contained in •• I 
chapter of Revised Stal 
chapter of the statutes of 1843. 1 I 
keep the plates and dies used in 
under his direction, although the ba 
them are to pay the expenses. The 
subject to a penally of five thousand di 
imprisonment, in case he wilfully deln 
bank a greater amount of circulating 
has deposited stocks in pledge of the 
tion. In addition to the returns now r< 
by law, such banks shall specify and d 
the amount of stock deposited with the au I 
The Secretary of the Commonwealth is to pi 
a separate abstract of the returns of the 
formed under this Act. The Bank Commissi 
to have the same power over the bank 
under this Act as they shall have over tl 
porated banks. When any hank desiring t 
quish its business, shall have redeemed 
tanned at least ninety per cent, of the 
notes it shall have received, and shall deposit the 
remaining ten per cent., the pled » : 
shall be given up. Whenever any justice o 
Supreme Court shall be satisfied from the cer- 
tificate of the auditor, or otherwise, that 
bank is unsafe, the same proceedings m 
as are now provided in reference to the un- 
rated buiks, and the assets of such bank may 
be transferred to the hands of the receiv< - 
by them applied to the reden ption of the n 
This Act may be altered or repealed by the 1 
la tore. 

26S. An A {concerning the Police Court of th 
of Worcester. — [May '24.1 — The Governor 
Council shall appoint a clerk for this Court, who 
shall hold office hveyears, unless s . 
and in ca^e of hi< absence or death, th( 
justice may appoint a clerk pro tern. The 
shall be swum, and gi\e bond in the sui 
with surety. The standing justice shall receive 
a salary of not more than $1200 annua''.; . 
standing clerk of $500, out of the tax • ■'' I 
provided that whenever the compensation t 
the special justices are by law entitled ex 
£250, the standing justice shall pay th 
pro rata from his compensation, j 
clerk from his salary shall pay any clerk pro ! 
a. pro rata compensation. 

263. An i .' to in ■ Essex B 

Haverhill.-— [Ms® 24.]— To continue till Oct. 1, 
1872. Capital, £100,000, to be paid in I 
1, IS52. 

270. An Act /-) incorporate the Bla •/. 
in Boston. — [May 24 "—do he est.. 

over street. To continue till Oct. 1, 1872. I 
tal, 5250,000, to be paid in before May 1. IS52. 

271. Ail Art to inert- isc the capit ' 
Tradesman's Bank.— [May 24.] — In Chel ea. In- 
crease, 550,000, to be paid in before the \ 

d.\y in April, I $52. [p.] 

2, 2. An . let con • 

road C •• — I Mai 24 — Uith »ri e I I 

tract with the Wouhsocket Union R ill 
pany for the building of a branch Railroad 
Woonsocket Village to the Norfolk road in Bel- 

273. [«.] An Act concerning the) 
qfjusii csof the Peace.— [May 24.]— N 
the pea'-c shall commence or be concerne I in 


, - :ucw»ri of ft")' civil action returnable before 

I ', An Act relating to the calling a Conven- 

', . f Delegates of the People for the. purpose of 

. ..,;';,■ 'Constitution. — [May 24.] — The people 

. November general election, IS.) 1 ), shall vote 

. question, " U it expedient that delegates 

,. ; :'• chosen to meet in convention for the 

... of revising or altering the Constitution of 

. • went of this Commonwealth ?" The Gov- 

;..-• time before the first Wednesday of Jan- 

. . itha'll announce the result of the vote by public 

tnutioa. ft' it shall appear that the majority 

. i tea is in favor of thus choosing delegates, 

.»;..■, tii ill bq chosen by the several cities and towns 

i ihe first Monday of April, 18-32, not exceeding 

r,- number of representatives to which each town 

. i .-.:\ is entitled in the legislature, 1S51 being val- 

listmn-Vear. The delegates shall then meet at 

the State House in Boston on the first Wednes- 

:.iv in September, 1S52, — one hundred shall be a 

• r utoruiu, — and shall proceed to organize, and " to 

■ into consideration the propriety and exped.i- 

■■ ttu-j »f revising the present Constitution of gov- 

<:■'■■,.< ut of this Commonwealth," or of amending 

•., -.-;■■". how; and such amendments as arc adopted 

v th* convention shall besubmitted to the people, 

■■.., .:" ratiaed by them the Constitution shall be 

fti ■■'.: to be amended accordingly. The Gonven- 

ij %h ill fatal Lish the pay oi its officers and rnern- 

j ■; s j \t the election, the majority of votes teas 

i . • t ',- I onrentionj] 

.;'',. An A t to renew the charter of the Neponset 

ft ' '. ■■ --..M y 21. )— Continued till January 1, 1870, 

.'-..•■, « «' rth in amount of the stockholders 

ritss wishing to the cashier before Sept. 1, 1851. 

■ i I ' (a increase the capital stock of the 

: ■-«*» Hi \ki-~ •[Mav 24.] — In Adams. Increase, 

;■ • to bt- paid i'n before May 1, 1852. [P.] - 

: * A» A i to incorporate the Amherst and Mel- 

i lUiilrmd Company,— {May 24.]— To build 

.>; from Palmer through Belchertown, Am- 

- •■', ;.- • crett, Sunderland, and Montague, to the 

'...-:.*. and Massachusetts Railroad. Capital, 

\ l.c-'-uion to be filed within two years, and 

i .■ ': ■ ■ v:\-\> -ted within four. Union with the New 

Ion, V iliimautie, and Palmer Railroad au- 

■• •• •'. 1 : ot the purpo ;e of construction, the road 

¥ide»l into two sections at Amherst, half the 

i -;;{•■'. to be applied 'to each ; and the construction 

I neither shall be begun till all the stock thus 

I: •• '« to it is subscribed and 20 per cent, of the 

J ■' vuiiu; oi each and every share is paid in. [l\] 

- ', - An Art tt incorporate the Worcester County 

'•'-■' Agricultural Society. — [May 21.] — lneorpor- 

, ■-' • ; " i ir the encouragement of agriculture and 

- tevhanic arts by premiums and other means," 

iu li an 

.1 . Act to incorporate the Cambridge Mar- 
in Cumbridae.--r\Xl*y 24.]— To continue 
i .1 Oft. 1. 5872. Capital, $100,000, to be paid in 
'■■'■«:■ May !, 1852. 

-" ■ An A ' in addition to an Act to incorporate 

' ■'■ Mtlde* Steam Mite. ^[May 24.1 — Name 

..:.:<'! to Boylston Company. "May hold real 

i •■■ ■. -. -'.iii estate to $200,000. 

-"•i. .. An Act concerning Mutual Marine In- 

inrmtct Companies — [May 24.] — This a long act, 

••• apitul&ling, denning, and establishing the gen- 

v:*\ provisions of law in relation to mutual marine 

uiuranc* companies. 

_.:_.!- A ' Uiiu ornorrtte the Westfield Bankin 
'•'■'.'" '••. —[May 24. j — To continue till Oct. i. 
■ ' '■'.'. Capital, 5I';U,00\ to be paid in before May 

■-* '•. An Act concerning the Dorchester and Mil- 

Urunrh liaitroad Company — [May 24.] — Au- 

ri*e I to issue five hundred shares of preferred 

; - '-V.K, subject to semiannual dividends of 3 per 

. • at, Xhia Act to take elFeet when accepted by a 

vote of three-fourths of the stock r< 
a meeting. 

2:>1. An- A t to increase the capih 
Warren Bank in Dancers. — [May 24 — 
£60,000, to be pud in before the 6 I 
April, 1852. [*.] 

2-8-5. An Act-to incorporate the Great /■' 
Mutual Fire Insurance Company. — ! 
Term 28 years. No policy to be issued till SloO,- 
00!) has been subscribed to be insu 

286. [<;.] \n Act in addition to an Act rel 
the enlargement of. the State Prison.— 
Additional enlargi tnent of twenty cells ir. • 
wing of the old prison authorized, thi 
to exceed 55000. The inspectors of th 
authorized to contract for laying a p ; 
city square in Charlestown, for the 5 urpose 
rying the Cochituate water into the prison, an 1 to 
erect workshops on the prison premises: the ex- 
pense of these improvements, also, not I ■ 
£5000. [p.] 

237. An Act concerning the po ■ $ of t 
Court of the City of Worcester.— [M ly 24 
exercise all the powers of trial justices, [p.] 

2SS. [g.J An Act for the quieting of tit 
mortgaged real estate transferred by ex 
administrators. — [May 24.] — Transfers of mort- 
gaged real estate, although made without license 
of court, in certain cases, shall still be -valid and 

289. [&.] An Act concerning the recot 

ages against rained act corporations. — [May 2 k 1 — 
County Commissioners may issue warrants of d:s- 
tress for payment of damages caused in- 
corporations within three years, tne same as iu 
the case of railroad corporations. 

290. [<■>.] An Act in relation to damages sustained 
by the laying oat. of highways. — [May 2: J— When 
such damages are sustained by several - 

they may be paid over to one truste 

them, or, in case of their disagreement, by ::• 

judire of probate. 

291. An Act to change the ■nam': of th ■ 
therein mentioned. — [May 24.] — Changes the names 
of 31 persons. [Sec Nos. 17 and 249.] 

292. An Act to incorporate the proprietors of the 
Catholic Cemetery in Dorchester. — [May 24.]— In- 
corporated "for the -purpose of e~: 
perpetuating ; pi •> e foi the : ori .1 

mav hold leal and personal estate to §2o 

293. An Act to m t off a part of the toicn of Rut- 
land, and annex the same to tin' town of Paxton. — 
[May 24.] — Containing about 736 acres: to rei 

a part of Rutland for'the purpose of 
representative until the next appointmoi 
inhabitants and estates set off, to be liabl 
taxes, and Paxton shall be liable for the 
of paupers whose settlement was gained I ■;■ 
dea-e within the limits of the part - I 

294. An Act to incorporate the M 

and Library Association. — [Ma; - - .' . 
real and personal estate to 520,000. 

295. [g.] An Act concernina 111A 

convicts in the State Prison. — (Maj 2-i | — The in- 
spect ■:- and warden are authorized to mall 
latious in regard to interviews between the 
and their friends from without the prisoi . whi 1 
shall be under the eye of the warden. The war- 
den may with the consent of the 11 
municate between the prisoners and 

2 !6. An Act to establish tht>i it'. ■ f > 
[May 24.] — The town of "Newburyport is 
city. A Mayor, six Aldermen, a C 
cil of eighteen members, sh til m ike I 
oil. City to be divided into six ward 
to bo revised at least once in everj fi 
election, second Monday of Decern 1 
All officer* to be chosen by I il 
their offices for one vear from the fir: 

January i and until oth'.rs are elected and qualified. 
All laws and regulations of the town, to continue 
in force till they empire or are revised or repealed 
by the City Council. The city government to sro 

into operation the present year. Act to be void 
unless accepted by a majority of the voters of the 
town at a legal meeting, by ballot, [p.,] [See No. 
333 ] 

297. An Act to incorporate the Charles River 
Railroad Company, and concerning the Medtoay 
Branch Railroad Company, — [May' 21,] — Charles 
River Railroad Company incorporated to build a 
railroad from the Charles River Branch Railroad 
in Dover, through Medford, Medway, and North 
Franklin, to Bellingham. Capital, $300,000. Lo- 
cation to be filed within two years, and road con- 
structed within four. Authorized to unite with the 
Charles River Branch Railroad Company, when- 
ever a. majority of each of the companies elects so I 
to do. Construction not to be begun till the stock 
has been subscribed and 20 per cent, paid in. Time 
for the Medway Branch Railroad Company to lo- 
cate their road, extended to May 1,1852; capital 
to be $50,000. Construction not to be begun till 
the stock has been subscribed and 20 per cent. 
paid in. i 

298. [g ] An Art in addition to an Act concerning 
Hawkers and Pedlars. — [May 21.] — Any tax-pay- 
ing resident, a legal voter of any city or "town, may 
sell goods, &c, therein, upon obtaining a license 
therefor, pursuant to the law of 184(3. Any town 
treasurer, town clerk, constable or police officer is 
authorized to demand to see licenses of hawkers 
and pedlars, in addition to the officers now so au- 

299. An Act to incorporate the New England 
Coal Mining Company. — [May 21.] — May hold real 
and personal estate to v"oif,00u. Capital, §2-50,000, 
in shares of £25 each. Piacc of business, Wor- 

300. An Act relating to conveyances to and by the 
Commissioners of the. Sinking Fund of the West- 
ern Railroad Corporation. — [Slay 21.1 — These com- 
missioners are declared, for the purpose of taking 
and holding land as such, to have perpetual suc- 
cession in law in their capacity of commissioners, 

*e DM " . . 

301. [o.j An Act to provide for tne inspection of 
Foreign Sumac. — [May 21.] — An Inspector General 
of Sumac to be appointed by the Governor and 
Council, to hold his office for five years unless sooner 
removed, who shall he sworn, and give bonds with 
sureties in #3900; he may appoint deputies. Their 
duties shall he to inspect any Sumac, the growth of 
places out of the United States, and assort into 
three classes, to be denominated or. the bags, 
good, damaged, bod, with the addition of the 
name of the inspector, the place of inspection, 
•' Mass.," for Massachusetts, and the year of in- 
spection. Fees, four cents for each hag. Any 
person who mixes or alters the Sumac in bags thus 
marked, shall forfeit not less than #300, nor more 
than §500, and any person who empties a bag, and 
puts in other Sumac, without erasing the marks, 
#300, and any person who counterfeits or alters 
the marks, shall Forfeit the Sumac, and he liable to 
a further penalty of §100. If any inspector neg- 
lects his duty, he shall forfeit §20. If any per- 

son sells any Sumac not.mspei 

the growth of 

he shall forfeit 

3 without the United Stat 
§5 for every hag sold. 

302. [<;.] An .'let to amend an Act conct ■ ■ 
the Militia. — [May 21.] — Commanders of Divisions 
shall designate the time and manner of holding the 
encampments in their Divisions ; the place to be 
designated by the commander of the body ot 
troops to be assembled. 

303. [a.] An Act in addition to an Act in rela- 
tion to School 2)&Wcfe.--[May 21.]— Towns may 
be districted anew for School purposes once at any 

tune within the ten ve 
passage of Ch. 2 >G of I 

304. .\n Act to incorporate the I ladle t, / 
Bank in Holgoke.—\ Maj 2 1 |— 'i o com 

!, 1872. Capital, §] 
1, 18/52. 

305. re.] In let to t 
establish an t maintain I'ublt . 

— Any city or town may establish. • • : 
Public Library, and appropriate for if- I 
a sum not exceeding §1 for each of 
polls; and for its increase and m dnten • 
ally, one-quart- r of U< h Sum . and may . • 
manage in its corporate capacity ai 
Public Library. 

306. An Act concerning the Saugus J; • 
road. — [May 24.]— May change location 
tiled, and file the new one within three mo 


307. [g.] An Act relating to notices oj 
ceedings before Judges of Probate anrl Ct 

ers of Insolvency .—[May 24.] — Written not; 
such proceedings must be sent by mail or ol 
wise to interested parties residing out of the coun- 
ty, whose residences are known. 

308. [<"'•] An Act repealing an Act pn 
Town Meetings in certain cases — [May 21.]— 
act of 1850, authorizing Town Meetings to I. 
in May in certain eases, is repealed. 

309. [o.] M/i Act concerning Vacancies in > 
Committees. — [May 21.] — When vacancies occur in 
any School Committee from any cause, they may 
be filled by the remaining member or member - 

the selectmen. 

310. An Act to unite the Vermont and '■' 
chusetts Railroad Company with the Brattleborough 
and Fitehbiirg Railroad Company, and to increase 
the Capital Stock of the former Cornp* ny — 

24.1 — The second named Company beinsesta 

ed by the Legislature of Vermont. The former 

Company may issue §600,01)0 additional si 

Zil J An Act to incorporate the <'■ ' Com- 

pang.— [May 2l.]--In Boston. Capital, £1 
All the privileges and powers of this Act ; 
'■ forfeited, if and whenever any of the members or 
agents of tri is company Bhall engage in cut 
storing, or in any way manufacturing ice oa the 
Lord's day." 

312. Ait Act to incorporate the Shelbitrni I 
Manufacturing Company. — [May 24 . j — Incorpo- 
rated fur the manufacture of cutlery, h irdware, ar- 
ticles of iron, other metals and materials, mill 
work and machinery. May hold real estate to 
£150,000. Capital, §300,000. [r.] 

313. An Act in addition to an Act tot 
Fire Department in the 'J'oi-n of Nantu 

24.] — Any one oi the general directors, in th 
sence of the others, with the concurrence of two 
of the tire wards, may exercise at fires ah 
powers given to the hoard of directors. 

314 An Act tb incorporate the Swift River h 
road Company. — [May 24.] — To build a R 
from Palmer up the valley of Swift River, tl 
Palmer. Ware, Belohcrtown, Enfield, Green 
Dana, Peter: un, Xcw Salem, to the Vermont 
Massachusetts Railroad in Orange or Athol. (. 
ital, $:><) >. ; i DO. Location to be hied within two 
years, and read constructed within four, 
form one company with the New London, 
limantie. and Palmer Railroad Corapan; , wit I 
assc nt of both comp tr >s. For consti 
; i sections at I 

, to be set apart foT e \ h ; an 
struetion of neither section shall be bi un : 
the stock set apart for it is subs* ribed j 

cent, on each and every share pnid in. r\] 

315. [a.] An Act t oncet n inn Stot kh > ' • 
ufacturiny Corporations.— -[May 24.] — 1 
or property of any such stoi . hall not be 

taken on execution, unless a summons h I 


tion was left with him. Any stockholder with i 
nrh'<m such summons was left, may defend in any | 
*uch action, and if it appears that he is not liable, 
aent shall be entered for him, and for his 
posts, and may be entered against the corporation ! 
. •■ • \c same action, &c. 

316. An Act in addition to an Act to incorporate \ 
the Lowell Equitable Life Insurance Company. — 

j >iaj 24-.] — Time for paying in capital extended to ; 
June I, 18-52. The first meeting may be called | 
when 100 persons have subscribed to be mem- : 

317. [O ] An Act relating. to Railroad Crossings, j 
— [May 24.] — Two or more inhabitants of Boston 
may make the legal application to a railroad cor- j 
poration in the matter of a crossing by its railroad 
within the city, and if the corporation refuse or j 
neglect to comply therewith, may apply to the ! 
Mayor and Aldermen to decide upon the reason- 
ableness of their request, when a hearing shall be j 

31S. An Act in addition to an Act for incorporate \ 
ing certain persons for the purpose of building a< 
bridge over Acuishnet River in the town of New 
Bedford, — [May 24.] — A new draw, 60 feet wide, i 
in place or' the old one, mn-t be constructed, | 
within six months, to the approval of a Commis- 
sioner, to be appointed by the Governor at the 
expense of the bridge corporation. 

319. ! G.] An Act relating to the erection and use of 
buiUlingsJor stables and bowling alleys. — [May 21 ] 
— No person shall erect or use in any city or town 
which accepts this Act within 6'J days, any stable 
for more than four horses, or any bowling alley, 
except in such parts as the municipal authorities 
shall direct, under penalty of $60 for every month 
the building is thus used: and the Supreme Judi- 
cial Court may issue, injunctions to prevent such 
illegal erection, [p.] 

320. An Act in farther addition to an Act to 
amend the charter of the city of Lowell. — [May 24. j 
-—One alderman to be elected from and in each 
w '.rd. if the Act be accepted by the inhabitants 
within two months. 

321. An Act to amend the charter of the Worcester 
Medical Institution. — [May 24.] — The trustees and 
officers of this institution, in conferring the de ;re< 
of Doctor of Medicine, are restricted to the same 
ruics required in the University of Cambridge and j 
the ; Berkshire Medical Institution; and the title 
of the degree shall be designated by some appella- 
tion to distinguish it from those of graduates of 
ether modes of practice. 

322 [c] An Act in addition to the several Aids 
for the relief of Insolvent Debtors a rid the More equal j 
distribution of their effects.:-— [May 24.]— The j 
Governor and Council may appoint additional 
commissioners of insolvency, not to exceed three 
in any one county, to hold office seven years, unless j 
sooner removed, [p.] [See Xos. ISO and 349.] 

323. An Act to to set off certain farms from the \ 
town of Auburn, and annex the sam» to the town of\ 

Mav 24.1 [p.] 

u24. [g.] An Ait to provide for the adoption of chil- 
dren. — [May 24.]— Judges of Probate may issue de- 
crees authoring. the adoption of any child (with 
the consent of his or her next friend, and with his ot- 
her own consent, if above the age of 14) by any pcr- 
sonsapplying to him therefor, if it seems fit to him: 
*od a child so adopted shall be to all legai in'- at 
snd purposes the child of r:e persons so adopt n ; 
him, except for the inheritance of property ex- 
pressly iindted to the heirs of the body, and shall 
be freed from all obligations to Ids natural parents, 
and they from all rights as respect him or her. 
Appeals from the decision ol the probate judge may 
be t-kou to the Supreme Judic tl Court. 

; 5-o. [/» ] An Act concerning proceedings and 
practice in civil actions before Justices' Courts, 
Police Courts, Justices uf the Peace and Trial 

Justices. .—[May 24.1— This Act | 
parts of No. 233 sh ill apply to these I 
and magi itrajt< j. 

326. An Act to Incorporatt the If art R R • '• 
road Company. —[May - J1 I— To I 

from Palmer, through Ware, II; 

Braiutree, Wesi Hrookfi '<'.. Barre, I 

1: ubbardston, Phillip ton, I 

the Vermont and Massachusetts I: 

Baldwinsville and Winchendon,) to I 

shire line, to connect w 

in that State. Capital, <fS 10,000. Loi I 

hied within two years, and road construe! 

three. Road may he divided into 1 ir 

Ware, Barre, and Ba'.dwiruville : theca] 

two middle sections t j be 5250,000 each, 

others $lo0,000 each: and the coi tion of 

neither shall be begun till the stock set part 1 

it is subscribed and 2 ) per cent, on each and e 

share paid in. 

327. [g ] An Act to secure the equ 

of the property of rent Coiporatioi 

their creditors' — [May '.'!.]— This is a long a :. ex- 
tending the general principles of th< 
laws of the State, to corporations, except railroad 
and banking corporations. 

32S. [o ] An Act to repeal an Act I 
appointment of Trial Justices. — [May 24.]—' 
trial justice act of lb*/) is repealed, and :. 1" ; 
sions of law which were repealed by th 
revived. Cases begun or pending befoi jus- 

tices' are not to be affected by this repeal. 

329. An Act authorizing the Fitchburg i ■ 
Corporation to alter the construction ot /.' • . 
over Miller's River in Somerville.— May 1 
Alterations to be made within one - 

330. [c, .] An Act to increase the numfo fjust 

of the- Court of Common Pleas. — [Mai '■ ■ —The 
number shall be seven instead of si 
sions of the Court may be held at the same time at 
different places in cote county, [p.] 

S'll. [(< ] An Act in addition to an A : ! 
against loss from insurance by foreign ci r 
— [May 24 j — Every insurance con: iany i tin 
poraied by the Massachusetts Leg I I . -. bei 
can insitre in the vState, must appoint sora resideut 
of t'ae State as its attorney, on v.r. • 
of process shall be deemed "sufficient service en 
his principals; otherwise, althougl I 
shall remain valid,, the agent erf I ; it 
forfeit not less than £ ! ! I nor more than . 
and the company cannot recover premi 
sessments. The agents of external insurai N 
companies shall annually, on the 1st M 
October, make returns to the Sccretai . 
the Treasurer a tax of oneper cent, on the ai 
premiums and assessments received 

luring the year, under penalty of not 

jTOOli Such agents shall give bond i ii suj I 

in jj 5000 for the payment of ibis tax 

to apply to companies incorporate! in States where 

V, iss chu.setts companies arc not taxed. 

332. AnActtoiru-nrporatethe Ii ij s Screw 

<"..</ " '— [May 24.] — fn Taunton. Incorporated 

• r • ■ -..! . ' . of v- to I s ■:•-■ .- . 

re il estat- to y i ■ i.OOi). Capital. S25 1,000. ' 

'• 1. \n A. t in addition to an Act to est 
City ofXewbury, ■ ■! —[May 24.]—! 
shall be elected, one from and in each 
Act be accepted by the inhabitant! 
2LH5.J '.._ 

• 334. .' .! tax 'horizing the const 

■ Road. — [May 24.]— ( 
tion formed to build a plank road, oi th 

■f nv highway, without making com| 
lb ret'or, if tin -count) commission 
1 mgmead »\> through Springfield to ' 
and a branch from South. Wil 
authorized to erect gates and take ti I 
the approval of the Court of Common I 



Hampden. Capital, 525,000 in shares of £25; 
Term, 25 years. Restrictions and liabilities, same 
as turnpike corpoi ations. 

335. An Act concerning the Midland Railroad 
Company. — [May 2',.} — Authorized t<> build their 
road in sections of five miles or less, with certain 

336 An Act to aidhorize the Comity Commission- 
ers of Middlesex County toexercise cert tin powers in 
Chelsea rind Xorth Chelsea in Suffolk County. — 
[May 24-.] — These powers are the same as to high- 
ways that the commissioners have in their own 
county, and those granted to the Suffolk Court of 
Common Pleas by the Revised Statutes, and by 
the Act authorizing the construction of a bridge 
over Green's Creek. The commissioners are also 
authorized to cause a draw to be built in any bridge 
or bridges across Chelsea Creek. 

3:.'>7. An Act in relation to the organization and 
powers of the City Council of the city of Boston. — 
[May 24.] — Orders for laying but, altering, or dis- 
continuing streets, etc., shall not take effect until 
the Common Council concur therein with the 
Mayor and Aldermen; nor shall orders for the 
erection or repair of county buildings when the 
estimated expense exceeds $3000. "The Board of 
Aldermen of the city of Boston shall, commencing 
with the ensuing municipal year, consist of twelve 
persons, one alderman, and two assistant assessors 
\rnaking thirty-six in all/] from and in each ward." 
Act not to £0 into effect until accepted by a ma- 
jority of the legal voters, by ballot, at the State 
election in November, [ft was not accepted.] 

33S. An Act concerning the Weir Bridge in Taun- 
ton. — [May 24.] — Town of Taunton required to 
construct the bridge anew, [p.] 

339. [o.] An Act in addition to an Act concern- 
ing Banks and Banking. — [May 24.] — Any bank 
refusing to comply with the conditions of the bank 
law of 1838 shall foi feit not more than #500. Act 
to take effect Oct. I, 1851. 

340. [c] An Act to exempt from levy on execution 
the -homestead of a householder having a family. — 
[May 24.] — In addition to the property already by 
law thus exempted, there shall be exempted the 
lot and buildings thereon occupied by the debtor as 
a residence, or buildings on hind not his own, to 
the value of £500, he being a householder having a 
family ; and after his death the exemption shall con- 
tinue to his widow and children, till her death and 
till the youngest child becomes twenty-one years 
of age, if some one of them continues to occupy the 
homestead. To entitle any property to this ex- 
emption, it must be set forth in the deed of pur- 
chase thai it is designed to be held as a homestead 
under this Act : or, if already purchased, this design 
must be recorded in the registry of deeds. Xo 
property shall be thus exempted from a levy for 
taxes, or for a debt contracted in its purchase, or 
contracted before the record of the design in 
writing, as above. No conveyance by the husband 
of any property thus exempted shall be valid, 
unless the wife join therein, in case the creditor 
insists that the property claimed to be exempted is 
worth, more than $500, appraisers shall be ap- 
pointed, and if they value the premises at more than 
$500, they may set off a part ;t they can be con- 
veniently divided ; otherwise, the debtor may pay 
the creditor the excess of their valuation over 
S'rM), or the property shall be sold at public auc- 
tion, if more than $500 be bid, and of thi s money 
$500 be paidto the debtor to be exempted from 
liability for his debts for one y< ar. 

341. An Act to authorize the Essex Railroad 
Company to issue bonds — [M iv 24.] — To an amount 
not exceeding $350,000, in sums of not less than 
S'iOO, payable in t«n years, with interest semian- 
nually ; and for security, may mortgu«jj< their road, 
franchise, etc., to three trustees elected by the bond- 
holders ; the mortgage not to be \ «iiid till bonds 

to $80,000 have been disposed of 
tor ha • had an op, ortunity tr, tal 
trustees shall appropriate the i 
from the bonds, to the paj lent 
damages; second, expenses of .->■ i d I 
Salem depot; third, pre ,ent m t 
other debt-. 

342. [<>.] An Act to appoint a board c 
sioners in relation to alien p 'ssvtigen an 
pers. — [May 24.] — The Governor, annu 
January, shall appoint a member of h 
who, with the Auditor and the Bosl 
dent of Alien E'assengers, shall coi 
to superintend the execution nf I con- 

cerning alien passengers and State pau] 
board may appoint persons to visit at least once 
in every year all the places in the Commonw 
where State paupers may be, and report; 
to ascertain the of foreigners I 
identify them if they become a publ 
Officers of railroad corporations, an I < 
lines of conveyance are required to furnish 

l formation as far as in their power, under 1! 

! to a fine of $20. Aliens brought into the S1 
such lines, if they become a public charge, shall be 
chargeable to the corporations. Commissioners 
shall make annual reports, and have such i 
sation as the Governor and Council allow, not to 
exceed $3 a day, and travelling and hoard ex- 
penses, '[p.] 

34 3. [g.J An Act to secure to mechanics ai 
ers their payment for labor by a lien on real ■ it it . 
— [May 24.] — Any person actually performii g I 
on a building shall have a Hen, to secure th 
meut of his wages, on the building and th< 
land on which it stands, and on the right pf re- 
deeming it when under mortgage ; which li 
he dissolved unless he tiles an account of his 
demand in the registry of deeds within sixl 
and commences a suit for enforcing it with 
cnty days from the time the labor is pen'. 

344. An Act to incorporate the New Engl 
Co.— [May 24.]— In Boston. Capital, $l . 

345. .4« Act authorizing the Cou \ty Com 

ers for the county of Essex to locate a way over 
Parker Hirer. — [May 24.]-»-The Commonwealth 
surrenders to the county all it-; right to th 
of the Parker River Bridge Corporation; and the 
inhabitants of Newbury may collect the sam 
which were allowed to the corporation, for ten 
years. [See Resolves, Xo. 51.] 

3-15. [v.] An Act relating to the punishr t ■ ■ ' for 
offences mentioned in t/u lAod chajrier i ■ 
Statutes. — [May 24.] — Authorizes committal t i the 
House of Industry, in certain cases, instead of 
House of Correction, [p.] 

317. An Act to incorporatt the trustees of tht 
Atkinson School Fun '.—[May 24.1— In Xt 
port. May hold real and personal estate, of i ! 
more than $1000 income, to be applied exclusively 
to the purposes of education, in confori tj 
the will of the lati Moses Atkinson. Ma) 
Aldermen of the city may fill vacancies, and be 
visitors of the Fund, [p.] ' 

348. [<?.] .4/2 Art concerning the i> 
| Corporations. — [May 24 | — Default may be n 
j ed of any indicted corporation which has fail 
appear, and judgment rendered, and warrant of 
distress issued to compel the payment of the 
if::': : naltv and costs, with interest, [p.] 

-.[■>;,.) \ let in ( a ' '■ 

for the relief of insbh i nt ■'■ bt ■ 's, and tin 
distribution of their ejfei to.— [May 24.]— V 
creditor of an insolvent debtor resides abr< 
oath to the validity of the claim may be n 
hi* consignee or agent. The commissioner may 
dismiss any assignee m glecting bis lawful 
tnd appoint an )1 her. Limit of tl i I 
missioners to £1500, repealed. :■ 


1. Resolves providing for the distribution of the 
report of the Sanitary commission. — [Feb. l.J 

2. Resolve to pay the late Acting Clerk of (he 
" %e of Representatives. — [Feb. S.] — Allows £30 
to Charles W. .Storey. _ 

'.i. Resolve authorizing the Treasurer to borrow 
money in anticipation of the revenue. — [Feb. 10. j — 
To £200,000. 

4. Resolve for the pay of the Council, Sennit, and 
House of Representatives. — [Feb. 12.] — Allows to 
each member of the Council, Senate, and House, 
§2 for each day's attendance, and §2 for every ten 
miles' travel once in each session ; and to the 
President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, 
>"2 for every day's attendance, additional. 

5. Resolve on the petition of the Gloucester Mu- 
tual Fishing Insurance Company. — [Feb. 26.] — Re- 
mits penalty for delay in making return. 

6. Resolve in aid of a monument to Captain 
Isaac Davis. — [Feb. 26.]— Appropriates 52000 for 
a monument of marble or granite to Capt. Isaac 
Davis, to be erected in Acton, under the direction 
of the Governor, in connection with a committee 
of that town, provided the citizens raise §500 for 
the same purpose. 

7. Resolve in favor of the Guardian and Overseers 
of the Chappeauiddic Indians and people of color in 
Dukes County.— -[Feb. 28.]— Allows them £132 for 
dividing lands. 

8. Resolve in favor of Thomas Stanwood. — [Feb. 
28.] — Of Newburyport. Allows him $50 annually 
for revolutionary services. 



§&tolvejor thi pay of the Legislature and its 
rs monthly. — [Feb; 2S.] [See Xo. -IS.] 
Resolve concern ing certain m Hilary documents. 
— [Feb. 28.]-"— Authorizes and directs the Secretary 
to obtain from the United States Government at 
Washington, the muster-rolls and other docu- 
ments and vouchers relating to the service of the 
Massachusetts militia in the last war with Great 
Britain, or copies of them; the expenses not to 
exceed $200. 

li. Resolve in favor of Augustus C. Frissell of 
i**ru:-rptfa*ch l'0.]~- Allows 'him £102,70 for ex- 
penses of sickness while a member of the Legisla- 
ture of 1850. 

12. Resolve on the petition of William B. Bannis- 
ter and Sarah }V, Uale.— [March 10.] 

13, Resolve on tic: petition of Ward, Toole and 
uth ers. — [ Ma t c-h 10i] 

1-1. Resolve on the petition of Abraham Wilcox. 
— [March 10.1 — Allows him §58.76 for expenses 
incurred in the detection of Thomas Loyd, and the 
discovery of stolen property. 

15. [q.] R, .su've granting taxes for the several 
counties. — [March 13.] — Taxes arc' granted to the 
counties as follows : Essex, #55,200; Middlesex, 
§83,264: Worcester, §-70,000: Hampshire, §14,- 
<M); Hampden, £29,000; Franklin. £10,000; Berk- 
shire, £18, 000; Norfolk. $40,000 ; Plymouth, §16,- 
000; Bristol, 530,000 ; Barnstable, £7,500; Dukes, 

16. Resolve in favor of William- JI. Luce. — 
[March 22.1— Of Tisbury. Allows him 51b. 37 for 
medical attendance on Recall De Grass, a Chris- 
tiantown Indian. 

17. R< solve in favor of Kna 
22.]' — Of Fa] mouth. Allows 
of the Legislature of 1850, 

IS. [g.] Resolve en the petition of Francis Tattle. 
-"-[March 22,]— il Resolved that a reward of §10,- 
000 iie offeree! to any person within this common- 
wealth who shall satisfy the Governor and Council 
'sat by n test ot at least live years, he has discov- 

icles ButUr.— [March 
him $ 40, as member 

townof West Newbury ' 
town its portion of tin 
feited for delay in making 

20. Resolve for defraying thi 

and forwarding article! 1 ' ' * rial I 
Hun in London.— > 

21 . [(..] licsolre for j 

of the Statt Reform School and State !'>■ 
[March 31.] — These report* are to le printed in 
anticipation of the me< tin - of the legi 
Documents Nos. 2 and 3 of the House; 
copies of the latter furnished to superintendei 
th i school. 

22. Resolve concerning the United Stat ■ C 
of this Slate. — [March 31.] — Directs :h< S 

to cause the manuscripl census returns of 1850 to 
be hound and placed in the State Library. 

23. Resolve on the. petition of tin Overs 
Poor of' Coy Head. — [April 5. J —Allows them 

j for the support of two aged Indian paupers, in 
18-50, and §1.00 a week from Jan. 1, 1S51, d 
their lives. 

2-i. Resolve in favor of Josh ui Owen. — [April 14.] 
— Allows him $75pera?inum from May I, IS51. 

25. Resolve on the petition of Benjamin Win 
and another, executors. — [April 14.] 

26. Resolve on the petition of the Overseers of 
the Salem Mcmthltj Meeting of Friends.— {April 14.] 

27. Resolve on the petition of Elijah Clark, ad- 
ministrator. — [April 14.] 

23. Resolve in favor of Charles King. — [April 
14. ] — Of Barre. Allows him #122, as memb< 
the legislature of 1S50. 

29. Resolve on the petition of Fanny W Red 
—[April 14.] 

30. Resolve in favor of the Franklin County Ag\ i- 
cidtural Society. — [April 24.] — Allows it the S 
bounty for this year, the same as other agricul- 
tural societies. 

3.1. [<;.] Resolve authorizing the Board of Educa- 
tion to appoint agents. — [April 24.] — A ithori - 
the board to appoint two or more s'iit;'. v '. p • 
to visit the towns andsi Uool districts, for the pur- 
pose of inquiring into the condition of th ; 1 i 
schools, giving lectures, \c; the expenses : 
exceed $2,500 per annum for two year-. 

32. Resolves on the petition of John M. !■■■' - 1 . 
others. — [April 24.] 

33. [g.j Resolve for the payment of the a 

of toy State Lun itic Hospital. — [April 21. } — Alio irs 
the hospital §517.08 for the support of lu 
paup :rs previous to December, 1849 ; and a t 
the Auditor to pay the accounts of tb liospii 
hereafter, when due, although not presented vvil .. 
the time prescribi d by ! iw. 

34. R ■ oh ■ '.it ions of the lov>>< of 
mouthand Abington — [April24.] — Allows §522 2 
toeach, for expenses incurred in runnini 

betvi en N01 •■ Ik Countj . o\\ the nort i, 
1 lymouth and Bristol Counties on the semi);. 

35. Resolve in aid of the American Institute of 
instruction.— [April 24.]— Allows it §3l M 1 

and .-'■•■' ■' annually for four years. 

36. Resolve on tin mtit ion of Alexander li 
—[April 21.]— Of Orleans. Allows him §2' .for 
expenses and services in detecting burglars ro 

j the safe of the Union Wharf Company, Pro\ 
I tow 11. 

Resoli the petition of Bridget Hem 
. /-. — ; April 2!.] 
08. Hi • ■ ■ ' for thi 1 1 v of ' iofthel 


sure and practical remedy for the potato 
Hi solve on the petition of the Selectmen of the 

lature. — [April 24.] — Fixes the pay ol ti 
cl -rks : th< Sen iti in 1 House at §10 ; 
§150 for copying the journals for the State I 
. I of the two assistant clerks of the 3 
Bouse, at §6 a day during the session. 

30. Rt •'■■■ f/i favor of Uathsheha J- ft ■'' 
[April 30.]— Of i- m ■ •:. Mail e, d uighti 1 1 ! 
Holland. Allows her §300 for services rci 
the Slate by her father. 

4'). Resolve on the petition of Josiah Brown. — 
[April 30.] 

•il. Resolve in favor of Lyman Webster. — [April 
30.] — Or* Tyringnam. Allows him $10 per annum 
for throe year*, on account of injuries received by 
him in the performance of military duties. 

42. Resolve on the petition of Jacob II. Kent and 
o'Ju rs. — [April 30.1 

43. Resolve on the petition of Eliakim Buckman 
and others — [April •'•''. ; 

44. [g] Resolve concerning idiotic children. — 
[April 30.]— Allows £5 >00 annually to the Massa- 
chusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble Minded 
Youth, to be devoted to teaching and. training 
idiotic children belonging to this Commonwealth, 
provided that four of the twelve trustees of the 
Institution be appointed by the Governor and 
Council ; the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, 
Secretary of State, President of the Senate, Speaker 
of the Fiouse, and the two Chaplains of the Legisla- 
ture, constitute a board Of visitors ; and the institu- 
tion gratuitously receive and educate thirty idiotic 
persons, to be designated by the Governor; other 
applicants to be received at a charge not exceeding 
the actual average cost of the inmates. 

45. Rtsolve on the petition of the Selectmen of the 
town of Norwich. — [May 7.] — Two commissioners 
shall be appointed by the Governor and Council, 
ail er notice to the town clerks of Norwich and 
Chester to establish the boundary line now in 
dispute between those towns. 

46. Resolves on the petition of Daniel Austin and 
Others. — [May 7-] 

47- Reaolve on the petition of Samuel Jennison, 
Jr., Guarjiia*. —[May 7.] 

relief of llui ri on II 
Moses JI inaati , and Sat 

43. Resolve in addition to a Resolve for the monthly j Harry Arnold ; and in favor of An 
payment of the members of the Lcj is 'a! ure. — [May I — [May 21.] — Of the iLassanamis 

62. Resolve for th 
el' Pi 

63. Resolve infaror of the torn 
, May 15.]— Allows that town g3< . : 

of foreign paupers 

64. Resolve on tht petition ofUie Pi 
District No. 7 in Roxbury — 

65. Resolve in u of L ■ . 
[May 17.]— Allows him §60.50, expen 
uess, while representative from Gill, dui 
session of 1851. 

fo. Resolve in favor of Franktin Tlu tie*— " • 
17-]— Allows hi(n £8, for mistake in i 
pay-roll of 18-50, being his travelling feed 
sentative from llardwick. 

07. Resolve for the payment of incid 
of the Slate House —[May 20 1— Appropriates S ' 
tor incidental repairs and purchase of the ne 
articles of furniture the present year, and 
payment of expenses incurred in makins It 
in the Representatives' Hall, ai I inti 
into the Senate Chamber. 

68. Resolve in favor of the Chappequidd . - 
dians.— [May 20."] — Allows £2000 for building 
fences on their lands. 

66. Resolve in furor of Samttel Adams. — [May 
20.]— Of Boston Allows him £100 for services dur- 
ing Shay's rebellion, 1787. 

70. Resolve on the Petition of Daniel J. Se trie 
—[May 21.] 

71. Resolve on the Petition of Huldah Brett, ad- 
ministwtrix. — [May 21.] 

72. Resolve on the Petition of Elisha Has/cell. — 
[May ,21.] 

i •>. Resolves on the Petition of John Hecktor and 
drctc C. B 
eo tril 

\n additional appropriation. [See No. 0] | dians. Appropriates £325 as a trust fund for tl 
Resolve relating to the Land Office. — [May first two, and allows £30 to the last in consideration 

of repairs on his buildings. 
j 7h Resolve for tin pay of the Chaplains 1 
\ Legislature.— -may 23.]— Allows then: 

See Acts, 
is Dicki 


10.] — Repeals the resolve of June i7. 1820, so i 
as it related to the appointment of George YV 
Coffin as Land Agent. [He resigned 
No 190] 

50. Resolve on the petition of Persis uic/cinson 
and o'.hrrs— [May 10. j 

51: Resolve in relation to Parker River Bridge. 
— [May 13.] — The Commonwealth accepts the sur- 
render of the charter of the Parker River Bridge, in 
Newbury. i^ (fC Acts, No. 345.] 

52. Resolve on the petition of Silas 71. Holland 
and Dane A. Marrett.— [May 15.] 

53. Resolve for tin- distribution of the Report on 
the Insects of Massachusetts which are injurious to 
vegetation.-^ [May 15.] 

54 [G.] Resolve concernina the State Normal 
Schools.— {-May 15:]— Appropriates £1200 annually 
for 1851 and 1S52, for the support of the Stare 
Norma] Schools, which, together with the sums 
appropriated bv former resolves, shall be in full 
therefor till 1853. 

55. Resolve in favor of Norman G. Baxter. — 
[May 15.] — Allows him £87, expenses of sickness, 
while representative from Xew Ash ford during the 
session of IS51, 

56. Revolve on the petition or' John Scollcy. — 
[May 15.] 

57. Resolve on the petition of Edward Lamb and 
others.-— [May 15.1 

os Resolve on the petition of Benjamin C. Clark 
and Edward />, Clark. — [May 15 

59! Resolve for the pay of the Scr /eant-at-. !• >is, 
for Extra Services. — [May 15.]— AS! us him glOl 
for attendant e and extra ••'. n ices d n inir 99 days' 
session of the Valuation Committee in 1850. 

60. Resolve on (he petition of Josiah If. Carter. — 
[May 15 ] 

61. Resolve m favor or Daniel Herring. — [J 

15.]— Of Needham. Allows him £50 per 

a n a am 

for injunes received while doing military 
March 12, 1848. 


for services during the present session. 

75. Resolve for paying the current t ■ , 
the Stat Reform School. — [May 23.]— Allows £22,- 
50(1 for the present year. 

7>. Resolve in favor of Zebulon Paine. — "' 
24.]— Of Conway. jTbcfe shall be paid to tin 5 - 
Icetmen of that town, £500. to be by t r 

successors held in strict trust for Zebulon Paine, 
and paid out by them to him and his . mily, 
they shall deem for his interest, 
for the time spent by him in the S< •?•- Pi 
under sentence for an otFence of which . 
he was not c uilty. 

77- Resi ' > for the payment of '' 
expenses of the Legislature, and Valuation • 
mittee of 'the year 1850. — [May 24.]— Ap| . ■- ites 
£1000 therefor. 

78. Resolve to provide for the contingt 

of the Legislature, and the various of) j in the 
State tl te ' • year 1851. — [May 24] — .V; 
priates £1,000 ther. .'or. 

79. Re*oh msate thi Auditor of A - 
count ■:■■■!■■■ in hii of) 

24.] — Allow- him £2 10, for clerical servi • . 
the past two years, not in addition to the sal 
a clerk allowed by the act of this sessi 

... So that the whole a t for 1831 

sh ill not i i ■ 

50. Ilea further 

. . 
make tin ir Jhial rej -u. — | May 24.] — Aulh< rued to 
report in print on or before the first V\ 
January, IS52. 

51. R so/ ■ in fat or o'f Herman I'inct !. — [May 
24.] — Allows him £12 as a mender of the H 
from Chiliuark, session of 1351, on account of a 
mistake in the pay-roll. 

52. ILnu'ces on the Petition cf Nathaniel I 


lA.n E'xnezcr G. Lamsou, and Abel l' 1 . Goodnoic. 
—[May 24.1 

S3. Resolve on the Petition nfCr <?, fe tmenofthe 
town of Norwich. — [May 21.] — [Identical toitk No. 
f"). approved May 7. J 

SI. Re&glve on the Petition of Samuel Gilman t 
Jr., and Janet Cameron Gilman, in behalf of Mary 
Cameron, a minor. — [May 24.] 

8-5. Resolve cancer ning the Draw in the Bridge 
over Mystic River.— [tiny 24.]— The Draw hi the 
Bridge of the Grand Junction Railway Company 
over Mvstic River, to be made not less than 46 
feet wide. 

86. Resolve in favor of Oilman P. Alien. — [May 
24.] — Allows him 540, as member of the House', 
from Essex, the present session, on account of mis- 
take in the pay-roll. 

87. Resolve concerning Quarter master- Gen era" $ 
Department.— [blzy 24.1— Appropriates £4,6-50 to 
defray. the expenses of this Department in 1851. 

£8. [g.] Resolves providing for the Recevfionofthe 
President of the United States.— [Uay 24.1— The 
Governoi- is requested to tender the hospitalities of 
the State to the President of the United States, 
should he visit the Commonwealth as contem- 
plated; and a committee, consisting of the Presi- 
dent and six members of the Semite, and the 
Speaker and fourteen members of the House, shall 
be appointed to make all suitable arrangements, 
in the name and on behalf of the State", for the 
proper reception of the Chief Magistrate of the 
Republic. The Governor is authorized to draw his 
warrant for such a sum as may be necessary for 
these purposes. [For the names of the Commit- 
tee, see above, Special Committee, No. 39.] 

89. Resolve in favor of Thomas W. Tattle. — 
[May 24.] — O.f Boston. Allows him S 362 on ac- 
count of injuries sustained by him in consequence 
of defects in Charlestown Old Bridge. 

90. Resolve to authorize the Treasurer to bor- 
row money to meet the deficit in the revenue 
for the years 1350 and 18-51.— [May 24.]— The 

Treasurer is authorized to issue scrip to the 
amount of 5' 100,000, bearing interest at 5 per cent. 
a year, payable semiannually; redeemable within 
two years from July 1, 18-51. 

91. Resolve on the Petition of John Deldhanty 
for leave to hold real estate. — [May 24.] 

92. [c] Resolve concerning Education. — [May 24.] 
■ — The Secretary of the Board of Education is au- 
thorized to publish, for general distribution, a 
pamphlet, containing portions of his annual re- 
port, arid other matter adapted to promote the 
interests of common school education. Tile ex- 
pense not to exceed $200 in any one year. 

93. Resolve in favor of William 11. Bradford. — 
[May 24.]— In consideration that V.'m.H. Bradford, 
a member of the House, from Plymouth, has by 
accidental injury to his person and providential 
insanity, been' prevented from attending during 
the session, he is allowed the full pay andmileage, 
the same as if he had attended as a member during 
the whole session. 

sions have been annual and have comm< 

Table showing the dotes of the beginning and 

the sessions of the Massat /,„,, >/ s /., 
theii length. 

First day. last li». 

18 II January .5 March 19... 





IS: 6 , 



1839 , 

1810 , 



1843 , 




1817 , 





1 Am-il 



9 . 

. " 16.... 

. " 20.... 

. " 25.... 

,. m 10.... 

• March 24.... 

. •< 18.... 

. « 3.f.. 





. 74 d 

. S! 

. . 92 


,. 90 

. 81 

. 72 
,. 58 

. 81 

. 74 

. 85 





Also Extra Ses; 


2 to Nov. 4, making 12" 
7 to Sept. 1G, " t.i 
21 to Nov. 2-3, ' ; 130 



TJie Massachusetts Legislature, or " Gei\ 
urt," assembled at the State House in Bos 
' the session of 1851, in accordance with 
institution, on the first dav of January,— 
it Wednesday of the year falling on the fir- 
month — at eWen o'clock in the forenoon 

re prorogued on Saturday, May 24, at eh 
lock, P. M. The session accordingly la 
4 days. 

By the following table it appears that this 
u cf the Legislature was longer than any o 
vt has been held for twenty years, or since 
lendment to the Constitution, by which the 



;t Of 




The length of individual day's sessions, in several 

instances, was quite unprecedented. On oi 

sion, the House sat from 11 A. M. (Feb. 10,) to 

3A A. M. of trie next d iv, — PV hour; 

recess. April 23, the Hou-e sat from 9 A. M. to 

Sj- P. M., likewise without any recess. O:- 

other occasions the sessions were protracted to an 

unusually late hour. The yeas and nay \ 

called in the House forty-one times during I 

session, from forty to a hundred minutes b( - 

quired for the operation each time. 

The Senate began its daily sessions at 11 till 
May 5, when 10 was adopted as the hour. Afte] 
noon and evening sessions were held duri 
last week. 

The daily sessions jf the House were begun at 
11 A.M. till Marcii 10, when the hour was 
to 10, and so continued till April 15, whei 9 was 
adapted. Aftemo< h sessions beginning at 3, were 
held d lily from and after May 1, and evenii 
si :: during the last week. 

Neithei II iuse was in session on Sundays - , nor 
on Sal xr(\ iy and Monday, Jan. 18th and 20tl . 
account or the Congressional Klection on the lat- 
ter day.) — nor on Saturday and Monday, March 1st 
and 3d, (on account of the various town m 
on the hitter d y.) — nor on Monday, A; I 
the same reason.) — nor on Thursday, Aj 
! : ; >:.t 1 eing Fast Day. ) 

This session of the Legislature was one of the 
most import mt that has been held Or manyyears. 
'1 In .v •:.-. ts of the la-\vs passed, above, will show 
what was actually accomplished in that way. "We 

ive ' '. '■■■ - me ac oi nt of the procec ' - i 
other respects, embracing the elections of public 
officers, notices of unsuccessful bi!h, ai 
statistics collected from reports made to t 

■ nzation of the two Houses. — The Sen I i 
• ■ ' \ •• order J in. 1, by Hon. Dav: S 
Sen r n ember present, and orgai 
choice of Hon. Henuy Wilson - as Pres 
h o iu : lb> votes out of 28, and Chaun :y 1 
as clerk, he having 20 votes against 12 for I ■ i 

The EIonsewa3 called to order by Hon. 1 i 
M. Pakktjr, of Shirley, the Senior ro 
organized by the choice of Natuantf.l P. 



Jr., of Walthara, fur Speaker, he having 212 votes, 
against 174. for Ensign H. Kellogg, of Pittsfield; 
and of Lewis Josselyn, of Lynn, for Clerk, he ha\ Lng 
108 votes against 185 for Charles W. Storey, of Rox- 

Jan. 3. Rev. A. L. Stone was chosen chaplain of 
the Senate, having iS votes out of 29. Rev. Elosea 
Ballou had 6; Rev. Artemas B. Muzzey, 1 ; Rev. 
Henry M. Dexter, 1. The same day Rev. George 
M. Randall was declarer' elected chaplain of the 
House;, he having 121 votes out of 3-33, there being 
twelve other persons voted fur. It was voted that 
the person having the highest number should be 
declared elected. 

Jan. 7- Benjamin Stevens was chosen Sergcant- 
at-Arms, on the part of the House, he having 331 
votes out of 333; and the next day he was chosen 
on the part of the Senate, having 23 votes, all that 
were thrown. 

The Election Sermon was preached to the Gov- 
ernor and members of the Legislature, at the Old 
South Church, by Prof. E. A. Park, of Andover, on 
Jan. 2d. 

Organization of the Executive. — The whole 
number of votes thrown by the people for Gover- 
nor was 121,372. George N. Briggs had. 56,778; 
George S. Boutwell, 36,023; Stephen C. Phillips, 
27,636; Francis Cogswell, 630 ; Scattering, 239. 
There being no choice of Governor and 'Lieutenant- 
Governor by the people, the House proceeded, Jan. 
10, to elect from among the four persons having 
the highest number for each office, two to send to 
the Senate. 

The constitutional candidates for Governor were 
George N. Briggs, Geooure S. Boutwell, Stephen ; 
C. Phillips, and Francis CoggsweR. From these, 
Messrs. Boat well and Phillips were selected to be 
sent to the Senate, the former having 21S, and the 
latter 216 vote.;-;, against 171 and 170, respectively, 
for Mr. Briggs;. 

The constitutional candidates for Lieutenant- 
Governor were, John Reed, Henry W. Gushman, 
Amasa Walker, and Henry C. Cushinan. Prom 
these, Messrs. H. W. Cashman and Walker were 
selected, having each 21 1 votes against 166 and 
154, respectively, for Mr. Reed. 

On the 11th of January the Senate proceeded to 
elect from the candidates thus presented, to them. 
George 8. Boutwell was chosen Governor, having 
32 votes, all that were thrown, except three blanks 
not counted. Henry IF. Cuskman was chosen 
Lieutenant-Governor, having 20 votes, likewise 
ail that were thrown, except five blanks not 

Jan. 13. The organization of the Executive part 
of the Government was completed by the choice of 
nine Councillors by joint ballot of the I wo Houses 
in Convention. Six of them were qualified in 
Convention, on Jan. 15, two Jan. 21, and one 
Jan. 29. 

The same day, Jan. 13, the Governor and Lieu- 
tenant-Governor were sworn to the faithful dis- 
charge of their duties, and to support the Con- 
stitution of Massachusetts and 01 the United 

The Governor delivered his message in person, 
on Jam 16th. 

Jan. 14. Amasa Walker was chosen Secretary of 
the Commonwealth, receiving 230 votes out of I 
413, and Charles B. Hall was chosen Treasurer and I 
Receiver-General, receiving 230 votes out of 414. j 
Feb. 2S, David Wilder, Jr., was chosen Auditor! 
of Accounts, receiving 2H votes cut of 279. 
These elections were made by joint ballot, in con- 1 

Contested Elections. — By the Constitution, each 
House of the Legislature is the jud«e of the elec- j 
tiensj returns, and qualifications of its own mem- 
hers. During the session, eight cases of con- 
tested seats were settled in the House, which, on t 

account of the evenness of parties in that branch, 
excited particular interest. 

1. The first case brought to the attention of the 
House was thatof Nathaniel Clark, claim ii 
as Representative to the General Co u •. I 
tick. At the election, in the box I 
Representative to the Gem al ( mrt, there 
were found nine printed votes, beai 
ignation "for Representative in C 
with the name of '• Horace Mann, of S 
three with that of "Samuel H. Walley, of Rox- 
buiy," neither of whom were eligible as represent- 
atives to the Legislature from Natick. All the 
other votes for representative to the Leg 
were written. There was another box for votes for 
Representative in Congress. The Selecti 
eluded these nine votes, and returned "no i 
as the result of the election. Jan. 8, thp Commit- 
tee on Elections reported that the niue votes 
should not have been counted in making up the 
number for Representative, to the General Court, 
but should have been excluded, making th 
number of votes 433, necessary for a choice 232 ; 
and as Mr. Clark had 233, he was duly elected, and 
was entitled to a seat. The report was accepted 
the same day without much opposition. 

2. The next ease settled was that of W t . Bragg, of 
Milford. By the State Census of May,1850,on which 
the apportionment of representatives fort] - 
ten years was based, Milford was entitled to but 
one representative. At the election, however, 
after the choice of one representative, it was voted 
to send another, and Mr. Bragg was then elected 
as the second. The ground for this proceeding 
was the belief that the assessors in making up 
their returns had committed some eirors.and that 
the population was really enough to entitle the 
town to two representatives. The Committee on 
Elections reported, Jan. 31, that they had voted to 
give Mr. Bragg an opportunity to prove these 
errors ; but he .subsequently informed them that he 
apprehended he should not he able to make out so 
clear a case of errors as to warrant him in urging 
the propriety of going behind the census returns, 
and accordingly he should withdraw from the 
House forthwith. The Committee were thus re- 
lieved from a case of considerable embarrassment, 
and reported that the election of Mr. Bragg •' was 
null and void, and that he is not entitled to a 
seat in this House." This report was accepted, 
Feb. 5. 

3. The right of Mr. Barry, cf Hanover, to bis 
seat was disputed on the ground, that the elei ti 
on Nov. 2-5, ISoO, when he was elected, was null 
ami void, be< a use the warrants th< re for wei e I 
Nov. 16, 1850, and v ai ne 1 the inhabitai - I 

on the '* 25th day of November next," w hich would 
strictly mean Nov. 25, 1851. Feb. 20, the Com- 
mittee reported that the remonstrants h i 1 faile \ 
to make out a case, and that they have leave to 
withdraw. Feb. 28, this report was accepted. 

4. The next case sc ttled was that of Mr. Rung, of 
Sterlhig. Feb. 19. the Committee reported tl5 I i 
their opinion, the decision of the case turned on 
the question whether the polls, at the third and 
final ballot, when Mr. K. was elected, were opened 
after five o'clock, P.M. After a careful examin i- 
tion and detail of the best of the contradictory 
evidence, they were of opinion that it • 

5 ; and accordingly reported that the re: 
had failed to make out their case, and that the Bit- 
ting member, Mr. Rugg.wasdul} elected, and «i s 
entitled to his seat. Feb. 27, this rcj rt was ac- 
cepted; March 4, a motion to reconsider its accept- 
ance was lost, 04 to 110. 

5. The right of Mr. Edwards, of West Xctcbury, 
to -his sent was disputed, on the ground that he 
did not have a majority of the whole number of 
votes, including two ballot9 found in the box for 
votes for Representative to the General C 

1 755046 


bearing this designation, " for Representative to 
Congress for District No. 3, James II. Duncan, of 
Haverhill." The Selectmen had excluded these 
votes. The Committee reported that these two 

vtitcs ought not to have been included in counting 
ihe whole number of votes for Representative to 
the General Court ; consequently Mr. Edwards had 

a majority, and was legally chosen, and that the j 
Selectmen did right in giving him a certificate of 
his election, and that he was entitled to his seat. 
March 4, this report was accepted. 

6. The right of Mr. Robinson, of Necdham, to 
his seat was disputed, on the ground that the names 
on the voting list were not checked at the third bal- 
lot, at which he was chosen. It was proved that the 
names were checked at the first ballot, but not on 
the other two; at which, however, the list was 
held by one of the Selectmen, who permitted no 
person to vote until it was ascertained that his 
name was on the list. This had always been the 
custom in Needhara. There was no evidence of any 
fraud or double voting at any of the trials. The 
Committee reported that in their opinion the neg- 
lect of the Selectmen to check the voters' nnmejs 
according to law, ought not to operate to disfran- 
chise the tow n, but that the penalty of §200 should 
apply to thern as tee only offending parties* and 
was a sufficient guaranty for the enforcement of 
a due observance of the law. Accordingly they 
reported that Mr. Robinson was duly and legally 
elected, and was entitled to his seat. April IS, an 
amendment that he was not entitled to his seat, 
was rejected, and the report, as above, was ac- 

7. The case next decided was that which ex- 1 
cited most interest, and on which opinions most! 
differed, viz., that of Mr. Nye, of Plympton. At 
the election, the first ballot for representative re- 
sulted in no choice. Motions to adjourn and to 
dissolve the meeting were made, put, and lost. 
The Selectmen then called for the votes for a 
second trial. About the same time a motion was 
made not to send a representative, but the evi- 
dence was very contradictory and conflicting, 
whether it was made before or after the second 
balloting had actually begun. The Selectmen ruled 
this motion out of order, on the ground that there | 
was no article in the warrant for the meeting an- j 
thori?:ing it to be put, and they refused to entertain | 
it. The second balloting was proceeded with, and 
resulted in the election of Mr. Nye. The ground I 
on which his right to his seat was disputed was, j 
that this decision was wrong — that the motion not , 
to send was proper, legal, and was made at a sea- [ 
sonable time, and ought to have been entertained ; j 
■ — that as the presiding officer refused to entertain i 
it, all subsequent proceedings in electing a repre- f 
sentative were illegal and void. On the other I 
side, it was admitted that the reason given by the 
Selectmen for ruling out the motion was not suffi- 
cient, and that the motion was proper and legal, if 
made at the right time; but that it was not so 
nude, if made after the balloting had begun, on 
which point the evidence was conflicting. It was 
urged that the testimony that it had begun, being 
positive, while that on the other side was negative, } 
gave the former greater weight. Moreover, even if j 
tne motion was reasonable, and the Selectmen were j 
wrong, their wrong decision honestly made, with- ' 
nut fraud, ought not to invalidate the el etion and 
disfranchise the tow;; ; and. finally, that presump- 
tions were in favor of Mr. Nye's right to his seat, 
so that it must be proved that there was suf- 
ficient informality to unseat him beyond a rea- 
sonable doubt — that any doubt should be in his 
favor. The testimony and arguments in the case { 
were very voluminous. Jan. ; J .G, the original ' 
^port of the Committee was made, that the elec- { 
!■ ° n wns % °hl, and declaring Mr. Nye's seat vacant, j 
freb. 5, the question was debated, and the next day, j 

when the previous question was 
loo, the report was accepted IT'J to 164. 
a motion to reconsider this vote occupied the 
tention of the House sixteen hours, and 
day it prevailed 194 to 170 The repoi 
committed, with instructions to report additi 
evidence and the conclusions of fact and I 
principles. March 27, the Cot.: 
again, adversely : a minority report bi ing m tde at 
the same time on the other side. April 17. 
some debate the previous question was ap] 
trie report was amended, 162 to 154, by the 81 
tution of the minority report, declaring Mr. Nye 
entitled to his sent, and in this form, was ado] 
155 to 141. April 19, a motion to re cons:-! r 
vote was debated, till the previous question was 
applied, and rejected lb} to \','2. So Mi. Nye re- 
tained his seat. 

S. The case of Rev. Mr. Baker, of Georgetown, 
turned on the question whether he had been a res- 
ident of Georgetown for one year previous t i 
election. He removed with his family from 1. 
where he formerly resided, to Georgetown, just 
about a year before his election. The testimony 
was conflicting and uncertain, which town he ac- 
tually resided in at election time. One member of 
the Committee being absent, the remainder were 
equally divided as to his right to his seat, and 
made two reports. April 11, to the House, one or. 
each side. April 22, a motion to recommit these, 
'with instructions to take the testimony of Mr. D. 
himself was lost, and aft°r much discussion, at 
the suggestion of a member, he stated to the 
House his own opinion. He Baid thac he had a 
very strong impression that he had begun hi? resi- 
dence in Georgetown, Nov. 11, 1849, and that he 
did not vote, as was alleged, in Essex at the elec- 
tion of that year. Upon this, a motion to ai 
the adverse report was rejected, 14 1 to 153, and 
the other report, that he was entitled to his, 
was accepted, 156 to 139. April 24, amotion to re- 
consider this vote was lost, 142 to 173. 

Decease of a Member^ — But ovo member of the 
Legislature died during this session ; Pr. John 
Spence, Jr., of Boston, died Feb. oh This sad 
event was appropriately announced to the Hi 
by his colleague, Mr. John P. Putnam, the same 
day; and that branch, after passing resolutions, ad- 
journed, in reject to his memory. In the Senate, 
upon the receipt of the intelligence by message, 
Mr. Seaver made a few remarks, when that branch 
also adjourned, 

Washington's Birthday. — The House, Feb. 22, 
after listening to some patriotic remarks from 
Gen. Cashing, of Newbury, at 12 o'clock, -voted to 
adjourn "as a manifestation of veneratioi 
memory of the Great Founder of this repul 
respect to the Constitution — of profound and une- attachment to the Union — and of dev - 
tion to the principles of lofty regard for liberty, 
joined to order, which are consigned to us in the 
farewell address of the Father of his country." 

Limitation of length of Speecltes. — In the House, 
April 18, an order was submitted, that on and 
trie 24th, no member should speak more than ten 
minutes; which was laid over under the rules till 
the next day, and then rejected. May 15, a sim- 
ilar order, limiting the time to fifteen minutes, v . i 
adopted, 111 to 53, — but after trying i t ^ prai 
:•>■ rati m a f< w \ aurs, this v^ f ^ was reconsi U 
. ■ to 02 and the order was bid on the tal te. 

Payroll — The pay-ro'.i of the Senate 
to 5 12, US: and that of the House to £1 
and there wa* allowed to Wm.H. Bradford,< I 
mouth, his full pay and mileage, £300 [R 
and to two members $\ 47.50, on account 
ses of sickness (Res. AVw. 55. and 65 ) 
total pay of members of the House $ I 18,o7 ' ■ ' '• ' ; 
addition to this, £200 was paid I 
(Res, -Vo. 74), $4,804 to the Clerks, $3,421 to Mea- 



sengers. Doorkeepers, <.K'c, ami JoO to Preacher ot' 
the Election sermon — making the whole compensa- 
tion to the members and officers of the Legislature, 
for the session, $139,204.50; thete was also allow- 
ed to sundry members of the l--i r i < i.j t u re of 1850 
5264.70*, on account of sickness, &c, making the 
total 5139,469.20. 

Massachusetts State Record. — In the House, 
May 13, it was "Ordered, that the Sergeant-at- 
Arms furnish to each memberof the House, a copy 
of the Massachusetts State Record for 1851." A 
subsequent motion to reconsider this vote was lost. 

Elections of Senators in the U. S. Congress. — In 
the House, -Jan. 10, a motion was made " that l\h 
o'clock the next day be especially assigned for the 
election of a Senator in the Congress of the United 
States for six years from and after the 4th day of 
March next." A motion to amend this by adding 
the words: "and in the election the roll of the 
House shall be called and each member shall give 
his rote rird voce,'' after a long debate, was lost, 
129 to 181. The next day, the original motion was 
amended by substituting the 14th for the day of 
the election, and it was then adopted. 

Accordingly, Jan. 11, two ballots were had for a 
Senator, but no choice was effected and the assign- 
ment was laid on the table, 189 to 1.5.7. Jan. 15, it 
was taken up, and a motion to postpone it. to the 
next day being lost, lG7to 215, another unsuccess- 
ful ballot was bad, when the House adjourned, 1S7 
to 179. Jan. 16, two more ballots were had, and 

the further execution of the order was 
for one week, 189 to ITS. Jan. 23, threi 
lots were had, and the House adjourn 
150. Jan. 24, two more ballots were hi 

further execution of t 1 .. 
weeks, 188 to 182. ieb. 7, three m 
were had, and the matter was post] 
202 to 126. Feb. 11, it w;:s postponed t ■ 
day without discussion or opposition, the R 
then being engaged in the " Nye" ete 
Feb. 12, a ballot was had, and the matti r •• . 
poncd two wneks. Feb. 26, two mor^ ballots were 
had, and the matter was postponed two v 
ISO to 182. March 12, two more ballot 
and a motion to postpone four weeks bi 
182 to 10.}, the matter was postponed i 
March 19, a ballot was had, and the matter was post- 
poned two weeks, 106 to 151. April 2, ;* I 
postpone four weeks was lost, 164 to 201 
postpone two weeks was also lost, 162 to 15 
ballot was had, and the matter was po 
three weeks, l?o to 133. April 23, fo 
were had, the House remaining in session eleven 
hours. The next day, April 24. the consideration 
of the matter was resumed, when two ballots were 
had, at the latter of which, (being the 26th from 
the beginning.) Charles Sumner, q/Bostt b / 

received exactly the number of votes necessary to 
a choice, was declared elected on the part of the 
House. The following is a statement in a tabular 
form of all the ballots : 

1 d 






1 h 

>■> i 



C i I: 




1 | 

« ! 




2 1 =j 









1 ^ 



r « 








Ballots . . 

. . 1 2 


•1 j 5 




1 10 


15 16 

17 18 

19 20|21 22 23 2 

2 5 '!■], 

Whole No. of Ycttes 
Necessary for a choit 

J381 383 3S7 378 374 oS:: 382 378 3S2 381,381 3S< 
1191 192 104 190188 102 192100 102 101 101 101 

Chas. Suiaxier, Boston 186 1SG IS5 1S21S0 187 188 185 184 186 188 189 
R. C.Winthrop, '•'• 1167168 172 16.". 166 ltiOloS 156 171 168 108 167 

H. IC. Child.;, POt field , 
Piins Merrick, Worttes'rj 
Itaa^ Ixivis, " \ 

P.. Rantoul, Jr.,Bev : ly i 
G. S. Boutwell, Groton | 
S. C. Phillips, 8ulem 
Berg. F.HaDett, Boston 
&.]*"". Briggs,Pitt$aeid : 
John Mills, Springfield 
Samuel Hoar, Coo cord 
J. H. Briggs, Nantucket 
Caleb Chishiug, Xefl b'y 
Fr. Coggstrell, Bedford I 
H. W. Bishop, Lenox | 
Isaac O. Barnes, Boston' 
D. Henshaw, I-eicester [ 
8. A. Eliot, Boston 
8. D. Bradford, Roxb'y . 
A. Walker, N.Brooktt'd 
G. P. Osgood, AndoTer ■. 
A. isettit'toa. CbicOp<M> 
Chas. Allen, W orcester 
Horace Mano, Xewfcon 

Total of Scattering 
Blanks, not COttttted 

D O *; 

8, 5 

2 2 

3 2' 
1 1 
1 1 
1 1 
9 2 

- ; i 

- ! i 

-I i 

i - 





1 1 1 


















1 - 






I - 













380,382 388888 390 390 386 330 3SS. 386 384 77 
191192 195 195 L96196194191 1951194193 ; i 

lSSiiii93l93 183 ISS 185179194193191 I ••"• 192193 
168169 169168,170 168 166 169 167 H 

2 '2 .' 

i a 

; lj - 

- J - 

' 1 



; 1 


Z ~ ~ _ 

lj: :::| 
if . . 

2! - ; 3 11 
4 4-124 

1 - - 5 1 
- - 1 1 - 

3 - j 5 

1 1 

112 1 

- I 


- - - . 

- - I - I 

9 10 

1 1 1 

- : . 

• ;-i 

- - 2 3 

... . . 

8J 21 11 10J 14 11 I 

1 - - 

6 4 

i 1 

. . 

1 - - - 


1 s. - - 

21) 30 31 2? 26; 20 2o 27 
4 1 1 2 3 12 2 

i ;; 

24 30 26 27 31 31 3.'. 32 27 27 27 ! 
1 1 8 3 2 1 1 - - 1 I ■ - 12 

As is stated above, a proposition that the voting [ the members of the House. Jan. 16, however, it 
should be viva my was rejected, before the ballot- was ordered that thereafter the mem 
iags began. The first three were conducted in the deposit their votes at the table in :. 
usual manner, by passing boxes round among 1 Speaker's desk, in presence of the House and under | 



. i .c inspection of a committee, marching thereto, 
' iu order, by forms. This mode of conducting the 
. ballots was used from the fourth to the thirteenth, 

I inclusive : but after the eleventh ballot, Fe'*>. 7, it 
; was ordered that during the "voting the floor should 
: beclearedof all persons except members. Feb. 12, 
I -.** an additional precaution, it was ordered that the 
I Clerk call the names of the members in order, and 
! check them as they deposited their votes; this 
• was done from the fourteenth to the twenty-fifth 
I ballot, inclusive. April 24, it was ordered that the 
i votes should be enclosed in sealed envelopes before 
j being deposited, and this mode was used at the 

twenty-sixth and final ballot. 
) Meanwhile, the Senate, Jan. 17, assigned the 
22d for the election on their part of a Senator for 
J six years from March 4, 18-51. On that day it was 
ordered, 23 to 11, that the vote be taken viva voce, 
and the result was as follows: 

For Charles Sumner — Messrs. Austin, Bucking- 
ham, Cazneau, Dean, Dewitt, Graves, Griswold, 
Howe, Kimball, Keye.s, Morrison, Mosely, Robin- 
son, Saunders, Taber, Usher, Warner, Welch, Wel- 
lington, Whitney, "Wood of Plymouth, Wood of 
Worcester, Wilson [President],— 23. 

For Robert C. Winthrop — Messrs. Barney, Bks- 
sett, Boynton, Daniels, Hawley, Halliard, Hub- 
bard, Hvde. Kuhn, Newell, Hussell, Sears. Seaver, 
Wilkins— 14. 
For Heavy W. Bishop—hit. Beach— 1. 
Absent — Messrs. Bigelow and Brown — 2. 
And accordingly Charles Sumner was thereupon 
declared elected, on the part of the Senate. 
. In the Senate, April 2o, their Clerk-was directed 
to notify His Excellency the Governor that Charles 
Sumner had been elected, by concurrent vote of 
both Houses, to be Senator in the Congress of the 
United States for six years from and after March 4, 
185.1. May 14, a communication was received from 
Mr. Sumner, signifying his acceptance of the office. 
Election of Senator for the unexpired term. — In 
the House, Jan. 21, a message was received from 
the Governor, communicating the facts of the res- 
ignation of Hon. Daniel Webster, July 22, 1850, 
and the appointment, by Gov. Briggs, July 27, of 
Robert C. Win th top, to be his successor u until 
the meeting of the Legislature, " in accordance 
with the Constitution. A similar message was 
received by the Senate, Jan. 27, when that body 
proceeded to assign the next day for the choice Of 
a Senator to fill the vacancy, the term expiring 
March 3. 1851 ; and it was ordered, 16 to 15, that 
the vote should be viva race. 

Accordingly the Senate proceeded to a ballot. 
Jan. 28, when Robert Rantoul, Jr., received 21 
votes, Robert C.Winthrop 13, and StephenC. Phil- 
lips 2; Messrs. Bigelow, Bassett and Robinson be- 
ing absent, and there being also then a vacancy in 
the Senate, caused bv the resignation of Mr. Taber, 


Lantoul received the vote ui all the Sen; 

tors present who voted for Mr. Sumner on the 22d, 
except Messrs. Buckingham and Morrison, who 
voted for Stephen C. Phillips, and also that of Mr. 
Beach, who before voted for Henry W. Bishop, 
and Mr. Brown, who was before absent. Mr. Win- 
throp received the votes of all the Senators present 
who voted for him on the 22d. 

In the House, Jan. 2J, the next day, wasassi - 
for the choice, on the part of that body, to fill this 
vacancy. Jan. 30, the ballot was had, and resi 
asfollows: Whole number of votes, 372; m 
for a choice, 167. Robert Ran ton!, Jr., had LSI 
Robert C. Winthrop, 173; George S. Boutv 11 
H. H. Childs, Josiah E. Abbott, Henry W. 
op, 2 each ; Charles Sumner, Stephen C. Phi 
Benjamin F, IlnUett, Samuel D.Bradford, 1 each; 
and two blanks, not counted. 

Accordingly Robert Rantmd, Jr., of Beverly, was 
elected by the concurrent vote of the two Houses. 
His credentials were presented in the U. S. Senate 

Eeb. 7, but he did not t :... 
22.^ His term expin d M irch 4. 

Time, pi ■■ t , atidnu nm r o/< 'ectiom of I 
aturs—ln the House, M : . 
" to define the time, ; i • 

elections for Senators in ' 
that whenever a (J. S 

time shall be prescribed bj ;• int resolutii i 
two branches of the Legislature; th 
chosen by concurrent vote of the twi 
voting separately, by viva voce vote; and in cue 
of disagreement between the two Housi . I 
proceedings to be repeated. May 22, this 
refused a third reading, ol to 57, and thu n 

Western Railroad Jhr>. tort — [i convem 
the two Houses. Eeb. 14, J. S. ('. Knowlton of 
Worcester, and Edward L. Keyes ofDedham, were 
elected Directors in the Western Railroad on be- 
half of the Commonwealth., the former receiving 
203 and the latter 202 votes out of 391. 

Preacher of the next Election Sermon. — 'I he- 
choice of this officer, by usage, rests with 
I branch of the Legislature in alternate years. . 
2-5, the House proceeded to his election for the 
[year 1852. The whole number of vote - 
which Rev. Abel Stevens (Editor of the Zion's 
Herald and Wesleyan Journal; had 17'J, a 
accordingly elected. The next day a note was re- 
ceived from him declining the office, and tl e House 
proceeded, March 5, to another electi ... when 
Rev. Rollin H. Neale received 106 out if 283 votes, 
and it was voted that he be declared elected. 

CJiouye in Ele< lion Day. — A proposed 
ment to the Constitution, to change the day of the 
election for Governor, &c, to the Tuesday next 
afti r the i rst Monday in November anm 
as to correspond with the day required by the U. 
S. Law h'-r the election for President! 
received the assent of the Senate, 24 to S, &n May 
7, but was indefinitely postponed in the Ho 
May 22. 

Coiinly Oj/icers. — In the House, Feb. 21, a 
was reported" providing, as a uniform daj for tl 
election of all county officers, except in Si Ik an 
Nantucket, the urst Monday in March. Feb. ! -. 
a motion to amend by substituting for th 
second Monday in Novel -was! '. I 
the bill was th. po itponed, I • to 41, i 

and thus rejected. 

Valuation of the Slate. — The valuation of : 
State,, as made by the Valuation Coi flS50, ! 

appointed to sit during the recess, was 
amended, and adopted in the Senate, . 
in the House April.28. Asfinallyest , th< 

iiumbej ' | iol in the State is estimated at 245,- 
142, and theproperty is valued at 5*597,936 • 5 '• . 
Lis and 5217,587,172.00 are in 
4k ' ounty. 

' property of Corporation 
th y are located. — In the 
, it was ordered that a joint c ; ecial com- 
mittee ^ .V>. 22 ! be raised to consider the exp< . - 1 

- •■;• law so as to secun I 
March 2$, the Committee repi rted a . for the 
purpose, } s refused a third reading, 

13 to 21. and ted. 

Taxat of Mortgaged Real Estate. — In the 

Sen the Committee r.n the - T 

trucii i to inquire " if some h : 

necessary to t 

I prop rty, rcquiri \ I •■ n rt 

■ • : • amoun I." J 

■ i •.. >rtc i in conformity with tl 
this ' rder, which was somewhat am 

. through its scvei . st > in that 
In the House, April 12, the Comraitt 
it < s refused I I t it 

and Maj 16, the bill was I 

— Th< whole number of tracts I 
in common and undivided, bv . 



Maine, which have be*m sold since the separation, 
amounts to eighty-five; and they ar f * of virions 
dimensions, amour.' ing, in the aggregate, to S3 !,•';! I 
acres, equal to thirty-tight and one-third full 
townships of 23,010 acres each. The amount fur 
which they have been sold, is §833,30,2. 

The whole number of tracts of land which have 
been divided by the two States, and sot off in 
severalty to this State, arc 11-3, containing in the 
aggregate 2,486,038 acres, equal to about 108 full 
townships of 23,040 acres each. The s->le of a 
portion of these lands, down to, and including the 
year 18-50, amount in the aggregate to 1, 589,491 
acres, and were sold for the sum of §876,502. The 
number of acres of lands held in common and 
undivided, remaining unsold, is about I ,$76,000. 

In the conveyances of townships, there were 
reserved fur public uses, in each township, 020 
acres. In addition to the amount of lauds set off 
to this State, as before named, a considerable num- 
ber of the reserved lots fell to the share of this 
Commonwealth, also many islands along the 
seacoast of Maine. 

There have been taken from the Massachusetts 
share of lands, several townships granted to acad- 
emies, to soldiers of the revolutionary war, and 
to the settlers at Madawaska. 

Since 1820, the number of acres sold has been 
2,412. 527 ;' grants and reservations, 468,364 acres ; 
receipts for bales, timber, &c, §l,993>26»5o ; paid 
for surveys and explorations, £72. 337. 97 ; paid for 
making reads, &c, §70,676.04 ; current expenses of 
land office, §39,083:78. Balance handed over to 
the treasury, in money and securities, §1,816,1 28.76. 

The quantity of laud owned by and strictly in 
the possession of Massachusetts, either in. severalty 
or jointly with Maine, is now about 14,000.000 acre*. 
Besides, she etillretains the fee ofsome townships-, 
noon which the right to cut timber has been sold, 
either for a time limited or in ptfrpetuum. With 
the exception of a few townships which lie upon 
the extreme head, waters of the Kennebec and 
Penobscot Rivers, these lands are all located upon 
the River St. John and its tributary streams. This 
fact materially affects their value, for the timber 
upon the waters of this river, whether within the 
State of Maine or in the province of New Bruns- 
wick, has but one avenue to market, and that is 


>hcd by it 

river itsel 

Whenever it reaches 

tide-water, it is within the territory of Great 
Britain, and if shipped to a port of the United 
States, is subject not only to the export duty of 
the province, but also to the payment of such 
duties as our own tariff imposes. Whatever be- 
comes of it, it is burdened with the impost of the 
province. The consequence is, that all or nearly all 
the timber which goes down this river, is shipped to 
England or the Continent. Another consideration, 
which in some measure affects the value of the 
largest part of it, is its distance from market. 
These considerations cause lands upon the River 
St. John to be much less valuable than are lands 
no better timbered and no better watered, which 
lie upon the Penobscot. 

In the House, Jan. 30, a resolve was reported 
providing fur a. division of the public lands in 
Maine, in accordance with the act of l'SIO, relating 
to the separation of the District of Maine from 
Massachusetts proper. This was laid on the table, 
Feb. 3, 145 to 67. May 22, the bill, having been 
taken from the table was refused a third reading, 
and thus rejeete L. 

Monuments — The resolve (No. 6) in aid of a 
monument m Acton to the memory of Capt. Isaac 
Davis was so successful (being ordered to a third 
reading in the Eiouse, Feu. .'i. by the decbtive vote 
of IbO to 31, and all motions to re: onsider, Src, being 
lost) that several other projects fos " monuments " 
were started. In the House, Feb 13, the Committee 
ut he Library were instructed to consider the ex- 

i< y < f .v State appropriation of 
nl a monument tojol n Eliot, thei 
■ dians, to be elected in Forest Hil 
! March 0, the Committee reported that il 
pedient to m »ke such an appropria 
a motion to ai lei I this report by tubstitui 
appropriating §2 100 for the purpose, v 1* ■ 
01 to 121, and the reportwas accept 
March 31, a motion to reconsider this ^ 
53 to 124. In the Senate, April 14, a like tn 
amend was lost, and the report was a • • 
the House, a petition was presented for State aid 
to z monument to Crispus Attuck, who fell in the 
Boston Massacre, March 0, 1770, and referred. 
The Committee reported leave to with Irati I 
and the report was accepted by the House, May 
I, and soon after by the S< nate. 

Commissioner to' the Industrial Exhibition. — In 
the Senate, Jan. 23, a resolve was report .pro- 
viding for the appointment of a Massachusetts 
Commissioner to attend the indu 
London, and appropriating §3000 for his c 
and those of the State Committee who have had 
contributions in charge, which was forthwith passed 
to be engrossed. In the House, Jan. 2 . this 
resolve was refused a third reading, 84 to 164, ind 
thus rejected. Jan. 30, this vote was reconsidered 
150 to IIS, and the resolve was recommitted. Feb. 
pi it was reported in a new draft. Feb. 15, this 
was amended, 4o to 45, by striking out all relative to 
the appointment of a Commissioner, so as to ap- 
J propriate §800 to defray the expenses of the - 
I Committee who had had the Massachu t1 
contributions. in charge, and was ordered to a third 
reading, 133 to 40. In this form, it was finally 
passed by both branches as above, (Resolves, No. 
20.) v 

Compensation of the Clerks.— -In the House, Feb. 
i 6, a Committee was raised to consider t 
Feb. 18, they reported a resolve which was finally 
passed. (Mesokes,No. 38.) At the same time, how- 
ever, Mr. Heath of Tyringham submitted a minor- 
ity report, expressing the opinion that thei 
great a difference between the conrvpensati n of the 
clerks and members, with a resolve which 
rnitted as an amendment, allowing the clerks from 
§5 to §7 a day, with §100 for copying the journals 
in duplicate, and to the Assistant Clerks, from 
§2 to §4 a day. March li, the latter resolve w is 
amended so as to make the Clerk's pay §8, and 
the Assistant's §4. The question on "this was 
divided; the first branch was rejected, 114 to 168, 
and the second adopted, 94 to 65. April 5, this 
last vote was reconsidered, and the resolve w;;s 
ordered to a third reading, the same as :t was origi- 
nally reported, and in this form it was parsed by 
both branches, as above. 

Pauper Accounts. — In the House, Feb. 17, at the 
same time that the bill was reported, which ■ 
sequentiy passed and became a law, (Acts, ,\ - 1 .'. l 
providing as a penalty For delay in returning pau- 
per accounts, the forfeiture of a certain percentage 
instead of the whole amount, the Committee on 
Claims reported a resolve for the payment of all 
the back accounts si 1 :e 1 848, heretofore I 
for delay, 48 in number, (28, forfeited under trie 
same circumstances, having been allowed from time 
to time by special resolves,) amounting in ail to 
§1,531.66. Feb. 20, this resolve was laid on the 
I table, and subsequently recommitted. Mai 
i it wa reported iu a new draft, allowing to 61 1 
§2,372.83. Mai rh 31, a motion t.> r« 
rosolve, with instructions to repi 
solve, embracing the principle of paying a 
towns wuose accounts have been refused paj 
j for delay, was lost, and the resolve was refused a 
third if.' ling, and thus rejeete;!. April 1, this \ itc 

1 was rccousidered, and tbe resolve (in 
I draft) was ordered to n third reading. May 3, ti 
resolve was amended bv substituting the n« 




j draft and inserting a general provision for thepay- 
i men* o( all pauper accounts which have been dis- 
I allowed on account of delay, and was passed to bo 
1 engrossed, 112 to 03. In the Senate, however. 
May G, the resolve was refused a third reading, 11 
to 20, rind thus rejected. May 21, a motion to re- 
consider this vote was iost. 

Increase of Salary. — In the House, April 11, the 
Committee on the Judiciary was instructed to con- 
sider the expediency of increasing the salary of the 
Hampden Judge of Probate. April 19, a bill was 
reported establishing this salary at §340 per annum. 
May 19, this bill was indefinitely postponed. 

Apportionment of Senators and Representatives. — 
In the House, Jan. 15, it. was ordered that a joint 
special Committee, {No, 1.5,) be raised, "to con- 
sider the expediency of so amending the Constitu- 
tion, as may secure to all the towns and counties 
a more equal and just system of representation for 
the House of Representatives, and also for the 
Senate." In the Senate, March 26, this Committee 
ropor ted a; plan, which was agreed to by all of their 
number but one, proposing to amend the Con- 
stitution in two respects : first, as regards the 
House, to give one representative annually t,o 
every town or city having 1000 inhabitants, two to 
5000 inhabitants, and to every town or city having 
more than oOOO inhabitants, one additional rep- 
resentive for every 6000 ; thus, three to 10,000, 
four to 15,000, &c, provided that no town or city 
have more than 30 representatives ; towns of less 
than 1000 inhabitants, to have one representative 
as many times in. ten years as 100 is contained in 
their population : all of these numbers to be in- 
creased one-tenth, whenever the population of the 
State has reached 1,100,000, and by an additional 
increase of one-tenth fur every 100,000 above that 
number. The second proposed amendment, pro- 
vided that the Commonwealth be divided into forty 
single senatorial districts, according to population. 
April 3, Mr. Aspinwall of Brookline submitted his 
minority report, dissenting from the proposed 
amendments, and recommending a change only in 
the Senate. April 10, the first proposed amend- 
ment was adopted in the Senate, 23 to 13, and the 
.second, 29 to S. Mav 6, the first was rejected in the 
House by a vote of 180 to 151 (not two-thirds,) and 
the- second, 118 to 181. In order to have become 
part of the Constitution, these amendments must | 
have received the votes of a majority of the Sena- i 
tors and two-thirds of the Representatives, present j 
and voting, for two successive years, and then have j 
been submitted to the people and accepted. 

The subject w;is then recommitted to the same | 
Committee, with instructions to consider the ex- 
pediency of amending the Constitution in some 
other way than that thus rejected by the House. I 
In the Senate, May 10, the Committee asked to be j 
discharged from the further consideration of the 
subject, being unable to agree upon any plan. \ 
This report was accepted, in the Senate, May 12, 
in the House, May 13* 

Single Representative Districts. — In the Senate, 
May 14, a bill was introduced on leave, for the di- i 
vision of cities and large towns into single repre- 
sentative districts, and referred. May 10, it was 
reported back to the Senate. May 10. it was 
ordered to a third reading, 16 to 5. May 20, it Wa ! | 
passed to be engrossed, 23 to 14. In the House, 
May 24, the bill was referred to the next General 
Court, 120 to 71 ; and was thus iost. 

Removal of the Seat of Government from Host ■-■ 
— In the House, Feb. 28, it was ordered that a 
Joint Special Committee (No. 29,) be raised to con- 
sider the expediency of removing the Seat of Gov- ; 
emment to some town in the interior of the Com- j 
mon-.veaUh. March IS, the Senate concurred in | 
this order. April 30, in the Senate the Commits e j 
made a detailed report in favor of the proposed re- ; 
muval, and reported a " resolve concerning the | 

removal of the Seat of Government to some town 
in the interior," providing for t! • .. 
five comrai9#oners to examine sites for a new seat 
of Government, and to estimate the ex| 
new public buildings. On the I9tl 
amendment to authorize the commissi >nen t > Gx 
definitely the site of the New Stat.,- House, eras 
rejected. Another amendment, to submit the i 
| tion of removal to the people at the Novel 
election, was also rejected. An amendment, author- 
izing the commissioners to inquire info the til 
the land on which the present State House stands 
was adopted, and the resolve was ordered to a 
| reading, 24 to 12. The next day, May 20, : 
ordered to be engrossed, 21 to 14. 

In the House, May 23, the resolve as ir 
the Senate was ordered to a third reading, 131 to 
109. But subsequently, during the same day, this 
vote was reconsidered] 127 to 120, and the 
was laid on the table, HI to 119. The next dav, 
which was the last day of the session, a motion to 
take it from the table was lost, 131 to 139, and 
thus the resolve was lost. 

Enlargement of the State House.— -In the House, 
May 10, the Committee on Fublic Buildings were 
instructed to consider the expediency of providing 
further accommodations for the State Library, and 
for Committee rooms, and the expense th 

May 12, the Committee reported in favor of a 
plan for the extension ofthe State House, by O. J. 
F. Bryant, the main features of which are as 
follows : 

The extension to consist of a building measur- 
ing 58 feet in length, and 41 feet 6 inc 
and to be four finished stories in. height; to be 
located immediately north of the one story portion 
or hall of the building now containing the statue 
of Washington, and to be attached to the north 
wall of said hall, extending therefrom to Mt. Ver- 
non street, and to t> built in conformity wit! 
\ re, cut structure. The lower or basement story of 
the extension will be wholly above the surface of 
the sidewalk in the street. The second or princi- 
pal story will be on a level, and of uniform hi 
with the Rotunda or Doric Hall of the present 
building ; will contain the Library, to befitted with 
alcoves, Me. The third story, tne floor of -•■ 
will be on a level with the lower part of the H 
of Representatives, will contain two large C 
mittee rooms, so arranged that they can be thrown 
into one room for important hearings. The fourth 
story is to be finished with four Committee rooms. 
There will be one entrance to the extension I 
Mount Vernon street, and another from the east 
side of Doric Hall through : n entry at the si . 
two of the fire-proofs, oast of the statue cf V 
ir.cton. An accurate estimate, prepared ' • me- 
chanics of ability, of the cost of the uro'pojed 
extension, amount-; to the sum of $15,1 

A resolve authorizing theSergeant-at-Arm 
der direction of a Committee of the legislature, to 
Cause an extension to the State House to b« 
structed in accordance with this plan, and a; • 
priating §15,000 to cover the expenses, was 
reported at the same time, which was refused a 
third reading, May 24, and thus rejected. 
^ Gas in the State House. — The Represental 
chamber has been for several years lighted, in tl c 
evening, with gas. In the Senate, Feb. I i, I 
Scrgeant-at-Arms wa-> directed to cause the! 
chamber to be lighted with cas. In the House, 
Feb. 20, a similai order was passed with rega 
thc Clerk's room. Feb. 21, a simil . 
regard to all the Committee room-; was 
and referred to the Committee on Pub] 
tures. In the Senate. Feb. 28, this C 
reported an order for the introduction 
the Committee rooms, and Secretary and ["n is- 
urer's offices, the expense not to exceed <. 
which was rejected. 


Slavery — The joint special committee (No. 17,) 
on this subject, reported a spries of resolves, in 
the Senate, March 28, which, after being variously 
amended, were passed to be er.2r0.ssed in the Sen- 
ate, May 1G, 33 to 5. In the House, May 23, they 
were laid on the table, by the close vote of 167 to 166. 

Personal Liberty. — The joint special committee 
on slavery (No. 17.) reported in the Senate, March 
28, a bill "in addition to the act [of 1813] for the 
better security of personal liberty/' extending the 
authority to issue writs of habeas corpus to justices 
of the peace, &c. In the Senate. May 21, this bill was 
refused a third reading, 13 to 16, and thus rejected. 

Inquiry whether the freedom of inhabitants has 
been endangered. — The select committee of the 
Senate (No. 4,) made a detailed report, April 22, of 
the hearings and investigations had by them, and 
reported two bills, one "concerning calling out 
the militia," vesting in the governor the sole- 
power to call out the militia during any session of 
the General Court or Executive Council in Boston, 
or at any time when he is in Boston or in any 
other city, instead of in the mayors of such cities ; 
the other " to punish disobedience to the laws by 
public officers," extending the prohibitions of the 
personal-liberty act of 1843 to all persons holding 
any office under the statutes of the commonwealth, 
under penalty of $160, " to be recovered by indict- 
ment or information, or by action of debt on the 
part of any person choosing to sue for the same." 
The report and bills were laid on the table, and 
ordered to be printed; and no further action was 
had with regard to them. 

Ana to 

il Diagrams for Schools. In the 

House, March 1.8, the Committee on Education 
reported that the several petitioners that anatorii* 
ical diagrams be furnished by the State to the 
schools have leave to withdraw. At the same time 
a minority report was made ia accordance with 
their prayer. May 1, an amendment to substitute 
for the former report a resolve authorizing each 
district to be supplied with eight diagrams at 2oc. 
each was rejected, and the report was accepted. 
May 3, a motion to reconsider this vote was lost; 
May 6. the report was also accepted in the Senate. 
Exclusion from Public Schools.— In the Senate, 


uaea n 




jant for admission to any of the public schools 
in this commonwealth shall be excluded therefrom 
on account of color or race," and was subsequently 
passed through all its stages in that branch. In 
the House, May 20, this bill was refused a third 
reading, and thus rejected. May 22, a motion to 
reconsider this vote "was lost, 122 to 120. 

School Districts. — In the Senate, April 22, a bill 
was reported " to authorize school districts to raise 
money for the support of schools," for a longer 
time, and of a higher character than the towns of 
which they are a part may he disposed to main- 
tain, which passed through all its stages in that 
branch. In the House. May 23, it was refused 
engrossment, unanimously, and thus rejected 


Truant Children.- 
was reported, "in ; 
truant children and 
thorizing the eomm 
houses of correction, 
payment of the line 
law. May 20, this bil 
ing,23 to 3. May 22. i 
In the House, M iv 2- 
ing. am! thus rejectee 

State Reform *KrAo< 
March 0, was receivei 
sioners, (William Ap' 
and George VV. Cai 
ceding year to ponsi 
form School for Girls. 
this report. 

" There are two distinct ground 

In the Seriate, May 17, a bill 
ddition to an act concerning 
ab-entecs from school," au- 
tment of such truants to the 

j 'Iron may be confined in bu . 
First, — pimply as a punishment, on 
j some offence known to the law, . . 
would seem that the term of CO 
bear some relation to the gravitj of t 
awl til-.- pi 1- oner at the cud ol i 
charged; or -• com 
the State to assume the guard 
whose natural or a, tual gut •• 
permit them to pursue a c<>;:rsf» of lif 
or dangerous to society, in which co 
gers of the institution should have I 
power of guardians over the inmates, in 
that of binding them as apprentices d 
ity. So great i< the reluctance among u - to pro - 
ecute young girls for a first offence, or for any but 
very grave offences, that commitmei I 
ground would probably be very few, and tlio 
the most incorrigible character. But if i- ■ 
mated that in Bost m alone, there are three h 1 - 
dred girl-;, under seventeen years of acre, who on 
the latter ground would be fit subjects foi - 
establishment, and twelve hundred boys." 

"It is therefore the impression of your commis- 
sioners, that if any such action over female chil- 
dren be assumed, it should be understood 
mere guardianship, or agency, to placi 
reputable families and undei private dome Jtic pro- 
tectors, as soon as possible. They are aware that 
these views differ from any which have \ een hith- 
erto acted on, either in Europe or Araeri< 
they respectfully submit, that they are not 
fore the less adapted to our state' of - 
less worthy of Massachusetts, nor t! 
to promote the usefulness and the happiness of 
her native or adopted children." 

The subject was referred, and the Committee 
reported in the Senate, May 17, that it be 1 
to the next Genera] Court, lb:-; report 
cepted by. both brani 1 es. 

.1 id to the Ft ma '>■ Medical Education Socu ty. — In 
the Senate, April 3, a resolve was reported . 
ing so. 000 from the State treasury to this 
provided a like sum he obtained fron i 
donations, which was rejected, 13 to 18, .'■ 

Lotteries. — In the Senate, Jan. 21, ISoJ . the Com- 
mittee on the Judiciary vert- instrud ' 
whether any further legislation be 
prevent imposition on the public by m 
teries, allusion being made to Gift I 
Unions, &c. Feb. 21, the committee t 
that in their opinion the present statul - .. 
fieirutt, and that no further legislation i* m. . 
■ — which ;• p >rt was .'■■ c -pted. 

Intoxicating Liquors. — in the House, A] 
hill was reported by a sp--ci ai co mm 
" regulating the sale 'if intoxicating 1 
absolutely prohibiting their sale '■. 
tavern or grocery ke( pers ippoii f . ,; I t 
pal authorities, except for medicinal or 1 
[purposes, under penalty of fini ai 
j authorizing search under the warrant 
I tic-.- of the peace of j . mises where any three I 
voters affirm under oath thev have i\ 1 -.- 1 sus- 

pect such liquors are kept or deposited intended 

1 the 

Iti default of the 
ed for in the existing 
rdered to a third rca-'t- 
• ii>ed to be engrossed. 

is : fused a thud n.^'i- 

Girls. — In the House. 
report of the Commis- 
, Joseph II. Billings, 
) appointed the pre- 
subject of a St. 1 te lt< - 
twi> extracts from 


on which ehil- 


! for sale, and pro':.:, il rig i ny person engag< 1 in the 
traffic from sitting on an) jury. May lh : v . : 
; was ordered I ■ . I . . g, U I to 68. M 

: was passed to be engrossed, 123 to !■ In 
I Senate, May 23, however, it was indcfii 
I ported, 23 > 13, and tbsi qu :.''. a : 
i tion of this vote w .- •>■ fuse !. 
I Asylum for confirmed Tnebriat I 

'. Sp< cial Committee"(A*o. 16) on thi 
\ a deta led report in the Senate. April I !. a 
\] rticd t»y "r':-M>-;r> concerning an Asylun 
I In< briates," providing for M ■• •; ; ointn 
I commissioner ; to consider the< - 
\ lishing such an asylum, to report a 
i organization and government, to suggest a 


lion, and to estimate the cost; which were passed 
in the Senate. In the House, May 19, they were 
ordered to a third reading, 60 to 60. May -3. they 
were laid <m the table. A subsequent motion to 
reconsider this vote was lost; and thus the re- 
solves failed to receive the assent of the House. 

Gambling, — In the Senate, May 5, a bill was in- 
troduced " more effectually to prevent gambling," 
with very stringent provisions. May 17, it was 
passed to be engrossed in the Senate. In the 
House, May 22, the Committee to which it had 
been referred, reported that it ought not to pass; 
and May 23, it was rejected. 

A bo lit i 'on of Capital Punishment. — The Special 
Committee (Xo. 21,) on this subject, made a long 
report to the House, April 24, accompanied by a 
bill, providing as the punishment for treason, 
murder, rape and arson, imprisonment for life, in- 
stead of the death-penalty required by the existing 
laws. May 19, this bill was refused a third reading, 
17 to 172, and thus rejected. 

Abolition of Police Courts. — A number of peti- 
tions were presented for the abolition of the police 
courts in Lowell, Kewburyport, &c., which were 
referred to a joint special committee (No. 26,)which 
leported in the Senate, May 24, that the petitioners 
have leave to withdraw, which report was accepted 
the same day by both Houses. 

BctifHj/ to Horticultural^ and further bounty to 
Agricultural Socict'us. — In the House, April 2',i, a 
biii was reported, allowing from the State Treas- 
ury to any Agricultural Society embracing a pop- 
ulation of 510,000, £200 annually, on a capital of 
51000, and in the same proportion for a greater 
capital, but not more than $600; and to any Hor- 
ticultural Society covering not less territory than 
a whole county, §100 annually on .$TQ0O, and in 

sioners. April 19, in the Senate, b 
ported providittg for the appointme 
ernor, of three Commissioner* foi 1 

years, one '.roin^r out o( 

ti< 9 should be to \ i*it and ii [>ect everj 

at leu si n • ; a year, and Iso at any ti • 

request* d by five stockholders ; aUo 1 

.the causes of accident - 

currence, and with authority to apply to t! • 

preme Court for an injunction to 1 

road corporation from further proceedii 

think the safety of the | 

2o, it was ordered to a third readins, but i 

quently this vote was reconsidered, 23 to 2 

next day it was laid on the table, and it 

ceive any further favorable action. 

In the Seriate, March 5, a bill was : 
"concerning Railroad Corporations," pro 
that no Railroad Corpor tion 11 hereafter 
to build its road, till all its stock has bee;. 
scribed by responsible parties, and t 1 ; r U of 
the par value of each and every sh tre has I 
paid in; also prohibiting the issue of 
less than their par value. March 7, this bill was 
ordered to a third reading. March 10, it was 
amended by substituting twenty for ten 
and passed to be engrossed. In the Ho 
1, it was had on the table, and re- -iv< 
favorable action, although its provisions ■ 
arately inserted in nearl) all the bills concei 
railroad companies. 

In the House, Feb. 21. a bill was reported 
''concerning. Railroad Corporations, a I .-. 
charters for the same," containing a 1 
provisions regulating the form an 
applications for railroad charters, Sec. Apr:; I 
assigned tor its < onsidfuvition. It was tl 

the same proportion for a greater 
quiring annual returns from Horticultural Socie- 
ties. May 19, this bill was refused a third reading, 
and thus rejected. 

State Board of Agriculture. — In the House, April 
4, a bill was reported '• to establish a State Board of 
Agriculture," to be composed of the Governor, 
Lieutenant governor and Secretary of State ex 
officio, and delegates from the various comity agri- 
cultural societies, to take the general supervision 
of all matters relating to agriculture in the Com- 
monwealth ; to receive, hold in trust, and ex- 
ercise control over any donations or bequests from 
private sources, made to advance agricultural edu- 
cation; appropriating one-fourth of the income of 
the public lands, when the s 
reached £1 ,000,0.00. and the \*i 


and re- j up and discussed for several days, when it w 
1 on the table. May 23, it was taken up, and . 
nitely postponed. 

Inthe Hon 1 . May 16, a bill reo ; I 

railroad bridges should be so lit a 
spac« • '•;. feet, in the clear, between the h 
cars and the bridges, was n jccti d, 58 t 101 
23., this vote was reconsidered, and tl 
at: lin rejected, 74 t. i: 
' la tl •■• house VI .y i- ; , another bill, 1 ; r . 5 
that i Hrriers shall be erei .• i to pi ■• nl tl - 
from running oil bridg< into the ijratcr, was 
rejected, ■> i to So. 
In the House, May 17, a bill was rep ted, 

trotiua — occupied the atteni 
latnre largely, as usua.i. A number of laws were 
passed incorporating new companies, and extend- 
ing the privileges 01 old ones, as will be notin I • 
the abstracts of the Acts above. The general logi «- 
lation proposed with regard to them, however, 
with some exceptions, (see Acts, Nos. SS, 102. 14** 
317,) did not receive the support of majorities 
the Houses, and most bills of this kind fail d. 

In the House, Feb. 13, and Senate. Feb. 1.4, an ali> 
Order was passed, directing the Railway Committee tv 

1 relating to signs at Railroad Crossing: 
hool fund shall have j 'zing the munii ipal authority s to cause; 
estern Railroad Stock to be removed at their discretion. Ma 
Sinking Fund shall have reached £700,000, as an bill was ordered to a third reading. 5 
agricultural fund, to he expended at the discretion '> was ordered to be engrossed, In th - s < 1 
of the Legislature, for the encouragement and 23, it was refused a third read 
support of institutions for instruction" in the sci- 1m the Senate. May 10, a bill w 
ence and practice of agriculture. May 12, this 1 leave, and referred, «• c 
bill was refused a third reading, and thus rejected. I voting at meetings ot Railroad I 
Canada ThLitl. ■.— In the Senate. Feb. 1. the restricting the number of votes to 
Committee on Agriculture were instructed to con- any one individual at such m tings 1 
eider the expediency of providing bv law for the when the capital is $ 100,000, or less, sixi 1 ! • 
extinction and prevention of the further spread of wl 1 ii i SoOO.000, one hundred vol 
the Canada thistle within this State. March 2c>. a-'j is £1, -. ■ hundred vote 

bill was reported to this effect, which was refused a .-'■'/''.' L [t was reported back, and w 
third reading, April 2, 6 to 12, and thus rejected. I ' engi *sed Maj 2:. In the House, May 23, it 
j?««ftwirf»— oeeupied the attention of the Lrgis- was htd on the tabic. 

Uoo* ■ ■ Tumid.— In the Senate, M . 
was rcportt i, "to ei the 

!: . Itoi .•' net a 
M ■ ." auth . • of 1 

lib to i- sue s< rip Jn the n 
commonwealth, for 52,000,000, , ■ 
ot bi ir< r in London, or in Bo t< n,: 
! est of fivi per cent per annum, p l] 
• payable in Lone 1 
from d ite, or twentj -1 

to consider the expediency of providing by 1 w for j Oct. 1. 1851. This scrip to 

the establishment!^ a Hoard of Railway Commis- i Troy and Gree rfield Railroad Curpoioi.o 



purpose of enabling that corporation to construct 
a tunnel under and through the Hoosar Mountain, 
between the '' great bend " in Deerfield river in 
the town of Florida and the village of North Ad- 
ams, in instalments as follows: — §100,000 when 
the Governor and Council were satisfied that suili- 
cient provision had been made tor the completion 
of the road except the tunnel, and that #300,000 
had been spent thereon ; 5100,000 scrip more when 
5200,000 more has been expended : % 100,000 scrip 
more when §200,000 more has been expended ; 
5150,000 scrip more when 5300,000 more has been 
expended; §150,000 scrip more when $300,000 more 
has been expended ; and the residue of scrip when 
the whole road is completed except the tunnel. 
On the receipt of scrip by the corporation, ten per 
cent, on its amount to be paid into a sinking fund, 
and when the road is open for use, 550,000 annu- 
ally to be added to this fund. The corporation to 
give the State as security a mortgage of its entire 
road, income, franchise, and property ; also all its 
interest in the Southern Vermont Railroad, and a 
guaranty from the Vermont and Massachusetts 
Railroad Corporation, secured by a like mortgage 
on that road. April 12, this bill was ordered to a 
third reading, 21 to 11. April 17. it was passed 
to be engrossed, 23 to 11. In the House, May 13, 
aftet an amendment referring the matter to the 
people had been rejected, 123 to 1?S, the bill was 
refused a third reading, 108 to 237, and thus re- 
jected. May IG, a motion to reconsider this vote 
for the purpose of amending the bill, was lost. 

Aid to the European and North American llail- 
icay in Maine. — The joint special committee to 
whom this subject was referred, reported in the 
House, May 22, that it behoves the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts to afford some counte- 
nance to this enterprise, on account of the relations 
of the railway to her commercial interests, and be- 
cause she is the proprietor of so considerable a 
part of the soil of Maine ; but not considering it 
expedient to encage thereto, as proposed at first, 
a portion of the proceeds of the public lands in 
Maine, they reported a bill granting a loan of the 
State credit to the amount, of 5500,000, in scrip, re- 
deemable in twenty years from Jan. 1, 1852, bearing 
interest five per cent, a ye ir, payable semiannually, 
under guaranties to guard against the possibility 
of loss" to the commonwealth; the scrip to be 
delivered In instalments when 51,000,000 is sub- 
scribed to the company, half of that paid in, and 
the State of Maine has advanced §500,000. May 
21, this bill was referred to the next General Court. 

F 'tic ileyes of Expressmen — In the House, April 
21, a bill was reported, '"regulating the privileges 
of expressmen on railroads," prohibiting railroad 
corporations from affording exclusive or special 
privileges to any expressman except under gen- 
eral rules. May' 10, this bill was recommitted. 
May 23, the committee reported that it be referred 
to the next General Court ; which report was 
accepted by both branches. 

Hanks and Banking. — The special and general 
laws connected with banks and banking, which 
were passed by the Legislature, are noticed above 
in the Abstracts of the Acts. In the House, March 
14, a bill was reported ** concerning banks and 
banking,'' providing for annual and bi-monthly 
returns from the cashiers of all banks; that the 
rate of interest on future loans for the use of the 
Common wealth, shall not exceed percent. ; pro- 
hibiting banks from borrowing money or paying 
interest on debts due ; that no dividends bedeclared 
unless earned, in the preceding six months, or 
unless the bank has sufficient surplus exclusive of 
doubtful debts; that the stockholders annually 
appoint investigating committees; that of the 
directors of Boston Banks not more than one-third 
need be residents of the city, provided a majority 
be residents or persons doing business in the city ; 

that no bank receive or pay bills except 
counter; Urn general pen ilty for i 

these provisions ' i. April 'J. tl 

refused a third reading, 7; t ■ 

April 12, a motion to re< i nsidcr this \ •• 

In the Senate, '• m i 25, the Sj 
(Vo. 1,) reported a bill ••concert.; 
usury," prohibiting bank3 from issi 
money when they have r,"t on hand 2 ) per cent, of 
their capital in speeie ; from loaning mon than 5 
per cent, of their capital to one per 
ing bills of a less denomination than §3 
1861, #6 after January 1, 1So2, S'S after 
1852, 5H after Apr;! I. 1853; and fro:-, 
per centage as exchange in addition to i 
any loan. It also piovided that all USU 
tracts should be void, and money p.-.:': • 
refunded, and that in actions relating to i 
party might use the other as witness 
bill was refused a third reading, and thu 

Increase of Bank Capital. — It will 
reference to the acts passed, that quite 
of banks were authorized to increase their c pit 
All those which applied were not so suctf ssful. In 
the House, April 15, the bill to increase the c 
stock of the Grocers' Bank was refused a third read- 
ing, 80 to 05, and thus rejected. April 23, I 
was reconsidered, and the bill was ordered toa tl - 
reading, 134 to 112. Mar 7, the bill was refused I 
engrossment, 63 to S3, 'and thus again reject* 1. j 
May 10, a motion to reconsider this vote 
70 to 97. In the Senate, May 14, the bill toi 
the capital stock of the Eagle Bank, whi I 
passed the House, was rejected. May 22, th 
to increase the capitalstock of the Hamp 
which, had also passed the, was re 

Alterations in Towns, Sec. — One new town was I 
incorporated, one town was made a city, and boun- 
daries were altered in several instances, as may be i 
seen in the lists of acts passed. 
250, 299; S, 54. 192,205, 293, 323.) There were 
some other propositions of the same kin 
were not carried out. In the House, May 15, -i bi I 
to incorporate the town of Hamburg, at I 
Village, from parts of the five towns of Chester, 
Montgomery, Blandford, Russell, and Norwi ;i 
j indefinitely postponed ; two bills toincorpor: I 
two towns of Sippiean and Mattapoiset fi n 
of Rochester, which had passed the Senate, were i 
rejected; and a bill to annex Charles town Poor j 
Farm in Maiden to Charlestown, propi I as 
amendment to the reference of the mat 1 . . '. 
next General Court, was rejected, and that ri 
was ad >pted. May IV. a reconsideration rtf this 
last vote wns refused, 100 to -V . May 21, the 1 ill 
to annex a part of North Brookneld to Bn 
which had passed the Senate, was rejected. May 
22, the bill to annex part of Dedham to V. 
which had pa-- ite, was rejected, 61 1 

"Formation of a K New County. — A large 
of petitions for and against the establishment of a 
new county from parts of Worcester and Mi 
were presented and referred to a special com 
(No. '-'7.) who reported in the Senate, Ma 
the subject be referred to the next Genera] Court. 
This report was accepted. In the House, May 12, 
a motion to reconsider its acceptance was lost. 

Rhode Island Bow 'cry — In the I'u us( 
a message was received from the Govt:., r, ti ins- 
mitting the report of the Commissioners 
under the Resolve of May 10, 1813, 
the 1 undary line between the States < Massa- 
chusetts and Rhode Island." Fron 

that the effort so often renew 
the line between Massachusetts and ■ 
has failed. The Governor was authorized 
resolves, if the line was not rati! 
1819, I institute su b j ro< ess as b« n 
proper in the Supreme Court of the Un 
j for a final adjudication. Gov. Boutweil re::. 

m-r - - 


in hs message that if there should be no legislation 
on the subject during the session, he should con- 
ii i.-r it his duty to institute such process as may 
,»ul to a judicial decision, and that he could not 
adi \if any further delay. The Committee [No. 34,) 
to whom these communications were referred, re- 
ported in the Senate, April 20, that it is inexpedi- 
ent to legislate on the subject at present, and this 
report was accepted in the Senate, April 30, and in 
the House, Mav 2. 

Filling of Flats.— In the Senate, May 3, a hill 
was reported, "to authorize the Boston Wharf 
Company to complete and maintain their wharf," 
authorizing an extension thereof of 150 feet. May 
7. it was passed to be engrossed. In the House, 
May 20. it was refused a third reading, and thus 
rejected ; but, May 22, this vote was reconsidered, 
the bill was ordered to a third reading, 1-14 to 99, 
and under a suspension of the rules by a vote of 
160 to 4S, was forthwith passed to be engrossed. 
May 23, it was passed to be enacted in the House, 
and May 24, in the Senate. The same day the 
Governor returned it to the Senate, the branch in 
which it originated, with a message, stating that 
he entertained objections to its passage, and con- 
sequently withheld his approval, because the bill 
contemplated not only a grant of flats, the prop- 
erty of the Commonwealth, to the company, but 
necessarily implied " the extension of this grant, 
along a line of more than 3000 feet towards South 
Boston, thus involving a surrender of about o00,- 
000 feet of fiats, in which the State has a valuable, 
vendible interest. If this portion of the public do- 
main, over which the tide now ebbs and flows, is 
to be converted into land, it seems just that the 
proceeds should be applied to the improvement of 
the harbor, or in some other way made serviceable 
10 the commerce of the State, in which all the 
people are interested. But I am induced to with- 
hold my assent to this bill, by a consideration 
more important than, any to which I have referred 
— the preservation of the harbor of Boston. Its 
main channel has diminished several hundred feet 
in width, and from three to five in depth, within 
thirty years, and vessels of a large class have re- 
cently grounded at low tide. Scientific and practical 
ma, may differ as to the cause, but the fact of a 
gradual and fearful shoaling of the water is cer- 
tain. This result may be traced to a variety of 
causes, some more important than others; but I 
cannot doubt that a serious one is the conversion 
of large tracts of marshes and flats, over which 
the tide once flowed, into solid land." The Senate, 

The effect of the proposed structures, I 
would be to < 

the harbor, r, large tract of flat*, the property 
either of riparian owners or the Common 
••By the (••■ration of natural law 
would finally become unfit for commeri 
poses, and in time would be al 
tide. A 1 trge portion of the i 9 its are 
city of the State, subject only to tbe righl 
shore owners to pass over them," bu1 the natu- 
ral accretion by deposit would ultii 
the rights of the riparian owners to the solid struc- 
ture, " and thus ultimately convert valuable public 
interests to private use, without any com;- 
whatever." The interest of the State in tb 
enclosed in the basin, is estimated to extend to 
several thousand feet. Another objection 
bill was that it contained no provision for the com- 
pensation of the owners of the wharves, which 
would be deteriorated in value by effects of trie 
structures. The message coi ' . ■ " 
that another avenue to South Boston may at some 
future time be constructed, but it should have re- 
gard to the rights of individuals,- the rights of the 
Commonwealth, and above all, to the safety of the 
harbor. The bill to which I have made th 
jections, appears to me to be essentially defective 
in all these particulars." The Senate proceeded to 
reconsider the bill, but two-thirds did 
pass it, notwithstanding the Governor's objections. 
The vote was 7 in favor to 1-5 against. 

In the Senate, Mav 10, a bill was reported to 
" authorize the City of Charlestown to fill up c?r 
tain flats in Mystic River," authorizing: the cit; 
and other proprietors of certain de-^ 
fill them up, under the name of the Mystic River 
Corporation, with a capital of 5200,000, the filling 
tube begun within three years, and completed 
within eight. The bill was reported by a mi 
of the Conimittee, the majority report 

t I 

verse to -the project. May 21, a motion to refi 
the matter to the next General Court was 

to 10; the majority r rt was amended by the 

substitution of the bill, 22 to 13, and it was ordered 
to a third reading. May 22, it was passed to be 
engrossed, 25 to 9. In the House, May 23, it wa, 
ordered t > a third reading, an I under at sj 
siou of the rules by a vote of 112 to 42, was | 
to be engrossed, and a motrOn to reconsider this 
vote was lost. May 24; the question being on its 
final passage, the Governor having already vetoed 
two bjlls of a somewhat kindred nature, a motion 
was made :-:r its indefinite postponement. 

was cut off by ti c lie tion ol 

question, and it was passed to I 

in accordance with the Constitution, proceeded to i after d< b; 

reconsider the bill; but two- thirds did not agree to j the previo 

pass it, notwithstanding the Governor's objections, j enacted, 52 to 14. In the 

put three Senators voted in its favor, viz., Messrs. > question being on its final passage, it was rejected, 

Bigelow, Daniels, and Seaver. 8 to !3, and a reconsideration of this vot 

In the Senate. Mav S, a bill was reported, to : refused, 7 t ■ 12. So the bill was lost. 
* 4 establish the Eastern Avenue Corporation," an- j In the Senate, Mav 13, a bill ted "to 

thoriziwg the construction of a pile bridge, 40 feet incorporate the Suffolk Wharf Company." May 
wide, with draws, from the foot of Summer Street j 14, it was ordered to a third read::,.:. M ly 15, it 
in Boston, across Fore Point Channel, to the " ex- was pass >U to be engrossed. In the House, ' I ] 
tremelineof solidfilling," established by the Com- 22, it «a< I d< u the table, and several subsequent 
missioners of 1850, and an " arooi^' thence, to be . mot : I ike '■> up were lost. 

a solid structure 100 feet wide, for a street and side- A ■"■ ■ ■' : —During 18)0, 1,007 v. 

walks,withdrawsandsluieeways,to L street, Sunt !i (213 American, 78*3 English 6 Swedish, 1 Prus- 
Boston ; also the construction of a sea-wall along sian, J IJ '^sian.) arrived at ports in Massachusetts, 
the Commissioners' Bine; the bridge, street, and bringing "•.>*;/; dien passengers. 
avenue to be open for free travel to the public, I ■' and Anns.— The military ;r 

without toll, and to be completed in five years b i :mg to the State, March 14, 13-51, was n 
Mav 20, this bill was ordered to a third reading, 21 ■ ' —Cannon bronze, 12-] 

to 10. ' May 22, it was passed to be engrossed. 20 j 9- >un rs, 2: 6-pounders, 12: 24-] 
to 9. In the House, May 23, it was ordered to a third 2 I ■ I -. I 

reading, 133 to 72. May 24, it was ordered to be j pounders, 2; 9-poundcr. 1 ; 0-pound rs, 2; i 
engrossed. The same day it ; was passed to be en- vettes, .. ; muskets, 8,45*1 ; pistols, I 
acted by both Houses, and was submitted to the Holt's Patent, ISO ; common, S02. Whole nun 
Governor for his approval. He returned it to the | ot cannon issued and in use, 40; muske 
Senate, where it originated, with his objections, be- i rides, 512. 
ing unwilling to give his assent to its passage.) Charles River and Warren Brutyes." 

-Number of 



All received the best to give, and the 

vessels that passed the draw of Charles River 
Bridge, upwards, in 1850, 2.954, of which 2,486 
passed the draw of "Warren Bridge. Expenses of 
the bridges, in 1850, §7,032.90. 

Children supported at the public charge. — The 
number of children under fourteen years of aire 
supported at tin- public charge for 18o0, was 3,664, 
of v, liich 2,158 were boys and 1,500 girls. 

Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Hartford, Ct. — Num- 
ber of pupils, beneficiaries of Massachusetts, in 
1850, 74. Expense to the Commonwealth, §8,205.58. 

Discharged Convicts. — The State Agent for 
discharged convicts reports that of the 138 persons 
discharged from the State Prison during the year 
ending Sept. 30, 1850, 114 claimed his attention. 
50 were assisted to leave the city. About 25 ap- 
plications were for board, clothing and employment, 
9 for employment alone, IS for clothing alone, 12 
for hoard and clothing ; 28 were furnished with 
board, and 12 with tools 
advice in the power of tl 

assistance as tar as possible which the unnumbered 
wants of men so circumstanced demanded." 

Indians. — The expenditures by the Treasurer for 
the Marshpee Indians, in 1850, for their benefit, 
amounted to §1,286.32. The Commonwealth paid 
$089.40 of this., the rest was received from rents of 
land, sales of permits to catch trout. &e. The ex* 
.peil.ditures for the Herring Pond Indians in 1850, 
were $537.20. 

.Land Office Accounts. — Acres of land sold in 
Maine, in 1850,332.331: amount received therefor, 
and for timber, in cash, £56,169.98; in notes, with 
interest, #130,148.96. 

Militia. — N\rmber of enrolled militia in Massa- 
chusetts, 1850, 110,0-30, being 12,850 increase from 
the preceding year. Number of active militia, 4,791, 
of which 21 ore included under general staff, 10S 
cavalry, 1,106 artillery, 2.940 light infantry, 340 
riflemen, '.'00 regimental bands. 

Receipt* and Expenditures of the Commonwealth. 
— The whole ordinary revenue of Massachusetts 
for 1850 was $492,81 0". 64, received from the follow- 
ing sources : bard: tar. 5354,742.22; auction tax, 
512,958.93; alien passengers (eight months). $35,- 
1-36.08; attorney of Suffolk county, £4,131.80; 
balances of alien estates, $251.54 £ hawkers' and 
pedlars' licenses, $2,082.00 ; interest, &e.,$ 2,891.- 
89 ; dividends on 10,000 Western Railroad shares, 
^80,000.00; over-payments refunded, 5371.93; 
miscellaneous, &e., $244.25. 

The ordlnar 1 

005..'" 1, the pri' 
00; legislature 
state house, tv. 
stationery, 5- 

expenditures, in 1S50, were S^^r 

cipal items being : council, $4,918.- 
$90,912.00; salaries, $76,108.66; 

1. repairs, furniture, &c., 50,001.42 ; 

205.40; state library (two years), 
5000.00; newspapers and advertising, $£847.32; 
state printing, $19,465.05; postage, $626.43; 
legislative journals, $1,347,00; sheriffs, for dis- 
tributing documents, &c, 5020. OS; contingent 
expenses of legislature, $1,000.00; international ex- 
changes, $300.00 ; copying documents in London 
5310.25 ; commissioners, 
Rhode Island boundary, ; 
$1,788.10; railroad cross 
Corner. $50.00; publ" 
lands, $875.46; II err 

viz. : bank, $3,668 00 ; 
. ..027.69: Boston Harbor, 
issings, $500.00 ; Boston 
property, $630.80; public 
:■; Poird Indians, $430.00 ; 

amounting in all to $8,470.65; legal counsel, (lion. 

John Davis,) $1,500.00 ; bounty to agricultural so- 





lunatic hdspita 
70; Indians, $1 
44 ; pensioners 



Master General's Department. Si 


[uests, $2,773.- 
it and Quarter 
000.00 ; militia 
itate reform school, $22,000 ; 
interest on loans, $58,082.65. Actual deficit for 
the year 1850, $59,190,78. 
Registries of Deeds, — Number of deeds recorded, 

bouiit \ 

. 522. 


at the various offices, in 1850, 41,000; other in- 
struments, 7.02). Fees received by the r< .0 
for deeds, fl9 f 499.52; for other instrument*, .<:,- 
299 80. Number of legal pages covered, 1 10,221. 

Schools. — The school fund amounted, Dec. !, 
1850, to $958 f 92l.l9, < f which $740,361.46 i i 
ductive, and so invested as to yield an annua', rev- 
enue of about $40,000. The charges for educa- 
tional purposes on the proceeds of sales of land in 
1800 were $25,668.61. June 7, 1850, the exec:: >r 
of the late Henry Todd of Boston, paid into 
I hands of the treasurer of the commonwealth 
! 797.72, the amount of his bequest in aid of the 
' Normal School-;. 

The number of school districts in the 321 town? 
of the State, Jan. 1, 1851, was 2,818;' numbei of 
schools (public), 3,878. Number of persons be- 
tween 5 and 15 years of age, 193,232; of scholars 
in summer, 176,344 ; in winter, 194,403. Average 
attendance in summer, 128,815 ; in winter, 14 
Number o: teachers in summer, male, 325, fi . 
3,801, total 4,126; in winter, male, 2,117, female, 
2,187, total 4,004. Number of different persons em- 
ployed as teachers during the year, male 2.107, 
female 4,568, total 6,735. Average duration of 
schools, 7 months 12 days. Average wages of 
teachers, permonth, including board, males, $34.- 
S9; females, $14.42. Amount of money raised by- 
taxes by the towns, for support of schools, $S64,- 
667-85. Amount of voluntary contributions, $34,- 
704.31. Aggregate expended on public sch 
for wages, fuel and superintendence, 5958,501.33. 
Amount raised by taxes for the education of each 
child in the State between 5 and 10 years, per 
child, $4.02; amount required by laio to be raised, 
only $1.50. Number of incorporated academies 
returned to board of education, 67 ; scholars there- 
in, 3,717; paid for tuition therein, $57,444.30. 
Number of private schools returned, 845 : scholars 
therein, 19,004 ; paid for tuition therein, $561,241 .- 
92. Amount expended on public and private 
schools and academies, exclusive of cost of repair- 
ing and erecting school edifices, $1,277,187-55. 

State Library. — Paid fur books in 1850, $561.75. 
Received by purchase in 1S50, 187 volumes ; by 
exchange through State department, (laws, jour- 
nals, &c, of the United States and of other States) 
127 vols., 22 pamphlets ; by donation, 10 vols., 12 
pamphlets ; by international exchange, 02 vols., 2 
pamphlets ; from other sources, 23 vols. "Whole 
number of volumes added in 1850, 304; of pam- 
phlets, 36. Books lost in 1850, 2; recovered in 
1850, before reported as lost, 1. 

State Lunatic Hospitals — The number of pati ?nts, 
Dec. 1, 1850, was 111; admitted ci..ri:.^ the pre- 
ceding yev.r, 241 ; discharged, 229. Of the 441, 
State paupers, 1 s 1 ; foreigners, 109. llate of 
board established for 1850^and ISM, $2.25 per 
week. Of those discharged 125 were recovered, 
10 improved, 28 incurable and harmless, 4 incur- 
able and r eruus, and 07 died. The Hospital 
has been in operation 18 years, in which time 3,593 
patients have been admitted, 300 have died, have 
eloped; 1,001 have been discharged, recovered, 
400 improved, 018 not improved) mostly incurable. 
Current expenses for 18 years, $544,967.52, aver- 
aging $118-75 annually for each patient. 

State L J rison. — During the year ending Sept. 30, 
1S50, 221 convicts were received, and 130 
ed, viz. : 108 by expiration of sentence, 1 ! bv r< 
si on of sentence, 3 by removal to State Lunatic 
Hospital, escaped, 3 died. Number i:i pi - 
Sept. 30, 1850, 410. 

State Reform School, TVestboro'. — During the 
year ending Nov. 30, IS50, 418 boys enjoyed ' 
bent tits of this institution; lOSwere admitted, and 
04 discharged ; average number, 309. 

Western Railroad Sinkino Fund. — The value of 
this fund, Bee. 31, 1850, was $620,320.73; '.alee 
Dec. 31, 1849, $541,841.00. 


^ r 




In our first volume, we gave a complete list of the Governors of Massachusetts, 1620 to 1 s 1 7 , 
I wteh a brief sketch of Gov. Carver. In the second, we gave sketch* of the Governors under the 
j first Charter, which wore continued in the third, fourth and fifth volumes. We shall contii 
} thisand future volumes, brief sketches of each, in chronological order. We give also fac simi 

their autographs, faithfullj taken, by N. B. Shurtleff, M. 1)., from original documi 11 
I paring the following notices, we have drawn chiefly our materials from the Biographical Works of 
! Thacher, Allen, and Herring, and the " American Whig Review." 


Was bom at Marblehead, Mass., 17th July, 1741, 
After receiving the rudiments of education at the 
common town schools, he entered Harvard College 
before he had completed his 14th year, and received 
Its first honors in 1762. 

He demoted himself for several years to commer- 
cial pursuits. Being a member of the legislature 
in 1772, he was appointed on the important com- 
mittee of inquiry and correspondence. The pro- 
vincial Congress of 177<5 appointed him on the 
Committee of Public Safety and Supplies. The 
Committee had been in session at Mehofeomy, then ] 
a part of Cambridge. Mr. Gerry and Col." Orne ; 

were in bed, when the approach of the British 
troops induced them to flee, half dressed, to a neigh- 
boring cornfield, where they remained, while the 
troops searched every apartment of the house in 
order to find them. In 1776, he was sent to the 
Continental Congress, and continued at tin 
member till 178-5. He was a member of the Con- 
vention which framed the present Constitution of 
the United States. He was a member of Congress 
four years. In 171*7, he was appointed a minister to 
the French Republic He was Governor Of M . 
1810, L8I1. March -1, 1813, he was inaugurated 
Vice-President of the United States. He died, 
1814, aged 70. 

Was born in the town of Medford, Mass., in the 

year 17-52. His family had been established in this 
place from the earliest settlement, of the country, 
emploved from one generation to another, in rue 
cultivation of the soil. The father of Governor 
Brooks was a respectable farmer, and he himself 
passed the early part of his life in the usual occu- 
pations of village husbandry. The circumstances 
of the familv prevented his acquiring an academi- 
cal education ; but he attained in the school of 
Medford, sufficient knowledge of the learned lan- 
guages to enable him to engage to advantage in the 
study of medicine, — the profession of his choice. 

"While at school in Medford, the. celebrated Count 
Rnmford, a native of the neighboring town of 
Woburn, was his associate and friend ; and the 
in'.imacy then formed was kept up by correspond- 
ence, till the death uf that distinguished philoso- 
pher and friend of man. 

Having completed his medical studies, he estab- 
lished himself in the practice of his profession in 
the adjacent town oi Reading, and there he was 
found at the commencement of the revolution ur) 
war. A company of minute-men was raised in trie 
town of Reading, and young BrookSj a stranger, 
just established in the town, and but 23 years 
of nge, was chosen its commander. He was inde- 
fatigable in drilling and disciplining the men, in ' 
prepared himself for this duty by carefully obsen 
ing the military trainings of the British soldier) 
in Boston. In the organization of the army, 

which immediately took place, Brooks was ap- 
: pointed a Major in Col. Bridge's regime t, 
1 In the campaign of 1777. Major Brooks was ad- 
! vanccd to the rank of Lieut. Colonel, and attached 
j to the Sth regiment of Mass. tr.'ops, recruit d \ rin- 
I'Cipajij by himself. Col- M. Jackson, <■■' this regi- 
ment, having been severely wounded in 1776, the 
co mm uid of the field devolved principally upon 
j Lr. Col. Brooks during the campaigns of 1777 an 1 
. 177! , and till he was promoted to the command of 
the 7th regiment, with the rank of Colonel, on the 
death of ( A Uden, in 1770. 
j When the British army retreated from Phila- the spring of 177S, Washington left 
j his encampment at Valley Forge, and marched on 
j its rear. At Monmouth, the two armies came in 
. 1 onftict, an I Col. Brooks, as adjutant-general to 
I General Lee, performed a very conspicuous part 
I in the events of that important day. Alter the 
I troops had again taken post on the banks of the 
j Hudson, Col. Brooks was employed under Baron 
Steuben as inspector of discipline, and render* I 
valuable services. In these various | - •■::> of 
duty, he: jquired the confidence of Washington and 
j established a high reputation as a milii 
jeer. Col. Br »ks, like most of his 1 
arms, retired in poverty from the service of his 
j country. !!• immediately resumed the pract 
j his laborious profession in Medford and. the n 
I boring towns. The kindness of his heart, ai 
j gentleness of his manners, procured him the 
I and confidence of ail around him. 



Immediately after the close of the war, he was 
appointed Major General of the 3d division of the 
Muss. Militia. He was frequently chosen a repre 
scntative of the General Court of the Common- 
wealth. He wag delegate to the Convention of 
1788, by which the Constitution of the United 
States was adopted. He was for Several years a 
senator for the county of Middlesex, and a member 
ofthe Executive Council. 

During the administration of Governor Strong, 
he was appointed Adjutant General of the Com- 
monwealth of Mass., and on his retirement from 
the chief magistracy, was called to the chair of the 

state, which he filled with dignity and ability from 
1816 to 1822. 

After ins voluntary retirement from the chair of 
state, Gov. Brooks stiil continued to serv 
community in various important capacities, and to 
manifest hi", sympathy in the public s, 
objects which were presented for his approbation. 

On the 11th of February, 162-5, he attended the 
funeral of his revolutionary associate and suc- 
cessor, Gov. Eustis. He died March 2, 182-5, age 1 
73, leaving an only surviving child, Lt. Col. A. S. 
Brooks of the United States armv. 


"Was the second son of Benjamin and Elizabeth 
Eustis, Boston. He was born on the 10th of June, 
1753. At the age of 11 he entered Harvard College, 
where he was distinguished as a good classical 
scholar, and graduated with honor in 1772. After 
his graduation at college he commenced the study 
of medicine in Boston under Dr. Joseph "Warren, 
the revolutionary patriot. 

At the commencement of the glorious struggle 
between the mother country and her colonics, Mr. 
Eustis was a student. On the 19th of April, 177-5, 
the day of the battle of Lexington, an express ar- 
rived in Boston communicating the intelligence; 
on which occasion Gen. Warren mounted his horse. 
calied Mr. Eustis, and directed him to care of 
the patients during his absence, and departed, for 
the scene of action. About one o'clock on the 
same day Dr. Eustis rode to Lexington and Con- 
cord, where he had an opportunity of dressing the 
wounds received by some of our militia iron' the 
fire of the British. Gen. Warren proposed to him 
that he should receive the appointment of surgeon 
to one of the regiments of the American army, 
observing that he had seen more practice than 
most of the gentlemen from the country. He was 
accordingly appointed surgeon of the Regiment of 
Artillery, then at Cambridge. From thence ho 
removed with the army to 2\ew York, and soon 
after received the appointment of hospital surgeon. 
lie was subsequently offered a commission in the 
line of the armv as Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, by 
Gen. Knox, but he preferred the medical depart- 
ment, where he might improve his mind in the 
knowledge of his profession. In 1777, and during 
most of the war, Dr. .Eustis occupied as a hospital 

a spacious house and outbuildings belonging to Col. 
Robinson, a royalist who had joined the British, 
situated on the Hudson river, opposite to West. 

In all the duties pertaining to his ofnee Dr. 
Eustis was found faithful, humane and indefatiga- 
ble. His urbanity and social qualities rendered him 
popular. When the number of the medical staff I 
was reduced by a new arrangement by order of Con- I 
crress, he was among those who were selected to I 
remain in service ; and in March, 1783, lie was pres- ! 
ent at the meeting of the officers at Newburg, called j 
by Washington in consequence of the excitement 
occasioned by the inflammatory anonymous letters. 

At the termination ofthe revolutionary war, Dr. 
Eustis commenced, his professional labors in 
the town of Boston. In 17SS, he was a member of 
the General Court for Boston, where he was on 
many committees, and took a conspicuous part in 
the debates during six or seven years in succession, 
pursuing stiU his professional calls and duties in 
town. During the administration of Gov. Sullivan 
he was chosen a member of the Executive Council. 
In 1800 he was elected member of Congress for 
Suffolk district. He was an ardent supporter of 
the administration of President Madison. It was 
under this administration that he was appointed 
Secretary of War. In. 181-5 he was appointed Am- 
bassador to Holland. In 1821 he was elected 
member of Congress for Norfolk district, which he 
continued tu represent with ability for four succes- 
sive .sessions. In 1823 he was elected Governor of 

He died after a short illness in Boston, during 
his attendance on the General Court in their ses- 
sion in February, 182-5, in the 72d year of his age. 



Was born in Worcester, Mass., October 2-5, 1782. 
He graduated at Harvard College in IS02, and 
immediately commenced the study of law. He 
commenced as an attorney in Worcester in 180.5. 
He soon distinguished himself as a lawyer, and 
was regarded as at the head of hi3 profession in 
Worcester County. 

In 1812 he was'elected to the State Senate. In 
1811, 181-5, and 1810, ho was a member cf the 
House of Mass. Representatives from Worcester. 
In 1822 he was again chosen Representative by the 
people of his native town, and elected Speaker of 
the House ; and on the following year he « as elect- 
ed Lieutenant. Governnrof the Commonwealth. In 
lS2i he was appointed one of the fudges of the 
Supreme Court of Massachusetts, but was soon re- 

moved from the bench by the voice of the people 

and placed in the cha ; r of state. He was elected 

Governor in 182-5, and continued in this highly 

responsible oflice till 1834. In 1835 he was elected 

member of Congress, and continued till 1S11. In 

1842 he was appointed Collector for the Port of 

Boston. In 184-5, after a period of 33 years, he 

was again elected a member of the State Sera* \ 

for Worcester County, and chosen its President. 

j He has been twice elector o( President and Vice 

President of the United States, and has been 

! honored with numerous other resj onsible trusts, 

j which the historian will find detailed upon the 

| pages ofthe State and United States Records, and 

! in the journals" of our most useful public institu- 

. tions. 

I To speak of the public life of Gov. Lincoln would 




,, iir« n line of investigation and a course of land so well. But few men have blended more 

.•:, v.ox suited to the limits and objects of our | happily true dignity and courtesy of m . 
w rk, But few men have served the public so long | the performance of public duties than Got. Lincoln. 


Was born at Northboro', Mass., Jan. 13, 1787. 
lie graduated at Yale College, in 1S12, and pre- I 
pared for the profession of law. He commenced j 
practice as an attorney in the town of Worcester, j 
and soon commanded the confidence and esteem of j 
the people by his plain common sense and sterling 
integrity. He was not only regarded as an able 
lawyer, but as the faithful friend; — and while he 
responded to numerous calls for professional ad- 
rice— he was invariably true to the higher duties 
of the citizen and of the man. 

Fa IS25 tie waselected member of Congress, and 
continued five successive Congresses. In 1334 he 
wn elected governor of Massachusetts, and again 
.<:■) lb->>. In 1.835 he was chosen- United States Sen- 
ator, in 18*1 he was again elected Governor, and 
continued to hold the office till 18-iu. On the death 
of Senator Bates, he was again returned to the 


^'i> born in Dorchester, Norfolk County, Mass. 

\ pril, 1794. He received a greater part of his 

. ..r at the public schools of Dorchester and 

Boat on, to which town the family removed after 

i hii father's death. He attended, for about a year, 

.. private school in Boston, kept by the late Hon. 

; V ■■ kiel Webster, brother of Daniel Webster, He 

j pa»*ed the two last terms of the year preceding 

■ i : * entrance into College, at the Academy at Exe- 

i ler, N. JI. He entered Harvard College in IV. 

,' when he was a few months more than 13 years old, 

, and graduated with the highest honors, in 181.1. 

Ahhough he was inclined to prepare for thepro- 

I tension o( the law, he was persuaded by President 

j Ktikiand, to turn his attention to the study of 

'•- '• nity. He spent two years in preparing for the 

ministry, and in 1813 was settled" as the pastor of 

; Brattle Street Church, Boston. 

I In $814 a professorship of Greek Literature was 

, established at Cambridge, and Mr. Everett was in- 

j * " : '• - accept an appointment as the first pro- 

■ ' lior. This proposal was rendered more tempting 

by permission to visit Europe, with a view to re- 

t his impaired health. "He was inducted into 

< i teein the springof 1815, and. before he hadat- 

j lain«?d the age of twenty one years. 

| Before commencing his duties at Cambridge, 

Mr. Everett embarked at Boston for Liverpool, in 

nneofthe first ships that sailed after the peace. 

j rrorn London he went by the way of Holland, to 

j Gouiagen, the seat of a University at that time 

• the moat famous in Germany, where he remained 

I re than two years. The winter of 1817-18, he 

»ed in Paris, devoted to the studies subsidiary 

. •> s hia department, and especially tothe acquisition 

« •' ■'■ the Romaic, as a preparation for a tour in mod- 

b Grecc*?. In the spring of 1818, he went from 

, l;*rli to London, passed a few weeks at Cambridge 

'.' ; Oxford, and made the usual tour through 

"' '«*, the Lake country and Scotland. In "the 

"; itumn of 1818, in company with the late General 

j l.ytnun of Boston, he commenced an extensive 

United States Senate, for the residue of his term, 
at the expiration of which he was elected for the 
term to expire in 1S-53. 

Gov. Davis has ever manifested a lively interest 
in the literary and scientific associations of the 
Commonwealth. He has been an active and i 
cient member of the American Antiquarian Society, 
Worcester, of which, he is at the present time, 
the first Vice President; and he is a member of 
the American Academy of Art? and Sciences. 

It is not within our province to speak of the pub- 
lic acts of Gov. Davis, for these will be noticed 
and recorded by the future histoiian. He is a 
gentlemen of great sincerity of motive, and averse 
to useless parade and public notoriety. He is 
happv in being useful to his fellow citizens, and 
his pride consists in having always acted from the 
noblest purposes, with a proper self-respect, and 
for the good of others. 

tour in the east of Europe. After an absence of 
four and a half years, he returned to the United 
States, and entered at once with diligence upon 
the duties of the professorship at Cambridge. 

Up to the year 1824, Mr. Everett had taken no 
active interest in politics. In this year, the late Mr. 
Fuller, who had represented the Middlesex distri ;t 
in Congress for eight years, declined a reelection. 

Under these circumstances, and without having 
been himself previously consulted on the subject, 
his name was brought forward at a volunteer c in- 
vention of the young men of the district. The 
nomination was received with great favor, and he 
was elected by a handsome majority over the regu- 
lar candidate. He was reelected four times suc- 
cessively, by large majorities. On reference to the 
transactions of the ten sessions for which he was a 
member, it will be found that he took part in 
almost every debate of importance. He served on 
several important Committees, with signal ability. 

In the autumn of 1824, Mr. Everett had an- 
nounced his intention of retiring from Congress. 
In the winter of 1S3-5, he w as nominated as a can- 
didate for Governor of Massachusetts, and he was 
chosen in the autumn of that year. He held the 
office of governor till 1840, which he filled with 
honor to himself, and usefulness to the public. 

Believed from public duty, Mr. Everett was led 
by domestic reasons to "^ Europe a second time. 
In 1841 he was appointed United States Minister 
at London, and entered upon his duties at the close 
of the year. 

Immediately after the accession of Mr. Polk to 
the Presidency, Mr. Everett was recalled. He re- 
mained in London, however, until the arrival • 
successor, lie returned to Boston in the ai ' 
of L84o,and in Jan., 1S46, was elected Pi 
Harvard University. He held this ofli 
years, and then resigned on account of il 

The public career of Mr. Everett has 
brilliant one. Whatever he has attena 
been accomplished with much ability, lean 
dignity, and elegance. 




Benj. R. Curtis, of Bos ton, Circuit Judge. 
Peleg Sprague, of do. District do. 

George Lunt, of do. District Attorney. 

Chas* Devens, Jr. o! Greenfield, Marshal. 
Patrick Riley, of Boston, Deputy Marshal. 
Isaac 0. Barnes, of B >ston, Clerk of Circuit Ct. 
Seth E. Sprague, of do. Clerk of Dist. do. 

Commissioners of the Circuit Court of the United 
States, for the first Circuit, and district of Massa- 
chusetts: George S. Hillard, George T. Curtis, 
Edward G. Loring, Charles L. Woodbury. Benj. F. 
Hallett, of Boston, K. A. Chapman, of Spring- 
field, Oliver Preseott, of New Bedford, J. M. 
Bunker, of Nantucket. 

Reporters for First Circuit, Chas. L. Woodbury 
and Geo. Minot. 

Circuit Courts, holden 15th. of May, and 15th of 
October, in each year. 

District Courts, holden at Boston, third Tuesday 
in March; 4th Tuesday in June; 2d Tuesday in 
September, and first Tuesday in December — and 
Special Courts are holden at the discretion of the 

Lemuel. Shaw, of Boston, Chief Justice. 

Charles A. Dewey, of Northampton,"} 
Theron Metcalf, of -Boston, I Associate 

Richard Fie teller, of do. \- Justices. 

Geo. T. Bigelow, of do. J 

Luther S. Cushing. of do. Txcvorte>\ 
John 11. ClifTorcl, of New Bedford, Att'y General 
Geo. C. Wilde, of Boston,? rv^-h^ 

Joseph Wiliard, of do. \ ^erus. 

Laic Terms. 

At Boston, for the Comities of Suffolk andNan- 
tucket, 1st Tuesday of March. 

At Lenox, for "tire County of Berkshire, 2d 
Tuesday of September. 

At Northampton, for the Counties of Hampshire, 
Franklin, and Hampden, on Monday next, preced- 
ing 4th Tuesday pf September. 

At Worcester, for the County of Worcester, 1st 
Tuesday next after 4th Tuesday of September. 

At Cambridge, for the County cf Middlesex, on 
the 3d Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday ofSep- 

At Taunton, in the Comity of Bristol, and at 
Plymouth, in the County of Plymouth, alternately ; 
beginning at Taunton for the Counties of Bristol, 
Plymouth. Barnstable, and Dukes County, on the 
4th Tuesday nest after the 4th Tuesday of Sep- 
tember, 1So2; and at Plymouth, for the same 
counties, on the 4th Tuesday next after the 4th 
Tuesday of September, 18-33. 

At Dedham, for the County of Norfolk, 5th 
Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday of September. 

At Salem, for the County of Essex, 6th Tuesday 
after 4th Tuesday of September. 

Terms for iac Trial of J toy Cases. 

At Dedham, for the County of Norfolk, 3d 
Tuesdiv of Februarv, 

At Lowell, for the County of Middlesex, 2d 
Tuesday of April. 

At Worcester, for the County of Worcester, Gth 
Tuesday after Ft Tuesday of March. 

At Greenfield, for the County of Franklin, ditto. 

At Greenfield, for the County of Franklin, 2d 
Tuesday of September. 

At Northampton, for the County of Hampshire, 
7th Tuesday next after 1st Tuesday of March. 

At. Taunton, for the County of Bristol, ditto. 

At New Bedford, for the County of Bristol, 2d 

Tuesday of November. 

At Ipswich, for the County of Essex, Sth Tues- 
day after the 1st Tuesday of March. 

At Springfield, for the County of Hampden, ditto. 

At Springfield, for the County of Hampden, 1st 
Tuesday of September. 

At Barn- table, for the Counties of Barnstable 
and Dukes, 9th Tuesday next after 1st Tuesday of 

At Lenox, for the County of Berkshire, 10th 
Tuesday next after 1st Tuesday of March. 

At Plymouth, for the County of Plymouth, d : tto. 

At Nantucket, for the County of Nantucket, 1st 
Tuesday of July. 

At Boston, for the County of Suffolk, 7th Tues- 
day next after the 4th Tuesday cf September. 


Daniel Wells, of Cambridge, Chief Justice. 

Edward Melien, of Wayland, ) ' 

Jonathan C. Perkins, of Salem, 

Horatio Byington, of Stockbridge, 

Eben It. Hoar, of Concord, 

Henry AY. Bishop, of Lenox, 



}eo. C. Wilde, I CJ , 
foseph/ Wiliard, S ^ le,KS - 

District Attorneys. 
Asa W. Farr, of Lou-ell, Northern District. 

Horatio Pratt, of Taunton, Southern District. 

Ezra "Wilkinson, of Dedham, Middle District. 
Increase Sumner, Gt.Barringt'n, Western District. 
Stephen 11. Phillips, of Salem, Eastern District. 


The Justices of the C. C. Fleas, ex officio, are 
Judges of this Court. 

Samuel Dunn Parker, Commonwealth's Attorney. 

Thomas W. Phillips, Clerk. 

Henry Homer, Crier. 

This Court is holden the first Monday in ea :h 

The Court of Common Picas is holden. 

At Boston, for the County of Suffolk, .1st Tues- 
days of January, April, July, and October. 

At Salem, for the County of Essex, 4th Monday 
of January. (Criminal.) 

At Salem, for the County of Essex, 3d Monday 
of March. {Civil.) 

At Newbury port, for the County of Essex, 4th 
Mo n d a y o f May . (Cri n i i 1 1 til. ) 

At Newburyport, for the County of Essex, 3d 
Monday of September. (Civil.) 

At Ipswich, for the County of Essex, 3d Mo-- 
of June. (Civil.) 

At Ipswich, for the County of Essex, 2d Monday | 

Of October. (Criminal.) 

At Lawrence, for the County of Essex, 3d Mon- 
day of December. (Civil.) 

At Concord, for Middlesex County, 2d Monday 
of March and June. (Civil.) 

At Cambridge, for Middlesex County, 2d Mon- 
day of December, i Civil.) 

At Concord, for Middlesex County, for criminal 
business, -1th Monday in June. 

At Lowell, for Middlesex County, IstMondayin 
September. [Civil.) 

At Lowell, for Middlesex County, 3d Monday in 
Qcl •': ;-. ( Crim inal.) 

At Cambridge, for Middlesex County, for 
criminal business, 2d Monday in February. 

At Northampton, for Hampshire County, 3d 
Monday of February and of October, and 1st Mon- 
day of June. 



The Police Court sits every day at 9 o'cloi k , 
M. and at 3, P. M., for the trial of ci i 
J ho .same is also a Justices' Court, for tl 
civil causes under 20 dollars, and is :. 

Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Police Court of Lav: re nee. 
"William Stevens, Justice. Daniel Saunder^, Jr., 
Geo. \V. Benson, Special Justices. 

Police Court of Lowell. 
Nathan Crosby, Justice Joel Adams, >. 

\'. < 7 r-otitiohl, for Franklin County, 3d Mondavi Thomas Power, Clerk 

■ \; Lrett, and I'd _ Mondays of August and Tobey, Assistant Clerks 

,\t Springfield, for Hampden County, 2d Mon- 

... ■ '.; wcii and June, and 1st Monday of Od >b >r. 

At Springfield, for Hampden County, 3d Monday 
of Ma v, and 1st Monday of December. (Criminal.) 

At Lenox, for Berkshire County, 4th Mondays 
of February, June, and October. 

\t Lenox, do., 1st Mondays of January and July. 

At Dedham, for Norfolk County, 4th Monday of 
April, 3d Mondays of September and December. 

At Plymouth, tor Plymouth County, 2d Mondays 
cf April and August, 1st Monday of December. 

At Taunton, for Bristol County, 2d Mondays of 
March and September. 

At Now Bedford, for Bristol County, 2d Mondays 
o! June and December. 

At Barnstable, for Barnstable County, 1st Tues- 
day next a fter 1st Monday of April, and 1st Tuesday 
of "September. 

At Nantucket, for Nantucket County, 1st Mon- 
days of June andOctober. 

At Edgartown, for Dukes County, lastMondays 
<:;' M lt and September. 

At Worcester, for Worcester County, 1st Monday 
of March, 3d Monday of June, Monday next after: 
Itli Monday of August, and 1st Monday of Decem- 
ber. I at crimiiial business, 3d Monday of January, 
the last Monday of May, and 4th Monday of 

Wm. Knapp, 


2'olice Court of Lynn. 
Taos. B. Newhall, Justice. James K. 
nj. F. Mudge, Special Justices. F. B. 

Newh ill, 


Police Court of New Bedford, 

Oliver Pregeott, Justice. H. H. Crapo, Special 
Justice. John B. Baylies, Clerk. 

Police Court of Pittsfield. 

M. II. Lanckton, Justice. Phineas L. Pa:ge, 
Special Justice. 

Police Court of Salon. 
"Waters, Justice. S. P. Webb, 

\ Gtm 


Police Court of Boston, 
ay KogerS) James C. Merrill, 


J. G 

Police Court of Taunton. 
Chester I. Reed, Justice. James P. Ellis, S... '..•; 

Police Court of Worcesit r. 
W r m. N. Greene, Justice. J. W. Wetherell, 
Elisha Fuller, Special Justices. Calvin E. V: ::. 

„; I 


zKl FOX.K CO. 

AUen, Frederick II. 
\<:<A\n, Jas; T. 

htcefow, Geo; T. 
ilisdow, Jtmn P. 
I ll<««, John A. 

« rocker,- Henry 
Crowa inshield, B. W. 

I i ■■■■ linshield, P. B. 
Knurv Isaac 
<-.v, PrancisC. 
'-'..;, John C. 
Gr« i i»nlcaf, Simon 
H»l|, Jacob 

II illctt, Benjamin F. 
l5«pkin*on, Thus. 

J »< fcwan, Chafles 

1-A!vrri,ce. Abbott 

Mttcaif, Thcron 

M r >t, William 
M reT, feeor^e 
M*dgV Err*" 
P -• . -i. Saroue! D. 
[ins, Jonathan 
i iiina:n, rsamuel 
Uuii try , Jos'iah 
U ■'■-•• -v, JoMah, Jr. 
• -**3 ie, James 

" ** .:,, ■>■.:;. 1 

s ?r urue, Pelcs 

? iSiiTan, Richard 
■■. Thomas 
- SamuelS. 

^. : -^ui,J. M. 

n. c. 


Mars to n, Charles 

Swift, Elijah 

Davis, Solomon 


Porter, "William 

Walker, Win. P. 

yeic Marlboro*. 
Gibson, Noah 


Childs, Henry H. 
Hubbard, Henry 
Newton, Edward A. 
Rockwell, Julius 
Willis, Nathan 

Gates, Samuel 

Hull, George, 
Dewey, Darnel N. 



May, Lemuel 

Lathrpp, Howard. 
Xrir- Bedford. 
Arnold, James 
CIHford, J. H. 
Colby, H. G. 0. 
French, Rodney 

Grinnell, Joseph _ 
Rodman, Benjamin 

Starkweather, J. C. 

Gardner, Johnson 

Mason, John 

Taunt 0:1. 

Crocker, Samuel 
Holmes, Charles J. 
Morion, Marcus 







Colby, Joshua 

Aiken, John 

Rantoul, Robert, Jr. 

Daniels, Robert S. 

Person, William 
Duncan, J. H. 
Hall, Chas. B. 
Alloy, John B. 

Robinson, Frederick 

Cushing, Caleb 

Merrill. John 
Wildes, A. W. 

Chapman, John 
Foote, Caleb 
Huntington, Asahel 
Perkins, Jona. C. 
Sprague, Joseph E. 



Torter, John 

Hartwell, Jonathan 
Hastings, Ephraira 

^//? derland. 
Hubbard,, R. B. 





Ashmun, George 
Bliss, George 
Calhoun, William 
Howard, Charles 
Mills, John 

Bates, William G. 

T-uise, Patrick 
Fowler, James 

Dickinson. Ed 
Gridlev. Timothj •'• 
Mack, Darid, Jr. 

Doolittle, Mark 
Lawrence, Myron 



Dewev, C. A. 
Joy, David 

Everett. Edward 
Fay. S. P. P. 
Palfrey, John G. i 
Willard, Sidney 

Austin Nathaniel 
Thompson, A. 11. 
Thompson, Charles 

Brooks, Nathan 
Hoar, Samuel 

Adams, Josiah 

Hudson, Charles 
Locke, Joseph 

Natich. , 
Wilson, Henry 

I Somerri/le. 

j Dell, Luther V. 


! Like, Geo. W. 

i Waltham. 

! Banks, Nath'l P. 
Way I ind. 
Mellen, Edward 

West Xeicton. 
Bradbury, E. 
Mann, Horace 


B rain tree. 
French, Benjamin V. 

I French, Thomas 

\ Endicott, John 
Keycs, E, f>. 
! Richardson, J:vmes 

j Cummings, David 
Loud, S. P. 

Tileston, Edmund P. 
Wilder, M. P. 

Mettle a/. 
Lovering, Warren 

Whitaker, K Igar K. 

Quint y. 
Greenleaf, Thomas 

Copeland, Benj. F. 
Lei tnd, Sherman 
Simmons, David A. 
Walley, Samuel H. 


Bridqt water. 
Leach, Philo 
Reed, John 

Murdock, Jesse 

East Bridgetcater. 
Hobart, Aaron 
Mitchell, Nahum 

Webster, Dmiel 

Jacobs, !•;. V. 

Baj lies, William 


"Sew Brait 
Mixter, Samuel 
Henshaw, David 

Leomin '< r. 
Strong, Solomon 
Wilder, David 

Russell, Charles 


Marcy, Jedediah 

Davis, John 

Davis, Isaac 
; Foster, A. J). 
i Kinnieutt, Thomas 
i Lincoln, Levi 
\ Merrick, Pliny 
j Washburn, Emory 



Fred. H. Allen, of Boston^ for Suffolk Cohntv. 

John M. Williams, of Boston, rot- Suffolk County. 

John Glen Kin^, of .Salem, for Essex County. 

Daniel Saunders, Jr., of Lawrence; for Essex Co. 

Bradford Russell, of Groton, for Middlesex Co. 

Asa F. Lawrence, of Pepperell, for Middlesex Co. 

Shubael B. Adams, of Lowell, for Middlesex Co. 

Haynes H. C-hilson, of Northampton, for Hamp- 
shire County. 

Henry Chapin, of "Worcester, for Worcestei Co. 

Myron Lawrence, of Belchertown, Hampsh'n'e Co. i 

Daniel W. Alvord, of Greenfield, for Franklin Co. j 

Amos W. Stoekwell, of Chieopee, for Hampden Co. 

Thomas Robinson, of Adams, for Berkshire Co. 

Jonathan F. Field, of Stockbridge, for Berkshire. 

Francis Hilliard, of Roxbury, for Norfolk County. 

Welcome Young, of E. Bridge water; for Plymouth 

Perez Simmons, of Hanover, for Plymouth Co. 

Elnathan P. Hathaway, of Freetown, for Bristol 

Zeno Seudder, of Barnstable, for Barnstable Co. 

George Cobb, of Nantucket, for Nantucket Co. 

Leavitt Thaxter, of Edgartown, for Dukes County. 
These Commissioners hold a Court of Insolvency, 

at the shire towns of their respective Counties, on 
the 1st Tuesday of each month. Salary, fees not 
exceeding the amount of £1,500 each. ' 


[Appointed under ACT of April 9, iS.'J'h] 

Public Administrators are authorized to administer 

on the estates of jWsons, alii its- and others, dying 

without legal heirs id this State. 

J. P. Bigeiow, Boston ; Charles Marston, Geo. 
Marston, Barnstable; Solomon Davis, Truro; 
Wiiliam Whitney, Stockbridge; Thomas Bradh y, 
Tisburyj Nathan Brooks, Concord ; Moses Edge II. 
Framingham ; Ira Cleaveland, Dedham ; Jos. S. 
Deal, Kingston; Fiederie Robinson, Marblehead ; 
Nathan Millet, Salem; Henry H. Crapo, Xew 
Bedford; Thomas NWlham, Salem; Dan Weed, 
Lawrence; Samuel G. Mitchell, Nantucket ; Wm. 
Jennison, Worcester ; Adam Harrington, Shrews- 


Bank Corn m issiont rs. 
Solomon Lincoln, Bingham, Chairman; Joseph 
S. Cabot, Salem; Samuel Phillips, Newburyport. 

Commissioner concerning Wharves in Boston 


II. H. Eddy. 

Commissioners concern-bin Harbor of Boston and 
Simon Greenleaf, Chairman; Joel Giles, Ezra 
Lincoln, Boston* 

Coimnissionets Concerning Alien Passei . 
Isaac Finery, of Boston; J. B»Munroe, Boston ; 
David Wilder, Jr., Brookline. 

fsitperbitt ndents of Alien Passengers. 
JothamB. Mnnroe. No. -59 Long Wharf, Boston; 
A. C. Orne, Mnrblchead ; Samuel Foye, Salera; 
Jesse Maun, Fall Liver; S. G. Edwards. New 

Commissioners for Revising r .,' Reforming Pro- 
ccedinns in Courtsof Justice. 

Benjamin It. Curtis, Boston ; Nathaniel J. Lord, 
Salem ; Keuben A. Chapman, Springfield. 

Comm ■' isioner on It lilroad t '> ossings. 
R. Sylvester Cheesbro, Newton. 

Commissioners concerning a Reform School for 

(i iris. 
Win. Appleton, Boston ; Joseph II. Billings, 
Roxbury ; George W. Campbell, Pittsficld. 

j Commissioners concerning the Enlargement of !\l 
State Prison. 
Jonathan Preston, Boston ; Edward Thomdike, 

1 Charksunvn. 

Commissioners of Pilots. Boston. 
Caleb Curtis, Samuel Quiney, Henry K. Loring. 

Commission* rs to Locate and Construct 2d Lunatic 

Ifospit -.'. 

j Geo. N. Briggs, Pittsfield, Chairman ; James D. 

■ Thompson, N. Bedford; John W Graves, Lowell. 

lleiidcnt in Massachtaeits, ap- 
pointed by other States, to take 
testimony to be used, and Ac- 
knowledgment of Deeds to be 
recorded, in said States. 

Abbott, James A. 
Adams, Charles 13. F. 
Alien, James B. 
Atkinson, Jacob 
Austin, Ivers J. 
Betton, Ninian C. 
Bigelow, John P. 
Holies, John A. 
Brooks, Francis A. 
Buck, Edward 
Buckingham, Joseph II. 
llurbank, Robert I. 
Chandler, Lucius II. 
Chandler, Peleg W. 
Chandler, Theophilus P. 
Cooke, Benjamin F. 
Cooley, George W. 
Curriers Benjamin II. 
liana, Edward A. 
Deinohrt, Charles 
Dexter, Thomas A. 
Dodge, JohnC. 
Dadlev, EibridgeGr. 
Kly. Alt'redB. 
Hiake, Augustus II. 
French, J. J. 
Fuller, 11. Weld 
Giles, Alfred E. 
(touch, Daniel W. 
jiariow. Thomas S. 
Male, Gcorsc S. 
Hayes* Francis B 
UodtfN. Edward F. 

>n, Ai 

, tin 

. Alb 
it, G< 

K. p 

cob Q. 

••> V. 


Minns, George W. 
Nichols, John P. 
Nutter, Charles C. 
Natter, f. V. 
Pu-meutcr, Wm. E. 
Phillip*, Thomas W. 
Pondi, Benjamin 
Rantoul, Hubert, Jr. 
Usee, George B. 
Smith, Henrv W. 
'"•■■. i*n», Oliver 
Thacher, George M. 
! • rnton, J. Wingate 
Washburn, Alexander C 
Washburn, Frederick L." 

Walkp'r, Wilihm L. 
K'hrd.wk Peter S. 
Wi'Iard, Paul, Jr. 
W fbher, John, Gloucester. 
jlriitirs, George P. Lament 

W r,,[ f 1, ;U 

Brown, S inuieS A. /. 
t\*ctly, Robert B. 
5 biUoti, 11. II. Xorthampton. 
»ok, Amorv, S«/V»i 

! " ; Is, Jon ». E 
; ' "'-. N. T. Wtsi/ul, 
"' Elijah F Wey'mom 
V. ' '•■ b. Je SS e W. II. 

;• U.J. Ibnrv 



Abbott, Jamos A. Boston. 

Adams, Charles B. F. 
Allen, Jame«j B. " 

Austin, Ivers J. " 

Barker, Lemuel M. " 

Barnes, Isaac 0. " 

Betton, Niniau C. u 

Bigelow, John P. " 

Bigelow, George T. " 

Bodies, John A. " 

Bradley, Joseph D. " 

Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
Burbank, Robert I. 
Butler, Benjamin " 

Butters, William. " 

Chase, Cyrus 
Colby, R. 

Currier, Benjamin H. 
Dana, Edward A. 
Dexter, Thomas A. 
Dew, Nathan T. " 

Dudley, Elbridge G. 
Duneklee, Mark F. " 

Dyer, M , Jr. 

[Ely, Alfred B. 

) Emerspn, J. W. " 

J Fiske, Augustas II. ** 

Gilchrist, D S. " 

J Griswold, Almon W. " 

j Halo, George S. " 

i Hayes, Francis B. " 

j Hazeiton, Horace L. " 

Healey John P. " 

Hubbard, Nathaniel D. 
Hutehins, Horace G. " 

Jewell, Harvey, " 

Joy, Albion K. P. " 

Kent, George, " 

Kimball, John S. " 

Lord, Henry C. " 

Lynde, Alonzo V. " 

Mason, David II. 
Mayo, Charles " 

Morton, Marcus, Jr. " 

Nash, Stephen G. " 

N utter, Charles C. " 

Nutter, Thomas F. " 

Oliver, Peter " 

Parker, Henry M. 
Peiree, Roger N. " 

Pike, Charles!;. 
Plumer, William ' 

Pond, Benjamin " 

Price, E. Sew, dd " 

Rogers, William <; 

Smith, Henry \V. " 

Thacher, George M. " 

Thornton, J. Wingate " 

Whceloek, Peter S. " 

Clark, Joseph F. Andover. 
Kiitredge, Alfred, Una /■/till. 
Jones, J. P. Georgetown. 
Boardinan, Benjamin, Latcrence. 
Briggs, George P. '' 

i Clark, David T. 

j Weed, Dan 
Dinsmoor, James, LoiceU. 

j Bfard, I. \V. 

i Brown, Alpheus II. 

j L.dd, Jona. 
Richardson, Wm. A. " 
Martin, Nathan C. Mifton. 
Walker, George, Springfield. 

| Leonard, N. T. Westjield. 

| Hall, Elijah F. Weymouth. 

\ Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 

i Mornl. David L. Wutckaulon. 


I Adams, Charles B. }■'. 


Allen, James B. 
Austin, Deis J. 
Barrett, James " 

Betton, Ninian C. 
Bigelow, John p. 
Bolles, John A. 
Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
Cnnier. Benjamin il. " 

Ely. Alfred B. " 

Griggs, George «« 

Griswold, Almon W. C( 

Hale, George S. " 

Hive-, Francis B. " 

Hodges, Edward F. " 

Isham, Thaddeus D. " 

Jewell, Harvey " 

Keith, James M. " 

Kent, George " 

Mason, Lyman '< 

Pond, Benjamin " 

Rarmey, Ambrose A. " 

Richardson, Nathaniel " 

Smith, Henrv W. " 

Smith, William H. L. 
Thornton, J. Wingate " 

Wheeloek, Peter S. " 

Wakefield,- Thomas L. 
Wellington, Hiram " 

Webb. Seth, Jr. 
Briggs, G. L. Lavcrencc. 
Ladd, Jonathan, Lowell. 
'Webster. Wm. P. J< 
Crafts, William A. Roxbury. 
Holbrook, Amory, Sal m. 
Fields, J on a. E. Stockbrx 
Seamans, Otis A. Springfield. 
Hall, Elijah F. Weymouth. 
Tyler, B. O. Winchendon. 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Adams, Charles B. F. 


A etc 

Ames, Isaac- 
Austin, Ivers J. 
Buck, Edward 

Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
Currier. Benjamin 11. " 

Dexter, William S. 
Griggs, George " 

Hilliard, William 
Jackson. Abraham, Jr. " 

Keith, James M. 
Mayo, Charles 

Smith, Henrv W. " 

Washburn, Alex. C. 
Webb. Setii, Jr. 
Wheeloek. Peter S. 
Train, Charles K. Framingkam. 
Briggs, G. P. Latere)', e. 
Martin, Nathan C. Milt> .:. 
Gaston, W. Iloxbury. 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Bosi «. 

Allen, James B. 

Austin, Ivers J. 

Bolles, John A. 

Browne, George M. 

Buck, Edward 

Buckingham, Joseph II. 

Bulfinch, George S. 

Burbank, Robert I. 

Culy, Ebenezer E. ,, 

Currier, Benjamin H- 

Demond, Charles 

Dexter, Thomas A. 

Ely, Alfred i>. 


Hale, GeorzeS. 
Holmes, John S. 
Mayo, Charles 
Minns, George W, 
Nutter, Charles 0. 
Plimpton, Silas F. 
Putnam, John P. 
Smith, Henry W. 
Thornton, J.'Wingate 
Bryant, Walter A. Barre 
Briggs, G. P. Laicrence. 
Gaston, William, Roxbttri 
Seaman*, Otis A. Sprhwi 
Palmer, Billings, $h/>ffi< id 
Leonard, N. T. West field 
U ill, .). Henry. Worcester 


Buckingham, Jos. H. Boston. 

Colby, Robert " 

Currier, Benjamin II. '• 

Hillard, George S. 
Watts, Francis 0. " 

Mitchell, Walter, Bradford. 
Soule, Augustus L. Chicopee. 
Hill, Henrv J. Great Barringion. 
Kimball, Alfred, Ipswich. 
Brainard, Aimon, Gret afield. 
Tucker, George j. Lniqjc. 
Caverly, Robert B. Lowell. 
Richardson. W. A. kl 
Bunker, James M. Naiiiuclcet. 
Jennison, Samuel, Jr. Ncacton. 
Hinckley, Sam'i L. Northampton. 
Cobb, I-lvfkiel K, PUtsfitld. 
Phillips, Stephen II. Saltm. 
Palmer, Billings, Sheffield. 
Bond, Epbraim, W. >>■> inn field 
Walker, George 
Peat son, Eiiphalet, Waltham. 
Leonard, Norman i\ Westjield, 
Dewey, Daniel X. Wiiuamstown 

Belles, John A. Bevion. 

Currier, Benjamin H. 
Ely. Alfred B. 

Phillips, George W. " 

Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 


Austin, I vers J. Boston. 

Bodies, John A. 

Buck, Edward « 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 

Burbank, Kobert I. " 

Chandler. 1 heophilus P " 

Colby, Robert 

Currier, Benjamin H. '•" 

Dexter, Thomas A. 

Ely, Alfred B. 

Griswold, Almon W " 

Hodges, Edward F. 

Hubbard, Nathaniel D. " 

Minns, George W. 

Morton, Marcus, Jr. 

Nutter, Charles C. '• - 

Prince, Frederic 6 «« 

Smith, K. W. 

Story, ha.v v | r . 

Storv, William W a 

Thornti n, J. Wingate 

Whitman, Xhas. K. Nantucket 
Gaston, V., Roxburu 
Hinckley. 8. L AW ( ««5wj 
Cbilson.'li. 11. '.« " 

Leonard, N. T, Westfirld 
Goodrich, Jesse W. Worcester 
Hill, J. Henry 


Currier, Benjamin ii. Boston. 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield 
HilL J. Henry, Worcester. 


Austin, Ivers J. Boston. 

I Ball, Joshua D. " 

Buckingham, Joseph IT. " 
j Currier. Benjamin II. " 

Ely, Alfred B. 
j Grig-gs, George, <« 

Fiske, Augustus H. << 

j Guild, Samuel E. " 

Jackson, Abraham, Jr. « 

{Smith, Henry W. « 

j Washburn, Frederick L. 

Jewell, Charles S. Lawrence. 

T,eonard. Norman T. Westfield 
| Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 

I Adams. Charles B. F. Boston 
Austin, Ivers J. " 

Bolles, John A. « 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 
Currier, Benjamin H. » 

Hale, George S. " 

Jackson, Abraham, Jr. " 

Oliver, Peter " 

Thornton, J. Wingate ' ; 

Tilton, "Warren ** 

Aldrich, P. Emery, Bane. 
Leon, rd, Norman T. Westfield 

. Hill, J. Henry, Worcester, 

| Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 
j Austin, Ivers; J. » 

J Buckingham, Joseph H. " 
j Currier, Benjamin LL '* 

Thornton, J. Wingate '« 


Currier, Benjamin H. Boston 

Adams, Charles B. F. 

Dexter, Thomas A. " . 

Bgan, James << 

Ely, Alfred B. 

Griggs, George, « 

Hilliard, William 

Minn-, George W. " 

Hinckley, S. L. Northampton. 

Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 

Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 
Alien, James B. " 

Buck, E d ward 

Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Dexter, Thomas A. " 


Austin, Ivers J. Boston 

Buck. Edward 
Buckingham, Joseph H. " 
Currier, Benjamin H. " 

French, J. J. «< 

Heaiey, John P. 
Jackson, Abraham, Jr. 
Smith, Henrv W. 
Field*, Jonathan K. S'->-khric!.;c. 
Leonard. Norman T. B < v"/ t /,/ 
Hill, J. Henry, irotrafcr. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 
Austin, Ivers J. " 

Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Jackson, Abraham, Jr. " 

Thacher, Geor ••• M. 
1 hoi nton, J. VVii 

Hinckley, S. L. .V , /', •, • 
Leonard, Norman T. If 


Adams, Charles B. \\ b (on. 
Betton, George E. 

Buck, Edward " 
Buckingham, Joseph II. " 

Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Di hon, William " 
Elv, Alfred B. 
Hal!, Junius 

Hilliard, William >• 

Minus, George W. <: 

Minot, George " 

Morse, Nathan »« 

Nutter, Charles C. » 

Prince, Frederic O. " 

Bice, George E. *« 

Sanger, George P. »< 
Smith, William H. L. 

Thornton, J. Wii)«r a te " 
Webb, Serb, Jr. ° 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Smith, Henry W. 

B >ston. 


Austin, Ivers J. Bosh . 

Bigelow, George T. » 

Buckingham, Joseph 11. " 
Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Oti«, Edmund B. '• 

Smith, Henry W. 
Leonard. Norman T. Wes 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester: 


Austin, Ivers: J. j;.- 

Buck, Edward 
Buckingham, Joseph II. 
Currier, Benjamin H. 
Dickinson, P. W. 
Ely, Alfred B. 
Harlow, Thomas S. 
Pond, Benjamin 
Thornton, J. Wingate 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 



Adams, Charles B.F. 

Austin, I vi vs J. 

Bolles, Join A. 

Buck. Edward 

Buckingham, Joseph II 

Burbank, Robert I. 

Cadv, Ebenezer li. 

Ch .ale, Frederic W. 

Carrier, Benjamin II. 


Ely, Alfred B. 

Gray, Horace, Jr. 

Hayward, Chaides 

Hodges, Edward F. 

Isham, T. D. 

Lynde, Alonzo V. 
i NJ • m, David H. 
j Minn-:, George W. 
j Gtis, Edward ii. 
I Parker, Francis E. 

Parker, Henry >L 

Pond, Benjamin, 

ttanney, A Ambrose 

Bice, George !.. 

Smith. Henry W. 

ton, J Wingate 



U hcclock, Peter S. Boston. 
H.-r'iis G. P. Lawrence. 
1'ahner, Billings, Sheffield. 
Walker, Ge >rge, Sprtngfeld. 
Fields. Jonathan E„ Stockbridge. 
Hill, J. Henry, FPbrc&tfer. 


Austin, Ivers J. Boston. 

liolles, John A. 

Ihick, Edward " 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 

Currier, Beiy'aruin II. ' . " 

Ely, Alfred B. 

Kent, George 

Morse, Nathan " 

Smith, Henry W. 

'I hacher, George M. " 

Thornton, J. W. 

Webb, Seth.Jr. " 

Leonard, N. T. Westfield. 

Hill, J. Henry, JForeesfer. 


Austin., Ivors J, Boston. 

Buckingham, Joseph II. "' 
Currier, Benjamin. K. " 

KIv, AltYrd B. " 

Hubbard, Nathaniel I). " 
Jackson, A., Jr. " 

Mayo, Charles iC 

Brigas, George P. Lawrence. 
Palmer, Billings, Sheffield. 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 
Mill, J. Henry, Worcester. 

Austin, Ivers J. Boston. 

Bigelow, Horatio " 

Buckingham, Joseph. II. " 
Carrier, Benjamin. 11. " 

Jackson, A., Jr. " 

Woodman, Horatio " 

Briggs, George P. Lawrence. 
Leonard. Norn; an T. Westfield, 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Austin, Ivers J. Boston. 

Buck, Edward " 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 
Cady, Ebent/.er E. " 

Currier, Benjamin II. " 

Culhy, Robert 

Dickinson, Frederic W. " 
Ely, Alfred B. 

Hubbard, Nathaniel D. " 
Kent, George t; 

Kettelle, Jacob Q. •■ 

Ivimrslmry, George II. " 

Morton, M.. Jr. 
Palmer, Billings, Sheffield. 
Fields, Jonathan E. Scockbridge. 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 
Ilill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Buckingham, Joseph H. Boston. 
Cady, Ebenezer E. 
Codman, Robert 
Currier, Benjamin II. " 

Danforth, John C. 
Hubbard, Natli miel 1). 
Mayo, C iarles " 

Parker, Francis E. 
Plimpton, Sil is F. " 

Pond, Benjamin " 

Washburn, Alexander C. " 
Webb, Seth, Jr. " 

Woodman, Horatio (i 

Ladd, Jonathan, Lowell. 
Wilcox, Marshal!. Otis. 
Fields, Jonathan E. Stockl ridge. 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield, 
Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Austin, Ivors J. Boston. 

Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
Currier, Benjamin H, " 

Dickinson, Frederic W. " 
Mayo, Charles " 

Pond, Benjamin " 

Tilt m, Warren 
Webb,. Seth, Jr. " 

Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 


Austin, Ivers J. 
Allen, James B. 



Curri t . r ; Benjamin 1 *!. ■ " " 
Dexter, Thomas A. 
Parser, Francis E. " 

Smith. Henry W. " 

Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 


Austin, Ivers J. Boston. 

Brook-*, Francis A. 

Burh.vnk, Robert I. M 

TEXAS., Wm. Boston 

Brinley, Francis, * ; 

, Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
Cooke, Benjamin F. 
Currier, Benjamin II. *' 

Hale, George S. 
Wytnan, Oliver C. 

Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 
Austin, Ivers J. 
Burbaiik, Robert I. 
Currier, Benjamin II. 
1 Dana, Richard H., Jr. 
Thuchcr, George M. 

Resident in other States, who have 
been appointed by tiic Govern- j 
meat of Massachusetts to ' ike 
testimony and d-y. isitions toj 
be read in the Courts of Mas-i 
Sachusetts— also t . administer J 
Oaths, and to take the Ac-j 
knowledirmcnt of Deeds, Pow- 
ers of Attorney, and all instru- ; 
ments under seal to be record- 
ed in said Commonwealth. 

4uciusta, James L. Child, New- 
ton Edward*. A-aph R. Nichols, 
Wm. Woart, Jr. 

Bnnrjor, Jbirw Cutting, Sam*] 
P. Dhismorc, Ch - G Iman 
E. Godfrey. Geo. B. Moody, John : 
A. Poor. „ , i 

B-xth, John H K-nnhr.ll, Jacob 
S. Sewall. F IL.SewaU. j 

Brunswick. Mo* - I i comb. 

(Mais, Bion Bradi irv. 

Cnstinc, Charles J. Abbot. 

Eastport. D-miil T. Granger, 
Aaron ILtyden, Jr. 

Gardiner. David Nutting. 

Ilouitw, Jam* sOii llVey. 

Miichias; Cb ivies V. PurU r 

Mitnroe, G ge L'hatcher. 

\;>u,ras£[e. John C. D >d<*e. 

AV; 'r'.'nn' , John ft. ( ■ 

.V'v ridgewot '■, J imet .'•• 

North Berwick, Hor..'.. i (.. 

fj/vj ". Nathaniel Wilson. 

Portlai '■'. S imuel I . A d 
Amos M icboU, Ed wai d JI. i . 
vies, Daniel \V. Fessenden, V. m, 
Willi*, O'Donnell. 

Saco, Joseph W. I. eland. 

M Berwick, John Hubbard. 

Tlwmaston, David O'Brien. 

Buckinnd, John C. Cochran. 

Waldoboro', Isaac G. Real. 

Wiut/irop, Samuel P. Benson. 

IJ n, v>v £, Henry Ingalls. 


Aufntrn, David Currier. 
Barnstead, Jeremiah Eikins. 
Concord, Wm. II. Bartlett, 
Ephm. Futon, John II. George- 
Den*/, Wm. Anderson. 
Dover, Chas. Vv*. Woodman. 
Exeter, Horace C. Bacon. 
Kvene, Levi Chamberlain. 
Manchester, Herman Foster. G. 

A. French. 

A-Vw Ipswich, John Pi 
Portsmouth, Hampden Cutts. 
Wm. H.J. Hackett.J. L. H yi s, 
Wm. B. Parker, Samuel Stoier. 
Tamworth, Obed Hall. 


Brattleboro' , James Ell 
Burlington, Edw. R. Stans- 
Chelsea, Levi B. Vilas. 
Ludlow, Daniel A. Heald. 
Mi Albans, Gee. F. Houghton. 
FPoocfcfot'A;, James Barrett. 


Ueteport, Christoph. E. Rol i 
Pror.idettce, Wingate Hayes, 
Joseph Pitman, Henry Martin, 
Wm, H. Smith, Nathan Porter. 


Hartford, James Grant Bolle3, 
Richard G. Drake, W. Pardee 
Dwis»ht, Erastus Smith. 

Middleiown, Jonathan B irncs. 

New Uasen, Jas. M Woe t- 

New London, John Danforth. 

Nor walk, Geo. R. Cowles. 

Norwic h, Eben. Learned, John 
T. Wait. 

Wat* rburg,TxeA. J. Kin ; 

Hartford, Henry Perkins. 

Norwich, Levi ii. Goddard. 

Bridgeport, Wm. H. Noble. 

>-r.vs- YORK. 
rv/y o/ A'. ForA-, William B. 
Arklev, Thomas Allen, Jos. N. 
BalUster, WilliamC. Betts, J< lui 
Bissell, William Bliss, •' • 
, . mv, Charles '. 
Kdw . Do Lancey, / 
fr., Henry G De P« rest, 
P. Dunlap, Wm. Emerson, Ww.. 
\f Evarts, Amos II. Earn 
Stephen J. Pii Ids, < ■■ 
Ford, George Gibbs, Wm Grade, 
Andrew H Green, John 
ton, Francis A. March, Mose- 

B. Maclav, Wm. 11. Maxwell, 


John W. Mitchell, Joseph W. 
Moulton, Samuel Osgood, Guy 
R. I'citm, Wm. C. Russell, John 
0. Sargent, John Stark, Henry 
D. Se-dc-wick, Ga-paid Tochman, 
Andrew "Warner, David E. 
Wheeler, Thomas White. 

Albany, Otis Allen, Lucian 
Birdseye, Joseph S. Colt, John 
S. Perry* 

yiuburn, Christopher Morgan. 

Angelica^ Alleghany Co., Thos. 
C. Rogers. • 

Brooklyn, Wm. G. Hammond. 
Aniasa U. Lyon, Charles H. 

Buffalo, Jas.S. Gibbs, Chas. B. 
Gold"^ Nelson K. Hopkins, Wm. 
W. Mann, Isaiah T. Williams. 

Cuiid7idaigna, Orson Benjamin. 

Cayuga Co., Tiberias J. Bry- 

Ellicottvilh, Anson Gibbs. 

Fredonia, Chas. F. Matteson. 

Hillsdale, Columbian Co., Rus- 
sell G. Dorr. 

Hudson, John W. Fairfield; 

Utile Falls, Wm. C. Churchill, 
Powers L. Green. 

Madison, John M. Roekwfell. 

Keya Lebanon, Geo. G. Bull. 

Hansen, Francis W. Bucking- 

Oqdensbwg. Jas. G. Hopkins. 

Rochester, Henry A. Brewster, 
Geo. F. Dan forth. 

Home, Oneida County, Wm. S. 

Schenectady, Jas. M. Bouck. 

Syracuse, J. Lawrence Hogg. 

Troy, John B. Gale, George 
Gould, Job S. Olia, Jos. White. 
P. T. Woodbury. 

Utica, SamT Churchill, Dexter 
Gihnore. . 

Warsaw, E. W. Andrews. 
West Troy, John Hastings. 


Jersey City, Geo. W. Cassidy. 
Newark, William Capser. 
Paierson, Simeon Hart. 

^ Philadelphia, David B. Binney, 
John Binns, John Brodhead, Jos. 

A. Clay, John Devereux, Benj. 
Gerhard, Henry T. Grout, Henry 

B. Hirst, James W. Paul-, J. T. 
S. Sullivan, A. Dc Kalb Tarr, 
John Tyler, Jr. 


Baltimore, Wm. M. Addison. 
Daniel II. Dustin, John M. Ed- 
par,Wm. F. Frick, Chas. Gilmati. 
James B. Lattimcr, H. Mien 
Taylor, Joseph B. Varnura, John 
Wade, Jr., Joseph B. Williams. 


Charhslown, Wm. Lisle Baker. 

Norfolk, Harrison Robinson. 

Richmond^ A. Judson Crane. 

Alexandria, Wm. C. Yeaton. 


Fnyeiteville, Gurdon Demin^. 
Wilmington, Geo. Davis, Jere- 
miah Lippitt. 


Charleston n, Henrv H. Baker, 
Geo. W. Eggleston, E. R. New- 
hall, C. B. Northrop, Lewis F. 
Robinson, Joseph Whaley. 

Augusta,, Jus. Gardner Gould. 

Macon, Charles A. Iliggins, 
David Eeid. 

Savannah,\s'm. Crabtree, Alex. 
R. Lawton, M. II. McAllister, 
Robert Raiford, George Schley. 


Mobile, Henry Chamberlain, 
Thos. A.Hamilton, Theodore L. 

Montgomery, Jefferson F. Jack- 

Tuscaloosa , William Garrett. 


_ Giles M. Hillyer. 

Holly Sprains, George West. 
Natchez, 11." N. Wood. 


X Orleans, Albert C. Ains- 
worth, Lucius C. Duncan, Edw. 
II. Dureli, John McLean Hal- 
sey, Wm. Monaghan, Thomas 
Nelson Paine, Daniel C. Pool, 
William Shannon, Wm. W. W. 


Memphis, Hume F. Hill, J. B. 


Louisville, Simeon S. Goodwin, 
Jos. B. Kirkhead, T. P. ShafFner, 

Hamilton Smith, Ballard Smith. 
Lexington, Benj. F. Graves, 
Chas. II. Moar. 


Cincinnati, Joshua II. Bates, 
James Birney, Samuel S. Car- 
penter, Edward P. Cranch, Jos. 
B. Fen ton, Shattuck 11 art well, 
Frederic D. Lincoln, Alex. II. 
McGuffey, Henry W. Smith. 

Ckaveland, James A. Briggs, 
E. 13. Fisher. 

Dayton, Wm. M. Kirk. 

Ehjria, Sylvester Bagg. 

Pamesvilte, Geo. E. II. Day. 


Fort Wayne, Ellis Worthing- 

Indianapolis, Wm. T. Otto. 

New Albany, Randall Crawford. 

Wayne County, Oliver Rich- 
mond Buller. 
\ Vincmnes, Abner T. Ellis. 

im inois. 
Alton, Win. F. De Wolf, Wm. 

S. Lincoln. 

Charlestotcn, Charles K 

CI /■■'■■ o, Cyrus '1 . I 
Henrv A. Clark, John Stark. 

Ca'ena, E. B. W 

Peoria, Geo. T. Mi tc If. 

(j/'i/icy, Charles Gilman, David 
L. Hough, John Tillson, Jr. 

Rockfbrd, Wm. Hulin. 

Tranent, Benj. F. James. 


St. Fouls, John Davis, Andrew 
J. Davis, John M. Eager, Wm. 
Furniss, C. Harding, Jr., John 
E. Sheplev, Pardon D. Tiffany, 
Chas. H. Tillson. 


Ann Arbor, Wm. J. Maynard. 

Detroit, Thornton F. Brod- 
head, Gleason H. Lewis, Levi B. 
Taft, Chas. I. Walker, Daniel F. 

Jackson, Francis Woodbury. 

Lnnsimy, Oliver C. Wiswell. 

Marshall, Robert Cross. 

Munroe, T. E. Wing. 


John F. Calkin, Charles Dc Sein- 
ing, Da\id A. Hall. 


Appahichicola, Geo. F. Baltzell. 
Tallahasse, Geo. W.Hutchins. 


Jtjfvr^o-i, John E. Holmes. 

Kenosha, Isaac W. Webster. 

Milwaukie, James B. Cross, F. 
Ripley, Jr., Samuel E. Baldwin. 

Racine, Horace Chapman, 
Henry Marsh. 

Southport, John D. Kinsman. 


Da Buque, E. M. Bissell. 
Ashaloosa, Mahasca County, \ 
Enoch W. Eastman. 


Gaheston, Robert D. Johnson, 
Andrew J. YaU>s. 


Astoria, George Gibbs, Amory 
\ [olbrook. 

Oregon C%,Chas. P. Culver. 


San Francisco, Elbridsre G. 
Austin, Fred. Billings, (;:!-> L. 
Bridges, Lucius H. Chandler, 
Levi Marble, Benjamin B. Gore, 
Louis R. Lull, George F. N ,es, 
Jonas R. Perkins. 

Monterey, Wm. E. Longley. 


|. Stillwater, Geo. F. Chester. 





ftamstabte County was incorporated .Tune 2, L6S-5, having previously formed a part of PI vm 
County. Tr includes all of Cape Cod, which is 63 miles I mz. It contains tbout 5G7 square miles, and 
numbers thirteen towns. The popul ition in 18 40 was 32,348, being about 80 to a square mile. 
The population in ISiO was 3i,27S>, or 06 to a square mile The shire t >wn is Barnst 
Most of the inhabitants are engaged in the fisheries; also many of thorn in the manufactu 
salt. Cmicerning these important branches of business, we had intended to give some inter 
statements, but we have been unable to prepare them in season for this numbi r. We simll endeavor 
to do them justice next. year. 

COUNTY OFFICERS. I s, " c i >}l0n Atwood, J. Gallagher, ReubcnC.Case, J. 

7 , e n i 'j. -v 1 at * ~ 'n t tj H. Hilliard, A Croweil. 

Juds/e of Probate, N vrnph.ts Marston, Barnstu'ile. i .. , • » . rr/ - % - , , T i n .i 

^ i banriivieh (Wiiuj & beck.) — Joseph Hatnaway. 

RejJsterqf Probute, Timothy Reed, 




CVerA of the Courts, Timothy Reed, 
Register of Deeds, Lothrop Davis, 
County Treasurer. Charles F. Swift, 
Crier of Courts, Ge^ree BHsh. 
Jailer and Master of II. of Correction, Chas. Lewis. 
Sheriff, Charles Marston, Barnstable. 
Deputy Sheriffs. 

Barnstable, Luther Hiucklty, Charles Lewis. 

Brewster, Strabo Clark. 

Falmouth, George W. Donaldson. 

Orleans, Alexander Ivenrn-k. 

Prarin-ctoir.n. Thomas Milliard. 

Sandwic%, Joseph H .n.l.lin. 

Yarmouth, Ch tries Sears. 

Wr/.yljet, Charles Gotham. 

Probate Court, holden in Barnstable, on the '2d 
Tuesdays of January, March, September, and De- 
cember, and on the 3d Tuesdays of May and June, | 

At Sandwich, on the 2d 'In- sd av of November. 

At Falmouth, on the Wednesday next after the | 
2d Tnesd iv of November 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers, 
Aaron Cornish, Ebenezer Bacon, George Cope- 
land, Lotbrop Davis, Thomas Holbrook,2d, Na- 
thaniel Lewis, Nvmph is M irston, Jacob Mitchell, 
S. P Bourne, S, th P. Nye. Elisha Pope, Timothy 
Reed, James Berry, Richard Baker, Jr., Winslbw 
L. Knowles, Frederick Davis, Jeremiah Mayo. 
Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 
Barnstable. Nymphus Marston, Zeno Scudd^r, 
Timothy [iced, Lotbrop Davis. 
Brewster, George Copcland. 
Falmouth, Elijah Swift. 
Harwich, Richard Baker. 
Orleans, John Doane. 
Sandwich, Elisha Pope. 
Yarmouth. Gorham Lovell. David K. Akin. 

Justices of the. Peaa . 

(Scca'sn Jitsti'-es of the Peace and Quorum.) 

Barnstnhle, Ehenczer 15 icon, Daniel Bas--?tt, 

Zenas I) Basse't,. Charles H. Bursley, Seth Hal- 

lett, Nathaniel Hinckley, Henry Lawrence, George 

. . . L \ Love!!, Ferdinand G. Ktdlev, Freeman Marc 

At Yarmouth, on the 2d r-iesday of August. j Geo Marston. Josiah Sampson, Zeno Send ler, 
At ffartcteh, on the -A Monday of April, and ^ Y oumr, Frederick Parker. 
ou the. last Monday of October. Brewster, Dean Banes, Freeman Foster, Solomon 

At Jircwster. on the luesdav next after the 3d Freeman, George W. Hijieins, David Mavo, 
Monday of April, and on the luesday next alter j j erom } nh Mavo, Anthony Smailev, Moses Small, 
the last Monday of October. Chatham. Joseph Atwood, Daniel P. Cli 

At Orleans,^ the Wednesday next after the R] -: ;lh \v\ Carpenter, Hiram T. Eldridge, Josiah 
3d Monday ot April, and on the Wednesday next j Mavf>) j oshua Nickerson, Thatcher Rvder, War- 
after the last Monday of Octouer. r cn' Rotters, Nathaniel Snow, Thomas Sparrow, 
At N ch'JleJ, on the Thursday next after the | Ephraim Tavlor, Oliver A. Nickerson 

last Monday of October 

At Truro, on the Thursday next after t 
Monday of April. 

Dennis, : ad Baker, 2d, James Berry, James 
2d j Chase, Nchemiah Crowell, Joseph Hull, S1 
Homer, Obed Howe's, Zebina Howes, J'-: 

arshall Undt 

At Province-town, on the Friday next after the 3d j ^JckersOn, Milter W. Niekerson, M 
Monday of April, and on the Friday next after the | wonr j_ j ^.. ; , Wixon, Jr. 

la-.t Monday of October. j Eastham, Myri.-k Clark. Michael Collins, Bar- 

Coiinty Commissioners. \ \ nabas Freeman, Elijah 1". Knowles. 

Seth Crowell, Dennis, Chairman ; John Doane, ; Falmouth, Samuel 1'. Bourne, Sylvester Bourne, 
Orleans ; David K. Akin, Yarmouth. j Aaron Cornish, Frederick Davis, Nymphas Davis, 

Special Commissioners. \ g; w - D»n;tW>on WUBanvGreen, 'John Jenkins, 

Nathan Jenkins, Barnstable; James II. Knowles, I * 

Tin es of Meetin/f. 

Robinson, Richard S. Wood, James I). Lewis 

Harwich, Richard Baker, Isaiah Baker, Obed 
Brooks, James Chase, Nathaniel Doane, Samuel 

At Barnstable, on the 2d Tuesday of April, and ™?°. K . S ' J » mcs p w '« s «- :>atnamei jjoane aamuei 
2d Tuesday of October. ' Eldndye ...os. 1 . Nickerson Nathan I ndenj . d, 

Ephrasm Doane, James S. Paine, Cyrus Weeks. 
Commissioners of Wrecks. Orleans. Nathaniel Freeman, Alfred Kei 

Chatham, Josiah Hardy. Jr. j ohn Kenrick, Win. P. Mvrick. Solomon Rich. 

Enstham, Ohadiah Doane, Jesse Collins, Mynck { pmrin rtowv, Godfrey Ryder, Rufus L.Thatcher. 
C. Horton. - Sandwich, Benjamin bourne, Melatiah Bourne, 

Harwich, Anthony Kelly. , t pssc Bovden, John B. DUliagham, C. B. II. Fes- 

Orleans, Daniel Cominsrs, Geo. W . Comings. ; sen a cn , ishadrach V;<w;m, Zenas R. Hinckley, 

Provinretonm, Isaiah Girford, Godfrey Ryder, Jr. j Solomon C. [lowland, Zenas Nve, Seth F. Nye, 

Satulseirh, Melatiah Tobcy. , Howard Perrv, M ison White. 

Truro, Thomas Cobb, Levi Stevens. Truro, Sam'u «l Over, Allcu Hiuckley, John Ken- 

BV///.wc, Kaiiih Hatch, John NewcOmb, Thos. j nev j, [ r ,\ ::;i > . ad. 
Holbroak, 2d, Robert Holbrook. )i; 7yA et, \i suben Arey. Collins S. Cole, J< ! n 

Commissioner of Marshpce, W. Davis, Ebenezer Freeman, Thomas Ho 

Charier, Marston Barnstable 2d, John Newcomb, Nathaniel P. Wilcv. 

'Pilots. ' Mitchell, Caleb Lombard, Nathaniel H. Dill. 

Harbor of Profincetown.—J&mes Cowine, Na- Yarmouth, James Crocker, Joseph Eldi 
thaniel Govell, .Jr.. John Le Count, Simeon Nicker- ..lnhn Larkin, Amos Otis. Nath.S Sin 
son, Wm. Cook, K. W. Freeman, Philip S. R >-h, ! Taylor, Simeon N. Small, Charles Thacher. 


Notaries Public. 

Barnstable, Daniel Bassett, Zenas I). Bassett. 

Brewster, b'roeman Foster, Isaac Foster. 

Chatfiatn, Jos. Atwood, Elijah W. Carpenter, 
Isaiah Lewis. 

Dennis, Nehemiah Y. Hall. 

JSnslham, Samuel Knovrlee, Michael Collins. 

Falmouth, Knowle9 Butler, Frederick Davis, 
John C. Parker, Reuben E. Swift. 

Harwich, Anthony Kelly, Cyrus Weeks. 

Provincetown, Thomas Milliard, Thomas Loth- 
rop, Godfrey Ryder, Jr. 

Sandwich, CIS. 31. Fessenden. 

Truro, Levi Stevens. 

WeUJleet, Samuel W. Holbrook. 

Yarmouth, David K. Akin, James B. Crocker. . 

Barnstable, Seth Hallett, L. Hinckley, Asa Young 

Brewster, Benj. T. Berry, Benj. Foster, Jr., Free- 
man Foster. 

Chatham, Wm, Hamilton, I. Lewis, Thos. Smith. 

Dcnnh, Jonathan Nickerson. 

Eastkam, Joshua Cole. 

Falmouth, Geo. W. Donaldson, Thomas Lewis. 

Harwich, Amasa Nickerson. 

Provincetoicn, Philip Cook. 

Sandwich, Joseph Hamlin. 

Truro, Daniel Paine . 

VSelljlect, Thomas Holbrook, 2d. 



Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Charles Lewis, Robinson Weeks, Daniel Bassett. 

Toicn Clerk and Treasurer .—'S . G. Kelley. 

Collector. — David Bursley. 

Constables.— Eli Hinckley., David Bursloy, Ed- 
mund Cro'veil. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Pour, and Assessors.— 
Jeremiah Mayo, Sol. Freeman, Nathan Winslow. 
Town Clerk and Treasurer. — Samuel H. Gould. 
Collector.— II email Griffith. 
Constable. — Strabo Clark. 
Undertaker . — Theodore Berry. 

Assessors. — Noah Doane, M. C. 
Joshua Knowle i. 
Town ('/irk mi' I Treasurer, — Heman Doane, 2d, 

Collector and Constable. — Noah Doane. 


Seleetmt n and . Usessors. — Knowlea Buth r, Wm. 
Nye, Jr., P. G. Moore. 

Town Clerk, Teens, and Collector.'" -Wm. Nye, Jr. 
Overseers of Poor. — Ceo. W. Donaldson, Arnold 

Gilford, Timothy Nye. 

Constables. — Charles C. Nye, C. H. Bearce, 
Dean Win slow. 


Selectmen, Overseen of Poor, and Assessors. — Na- 
than "Underwood, IsaacKelley, Dauforth > St< le. 

Town Clerk, Treasurer t and Collector.— B. W. 

Constables, — Tho'3. Allen, Seth Gaboon, N. Hard- 
ing, 8. H. Hill. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and. Assessors. — 
Thos. S. Snow, -Win. P. Myrick, Joseph G. Sloan. 

Town Clerk and Treasurer. — John Higgins. 

Collector and Constable. — Thomas A. Hopkins. 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Joshua Paine. John Adams, Ephraim Co >k. 

Town Clerk and. Treasurer. — Elisha Dyer. 
* Collector w^James Emery. 

Constables. — Godfrey Ryder, Josiah S. Fuller, 
Robert Knowles. 

The town meeting for choice of town officers is 
held in February. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — C. 
B. II. Fessenden, Edw'd W. Ewer, Geo. Giddin - \ 

Town Clerk and Treasurer. — David C. Freeman. 

Collector. — Isaiah Fish. 

Constables.- Abram Nye, P. McGirr, Joseph 


Selectmen, Overseers of .Poor, and Assessors. — 
J John Kenney, James Hughes, Atwood Rich. 
Town Clerk and Treasurer. — Samuel C. Paine. 
Constables.— Josiah Wilder, Samuel Dyer, John 
Chatham. Knowlea, 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — i wjxt/u.k'.-.t. 

Natir'i Snow. N. Doane', Z. Nickerson. Selectmen, Overse&rs of Poor, and Assessors. — 

Edward Hopkins, B. Wiley, E. W. Smith, 

To/en Clerk and Treasurer. — Josiah Mayo. 
Collector and Constable. — I. Ryder. 


Selectmen. Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Thomas Hull, O. Baker, 2d, David ilowes. 

Town Clerk end Treasurer.— Watson Baker. 

Constable. — Isaiah ISickerson, Jr. 

Collector. — Nathan Stone. 


Selectmen and- Overseers of Poor. — Z. Higgins, 
Noah Doane, Henry Harding. 

Toi^n Clerk and Treasurer. — Nath'i II. Dill. 
Celleetor.—E. L. Collins. 
Constable.— Robert H. Holbrook. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Ass 
Samuel Thacher, Thaeher Taylor, Silas Baker. 

Toicn Clerk awl Treasurer. — Wm. I'. Davis. 

Collector. — Eben. Howes. 

Constables.— David Wood, Geo. Crowell, Ebeu. 

(Jr., (West) Harwich 
Cond-h & Rogers, Falmouth 
Gitl'ord Benj,, [botanic] Province tonm. 
Harper. J.. Sandwich 
HinWeyO.M . Barnstable 
Iloitgti II C . [botanie] ('••evince tow a 
Lothrop John !, . ,>mvii eetnwi 
Paine Stephen a Pmvinoebwa 
Stickn •> »:. VV'., I'nmncoUwri 
Stone Jeremi di Iv .vii ■< tow* 
White Joseph, 'i Irmouih (Port) 

Bourse Crocker II . Ku.,,.»ufh 
BowlcyAsa S . ProvimeiOvva 
Brookd Obed Jr., Harwich 
Burnley David. Ban>*ta1»ia 
Cole Colins S.'. WelJtket 

I Sparrow Thos., Chatham 
: Thaeher <'ii:\>.^ Yarmouth 
! VV**] Bichard S., Falmouth 
j Young A sa, Barnstable 

! rilcirins John S., Wellflecfc 
J KuIm! .John, Sandwich 

Apothecaries. f f'ook Wm., Prbvincetown 

C.-irrrnfor E. W.. Chatham i ''' t " !! JiVmcs v - l*-'""**' 

Crowcll Nehemiah, Duunid 
l>.ivi> Solomon, Truro 
Dickinson M. W., Dennis 
Donaldson Geo. W., Falmouth 
GHTord Isaiah, Provincvtown 
Uillhrd Stephen, Proviuectovra 
Him-klev Luther, Baru.>t.tblo 
Hincklev Z. i: Snndwi ■ i 

H-lbi k Thus. 2d, VVullileet 

Howes 7 ., Itennid 
Ivi nuvy J hn J., Truro 
Kuowlos E. i; .. Ka>tham 
UwLs Charles, Barnstable 
Si ivo Jeremiah, Brewster 
Niekorson Joshua, Chatham 
Barker fe\. Barnstable 
Show E., Orleans 
Snow N.iiiri. Chatham 

Smith Sabin, Provincetcwu 


j i. tker John K.. | \\ est • Dennis 
! haxtei John. (Cotuit) Banwt iMe 
I Bt-ns .u Davi I, (West) S n Lwi h 
I. nson llowapi. San I 
Bodtish W. T.. (Ilyunnis) Ifcirnstable 
Biu-'.'i - Aaron !• Samlwich 
Croel :• 1- li ih. >>•■■ rvill 1! 
Hallett Benj. 2d, Yarmouth (P*)rt) 
Hallett rilward J'.. Yarmoul 

B A It N STABLE C 1 : NT Y . 

llttHett 0., Barnstable 
II ., i Richard, Provincetown 
Hatch Nathan, Eastham 
Iligjrins Samuel, Chatham 
ISvjjins Simeon. I Irk-aus 
| {nved Ht»rvcy, Dennis 
Jones Win.. Barnstable 
Jones Wm.r., (West) Bams.ta'ble 
l^vmard Simeon,(Osterville) Barnstable 
Lincoln Clark, (ContreviUe) Barnstable 
I ,i mil Solomon ( '(East>^G*riean s 
Lmnella Charles, Welltteet 
Lovell Robfc., (OsterviUe) Barnstable 
Matthews Benj. II., Yarmouth (Port) 
Mayo David, Brewster 
Nickerson Freeman, Harwich (Fortl 
llaj mond Ebenezer. ( P( casset) Sand'ch 
Scabnry Chapman, (East) Orleans 
Sherman Samuel, (South) Orleans 
Small Geo. W., Harwich (Port) 
Small Isaiah. Tnno 
Small Jesse C, (South) Harwich 
Snow Atkins, Provincetown 
Snow Zoheth Jr., Brewster 
Swift Daniel, (West) Falmouth 
Thacher Benj. Jr.. (South) Dennis 
That- her Samuel, Yarmouth 
Ward & Alexander, [shipsmiths] Pro- 
vincetown [stable 
Weeks Robinson, (Marston Mills) Barn- 
Wood David, (South) Yarmouth 

Godfrey Z. II., (South) Harwich 
llalk-tt Solomon, Chatham 
Lorir.s: Joseph G., "Harwich (Port) 
Nye Jabez, Barnstable 
Smith W., Province to \vu 
Snow Obadiah, Provincetown 
Snow Robert, (East.) Brewster 

Carpenter E. W„ Chatham 
ffinkley 0. M., Barnstable 

Boot and Shoe Dealers, 

Atvrood B. Y.. Welliieet 

JBartJett Chas. J., [ladies'] Brewster 

Buck J.. (South* Harwieh 

Coates John, (Hjanuis) Barnstable 

Crosby Joseph C, Brewster 

Crowell Daniel, (Hvaniiis) Barnstable 

Edwards Watson, Falmouth 

EldridwC. ¥., 

Ewer Henry. B 

(hoi.. F P.. Sa 

Gorham Benj.. 

Haley Kphraim. Pruvincetown 

Hall Lott, Weilfleet 

Hallett Nathan. Wcll9eet (Port) 

I! ivmblinton Nath'i, Chatham 

Jenkins E.. (South) Yarmouth 

Keith & Childs, Sandwich 

Knowlcs Joseph, Provmcetown 

Nickerson Phineas, Harwich (Port) 

Shiverick W., Falmouth 

Snow Hervev, Welliieet | Port) 

Waterman C.'C. P.. Sandwich 

Young Lawrence, Provincetown 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Chase Daniel, (Centreville) Barnstable 
Giddinirs George, Sandwich 
Jones Benj. S., Brewster 
Jordan John. Welltleefc [hie 

Kellev Randall, (Cotiiit Port) Barasta- 
Sparrow Den, (South) Orleans 
Sparrow Jesse Jr.. f Rtst) Orleans 
Vose George, (East) Orleans 

Brick Dealers. 
IHlls Jonathan, Provinoetown 
Hinckley Josiah, femiftibta 
Thompson Scth, Sandwich 

Cabinet Kakers. 
Allen Sam'l H..Sauuwieh 
Atwood 5c Hop '.;■-. IVeHfleet 
Pope ■'■ W.. Sandwich 
Stetsou Calvin, Barnstable 

■ Carpentor3. 

D^h Benj.. Truro 
Davb Solomon, 'Stun 



*>t (Port) 

Dyer John, Provincetown 
Knowles Robert, Provincetown 
I'aim Jc-emiah, Truro 
Rich 7.., Truro 

Ryder E. II . Yarmouth (Port) 
Sellew Lewis 1... (Sorth) Trttro 
Small Alfred, Provincetown 
Smith B. A.. Provincetown 
Smith John, provincetown 

Caulkers and Gravers. 
Dolliver & Parsons, Provincetown 
Garran & Stanford, 
Mott Stephen, ' ; 


Th". letters in brackets below denote 
th e Denominations as follows: — C.T., 
Congregationalist (Trinitarian); 1J.. 
Fxipt isi ; F. B., Freewill Baptist ; M , 
M-t'fuodist; M. P., Methodist Protes- 
tant ,- M. E., Methodist Episcopal; E. 
M..Ei:an. Methodist; E.,Ej is o\ tdian; 
C. U.,Co7igTegationalisl ( Unitarian) ; 
£>., Universalist; Ch.. Christian ; K, 
C, Roman Catholic ; N. J"., Neiv Jeru- 
salem; Me., Milierite; Mn., Mormon. 
Paeon Elisha. [C. T.] Barnstable 
Bailey Stephen, [C. T.] Eastham 
Harden 3,, [Uv.j Orleans 
Uarnabv James, fB.J Harwich 
Seaman Gils. C-. [C T.J Wellthat 
Beard S. P.. [C. T.] Falmouth 
Bellows John N.. [C. i'.] Barnstable 
Blake T. D., f.M. E.J {South) Truro 
Bradley Alfred 0., [Cv.J Brewster 
Chandler Joshua, Dennis 
Crafts Eiiph. P.. [C. C.J Sandwich 
Damon Franklin, Brewster 
Davis James, '• 

Davis Leihrop, Orleans 
lishO. T.. [V. Tj (Cotiiit). Falmouth 
Fish Phineas, Marshpec [ «i< h 

Garland J.. [C T.] (Monument) Sand- 
HainesBenj.. [M. E.J Samlwich 
Havncs 1). C, [B.] Barnstable 
Hiukley EdsvardB., [M. E..J (Hyannis) 

Hooker II. P., [C. T.J Falmouth 
Howson John'. [M.] Wellfleet 
j hint John B,,[M.E.](Soutb) Welltteet 
Kenney P. T., 'I'M. >:.] Provincetovvn 
Latham Alauson. [>L] Dennis 
Leonard Wm.. [M. E j H-isrham 

John Jr.. [ x h E. ; i'n • iucetown 
Wm.. iM- K ; C5 tliam 
Lord J. M . [31. E.] (North) Truro 
Moran James, [R. C] Sa.jd.vj.-h 
Myriek Osborn, [C T.J Provii cetown 
Newell Preil. R., r C C] Brewster 
Xnble'JB. W., [0. T.J Truro 
Pabner Anthony A., [M i } T. uro 
Pease Giles, [C T.J Siandwieli 
Pope R. S.. [Cv.J (HyaimL-*) Barnstable 
Sanger G. J.. [Uv.j Sandwich 
Sargent — ■, [B.J Barnstable [S,'indwich 
Stebhhis Dixon, [M. K ■ \ Monumeut) 
Stetson Wm.. [M. E.] Kalui ith 
Talbot M. J. Jr . [31, E San h 
Ta.dn-r J., [M.E.J Orleans 
Tisdale — , [M.J IVnnis 
Tulmsn liichard,fi T ' ?, th D.mi i 
Tubald Wakefield.] i' \l*);>U>r\i\l* (lU'u- 
Tucker Elijah. [C. i' |C '"' uti (s! Me 
WashburnJ-B., [M.l iiOstvrve) Buna- 
Wells Elias, [C T.'j • ' lwi< h [stjibte 
White Jacob, [C T.J (ht. :*ns 
Winchester Geo. II., [M.E)(W.)Sand- 
Wootibury — . [IU * in -mhie [wich 
Woodman ~,'[C. T ) Welia ! 


Rowley J. E. ^. G-, I ^ - :to\vn 

Fuller J. S., 

th.vard J. D.. Sandwieli 

Sliller F. <h. Proviuci t »wn 

SickeTSon Ohs., 

P ckard E.. Falmouth 

Small U. F . Prm-huvtown 

Suuth Atkins & Co., Provincetown 

[See Wood and Coal | 


Baker F. P.. fS&uth) Vannouth 
Clia.«»c Job, ' v ..uriii Dennld 
[>.■ W nit (.ieorpi . L'rovin etown 
Doane K. G., i! irwich 
Howes .v I'.« . lor, Vac. 
Kellcy A. & ('•-.. (South) !>■ i n ■ 

■ BW i ■■■■'■''■ fi . liar .I- | 

Snov Cah b, Harwich (Porl 
TuttleJu*»e& Brothers, (Sooth) I 

Copi [and Geo., Bre i •'■•'• 
David John W., Well 

D-.aiie John, Orleai - 

K-- -i ■iideu C );. IL. Sar.d-vich 

(.■•>* is Jas. l> . Falmouth 

Marston Geo.. Barnstahlc 

Marston Nymj has, " 

N> o Si th F , Sandwich 

Scudder / (no, Barnstable 

Small Simeon N., Yarmouth (Port) 

Country Stores. 

Where are kept Dry Goods, GroNcies t 
Crockery, i'c, ifc. ^c. 

Aiken David K. & Co., (South) YrimTi 

AtW [ Harding, (South) Wellfleet 

Atwoo ! John, Provincetown 

Atwood Levi, Chatham 

Atwood N'ath'l, Orleans 

Bacon Khenezei . B li nstal \e 

Baker Brndd . ;., (Sout .) larmouth 

Baker John, (South) Dennis 

Baker Joseph, •• 

Baker Thcothv, (Hvannis) Barnstable 

Baker Watson, ' " 

Bourne Chas., (North) Sandwii h 

Boyce Gilbert lh. (AVest) Falmouth 

Brooks Qbed Jr . Harwii h 

Bunjess Aaron h.. (PocassetOSandi 
I Burpee Hiram, Sandwich 

i ahoon Seth. (West) Harwichj 

Chapman Howes, Dennis 

Chase (h W. ^ Co., (South) Dennis 

( ha.--e Job, (West) Harwich 

Central Trading Comj anv, Wi , 

Childs Punch [Cotuit I'oit) Barnstabl 

Clark Chas. A., Fahno ith 

Coleman John, (Cot • Port) Barmta'e 

Cole Collins S.. (Soutb | Weill] i 

Cook K. & E. Iv.. Provincetown 

Coi k U. & S., Provino irn 

Ci»ok Philip, 

• ook Sn i :>. a Jr., u 

Cov< il Nathaniel. ' : 

Cmc'cer Daniel, Yarmouth (Port) 

Crosby D. I! , Orleans . ' 

Crosbj U". \- $011, [( lentn ville) 1 

CriR*b\ & Lewis, (CeutreviUe) Barn .- 

Crowell A.. Province town 

Crowell David. 

Crowell V. Ih. (We<) Yarmouth 

L'rowell Joltn ih. | \\',-t | Dennis 

Crowell Paul Jr., (AVesi S ■:. I ii b 
| Crowell S.. \ West) Dennis 
, Davis Predi ric, (Wesl | Falmouth 
I Dillin<:hara Si phi u, (West) Falmouth 
j Dane Ephm., Harwich I Porl 
! Doane Ezckiel, Eastham 
' Dj:u u Fn em m, | liast) Orleans 
' Donne V., Harwich (P t) 
I Dunbar Fivderic, (South) Yarmouth 
; Dyer & Atwood, Wellfleet 

!'■■ rSaiu-'l. Truro 

Kbmii K . Orleans 

Klilmlgv Benj. W., Harwich 

EUlridite Hiram T., 

El Iri h- Kimball, (West) Ch ' 

Ellis Al h ii N.. (North) Sai • '. 

1 riM-num J: . Provinceti n n 

I n iMiian Wai ici.; rh-t 1 Sar ' 

I ■.■'■- o . - i Iwieh 
i;i ui . ...... -. i h tliam 

Ouriu y T»avid. {\S • i | S u [wich 

II ui Ai.h-ii;. Dennis 

Halletl S. V.. Yarmouth (Port) 
llallett Warren, 1 1 i ^ -< - ■' • ' ■ ' 
Hiiinblintrtti Wm.. ( hatham 
I! in i lond .\.. Clmtham 
Harding Stephen, Chatham 
Hard\ Jusiah Jr.. 



nanghton A. K nstham 

Heard Davis, Orleans 

Hisrvrins Geo . (East) Brewster 

Higjrina Jos.. Truro 

Iliggins i> W., Wellfleet 

Hi-rins Samuel, 

Higgins S'.n'i Jr., " 

Hilliard i\ & ?. & Co., Provincetown 

Hincklej & Stutson, Sandwich 

Ilolbrook Benjaniin, W'elifleefc 

Holway A.. Sandwich 

Howi 3 On well & Co., Dennis 

Howes Collins, Chatham 

Howes Daniel, 

Howes Davi i, « 

Howes Elisha, " 

Howes James S., (East) Dennis 

Howes James &'Co., M 

Howes Samuel," " 

Howes Shubael, " 

Howland Jason. (West) Barnstable 

Huckins Joseph, 

Jone 3 Ezra, (Waquoit) Falmouth 

Kellev J. & Sons, (Centreville) V,*m- 

Kcnney John, Truro [stable 

Kenrick Alfred. Orleans 

Knowles Elijah, Eastham. 

Knowles James, Barnstable (Port) 

Knowles Joshua, (North) Truro 

Knowles Joshua Jr., " 

Laha D Mrs., Wellfleet 

Lancey Becj., Province town 

Laphain Wm. F., Sandwich 

Lewis Frederic. Barnstable 

LtuiugWm,, Sandwich 

Matthews David. (South) Yarmouth 

Mayo Albert. Brewster 

Mavo Jeremiah, " 

Mayo John Jr.. Truro 

Mayo Josiah, Chatliam 

Myrkk I.*aac. Yarmouth (Port) 

Mvrick Nathaniel, Brewster 

Nicholson [,.. (Ootuit Port) Barnstable 

.Nicker-on A!. nor. (South) Harwich 

Nickerson Charles, Provincetown 

Nickerson E.. 

Nickerson John, i; 

Nickerson Joshua, 2d. (North) Chatham 

Nickerson Joseph P., (South) Harwich 

Nickerson Silas. (West) Dennis 

Nickersoa S. J... [ship stores] Province- 

Nye F. t.F. (North) Falmouth [town 

Packard K.. Falmouth 

Pain* K. fc'Co., Truro 

Paine Joshua, Provsaeetosra 

i»aiae Solomon & Co., Truro 

Parker Serb Jr., (West) Barnstable 

Peirce Joshua V., Wellr! -et 

Pereival Azariah. Barnstahle 

Ferry IF & Co.. (Pocasset) Sandwich 

Phinney Asa. ( Waquoit) Falmouth 

Phinnev Elisha. (Cotuit Port) Barnsta- 

1'itts Thomas. Truro [bie 

Pope C. F. & E. T„ Sandwieh 

Pnwtor Chas., (Monument) Sandwich 

Ransom lienj .(North) Sandwich 

Eaymond Asa C, (Pocasset) Sandwich 

Eich Atwood & Co.. Truro 

Ricb l!-rij . Welliicefc 

Rich K. & Co., Truro 

Rich Xeheininh, « 

Rider C, Chatham 

Rider Thacher, (North) Chatham 

Rider Samuel. Truro 

Robinson John, (K...*t) Falmouth 

Rogers John !' , (West) Harwich 

Rogers Prim,-. Orleans 

Ryder Godfrev Jr., Provincetown 

Scott M . Sandwich 

Semi ler K., fOsterviile)«BarnBtahle 

Scudder J -stah, " 

Scudder N. & D., 

Sears E. »., (West) Brewster 

Shiveriek & Wool. (Wt?atj Falmouth 

Small Caleb. (South) Harwich 

Small Daniel h,*.,,v!^v n 

Small David IF. (West) Harwich 

Small Franc'u, (North > Truro 

Small Jesse, Provincetown 

Small Zebina, Harwich (Port) 

Smith I'. IF. (North) Truro 

Smith John & Co., Truro 

| Snow Lahan, (f irwich (Port) 
Snow S. Mrs., Provincetow n 
Sparrow S. Jr., (South) Orleans 
Stevens Levi, Truro 
Swift Ellis M . (Monument) Sandwich 
Swift ^ Elite, (North) Sandwich 
Taylor N. Mrs . Chatham 
Tri'. lor Washington. I ! . itham . 
Timelier M. Mis*, (Hvannis) Fan.- able 
Thacher Pa Llock, Yarmouth (Port) 
Tobev F. C., 

Union Whf. Co., Wellfleet 
Union Whf. Store Co., Provincetown 
Wales & Conaut, Barnstable 
Weeks Cyrus, (South) Harwich 
Wexon Benj., (South) Dennis 
Wexon Joshua Jr., '* 
Whitman Isaac. (West) Barnstahle 
Whorf J., Truro 
Wliorf >'., " 

Whorfe Thos. R-, Provincetown 
Wil ler Josiah, Truro 
Willard II. II., Provincetown 
Winslow Nathan, (West) Brewster 
Young J., Orl. u,- 

Allen Wilkes, Sandwich 
Whitney Geo. IF, Provincetown 

Dry Gtfods. 
[See also Country Stores.] 
Arnaud R. C. WelUlset 
Con!; Ephin., Provincetown 
Halleti Solomon. <.'hatham 
Higgir.s Lewis, Wellileet 
Ilolbrook Lucy, 

Neweomb M. 'Mrs., (South) Wellfleet 
Nickerson Ann Mrs., Provincetown 
Shedd ft'm. M., i; 

Small D. F., (; 

Fancy ©sods. 
Eaton James IF, Provincetown 
Hopkins Joshua P., >■ 
Fuvcll A. W.. (Hfanhfo) Barnstable 
Small M. M., Provincetown 
Willardll. II., 

Edson Eliphalet. Yarmouth (Port) 
Pope J. W., Sun da < 1; 

Grain and Flour. 
Burpee Hiram, Sandwich 
Cobb & Smiths Barnstable 
Crocker 'J. IF, Yarmouth (Port.) 
Foster Jonathan, Brewster 
How, t <■: Taylor. Yarmouth (Port) 
Kenrick Alex.j (East) Orleans 
Sears & Howes, (Fast) Dennis 
Waterman C. C. P., Sandwich 

Grist Mills. 
Anderson Wni . Yart touth 
Faker Benson, 

Baxter & Baker, (West) Yarmouth 
j Collins A. & Co., (North) Truro 
Farris Reuben K., (South) Yarmouth 
Ilinkley N., (Marston\s Mills) Barnsta- 
[i;owes James & Co., Dennis [ble 

Howes llufus i Co., Yarmouth 
Jones Silas. (West) Sandwich 
Nye Samuel, (Fast) 
Robinson John, (Wnnuoit) Falmouth 
Robinson Joseph. (East) Falmouth 
Roarers Samuel, (North) Truro 
Ryder Isaac, Weiltket 
Small James, (North) Truro 
Smith Warren, Provincetown 
Sprin mil! Corn k Saw Mill,! East) Sand- 
Wing Stephen, Sandwich [With 

Hair Breeders. 
Armstrong Wo... Saiid.vieh 
Small M. N., Pruvii ce wa 

Hardv. arc; 
Atwood Simeon, Wcliilcet 
Higirins A: Stuhhs, " 
Holway A.. Siiudwich 
Snow N. A . Provitin town 

H'arac5s Slakers. 
Arnaud R. C, Wellthvt 
Chiids B. R . Sandwich 

Farris RumcII D. (&1 M 

li-ii Rufui«, Falmouth 

: i • man l\ r- » . | Ea -• 
Ualli tl F- ..; 1--. 'i in ■ • . 
FCn eh ! 

Holmes kV'm. D . \'.w.. 
Lovell Eldri Ige, Varn 

j East J til : 

Shiverick Win., Falm 

Hats and Caps. 
Ai rood B. V.. Welllle. 
Chipman Isaac, f'^r, 
Fuller J. T., Provim etow n 
Gibbs F. P.. Sandwich 
If unblinton Xal a!. I Ihatham 
Ho i. 1 J. D . Sari Iwicl 
Lothrop Joseph II , Bail ■ 
Miller F. <F. Proviucetowu 
Small D. F.,' " 

Livery Stables. 
Bartlett & Winsor, Pari-- , ( e 
Boyden Wm. F.. Sandwich 
< M i tndler James, Provincetown 
HFrgius Simeon, Orleans 
Howland Albert, (West) Orleans 
Keith & Chiids, Sandwich 
Lane Dennis. IVetlllcet 
Sears (has. Jr., Yarmouth (Port) 

Cobb fc Smith, Barnstable 
Cook H. & S.. Frovim , . i 
Crosby Jo-hua & Co.. Orleans 
Foster Jonathan, Brewster 
Freeman E., Provincetowu 
Hallett M. C. & Co., Yarmouth (Po t) 
Hilliard T. & S., Provincetown 
HilLs Jonathan, Provincetown 
Hinckley Josiah. Barnstable 
Mayo J. & P.. Brewster 
Nickerson & Emery, Chatham 
Pepper Bangs. Brewster 
Smitli David, Provincetown 
Thayer IF IF, Sandwich 
Union Whf. Store Co., D.Fairba -'t 

Marine Railways, 
Provincetown Marine Railway, P. At- 
kins, agent : Fairl 
UnionMarine Railway, Provincctn, 1>. 


Cotton Mill. Sam'! Wing, Propriet r, 
Sandwich [Falmouth, A. CI ay 

Pacific Cott6»& tteolh n >J 

Falmouth Glass Co., Fahuout 
Jenkins, agent 
j Boston & Sandwich Glass Co., Sai '• . 
D( mingJarv< s,agt., Feder d -" IV - p n 

Manomet Iron & Machine C< . (North) 
Samhvich, /. R. Hincklev. a'geul 

Perri IL & Co., Manuf. Hollow jfc Iron 
\\ are. ( Poc; t) Sand i i< i 

5atim - M tin I •• ton . (W; ■ ) Pal- 

mouth, John Robinson, agent 


Oocker IT P.. Yarmouth Po 1 1 

Fi.-.her A i) . 

i mr\ it Mrs., Provincetown 

Sli 1 i Wm. M.. 

Win K h. \Y. Sliss, Sandwich 

Marble and Stone Cutters. 

, Fisher Jabez. Vnnnnuth 
1 Holmes Yuh'l. Barnstahle 
I I! .pkins T. A , (Kast) Orleans 
I IJu.ti Geo., (South) Orleans 
H ii siow G. D., Brews er 

Oysters and Refreshments. 

Ball ml Allen. I'rovinretown 

I isii Ku -ii. Sandwich 

Smith Sjujui •! S . Provinci i iwn 

Smith Simeon, [tishj Sjiu Iwich 


( House, Sign awt Fanet | 
Ames Franklin, t Hvanni j | Barn 
Atwi od Timothy, VVvllI 
15 ker Joseph, I South) i armoiith 
Kaies t». \\ ., provini uluwn 
Cluise Francis ^\'.. Par: 


Cnak Caleb, Provincetown 

> M hi Natlvl, Chatham 

,,,.,. r riu s. L., Falmouth 

How ml J- VV., (Hyannis) Barnstable 

\; -. | r k Chase, (West) Harwich 

Nickerson De»n, Wellfle&t 

!'• trv & Sprue', Pandwich 

Knhhins Joseph, (Ostcmlle) Barnstable 

Bobbins Joshua, .Harwii h (Port) 

Smith Human, Chatham 

fnylor Edwin, (West) Harwich 

Taylor Edwin E.. (South) Dennis 

Whittemore David D. 3 Dutuis 

Whittemore David, " 

Wluttemore J., Barnstable 

Wiley Freeman A., Truro 

Aller Paul W-, Barnstable 
liacheldi r John, Sandwich 
Basalt Moses, Falmouth 
Carpenter E. W., Chatham 
Clifford D. P., 
Cornish Aaron, Falmouth 
Danforth Natlvl, Chatham 
Doane G. W.. (Hyannis) Barnstable 
Dodge Franklin, Harwich 
Ford Oliver. Barustablo 
Gifford Beuj., [botanicj Provincetown 
Gooch Wm. P.. (South) Dennis 
Gould S. II., Brewster 
Greene Win. X.. Falmouth 
ilarper John, Sandwich 
Hough 11. C, [botanic] Provincetown 
Jenkins Freeman, Barnstable 
Jones Luther S., Yarmouth 
Knight N. .)'., Truro 
KuoxT. P., (Hvannis) Barnstable 
Leonard Jona., -Sandwich 
Lord W. P., (North) Dennis 
Lothrop John L.. Provincetown 
McCalluin H. 11.,' Barnstable 
Mitchell Jacob, Welltieet 
Newton A. 31., Truro 
Paine Stephen A., Provincetown 
Phillips John, Eastharn 
Pinco P., Barnstable 
Pitcher S, Jr.. (Hyannis) Barnstable 
Pratt G.J-, Harwich 
Rogers Moses, Falmouth 
Seabury Benj. !'.. Orleans 
Shove George, Yarmouth (Port) 
Stetson John, Harwich 
Stiefcney E. \Y., Pxoviiieetown 

Stone Thos, N r .,'w«Meet 
Swift Alfred, Dennis 
Wilson T., Orleans 
Whitney Isaiah, Provincetown 

Phinnev S. B., Barnstable 
Swift C\F., Yarmouth (Port) 


Chandler James, Provincetown 
Crocker & Gifford, '* 

Crowell C, (Hyannis) Barnstable 
Knowles Butler, Falmouth 
Merchant Wm., Sandwich 
Nickerson Chas., Provincetown 
Small Daniel 8., " 

Smith Elijah, c; 

Smith Win., " 

Public Houses. 
Ba i tloi fc & Winsor, [Globe Hotel] Barn- 
Bursley Washburn. (West) Barnstable 
Chandler James, [Union House] Prov- 

int etown 
Dill Hannah, WeBfieet [town 

HiffordJas.. [Plhrriin House] Province- 
<.^,|s u , H ..> Chas.". (Hyannis) Barnstable 

IMbrookTUw.; A'cUtUwt 

31 wes Isaac, tenuis 

Hmtlanti Albert, (West) Barnstable 

>'"l'e F.iish.t. Sandwich 

fwnw Chas. Jr.. k'ntmoutb (Port) 

i'isdalc Wm., Sawdwjrh 

''■■b ■■vr. John. { Wood's Hole) Falmouth 

Wilder Jo,i,ui, Truro 

Pump and Elock Makers. 
Hanliu- Johu, W( llfleet 
Holmes (J. B., Provincetown 
Mayo Thomas, 
inmng Joseph & Co.. Chatham 

Roberta David, Provincetown 

Sail Makers. 
Adams Alfred, Provincetown 
Allstrum B., " 

Atkins 1'.. ' ; 

Baker Timothy, Harwich(Port) 
Bates Henrv, Chatham 
Braddock William P., (West) Harwich 
Crowell David, Yarmouth (Port) 
Hall Joseph, Provincetown 
Hannum Charles A.. Provincetown 
Kelley & Doane. Harwich (Port) 
Peak John. Welltieet 
Smith Gilbert, Harwich (Port) 
Southard Eli, Welljleefc 

Sash and Elind Makers. 
Chipman W. C. & J. K., Sandwich 

Hopkins & Mayo, Harwich (Port) 
Hopkins Moses, Brewster 

Ship Chandlers. 
Bowley J. E. & G., Provincetown 
Chase 'Geo. W. & Co.. (South) Dennis 
Chase Job, ; - "• 

Crocker J. B., Yarmouth (Port) 
Howes & Taylor. " " 

Kelley A. & Co.,'(Sonth) Dennis 
Love land Timothy V. & .Co., Chatham 
Small Daniel, Provincetown 
Smith Atkins & Co., " 
Sparrow, Heed & Lewi-, Chatham 
Thatcher, Cook Sc Co., Provincetown 
Union Wharf Store Co., D. Fairbanks, 
agent, Provincetown 

Poring & Smith. Provincetown 

Rogers , Welltieet 

Shiverick Asa '& Sons, (East) Dennis 
Sleeper Bradley, Provincetown 

Sp 3 r Maker. 
Smith Lewis L., Provincetown 

Stoves and Tin Ware. 
Atkins Caleb W., Province-town 
Atwood Simeon, Welltieet 
Bur-bank S. C. & Co., Sandwich 

.Crocker Edward, Yarmouth [Port) 
Torster J-osiah, Sandwich 
Howes & Hallctt, Yarmouth (Port) 
Huckins Nelson, Brewster 
Jenkins E., (West) Barnstable 
i.inell Geo. W., (West) Harwich 
Rogers Sullivan, Chatham 
Roirers Ceo. W., Provincetown 
Small Ceo. W., Harwich (Port) 
Snow N". A., Province town 
Snow Benj.. (Hyannis) Barnstable 
Starbuck Joseph II., 1'aluiputh 
Tailors and Drapers. 
Allen Joshua M ; , Sandwich 
Backus J., Barnstable 
Burgess E. C Falmouth 
Duffec Andrew. Sandwich 
Hale Joseph, Yarmouth (Port) 
Hallctt A. C, (Hyannis) Barnstable 
IHsprinsJ. K., Wollllent 
Howard Edward, Chatham 

i Howard J D., Sandwich 

| McMulIen Joseph, " 

! Peirce Harvey, 

i Tavlbr Isaac Yarmouth (Port) 

j Turner Joseph II., Brewster 

j Tanners and Curriers. 

I Freeman Eli-'ha, Ucllthet 

i Wiuslow VV'ui., (West) Brewster 

! Fuller J. S., Provincetown 
i Miller F. C, 

Small I). F., " 

Watches and Jewelry. 
Eidridtce C. o., Chath v.n 

Mitchell Angus! 

Munrou John, Barn- 

N'urse Rcubcu II , (South) Yarmouth 

West India Goods. 

[Set also Country Storti.] 
Power -i : . | W( o i lb l« : 
Bowl y J. K. k ''., L'roviucctown 

,lob, (South) ('■ i i 
Clark Chaa., t'almouth 
Cobb & Smith, Barnstable 
Collins Patrii k. Sandwich 
Crocker J. B . Yarmouth | P 
Crocki :• .v Gilford, Provincetown 
Crow< 1! ('.. ill annis) Barnstable 
Freeman Prince, rrovincetowu 
i : a ;; • -in. on, Orleans 
Howes N. Tayli r. i'armoath (Port) 

1! - V. m. C , (South) Dennis 

Johnson Timothy P., Provincetown & fluids, Sandwich 

K< llcj A. & ('".. (South) Dennis 

Km -. .•-- Butler, Falmouth 

Co. Ian ! Timothy V. & Co., Chatham 

M< p Ij >.t. Warreu & Co., Sandwich 

Ileal i .n Titus P., 

Scott M., •• 

Sesirs .v Howes, (Fast) Dennis 

Smith Atkins & Co., Provincetown 

Smith Elijah, 

Smith Wi:,., ' t; 

Sparrow, Reed & Lewis, Cha thai i 

Thatcher, C k & Co., froviucetown 

Waterman C. C. P., Sandwich 

Burgess & J ore--. Sandwich 
Crocker— ,( West) Barnstable 
Hallett F^en Jr., Yarmouth (Port) 
Hopkins I'.iisha Jr., Orleans 
Keith Isaac, [ear maker] (Wt - S 
Mallard Ceo., Brewster 
Phinney Nelson, (Ceutreville) Barns 1 1- 
Itojjers Jona , Orleans - [ble 

Sparrovy Reuben C, Welltieet 
Thachcr Watson, Yarmouth 
Thatcher Joseph. (South) Dennis 
Weeks Hiram, (Osterville) Barnstable 
White Hufus, (Sodth) Yarmouth 

Wood and Coal. 
Atwood John, Provincetown 
Bowlej J. K. & G-, " 
C( hb & Smith, Barnstable 
Cook !•'. ^ E. K., frovincetown 
CtHik !i. ^c S., 
Ct^kSMihenJr., ' ; 
Cr. ■■-■•:.' A.. ' ; 

Frei sail E., :i 

Hallctt M. C Sc Co., Yannonth (Port) 
EI i Hi inl r. .v S.. Provincetown 
Hilh lonathan, " 

Hi . ' ; .. Josiah. Barnstable 
Small Daniel, Provincetown 
Smith Atkins & Co., - 
Thatcher, Cook 5c Co.. ;; [Provinci t'n 
Union \\ f Store Co., D. Fairl tnks > ag"t J 
\\ horf Tie 5. l! ., Provincetown 

Ballast.— Thuo. P. Johnsi n. Pr vii - • • 
town [ton's Mills) Barnstal ■ 

Cam ' ■■ r ;<!<l!''.—Y.. Crocker. (M irs- 

C ,.,*-., rjoner.— Isaac Quiuell, Sandwich 

Ktirlhtn Ware Mnnufac'ry. . Brad- 
ford, (West) Barnstable 

/ ! -• inre Agent '—Godfrey Ryder Jr.. 
pruv;::e. Town [Harwich 

Lamp Ltatk Mannfac.—$!\m'\ Small, 

Lard 0>l Mamtfuc.—Wm. Nvc Jr & 
t'".. Fahuouth [Yari i ith ■ 

j Magm ••■• k r inuf. — G< org I 1 f 

Miiii: T-n ■ .- . -Geoi p U '•' 
I !•-. - in. etovvn " [Pmvii - I 

0< ,-. r W'atch-3 .v Clocks - I ; 

Pi in ■ M tnu/.—E. Ryder Ji . N - ' 


■Planing Mill.—W. Smith, Province- 
town. II. H. Thayer, Sandwich 
I Screws .V fevers f'ot rah -.• •••-.*.', $'e. 
—John Dver .^ Co., Prov ii • et -a 

Wool Ciri/ins —A. Marston, (>J - 
ron'~ Mills) bun:-. 




Berkshire County, formerly part of Damp hire County, was incorporated April 21, 17C1. 
It is the most western county, and ext< rids entirely across the State. 
In the ea<t<, rn p ut of this county lie the FI-oo lac Mountains, and in the westei n the Tai i 
The papulation in 184 I was U.GSfl ; number ui* towns, 30; square miles 1 ; 9.32; population to a square 
mile, 41. Population in 1850, 40,506* ; towns 32; population to a square mile, 52. Lenox is the count j; 

Monterey, E. 15. Garfield. 

New Marlboro*. t Edward Sterens, Seth Norton, 
Noah Gibson. 

Otis, Lester Filley. 

Peru, Cyrus Stowell. 

Pittsfield, Phineas Allen, George N. Bi 
Henry H. Childs, Ezekiel 1?. Colt, Flenrv 
bard, Ensign IE Kellogg, Calvin Martin, Edward 

A. Newton, Thos. K. Plunkett, Julius Rockweil. 
Sand is field, Daniel Se us. 
ShefpAd, Edward F. Ensign. 
Sto'ckbridge, J. Z. Goodricii, Wm. Willi 
Williamstown, Henry L. Sabin. 

Justices of tli c Peace. 

(Sec also Justices of the Peace and Qitorit r, . | 

Adams, E. Bailey, Samuel Bowen, Samuel M. 

Bowcrunn, 11. J. Bliss. Isaac Dean, Charles 

Marsh, Wm. C. Plunkett, F. 0. Sayles, Wm. II. 


Adams {North.) 0. Arnold, W. 11. Brayton, II. 
L. Dawes, Daniel Jenks, Andrew A. Richmond, 
Thomas Robinson, James T. Robinson, L. C. 
Thayer, W. H. Warner, George Millard, Abel 
Wetnerbee. Almond B. Cole. Isaac Holm»n. 

Atford, Reuben C. Fitch, E. C. Ticknor, E. K. 

Bt-eket, Wm. 0. Bell, Gaius Carter, Mark P. 
Carter, Charles O. Perkins. Timothy Snow. 

Cheshire, Russell C. Brown, James Brown, 
Richmond P. Brown, L. G. Cole, Hollis M msi 
Era Richardson, James X. Richmond, Nathan 
Sayles, John Welles, John C. Wolcott. 
Clarksburq, Salah Chirk. 

Dalton, Brown, John C. Chase, J hn 

Chamherlm, Henry Rene, Granville D. Weston, 

Probate Court, holden at Lenox, on the 1st Charles F. Bennett. 

Tuesday of every month, and Wednesday, except Eqrcmont, James Baldwin, Samuel Bacon. R. 

m February, May, August, ana November. | P. Brown, S. B. Dewev, Nathan Benjamin, S. C. 

At Adams, on the Wednesdays next after the I Newman, J. II. Rowley, Geo. W. Lester. 
2d Tuesdays of January, Aprif, July, and October. Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Dennis Thayer, 

At Gt. Harrington, on the Wednesdays next after Israel Whitcomb. 
thefirst Tuesdays in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. Gt. Barrington, C! ; arles N. Emerson. A. Gid- 

At Lanesborough, on ^ the 2d Tuesdays in Jan- dings, Charles Hudson, Samuel Newman, ! 

Se< lev, Henry Wheeler, Increase Sumner, Edward 
P. Woodworth, Rowland Wharneld, Almon I. 
Ldring, Rodney 11 ill. 

Hancock, Leonard Doty, Silas II. Gtrdner, 
Joshua Gorton, Calvin R. Lapham, Augustus L. 
Smith, Jason White. 

Hinsdale, John Cady, 0. P. Colt, Chas. J. Kit- 
tredge, Charles II. Plunkett. Charles K. Tracy. 

Lauesborough , Sherman Curtis, W. T. 1 
Lyman Hall, Socrates Squires, Alden Wordcn, 
Richard Whitney, Asahel Buck, Nathaniel B. 
Willi uns. 

/../, Hubbard Bartlett, Caleb Belden, Lewis 
Beach, Lawson D. Bidwell, Jonathan F. Ci .. 
Leon iri Church, Franklin Chamberlin, Harrison 
Garni Id, .John Nye, George W. Platner, Fraukl a 
Sturgis, S imuel Gates, Frederick N". Lowry. 
Lenox, Henry W. Bishop, Oliver Dewey. I. 
[ Collins, Chas. Matoon, fhomas Sedgwick, G 
J. Tucker, William S. Tucker, Thos. Twh 
Charles Sed rwick, William P. W • r. 

Murder ./, John D. Bidwell, James Freeman, E. 

B. Garfield, Milton Judd, Amos Langdou, \\ 

C. Langdon. 
Mt. Washington, John Campbell, Stanton A. 

I Campbell, Beia N. Clark, Ira Schutt. 
! Neto Ashford, Phineas Harmon. 


Judge of Probate-, Daniel N. Dewey, Lenox. 

Register of Probate, John Branning, Monterey. 

Clerkofthe Courts, Charles Sedgwick, Lenox. 

Register of Deeds, North District, Richard Whit- 
ney, Lauesborough; Middle District, George J. 
Tucker, Lenox; South District, Isaac Seeley, 
Great Barrington, 

County Treasurer, Geo. J. Tucker, L^enox. 

Crier of Courts, Joel Davis. 

Jailer, Isaac C. Ives. 

Overseers of House of Correction, Geo. J. Tucker, 
Charles Sedgwick. 

Sheriff', Thomas Twining, Lenox. 
Deputy Sheriff's. 

Adams, Z<Totes IE Richmond. 

Adams, (North,) John Holden, Jahez Kail, Jo- 
siah Q. Robnson, 2d. 

CJiarlcmont, Samuel Potter. 

Cites hi re, Gilbert W. Dresser. 

Great Barrington, Calvin C. Crane. 

Hinsdale, John M, Tuttle. 

Lanesbo rough, Lyman Hall, Jr. 

Lee, A. II Pease. 

Lenox, Isaac C. Ives. 

New Marlborough, Samuel A. Turner. 

Monterey, John G. Muusur. 

Otis, Moses Day. 

Pittsfield, A. W. Kelfosg, 

Sandhfekl, E. Bosworth. 

Sheffield, Augustus E. Brown. 

Stock-bridge, Daniel B. Fenn. 

West Stockbridge, William Jones. 

Williamstown, John 11. Bulkier. 

uary, April, July, and October. 

County Commissioners. 
^Asahel Foofe, Williamstown, Chairman; Seth 
Norton, New Marlboro' ; John Nye, Lee. 

Special Commissioners.— Elisha Rockwell, Peru; 
Edw. P. Woodworth,, Great Barrington. 

Times of Meeting.-^ At Lenox, on the 1st Tues- 
days in January, April, July, and September. 
Commission* rs to qualify Civil O/frers. 

G. N. Bria'^--, W. E. Brayton, Horatio Byingtoh, 
Ezekiel P. Colt, D miel N. Dewey, Bartlett Do urn, 
Stoddard Hubbell, Calvin Martin, Chas. M. Owen, 
J. Q. Robinson, Charles Sedgwick, Increase Sum- 
ner, Henry L. Sabin, Wm. S. Ttmker, Ralph 
Taylor, William E. Walker, George J. Tucker, 
Billings Palmer, 

Justices of the Peace an<l Quorum. 

Adams, B'cnj. E. Robinson, W. li. Tyler, E. D. 

Egrcmoni, Wilbur Curtis. 

Gt. Barrington, Increase Sumner. 

/.-, William Porter. 

Lenox, Henry W, Bishop, Chas Sedgwick. Geo. 
J. Tucker, Wm. S. Tucker, Tims. Twining, Wm. 
P. Walker. 



Xcto Marlborough, Edwin Adams, J. N Collar, 
Noah Gibson, Seth Norton, Levi I,. Smith, Loren 
Smith', Edward Stevens, Augustus Turner, Harlow 
:-. Underwood, Benjamin Wheeler, Joseph W. 
Howe, Am mi Warner. 

Otis, Anion Jtidd, Elam P. Norton, Bavil Sey- 
mour, Henry Seymour, Marshall Wilcox, Lester 
Fillcy, Alan son. Crittenden^ Norman Strickland. 

Peru, Ebenczer Haskell, Henry Pierce, Milo 
Stowell, Cyrus Stowell. 

Pittsfiel'd, Amos Barnes, Henry S. Briggs, Eze- 
kiel It. Colt, James D. Colt, 2d, Richard C. 
Cogswell, James H. Dunham, N . S. Dodge, L. 
H. Gamwell, Levi Goodrich, Thomas A. Gold, 
Thomas G. Gold, E. II. Kellogg, Thoo. Hinsdale, 
Jared Ingersoll, Matthias It. Lanckton, Calvin 
Martin, Hosea Merrill, Jr., Phineas L. Page, 
Robert jW. Adam. Geo. S. Willis, Jonathan Allen, 
2d, Jas. Beebe, Joan S. Noble, Abel West, Joel S. 
Pai^e, Levi Beebe, J. C. West. Phineas Allen, Jr. 

Richmond, Wra, Bacon, Erastus Rowley, John 
Sherrilt, Eleazer Williams. 

Scmdisfeld, Henry Abbey, John H. Allen, 
Erasmus Peach, Edwin'BoswQrth, Samuel C. Par- 
suns, Joshua M. ;.Sears, Uriel Smith. Lyman 
Webster, Josiah Wolcott, L. K. Strickland. 

Savoy-, Bradish Dunham, Harmon Snow. 

Shefp.eld, James Bradford, Jr., Ira Curtis, Bart- 
lett Doten, Elijah S. Deming, John A. LarTargue, 
Oliver Peek, Billings Palmer", Lovett Taft, Edward 
F. Ensign. 

Stockaridge, Alanson Bennett, Calvin Dewev, 
Jonathan E. Field, Pobert E. Galpin, John Z. 
Goodrich, Charles M. Owen, Jabez Lane, Marsh ill 
Warner, Win. Whitney, Edward C. Carter, Giles 
Kellogg, BiHrncs Palmer, Norman Sheldon. 

Tyriuyham, Eli Hale, J. W. Sweet, Eli G.Hale. 

WasKingtoti,\Wm. F. Bell, Philip Panics. 

West Stock-bridge, George G. Poskett, Norman 
Sheldon, Henry W. Taft, George W. Kniffin, Cyrus 
H. Woodruff. 

WUliamstown, James Corbin, Daniel X. Dewey, 
Franklin E Foster, Stephen Hosford, Thomas C. 
Phelps, Henry L. Sabin, Samuel Smith, Augustus 
Starkweather, Nathaniel G. "Waterman. 

Windsor, William A. Bates, Reuben Pierce, 
Pliflo "Wright, Levi M. Winslow, Ellison Axteil. 
Notaries Public, 

Adnms, William E. Brayton, Franklin 0. Sayles. 

Gt. Harrington, C. N. Emerson, Henrv Wheeler. 

Lanesborovnh, W. T. Filley. 

.hft\ Franklin Chamberlain, William Porter. 

Piksfield, James Ih-ol, James D. Colt, 2d. 

Stoekbridye, Junius I). Adams, D. R. Williams. 

West Stockbridge, Henry W. Taft. 

Adams, John Holdeu, B. F. Robinson, Reuben 

A/ford, Stephen M. Church. 

Great Barrinyion, Isaac Avery. 

Hinsdale, Chas. P. Tracy. 

Lee, Samuel D. Sturgis. 

New Marlboro*, Emmons Arnold. 
■ Pern, Eli Pier.-, David Watkins. 

Pitts-field, I. S. Cole, .Tared Ingersoll, N. Strong. 

Sandisfeld, Erastus Pice. * 

Savoy, Melvin Bowker: 

SJiejjicld, Sidney Jones. 

Stockbridge, Daniel B. Fcnn. 

Turingham, Elijah Garfield. 

West Stockbridge, Win.. Jones. 

Wllliatnstown, J. It. Bulkley, Solomon Bulkley. 



Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Thomas A. 
Brayton, John Holden, Arnold Bowen. 

Assessors. — Joel Bacon, Charles Marsh, Horatio 
N. Dean. 

Treasurer and Collector . — Wm. (j. Farnsworth. 
| Clerk. — Williain 1'. Brayton. 

Constable — John Holden. 

School Committee. — Henry I.. Dawes, Th< 
j Tavlor, A. A. Richmond. Ih'B. Briggs, P. P. 
I rick. 


Selectmen rrtirf Overseers of Poor. — Hugo Dewey, 
j S. Mason Church, William Stoddard. 
I Assessors. — M. It. Van Deusen, William Stod- 
i dard, James Shedd. 

Constable and Collet tor. — Franklin Calkins. 

Treasurer — Harlow Pease. 

Clerk.— M. It. Van Deusen. 

School Committee. — Gardner Hayden, M. R. 
Van Deusen, D. F. Calkins. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Elias Ballou, 
Prentiss Chaffee, George IP Huntington. 

Assessors. — Henry A. Bidwell, Elias Ballou, P. 

Clerk. — Isaac S. Wadsworth. 

Treasurer. — Nathan W. Harris. 

School Committee— h. T. Shailer, Chas. 0. Per- 
kins, Timothy F. Snow. 


Selectmen am 7 Overseers of Poor. — Henry J. In- 
i galls, It. M. Cole, John Port. 

Assessors.-*- Luther H. Brown, Luther B. Lum- 
j mis, Charlrs Bliss. 

Clerk. — Jerome Swee t. 

Treasurer. — Joseph G. Northrup. 

Constable. — Daniel D. Foster. 
j Selectmen and Orerseers of Poor. — II. Brown, 
l John Page, Aaron 3). Cook. * 

Assessors. — .Richard Shattuck, E. T. Clark, W. 

Clerk. — Joseph Smith. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Dennis Thayer. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor.— John C.Chase, 
David. Smith, Joel W. Bavden. 

Assessors. — Burr Chamberlin, Henry A. Barton, 
John W. B irden. 

Clerk.— lh my Ferre. 

Treasurer, Collector, and Constable. — Grove AS'. 

S,ho>d Committee. — Oliver M. Sears, Henry 
Fcrre, Geo. W. Boardman. 


Selectmen and Overseers of J'oor. — Wilbur Cur- 
tis, Cyrua Baldwin, James Rowley. 

Assessors. — Norman E. Bills, K. N. Earner, 
j Edwin K. Joiner. 

Constable and Collector. — John M. Joiner. 
Clerk and Treasurer. — Loomis Austin. 
Srhr«>! Committee^, — Ji>siah Bacon, Norman R. 
Bates, S. Ih Dewey. 


Selectmen, Overseers, and Usesscrs. — J.Thaeher, 
Chester Ti-wer, Jesse IP Kemp. 
('•;.' — Edward Enowltnn. 
Trcasu ■( ■. — Ephraim Tower. 
Constable. — Luther Clark. 


Selectmen and Overseers of J'-or.—li^rh Tay- 
lor., Jonathan Baldwin, Edmund Pixley. 

; s. — Augustine Giddings, Hugh Com- 

' stock, S imm ! S wman. 

Constable and Collector.— A. W. Kellogg. 
I Treasurer. — George Pynchon. 

Co '■':. — rsaac Seeley. 
j School Committee — Chas. N. Emerscu, Samuel 
! Newman, Lewis Green. 


j Selectmen and Overseers of Poor.—Hemj Whit- 
man, Thomas J. Hazard, Silas G. Dawley. 



Assessors.—- Thomas J. Hazard, Hiram S. Smith, 
James It. ^Whitman. 

Clerk.— Charles B. Wells. 
Treasurer.— Henry Whitman. 
Constable. — Russell Grant. 


Sele :tmen and Overseers of Poor. — William Hins- 
dale, William W. Adams, Monroe Emmons. 

Assessor*. — Gordon Parrish, G. K. Tracy, L. M. 

Clerk. — Gordon Parrish. 

Treasurer.— Geo. W. McAlwain. 

School Committee.— I. N. Lincoln, II. S. Beals. 

Constable. — Franklin W. Hinsdale. 


Selectmen end Overseers of Poor. — Ira Jenks, 
Samuel W. Dow, Amos Shepardson. 

Assessors. — Henry Mead, James McCleary, Har- 
vev Chase. 

Clerk.— Richard Whitney. 

Treasurer. — Luther H. Washburn. 

Constables. — William H. Mead, Wiiiard Bur- 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — William P. 
Hamblin, Eli Bradley, William G. Merrill. 

Assessors: — Lewis Leach, Win. Blake, Edward 
P. Tanner. 

Constable and Collector. — Edwin Sturgis. 

Treasurer. — William Taylor. 

Cleric. — Ransom Hinruan. 

School (,'otn>/>.ittce.~~li:nv:-.on\ IJinman, Franklin 
Chamberlin, F. Moore, S. A. Hulbert, A. Hyde. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — M. S. Wilson, I 
William O. Curtis, Henry M. Dewey. 

Assessors. — Henry II. Cook, Charles Bang 
Horatio X. Sears. 

Constable and Collector. — Daniel F. Banbar. 

Treasurer. — George Wells. 

67er&.— William S. Tucker. 

School CommitJee. — Henry H. Cook, Geo. Fitch, 
Timothy A. Hazen. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Ebcnezer 
Rewee, A. G. Freeman, Lyman Thompson. 

Assessors. — Samuel Thompson, Aormau S. Sears, 
Cornish Hitchcock. 

Constable and Collector. — Lyman Thompson. 

Treasurer. — Lucius Gibbs. 

Clerk. — Wilbur C. Lan«*don. 

School Committee.— A.B. Bidwell, J. Rewee, S. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Chas, Schutt, 
Bela X. Clark. Gilbert Race. 

Assessors.— Coonrod Mclntvre, Samuel Slater, 
Bela N. Clark. 

Clerk. — Horace W. Lamson. 

Treasurer. — Ira Schutt. 

Constable. — Horace W. Lamson. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Phincas Har- 
mon, X. p. Kicc, Hosea Beach. 
Assessors — P. Harmon. A. Jordan. 
Clerk— P. Harmon, 
Treasurer. — Otis Cole. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — James Hyde, ! 
Ammi Warner. 0. <). Gibson. 

Assessors. — Nathan A. Chapin, 0. Smith, S. G. | 

Constable and Collector,— H. S. Underwood. 

Treasurer. — Henry A. Sheldon. 

Clerk — Augustus Turner. 

School Committee.— Edwin Adams, S. H. Clark, 
Daniel D. Tavlor. I 

Selectmen and Oeerseers.— Lyman J. Strick 
Lorenzo Webb, Newton Mather. 

Assessors. — Isaac I. Norton. Samuel A. Jom 
W. Li. hi. 

Trjeasuri /-.—Char!. 9 J. Carter. 

Clerk.— 11. R Spellman. 

School Committee, — James Breckenridge, Henry 
R. Spellman, Byron Judd. 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — S. 
S. liowcn, Isaac S. Pierce, Warren Pierce. 
Clerk.— Milo Stowell. 
Treasurer. — Ebenezer Haskell. 
Constable.— John M. Stowell. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — G. S. Willis, 
Henry Colt, Amasa Rice. 

Assessors. — R. C. Cogswell, N. Strong, M. Ross. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — James Warriner. 

S kool Committee. — 0. S. Root, 0. E.Brewster, 
Henry Clark. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Lewis C. 
Sherrill. Martin Slosson, Asa Perry. 

Assessors. — Henry W. Nichols, Elias I. Werden, 
John Shorrol. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Eleazer Williams. 

School Committee. — Ebcu. L. Clark, II. W. 
Nichols, II. B. Stevens. 


Selectmen and Overseer.* of Poor. — L. K. Strick- 
land, W. II. Brown, O. Ndrthway. 

Assessors. — Joshua M. Sears,' Chester Claflin, 
James J. Smith. 

C 'onstable. — Lewis Shcpard. 

Treas urer. — I '"cant. 

Clerk. — Edwin Bos worth. 

School Committee.— Avon Pickett, J. T. Smith, 
Henry S. Atwater. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors.— 
Robert Sturtevant, Jr., Daniel D. White, Eber 

tier k.— David Ingraham. 

Treasurer ana' Collector. — Calvin Bowker. 

Constable. — Lorenzo Reed. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Lovett Tart, 
Charles Spurr, Leonard Tuttle. 

Assessors. -~E. F. Ensign, A. F. Brown, A. Taft. 

Constables and Collectors. — A. F. Brown, John 
Crosby, Jr. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Graham A. Root. 

School Cotnmittee.-rr-Saxn'llL BushneR, Roderick 
Cook, John Burch. 


Selectmen and Oeerseers of Poor. — Marshall 
Warner, Russell White, John Ilnfnagle.. 

.1, u-swrs.— Edward C. Carter, D. B. Fenn, Carl- 
ton Curtis. 

Collector.— Marshall Heath. 

( •,.,(,•. •',/. .—Daniel B. Perm. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Henry J. Carter. 

>' " " Con m ttee. — Spencer Byington, M War- 
ner, Henry J. Carter. 


Selectmen.— *Eloridgc G. Tyrrell, Solomon Gar- 
fitdd, John Cannon. 

Assessors. — Daniel Clark, Ebenezei Beets, 
Jerome Crittenden. 

To\ ■■-. • '/< rk. — Riley Judd. 

Town Treasurer. — Asa Judd. 

Constable. — Walter Hubbard. 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of Poor. — 
Darius \V. Dunham, H. Sarery, J. M. Crane. 



Clerk and Treasurer. — William F. Bell. 

Assessors. — Myron Torrcy, Lyman B< 

Clerk. — Jackson Waterman. 
Constable.— John U. Uulkley. 

v hool Committee. — Francis Norwood, Samuel Joshua B. Hall. 
Chapel, J- S. Clark. Treasurer. — Harvey G. Cole 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — .Samuel C. 
Buel, Oxluliclo Edwaf.ds, both A. Barnes. 

■l&sessors. — Nathan Kinne, Simeon Reed, M. R. 

Constable. — William Jones. 

Collector. — James Derell. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Henry "W. Taft. 

School Committei Nathan Shaw, Cyrus R. 

Woodruff, Simeon Reed. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — "Win. JJan- 
forth, Stephen V. R. Hoxsey, Henry Blair. 

W r \ i 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Timothy 
Thayer, Reuben Pierce, Jacob J. Walker. 

Assessors — Almon 1. Pierce, Norman Miner, 
George Hathawav. 

Clerk — Philo Wright. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Ezra G. Chapman. 

Constable.— David I. Prim e. 

School Committee. — Philo Wright, George Hath- 
away, John Jordan. 


Agricultural Stores. 
Bulkley & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
Heed S. & Co., 


Rartlett Hubbard, Lee 
Durlingame & Hay. (North) Adams 
tamp Sauiuel, New Marlborough 
Church Jonathan, Sheffield 
Cole Sylvester, PittsSe!d 
II trriugton S. C Lee 
Harvey A., [botanic] (North) Adams 
Norman E., 

Nutting Jonathan E.. W. Stoekbridge 
Parks W. II., Great Barring am 
Perkins. J. P.,Ne* Marlborough 
Pluhtb Ilenrv L., Stoekbridge 
Sandvs E.. PBtsfield 
Van Deusen Marie R., Alford 
Whclden & Kveleth, Pittsfield 
i Whiting F. T.. Great Harrington 
Williams Eleaaer, Richnu nd 
Worthiugton Robert, Lenox 


I Ilall William. Lee 
Foun Daniel i!.. Stoekbridge 
Fenn William 1'... Alford 
Fields Joseph, Sheffield 
EfallT., Pittsfield 
Judd Milton. Monterey 
Perry Charle'sC. I'.. Lenox 
Strickland Norman-i OtLs 
Under wood II. S., New Marlboro' 

Axo Manufacturers. 

Murray & Dowd, (East) Lee 

Daniels & Co., Pittsfield 
Parker fc Teeling, •• 

Van Dense 
Warner \\ ; 

eorge J., Lee 

m I!., (North) Adams 


Andrews David, Richmond 
babbitt Andrew J , Windsor 
Babbitt William S., Savoy 
Rail William, Lev 
Barnes William, Pittsfield 
Barry & Dow.!. Lee 
Harriett Allen. Hancock 
Bcntley G. A., Daifcoo 
Bliss Hiram, Lee 
Etotren Daniel. Adams 
Bradley Abner B.. W iudsor 
brown' E. T.. (N.i Becket 
Bryant A., Honda 
Catlin Linus, New Marlborough 
Clark Alexander. (W.) Beeket 
Cook Lemuel, ' " 
Cone Seldou, Williamstown 
Cooper William, Peru 
Cowley p.. Dulton 
Crofut C. ft., WfcSt Stoekbridge 
Dawley John. Lanosborough 
Bywrey William, N. ■* Ashtbrd 
Bicktuson T. fc;.. Windsc>r 
Dorumn If. S , Tvrin<chauj 

Dow Samuel W.. Lanesborough 

Drake S., Pittsfield 

Edmonds Joseph, Adams 

Field Martin. Washington 

Fileon Abraham. (N.) Docket 

Finney Leman, hoc 

Fitch William,' Pittsfield 

Fitch William L., I'ecket 

Glover Rufus, t heshiie 

Graves Theodore 8c Co.. (North) A lams 

Griffith Grove, Sheffield 

Hathaway George W., Hinsdale 

Himes It. T., Pittsfield 

Hobbs PenueL Monterey 

Hunter John S., Williamstown 

Ingram William, llichmond 

Jackson Ezra, Otis 

Ivelsey James, Fgremont 

Lusk George, Biehmond 

Lvman Isaac. Hinsdale 

Miller C., Stockbri Ige 

Miller Robert, (North) Adams 

Nichols Abial, Windsor 

Nye LeviS., Alton I 

Noble James, Williamstown 

NoxonJohn D., Great Barriugton 

O'Conneli William. Egremont 

Palmer P. & Son, Hancock 

Patterson C Stoekbridge 

Pease Levi, Sandisfi* 1 I 

Pepoon L., Stoekbridge 

Perkins Lorenzo E., otis 

Pettibone F. J., Chi shire 

Potter L., New Marlborough 

Powell J/. t; 

Rico Oliver, (North) Bcckct 

Richards Alfred. Hinsdale 

Bobbins Winthrop, Great Barrington 

Robinson Williaiu, PitL-field 

Smith Charles, Williamstowu 

Smith William'. Daltou 

Snow Seth, Windsor 

Stephens Joseph, Sheffield 

Stevens , (North) Ad mis 

Strafford A A, & A. B., Stwkbridge 

Talmage Edward, WiUiamstov u 

Thacher Eliai, U e 

Thompson & Comstock, w . Stockb go 

Tobey E. P., Great Barriugtun 

Tracy Nelson, Pitts! el I 

Trvon Albert, Monterey 

Turner John ]>.. (North) Docket 

Tyrrell K. G., Tyringh un 

Vaughn John, Lanesborough 

Washburn Luther W., " 

Washburn Samuel .<. Sens, Lenox 

Waters William. Otis 

WVtliereli O. &. Sou, v -'■■' Adai 

Whipple T. T.. Cheshire 

; Fish Willi un T-. Lee 

' Lapham George A., Adams 

Wells Go -.■■. I < nox 
■ VCvrden r I'ittstii Id 
: Whitaker E. D.. (North) Adams 

i Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

; Ames Zephaniah, (North) Becket 

; Barnard Joshua, k - 

' Barnard Joshua Jr., « 

I Barnes Eli, Richmond 

| Bai'tlei Samuel, Richmond 

i Hatch N. W . Richmond 

Haskins Silas M-, \\ iudsor 

Sti tson Judsou, 

Miller Marcu.s, Sheffield 

Boot and Shoo Dealers. 

Anns L., Adams 

Brown John. Pittsfield 
i Chapin A. B. & Co., Pittsfield 
I Dean F. T».. Adams 
I Gilford Wiliard, [manuf.j Lanesbcro' 

lb. l ten ■William. Lenox 
! II rtvard VC. S.. Pittsfield 

Hubbard George S.,(North) Adama 

(.aph:un G. A.. Adams 

>] ddbie J. & Co.. Sandisfield 

Mason RufusL^ [manuf.jHanci 

Millard i; Co.. [mauuf.] Adams 

Roberts T :•!.. Pittsfield 

Uogi-rs 1-Mv.iu. Adams 
i Stevens Darius, Lenox 
I Tanner Joseph. Adams 
} Trulb i- A. A. Sc Co., Sandisfield 

Well.r & Brother, Pittsfield 
! West J. C. ^ Brother, •• 

Jinclc Kilns. 
; Canficld M. R., Sheffield 
! Savage Ni-ru^an, 
[ Brooms, Pails, Tubs, Sec. 

' Allen Gideon S.. llichmond 
S< c'u tj of Shaki rs. Hancock 
i United So, i. ■'_. of Shakers. Tyringham 

Cabinet Makers. 
I Barnes Amos ic Son. Pittsfield 
, Bennett & Warner, [bedsteads] Dal ton 
1 a low 11.. Lee 


K C.. Sto«'kbridge 

Clark Jan es M.. ?and:slield 
j Crip] i>n Silas, Slieffiel 1 
J Pout Salnion. New Marlborotigh 
: Ilitcherx k Augustus. Great Barrii 
■ Ingrahnm .<. Vdams, V> ilii.un-: 
Iiigmliaiu & v.I.mi's. Adam-. 
Id ' [s| . 11 ( i ru« P.. Adams 
wiiirnev John Ii. & Brother, San lis- | Fansdor ■■ Kivdoric, Great Barrington 

Wil< ox Jumcs lb. Sb- iiii'i 
Witt Ivory, (North) Adau i 


Koon H. R., Pittsfield 
Wardwell S., " 

\li. n P fc Son. Pittsfield 
| bojge & Hubbard. - 

Masi i: Darius, S»heftii Id 
■ : L'art< r, Otis 
j Fanford Stepheu, Kgremont 
i Sfhattuck Amasa, A\ ibi.uustowa 

St iples W illiam J-. Moutcrcj 

Taylor Abner, Lee 

Andrews Pennl", Richmond 
Ashley David, Pittsfield 



Atwood Thomas G., Pittsfield 

Ball Isaac, Lee 

Bartlett Lloyd, Hinsdale 

Bingham Silas, Hinsdale 

Bird Cyrus. Windsor 

Boughton M. 1. .. West Stoekbridgo 

Brogue LwU, Hinsdale 

Brown William I.., (North) Adams 

Rurbank Abraham, Pittsfield 

Corey Awry. 1'itf- ri.-M 

Chatliold John, Great Barrington 

Child* William, (North) Bucket 

Church .Tarvis, Adams 

Clark Ethan, Windsor 

Crittenden Alanson, Otis 

Croaer Charles II., (North) Adams 

Deland E. A., Great Barrington 

Don- Isban 8c Brother, Egrcuiont 

Everett Horatio. Hinsdale 

Fuller William X.. Dalton 

Gallop Benadan. Great Barrington 

Gilford Bethuel, Tyringhani 

Goldthwaite Eli is, Peru 

Goodrich Alonzo B., Pittsfield 

Goodrich if . Stockbridge 

Gunn Calvin. Pittsfield 

Hart Edward, Sheffield 

Hawkins A., Stockbridge 

Horton Ansel, Savoy 

Hubbard Edmund, Windsor 

Hull Abel, Egremont 

ives John If., West Stockbridge 

Jaeteson Edwin A.. Lee 

Jacobs Richard P., Windsor 

Jenkins William, Loe 

Jordan Alfred M.', Windsor 

Jordan John, " 

Lcmley Charles, Hinsdale 

Lombard E., Stockbridge 

Looniis Ensign, Lenox 

Marsh Charles, Adams 

Marsh Linus. ( North ) Adams 

Nettleton A., Stockbridge 

Nettleton G.. 

Northrup Nicholas. Lee 

Oatman E Adams 

Pcttes Benjamin. New Marlborough 

Phelps E.N.. Dalton 

Pierce Isaac's., Peru 

Pitt Charles 11.. Pittsficid 

Porter & Carter, Otis 

Prindle G., Stockbridge 

Prince David J., Windsor 

Reed William. 

Scott N.. ::!■» kbridge 

Shepherd Daniel, New Marlborough 

Smith Mrrirf. 2d, Washington 

Smith w Uiiam S., Lenox 

Sturtevant Daftiei. (North) Adams 

Thompson Albert I'.. Tvrinsrhara 

Thompson Thoniaa D..Balt6n 

Thompson Horace Windsor 

'lom-v Ira. Htn*fcUo 

Tower Stevens I). & Son. Windsor 

Tracy Silas if.. Not Marlborough 

Underwood H. V, Monterey 

Videtto Charles.!., Pitt*fi< Id 

Washburn WiHiam I.. Lenox 

White Lansford, (North) Becket 

Whitman John, f.> c 

Wihwr Thomas. Dalft n 

Wilkes Thomas, Windsor- 

Webster Henry! Tvrinjrham 

Webster Orson,' " •■ 

Wortliiugtoa David, Peru 

Chapfn A. B. St Co., Pittefield 
Fenn & Carter, 

Carriage Builders. 
Adam? Henry. N<-w M trlbotnugh 
Barker John! Hieffioltl 
Bliss & pay, -,vov 
Bowerman P., (North) Adams 
Bray ton & Crandell; Adams 
Brown Kalph B . fNorthj A lams 
Brown S., •• " 

Buckk-y Abel P.. New M trlborou ;h 
farrier & Scott. Hinsdale 
•'l.dlin Akkn, Tvnn-'rm; 
Clapp Jason & Son. Pittsfield 

Clark Chester, Hinsdale 
Couch fc\ M., (East) Lee 
Dunham Et*»nezcr Pittsfield 
Dorr 11 P., W< d Stockbridge 
Ely Henry L.. Williamvtovra 
Field Russell ST., Adams 
Ftvnn E.lward u illi inrftown 
Fo'oU Miles >!.. Sheffiel I 
Groot & Potts, Pittsfield 
Hinckioy Luther T.. Stockbridge 
Jackson Jon. '.than »'.. Otis 
Mi rry H. N.. Pittsfield 
Miles Richard, [.enox 
Morse Roswcll, Monterey 
Oatman & Parsons, Sandisfield 
Sears P. II., Hinsdale 
Stevens William, [sleighs] Richmond 
Stewart J., Hancock 
Thayer E. E., (North) Adams 
Ticknor Almon, Richmond 

Gnair Manufacturers. 

Blodgetfc James, Stockbri Ige 
Busghardt John, ,; 

Chare oal Burners, 
Chaffee, Rudd, & Co., (North) Becket 

Clark James & Charh 
Cornweil Chester, 
Jones Samuel A., 



Explanation of the Abbrevrat 

1' , CongTtgati emails' { Trinitarian); 
1>., Baptist ; F. L . Freewill Baptist; 
M., Methodist; M. P., Methodist 
Protestant; M. JL, Mrtkodist Epis- 
copal; K. AT,, Euan. Methodist ; £'., 
Episcopalian; C. V., Congregation- 
alist ( Unitarian ) ; I/c., Universal* si : 
C'i., Christian: R. <"'., Roman Cath- 
olic ; iV. J., Nan Jerusalentj Me., 
MilUritr.; iHn., Mormon. 
Ambler John V.. [B.] Laneslvoro' 
Bannard W. W., [M. E.j Dalton 
Blanchani Jesse, [Ch.] Florida 
Bowen W., [B-] [raucocfc 
Bradford James, [C. T.J Sheffield 
Brown 0. E-. [M, E.j Lenox 
Bryant Sidney, [C. T.| W. Stockbridge 
BushnellN. f., [B 1 Cheshire 
Caprbn'O. If.. [B.J Tyrir.gham 
Chapmivn George 'J'., [E.J Pittsfield 
Clark E. T.. [C.T.J Richmond 
Clark Sereno D.. [C. T.J Leo 
Clark M.. |C. T.J Egrcmont 
Crawford II.. [0. T.J (North) Adams 
Dana J. J., [C.T.J Adams 
DashielA. U- Jr.. [C T.J Stockbridge 
Daton D. W. [M. E.J Hinsdale 
DemingAmos, [B.J Savoy- 
Ellis Thomas, [M. E.J Cr't Barrington 

• Fitch Chester, [C. T.J New Marlboro' 
| Gale Ainorv. [B.J I,.v 

1 Garvin E., [M. E.J Adams 

! Garvin A W., [M. E.J Cheshire 

! Grant S. T!.. [B.J Adams 

• Gray W. II., [M. E.J (North) \;->ms 
I (Jreen , [E.J Great Harrington 

! Greene John. [B.J Flori I i 

J Ualbert Sanford. [M. K.) Williarastowu 

! Harris Samuel, [0. T.J !•.:•-:■ Id 

| Ji.rri^.n , Rev., [C. l\] Pictsficld 

! Ila^mi John, [M. E.J New Asuford 
i Havdcn G., [C. T ] Alf»i 1 

Hny.en J. A.. [C. T.J Willi m ■■ . 
| llodgkiu John, [C. T.; Lenox 
I Hopkins Mark. [C. T.l Witlinmstown 
! HoweSamueL r ''. T ' Monterey 
' Keiler IC. W., [M K.J Su> '■ hri.l - 

K . ; ' '■ r.i \\ ... M l.l '! > riugham 

Kni :ht J *eph ' ' I '' ru 

■ ;. •■: N . »• I I W . - 

j l,o,- .).. re. T.J Vfouni W nsfiir ;t >n 

: 1,-vi. Zephaniah. [M. K ! l^o 

, l...i,,i.;.rd l)., r A\ T.J N'ew Marlborough 

■ Ixrt-e II. T . [B.J (North) A Un* 
; Lyle George, [B.J W iUiamstowu 
1 Lvntan J., [C. T ; Monterey 

: Mason A. W., fl'v.] Cho<hin 

■' Merrill S.. [.VI. E.J Washington 

! Mi rritt 1>. N.. [C. T I Gr< at Barringti n 

Mitchell Randall, [M i 

\l ■• n Forris, [B.J (South) l ■••' 
N'.ill H.. [C. T.l 1.„mk 
N'orton Charles II . [C T | R 
S'ooi od l' . C. T.] W 

■ | , . 
Park F. S. [B.J Ch 'shire 
Pari «.7fM. E.] Pitt^fiel 1 
Peab dy Charles, [C. T. I ' : 
Peters Absalom, [C T.J \\ il iamstoim 
Phelps W. II., [C I .! Sb i bridge 
Pickett A., [C. T.J Sandisfield 
Pomrov Mr., [B.] Egremont 
Porter L< imuel, [B.J Pitl 
Pynchon Thomas, [E.J Su 
<.'-:n< 0. M.. [C. T ' Dalton 
Shailcr Mr.. [B.J (North) !•■ I I 
Shaw Samuel U.. [E.J Urn '■ 
Smith C T . [B.j Sandisfield 
Todd John, [C. T.J Pittsl . I 
Tupper Martin, [C. T.J Urn 
Whitmore Tolva. [C. T.J Becket 
Whitehor W., [C.T.J Monterey 
Wcarl John, [K.J Great Ban . 

Bradley & Twining. Lee 
Doolittle Elisha, Pittsfield 
Bunham James II., •• 
Golden C. 1'... ' ' : 

Granger, Hill & Co.. Great BarringtOD 
Hastings & Chapman, PitLsfw i 1 
I Higginbottom T. II., ' 
Higginbottom T. 1 1., (North) Ad .. 
Higginbottom W. H., Pittsfiel I 
Kelluy P., 

Langdon Gordon B.. Monterey 
Pease Harlow, Alford 
Stevens & Harrington, Pittsfield 
Twining & Bradlee, Loe 
Walsh Pab-ick, Pittsfield 

Comb Manufacturers. 
Bishop E. T., Monterey 
Taylor Augustus, '• 


Parker & Teeliri, Pittsfield 
Sparks William, 


Cole Porter R., Williamstown 
Weston Augustus A.. Savov [Ad; 
McLoud Joseph R., [nail k<-s>] (S 


r nnett Chas. P., Daltoii 

Billii _•- ,v Palmer. Ashficld 

Bishop Hcnrv W.. Lenox 

Blisy Henry J., Adams 

Bowerman S. W., " 

Bradford ■>;■.*-.. Sheffield 

Braiiniiiii •'■ lin, Monterey 
j r,ri • rs George N . Pittsfield 
i Brings If. >.. 

; 1 ■-. iv ■ !! 1. . (North) Adams 
I Dewej Danit-1 N.. WilliantstowD 
: !■ :~ : . o .v Price, Sheffield 
; Field Jonathan C, Stockbridge 
' Fillev Win. !.. Lanesboro' 

Gamwell & Adam, Pittsfield 
, Ganlner Silas II., Hancock 
i Gold r. A. \ Son, Pittsfield 
! Ho Ige \. i North) Idama 
| Hubbard IL. Pittsfield 
' Jon - mn ■!, Stockbridge 
; K. Ih ■ I. H . Pittsfield 
! Ke • Dai fi rth, WUlianistown 
! L-mcthon M. );.. Pittsfiel 1 
i luring Thos. V... Sandisfield 

I Calvin, Pittsfield 
' M - nn i:.. 
, : ige P. L. & J.. '• 

Birhmond A A., (North) Adams 
I i;. binsi n I In -.,' 
: Knl ittson J. T.. " ' ; 

Itoi [.well .%: Colt, Pittsfield 
I Savles V. o , A lams 
! Strickland L. K., Sandisfield 
; Taft II. \\ .. W« -' Stockl ridgo 

'! 'i i ,er L. C. (North) Adanis 
; 'I uokcrG. J., Unox 

I - 



Tucker Win. ?., Lenox 
v, iri; ,r A., New Marlborough 
\\ olcwtt John C, Cheshire 

I Se> cnour Henry, <"is 
Country Stores. ' Shaw c. T., Stoekbridge 

, ' Shepardson George. Cheshire 
[In which are kept a general assort- SheldonHenrv. Now Marlborough 
meat of Groceries* Dry Goods, troc k- <,„.,,,,,., Gorman & Co . Stoekbridge 
cryware, etc., etc. Those traders Smith A. & Son, (North) Adams 
who deal exclusively in one kmd of gmit^j | { ' 
.-.,. is will not be found in this list 

i Sabin .1 nigging, North Lee Grist Mills. 

I Drown D. H . Cheshire 
j Chamberlain B & A. S.,D 


poous win nut «e wuuu »u ui» ■»», , g m , t h, Rogers & Mills, (North) Loe 
but under their appropriate heads.] j Southworth, Walley & Co., Williams 

T. B., Sheffield 
Taft U. It. & Co., Williamstown 

Taft & =:, New Marlborough 

\ Taft & Seofield, Sheffield 
! Taylor &. Cook. Adams 
i Taylor & Eldridge, Lee 
| Taylor Wm., Lee 
j Thur»ton II. C.,*Shemel 
j Tracy Jl. II.. Hancock 
i Warren C. S.. Da Hon 

Adams & Davis, Hinsdale 
AUeu Gideon S., Richmond 
Allen St Jjldridge, Williamstown 
Arnold L. fe S. II., Adams 
Arnold 0. & Co.. (North) Adams 
Baird Kendall, (North) Becket 
Baltou M., (North) Adams 
Bates N. R., Egreinont 
Beach & Rovce, Lee 
Bcals H. S.. Hinsf 

Darling 1> II., Lane-more' 

! IV--- i. (X, rth) Adams 

. i; ikIhIi' --c Brn vu. I-.';- . 
i mi Obadiah, S 

| Jonk.-i Willkun Sc !>.. Adam* 

j I'arrid. (i. .K. P. II., Hins lale 
Ltown | Royce Kdward .v Go., Lee 

Itu •• !! A. ' . I pal l '.1'^ton 
Town Chariest, M illiam f •-■ d 
'.in 1' I.-!- Brothers. New Marlboro' 
White Is Ballou, (North; Becket 

Benson John & Co..( West) Stoekbridge i Wells, Brayton & Co., (Xorth)'Adams 

I Benton & Garfield, (East) Lee i Wells Wm. S„ Pittsfield 

Bidweil II. A. & Co., (North) Becket | Western P., Dalton 

ttlackington 8. Sc Co.. (North) Adams ! Williams Eleazer, Richmond 

Bravton T. A., ;; ; ' j Williams & Parsons, Sandisfield 

Briirirs Iron Co., Lauesboro' Wheeler & Freeman', Adams 

Brttfrn K., Adams Whipple & Cady, (North) Adams 

Brown R. C Cheshire j White, Rice, Richardson & Co., (North) 

Bucl, Edwards & Co., West Stoekbr'ge | Whihnan& Perry, WUliainst'n [Adams | 
Buel fc Fargo. Great Harrington 
Lurriil HenrvM.. Stoekbridge 

Hair Dressers. 

Bowen & Quincy, Pittsfield 

Fowlo i . Ue 

I Lei y James, Great Barrington 

Si-m George, IN'- rth) Adams 

Thomas D. S. & Co., Pittfield 

Bulkley & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
Burlingnme & Ray. (North) Adams 
Mcsser Nathaniel, Pittsfield 
Sonthwick !■:.. (North) Adams 


Carson T. G. & W. U 

Chamberlain Edward, ' >; 

Chapman Ezra, Windsor 

Cheney W. K.. Tyringham 

Cheshire Iron Works, Cheshire 

Cole Harvey T., Wiiliamstown 

Cole K. M.. 'Cheshire 

Curtis Chauncy, Stoekbridge 

Curtis II. C. Egrcinont 

Darling A. it, (North) Adam.-' 

Dean J. B., Cheshire 

Demiug & Emmons, Sheffield 

Dewev S. 13., Egreinont 

Ihiraiit, Hollister & Co., Great Barring 

Eld ridge & Taylor, Lee' 

Emmons 'SL & ' N., Hinsdale 

Ensign & Jones, Sheffield 

Fargo & Wilson, Otis' 

Fargo & Wilson, Tvrintrham 

Fish Wm. T., (North) Lee 

Geer William M.. (North) Becket 

Gibbs Reuben B.. Otis 

sty Lei 

Granger, Hill 6c C 

fttttniilin Wi.i. P.. 

Sfoouier John B.. Stoekbridge 

Hull S. M., Sandisfield 

Ingalls & Trier, (North) Adams 

Jerifes Elisha, f 


t Wood & Sayles, Adams 


) Buckley & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
j Chapin A. B. & Co., 

Morlev & Smith, ' " 

l West J. C. & Brother.) ;; 
j White & Murray , " 

! Buel E. W., Pittsfield 
Hirst J. W., 

; Clough Aaron, Pittsfield 
Clough Willard, 
I 1 - 011 i LeaTitt Joseph. Lenox 

j Piper Win. II.. (North) Adams 
; Root 6. S., Pittsfield 
I Williams Averv. Pittsfield 
| Wilson G. II.. '(North) Adams 
i Wilson X. J., Pittsfield 


Adams - 

Harness Makers. 

-, Dalton 

6. W., \MUiamstown 
! Butler M.. Pittsfield 
j Chapman C. A., " 
; Gardiner James, Washington 

Hall J.. Adams 
I Pe:iso F. W.. Pittsfield 

ilmoo Luther & Son, Richmond 

j Curtis Orin, Great Barrington 

j Dry Goods. 

[See aho Country Stores.] 
! Bangs David E., Lenox 
& Hathaway, (North) Adams Buckley & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
; Chapin A. B. & Co., 
! l":.rk & Landers, 
i Clark W. M. & Co.. Lenox 
i Davis H. G., Piltsfit;!-! 
i Martin William, (North) Adams 
1 McLellen ft W. B-. - 
; More, & Smith, Pittsfield 
I Piunkett <c Ta\ i >r, " 
: Spcrry L. F., Pittstiel I 
i Tavlor II. S.. Lenox 
j Warriner Joines Pittsfield 
I West .1. C. .v Bn.ther, '" 
j White S: Murray, 


Kellopg M. It. ( rt'est i Stoekbridge 

Keycs »V"ashingtdn, Sayoy 

Ki:n;;l-e C. J..N Co., Hins lale 

Langdon E. A. & W. W., Monterey 


lApbam C. P. & Co.. Hancock 

Lester G. W., Egremont 

Little Lucius, Siieftield 

Mather Benj. P.. Williamstown 

McAutey.ft Ballon, (North) Adams 

Merrill John T. & Co., (South) Lee 

-Mills John, Otis 

Sloroy U*. A.. Williamstown 

N'ashE Iward/C. Hinsdale 

Nash Oiver, Peru 

Northrup J. C., Che-hire 

Norton & Bosworth. Sandisfield 

Otman Thomas A.. (E:ist) Lee 

Perry 1). J., Stockbri Ijse 

Phe-lps & Sarerv. (North) Becket 

Phmibe Hcnrj, L„ Stoekbri Ige 

'' ' r uric Manufactory, Pittsfield 

PyncYton Getvnre, Great Harrington 

Rice & Hui-^.. (North) Adams 

Kirhards Hiram, Hinsdale 

Richards William, Kichnioml 

Richmond & Tvier. Adams 

Richmond Irbii Work-. Richmond 

Rockwell C.-oivv it. Ljinesboro' 

Root & Doten, Shefiield 

Flouring Mills. 
Carter William, " 

j Spencer Edmund, Lenos 
I Stenrns k Brother, (North) Adams 
i Wells C. h. &M.D.,Hancc k 
Wood A.. Tyringham 

Hats and Caps. 
! D i Ige D. J., Pittsfield 

■ Piatt C. B. .s: Son, - 
j Roberts T. M., 

j Smith L. T., (North) Adams 

Koe and Fork Manufacturer. 
Gates William K., (East) Lee 

Lime Burning. 

Ite'nl m Loring. (North) Adama 

Brooks C, Lenox 
I Puilard Lemuel, ninsdale 
! i 1 :! 1\ Daniel, Hinsdal 

C( le John it. Richmond 
i Cole Solomon, Lenox 

■ Cole Si lomon, Richmond 
j Cross <N Peck, Richmond 
I IVuy C. A.. 

I Doolev Peter, Cheshire 
! t'nincis Lvsander >t. Hinsdale 
! (Jriswold Win., Hinsdale 
' jlerrick L. W., Dalton Wm., Hinsdale 

Hutol inson & Co., Lei ix 

Pierre Marshall. Hinsdale 

SVatkii - It., Elinti lale 

U nmcr < v . Sti ckl iridge 

Winchell Uomer, Lan - 

Chathtdd, Stowell & Co., (West) Stock 

G mdale & Brown, Egn moot [bridg 

Hunt Joseph, Otis 

Owon& Hulburt (Smithl I. - 

Thomnson & Co e, \^ ••- Sunrkbridgo i ' ,;r '^ " • <>.. licnox 

: M 'wlaml Jnhn, (North) Adam 

Livery Stables. 
Arnold Sc (Carpenter, (North) Adams 
.' Brown N G„ Pittsfield 
i Bnrlinirham L. J. ^ L. IV, Pittsfield 

' I ','>i! it K.. 

Flour Stores. 
Bonney E. Jr.. WtUfteld 
Cogswell E. L., 
Daniels & Co., 
Lane John, 

Glue Manufacturer. 
Wilson Richard, Richmond 

Me Vlwain Sc Kii - Ldanu 

KnekwvllJ. P., 1'it:-- 

Bradley lh & Son. (North) Lee 
Darling A. It. & Co., (North) Adama 
UunU-r, Thayer .N Co., " 
McAlwaine (j., Pittsfield 



Rudd Jones, (Xnrth) Beckot 
Stevens A. D.. Pittetield 

Algar Sc Lincoln, New Marlborough 
Chiekering Jonas, Adams 
Clary & Grey, t»ittsfiuld • 
Jordan John. Windsor 
Martin & Curtis, Stockbridge 
McKay & Hoadley, Pittsfield 
McLaughlin J. & A . Lee 
Royce & McLaughlin, (East) Lee 
Tanner k Perkins, Lee 

Cotton Cloth, tfc. 
Arnold 0. & Co., (North) Adams 
Arnold S. L. & S. H., 
Arnold & Jackson, [prints] (North) Ad- 
Beach & Royce, Lee [ams 
Brayton T. A. k Co., (North) Adams 
Cain Ansel, ' " 
Curtisrille Cotton Manuf. Co., Blasfield 

& Pierce, Stockbridge 
Dean P. J., ageut, (North) Adams 
Jenks Elisha. Cheshire [Stookbridce 
Monument Mills, John IL Cotrmg. ag : t, 
Munson ic Peabody, Great Burringtoii 
Peck J. k K. & Sun. fwarp] Pittsfield 
Plunkett Wm. C.,^alams 
Pollock Wm., agent, [warp] Adams 
Russell S, L., fwaddinsc] Pittsfield 
Taylor & Cook, Adams 
Walley D., [yarn] Williamstown 
Walter S., 

Washington, Adams & Co., Adams 
White, Rice } Richardson & Co.. (North) 


India livbber. 
CulbsttC. B., Great Barrington 

Cold Spring Iron Works, Henry A. 

Pennie, agent, Otis [Lenox 

Ifeuoj Iron Works, W. II. Phelps. ag"t, 
Mills John, Olis 
Richmondlron Works, Samuel Gates, 

agent, Richmond 
Stockbridge Iron Co., Stockbridge 
Tinker. K. K., (North) Adama 
Van Dousenrille Iron Works, Samuel 

Gates. Great Harrington 
Hodgkias Wm., (.North) Adams 
.Hurit.-T.Th:iv.>r & Co., (North) Adaias 
LaphamC. P. & Co., Hancock 

PI* Iron. 
BtiggS Iron Co., Lauesboro' 
Cheshire Iron Works, Cheshire 
North Adams Iron Co., (North) Adams 

Ballard Charles, Lee 
Benton & Garfield, (East) Lcc 
Brown L. L. & Co.. Adams 
Carson T. G. k W.W.. Dal ton 
Carriel John C, New Marlborough 
Cbambevlin E. II.. Dalton 
Comstock P. G., West Stockbridge 
Cone & Sabin, (North) Lee 
Cnuae & Co . Dalton 
Crane k Wilson, *• 
Doteh & Root. Sheffield 
Far... Paul 0.. New Marlborough 
Gibbs & Colt, Pittsfield 
Heath Orton, (East) Lee 
May E. k S. k Co.. Lee 
McDowell R.L., Monterey 
Owen & Ifulburt, (South) Lee 
Platner St Smith, Xyringham 
Platner i Smjth, Lee 
S-ibin George 5c Co.. Lee 
Taaeher Stephen. 
West & Brother^ Xyringham 
Wheeler, Warren & Co., New Marlbor- 
Whyto k Ilulbert, (North) Lee [rough 

Barker & Hubbard, Haneockf, North Lee 
Ba^ett, Perrin k Leonard, [maime-tR] 
Berkshire Woollen Co., A. C. Russell, 

agent, Gt. Harrington 

Blackinton S. & Co., (North) Adams 

Denn & Phillips, ,: 

Glendon Wooll -n Co., Norman Sheldon, 

agent. Stockbri ls;e 
[ngalls „v Tvler, (North) Adams 
John* o & [fathawav | yarps] (North) 
Nichols S E. & Co.. Dalton [Am-h 
Platcucr, Smi u 5. Holmes, Lee 
Plunkett Chas. If.. Hinsdale 
Pontoosuc Woollen Co.. Ceo. Cum;, 1 ,/ II, 
Richards Uiram. Hinsdale [ag't-PittslTd 
Tanner & Perkins, Lee 
Taylor & Smith, Hancock 
Wells, Brayton & Co., (North) Adams 

Marble Workers and Sawyers. 

Alien I,. & Co.. 'North) Adams 
Baker W. T.. Lanesboro' 
Braiiie Franklin. •' 
Brown Richard P.. Egremont 
Clark H. S. & Y.. Pittsfield 
Fitch Frederick. Alford 
Goodale Chester. Eiyemont 
Hanilin & Savage. Sheffield 
Liun W. D. i:.. Pittsfield 
Mc Au ley Wm.. (North) Adams 
Milligan M., Alford 
Piatt Abiel. Lanesboro' 
Shear* Samuel, Sheffield 
Sperry Stephen. Alford 
Yolk John. Pittsfield 
Whipple David. (North Adams 

Brooks Henry II.. Pitt, Held 
Stoddard Lewis, :; 

Musical Instruments. 

Barr & Walker, [pianos] Pittsfield 
Cox & Pierce, [seraphincs & melodeons] 
Dodge & Hubbard, Pittsfield [Pittsfield 
Stevens Wm. M.. [drums, banjos, tam- 

borioes] Pittsfield 
Stewart A. .N Co.. (North) Adams 

Oysters and Befresfrments. 

Beckwith K.L. Pittsfield 
Brigga & Obis. 'North) Adams 
Burns J.. Pittsfield 
Tucker Allen, '* 
Waters H. 0., i; 


Babcock Fn. [house] Lenox 
I Binghara Theodi r< . Wii 1-iamstown 
i Bcintori E. C. Stockbridge 

Bussctfc .!., 
I Child3 k Hart. (North) Adams 
! Crosbv Wm.. Sheffield 

Cole & Powell. ( S'orth) Adams 

Fuller J.. Stockbridge 

Hastings 0. W., [house, 8igu,and car- 
riages] Lenox 

Holland J. M.. Pittsfield 

May Charles, 

Mead G. IL. [sicrn ana fancy] Pittsfield 

Root J. B., PitUficld 

Wentworth F... Stockbridge 

Wickham George E., Adams 

Paints and Oils. 
Bulkley & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
Chapin A. B. & Co., 
MeadG. H., 
West J. C. & Brother, { - 

Paper Hangings. 
Chapin A. H- & C"., Pittsfield 
Fenn & Carter, 
West J. C 8c Brother, " 


j Adams Lucius P , Siockhridgc 
Babbitt N. S.. (North) Adams 
Babbitt Snell, Adams 

I thiiley Char!---. Pittstleld 

i Barker John !.-. A Uuus 

' Bttlcii Kbenezer, Sandisfteld 

; Beach Krnstus, Sandwfield 

| Be.trJ Wiliiam, Uas 

I IMi Wiliiuu 0., Becket 

Bliss Albertu*, Cheshire 
Bourne S. 'l ., I'.i lm , • | 
Bowker Alnazo, - 

rJ \] i 
Brewster 0. E . 

!h:j-> .-'. N . [botanic] (North; Alan:', 
Bull ' . J. U' . V\'illiai 
Ca l\ i A , Pit Held 

1) Robert, •• 
Camp Samuel, New Marlboro' 
< liapman IL !>.. y.jv* men t 

iplin II C . Otia 
Cliildi Ileur, II. , Pittfcfield 
Childs- Timothy, 
Church Allen, droit B; rrirjgl 
Cli u ;li Aaron. Pittstiel I 
Clougli WillardJr., • 
Collins C. T.. Great Earrington 
Cole Alanson J . Cheshire 
Cole Harvey, Pittsfield 
Cole Isaac S., 
Coleman William, : - 
Dewey Lake, Stockbridge 
Duncan S.. [dentist] Williamstown 
Pi in- Henry. Dalton 
Post, r George T-, Wind or 
Fowler J. ('., Tyringham 
Gilford John B", Lee 
Griswold R. 11., Lmesboro' 
Guiteau Corvdon, l.-e 
Hill Clark Y.. Pittsli I ' 
Harrington Samuel it.. Lee 
Harvey A., [botanic] (North) Adams 
Hawk es E,,S,, '-'• 

Haywood . Lee 

Hollingbeck E'.R., Great Barrington 

Hubbcll Charles, Williamstown 

Jackson William L., Pittsfield 

Judd Jodsou, Leo 

Judson Adonijah, Tyringham 

Kellogg S. R., Sheffield 

Kittredge B. fc'., Hinsdale 

Kittridge John, Peru 

Iiawrence G, ('., Adams 

Leavitt Dudley, Stockbridge 

Leavitt Nathaniel, Stnekbridge 

McAllister Geo . Great UarrirJ . : ra 

Norton H. J., I., e. ■sboro' 

Parks W. H.. Great Barrington 

Parsons Samuel C, Sandisfield 

Peek Oliver. Sheffield 

Perkins J. P., Marlboro' 

Pickett N. B., Great Barrington 

Phillips 11. P., (No th) Adams 

Pierce Knoeh. Pittsfi< Id 

Root 0. S., Pitts i 

Sabin Henry L., Williamstown 

Siihin M-, Lenox 

Sabin Mellen. Sandisfield 

rk-ovil John. Sheffii Id 

Si Idcn Jennings, Richmond 

Sheppardsoa Noah. Adams 

Sherman T. B.. Sheffiel 1 

Smedley James, WilliamstowB 

Smith Andrew M. 

Smitri Justin; Hinsdale 

Smith Samuel. Williamsto'wn 

> H. K..<e;, 

Taj lor Thomas, (North) Adams 

I'lini'-r H. A , Monterej 

r ler V, ilUam 11. . (North) Adams 

Van Deusen . Egremont 

Walcott James, Tyringham 

V.av . Lee 

White V.. Stockbri lee 
W illuinis Aver}', Pittsfield 
Wilson G. II. . (North) Adams 
Wilson N. J., Pittsfield 
who - Levi, [hotanie] Hinsdale 
Worthington R., Lenox 
Wright Kiiphalet, Lee 

Ackers An Irew J.. [North] A lama 
Allen P. k Son, Pittsfield 
Axlel Jc Marsh. 
Chickering IL, (North) \dams 
Cunhing & Bryan, Greal Barrington 
Dodge & Hubbard, Pittsfield 
French & !!••; - (N rth] Leo 
Montnguc C," Pittsfield 
Wilson E. P., Lenox 



Provision Dealers. 
Darker Win. C, Pittsfield 
Hulk ley k Benjamin, ,; 
C&rjriR & lUackman, " 
Cool«y -amud, ' : 

Maiming J. C, " 

Reed N . 
KockweilJ. P., " 

Public Houses. 
Baird Kendall, (West) Becket 
Bancroft Geo <_!., Stockfaridge 
Barnes F. A., Great Barangton 
Brown N. G.. Pittsfield 
Campbell D. J'.., W. Stockbrido'e 
Chappellc 11. K., Pittsfield 
Cooiey Win. B., Pittsfield 
Crafts Josephus, Lee 
B&ilej Elijah, Adams 
Baird Kendall, f West) Becket 
Baker William \\, Lai^esboro' 
Bowen S. S., Peru 
Bowker Calvin, SaTOy 
Burhngame A. V., Lanesboro' 
Branch. G. W.. Dalton 
Gone J.\, (North) Adams 

Dresser G. W., Cheshire 

Goodwin F. & C.. Stoekbridge 

Hall A.. Savoy 

Efasford J. II., Wiliiamstown 

lleaton H.. Pittsfield 

ifbteornb Horace, Hinsdale 

Ives Isaac G., Lenox 

Jordan John 1'.. Wiliiamstown 

Karner S. II., Egreniont 

Lemon t William, Wiliiarustown 

Mansir Henry, -Monterey 

Merrill Writ., Lee 

Millard Joshua, Egremont 

Owa-n John, Sandisikdd 

Rice Erastus, Florida 

Strickland Norman, Otis 

Ticknor Horace, Great Harrington 

Tower Stephen I)., Windsor 

White Alanson I'.. Hancock 

Wilson M. S., Lenox 

Rakss and Cheese Boxes. 
Barker John 0.. Sandisfield 
Borga, Bristol & Co.. 'rakes] Otis 
Broga W. C. & Co., (West) Becket 
Heath H. & Brother.Trakes'1 Tyringha 
Ingraham Samuel, Sandisfield 
McOullom Daniel, Tvrineharn 

Wilson Egbert, ' « 

Whitney Alonzo S. G., Sandisfield 

Sash and Blind Manufacture! 

Couch Bra tlford M., Lee 
Darling A. B. & Co., (V) Adams 
Morey Jesse, Adams 
Stevens S. D., Pittsfield 

Saw Mills. 
Adams Daniel. New Marlborough 
Adams D. !;.. [steam] Hinsdale 
Allen Isaiah. Windsor 
Ames J. M., (North) Becket 
Ames Philip. Washington 
Ames Putnam, Becket 
Anthony A. T. II., (2 mills) Adams 
Anthonv II.. Savoy 
, Bacon S„ EgWont 
Bacon Stephen, Wiliiamstown 
Barden Daniel, Windsor 
Rate-; Win. C, Sheffield 
BeUW. P., Washington 
Bell Lyman, (North) Becket 
Benton A -■.•«, Otis 
'::o.'h: im Silas, Hinsdale 

! Kottooj W. P.. rer U 
j Bradlej Joel. !., e 

J»rewer John. New Marlboro' 

Bridges Caleb. Savoy 

Broga W. ('. & Co., {West) Becket 
rows P. B.. Ciieshire 

Carlisle & Hayden, Otu 
Carter VVm. & Joseph, Savoy 
Chapman Theodore, (North) Becket 
Chappellc James, Washington 

an K. Hinsdale 

vid, Sheffield 

Clark D 


Cleveland Oj rus, Dalton 
Cleveland W. JP. Dalton 
Conklin John Hancock 
Cottrel John X.. Otia 
Cotton N.. Cheshire 
Couch & Jen.kius. Lee 
Crosier Charles; Washington 
Cushman IP IP. Otis 
Dahsell David, Eirremnnt 
Davis Colburu, Lanesboro' 
Day Alvin, Peru 
Dean Hiram. Dalton 
Dimmock Thomas P.. Otis 
Dunnavan & Ballan'tine, Wj 
Frissell Franklin, Pern 
Ensign & Co., Sheffield . 
Garfield Elijah, Tyriujrhatn 
Geer David, Washin-rton 

Goldthwaite Austin. Savoy 

Green J. B., Cheshire 

Groton Joshua, Hancock 

Goodman W. W., Pittsfield 

Hudson Wm, Haneck 

Hall William, Wiliiamstown 

Harwood Nathaniel, Windsor 

II as kins Ira, Savoy' 

Heath Amos, Tyringham 

Rerrick Levi W., Dalton 

Higgins Ira, Washington 

Hodge & Hclden, (North) Adams 

Hoyt Joseph, Uichmoud 

Hunt Curtis. Otis 

Ingraham A.', Lee 

Ingraham 0., Savov 

Jenks W. & D.. Adams 

Johnson Billings, Lenox 

Johnson Myron, Tyringham 

Jones Timothy, Otis 

Jordan John P.. Wiliiamstown 

Kingsley B. L., Docket 

Knowlton & Bailey, Florida 

Lamson Ira, Washington 

Law M. B,, Florida 

Manna Thomas, (West) Becket 

Mather Newton, Otis 

MeAIpin James, New Marlborough 

Merrifield 0. [,., Becket 

Millard Orin, (West) Becket 

Miner Damon, Peril 

Mitchell P.. Dalton 

North Adams Iron Co., (North) Adam 

Norton Jonathan. Otis 

O'Brirte Timothy. (North) Becket 

Olin Thomas, Cheshire 

Owen & Hurlburt, Lei 

Parrish G. & E. II. , JP iftdalo 

Parker Samuel L. Dalton 

Perkins & Garter. Becket 

Pettit Stephen. Wiliiamstown 

Phelps & Barnes, (North) B«-eket 

Pierce Christopher, tlir.s Sale 

Plainer & Smith, T) rin^h un 

Polley Asa, Savoy 

Porter & Carter, Otis 

Post Eldad, Lenox 

Prince David .P. Wind* r 

.Kic hards William, Iti' a; mm! 

Rovce Edward A. \ < I- m 

Rudd & Chapman, V, LshnsKfc a 

Russi ii A. C, Great Barriujjwq 

Sanders Moses, San \ 

Schutt Charles. Washington 

Seeley '1 nomas N ■ "' ■- 

Shakers" Mill, ryri ' ■ '■••> 

Short Charles, B ■ ' 

Slater Samuel, Wa.< • : :: 

Smith 1'.. Dalton 

Smith Reuben, (North) Becktt 

Sniith T., Fieri la 

Snow Solomon, Windsor 

s*ori-vant ((.. Savoy 

Tateott \\ i||j ■■:,. I..,.. 

'1 Ij !■ her & Tower, I 

Thi iiitm Dwisrht. William I 

Thompson Cluirles C Peru 
; Phomj -■ ', r . ):•- ket 

n . (Ml h \\ illi imstown 

Torre^ Uir im P., \s in.l-or 

Tn mi C. Florida 

Tower u illiam, Florida 

Town.- Charles, William ■ 

Tracy Charles K. & Brother, FliudftU 
j Walbridgc Loring. (We I 

M allei Stephen, \'> U iamsl ,. d 

Webh John, Washington 
i Weston A. \. Savoy 
| Weston Franklin, Dalt m 

Westovcr William, (West) 1 

Wheel* r J. W. & Co.. i \ T orth ) Becket 
I W hippie Stephen T., Lam 
hmgton I Whiteemb I.*-vi N., Florida 

Wldteomb S.. Florida 

White Horace, (West) Becket 

V illi .. ,- N-r).an;..-l P.. f ,•■ • , • 

| Yaw M. B., Florida 


M.. Windsor 


,v Viucent, Florida 

Brmvn Orin, Pern 

;>'y Eleazer, Windsor 
I ^ariui James, Wiliiamstown 

A. P 
. Wi 


i Cowen J. 

: .ior,|;:ri A. M., 

; Lorjmis L. A., " 

j WharfieldW n., ' : 

Shingle Mills. 
I Richards William, Richmond 
i Rice & Hodges, (North) Adams 

I Stoves, Tin Ware, &c. 

' Backus \s m. G., Pittsfield 
: Pakcr George, Lee 
Brown A.. Ad; ms 
j Butler J. B. & Son, Pittsfield 
Cook J., Wiliiamstown 
I i ttonS. P-. (North) Adams 
i Decker & Holdcn, (North) Adams 
; Howe S. D., [Troy Stove store] VitU B i 1 
Low Daniel, [stoves] Cheshire 
Patterson P. W., Great Barriugton 
j Phelps Geo. P., Lee 
I ^'an Deusen Mason. Stockl 
i Wilbur James A., Adams 
I Winslow & Henry, Fittsfield 
j Wootlworth Charles, New Marlboro' 
j Woodworth CyrusH.,West St< ti - 

Tailors and Drapers. 

PaiVv- Alfred, la-e 

HlLs€ K. L., (North) Adams 

BrowningS. F.. (North) Adams 

Butler C. P.. (North) Adams 

Caffrey John, Egremont 

CI irk <"c Pratt, 

Collins I :aac, Adams 
; Colman Gi orge, Sandisfield 

1 n IP C, Lee 

• Davis W. ! ... 

i ; le Moses, Hinsdale 

' un J. IP. Pittsfiel 1 

Gardiner Hosea, Sheffi •: I 

Granger, Hill .'s; Co., Great Barring-nn 

Com, n c. P.. Pittsfield 
: (Julliver J. T., Wiliiamstown 

M idckins F. K., 00s 
: Harrington & Stevens. Pittsfield 
n R< bert, Mon< rey 

Jones Jarvis, Egremont 

Kelpjgs A. S., (Jreat Barrington 

IJvermora ^ . «'., Hinsdale 
I Mansir Henrv, Monterey 

Vh-Coy .1 , Windsor 

M • John, Adams 

Noll N'.. Pittsfield 

;•-!■.'. M., W in Isor 

Pil'in- P., Stockbridge 

Pi tlcj Edwin, New Marlboro' 
' Pratt & Clark, Lee 
Putnam E. K.. Croat Ear 
Rollctt F . Hinsdale 
St vi t:^ P W., i N'orth) a l»ms 
Talmad-re Henry, ^^ illiamstown 
Warren ( . S., I 
Waters N. A.. St'X-kbridj^ 
W ■ rtbly X C, v. • • -• Ii 



Baker Timothy, Savoy 
Benton Stephen it. & Bro., Riclunt 

Broun. Kemp & Vincent, flotilla 

Bntlcr A. 1 .. (North) Adaiiu 

Curtis Edwin, l.^i-.' a 

Dean II. N'.. A'.Ltma 

Bean & Itkhardw rt, Cheshire 

Bean & Bichauteon, Baltnn 

Hall George & Son, Sandisfield 

Knights Asher, Hinsdale 

Mason Joshua, Cheshire 

Mason Rufus L., Hancock 

Neal Dennis, Otis 

Nelson Isaiah D, WindsoT 

Osborn & Cogan, Pittsfield 

Olds A., (North) Adams 

Pareons P. & Brother. SandisSeld 

Sawyer Aaron, Hinsdale 

Watson Spencer <'.. Otis 

Wheeler J. W. & Co., (North) Beckc 


Brown N. G., Pittsfield 
Cibbs & Ingersoll. Monterey 

{Birdseye Maple.) 
Drf'«?cr Amos, Stockbridge 
Prt-sser John, " 

\7ateh Il'akers. 
MifeheD W. M.. (North) Adams 
Munn Charles,' " ' : 

Nichols N., Williamstown 

Osborne David, Lenox 
I'orter Eli, W "tlliantstotm 
White J. J., Adams 

Watches, Jewelry, and Silver 

Ron W. M & Bro., Piitsfleld 
Walker IV. M., " 

West India Goods. 

[See Country Stores.) 
Bonncy E., Jr. Pittsfield 
Brown 0.. 

Bulkier & Benjamin, Pittsfield 
Cady Joel P., (North) Adams 
Carter C. Jr.. Le< 
Chapin A. B. & Co., Pittsfield 
Coolev Samuel, 

Boane & Butler. (North) Adams 
Gallop M. M. & Sun. (N.) « 
Garry Michael, Pittsfield 
Hagar S. M., (North) Adams 
Moore & Bailey, Loo 
Morev & Smith. Pittsfield 
Parrfsh J. & E. II.. Hinsdale 
Plumb A. G.. (North) Adams 
Smith John AW. Pittsfield 
Van Dcxiscn George, Lee 
Warriner James, Pittsfield 
West J. C. & Brother. Pittsfield 
White 6c .Murray, '• 


Arms for Rocking Chairs. — S. P.Burt, I 
Stockbridge " 1 

Arte Mr,,;, fn rur< rs. — L. ] 

Son. Pitt field 
J> nt F> ■'■ i Manufacturers. — J tutu* 

Tower and .lasi n Ne\» 
Brad an I Turk Mr ••■ • ■>■ 

< tmtnber in. S r-l bridire 

Curriinir.— r, . , 

Geld : Lta rgc IV. CI 
Coach Lace M nufaclurer. — VVoolev 

& Ililli abraut, Pitt I 
Edge Tools.— Uenrj Murray, Lee 
Gin is Sand.— Truman Cooman. Cb-- 


Gunsmith. — John Hogan. (3 
Leather nw! Findings. — J one 

Millstones.— Parker Barnar I, Pit l 
Pattern Maker.— J . p. Merrias . 

Pifchforis, Ho*s, $c— Win. K. G it *, 

Lee; W. .<. H. D. L\-mai ' 
Plough Maker. — A.W etherl i 

Pumps and Lead Pipe. — I. B. Butler 

& Son. PUtsfii Id 
Sporting Apparatus. — H. B. Groot. 

Silver Spoons.— J. E.Scott .£ Co., Pitts- 
Soot) Manufacturer.— F. Warren .Pitte- 

Stone Cutter.r-J.L. Lathe* {>*.) Adams 
Turner. — E. L. Wilson, lyiij 
Weavers' 1 Harness Manufac'r. — John J 

EI. Orr. (North) Adams 
Wool Carding. — Reuben Smith, (North) 



Was incorporated June 2d, 1685, having previously formed a part of the old colony of Plymouth. 
In King Philip's time this sect-ion of the country was called PawctJMNATV'CUTT. 
Iron ore of an excellent quality abounds in Bristol County 
The County towns are Taunton and New Bedford. 
Whole ii umber of towns, 19. " 

xowus, ty. x upuuiwusi m 1SK», 60,1)55.; number of square miles, G67 ; population 

to square mile, 90. Population in 1850, 70,207; population to square mile, 111. 

COUNTY OFFICE;:!?. . [ M Frectmcn, on the 1st Tuesday of January. 

T , ,. T . , . r ... ,, .. ,- _ ,- ,1 At Rehoboth, on the 1st Tuesday of April. " 

Judge of Pr^aic, Oliver 1 rescott, hew Bedford, , At j> uu , tllcket on the lst Friday nex J aftcr the 

Register of Probate, Henry Williams, Taunton. 1st Tuesday of \nril 

Clerk of Courts, James Sproat , Taunton \ At D ) q jJ on on the l st Friday after the 1st Tues- 

Register of Deeds, ( N . District.) J osep h W ilbur, , da v in 0( . . ob( . r 
Wnufon ; (S. District,? Benjamin K. Sayer-, Neio At Xortcyn, on the Ist.Tuesdavof Tuly. 
Bedford. .,,.„. . At -Wextport, on the 1st Tuesday of August. 

Cowtfy -1 treasurer .James J . Elks, r«?m^ow. At Seekank,on the lst Tuesday of September. 

Crtt'rot Courts. UUver boner. Jaitnton. a*. i?..n />:,-„,. „„ »v,^ i... t, ,".?., ,. „.- r> . ♦„t..-. 

County Treasurer. James J'. 1 
Crier of Courts, Oliver Super, li 
Jailers, Elias A.Morse, Taunton; Jacob L.Por- 
ter, iVeto Bedford. 
Sheriffs Lyman W. Dean, Aitlcborough. 

1 >rp u ' '/ S^ trip's . 

Attlebormtgh, Geo. P>". Richarda. 

Berkley, Dean Burt. 

Dartmouth, Wm. Barker, 2d, 

Boston, Edward AT. Dean. 

Fatf iferor, W. A. Waitc. 

Mansfeld, Conrad Spraker, 

New Bedford, John Baylies, John I). Hathaway, 
Henry S.Packard, Chas.'l). Burt, Jacob L. Porter. 

Morton, Austin Messenger. 

PawtUcket, Robert Sherman. 

Taunton, Elias A. Morse, Geo, H. Babbitt, Jas. 
C. Brown. 

Probate Court, holden at 7m«rfon, on the Fridav 
ntxt After the lst Tuesday of January, on the 1st 
<i November, on the first 

Hodney I' 

. way, Charle 
Tuesdays of March and November, on the first W. Lcland, 

Friday next after the 1st Tuesday of June, and on ■ C. Starkweather, James Sproat, >..j:...h. . 
the Friday next after the 1st Tuesday of August. Sproat, William H. Taylor, James D. Ihomj 

At New Bedford, on the 1st Tuesdays of Feb- Amos A. Tillinghast, Joseph B 
tuaty, Jun?, and December. j Wilbur. 

At See konk, on the lst Tuesday of September. 
At Tall Rirer, on the lst Tuesday of October. 
At Atileborough, on the 1st Tuesday of May. 

County Comm • 
John Baylies, New Bedford, Chairman; James 
\Y. Grossman, Taunton ; Lemuel Perry, Norton. 

> \ecial Commissioners. 

Joseph E. Read, Fall River; Wooster Carpen- 
ter, Seekank 

Times of Meeting.— At rtttrnt'on, on the 4th 
Tuesdays in March and September. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Dartmouth, Thomas Alniy, Prince Scars, Jr. 
New Bedford, Charles Grinnell. 

•s to ••■ . • fg < 'ivil Officers. 
Ephraim Alwood, Hez. B i 

polios Cushman, James I'. 1 ..-. . : ..;..-^ lord, 

ich, Eli Haskell, Eli ithan 1 . Hatha- 

J. Holmes, b"o ;t( i floopi r, ] 

J. II. W. Page, Horatio Pratt, James 

William A. F 

Tillingh Lst, J »s. 




Justices of the Pence and Quorum. 
Aitleborovah, Elkanah Briggs, Noah. Claflin, 
Lyman W. i)ean, Elisha G. May. 

' liar', mouth, Joseph Giffbrd, Elihu Slocum. 
Fairhaven, tfath. S. Spooner, Joseph Tripp. 
Fall River, II< z. Battelle, Simeon Borden, Wm 

B. Canedy, J as. For^ John Godfre) , C. J. Holmes, 
Foster Hooper, Phiueas W. Leland, Joseph E., Kliab Williams. 

Freetown, Elnathan P. Hathaway. 

Nac Bedford, James Arnold, Timo. G. Coffin, 
Henry H. Crapo, Benjamin Coombs, Eli Haskell, 
Abraham II. Holland, J. II. W. Page, Oliver 
1'rescott, Paul Spooner, Joseph S. Tillinghast. 

Norton. Jacob Shepard. 

Paictucket, Apollos Cushman. 

Rehoboth, Samuel Bullock. 

Seekonk, Johnson Gardner, Seth Whitmarsh. 

Sicanzey, John Mason. 

Taunton, Anselm Bassett, Francis Baylies, S. 
L. Crocker, James P. Ellis, Ichabod Lincoln, 
James Sproat, IVm. A. F. Sproat, Benjamin F. 

Justices of the Peace. 
[Sec also Justices of the Peace and Quorum.'] 

Mtlehoroitgh, Thos. A. Bardon, Ellis Blackiog- 
ton, Harvey Claflin, Joseph W. Capron, Elihu 
Daggett, H". X. Daggett, John Daggett, Lyman W. 
Daggett, AbiJBrh M Ide, Abijah M. Ide, Jr., Hart- 
ford Ide, Harvey M. Richards, Jesse F. Richards, 
Geo. B. Richards, Peter Thaeher, Han W r ilmarthj 
Moses Wilmarth. 

Berkley, Goo. Babbitt, Chas. L\ Burt, W. S. 
Crane, Jabez Fox, Edwin French, Sam. French, 
Eph. French, Walter D. Xichols, Xath. Townsend. 

Dartmouth, Thos. Almv, Francis I). Bartlett, 
E. S. Crapo, Elisha H. Crapo, Shadrach Davis, Jr., 
Joseph Giffordj Wm. Mason, H. S. Packard, Jas. 
T. Slocum, Hiram Whaien. 

Diphton, Crocker Babbitt, Leonard Gooding, 
David Hathaway, Joseph Pitts, Bradford Pratt, 
Setli Talbot, Alfred Wood. 

East07i, Oliver Ames, Jr., Jos. Barrows,, Moses 

C. Dunbar, Aivan Gilmo're, Tisdale Harlow, Sebea 
Howard, Cyrus Lothrop, Howard Eothrop, Hiram 
T. Mitchell, John Pool, Win. Reed, John Seele. 

Fairhaven, Ku*us Allen, Cyrus E. Clark, Thos. 
Davis, John A. Plawes, Levi James, Geo. Mandell, 

E. G. Morton, Alfred Nye, Abiel P. Robinson, 
Jones Robinson, Ezekiel Sawin, Geo. II. Tabcr, 
Pardon Taber, Isaiah F. Terry, John Terry, Ansel 

Fall Fiver, David Anthony, Israel Anthonv, 
Cyrus Alden, Wm. II. Ashlev, Josiah C. Blaisdefl, 
Nath'l B. Borden, Richard Borden, Benj. Earl, 
C. J. Holmes, Louis Laphahi, Job G. Lawton, Jr., 
James M. Morton, David Perkins, Eliab Williams, 
Benj. F. Win slow. 

Freetown, E. Atwood, Bradford Brayley, Charles 
A. Morton, Nicholas Hathaway, Thos". G'. Nichols. 

ffiansji&ld, Wm. B. Bates, Darwin Dean, Tims. 
M. George, Hemaa Hall, Elijah Hodges, Edward 
Kingman, Charles Pratt, Schuyler Shepard, Utis 

Neto Bedford, Edmund Anthony, Abraham Bro- 
ker, Edwin L. Barney, Alanson Borden, Lincoln 

F. Brigham, Thos. B. Bush, Isaac Case, J. H. 
Colhns, Timothy G. Coffin, Benj. Coombs, Chas. 
T. Congdon, Jas. B. Congdon, John Davis, J. F. 
Dearborn, Tin. mas D. Phot, J. L. Ferguson, Thos. 
A Greene, Edward W. Greene, Isaac D. Hall, 
Albert 1). Hatch. Lutaer G. Hewins, James How 
land, Thos. H. llowkn'd, Seth H. Ingalls. Ephraim 
Kempton. Benj. Lincoln, Thos. Mandell, Adam 
Mackie, Samuel S. Packard, John A. Parker. J. 
H ; W. Page, Wm. Phillips. Isaac Richardson, 
William R. Rodman, Benj. King Sawyer. Calvin 
Staples, .Silas Stetson, Joshua C. Stone, Win. C. 
'Inber, Jaraea D. Thompson, Wm. JL Taylor, 
Ambrose Vincent. 

Norton, Daniel S. Cob)), Geo. B. < i 
Crane, Earl Hodges, Leonard 11 mwell 

Leonard, Eddy Lincoln, Henry Newccmb, I e 
Perry, Jacob Shepnrd, Laban M. Wheaton. 

Patctucket, "Simpson Chase, John Crane, Clau- 
dius H. Farnsworth, Jabel Ingraham, W i 
Ton Kent, Goo. Mason, Lewis Pierce, Al^ 
Reed, James C. Starkweather. 

Raynham, Eliab B. Dean, Cassander Gilmore, 
I Abisha Lincoln, Chas. Itobinson, Godfrej L 
son, Eli K. Washburn, S. H. Wilbur. 

Rehobotk, James Blanding, Asaph L. Blis i, Syl- 
vester Hunt, Lemuel Morse, Oliver C. Peck, 
M. R. Randall, L. J. Sandford, Cyrus M.Whe : . . 

Seekonk, Samuel Allen, Tristram Burgi is, Jr., 
Raymond H. Burr, Davis Carpenter, Wm. 1- , 
Viall Medbury. 

Somerset, Philip Bowers, John D. Cartwright, 
Joseph Marble, Isaac Pierce, Jonathan B. Slade, 
Daniel Wilbur. 

Sicanzey, George Austin, Mason Barney, James 
Brown, John Earle, John Mason. Thomas Peck, 

E. P. Short. 

Taunton, George B. Atwood, Jonathan Downes 
Austin, Geo. II. Babbitt, Anselm Bassetl, Edmund 
H. Bennett, James Brown, Benj. Caswell, Geo. 
A. Crocker, Vv'm. A Crocker, Benj. R. Dean, Jos. 
P. Dean, Joshua Drown, James P. EIIh, Andrew 
H. Hall, William Haskins, Samuel B. King, A - 
nah Leach, Ichabod Lincoln, Theodore L. 1 m oln. 
Willard Lovering, NathT Morton, Joseph M. Otis, 
Allen Presbury, Horatio Pratt, Chester 1. Reed, 
Vv'm. Seaver, Hodges Reed, Wm. A. F. Sproat, 

[Wm. Sekel, Silas Shepard, Stephen L. White, 
Henry Williams, Benj. F. Williams, Jann 

j Williams, Sidney Williams, Joseph Wilbur, 
George Walk' r, George M. Woodward. 

Wcstjiort, Nathan C. Brownell, Geo. H. Giffbrd, 
Andrew Hicks, Benj. B. Sisson. 

Notaries Public. 
Attlehorough, Lyman W. Dean, Elias Fuller. 
Fairhaven, Cyrus E. Clark, Philemon V 
NathT S. Spooner, Isaiah F. Terry, John Terry. 
Fall River, Cyrus Allen, Hez. Battelle. M< rt 
Eddy, Henry H. Fish, James Ford, Louis r •.•■ham, 
David Perkins, Limb Williams. 

New Bedford, Lincoln F. Brigham, Charles D. 
Burt, J. IE Clifford, T. C. CoiEn, 11. G. 0. < . 
Chas. T. Congdon, Henry H. Crapo, T. D w - 
j Eliot, J. H. W. Pa.ce, Robert C. Pitman, Yv 
| H. Taylor, Borden Wood, Augustus L. West. 
j Fawtucket, Apollos Cushman, Claudius B. 
! Farnsworth. 

Taunton, C. J. H. Bassett. Jas. P. Ellis, Benj. 

F. Pn -bury, William A. V. Sproat. 

IVestport, Nathan C. Brownoll, Benj. B. Sisson. 


Atilehorough, Lemuel Bishop, Petir Thaeher, 
Samuel Tyler. 

Berkley, Dean Burt. 

Dartmouth, Samuel Barker, Lemuel Mosher, 
| Stephen Lav lor. 

JJighton, Crocker Babbitt. 

y. , ■ 'on, Daniel M icomher. 

Fairhaven, Jonathan Wilbur. 

Fall River, Seth Darling, Richmond Davool, 
I Samuel L. Thaxler. 
I Mansfield, Simeon Green, 

Norton, C. L< onard. 
i Nac Bedford, Benj. Coombs, Shubael O. Hd- 
rai . Wm. O. llusscll. 

/' un a ', Pw. Sherman, X. A. Potter. 
j // u/nham, Amyntas Sh w. 

Seekt >ik, Ezra Trench, William Ide, Viall Med- 
bury, John Miller. 
j . Sanurst t, Philip Boxrers. 

Sicanzey, Israel Gardner. 
I Taunton, Geo. II. Babbitt, James Woodward. 

Westiiort, Frederick Brownell, P. W. Peckham. 





Selectmen, Assessors, and Oeerseers of J'cor. — 
Elkanah Brigfcs, L. W. Daggett, J. W."Caproa, 

Clerk.— 11. \. Daggett. 

Tretnt-r-.-r and CoUectgr. — S. L. Carpenter. 

School Committee. — J. S. Dennis, Jonathan 
Crane, G. Clark, Henry Rice, Joseph Cushman. 

Constables. — Lemuel Bishop, Arte mas C. King, 
Geo. B. Richards, Virgil II. Capron, E. 11. Reed. 

Money raised for schools, g4,000. 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Oeerseers of Poor. — 
Thomas Strange, Thomas C. Dean, Nath'l G. 

Treasurer. — Asa Shove. 

Clerk.— Walter D. Nichols. 

School Committee. — W. 1). Nichols, Benj. Crane, 
Jr., Thomas C. Dean. 

Constable. — J o hu D can . 

Collector. — Philip II. Fletcher. 

Money raised lor schools, £500-. 


Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor. — William 
Barker, Jireh Sherwin, Holden W. Brownell. 

Assessors. — Theodore Wilbur, Abner Potter, Jr., 
James T. Slocum. 

Town Clerk, Treasure?, and Collector. — William 
Barker, Jr. 

School Committee. — Theodore Wilbur, James N. 
Macomber, Jesse Tucker, Abner Potter, Jr., John 

Toicn Agent. — William Barker. 

Constable. — J ona t han Col ii n s. 

Money raised far schools, £2,500. 


Selectmen and Oeerseers 
Shove, Chas. Green, A. Wal 

Assessors.- — L.Goodwin, J. Williams, AY 

Town Cleric. — Leonard Goodwin. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Benjamin Goff. 

School Committee. — Br&dl ora Prat*;, Joseph 
Wright, George Goodwin. 

Constable.— Beni. P. Jones. 

ham, Gideon Manchester, Jacob Hix, William 
Sisson, Apollos Dean, Chester W. Greene, Danii 1 


Selectmen and Overseen ■ f /"■ or. — Alder Hath- 
away, Jr., Samuel 1'. Dean, Bradford Bi 

Assessors, — Prentiss J. Tripp, Alden Hathaway, 
Jr.. Alden Lawrenc< . 

Town Clerk. — Thomas G. Nichols. 

Treasurer arid Collector. — Guilford Hathaway. 
^ School Committee. — Nichol is Hathaway, U. P. 
Strobridu r e, William B. Staples. 

Constables. — Guilford Hathaway, R. P. Stro- 
bridge, Wm. B. Staples. 

Money raised l'or schools, $1,000. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Edward Kingman, Herman Hall, Otis Sweet, Jr. 
Clerk and Treasurer. — Wm. Robinson. 
School Commit lee. >-M. Blake, Samuel J. Carr. 
Constables. — A. Robinson, Jr., Jason H. C> 
Money raised i'or schools, $900. 

f Poor. — Anthony 



onev rats 

schools, $1,000. 


Selectmen. Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — I 
Daniel B. Wheaton, Horace D. Howard, Gee. W. i 

Totcn Clerk, 'Treasurer, and Collector. — Joel S. i 
Drake. I 

School Committee.-*- Amos Pratt, Eras tus Brown, ! 
Guilford White. 

Constable. — Edward W. Dean, William Savage. 

Honey raised for schools, $1,500. 


Selectmen. — Isaac Wood, Jr., George H. Taber, j 
Cyrus E. Clark. 

Toicn Clerk and Treasurer. — Eben Akin, Jr. 

Overseers of the Poor. — Nath'i Church, C. E. j 
Clark, Henry Vincent. 

-l.s<c.*.jo/-.v.~Abh,l P. Robbing, Davis Collins, G. j 
H. Tuber, John Perry, Isaac Wood, Jr. 

School Committee.— Samuel L. Ward, James L. 
Humphrey, John Perry, William Payson, Walter i 
A. Davis." 

Constables. — JohnL. Kennison, Chas. D. Capen, j 
James Tabor. 

Money raised for schools, #5,000. 

Pail river. 

Selectmen and Overseers of the Pccr.-r-Thomas j 
J. Pickering, Daniel Brown, James "Buffint on. \ 

Assessors.— 'Guilford H. Hathaway, Horatio N. j 
Gunn, Charles Aimy. 

Clerk, Collector and Treasurer. — Sam. B. Hussev. ; 

Constables. — Ebewzer Luther, Richard S. Peck- I 


Mayor. — Abraham H. Howland. 

Ahlermcn.- — Joseph Chirk, Lsaa< M. West, Jona. 
R. Ward, Mark IL Palmer, Jonathan Bourn';, Jr., 
Henry II. Crapo. 

Common Council. — Lineaa Wood, President. 
Ward 1. Lineas Wood, Warren Ladd, Jns. Beetle, 
Jas. R. Bassett. Ward 2. John Bryant, Francis W. 
Hatch, Edmund Maxfield, Ebenezer Ii. Foster 
Ward 3. Wilmot Luce, Thomas C. Allen, Gid 
T. Sawyer, Squire Sanford, Ward 4. Nathan 
Chase, Joseph Browne)!, James S. Barney, James 
Monroe. Ward 5. Oliver Swain, Matthew How- 
land, Isaac 1). Ilall, Lucieu B. Keith. Ward 6. 
Amasa T. Thompson, Marshall G. Sears, V, illard 
Mason, William Miller. 

City Clerk. — Isaac M. Richardson. 

Clerk of the Common Council. — Luther G. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Frederick Bryant. 

Assessors. — Ward 1. Isaac Case. Ward '2. Geo. 
M. Bunker. Ward 3. Ezra K. Delano. Ward 4. 
Isaac M. Richardson. Ward 5. James Cannon. 
Ward 6. Wm. H. Reynard. 

City Marthaf — Timothy Insrraham. 

Assist " ■.' M irsh il — Shub tel G. Edwards. 

C : stat '' > — Eliphaiet Bobbins, Lewis G. Allen, 
Chas. W. Underwood, Joshua P. Dunbar, George 
W. Sherman. 

School Committee. — Ward 1. Linens Wood, 
Calvin Staples, Daniel C. Burt. 2. Horatio A. 
Kempton, Henry R. Wilcox, Charles D. Burt. 
3. Luther G. Hewrns, Amasa L. Gleason, Win. G. 
White. 1 Robert C. Pitman. Charles HalTards, 
Alexander H.Seabury. .0. Oliver Prescotr, Joshua 


C. Stone, William Howe. G. William Penn Uow- 
iaiid, Henry T. Wood, Bradford G. Hathaway. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Daniel S. 
Cobb, Eli Wood, Benjamin S. Hall. 

( 'tcvL and Treasurer. — John Crane. 

Assessors. — Daniel S. Cobb, Augustus L. Pratt, 
J. 1). Xeweornb. 

School Committee. — Win. Heed, John C. Crane, 
S. P. Snow. 

Constables.— H. H. Witherdl, T. H. Copeknd. 

Money raised for schools, 51,200. 

Selectmen.— Alden Sibley, N. A. Potter, B. L. 
Clerk.-rAlrin 0. Reed. 

Treasurer. — Ira D. Ellis. 

Overseers of the Poor. — Lyman Claflin, James 
Lord, Philander Baker. 

Assessors. — Alanson Thayer, Richard Carrique, 
Nathan P. Towne, Willington Kent, Charles 

Collector . — Lamed Kent. 

School Committee- — C. Blodgett, Lewis Pierce, 
George Brown, Alvin D. Williams, William W. 
Blodgett, EdwarU Stowe-r.s, Samuel Lord. 

Constables. — Hubert Sherman, Freeman Bern', 
Alexander B. Chace,; Baker, Alfred L. 

Money raised for schools, ,$2.,7<50. 

KAY! VII All. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Charles Robin- 
son, Naih'l B. Hall, Philo Leonard. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Sorarxus Hall. 

Collector. — Enoch King. 

Assessors. — E. B. Dean, Bcnj. F. King, L. W. 

School Committee,— -Robert Carver. E. K. Wash- 
burn, Frederick Wiley. 

Cotistqhles.—Otis R. Xing, S. II. BritJain. 
Money raised for schools, £900. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
GeoTge II. Allen, John Oa\is, 3d, George C. Cole. 
Clerk.*— Cyrus M. Wheaton. 

Treasurer and Collector. — John C. Marvel. 
School Committee. — S. A. Collings, Lemuel 
Morse, G. C. Cleaveland. 

Constable. — John Earl. 

Money raised for schools, 51,200. 


Selectmen, Overseersof Poor, and Assessors — Vi- 
al I Mi ■': >ury, Oliver Chaffee, .lolm Shorey. 

Clerk. — Oliver Chaffee. 

Treasurer and Collector — -Enhraim Ide. 

School Gommittee.—I. Wilkinson* A. N. Med- 
bury, John Hunt, 

Constables,— J , A. Hammond, Samuel Short, A. 
E. Medbury. 

Money raised for schools, SL2'"0. 
ROMEltSl T. 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors.— 
Elisha Slade, Benj. Cartwnght, George Ji>cd. 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector. — J. D. C:irt- 

School Committee. — Joseph Shove, John L. 
Slade, John Q. Pierce. 

Constables.— Win. A. Bowers, Bcni. Cieaveland. 
Edward J. Slade. 

Money raised for schools, £600. 

SWAXZf i\ 

Selectmen , Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — Lil- 
ly Gilford, Ezra P. Short, John Young. 

Clerk. Treasurer, and Collector. — John Mason. 

School Committee. — Jonalhun Thompson, B. If. 
Chase, John E. Gray. 

Constable. — George Austin. 

Money raised for -schools, §800. 


Selectmen end Overseers of Poor. — J. M. Wil- 
liams, Andrew II. Hall, Edwin Keith. 

Clerk.— James P. Ellis. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Charles Porter. 

Assessors.— Chas. II. Stevens, Bradford Macom- 
ber. Joseph Dunbar. 

School Committee. — Erastus Maltby, S. H. 
Emery, T. W. Snow, C. H. Brigharn, G. W. 
Quinby, Andrew Pollard, A Ivan Cobb. 

Constable*,. — P. L. Frazier, James Woodward, 
Geo. H. B ibbitt, Tho*. R Drake, Henry F. ( 
I. G. Currier, D. A. Weston, Jr., Dav : d Monroe, 
Horatio Leonard, lid, Harrison Thrasher. 

Money raised for school-, §9,S0O. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Frederick BrowheH, George H. Gifford, Perry 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector.— Geo. H. Gif- 

School Committee. — J. B. Parris,G.E. Brown ell, 
E. P. Brownell, 

Constables. — Isaac Francis, E. B. Gifford. 

Mono) raLed for school?, v'J,LSl.lo. 


Anthony J. M., Fall River 
Atwood Ephraim, Freetown 
Barker A. J., Taunton 
Brown Philip S„ Fall River 
Cad-well Win. V. S.49 Purchase**". B. 
Chase Edward S., Fall River 
Clark Charles A. <3 Purchase, X. B. 
Clark Wra. F. 74 Purchase. N. B. 
Dunbar Samuel O., Taunton 
Gaytord William, Pawtucket <X. B. 
Gifford Albert, Union, c. N. Water, 
Jennings John II. 48 Purchase, N.B. 
Luther G irdner. Seckonk 
M <r,rr><> t . s.. Taunton 
Nichols J. [>.,(Weir YiU ) Taunton Eben. Fall River 
Otis Thomas, 40 South Water, X. B. 
Payne S.. Freetown 
'' ■■rt. r V\»rreu B . County, c. Kemp- 
ton, X. B. 
Richmond II. W., Fairhaven 
Russell John, Fall River [X. B. 

Thornton Dan. 133 Union, c. Fourth, 
inornlon Elisha Jr. 07 Union. N. B. 



pkinsS. & Co. eft-Middle, c X. 
Second, New Bedford 
Wilbur AmosC Fall Rivet 
Willard L. A.. (Weir VilJ ; Taunton 


Abell P. T.,Seekonk 

A toy & Bourne, 5 N Water, X. B. 

Austin George. Swam y 
I Babbitt George 41 - Taunton 

Baylies J. & Co. 6 > Purchase and20 
N. Water. Now Bcdti rd 
J Bishop f,emud, Attl ' ro 
j Bnsworth & Godfrey. !'■ U R ^ ( 
I Rowers Philip, Somerset 
I Bri" 's Elkanah, Attk'b ro 1 
! Rrittaiu James, Ea*ton 
I Browneu Jireh. Westport 
I Burt i>- in, Berkley 
j Capron .'. W., Attleh so 1 

Dean E. P.. Ravnham 

Gifford !1. Georee, Westport 

Greene C. W., Fall River 

Hodges Earl. Norton 

Elorton DanforthG.,Uehoboth 

I Horton George I... Rehoboth 

I King Josiah B. 12 X. Water, X li. 

j Lincoln Fddi . Norton 

Medbury Viall. Seekonk 

Price George, Attleboro' 

Short Samuel, . : . ekonk 
! Washburn K . II . Raynham 
I Waterman N. 50 Union, X. B. 

» uli is G. K. M. & Co., Taunton 


Ruttrick Jona, .t Son, Fairhaven 

K-an M. I . Pawtuekct [N. B. 

Ix-nham TiUsni] I?.. First, e. School, 

Gerrlsh Benjamin, Taunt »n 

l! •:';•• Jacob B 51 S. Water,N". B. 

Howard G. W., Swanzey 

l^iin- Eluu« SI., Taunton 

Runm lb IX. I . Fall River 

Waldron Fi m is V , I 

Ward J. k. 72 X. Second, X B. 

W.-ml Samuel l... Fairhaven 

Wutxon .v Manchester, 17J L"ni»n, 

and LS Centrt 
Wilcox Edward, Taunto i 




Allen Rich, S«m< rset 

Babbit l-:ui' N'., (South^Dartanoath 

Buker \* vi, Somerset 

iiaker Mason, Swanzey 

Banioy [tabid IL, Swanzey 

Barney Mason, >.'-• anaey 

Bourn 7. W., Seel >nk 

Braley — . Freetown 

Brings Alsom, Mauafield 

Briggs Matthew, Dighton 

Brittain James, Eastaia 

Brown John, Taunton 

Brownell Joseph, B5 Fourth, X. B. 

Bruce Samuel, Attleboro' 

Burlincame it. ii.. Paw-tucket 

Butts "& Smith, Hazard's wf. X. B. 

Carpenter Edmond, Seekonk [N. B. 

Carpenter Lewis G., Mechanic's Lane, 

Carver Nathan, Taunton 

Cha&e Ira. Seekonk 

Chase Bradford, Taunton 

Crane William S.. Berkley 

Crowley Jacob, Mansfield 

Cushuian Barker, (S») Dartmouth 

Cushman Obed, (South) Dartmouth 

Damon Barnard, Fairhaven 

Davis James, Rehoboth [wf. X. B. 

Deau&. Driggs.fshtpsmiths] Merrill's 

Durfi-e James, 192 N. Water, X. H. 

Elliot Henry, Taunton 

FUlv.brown Ii.. Hodolphus. Mansfield 

Fisher Paul, Westport 

Fisher Samuel P., Attleboro' 

French Georse \V., Seekonk 

Goffll. S., Rehoboth 

GoffOtis, Rehoboth [X. "0. 

Hanlon Thos. 2-3 Mechanic's June, 

Hathawav Braddock D. Ill Ray.X.Bi 

Hathawav Dean, Fall River ' 


Howard John. Fairhaven 

Ingalls A. IL. Dighton 

Jayne Anthony, Attleboro' 

Judkins N. T... Seekonk 

King Isaac. Dartmouth 

Leonar 1 Ai ias», Ravnhatn 

Lewis Martin J., Kastoa 

Law-ton Eli P., Wfstport 

Little Nathaniel 2d, Westport 

Maewnbor Abraham, Westport 

Maeomber AT,, -a 

Maconiber Zachary, Norton [X. B. 

Macy Josiah. [ship] Commercial wf. 

Macv Josiah Jr., 1% wharf, X. B. 

M.».ri:-« w Phiueas K., Fak-harea 

M..r-e,!;i.;, ; . Taunton 

Nickerson J.. Dartmouth 

Packard Gideon. Fall River 

Peck J. A., Taunton 

Perrin Henry. Pawtuekefc 

PJerce Nathaniel, Fall River 

Porter llenrv. Freetown 

Pratt Amasa, Mansfield 

Ruggl.uke Y.. Taunton [X. B. 

Russell Lesris, [ship] Steamboat wf. 

Sherman Win. I)., Westport 

Simpson Samuel. Ea-tc.n [X. B. 

SLssonJobjr. 27 Ms-chamc'a lane, 

Skinner Homer, Mansfield 

Smith Thomaa, Dartmouth 

Snell & Dean, Rodman's whf. X. B. 

Snow 5c Pnrrington, Kempton's wf. 

^ New Bedford ' 

Sonimes S. M., Attleboro' 

Staple* J«seph. Fn-'ov.n 

Strange Thomas, Berkley 

Stubbing T., Dighton ' 

Terry Isaac, Fairhaven 

Terr> T. P., (head of river) X. B. 

Vickery William C Dartmouth 

Wales Atherton, Utl.-boro' 

Westcmt M,i wil. Uightan 

Wilbur Ziha & ppn. ton-njiam 

Witherell J. A.. AttleboK)' 

Boat Builders. 
Allen Thomas X.. City wharf and 

Kempton's wharf, X. K. 
BosworthC. C. CI S. Water, X. R. 
Beetle James, 5414 Purchase' X. it. 

..-. . X." B. 
.. X. B. 

X. R. 

Coffin Fred. & Co.,Hazlewood, v B 
Coffin Shubac! C, Uotch ; s whf. X. B. 
Cornell Joseph, 1% Bay, N. B. 
Cranston John, 122 Ray, N. J;. 
DurfeeT. & J. i Hamilton, X. B. 
Delano Joshua .Jr.. Fairhaven 
El Ridge L. Fairhaven 
Holmes K. & J., Attleboro' 
Norton Isaac D., Fairhaven 
Parker Se Tripp, Botch's whf. X. B. 
Smith W. II., Russell, X. B. 
Topham Robert C, Botch's wf. N. B. 
1 Warren Joseph, 140 Kay, X. B. 

Adams R. & J., Fall River 
Fraprie G. W., " 

Perce & Parson-!, 1*0 Union, X. B. 

Warren J;>.:nes, (South) Dartmouth 

Adams R. &: .7., Fall River 
Barker A. J., Taunton 
Dunbar Samuel (>.. Taunton 
Karl Benjamin, Kail Biver 
Howe William, 47 Purchase, N. B. 
Munroe F. S.. Taunton 
Payne S. S., Freetown 
Perce & Parsons, 10;j Union, X'. B. 
Talier C. & A., 45 Lhiion, and 2 and 
87 Purchase, X. I;. 

Boo!, and SIios Bealers. 
Bourn & Sahford.GT Purchase. N.B. 
Brvant T. R. 1- Pur< I 
Childs Henrv, 95 Uni< 
Colbv 1>. & Co.. Taun 
Cook G. D., Fall Biver 
Criirie E. C-, Taunton 
IX'Voll Pardon,2*3 P«r 
Ellis Ira D • Pawtucket 
Emery Joseph, 19 S. Water, X. li. 
Freeman E. 1'. :< Purch:ise, X. B. 
French •!. B.. Fall Biver 
French S. L.. Kali Biver 
Gilbert Horatio & Co., Taunton 
Groves (!. cs: Co., FaIl:River 
)! ard X. S., Taunton 
Keith L.-B. 127 Union,"^. h. 
I^throp Asa, 12 Purchase, X. B. 
Loud Daniel. Fail River 
Pratt A. II. 17 Chttipside, X". B. 
Proutv Artemas Jr. 4"J Purcliase 
Ravmorxl S. K. 183 Purchase, N. B. 
Richmond X. W . & J. V. 5. Co., 
I Spsnne\ Taunton 
.-''..air: Oliver. 82 Union, X. B. 
Tabor Kd.v. A. T. 79 Pu'rciiase, X. U. 
Tripp James F. 3 Cheapside, X. B. 
Union Store, 20 Cheapside, X. B. 

i Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

! Allen S. B.;Berkley 

j Atvri 11 J. X B., Swanzey 

| At tfood Hiram. Berkley 

j Austin George, Swanzey 

I Babbitt Xewtpn, Dighton 

; Barker Wm. Jr., Dartmouth 

j ]{«,. ,fh , (Sou' in Dartmouth 

! Iiosworth He-.rv L. 59 Sixth, X. B. 

i Bo>ti u Caleb, Seekonk 

| Briccs George, Berkley 

| Uia.'/s Svlvester, Freetown 

i Brightman Job A., Westport 

; Bu.-'k ■' >ptha, Eiutton IX. ),. 

\ Rurbank St*»ven.s 51. S4 X. Second, 

! "< base James, > m-anz^y 

1 Chase W. (5 , Kail Kiv>r 
(!*>mrhlin M. '• 
Davis Adrian, U ,-fport 
Davi, i hilip, Sonwi •■; 
K , i P; ul. 11 ~ ; V\ .' r, N. R. 
Gan :.. ■ ,-!,-.,.. Jr., Jessvville, N. B. 
-,: lonlShubalH., {\wtul riverjN.B 
Gihuom A. A. .i Co.. Easton 
Gihnan Edward E., Westport 
GiJmorc C. X H. T . Ba> nhaaa 
Jiroves G. & Co., Fall ILivor 
itusheu William A.. Ravuham 
Hodgi^G. C, Attleboro 1 
Uoughton Wm. M., Kail River 

Ho ml •'•-... Eaeton 
; I I ■• il- nry, .-••< konk 
I Kent \\ illiam •'.. Attlebi ro' 

Kii ■ . Dighton 

| Kuowles I.. \\ .. Attl 
■ Lasurc Uor -1-. Seekonk 

ll -a- Km ■ W( ' 
itber \ a, tiuin, '•'• •' ;-ort 
ice I. «» . N 
Martin E. M., ^ reetown 
M i-.. ii James, AttU'boro' 
Mason 31o*e*, 
Phillip!) Pierce, Freetown 
Pierce J. X 30 School, N.B. 
Raj uiond Nathan, Dartmouth 
Rejid Joseph, Freetown ' N. B. 

Robbins Freeman P. 60 V 
KothJohn If., Fall River 
Rounds & Brother, Rehoboth 
Shaw Nathan tv. Man* 
Ski I ■ [jei i, Somerset 
Slade & Pierson, Somerset 
Smith Timothy, Norton 

Sv t William, Pawtucket 

Snow Solomon, Raynham 

Thayi r Charles, (South) Dartmouth 

Valentine Edward, Taunton 

Valentine John, '• 

Walker Richanl X.. Dighton 

Walter John, FaU River 

Webb John, Mansfield 

M • ?t Joseph, Seesonk 

W hi e Guilford; Easton 

X; hiting Joel. Sevkonk 

Wilbur .X Mason, (Weir Village) 

Williams Isaac, Dartmouth 
Willson William, Pawtucket 

Botanic Medicines. 
Learning Philip S. 129 Purcl 

N.E. [X. B. 

Stor.-Sauri F. 101 Third, c. ] 

Box-board Mills, 
[ Goodwin Lewis B., X>rtou 
1 Lane X Co., 
Lincoln Eddy, " 

Box Makers. 

Gile*J'ames It., Attleboi-o' 
GoOdnin Lewis B., Norton 
Levscn X Fisk, Bawtucket 
Heed H. X., attleboro! 
I ..-!-• Ira & <'o., Attleboro' 
Stone Mason, Norton 
k'oung I.. C, Fall River 

Brassfounders and Copper- 
' Bush 0- X CFalllliver [X. B. 
; GiRoi I Sc T( phain, 77 X. V ■- ■, 
| Rii hi i ud A. D. i Co. 103 North 

Water, V B. 

Brick Makers. 
' Brown J. C., Taunton 
! Drai^r H. N. X I!.. Attleboro' 
I ■ ■ ■ Nathan, Taunton 

■!■::. " 

Eldridse Jacob, " 

I Id i Ige Joseph, ,: 
fj< Ifno Heo. F.j " 
t,. <: !v. Geo. \S"., '' 

II IWillijim, '• 

r Joseph L,," 
MicomKrP. F., 
Macomln-'rWrn-F., " 
Pi rcc I >< orge S., u 
Staples A. B., " 

'■ h< •-;■ r Dexter, 

i:'r. -nczer, Berkley 
u i\ i !,,< Francis, Taunt ^ 
V\ ■ una Philip, • 

Britannia Manufacturers. 
Turner Ephraim J., Taunton 
Reed X Barton, 

Button Manufacturers, ' 

Draper & Sandland, Attleboro 1 
humous D. .X Co., . " 
Itobinson W., " 


Cabinet Makers. 
. Charles, Fall River 
Kill* Watson. •>'( S. Water, X. B. 
Kill* Watson Jr. 53 S. Hater, N 15. 


\\\ »t«ite & Borden, Fail River 
Wood PJtxilip, Seekonk 

Alden John, Fan-haven 
Allen John, Westport 
Andrews Stephen, [ship] Morrill's 

wharf, X 13. 
A rulrc ws Wj n ., Walnut s fcreet wharf, 

X. B., [ship] 
Bates William, North, [ship] 
1 s I L- s Ezra, Pawtucket 
Bliss & Green, EusseU, X. B. fX.R. 
Booth & Ha&awav, 157 X. Water, 
Boyce William, Berkley 
Bralie John S., (S.) Dartmouth 
Bray Wm., Parker's whf. [ship] X.B. 
Brown Samuel K.. Spring. X. 15. 

Browneli . Middle, N. B 

Cannon & Lewis, Eddy r s whf. X. B., 

Caproc V. II.. Attleboro' 
Chase A. E., Ci 

Cfctiiin Rufus, t: 

Clark Ezra. Foster, X. B. 
Cobb Samuel C, Mansfield 
Cobb Willard, i; 

Codding John 0., '• 
Cook Timothy D., Elm. X. B. 
Crowell Charles. Attleboro' 
Gushing John, Pleasant. X. B. 
I Davenport A. oo First, X. B. 
j Davis.!. & Brothers, Swanzev 
Davis Samuel I... (S.) Dartmouth 
Drake Abner, JEaston 
Durfee Wm,,,Meehanic-*slane. X. B. 
Ferguson J. L. 24 ; ; . Second, X. B. 
Fish Reuben, Fab-haven, [ship] 
Ford Jaines, 2d, & Co... Fall Hirer 
ifeeeman Elisba, RavBbam 
Freeman Isaac:. Pleasant. X. B. 
Gardner David, Mansfield 
CJibbou & Deau, Fairhaven 
Gilford Wm. 19 Sprirur, X. B. 
Harding Almond C. Mansfield 
Harlow Calvin, (North) Dkditon 
Katftowny Lewis, wriiiaiii.'X. B. 
UiCgUU NathumdL Fairhaven 
Ifiliraan J. k Z. Si Co, U=. Howlaad's 

wharf. X. B. 
Hodges Karl, Xorton 
Hodges Hiram, •■ 
Homer Daniel, Fish Island. X. B. 
Homer George & Co. 203 X. Water, 

Hunt Henry, Xorton [X. B. 

Leacb Chas. n. Planing MilL Water, 
teach Jedediah, Ravnlram ' 
I' & Fisk. Pawtneket 
huther James, Fail River 
Maxiiohl & Tripp, Bedford, X. B. 
MenilaU & i€eUey,175 X.Water, X.B. 
Monroe Jouas, Aitleboro 1 
Pcinv O. X. 4-J Sixth, X. B. 
Peiree Dayid R. 138 X. Second, cor. 

Hilhiian. X B. 
Peiree Samud P., Taunton 
Phillips Franklin. Berkley 
Pierce Alfred, Rehoboth 
Pierce Allen. Freetown 
Pierce K. M., Fall River 
wad Krastus B-, Freetown 
Reed Anthony, Bighton 

'yi ] ]-y VV'bi! il. Wron 

hobinson D. s.. Mechanic's lane, 

X. B., [stair builder] 
Rogers Albert, Mansfield 
► aiiford . Taunton 

Short Saimwl i-iecknh 
s !»"ve IV-nJiuIia. Fall 
R'sson Vbner. iVestpo 
Shove BArid/BL'hton 


Swift Thomas, Mill. N. B. 

Smith Benjamin W., Dighton 

Stark.-" Augustus, Atl 

Thrasher Henrv, Freetown 

Viual John F. <;.; William, X. ]5. l;.,\i [ B., M: h mic'sla.,N T'.. \ 

Walker Henrv County, c. William, 

I / V - }i - ' 

Walker & Sherman, Taunton 
West Xathan Mi, Seekonk 
Wilber 0. K.. Xo'rt. n 
White Alanson, Easton 
Wilbur Marshall, Fairhaven 
Wood Benjamin W., Somerset 

Eddy George M. 1 10 Union, X. B. 
Fills Thomas, 55 Purchase, X. 15. 
Little & Allen. 9 Purchase' X. B. 
Pase Bilson, Fall Hiver 
Reed Edgar H.', Tamiton 
Wood & Washburn, Taunton 

Carriage Builders. 
Allen Horatio P.. Mansfield 
Blake John B., Fall River 
Brown E. C, Fall River 
Brown & Shepherd, Mansfield 
BrowneU Geo. L. 44, Third, X. B. 
Doty Edmund, 20 Fourth; X. B. 
Fames Asa. Fall River 
Eaton A. G.. Fall River 
'Everett George W..T'awtuekefc 
Gray & Barker, 51 Elm. X. B. 
Kayward Albert. Easton 
Ho.waord Ansel, Taunti n 
Leonard 1>. HI, Seekonk 
Mason ic Hoyt, Taunton 
Makepeace Sylvanus. Ravnham 
Xash Win. A,", Mechanic's lane, X. B. 
Randall Andrew B., Xorton 
Roberts B. H., Fall 'River' 
Simmons Robert M., Fairhaven 
Steele Isaac. Taunton 
White ffm, G. Si Purchase, X.B. 

Carriage Trimmers. 
Newell X. S.. FallRiver 
Senirer Charles J. Seekohk, 

Drew JameS X. Water, c Eempton, 

New Bedford 
Gage Benjamin, Botch's vrhf. X. B 
Stosvell Datuel, Barker's v. hi. X. B. 

Chronometers, &<c. 
Munroe James, 98 I nion, X. B. 

Anthony I). R., Ikvkouk 
Fuller Timothy, Taimton 
Oldridge William, Rein I ■ tb 
Pierce 0. R., Tauut-.n 
TUden Xiles, 28 X. !n.toihI. X, B. 
TiBiughast C W-. Fall River 

Civil Engineer. 
Godt'i-ey John, lail River 
idams Arnold. [M. E-] MansflcW 
Allen R. W., [M.] Fall Rivi-r 
Atwater H. C. New ! ■-: r»l 
Banwvs E. W-.H-h'. hiahwn 
BatchelorT. IF. [V- 8 . ! '••"• }«• ' 
Blake Mortimer. [0. 1 ] Man?! « Id 
Blodsrett Constantiue, [C T.J Re- 
BodnshAsa. [M E.] Piston 
Rrigliain Uhai. H . [»'; l".] Tauntoa 
Brcmsnn Asa. [P..] Kail Bivor 
Burt Ban. < .. [C, T N ■ l»i-lf rtl 
Cannon K.I. tf.. [C. 'I P I >ol 
| Carr SsunuelJi, [B-l Nun.-fii-H 
i Carver Robert. [C. T.j lUi\ nliam 
[Chiwe Moses, (M. K.] Xi - B Iford ( 
Ciou^UJohn W.. ! V| E.] EasUin 
Clark— ,[F. U.] 
. Cold. Alvan, [l\ T | I'aunton 
i Coleman M««se . X»-*w Re Iford 
1 tolhns R.,[( h.] t'reetow-n 

Uollin Barnaba»,[B i rl 
Collins Samuel A . ■ i; i; b 
Craigj; . \,-.v i: iiford 
Cuidiiuan Rnrtlett, 1 1 


l)»vi —,[| ] fall Uiv( - 

1 1 1 .• - l ...,.,- i 

•• I . j . 
Denni .). ■■ :l.\ |(Xorth) At 
i m L It.. [O. T B( - 

i ■ \/ariali.!C. X.] > I 

Klli itt .1. s.. [M. P.] Taonton 
Emery S, 1! . [C T.] Taunton 

: • ■ • Stephen, [Fh.j Fall I 
1m, ... rS 0., '<'i,.i Dighton 
Chi . loiiri M. 1... [Ch.] \ - port 
Uardi i r Pi ter, Xe-.v Bedforil 
Oirdwood John, [R.J Xe-.v B 
UoTKlnoh Nelson, [M. >:.■ 

Grosvenor U. P., [C. T.] Rehi ' 
Gu>hee Abraham, [C. I [J 
II izanlC.S.[M.E.]Westport 
If.;;, n --. [15 j Taunton 
; ' i I - nil. W., pi. E.] Fairhaven 
How Mows. [Ch.] New Bedford 
Huso Obadiah, [M.] Somerset 
Kelley Edmund. [B.] New Bedford 
Kelton Geo. W.. [Ch.] Keh. i > 
Lovell Stephen. [M. P.] Easton 
Luther Clulds, [Ch.] Rehoboth 
Malthy Erastus. [C. T.J Taunton 
Mftutiell Win. A.. [0. T.JBar • ath 
Mas m A. P., [It.] L^. 1 1 River 
MeXulty Thos., [R. C ]Xcw )' If I 
Morton Albert G.,[Ch.]Xew Cedford 
MoscleySardin.[C.T.](S.)Att • 
Paine Nathan, [M. E.] Fairhaven 
Parris J. B., [Ch.] West] 
I'lummer Frederick, [Ch.] Somerset 
PoUard Andrew. [B.I Taw n u 
Porter K. M.. [Epis.]' Fail River 
IV.itt — . r C. T.j Seekonk 
Quinby G. V.'.. [0v. J 'Taunton 
Itaudall Charles, [Bf] .-'. m« r.ct 
Read William, [D.] Norton 
ilclyea Benj. J., IT. T.J FaU River 
Rich — , [M.] Attleboro' 
Ri hardson X., [C. T.] Berkley 
Richmond J< hu 1'.. [F.yi? \i tnze] 
Rol rts Jacob, [C. T-] F drhaven ' 
Shcitl »n Luther, [C. I.] East □ 
Sno« S. P., [M.] Nortou 
SnowT. W.. [E.] Taunti n 
Stevinfa D. V... [C. Ill Mansfield 
->..v..,rt Hentj C:. [It.J Reckon! 
Sulli ** Hcrvey, [Ch.] Xe\i I 

Taylor W. IL, [B.] Dartmouth 
r l hatcher .lames. [B.] Swan ■ 
Thoma* Moses G..[C. L'.jN.ll ford 
'i li •■ ipson Jona., [Ch l Swai zey 
I h.urston Eli, [C T ] Kail lliver 
Townseui.l Fan!. [M.-E.] Taunton 
Tnpj) G. W.. [Ch i \\--r. rt 
Trinn 1! . [Ch.] Dartmou'rh 
i pham Fp .1 . [M.J Fall River 
Wall ice — . : M.J Retu h< th 
Wallace G.'.W,[F. B.J (Hebn 

Attleboro 1 
Wal :> .!. K.. [M. P.] Man5field 
'WcksJtts. B., [M. E.J Fairhaven 
\S hltti iiinrc J. I... [B.J 
W liii ■■ 11 Win. a . [C. U.J East* a 
>^ ; -•'■ .... [C. C.J X. ,v Bedford 
WibM F., [B.|Bavuhan» 
W .: •• i- C. A.. [F. R.JPawtuckct 
Yi i • D inii'l, New Bedtbrd 
Wood Israel A.. [Ch.] Kairl 
Wi o. ,,.- v Samuel. [('.T.J Freetown 
V i; <:. W., [M. E.] iXi rth) 

F..n haven 

Roume Elisha, 15 3. Water. X. B. 
I'.r ill • i William. 12G L'ui. u. X. B. 
I'-r. van 0. 1«. P. & I o. 5 N S. 
l.'hapman C. W. .v I'o '- ■ ' th 
Water. New Bedford X. R 

I '•■■-- David K. ^ l!o. •'.: S ' 

\\ S, & Co. 2 iS "■' . 
<\ ! ''V Samuel, Taunti n 


I>ix: Andrew X.. Fall River 

Devoll Edward S. 106 Purchase, X.B. 

Cooper Ji hn Attli 1 ■ 

Dow W. F. ]•) South Water, X; B. 

Hathav av 8c Co., Fall River 

Copcland Horatio. Easton 

Ellis X. S. 17 Co unnrcial wf. N. B. 

ll'awcH Jona. 41 , Purchase, X. B. 

( '.ny Alexander 11 . tt i^tport 

tiibbs It. S. & Co.. Kali River 

HawesLevi,37 " ' ; 

Cotton W. I) & Co ■ 

Hall Win. 1-:' l.uinn. .N . 1!. 

Manage John, 131 Union. X. B. 

Cmuuiiugj* John ,<c Co., Darimoath 

Harris. Henry, \n Vorth Water.X."B. 

Martin Gi orge \\ ., Taunton 

II : 

Il.i.-i-i . fl< nry. 82 L'nkm. X. it. 

Hetcher Geo'rjn ■. 12.', Purchase, X.B. 

1; .ggt-tt !!. M. .X II. X., V 

jhithawa* Joseph ,'.., Kail River 

XoweU 0. W., Fall River 

1' • i..- .1. ('. k Son, 

Hit ks Jos. & Co.25X. Water, \. B. 

Sherman Paul W. 75 Purchase, X.B. 

Davidson Thomas F.. 1 

Humphrey James l-.'.'T Uui.m. X. IJ. 

S.illinu's W. P. 21 Purchase, X. B. 

l>.\\ .f. S., Attieboro' [Fairhaven 

Kenney John, 101 Cuion, N. B: 

Tavlor Thomas, 98 

Davis Jolm K., (head of tiie river) 

Knowles Tha. & Co. 24 Ci ion.X. B. 

Tihlen Robert, 14 Cbeapside, ' : 

Draper Jra, Pawtucl i 1 

Lobdeil & Doauc. 22S. Water,' N B. 

\S;u<hburu 15. A.. Taunton 

Dunbar Gi <>., Dighton 

Mason Jeremiah B.24 Xorth Water. 

French Rphraim, Berkley 

New Bedford [43 Union X. B. 

Cotton Batting-. 

Green <■• W. P., Seekonk 

Mea i & Co. 2. 4 & 5 S. Water, and 

Cummings John. Dartmouth 

Haj ward Abraham. Attieboro' 

Mitchell Charles A. 5S. Water. X. B. 

Fuller I^cvi S., Attleboro' 

Handy Sebra P., 

Morse Leopold, 70 Union, X. B. 

(loll Ik Brown, Rehoboth 

Havens WiUiam, Pawtucket 

Parkhurst John. 28 S. Water, X.B. 

Shove & Anthony, Fall J'.ivor 

Higgiuson WiUiam, Pawtucket 

'ltfchmond& Wood, 31 Xorth Water, 

.Sawyer i Parady, Taunton 

Hood i leorge B., Somersi t 

New Bedford 
Rodman 8c Simmons. Fall Rivtsr 


Horton Edward H., Rehoboth 
Hortoii (.. M, & Co., Attieboro' 

Seabury Franklin IM8S, Wator,N.& . 

Alden Cjrus, Fall River 

lugraham John T.. Seel 

Sisson J. P.. Fall River 

Barney Edw'd h. iO S. Water, X.B. 

Fngraham Nathaniel P., Seekonk 

Skolney M. 71' Union, \. B 

Bassett Ansehn, Taunton 

Kenyon Lewis, Seekonk 

Ward B. <'. Go Union', X. 15. 

BatteUelL, Fall River 

Kimball .John. Easton 

WingJl k W. R.tiS. Water, X. B 

Bennett E. II.. Taunton 

Kingsbury O.'S., Mai:-ri. ! ! 


Blaisdell Josiah C, Fall River 

Lawrence , Freetown 

BkKlgettWm. W..' Pawtucket 

Lincoln Abisha, uaynliain 

Chase James S., Fall River 

Borden Alanson, 26 X. Water, X. E. 

[Jncoln James T>.. Norton 

■Cook-V. & W. M.. Fall River 

Brigham Lincoln F. 35 N. Water," 

Luther G., Seekonk 

Firth & Robinson, Fairhaven 

Clifford John 11. &5 X. "Skater. ,: 

f nther -1. <!.. Swanzoy 

Keoiptou Alfred,-9G X. Water, X. 15. 

Clifford & Briaham, 35 X. Water,' 4 

Macouiber Ri & Co., Westport 

Perrv John H. & Co., Water, corner 

Cnmn Timothy G. 40 i; '"' 

Marvel Wm.2d & Son, Rehoboth 

Walnut, New Bedford 

Coffin & Barnev. 40 ' ; " 

Mason George. Pawtucket 

Russell Abraham, 46 3. Water. X. Ti. 

Colby H.G.O." 35 ' : 

Mason John, swanzoy 

Salisbury & Doaue, 37 Union, X. B. 

Congdon Charles T.. " " 

Mason Nathaniel, Somerset 

Sawin E., Fan-haven 

Cushman ApoEos. Pavrtucket 

Miller Daniel, Pawtucket 

Simmons. Jkw. 2d, Somerset 

Daggett John, Attieboro' 

Mayhem Thomas W., Westport 

Taber Francis Jr. SS S. Water, X. II. 

Dean Joseph L'.. Taunton 

Monroe Xariutn. Seelionk 

Tripp James, Fairhaven 

Dearborn Jas'. F. 7 X. Water, X.B. 

Mo>vrv S. B.. Pawtucket 

Co fan "Warehouses. 

Farnsworth Claudius B., Pawtuckefc 
Ford James. Fall River ' 

Nye Obed, (head of the river) X. B. 
Payne S. S.. Freetown 

Allen Bonjan in, Seekonk 

Hathaway Klnai'han P., Freetown 

PeckCvnl C. Rehoboth 

Baker Philander. Paw tucket 

Huthaway Xicholas, 

Peck Philip W., '• 

Davis Jstm s, Swauzey 

Ifawes John A . Fairhaven 

Pickett ..'.. Fn etown 

Douglass < liavit's. Fall River 

Holmes Charles J., Fall River 

Pierce Daniel, llelioboth 

Laphatii l*ius, '* 

Pierce Isaac, Somerset 

Slicriuan ( i<-<<. il. & Co.,Taohtou 

Lathrop C'vrus. l-iiston 

Pierce & Wilson. Freetown 

Taber & ToWy" 48 X, Second, X. B. 

LftwtoQ George 11., Fall River 
r>awton Job G., ' : 

Pope LcwisS, (head of river) Fair- 

Washburn Philo, Taunton 

Limlsey John, i: 

Potter William, -'3d, (S.) Dartmouth 

Wfison B. C. (j2 William. X. B. 

Mackic Adain, SS Union, X. B. 

Price Edward, Attlelx ro' 

Commission I-Iercliarjts. 

Morton Xathaiiiel, Taunton 

Protective Union. No. 19, John T, ar- 

Anthony 3. M.. Fall River 
Gri£ne.U Charles. Hatch* whf. X. B. 
Haskell John, Fall River wf. X. B. 
Newconih Levi & Co, 1 Merchants' 
Remington R. K.. Fall River [X. B. 
Bicfcetttn Joseph ,2-!. 8 Com'l whf., 

Pase John H. ( .\'. 42 X. Water.X.B. 

Bng, Pawtucket 

Pago & Stone. 42 X. Water, X. 15. 

Reed Anthonv, Dighton 

Perkins David, Fall River 

Robinson \rilliam, Mansfield 

Porter Francis L. 35 X. Water.X.B. 

Rounds Joshua, Sw tnzey 

Pratt Horatio. Taunton 

Santbrd Seneca. Xorton 

Prcscofct Oliver, 26 X. Water, X. B. 

?chenck Samuel B., Mansfield 

Reed C. L, Taunton 

Seal>ury Gliver H., Dartmouth 


Spooner Nathaniel S,, Fairhaven 

Sliennan Jireh. (ii..) 

Aha',- Benjamin, Hamilton, X. B. 

Sproat W. A. !•'., Taunton 

Sprngii ■ C. C, Raynham 

BabcoekJohn H. rear2dC«itre.N B. 

Stone Joshua C. 42 X. \Aatcr. X. B= 

Stevens (jramillej Rehoboth 

Bly Isaac, 115 Xorth Wafer. X. B. 

Townsend Samuel ii.. Taunton 

Tucker Abner li.. (S.) Dartmouth 

Chace Baylies, Fad River 

Watkins John D., 

Tucker Charles, 

Hark Thomas Fairhaven 

Willi tins Eliab, Fall River 

Washburn Ruel, ^r^•ct'^\^^l 

Churchill Svlvanus. Russell, X. B. 

Williams llenrv, Taunton 

Whalon Hiram, Dartm itft 

El Iredge &" Morton, Fairhaven 

Williams Sidney, 

Wheaton L. .X Co., Xorton 

Ellia Caleb L. 40 Sixth. X> B. 

White Geonre Jr., ' 

Hart Geonre, rear .94 Water. N. B, 

Country Stores. 

Whitmarsh Charles, Diirhton 

Howlaml John M.. Fairbaveu 

Allen Benjamin F., Dartmouth 

Wo .1 Ceorge B., Somerset 

Lawton W. & X.. Fairhaven 

Almv Edward, Dighton 

v. ... i John, Swan tev 

Parker Charles, 2S S. Second. X. 15. 

Ames «•. St Son. Baston 

Wright G. C. Attieboro' 

Peck & Co. 1.; Klui, Xew IWiord 
Pierce David, pierce. New Bedford 
Pierce John W. '.):) Water, X. B. 

Aauhony J. L.. We?tp«»rt 
Armington WiHiam, Seekonk 
Atwood Kphraim, Freetown 

Bennett Samuel, 41 Purchase, X. 15. 

: Pierce Lloyd \.. Water, near Grin- 
ael, New Retford 
Pierce l^nvnw, rit'v wharf, X. p.. 
Roper John. fnt-Wik 

Harden T. A.. Attieboro' 
Barney Mason, S\\ anw > 
Barrows I>::vi; .).. Freetmvn 
Bates Xahum & Coi, Pawtucket 

Bi umon R.. V ill River 
>'. :■■ ford WiliiAm, Taunton 
(Ja«rer <>. \. S; Co., Fall River 
KiihI Edsar II.. Taunton 

i TaherHenn II.. Fairluix, q 

P.rjiiley M. X.. Mnnsfic! 1 

Tappan Geo. 113 Cnion, X 1!. 

; Wilcox John, r. ! ..-.i X. Water, X. I! 

llcowix Seth W.. Somer<i't 
Brownell K. V. & Co., West port 
Browned George R., 

'1 : >.\.t Alanson Jr., Pawtucki t 
Washburn Sahua, Taunti n 



Itarncs Maria 1'.. TfuinUtn 
Blake UrinfoU. 

)*>p>'-\ inl! Fn*deric. 

Mason Bennjah. Swanxey 

Cartwrjght John D., Somerset 

Potter Luther, l> trtniouth 

Cables HarVev, 27 3. Wat»»r, X B 
Cheerer W. C. Attieboro' 

Chiu-e Alt sand r R . Pawtucket 

SLode Abncr, Swanaej 

Cobb Cephas, tfy Purchase, \. Is 

Chace Vi. & A., Sotnersi-e 

Daguerrian Artist:-. 

C«gg*»hall .;u,iah,.s.-'. Second, X.B. 

Churth C A. & Co.. Westport 

Hamilton O. D., Fall River 

CusUwan Kpliraim, Taunton 

Cole Nathaniel, Jr.. Sts-konk 

Hat!, anas Win. 30 Purclufc*, X. B. 

i __. 



Ifttwifi Cbarlea E, & Bro., Liberty 
,1 .,;-. purchase, N. 15. 
; K» it II. It., Taunton 
• smith Morris, L3-1.J Union, X. B. 
| Tab* rJames II. 22 Cheapside, 2J.B. 

Arisen A. 'P.. Tautiton 
Dickcrman Daniel S., Taunton 

Fairbanks , Fall River 

<•• Urt Elijah, 35 Kemp ton, X. 15. 

[[ammond Caleb, 3) Purchase, N. B. 

[larrbi John T., Taunton 

Mam James C. 22 Cheapside, X. B. 

Martin Alfred, Atileboro' 

riant Ebenezer, 134..1 Union, X. B. 

Tobey A. II. 10i Purchase, " 

Ward E. G. 1*55 Union, <; 

Dress Makers. 
Bishop Sarah W., Seekonk 
Cone MatildaX., Fall River 
Daggett Fanny, Seekonk [N. E. 

Donovan Catharine. 7S Purchase, 
Paul Maria W. 130 Purchase, X. 15. 
Poole & Williams, Fall River 
RicketsonL. A. 9 Cheapside, X. B. 

Dry Goods. 

Almy ('harks, Fall River 

Ahn*y Eben 11., Fairhaven 

Baker Wells S. 6 Purchase. X. B. 

Bavlies J. & Co. 20 X. Water, and 
60, X. B. [-X. B. 

Brown 0. H. P. & Co. 5 X. Second, 

Bryant Caleb, Taunton 

Buffbgton James, Fall River [N. B. 

Buekminster & Macy, 112 Union, 

Chandler Chas. 46 Purchase, X. B.' 

Chase K^edcric P. 153 " c; 

Chase Nathan, 32 t: ■ ' : 

Chase William, Fall River 

Clark Albert S., " " 

Collins J. W. 25 Purchase. X. E. 

Took & Snow, 89 X. Water, X. B. 

Crane A. II., Taunton 

Crapo & Strong, 22 Purchase. X , 15. 
' Evan Charles H., Fail River 
j Dexter Josiah, 8 Purchase, X. B 
! Dow Win. P. 1GS. Water, 
j Kddv Gw. M. 103 Union, " 

Ellis' J. W. 13 N. Second, '•'■ 
I Ewer Barnabas Jr., Fairhaven 
! Fisher .lames, 40 Purchase, X. E. 
i Clifford U. A. Jr.2S " ' : 

i KifibrJ Perry, Fall River 
1 Godfrey Charles. Taunton 
I Goodman IL & Co. 19and SI. Pur- 

chu e. X. II. 
! Greene Lydia B. 38 Purchase. X. B. 
j Kammett Albert, 10 " ' " 
i Hamineii .lames. 44 " " 

Hammett Nathan E. 16 " '• 

; Jones John.F. Taunton 
! Marvel J. B.. Fall River 
i Mason William II.. Pall River 
! M<mtz X. 77 Purchase, X. B. 
i Orr George S., Fall River 
I Page Bilson, ' - 
j Paul J. C. Mrs. 27 Purchase, X. E. 
; Reed Hodges, Tauntou 
! KcedJohn, 
1 hounds J. S.. ' ; 

tm & C 

, Fall River 


| Taher E. Si Co.21 X. Water. X. E. 
Ti-i.ii,. S:im'i. (Weir Vili.) Taunton 

I Tripp flcevreo F.. Fairhaven 

I Wait*. Rcnj II. 20 Purchase, X. B. 

• Whitcomb Oliver U. 2f) Pun-base, 

. WUiic Dennis, Fall River [X. 15. 

| Wijijriiw J. M.. 

! W'iioox A. B. & Co.. Fairhaven 

Auod.vard Solomon, Taunton 

hhtner J. O.. Taunton 

Cla*k Jamea, 120 Ray. X. Bedford 

Fancy Goods. 
Church P. S. 15.1 Fall River 
Green Sarah A. 153 Purchase, X. 1!. 

Hon- Ban ey I... Taunton 
Stevens G< orgc \\ ., Fall River 

Baker & young, Sceatuboat wharf, 

\. R. 
Bartletl Abner. Coinurl whf, NT. B. 
Godfrey Eliphrd. K 132 County, V,.. 
Hiuekley Moses, Taunton 
Reynolds k Young, Fall Fiver 
Slocuni Willet M., •• 

Flour and Grain. 

Atwood & Dean, (Weir Village.) 
Tmnton [ton 

Bosworth A. J.. (Weir V illage)Taun- 
Bmyton E. A.. Fail River 
Briggs Artemas, (Weir Vil.) Taun'n 
Brown & Durfee, Fall BW ■■ 
Church IT. W. & Co., (Weir Village) 
Cobb Wm. & Co., Dighton [Taun'n 
Davis Nathan, 2d. Somerset • 
Hunt Hiram j., Norton [N, B. 

Macomber Ferry G. (j Merchants' v. t". 
Shaw & Whitridge, 8 Merchants' 

whf. X. E. 
Williams J. P., (Weir Til,) Taunton 


Andrews Manuel, 33 S. Water; X. B. 
Blake Grinfell. Taunton 
Horr B. L.. 

Liisi oinbe Jns. 97 Purchase , N. B. 
Martin George W., Taunton 
NoweliG.W., Fall River 
NyeEben Jr. 03 Union, X. E. 
Itawson William. Pawtucket 
Kicketson G. B. 65 Union, X. B. 
Rvder L. W. 13 Cheapside, " 
Worddell Jetbro, Fail River 

Farnaces and Eanges. 

{Hot Air.) 

Lewis Nathan, S3 X. Wafer. X. B. 
Painter Mark B. 2S Centre.' '• 
Taber& Co. Ill Union, X.B. (man.) 
Tripp, Brightman & Ciapp. loN. 

Water. X. B. [X. B. 

Wing Win. G. ^c Co. It X. Water. 
Wood, Bri-htuitttj & Co. 17 North 

Water, X. E. 

Fu.rr>itare end, Weathers. 

Eaker Philahdor, Pavftocket 
Borden & Ahuv, Kail 
Heyer Waiter i.. fairhavi-n 
Howard Win. H. 73 WillL-un, X. B. 
Knigat? Wm. 23 \ l nr>': ■ . 
Maxtield Caleb. 13! > Union, 
Xve Tristram, 43 Pun Ij i •■ 
Peck & Denham. Fall l»v< r 
Taylor Wm. td William S'. it. 
Washburn All crt J., Taunton 
Washburn Salmon, 
Westgatc & Bopien. K:dl Riwr 
Wood &, Taunts 

Grist Mills. 

AMrich John. Seekonk 
Faker Michael. (S*-uth) Bartmouth 
Baker Samuel. Rehohotli 
Earstow Charles, Taunton 
Borden L. ^c Z.. Fall I - 
Briggs & W'asliburn. V , -■; ■• r« 
Bufhngton Jonathan. Sunu-r • r 
Burr R. II.. Seekonk 
Carpenter F. II.. K ' '• *'• 
Carpenter Samurl, Att|«d •• ■ 
ChaJee Iv\V;\ ; ■• '."•> ; - 

Cunnuin' - ISeiij-m " " " : ' ,! ' ;i 
Cunimii.191 ' 

Dodge J. 
Drake l.i 
Dunlap ' 
Fwher D 
Gifford . ! 

m r. W« 

Dighti d 

l. ;■:-!'. ! 1 

,'r--i ort 

I nifTor.1 I-.... . W.a-prr 
! Hall Kiln 15.; I a oi. ..n. 
j I lowland Alien, Burl 
j Hunt HiraruJ . Norton 

I, .10. too 


Lawton ■ ... v • , 

M trtin ii\ ' •• - Reh 
' imin, 

Peck P ■■■rij.uriin. 
Perr> l)t'\*. ■■ [Tai 

Phoenix Manuf. Co.. (^Veir > 
l'i. rceJoh, I i.-etMuu 
Portei lU-un . !• :■ town 
Ring D tniel, Norton 
Sherman J l»n - i nzey 
~ Hiram. Dighton 
Sm dlev Mulford. (S.) D irtmouth 
l'i ru i ^ I alviu. Wansfiel i 
Thurbcr.I. A.. Ken »bi b 
Vi i rreu llemy, Swanzey 
U illiams Martin G.. Raynham 
\\ ing Davi I. VVi 
Uinslow Gilbert, b'rei r..-. a 
Woo I Wanton, Swan7.< j 

Parker Jacob, 10 Centre, X. E. 

Foster, George P. & Co., Taunton 

Hair Dressers. 

Berry William, 10 X. Water. X. E. 

Ko-, t-r James J., Pawtui ' et 

Bueker D. C. 57 ' W illiam. X. B. 

Doljs..,!' Jfdm X., Taunton 

Douaiie Edward, 
I Ellis S. G. F. 24South Wi << r, X. P. 

(«m inn tnJi reunah,8fJ I uion. N B. 
! 1.'. n Marciw J. 140 Purchase, X. B 
j 1'arker k Hattou, 124 Union-, •• 
' Pern B. ('. f>» 
I rhuith.TohnW.A.10.7 " 

So-.vUrHiunphrcyH.61 - ; 
j StoweH Otis, { Wier Villi ge)Taunti o 
1 Sweet Albert. Taunton 

j H»-i ipi I. W.. Fall River 

: Vcsev Ueorgs, 

; Vim-out It. !•.. Cit^ Hot 1. X. B. 

| W,., : ,:.,' :i , K .; y. , sti .. X. B 

; Wood* Wm. II. Si) Purchase, X. E. 

! i'oung Kussell, FallBiver 

Hair Workers. 
.Tnurtbht il. Mr*. US I i ii n. N.i: 
Perry )'. M. 3!rs. 7 Cheap=.ide, X. B 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Collins James !i. 55 Union. X. B. 

StiilwelJ D. k Son, Fall I! 

' illings S Kii nnan.l^:] r . '. .\ B. 
j l<:-r & Co. ill Union. N. B. 
, Talln an Wm. Jr. 12 I Union, X. B. 

\\ ashhurn Salmon, Taunton 
■ Sc P.righiun Fall River 

Whlard Jt Maw n, 
\\Yoi Ik Washburn. Taunton 

Harness Makers. 
UlenT C.7 Purchase, X.B. [trunks] 
: '. on William, Mansfield 
Barlii r James. Fall River 
Brijijrs >.,.-.,.. Berklej 
I'ohurn & fc'ehno. Pall K er 
Doty James R. l56t William, X. B. 
Evans En,-. 20 Fourth. V B. 
!'■•• n rr G. W. & Co.. Pawtn :k« : 
M I k V P.. Taunl n 
Jacktnan N\, Atth I 
Kanurse Bc-rj.i nii: S.. Fair! 
Ki i : ".'_ Th< in o. Taunton 
I. »vell SV'nv. II ii6 Purchase [trunkA] 
Potter \ Burroll, Fall River 
Sc! ir- r< h tries.!. Sti k nk . v H 
Stui tevaut /..e-h.iri.m. ^i i'un has**, 
Tavlor B. II., Meclumic'slniw, N I » 
Washhum Philo. Tauntou 
« iliis II. P. & S.o. I2'.l ii ; n, X.B. 

U u.. !,.-•• -r . I. hn P.. Fall I 



Hats and Caps. 
Cannon E. S. ic Co. 90 Union, N*. B. 
Davenport Cornelius, 128 - 
Gilbert Horatio & Co.. Taunton 
Hathaway Joseph K Fall River 
i(a.-i:ui William, Taunton 
Jcunev John, Fairhavi a 
Read Nathan & Co.. Fall River 
Reed Charles L. 70 Union, N. B. 
Woltf amuel. 107 

Pedro JosJ137,Water 3 X.B. [covered] 

Inspectors and Gaugers of Oil. 
Delario & Case, 17 Middle, X. B. 

Insurance Agents. 
Bartlett Francis D., (S.) Dartmouth 
Bates William B., Jtfansfield 
Bosworth Sc Godfrey. Fall River 
Eddy Morton. Fall River 
Gifford George IF. Westport 
Golf Otis, Rehoboth 
Green C. W., Fall River 
Hunt Svlvcsfccr, Rehoboth, 
Jde William, Seekonk 
James Thomas 51. 58 N. Water, N.B. 
Marble Joseph, Somerset 
Mason John, Swanzey 
Mosher Lemuel, Dartmouth 
Reed P. W., Seekonk 
Rotch Albert A.. Easton 
Robinson William, Mansfield 
Tillinghast Joseph S. 58 X. Water 
Wheat on Laban M., Norton 
Williams Sidney, Taunton^ 


{Manufacturers of.) 
Aldrich C. H. fe Co.,' 
Barrows Henrv, 
Capron & Day; ;; 

Draper. Tift & Bacon, " 
Draper & Sandland, ' " 


m & J 



t Blai 




Price ( 



ds 11. 



Is Ira 

& Co., 

Robin i 


on L. 

on Wj 




Geo. W.j 


& Pe 



son & 

• 'arpcuter. 


& St! 


Tift H 

vrace & Co., 

Tift Sc 

V. bit 



ell Sh 


Bowman Francis, 145 X. Wa'ter. X B 
Brown Be/y. C. 143 • ' ~ ' 

Davis & Damon, tier wharf. ' : 
Woodbridge W. II., Steamboat whf., 
New Bpdfhrd 

Junk Dealer. 
Whiton Francis.' 19 Orange, X- Br 

Laces and Embroideries. 
Barton Wm. II. ]'. Purchase, X. D * 
Haskell Edward, 11 

Lewder. I. & A. 'J; * « 

Allen J. A. I'. 121 i moti, New Bed- 
ford [camphenel 
Tappan George, 113 Lniot:,- X. B. 

Coggeshall II. W. r Taunton 
Prentiss George J- Fall JUver 

Ewer Paul. 11 South Water, X. B. 

Lime and Ericks. 
Paine Samuel S., Hazard's wf. X. B. 

Livery Stables. 
Adams A. M. Pawtntkei 
Bliss Henrv, Norton 
Urtllo- k J. Sc .'., Mansfield 
Butt & Varnuin, Fall River 
Cole William, Fall River 
Cook Henry, Attleboro' 
Davis S. M., i; 

Dunham Rufus A.. Fairhaven 
Freuch Ephraim, Berkley 
Gibbons Daniel. 13 S. Second, X. B. 
flibbs Joshua, 3d, 9 Fourth, X. H 
Gifford David M. 170 Purchase, \. B. 
Gray, Packard & Co. 119 Union, 

New Bedford 
Green James, Mansfield [X. B. 

Hathaway & Sherman, 24 Fourth, 
Hathaway John M. 54 Elm, \. B. 
Holbrook Caleb, Pawtucket 
Hood George B., Somerset 
Huntington & 1.r,v,^, Taunton 
Jones Gardner, Taunton 
Luther Daniel.' Dighton 
Peterson Howard, Somerset 
Raynsford Joel F., Tall River 
Reed David, Attleboro' 
Reed John,' Taunton [X. B. 

Remington Eilery, 20 & 22 S.Second, 
Rhodes Stephen C, Taunton 
Riley J. W., Attleboro' [X. B. 

Sparrow II. A., William, n. Water, 
Thomas James, 50 Elm, X. B. 
Til.len William, Easton' [ton 

Tssdale Samuel, ( VVier Village) Taun- 
Wildes Samuel. Taunton 

Looking Glass and Picture 

Prame Manufacturer. 
Shaw Albert, 15 Purchase, X. B. 

Anthonv .Tame - if.. Taunton 
Babbitt-' William, Berkley 
Barney Mas m, Swamsev [N. B. 

Booth & Hathaway, 157 X. Water, 
Brown David, Somerset 
Burt Tamerlane, Berkley 
Cardav David B., Steamboat wharf, 

N. B. [oars] 
Cook. Borden & Co., Fall River 
CoofeV. & W.M., ;i 

Crane J. A., c: 

Cogjceshall U. W., Taunton 
George T. M. & Son. Mansfield 
Green & Wood, Botch's whf. N.B. 
Hacha'wav Welcome, Freetown Fport 
Macomber, Kesteonihe & Co., West- 
Peitce David R. 138 X. Second, cor. 

Sisson Abner. Westport 
Sisson l.-aae & Co., Dartmouth 
Williams Abiathar K. & Bro., (Weir 
, Village, Taunton 
Williams B. P., (Weir Vil.) Taunton 

Hathaway & Arnold, 14S X. Water, 
Reed Daniel, Attleboro' [N. 15. 

Schenck Samuel B., Mansfield 
Sisson Luther, Eastoa 
Stanlev Oliver, Attleboro' 
Stransso Elias W., Taunton 
Warren Admiral J., Fall River 
Woodward ^ Vaughn. Taunton 


[For the statistics concerning the 
Manufactures in Fall Ri ur, - <■ 
ar.- indebted toa little sheetcaH< ' 
"The Pall Rivt r Roaster, 1 print- 
ed by Ahny i; Milne, of that 

Black Lead Crucibles, 

ChaeeU G., Somerset 

I'u enhc Manufacturing Co., (Weir 
Village,) Taunton, George B. At- 
wood, BgWttt. 

Now Bedford ' orda » Co., I 

J- Rotch, :i Rot . i 

square, South 

Coj>;>' r. 

Taunton Coppei 
incorporated 1831, capita 
000; <'rocker, Brothers & Co., 

Cotton ] : nt:in^. 
.comb Nathaniel, Norton. 

Cotton Cloths, lee. 
Anawan Cotton Mill, Tall River, 
Richard Borden, agent Number 

of 9j in.l!< -•, 7,701 , nun 
looms, 193 ; numl or of males em- 
ployed, 64; number ct" females 
employed, 70. Consume • 
of cotton per year. Produce 139,- 
300 yards per month, or 1,671,1 ) 
yards of 3yffi6n 7-1 x 76 | i 
cloth per annum. Wa:t-r : 

City aiills, Attleboro', II. F. May, 

Cove 3Iannfacturing Co., Seekonk, 
A. P. Totter, agent 

Daneville Manufacturing Co., At- 
tleboro'. J I. N. &: II. M. Dagg< tt 

Dean Cotton and Machine Co., 
Taunton, R. S. Dean, ag nt. 
Incorporated 184S, capital > \ - 
0U0 ' ' 

Dodgeville Factory, Attleboro', J. 
C. Dodge & Son 

Fall River Cotton Mill, Jefferson 
Borden, agent. Number of spin- 
dles, 9,240: number of looms, 
209; number of males emj 
74; number of females L " 
ed, 60. Consume 828 bales of 
cotton per year. Produce 145,- 
200 per month, or 1 ,742,41 • I ;. ards, 
30-iuch, 74xT ,: . printing cloth 
per year. Water pow< c 

Falls Factory, Attleboro". II. N. & 

Fatmers' Mannfacturina Co., Attli - 
horo', U. X. & II. M. Da : 

French & Recu\ Pawtucket 

HaleWilham, Mansfield 

Hebronville Manufacturing Co., At- 
tleboro', W. A. Caldwell, agent 

Hopewell Cotton Manufu . _ 
Taunton. C. Lathrop, pn • 

Jerauld Henry i Son, Pawtucket 

Lanesville Factory, Attleboro". Gid- 
eon L. Spencer" 

Massasoit Steam Cotton Mill, I . 
Kher. David Sisson atrenl 
ber of spindles, ] [. !4S; ni 
f' 1 " I' -I >, : -."-> ; numl er of m di s 
ernpl* ,ed, 1-7 : numl er of fe- 
males employed, 1FJ. Consume 
1,441) o,l -■ of cotti i! pi - ruimuii 
1 ro ! ice ."1 ! i.«X> yards per n 
or :j.76S. ! "i jar Is 64s ; i 
cl :!: per year. Driven by an en- 
gine of 225 horse power 

Mechanics' Manufacturing Co . At- 
tleboro', Sam '1 Carpenter, agent 

Metacomet Cotton Mill, Fall River, 
Richard Uorden, agent. Number 
of spindli s, 21,1 fib ; number of 
looms, 528; number of v,\:i.t!s 
employed, 140: number of fe- 
males eaployed, 117. Consume 
s bales of cotton per day, or 
'2 172 per year. Pro In - L" '■ l 
yards printing cloth ;• r d 

•"', I »7,5*Hj | -r y( :ir. Motivi 

1! breast wheels ( f 19 :' ' 
ter, and I ste.'.jr. cngiue ot" 160 
horse power 
New Uedford Steam Cotton Manu- 
facturing Co., John 1.. Rodman, 
agent; office Rodman's wharf, X. 
B. Incorporati J 1" 1 1 : i -•■;• I 
SlOOjOUO. Number of .-; 
7,796 : number of lo . ... 
.number of mules employed, 0»J | 


number of females employed, 

].-i. When i" full operation, 
Manufacture 5000 yards of sheet- 
ing daily* Motive power two 20- 
Lnch cylinder engines, 4 feet 
Pocasset Cotton Mill, Fall Rarer, 
Micah li. Ruggles. au'*mt. Num- 
ber of spindfes, 18,048; number 
of looms, 360 ; number of males 
employed, 92 ; number of fe- 
males, 160. Cod su rue 3,000 bales 
of cotton per year. Produce 
250,000 yards 39-iuch sheeting 
per mouth,, or 3,000,000 yards per 
year. Water power — the great- 
est capacity of the stream 
Pope YV. G. & Co., Fairhaven 
Potter J. -if. & N. A.. Pawtucket 
Orleans Manufacturing Co., Re- 

hoboth, Benjamin Peek, agent 
Quequeehan Cotton Mill, Fall 
River, Micah II. Rttggles, agent. 
Number of spindles, 15,168; 
number of looms, 400,* number 
of raale3 employed, 129 : number 
of females employed, 122. Con- 
sume 1320 bales of cotton per 
year; produce 240.000 yards per 
mouth, or 2,880,000 yards 29rinch 
printiugcloth perannum. Water 
Shore Samuel & Co., Bigbton 
S'tatTord, fierce & Co., Pawtucket 
Starkweather J. C, Pawtucket 
Thayer & Pitcher, Pawtucket; 
Troy Cotton Mill., Fall River, 
Stephen DaTol, agent. Number 
of spiHdbJS, 6,4(53 ; number of 
looms, 175; number of males 
employed, 35; number (bS fe- 
males employed. 77. Consume 
720 bales of cotton per year ; 
produce 123,000 yards 28-inch 
printing cloth per month, or 
1,476,000 nor year 
Sfaleo-fet Manufacturing Co., Paw- 
tucket, Edward Wakott 
Wunsutta Mills, New Bedford, 
Joseph Grinnell, Pre*. Edward L. 
Baker, T,ra±, TR >mas Bennett Jr., 
agent; office at the mill near the 
Railroad Station. Incorporated 
1846: capital $800,000, Males 
employed, SO ; females employed, 
17 U ; S90O yards of cloth manu- 
factured daily 
Watuppa Cotton Mill, Fall River, 
Andrew Robeson, agent, Num- 
ber of spindles, 10,392 ; number 
of dQoais,.280 ; number of t ,males 
employed, 40; number of fe- 
males employe!, 146. Consume 
960 bales of cotton per annum ; 
produce 183,085 yards, 64 x 66, 
28-inch printing cloth per month, 
or 2,197,020 per year. Water 
Wheaton Manufacturing Co., Nor- 
ton, Albert Barrows, agent. In- 
corporated 1814 ; capital $50,000 

Cotton Cart. 
Morse S. W. & Co., Fasten 

Cotton Tina'!. 

Chace 0. Jr., Fall Hirer. Spindles, 
1,541; males employed, 26; fe- 
males employed, 56 

Keith, Botch & Co., has ton 

Morse Charles & Co., u 

SJorse K. J. & Co., 

Bufiinton N.. Fall River. Spindles 
GOO ; n, a | e3 employed, li ; fe- 
males employed. 

Cat ten Warp. 
Rartwell David,, Mansfield 
Goff & Brown, [carpet warp and 
twine] Rehoboth 

Print Works. 

American Print Work ;, Fall Fiver, 
Jefferson Borden, agent. Num- 

ber of yards printed per annum, 
11,421,900 : number of malt s cm- 
ployed, 225. number of females 
employed, 20. Water power, and 

an engine of 75 horse power 

Globe Pnuc Works, Fall River 
(Tiverton, p.. 1. side.) 1'hese 
Works are of about the same 
capacity as the American Print 

Robeson's Print Works, Fall River, 
Andrew Robeson, agent. Number 
of yards printed in 1^-U, 5. 000,- 
000; number of males employed, 
12(J; number of females employ- 
ed, 5. Driven by water and 
steam power. This establish- 
ment, previous to the suspension 
of the firm in 1848, produced 

. 13.000 ; 000 yards per annum 

Acushuet Iron Foundry. Fish Isl- 
and, New Bedford, Silas Sisson, 

Belcher Daniel, Easton, [malleable 

Drake L., Eastou 

Eddy Laban,( Weir Tillage) Taunton 

Fall River Foundry Co., Fall l.iver, 
Henry J. Coitgeshall, agent 

Fall River Iron Co.. Richard Bor- 
den, agent ; one of Cm most ex- 
tensive in the country. Length 
of roiling miil, 412 it.; breadth, 
100 ft. ; length of nail mill, 220 
ft. ; breadth, 44 ft, A'fcarge hum- 
dry. 1 air, and 2cupola furna- 
ces; 24 puddling furnaces. The 
whole works are driven by 1 
water wheel, and 5 steam engines 
of about 100 hor.-e power each. 
Year ending July 1st, 1849, tLey 
consumed 13,782 tons of. coal ; 
6,839 tons of pig iron ; 3,415 tons 
of scrap iron : 490 tons of bloom 
and billet iron. Produced 111,0 •(> 
casks of nails; 1,500 tons of 
castings ; 1,800 tons of hoop and 
bar iron.: employ 320 workmen 

Foundry and Mar bine Cos., Taunton, 
S. M. Tinkham, agent 

Hathaway Win. L. & Co., i/ighton 

Leonard L. & Sons, Taunton 

New Bedfor I Jr, n Fi undry, ami 
Buft Hinge Factory. Tabor & 
Co., prop. : office, i ! I L'.nlon 

Old Colony Iron ' Co., Taunton, 
Crocker & Co., agents. 1- • rpor- 
ated 1.344; capita! S150, I 
linseed I HI. 

New Bedford Linseed Oil Co., incor- 
porated 184:5; caj ital • !".,' <■-'. 
Wm. R. Rodman. Fres., Pardon 
G. Seabury, Treas. 

JLocornott ■•■ ■>. 

Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing 
Co.. Taunt..;). W. W. Fairbanks, 
agent. Incorporared I64ti; capi- 
tal $75,000 

' JSlar.hinrry. 

Dean Cotton & Mai h'me Co., Taun- 
ton, R. S. Dean, :..' nt 

Foundry & Macbim Co., Taunton, 
S. M. Tinkham, agem, Marvel & D.-ivi I, Fall Elver, 
(105 bands es ipl yed) 

Mason William I Co., Pamvcon 

Kilbura & Lii coin. Fail Pdver 
Nails, Turks-, ■>:<■. 

Field Albert, [tacks, brads & shoe 
nails] Tauuton 

King George V\ .. Hayuham 

M«>rse L.. Tauntou 

Rhodes S, & Son, [steam tack fac- 
tory] Taunton 

White A. J , [tacks] Mansfield 

White F. A.,(sho«J nails] Mansfii 1 I 

1 ■■"■•>:. 

Somerset Potters' Works, incorpo- 
rated 1847. Leonard Chase, agent 

N'ew England Rivet Co.. i 
Co, pi prieton, office 111 Cm<- a 
Bt. INe.v Bedford 

Bay State Screw Co., Taunton. Crock- 
er, Pp/ ■ 1c ('■). : i ICOJ 
1851, capital $250,000 

Shovels, frc. 

Ames Oliver & .-on, Easton 

Ring J, S.. Kaynham 

liingG. W., '•• 

Woollen Coc.'s. 
I Itunlap T. L.. Dighton 

Dowues Johu, Mansfield, 
fai tory] 

Womsetta Steam Woollen Mill, Fall 
River, Jesse Eddy, agent: 4 svc.s 
Dial bioery ; malts em : 

females employed, 2U ; c< 
l'JO.OOO pounds of wool i I 
duco 00,000 yards fan'i j 
meres per j ear : driven by one 40 
horse power engine. 

Marble Workers. 
Allen Jos. Jr. & Co. rear 13 North 

Second, N. B. 
Cobb If. & W.. Fall River 
French Benjamin S., Pawtucket 
II ititaway .!. A. C. Tauntou 
Lincoln Samue! R.. Morti u 
Taylor John, Mechanic's lane, N.B. 
Titus Moses S., Somerset 


Baker Hale, Swanzey 

Bryan.t Henry, Behoboth 

Bu.shee Levi. Swanzey 

Blanding Sumner, Norton 

Bosworth Gardner L., Tauntou 

Chaffee Asa, Seekonk 

Chase Philander, Berkley 
i Chase V. esley, Fairhaven 
I Davis i». B., Somerset 
j Kubes Shepard, Taunton 
I Green Burrell, Berkley 
< Hale Levi; Taunton 
j Hamilton James, Attleboro 1 
j Hovton Bradford, Dighton 
I li- i-tnn Hiram, Fall Bivcr 
1 llortoa Uorat e. Dighton 
[ llortoh Ni bon, ,; 
' Elovton Otis, ' i: 

llortu & Earle. Fall River 

H, i-ard— - — . Mansf I I 

Johnson Henry, Norton 

Lawsou James, Attli bor <' 

Lawtbn .lames, ^S.} D:u-tmouth 

!.•■• uard Abiathar, Raj pham 

U'onurd I \ rus, " 

I/Othr<m Darius, Fasten 

1. ithrop Solomou, X< rton 

Luther Samuel, Fall !i^v< r 

Maxtield Warren. Fairhaven 

Paul Alfred. Dighton 

! 'k As ■• >i ekonk 

Pei kh mi Giles, Rehoboth 

Pierce Abel 1 .. 

Pi • e Iteuben, Seek- nk 

. Is \ W( stgate, Fall River 

i . ; ii ■.: 1 Ji hn li.. f lui • .1 
k« Alb ■ t S.. Norton 

'• u< k< r Almond P., " 

Walker Lj man, Seekonk 

Masters in Chancery. 
Barney Edwin L.40 N. Water, N.B 
(1 km 5 Charles J . Pall Kiver 


2\'<ic Bedford. 

Allen C. Hazard's wharf [wharf 
Bartlett Ivory li. ^ Son, 2 • 
Bourne Jonathan, 3 M« rrili 
Bro ruell Wm. 0.. C« ati ■. ■ • -' 
Pouk .v Snow, 30 N. Water 
• Oliver & G.O.7 C 
Fruuch Uoduey . 203 N. Wat< r 
Gibbj & Jcuxicv, I tirluiven 



GiSnrd Win. 7 Taber's wharf 
Ureeue D. It. & ( o. 9 Taber's whf. 
GrinneH Cha*., llotch'a whf. [com'n] 
i!riitii"il Lawrence, J ;- -r^-ii - -.[ 
Ifttskeli Edw'd L'., Fish Island, [coal] 
Hathaway & Luce, Walnut »t. .-■ I it'. 
Haskell John C Fish [."land 
Howard \:> ttjamiu U. 17-'. N. W«t< c 
[lowland Abraham I!., Lift whf. 
Howland Cornelius, 1 Merrill's whf 
[lowland Edw'd \V., 1 
Howland Geo. & Sons, 122 X. Sec'd 
(lowland L. Jr.& Go. 3 Conmi'l whf. 
Howland Wm. 1'.. Walnut St. - 
Hussey Gen., Middle, c N. Water 
Jones E. C. 8 Centre 
Kempton Alfred, 90 X. Water, [coal] 
Lucas Allen, 9 Commercial whf. 
Merrill Edward, Merrill's li 
Morgan C. W., Rotch's whf. 
Parker John A. 7 Middle 
Perry Dauiel & Son, 9 Orange 
Perry Eben, 11 Middle 
Pope William G-., Rotch's whf. 

Richmond & Wood, 31 N. Water 
Rieketson Barton, 31 Centre 
Rodman Samuel, 203 ; - 
Rodman Wm. K-. Rotch's square 
Rotch Wm. J.. Riotch's whf. 
Swift Wm. C. N. 11 Middle 
Taber Henry & Co. 11 Centre 
ThomasIfonryF.. 9 Middle 
Thompson James D. SS Cnion 
Thompson & Son, 7 Tabors Wharf 
Thornton .John It. G Comm'l i- 
Tucker Cbas. R. & Co. 1 " ' : 
Watkins William, 13 Centre 
Wilcox & Richmond, 175 N. Water 
Woo.! J. B. & Co. 7 Comm'l wharf 
Wood & Nye, 6 Commercial ;t 
WordellAlden, 19 ; - ' : 


Briggs A. S. 21 Cheapside, V B. 
Chadwick Elizabeth, 17'J Purchase, 

New Bedford 
Church L. L G Cheapside, N. B. 
Copeland EUsha, Taunton [X. B. 
Copehmd II. Mi Mrs. & Cheapside, 
Crane J. G. Mrs.. Taunton 
Bodge Martha Mrs., Fall River 
Godfrey J. Mrs., ' - 
Greene !'. H. 4 Cheapside, X. B. 
Harris Mary. 9 " " 

Holman David E., Attleboro' 
Houghton W. 1.2 Cheapside, X. B. 
Jones John J., Taunton 
Kurh B.Mrs., Fall River 
Kempton Marv T. 38 Purchase, X B 
Leonard E. W. 10 Cheapside, ' i; 
Meatier. Lydia P. Miss, Fall River 
Mentz John. 103 Purchase. X. B. 
MorevS. C. Mrs., Taunton 
Newton Hartwell, Fall River [X. B. 
Ottiwell I.vWea A. 1 Cheapside, 
Perkins C. Mrs., Taunton 
Porter & Wilson. Freetown 
Rogers John. 11 Cheapside. X. B. 
Swascy K. V. Mrs.. Fall River 
Swift .Marv W. 54 Purchase 
Taber Abhy, 113 
Wilbour 1). C. .Mrs.. Fall River 
Woodward Betsey Mrs.. Taunton 
Wright L. J. IS Cheapside, X. B; 

Music Stores. 
Arnzeo Niels, Fall Rivet 
Hopkins John, 5 Purchase, X. B. 

Nautical Instruments. 
Baker David, VI N.Warer.N. B. 
Kchcvf John, to N. Water, X. B. 

Taber C;*& A.,45Union,N.B. 
Nautical <ui<? Commercial Institute. 
Noyes Hi Union, .\. is. 


Crapo Henry IF. 106 Wash'n, X. B. 
Wood Alfred, Drchton 

Oil and Candles. 
Stir Bedford. 
: Baker Gen. T. & Son, 50 S. Water 
I Crocker Oliver & Co., South 
Crocker Oli ver 8c Geo 7 CoaVl wf. 
! Qarduer Edmund, 10 Coffin 
( GrinnelJ Lawrence, Orange 
; Hathawaj & Luce, Walnut sfc. wf. 
; Howland Jam a IF, Bridge [Second 
I Howl md Cor-- & Sous, L22North 
! Howland I. Jr. >X Co. 3 Com'l wf. 
j Leonard Charles, Water 
J Leonard Xeheiniah, Rotch's S. wharf 

j Leonard Sturtevaut & Co., Third, 

corner Russell 
I Milliken K. C. & Co. 128 Ray 

3Iorgan Charles W., Rotch's wharf 
! Palmer & Ricketson, 49 X. Water 

Robioson Edward M. 3 Com'l whf. 

Sanford& Howland, 13 Middle 

Oysters and Eexreshments. 

Anthony Beuj. 65 William, X. B. 

Bean Albert .)., Union, c. First. X.B. 

Crapo E. B. 26 Sixth, Xew Bedford 

Davis Squire, Fall River 

Dean Joshua, Taunton 

Green Benj. ii.b'-j Cuion. X r . B. 

Lincoln II., Tauutou" 
I Netrus Adoniram, Fall River 
! Xyo William <F, Fall Fiver 
j Richards George, til William. X. 1>. 
i Shields P. 139 Purchase, X. B. 
; Taber & Reed, S7i Water, X. D. 
| Thurston Varnum, Fall River 
i Tiliinghast H. C. 67 William, X. B. 
| Warner Rosweil. 9 S. Water, N. B. 
| Wilbur Simeon, Taunton 
i Wing Edward, 149 Union, X". B. 

Adams Ralph, Attleboro' 
Allen Charles IF, Fairhaven 
Farrows F. W., Digliton 
Rates & Co. 2-J Cnion, X. B. 
Bri<xhtman Runts W., Westport 
Covell Benj. V. 1 Pnrker's wf. X. B. 
(h-owell Asa. Aith horo 1 
B'Orsay J. S. 32 X. Second, X. B. 
Bailee James. Taunton 
Dunham Wm. L. >r> .-'. Water, X. IF 
Eldridee & Manlevr,<S.} Dartmouth 
D'Woli'J., Third, n. \l ivlaod, X. B. 

I Everett P. F . Pa'wtwket 

i French J. T., Tauni »n 

| Goft Samuel, Rehnb^lh 
Guild Samuel, Gaston 

j Hall S. L., Taunton 
Ilaskell John, Fall River 
[huhawav Dan K., Fairhaven 

| Hjsjrina tc West, '<■< X. Water, X.B. 

I Hiimphrey Horace, 2-i Centre, X. B. 
Huntsman Wm V.', Fall River 
Keene S. 11., Taunton 
Loach Klihn, Ravnham 
I.. - nan! Daniel, Fall River 

I Leonard D. H., Seekonk 

| Lord Uenrv, Seekonk [X. B. 

I Lucas & tlrittenden, U Com'l whf., 

; Maxfield William. 4 Centre, S*. B. 

I Me^son-vr Austin, Xorton 
Messenger James <».. Norton 
Owen AMnzo W.l.yDX. W»r<r.X.B. 

I Nixon Thomas, Taunt >n [N. B. 
Parker William C. 19 X. Second, 
Peckham Charles B-Souu-rset 
Pc-ckham G. W., Fall River 

! I'ctn Jona. P.. Ei ton 

l PhiiihM A ■;;<- Jr.. Kiston 
Pitman Samuel. Fall '<' ver 
[>ui -ii • cm & r :' i r. FatriuiVcn 
Band Nathan. Taunton 
Richanlson .7. It.. Taunton 
Sanfuni fhoma^. 62 Kim, X. IF 

F.e-r m 

v.. T itmt«n 
!.. \ >rrnn fwf. X.R 
H. & Co. 11 Com 
Pawtw kct 
.11 River 

Tolwy Klisha Jr. 21 Centre N R 


Tripp A: 

Warren J., (h<t I of ri^ i , v - B. 

Wheeler S ithaniel .1 

Wood Fia. •.:.-. 11 S. VN'ati r, N. I). 

Faints, Oil, and Glass. 

Daris IF V.k Co 1", .V w..te.-. X. B. 

r.conar 1 Daniel, Fall Kivei 

Perry Jolm IF Si <'c. Water, cor. 

W ulout, Xc ..- Bedford 
Wa hi arn v ;i cr( G., Taunton 
Parker W:ii. C. 49 X. Second, X. B. 
Washburn Salmon, Taunton 
Wood & Washburn, Taunton 

Paper Hangings. 
Leonard Dauiel, Fall River 
Perkins, Smith i'o Co. Ill I •' ... 

Ni w Bedf rd [manufactiurer | 
Tappan Gerry, JFJ Cnion, X. B. 

Paper Manufacturers. 
T.ine„l u C.M. & L..- Dighton * 

Lund J. P., (bead of river) X. B. 

Patent Medicines, c^c. 
Howland B. F. S X. Water, X. B. 

Perce & Parsons, 105 Union, X. B. 
Pope I. P., Fail Bivt-r 
Seaver William P., Taunton 


Adams A. M., Taunton 
Aldrich James, Fall River 
Archer James IF. Fall River 
Aspinwall Thomas W., Seekonk 
Atwood George W., Fairhaven 
Barrows J., [homceo j Taimton 
Bartl< tt F. D., Dartmouth 
Bartletfc Lyman, BS Cnion & 130 

County, Xew Bedford 
Batchelder Calvin, Taunton 
Bayli< s Alfred. Taunton 
Braley Bradford, Freetown 
Bronson •'. IF, Paw tucket 
Brown A. 7... Swanzej 
Brown Philip S., Fall Fiver 

I Fain:. Thomas, Freetown 

i Carpenter Benoni, Pawtucket 

j Carpenter Seba, Attleboro' 

| I lhacc John B., Somerset 

j C Iby EUsha, '.V-, Kempton, X. B. 

| Clferk J. To Purchase, New Bedford 

i Datis II .bertT., Fall Rivei 

1 1 .. a Ebenezer, Taunton 

j Dean J. IF, 

1 Deans Samuel. Easton 

: Dow J. V.. Fall River 

i i ;■:■ Isaac, Fall Biver 

: Kolsom Levi,i»3^ Mi-l '.:.-. X B. 

! Foliei fienuiel, Attleboro' [konk 

I Gas lncrJohnson,(VeuderEaii) See- 
Gat lord William, Pawtucket 

' Gifrord A. A. ^:5 Purchase, X. B. 

J [Physopathic] 

j Gordon U . A. 121 William, X. IF 

! Glazier Amory, Fall Fiver 

i iin ene Kdward W. 1 S.Second,N. B. 

I Hand) .la-ncs H.. Westport 

i Hatch B. F. 24, X. B. 

I [eclectic] 
Hatch J. IF. (North! Attleboro' 

| II uhaway Sha Irach, Berklev 

; Hat ivar I EUsha. Baynham ' ' 

' IF • |>er Foster, Fill \:\^r 

; Hul hard IF IF. Taunton [I a 

i.lohn IF. t.'ount) . c. Keiuj*- 

' K'< o! .1. En erson, Pa\t tuck t 
Lean ins IMtilip S. lixS l»i ■ h - N. 

1 B. [botanic] 
F lined F.ben. T-, Fall River 

■ U ; ard George. Taunt «n 

! M ti ki - An Irew. <■«' Purchase. N. B 

; Mas in \\ iliiam B., Dartm i 

' Matthes F.104 Cnion. N. \\ h 

; MavhewJohn S. F) School, X. IF 

' Miller Jeremiah, Fairhaven 

, \: hols .'. I'.. Taunton 

i Nichols Thomas C. Frw town 

I Palmer Horace, Mansflcl I 



)';•, »<-ii IViiliam, Fairhaven 

];-i-. \Y. F., Mansfield 

Phelps Th iddous, (South.) Attleboro' 

Pratt , Taunton 

Kandall •— - Norton 
Randall M. R» Rehoboth 
h.ii. LallZ., Kaston [Fifth, X. B. 
ibx-he Mamung i:.. [homoeo.] 30 
Round.-! B. 31.. Norton 
Sampson Ira, Dighton 
Sarary Phinea-i, Attleboro' 
ISawyer Samuel, Fairhaven 
M--011 Benjamin B., Taunton 
Smyth Dr., Mansion House, X. 15. 
Spare J. V., Freetown [X. B. 

SpeneerC. L. [horrioeo.] G2 Purchase, 
Spooner Paul, 7j Spring, X. B. 
Sumner Esek P., Seekonk 
Swan Caleb, Kaston 
Talbot Charles Digbton 
Tompkins Silas, 58 Middle, X. B. 
Tripn George, Berkley 
Wales Ephraim Jr.. Faston 
Wellington J. Lloyd. Swanzey 

Wheaton . Pawt'ueket 

Whitiridge Wm. C. 117 Elm, X. B. 
Wilbur Amos. Fall River 
Wilbur Thomas, Fall River 

Wilder . lOSElm. X. B. 

Williams Seth P., Freetown 
Wood Allied, Kghton 

Plane Maker. 
Taber John M. 20 Elm, X. & 

Richardson A. B. & Co. 103 North 
Water, X. B. 

Printers, , 

Almr ge Milne, F:ill River 
Anthony TUmuud. 7 X. Water, N-E. 
Roweu Abraham, Fail River 
HackC. A., Taunton 
fde A.M. Jr., Taunton 
Hall ./. W. I'., Taunton 
Lmtlser Benj. 35 X. Witter, X. I;. 
Pratt Henry, Fall River ' 
WiOiams B. M"., Taunton 

Provision Dealers. 

Anthoriv John, Bali River 

Austin Gcortre M.. Mansfield 

Barker .1. W. & J. p. 7 Citv Mar- 
ket. X. I?. 'IN. B 

Bennett Svlvanns, 6 City Market, 

Bourne Edward, IX, Purchase. X.B. 

Brayton D. A. , Fall Uiver '[X.B. 

Brett Sc Gifford, 4 City Market, 

Browneli Pardon, Fall River 

BuftuigtoriJF., i\ & Co.,. Fall River 

Carver & Bliss, Puwtucket [X. B. 

Cha hvirk Win. J. 1 Citv Market. 

Child Dyer, (X. E. W. Div. 22) Fall 

Cook John S., Bedford, c. Third, 
W.v Bedford 

Davwnport Richard, 10 City Mar- 
ket, x. R. 

Davis Nichols, 2 S. Second, X. B. 

Eddy James. Fall River [X.B. 

French Gustavus F. 24!) Purchase, 

Gifford Edwin B., Westuort 

Gifford Wm. 100 Purchase, 'X. B. 

Gifford & Kirk* 229 " i; 

Holt & Bennett, Fail River 

Ilovrar I A. X. 99 Middle, X. B. 

1-ie-e Ambrose E. 17tj County, X. B. 

Luther Rhenezcr, fall River ' 

Mason 1- R- & Co.*>2Purch.,"N. B. 

MeXamani John, Taunton 

Miller Ira K.. Pawturk«»t 

MdisJaiiH-.-, 2 Cirv Market, X. B. 

I'ackard Ceo. 100 Purchase, X. 15. 

I'eed Allen, MS. Second, _\ B. 

Richardson Jos. ISO County, X. B. 

Smith Cornelius, 6u S. Second, '• 

Tripp int p. 218 Countv, V. B. 

Cniori Store, N,, S7.— lihiman, cor. 
l'ureha-o. N. B. ' 

Weaver \\m. II 85 Third, X. B. 

"bite Authunv, Taunton 

White A. & Co., Taunton 

White Wm. I.. & Co.,(WeirTilla2el 

To aton 
Whiting Comfort, 3 City Market. 

Xew Betlford 
Wilm ■: L .1. & Bro., Taunton 
Mood Hit [Awn, 5 Citj Mar't, N B. 

Pat lie Houses. 
Bittner John C., Taunton 
Bliss Jonathan, Norton 
Boutell Lewis, [Mansionllo.] Union, 

c. X. Seeond, X. B. 
Dean L. \Y\, [It. R. House] Attleboro' 
IVan Zeph., [Weir Bridge Hotel] 

Exchange Hotel, Fall River 
Gifford Thomas, Westporfc 
Gray John, Swanzey 
Hidden W., [Union Hotel] A; tleboro' 
Jewett Albert P., Taunton 
Kendall 11. A., {Mechanics' Hotel] 

Monroe X. , Seekonk 
Newell S., Attleboro 5 
Patten Sihon, [Parker House] Pur* 

chase, c. Middle 

Pease , [Taunton Ho : l] Taunton 

Peek Wm. P., Dartmouth 

Perley Win.. [City Hotel] Union, c. 

Fourth, X. B. 
Pool Harrison, Easton 
Khotfos S. C, [Murine Jhvj Taun'n 
Robinson Geo. A.JMalbury Hotel] 

Spraguc , [Tue de 1' Eau Hotel] 

(VuedeP Eau) Seekonk 
Rounds S. B.. [National House] Fall 
_ River 

Shepherd Joseph, Mansfield 
Stowe Bwjght, [Mt. Hope House,] 

Fail River 

Pump and Block Makers. 

Clark .lose};!-, v l c Co., City wharf, 

and Hazard's v/hf. X. B. ' 
Foster James S..' 
Mason i: Swift, 17 Orange, X. B. 
Oman &, Boone, iOComT whf. N. B. 
TaberJ. cc T. II. 13 Orange, N. B. 
Wood Elkanah, Norton 

Baker A. C. 197 X. Water. X. B. 
Jcnney & Sesrcll MerriiFa wlif. 175 

X, vVator 
Kimr James, Parker \s wh.f. X. B. 
MooVeJame.s, Parker's v/hf. V. B. 
Thompson James, Fall River 

Sail Makers. 
Almv Jv Biynpiis, i'Uh Island, N.B. 
Chapman & Uouuey, 3 I >m '1 whf. 

New Bedford 
Church James, 17 Middle, X. B. 
Cushman Zaccheui,M« rrilFs wharf, 

X. B. 
Haffards Chas., Rotcb's whf. X. V,. 
Hart S. 33 Commercial whf. X. :•. 
HitchChsis. & Son.TalK:r'H \rf., \. B, 
Hitch, Tabcr & ( ■ .. Fairhaven 
Hudson & Sanford; L'arker'* whf Sc 

17 Middle, X. H. IX. B. 

Hunt & Chapman, Walnn* ?t. whf. 
Peckmn J< naihan, Kali i'-'v r 
Eickotson John A., Fall River 

Salt Works. 

Aiken Seth K.. Botch's whf X. B 
Leonard j-'am ; i,(oti ('<•■ i hit) S. B. 

Sash, Pli:i r l and Door Makers. 

Cleveland ti-h- t A-. i rwt ■ u 
Cbnjiiit 1'. D.. Fall Uiver 
Wuidron Daviil A Taunton 
W«t( rman Asa, Fall Bivor 
Wilcox & Pierce. U4 X. Water, N.B. 

Saw Mills. 
iuqhcI, [shinjrl. ] Reho otb 

1 Brizss .0.. , | ; 

i !!:•!• •_-• S Washburn M tport 
i Burr Raymond li , 

I Carpenter J. W 

I dimming Bi uj. ■ \> 

Cummin; Jidin, ' ; 

'.'uiimiiir. - & ■■ 

Domett II. X & II M.. Atl JmiicM i:.. Attleboro' 

I Hi M illwim, * 

(5ofT Birhard, Rebobi th 

Gitrord Anthony, \V< tport 

(Jiflord Geo. U." [shingle] W. I ( ri 

Hall FJl'b H . Raj uhaui 

M I Jamet) >!.. Swm . I 

Howland VUt-n, D tn 

Ki ::' SiunT, ' 111 :,!; 

Lane & Co . [«hui<rle] I 

Uiicoln CI. In . [shh ■■]•■} S< r( i 

Liucolu Sene< ii, [shin ;le] •• 

Pii r e .' ib. Frectow a 

Smith Daniel, | diing'.i ] Xorl u 

Sweet Otis, Mansfield 

'J'raey John, Raj uh irn 

Williuma I^'wis/FJaston 

Williams M. G., Baynham 

Sav/hig and Planiag Mills. 
Green & Wood, Rotch-s whf N. B. 
Cook, Borden & Co., FaU River 

Ship Chandlery and Stores. 
Bun Chas. D. 5c Co. 109 X. '■■'■ t r, 

-New Bedford [X. B. 

Howland Weston, Walnut st. wharf, 
Kirby Humphrey S. B Comm'l whf. 

N. B 
Nye & Phillips, 19 Middle. X.B. 
Swift & Allen, 5 Middle, \. B. 

Skipping-., Offices. 
i' urne F.lisha. 15 S. Water, X. P. 
Brown 0. H. P. & Co. a X. Secon-1, 
X.B. [X.B. 

I Cohb Wm. S. & Co. 20?. Water, 
! hohdell & D lane, 22 S. Water, X.B. 
j Ji:.*!! Jeremiah B.24 X.Wati r,S I? 
j Mead& Co. 2. 4 & 5 S. Water, and 
; 4Sd nion; \. B. 

Baker San 
Barker W; 
Bowen Da 


Parkhurst .Jol n. ^^ S. Water, X. B. 
j RantUU oc Hani.-, 19Hamilt ■:;. X.B. 
; Seahurv Franklin P. 15Comn cr : lwf. 

tintl IS R. Water. X. B. 
I y. big J. & W. R. b* S. Water, X. B. 

Ship Yards. 
Barnev Mason, Swanzev 
Crandall Joseph. Fall River 
Hood .1 imes M., Somersi c 
ilattliews, Masheen & Co.. • 

Soap Manufacturers. 
BatchelderB. A.. Taunt a 
Relcher Jason, Xorto n 
Mason Win. 2d. Fall hirer 
Ri-mi Ion Joshua, Fall River [B. 
'■•■■ :.e teuiorc Zenan, i I >•>• a Makers. 

Beetle Wm. R>3 N. Wat« r. X. B. 
miss \:ev>. Stesimbuit whf. •• 
[Sritrhtman Pardon. Fairhaven [B. 
Cunlai I'.wii };.. Steaml -at whf. X. 
Uutchlns Forterfield, Fairhaven 

Stono Cutters. 
! Bryant & (Ji oding, N- rth, c. Coun- 
ty, X. B. 
! IIathaw:i> Anthonv. PJxflv 
s lane, X^ B. 

| Stove Liiiirx^s and Fire Prick. 
j I r. sliury u jlliam, Taunton 
i \\ iJiiauu John R., 

I Tailors and Drapers. 
j Allen A. i'., Mae- . i • 
i Vlmv Charles, •":: 1 'tur.n 
| lonk C. V.. Fall Biv f 
1 BlidH .lames L.. Fall Rivi r 



Brown & Crossman, Taunton 
Bullard Amnsa. 42 S. Water 
Chase Frederick P. 158 Purchase- 
Chcdell Timothy B., Westport 
Crane Levi L. 11 Union. N. B. 
Davis & Allen, 51 purchase, X.B. 
Dean lb urj IL, Easton 
Dexter ;• & Co. 21 i nion,X.B. 
Earle James W., Attreboro' 
Bdwards Charles, " 
Foster & Lawton, Taunton 
Foulds Robert .T. 
Gibbs K. S & Co., Fall Hirer 
Grabrant Isaac, Taunton 
Gray John, (South) Dartmouth. 
Elardon A.', Attleboro 1 
Hlgjrins & West, 98 N. Water, N. B. 
Hodges William G., Taunton 
Hood George B., Somerset 
Humphrey Horace.24 Centre, X. B. 
Jones t'hOmas II.. Attleboro' 
Kellcy !l. C & Co. 10(5 Onion, X.B. 
Kcnnev John, 101 i: 

Maxficld William, 4 Centre, X. B. 
King, Brown & Co. 102 Union, X. B. 
Langley W. ('.. F**irhaven 
McGiuncy John, Taunton [ton 

Nichols W. 0., (Weir Village) Tauh- 
Mitchell Richard, Fall River 
Fatten Morris, Mausfield 
Plummer David L.. (S.) Dartmouth. 
Sisson C. ft. D., Fall River 
Swasev Alfred, Dushton 
Swift Slojfcd 0. Q l Union, N. B. 
Tabor, Reed & Co. 86 Union, X. B. 
Tobey & Bradford, 36 N. Wat., X.B. 
Tobey Elisha Jr. 21 Centre, X. B. 
Tobey & Doaue, 93 Purchase, " 
Wilson Jared, Dighton 

Tanners and Curriers. 
Baker Thomas W., Westport 
Briggs S., Freetown 
Chase E. & Son. Fall River 



< opetana ino 

Draper Isaac, 

French Asa P., Fall River 

JkCason Benajab, Swansey 

Paul Frederick, Berkley 

Potter Luther, Dartmouth 

Phillips Pierce, Freetown 

Read Joseph, ;: 

Sears Wttlard, r. 20 Purchase, X. B. 


Keene P. E. 10-1 Union, X. B. fpeu- 

Tia Plato and Sheet Iron 

Almv James. 14S Union. N li. 
Bislx^ J. !;., Fairhaven 

Briftga Isaa 

B , Til 


Brvaitt P. g 

i \\\}]\. 

.;:. X. B. 

Chare Willi; 

m, Fa] 

i River 

Cook X Job 


Fall River f.\. 1). 

Crane Chari 

'8 it C( 

., I head of river) 

( unningham B. P. S: Co.. Fall River 
Fiel.l if. W.. Taunton ' 
Fiiicld Sumner, Pnwtucket 
Foster Joseph IL, Mansfield 
Hutchinson William, Taunton 
Irish .v; Towner. ( Weir Yill.JTanM'n 
Lewis Nathan, 83 \. Water, X. B. 
Lund J. P., (head of river) X» B. 
Palmer Mark It. 1's Centre, " 
Sailings & Kiugumn, 12o Union, X. 

B. [atoves] 
Tabor & Co. Ill Union, N\ B. 
Thompson & Leach, Attleboro" 
Tripp, Brightman & Clapp, 16 X. 

Water, \. I'.. 
Wheeler G. & G., p aun to« 
Wjkumo v Sliuh»,Att! •• :•..' 
Wjtawi & Sawyer, if> Orange, X. B. 
Wilcox T. St Son, Vail itiver [X. IL 
M'nr: William G. & Co. 11 X. Water, 
Wood, Brightiaan & Co. i; x. 

Water, X. B. 

Ford William C. Fairhaven 
Gammons A. & Co. li Elm, X. P>. 

Lawrence James, Fairhaven 
Wilson Geo. & Co., Water, c. Wal- 
nut, X. B. 

Brightman 11. N., Fall River [X. B. 
Keiupton Ezra S. r. --I Purchase, 

Umbrella ])ea.ler. 
Hopkins Samuel, 20 X. Second, X. B. 

Bliss Samuel, D irtmouth Road, X.B. 
Taber & Tobey, 48 X. Second, X.B. 
"Wilson JJ. C. 62 William, .N. B. 

Merrick John P. 39 Purchase, X. 13. 

Watch Makers. 

Almy James 1. 136 Union, X. B. 

Babbitt C. Z., Taunton 

Brownell A. P. 94 Union, X. li. 

Chase James II. 136 " " 

Davis John R., (dead of river) 

Dexter Benj. 33 Purchase, X. B. 

Falts James, 95 X. Water, " 

Gifford Elite, Fall River 

Hatch George D., Attleboro' [15. 

Jordan Stephen I>. IT Purchase, N. 

Kelley Allen, 44 S. Water, X. I?. 

KelleyE. & Son, 122 Union, <■ 

Keller Zeno, 51 Union, c. X. "Water, 
N. B. 

Pitman Benj. SO Union, X. B. 

Pitman Wni. R. 13 Purchase, X. B. 

Pitts Albert, Taunton 

Shove Stephen, Fall Itiver 
. Standish Elias E.. Taunton 
! Stevens George W . Fall iiiver 

Tiadale E. W7, Taunton 

West India Goods, 

Allen John, County, c. Wing, X. B. 
Alien Rufus, Fairhaven 
Andrews Abel, 130 di ' ll< . X. ]J. 
Andrews Christopher, 32 S. Water, 
Arnold l.ev.h L., Fall Kivcr [X. B. 
Atwood X: Dean. (\\ eir \ il.) Taunton 
Atwood G. T., Taunton 
Barker George F. J 17 ( nion, X. B. 
Barnard Louis L„ Fall Itiver 
Barrows & Corey. 30 Union. X. B. 
Bliss Jliram. Fall Civ-T 
Beotte-t'has.'lL 90 X. Second, X. B. 
llvn^r. Elijah P . Fall River 
Borden X. B. & Co., : - 
Bowen A., " 

Krackett Sewall, ' : 

Bravton David A., ' : 
Brijiirs ArtPmasJ We'xv Vi.U.)Taunt'n 
Brio's B. F., Fai'HUver 
Bronjjon II., :; [River 

Brown Farley. (X.E.P.U. 22] Fall 
Brown W. F. .X Co. 23 Union, X. B. 
Brown & Durfee. Fall River 
Brownell Isaac. 17-; Countv, N B. 
Rrowuell Pardon, Fall River 
Chace Joseph E., K [Taunton 
Clzuich II. W. & Co., (Weir Village) 
Coleman Kezekiah, 32 S. Second, 

x. b: 

Collins John, Fall Hiver 

Damon Tucker Jr., Fairhaven [B. 

Davis Howard, County, c. Allen, X. 

Denni* & Hall. ■".:» Union, X. J'.. 

D\er David, Fall BiVcr 

Kshrs G< >. w. 50;") Purehasw, N. U. 

Galligan Patrick, Taunton 

Garilner Goonre, Fall Bi^et 

Gill Til ''.. Mid lle.e. S - end, X. B. 
! Hall Uuathar. Fall Uivvr 
i Hall 1. D. ft Co. ild I ni »n, X. B. 
j Hall Nath'l B. 21GO unty, '' 
| Uamlin .X Perkins, Centre, corner 

UmncxsX. B. 
j Halhawav .1. B., Fall Pdver 
; Heath John R. . •• [X. B. 

I llirwius Luther <i. BJ4 Purchase, 
, iiit'l - Flias, IU Sixth. X. R. 
; Howl md Geo. W. So Cniun, X. B. 

Howland Reuben, 122 :. 

X. B. 
Howland Stephen, 93 Third, NT. B. 
Ffoyu 'I homas, Taunl 

In !•■;.. nd. lit i nil u Co K 

Hurl Wni . !•■ <lfoi I, i I ,..-.• . . ;, ,: 

Irish Oth SI Williai N B. 

J nuiey i»-'.'.r -i, l-.u, :, ., 

J i v Levi, •• fv. i: 

Johnson It. C. ?< E. \l. 25 S v. it .■ 

King l.. 115 X. Second, X. B. 

Tii ■-. X Co 241 ni m, X. B. 
i. a Ju. M. 1S5 Pur liaae, X. B. 
J.-i'.vn.n Perry <:.. Ken,; ton, 

I j-'U; : !•• I G< • i ge, li !. ] 

Macomber Geo. 1 Pure] -• . X. D. 
MncomberJohn, 101 Pn irhase, " 
McFarland Stephen, Kemptou, -; 
Mendall i IBs, 111 Purchase. ;; 
Mill* tr & Lovell,296 J - - ; 

Mitchell Richard, FaU River 
Xash cc Pit r^i ; . LTm, c. Sixth, X. B. 
Xve Eben Jr. 63 Union. X. B. 
XyeS. G.25 " ' " 

Xewcomb Levi & Co. 1 M< .- I 

wharf, H. B. 
Parker William G. 14 Union, X. B. 
Packard Henry S. 10 X. sixth, •• 
Paul & Godfn y, S3 W illiam, '• 
PetteyJ. B., Fall River 
Pcttey & Adams, Fall Liver 
Pierce Chase R-, Taunton [B. 

i' ; tter : Mi hur cc Co . Ken | : :,."x. 
liand S amuel '.'.. Fairii •• i 
Reed William, Taunton [w c . X. B. 
Scabury A. ET. & Co. 3 Merchants' 
SeaburyJohn W.. Taunton 
Shaw Edwin, Fall River 
Shaw Job L. 2-2 1 .) Purciiase. X. B. 
Sherman Isaac (.'. 19 Bedford, S . B. 
Smith Horatio, 39 Middle, 
Smith Jesse B., Taunton 
Sno ■ S. W. & ( o. 35 l nion. X. B. 
Staples Benjamin F., ] uhti i 
Stoil lard JToah, Fair': • r< 6 
Sullivan P. It., Fall River 
Taber B. X Son, 1 1'. int) Fai i i 
'i hompson & Co. 3ti 3. Wi tor, X. 15. 
Terry Isaac F. Countv, c. Smith, ■• 
Tohey Franklin. 150 Union, X. B. 
1 ripp Hervey. Fairhaven ',' B. 

Turner C. K. & C, (Peiry's 
Union Stare, Xo. S7. — Uillmau. cor. 

Purch.^ i, S'ewBedf rd 
I n m Store. < pp. T'lt;. 11 II, v. B. 
Union :- r n , J. W. Frost, 

Yickery C D., Fall River [X. B 
Wait Stephen X Co. S>j Pu 
Wlu'te. Ja kson X Child, Tau 
Willard Samrel, (W. VilLl I 
U ■' - Thi m .- B. 22 I -. ; h, X. B. 
William* B. F., (W. ViU.)T£trnl i 
W ins G. L. M.. Taunton 
'•' il i J. !• (Wi ir Vill.) Taunton 
V\ io-.i.v. Benjamin F., Fall River 
W, i & Brown.-ll. US Cnion, X. B. 
Woodward Calvim Taunton 
Woodward fcJ., 


Ballard .\lvan, Fall River 
Brow n & Durtee, " 
Cohl. Williim. Ditrhton 

Hatltaway llarrillai, Berkley 
Perry David, Dighton 
■-•" ■'■- .- Joshua, Dighton 
N >. : : irsh Charles, Dighton 
Warren James, (South) Dartmouth 


[See also Carriage liuilfjers.] 
Anl hony John, Somerset 
Bentlev Thnuuitf P.. S • 
P.riu ;s Charles II.. Norton 
Carp ater S) Ivan us, S«! 
i 'I irk James, Freetown 
!'• .- in 1 1 Isiiac. Barti i 
i" !ike Charlies A . 'J'auntoti 



Gifford Ocorge II., Weatport 
ifortun Stephen L., Rehoboth 
llovrerd Ansel, Taunton 
Macomber Daniel, Dartmouth 

I cace 8., Kaynham 
Uahmir .1. W., Dighton 
i : ••. , John, Freetown 
Pierce Howlaud, Freetown 
land Nathan, Taunton 
Rounds Stephen M., Swanzey 
<iu,w Otis, Dartmouth 
Staples Sajw'l, (South) Dartmouth 
Staples Sam'l Jr. " " 

Still Win. X. 144 Purchase, N. B. 
Thompson Jeremiah T., Wt.stport 
Thurston Samuel, Fall River 
Waldron Fliram, Taunton 
Waldron 1". II., Dighton 
Washburn John, VVestport 
White HoldenJr., Westport 
Winn Marcena, Scekonk 

Wines and Liquors. 
Ashley T. & (Jo 3SJ S. Water, X. [I 
Cahlea (i. 


Boa-worth A..'. (^Vi irVill.l T i n\ 
Packard Henry s. 15 N. Sixth, N. i: 

Wool Carders. 
Cummin ^ & 51 tecmber, VVestport 
LiurnLn Seneca, Xorton 


Anchors. — Theodore Dean, Kaynlian 
Baskets {rnanuf.). — White & Co ik 

Bobbins {wianuf.). — N. P. Town 

Pawtucket. [Pawrucke 

Blacking [manvf.). — Edwin Leach 
Daguerreotype Alateria'.s. — Holme: 

& Co., Attlehoro 1 

Faucets.— CifTord, I I 
Pali River [ t I 

Gun Manufactory.- <■■ o i 

II U <;>; '. T i .' / a I 

Gilford, \\ i 
Ia ..,•.;. ,. i .. / 

X. It & T. & T. B. R. I: . . 

M ■ • 
1'. ti*sinn fUtu and Prut 

Po:a*h [manuf.).—ll. V. I 

Co. Offire. !.'. \. u iti .. n 
Jlu!'' Maker. — Anthony GiJ rd, 

Shoe Knh'fs [manuf.).—- 31 

Futt .i. Mai 
Shuttles.— W. Bl.iekman & Sons, 

Altli horo' [W< 

Spoke Maker.— George H. Gilford, 
&"{<m« !'.V;/f7- Prmpi avl Pipts.— 

!:. 0. & C. Chace, Somerset 
Violins and Bass Viols.— V 5 


from }> 
the jur 
lSol). / 

6W G 

l 164 

is die 


Martha's Vineyard, Chappequiddiek, Elizabeth Islands, and Noman's Land; lying south 
table County, containing about 130 square miles. These islands were discovered by Bar- 
losnold in 1602. 

Vineyard was first settled by whites at Edgartown in 164). 

i to 1564, these islands wefe under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts; afterwards under 
tion of Mew York for some twenty years. In 169o, Dukes County was reincorporated. 
town is Edgartown, containing in 1'SiO, a population of 1736, and in 18o0, a pop ila'tion of 
two other towns of the County are. Ghihnark,— ■ population in 1S40, 702; population in 
-andTisbury, population in 1840, 1520; in 1S50, IS03. There is one newspaper in the 
nted at Edgartown, called the "Vineyard Gazette.'' It is a weekly journal, edited by E. 
Terms, ^1.00 per year. 


Justices of the Peace. 
ChilmarTc, Smith Mayhew, W. W. Swain, Sam'l 

Jwke of Probate, Then. G. Mayhew, Edgartown. * \ '"• oam ' - ' a 3 :; ' ;v '> NX • u • wain . ^'* ' 

Register of Probate, Barnard C. Marchant, do. •* '*". uC "" T TT _ . • , ,, , 

Clerk of the Courts] Daniel Fellows, do. J^ff 01 ^' **™* H. Bertie .Henry A Coffin, 

Register of Deeds fosiah H Smith do David Davis. Hiram Jernegan, Harrison P. May- 

Couniy Treasurer^ Frederick BaylieV, do! ^ w > ^ ^ ;V : V V ' J °? P K ? !:l >' h <A' ' 

Crier of Courts, Samuel S. Bajriett. t: V;''V ;i V. 1 \)^ c „ nt ' Hcbron ^ mcent - J ,hn 

Jrtiler. Samuel S. Daggett. 

^Sheriff, Isaiah L>. Pease, K'\ r :zrtoiC>i. 
B^mty Sheriffs. 

ChilmarTc, Thomas ii. Lumbert. 

Tisbury, Jonathan Luce, Jr. 

r> . ; j. n * u i -i * if- / t- j . r,^ ( i in ChUmark, Tristram Allen, Jr., Sam'l Flanders. 

frtfmU p «rt hpldenat lies* lisbury, on the jfrjartoicn, James H. Beetle, David Davis, Dan- 
wu.u ...onoay o; January iol Fellows, Joseph Mavhew, Theo. G. Mayhew, 

At Holmes s hole, on the third Mondav oi Amu. ■ <; „ „. v - • - i - ,,. ,, T , .....,- 

,. t, , . »u *.i ■ i At i ' q \ i,. rtoiiaw Morris, Joseph 1. I ease, J ohn W aigut. 

At haqartoicn, on the third Mondays oi Jul\ ... • t , ■ -,-. , ' T . T . ,-• . 

„. . r , » ' iisbury, George Dunham. Jonn Holmes, Asa 

Waijrht, Archibald Mellen. 

Tisbury, Charles G. Athearn, Bartlett Allen, 
Tiionr .s Bradlee, A\':n. A. Mayhew, Alfred Nor- 
ton, N^"m. S. Vincent, Charles Smith. 

Notaries Public. 

and October. 

County Com m ission ers. 

Hermon Vincent, Chit/nark, Chairman ; ii 
miah Pease, Edcjartoicn. 

Times of Meeting. — At Edgarioiim, on the Wed- | 
nesday next after the third Monday in May, and on j 
the Wednesday nest after the second Monday in j 
November. j 

Commissioner in Charge of Indians in Dtikes Co. ['■„•*. . f.dgastown. 

ip.-iH. tv,-,,**, /.-/A,.',,,., S ectmen. Assessors, and ucerseei's of Poor. — 

J.ea\jtc inaxter, Lit, arloicn. T . T , > P r, „ . -: ,, 

John Vinson, Joseph I . I ease, Benjamin Davis. 


Chilnui ':, William Mayhew. 
Kdgartown, Samuel Kenniston. 
'i'isbury, James Cottle. 


Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Ed>nrtoicn, William P. Chadwiek, E. G. Pease, 
Ira DaTrow. 

Chi '.mark, Two*,. II. Lumbert, Ephraim Mayhevv. 

Branch Pilot 
Aaron Norton, Edgqrtoton. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
Thomas Bradlee, Thomas Cook, Theodore G. 
Mayhew, Jos. T. Pease, Jeremiah Pc se. 

Justices of the Peace arid Qttorttm. 
Edgnrtmcn, Theodore G. Mavhew, Daniel Fel- 
lows, Joseph T. Pease. 
Tilbury, John P. Norton. 

6V<?r£:--Barnard C. Marchant. 

C'olte i. ir. — David i>a\is. 

7". ■ ■'■;•<■■ r. — John Vinson. 

Constables.— S. L. Pease, Archibald Mellen, Ed- 
w ird M. J ' irlando P. D .'. is, 


School Comfi ■'■ /. — Harrison P. Mayhew, A - 
bron Vincent, Constant Norton. 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of Poor. — 
Thos. Barrows, Bartlett Mayhew, lidmuud Cottle. 
Clerk.— J. D. Rotch. 
Treasurer. — Henry Bradley. 



Constables,— Matt. N. Butler. James 1). Peakes. I Clerk— Josiah Tilton. 
School Committee. — Wm. Stow, Davis Cottle, ZV«wttr«\ — Smith Mayhew. 

Constable. — ©sborn K. Tilton. 
School Committee. — Ephraim Mayhew, Jr., Chs. 
Weeks, George \V. Stewart. 

Win. 11. Lu 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of Poor. — 
Smith Mayhew, Samuel T. Hancock, Ephraim 
Mayhew, Jr. 


Brown Moses, Tisbury 

JOUCS K. K., " 

Luce William 11 . (M est) Tisbury 
Buggies NatlianieL, Tisbury 


Dunham George, Tisbury 
Meilen Archibald, Edgartown 1)., Tisbury 
Pease Isaiah I>., Edgurtowa 
Skate Charles H , 

Cornell G. T., Edgartown 


Baxter , Tisbnry 

Chadwick William P., Edgartown 

Dunham Charles P., " 

Look Charles C, Tisbury 
Loveli T. B.,(West) Tisbury 

lloul stone A. J., 1, u 


Cleavelaod William, Tisbnry 
Dunham Jos., Edgartown Uriah., " 

Pease Isaiah .-Jr., " 
Smith David, Tisbury 

Boot and Shoe Dealers, 
f Heald William, (West) Tisbury 
Luce Timothy, " 

Stuart Zahnon, Edgartown 
Vinson William, " 

Root and Shoo Makers. 

Bransconib 0. P., Tisbnry 
CrowellJ., " 

Heafcl Win., {Went) " 
Ileald /.. N., ,: 

Luce Leander, (West) " 
Luce Timothy, " 

Stuart Zalmon, Edgartown 

Cabinet Makers. 

Peakes James !>., Tisbury 
Pea** Henry, Edgartown 
Pent Francis, K 


Baylies Edgar M., Edgartown 
Coffin Sirson P., ' " 

Dunham Edward "., tc 
llowland J. W., Tisbury 
Look Davis, (West) Tisbury 
Pease Daniel 0., Edgartown 
Pease Samuel N., ( West) Tisbury 
Ripley Henry J., Edgartown 
Robinson Jnhn F., Tisbury 
Robinson William] « 
Vincent Moses C. ? Chihnark 
Vincent Samuel G., Edgartown 


Crocker Ch o. r, . | v..} i; i . rv .rfown 
Ocmond l: ijah, [C. V.] Chilmark 
Slater Thomas, [M. ]■: j Chilmark 
Stearns George \l ., [M. K J TL-:bury 
Stow William, fD. ] 
Titus Charles H., [M. EJEdgartown 

Commission Merchants. 
Jennings E. W., Edgartown 
Osborne Samuel Jr., " 

Shuto Charles II.. " 


Cummlnga William, Edgartown 


Barney Charles K.. Edgartown 
Butler Tristram, " 

Smith S. D., Tisbury 


Mayhew T. G., Edgartown 
Thaxter Leavitt, " 

Dillingham J. 1L, Edgartown 

Cummings Yvilliam, Edgartowu 
Pease Benj. F., 44 

Vinson William, " 

'.Furniture, &,c. 
Simpson James B., Edgartown 

Grist Mills. 
Athaara P. D., Tisbury 
Look Hannah, " 
Norton C, " 

Mayhew H. P., Edgartown 
Mayhew Joseph, •' 
Ny« Francis, Chilmark 
Iluxford William, Edgartown 
Thaxtcr Leavitt, 
Tilton Samuel, Chilmark 

Dry Goods. 
Adams Martha, Chilmark 
Barrows Peleg, Tisbury 
Bavlies Fred-, Edgartown 
Baylies John A., " 
Bradley Thomas & Sons, Tisbarj 
CoJSn Henry A., Edgartown 
Cofiin Jared U ., •' 

Crocker W. & Co., Tisbury 
Fisher & Coffin, Edgartown 
.M ay hew Ephraim, Chi Imark 
Munroe William 11., Edgartown 
Worth Benj., Edgartown 

Chadwkk William P., E Igartown 

Hats, Caps, &,c. 
Coomb?. James M., Edgartown 

Insurance Agenl. 

Pease S. L., Edgartown 

Livery Stable. 
Baylies & Pease, Edgartown 


Coffin Thomas M., Edgartown 
Harrow Ira, 

Dunham & Baj lies, u 
llowland J. W , Tisbury 

Tycsquiri Mills, Thomas Cradley, 
proprietor, [cotton and wool, ker- 
seys and satinets j l isbury 

Masons, &■©. 

Coffin Ki ti.-i.rd VV., Edgartown 
Coffin Thomas, 
Coffin Thomas Jr., " 
Iluxford 1!. D., " . 

Merry William, Tisbury 

Millinery, &-C. 
Humphrey Fid< !;••., Tisbury 
Norton Carolin< . I. i ;artown 
ParlowJane, Tisbury 


Cornell E. G., Edgartown 
Fish Jauii -, :£ 

Nye Hiram, Tisbury 


Brown Moses, Tisbury 
J.mes It. K., - : 

Lucas 1 v. , .■ j II., Ei Igartown 
Luce William II., (W.) Ti3bury 
Pierce John, Edgartown 
llugglos Nathaniel, Tisbury 
Shiverkk C. F., Edgartown 


Marchant Edgar, Edgartown 

Public IIoussj. 
Gibbs Andrew, Edgartown 
GiEJbrd John, Chilmark 
West Leander, Tisbury 

Pump and Elock Maker 

Kclley Joseph V., Edgartown 

Pease M"ii!i;im A., " 

Collins Pal 
Godfred A) 


cy, Edgartowu 
(Ut, " ,; 

hro, " 

Sail Makers. 

Marchant P. II., Edgartown 
Mayhew J. S , %i 


i.'m.}u)(a\ J. C., Tisbury 
NyeBenj., " 

Spar Makers. 

Cannon J. C, Tisbnry 
Cofiin John, Edgarto\vn. 

bioh'-y Jos) [>h, Edgartown 

Sperm Oil. 

Impn'tsrs and MnnvfczinTers. 
Fisher Daniel, Edgartown 
(iorhain Josiah, M 

Tailors and Drapers, 
Andn ws J. K.. Tisbury 
A'/.: >t,\ Abraham, Tisbury 
Fisher & Coffin, Edgartown 

Cottle Charles, Tisbury 

Tin Plate and Sheet Iren 

<"• leman Rol ert, Ed rartown 
Barrows Polcg, Tisbury 

Pease Itcnry, Edgartown 
Pease William A., " 
KeUey Joseph V., " 

West India Goods. 
Rarrows Pclcg, Tisbury 
Kavlics .v Dunham, Edgartown 
Bradley Edmund, 


I,- . u v Thomas & Sons, Tisbuij 
It lU iii (hibcrt, i4 

C rtrland Ralph, Edgartown 
OioveUudSeth, " 

<>,.. ';, r W. & Co M Tisbury 
itorham & Hillman, (W.) lisbury 
H aid '/• N-, 

|,uce H iiliani C, 

Way hew Kphraitn, Chilmark 

Maj fiew William A.,(West)Tisbury 

Marchant C. Ih, Edgartown 

Pease E. 0. & J. II., Edgartown 
I'i.. e .lohn A., » 

Shate Charles ii , <: 

Smith Kilborn, u 

Week3 William, " 


Barrows '1 tu mim, Ti: bury 
Luce William C, " 
fc'isher !»., Rdgartown 
MayhewJos, " 
Morse S., " 

Norton <i , K / - U .»u 
Osborn A , 


Pease Henry, Bdgartown 

Wood £ud Coal. 
Dozron ; . :■-.'• ,wj, 
Milton & Ki UYy, •• 

Wool Carder. 
Bradley Thomas, Tisbory 


Was incorporated May iOth, 1613, and is more densely settled than any tract of its size iu the 
United States. 

Its extensive seaooast has numerous bays, inlc' 
industry of its citizens have long been celebrated, 
number of square miles, 400 ; population to a squc. 
of towns, 30; population to a square mile, 323. 

Shire towns, Salem, Newburyport and Ipswich. 

'ts and harbors, and the commercial enterprise and 

Population in 1810, 9i, ( J87; number of towns, 28; 

ire mile, 237. Population in 1850, 131,307 ; number 


Judge of Probate, Daniel A. White, Salem. 
Reg. of Probate, Edwin Lawrence, Nexcburyport. 
Clerk of Courts, Asahei Huntington, Salem. 
Register of Deeds, Ephraim Brown, Jr., Salem. 
Coxmty 'Prcasxtrer. Dan Weed, Lawrence. 
Crier of Courts , Theodore Andrews, Ip^icich. 
Jailers, Ira Worcester, Ipswich ; John Aker- 
tan, Newlmryp&rt - Moses Hill, Salem. 
Keeper of the House of Correction, Ira Worcester. 
Sheriff, 'Frederick Robinson, Marbiehsad. 


es > 

iy Sheriffs. 


'jury, I oh a I 

i d 

13. Merrill. 


•er {North, 

i y 

oody Bridges. 


r rs, Stephe 

a I 

pton, Willia 

-a W 




etmrn, Otis 




bad, Edwa 


C. Peabodv, 


Mil, Jacob 
•A John D 


. c 



Charles M 



nice, josep 

l !S 

F. Gage, Cha- 

;. W. 





ehead, Adonir 

am C. Urne. 


iryport, Jo 


Akerman, CI 

1.8. P< 




art, Henry 




V, Garham 




, Nehcmial 

i B 

rown, Henry 



Probed- Court, holden 
day in February, (North 
day in August, (South F 

At Gloucester, third Ti 

At Haverhill, third Tu 

At Ipst&ich, first Tuesi 
May, June, August, September, November r;:l 

At Lawrence, second Tucs 

tXAndover second 
Farish,) and second Tucs- 
arish.) m 

iesdays in Jan. ani July. 
esdays in April and Oct. 
\ February, March 


third Tu« 

May; first Tuesday in July; third 
August; fh-t Tuesday in October; 
y in November. 

Cottn iy Co m m iss ion ers . 
AsaW. Wildes, Newburyport, Chairman; John 
I. Palter, Beverly; Lcr.j. Mudge, Lynn. 

Special Commissioners. 

Lewis Allen, Dancers ■ Wm, Poole, Roekport. 
Times a,.! Places of Meeting. 

At Ipswich, on the second Tuesday of April. 

Salem, on the second Tuesday of July. 

Newburyport, on the second Tuesday of October. 

On the" iourth Tuesday- of December, at Sa 
Neicburyport, or Ipswich, as the Court may deter- 
mine at the term next preceding. 

At Lawrence, on the last Tuesday of August. 



Com nit ', :■ rs of Wrecks, 
tcr, J >an Robinson. 
•':, 'i he j lore Andrews, Stephen Bake] 



loses Parsonj, Jr. 

me and Dec. 
first Tuesdays 

following first Tues 

At l$nn, Wednesdays following 
in January and Jul v. 

AtMarblehead, WeSnesda 
days in April and October. 

At Newburyport, last Tuesdays in March, June, 
September and December. 

At yalcm, in January ; third Tues- 
day in February; first Tuesday in April; third 

*Tho oflice of tha Clerk of the Courts « ia the Court 
House, Salem, seeoad roora on the eight. 

'I'fj-i Registry of Doeds is ia thj Court EIocEe, Salem, 
third room ou the right. 

l"he County 'Jfreasurer'a cITlce, and the Probate Office, 
re ia Ipswich^ eleven mites from Salem by the F stern 
Railroad. The Probate Courts in &dcra, are heldinthe 
Court ito'jin. 

are ia Ij 

I Court Ito 

Gloucester, Daniel S. SVebber, ' 
Marbl hexd, Peter Dixey, Jr. 
Ntixeburypori, Mayo Gems h, Joseph Lunt, Ben- 
jamin Iiunt, Wm. Lunt, Wm. T. Colby, Jo^ ph 

Som ?rby. 

Salem, Joseph Perkins, I. Perry, Francis S. 
Wallis S. A. Porter. 

'Salt ' ry, Thomas Young. 

Gl ■ :" ', Charles P. Wood. 

C 'nmissioners to $ 'if Civil Officers, 
Asa Andrews, Nathan W. Hazen, Wm. B. Ban- 
cister, John Cook, James II. Duncan. Wil 
LT- Ti. Charie: U. Hall, N. W. Harmon, G 
Hodges,/ . '■ I Iluntii jton, John Hooper, Chas. 
Kimbal!, John G. iviur. Rufus Longley, IS 
To; 1, Jr., Samuel Mi .-. : ... : tephon Minot, Lonson 
N'ash, Mose^ Petting* SI, John Porter, John Punch- 
rdj L! • Ra ! ui \'. l! ; '".i L'aKgart, Samu IS. 
Jo ui Tci •. v. C h irl< : V, hite, ^ miel A. 
\ ..'... >--..■ White, George Wilson, George 
V ..- Aland, lit .-ry Whipple. 

J of the Pea eand Quorum. 

. ').'. '■;.'' - • ' 

Andover, Samuel b'arrar, Nathan W. H - 
Samuel Merrill, Mark Newman, Hobart Clark 

Beverly, Franklin Dexter, Robert Rantoul, R - 
ert Rantoul, Jr. 

Ba\ rs, J'.i.v. Vi . Procl >r, Jos. Shed. 

Essex, David Choate. 




Gloucester, V/;n. Ferson, Lonson Nash, Henry 
Phelps, Wm. Saville, Joshua P. Trask. 

Groveland, George Savary, Jeremiah Spollbrd. 

Haverhill, J. H. Duncan, Chas. B. Hall, Alfred 
Kittrcdge, Stephen Miuot, Mioses Wingate, Chas. 

Ipjtcich, Josiah Caldwell, Win. Conant, Charles 
Kimball, Nathaniel Lord, Jr. 

Laierence, Nathan W. Harmon, Dan Weed, 
Nath'l White. 

Lvnti, Isaac Brown, George Hood, Benjamin F. 
Madge, Asa T. Newhall, Thomas B. Newhall, Jer. 
C. Sticknejr. 

Marbiehead, William Fabeng. 

Methuen, John Tenney. 

Newbury t Daniel Adams, 

j Hamilton, Oliver 8. Cressy, Temph I 

j Allen W. Dodge, Joseph Knowlton, >> • 

i Levering, Asa Smith. 

Ipswich, Asa Andrews, Timothy Applet »n, A 
Cogswell, (ills rt Conant, Geo. Haskell, . 

; Kimball, George K. I ord, Timothy P. llo . . 

; Wallw, Aaahel H. Wildes*. 

iMwretice, linoch Bartl tt, Geo. W. Benson, A. 

! A. Blanchard, Benj. Bordraan, George P. 1' 
Charles 11. Bigelow, George D. Cabot, P< 
Chase, Albert P. Clark, .1. "!•'. Clark, Jos Couch, 
Robert Cross, Andrew Foster, Nathan W. 
mon, Leonard Iloyt, Wm. M. Kimball, Charl 
Newell, C. G. Newton, 11. K. Oliver, Da 
devs, Daniel Saunders, Jr., Charles S. 
Ivan Stevens, Thomas A. Parsons, V\ m. Steven: , 

Nnr bury port, Horace Bickford, John Cock, Ca- B. F. Watson, Nath'l White, N. G. White, Thos 

leb Cushing, Henry W. Kinsman, Stephen W. 
Marston, John Merrill, Ebenezer Moseley, Moses 
Pettingell, Edward P. Rand, Edward S. Rand, 
Geo. Titcomb, Asa W. Wildes. 

Salem, Benj. F. Brown, Joseph S. Cabot, Ralph 
H. French, Frederick Howes, John G. Kino;, Eli- 
sha Mack, E. F. Miller, Stephen C. Phillips, Ste- 
phen H. Phillips, John Punchard, "David Roberts, 
Nathaniel Silsbee, Larkin Thorndike, Stephen P. 
Webb, Daniel A. White, Joseph G. Waters. 

Topsjkld, Royal A. Merriam. 

Wetiham, Edmund Kind all. 

West Newbury., John Moody, Moses Newell, 
Dean Robinson. 

Justices of (he Feci ce. 

Ameslury, Lowell Bagley, Win. C. Finney, 
Joshua Colby, Amos Currier, David French, War. 
H. Haskell, Joseph Merrill, Jr.., Jonathan Morrill, 
John S. Morse, Wm, Nichols, Jonathan Nason. 
Robert Patten, Patten Sargent. 

Andover, Amos Abbott, JedcdiahH. Barker, Jed- 
ediah Burt, Isaac Carruth, Herman P. Chandler, 
Francis Cogswell, Moses Foster; Jr., Enoch Five, 
3d, John C. Farnham, John Flint, Abr. J. Gould, 
Samuel Gray, George Hodges, Jasi M. Hubbard, 

, Jr., Isaac 0. 
Pierce, James 

ns Baker, F. W. 
tor, J. K. Qber, 
Dims. Stephens, 

Samuel Johnson, Wm. Johnson 
Boring, Henry Osgood, Win. 

Beverly, John I. Baker, Stephe 
Cnoate, Charl i Davis Hez,'Fof 
John Porter, Edw. Pousiami, 
Thomas Stephens. 

Boxford, M. Dorman, Jr., Solomon 
W. Sawyer. 

Bradford, Geo. Cogswell, Benj. Greenleaf, Jos. 
Bali, Edm. Kimball, Elipbalet Kimball. 

Danvers, Alfred A. Abbott, Lewis Allen, Moses 
Bla/tk, Jr., Asa Gardner, Alfred Fellows, Ebenezer 
Hunt, Andrew Nichi 
Osborne, George Os 

C. Perkins, Israel Porter, Fitch Pool, T\ Putnam 
E. Sutton, Stepln-n Upton. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins, Jr., A. L. Burnhom. 

Georgetown, Paul Doane, Jeremiah P. Jones 
Jeremiah Russell, Charles S. Tenney. 

Gloucester, John J. P.abson, Theo. Herrick 
Gideon Lane, John W. Lowe, Nath'l Pi rree. Al- 

Lowe. Geo. 

s, Chas. Northend, Georg 
ood, Joseph Osgood, B 


Lynn, James Babb, Daniel C. Baker, Wil 
Bassett, Andrews Breed, Isaac Breed, i 
Breed, Isaac Brown, Oliver B. Coolidge, Edward 
S. Davis, George Foster, John Hilton, Nath'l In- 
galls, Jr., Lewis Josselyn, Welcome W. Johi 
Aaron Lummus, Alonzo Lewis, Thomas J. M 
Benj. Mudge, Ezra W. Mudge, Benj. F. Mudge, 
Asa T. Newhall, Jr., Francis S. Newhall, James 
R. 'Newhall, Josiah Newhall, Dean Peabody, Daniel 
Pcrley, Francis Porter, Robert M. Richardson, 
Amos Rhoades, Jos. N. Sanderson. 

Xynnfield, J. Hewes, Andrew Mansfield, Josiah 
Newhall, Geo. F. Whittredge. 

Manchester, John P. Allen, Jos. Hooper, Benj. 
Leach, 2d. 

Marbiehead, Samuel Bowdoin, Samuel Goodwin, 
James Gregory, William Hanks, John G. Hooper, 
Joshua Prentiss, John Sparhawk, Jr., Joseph P. 

Methuen, Stephen Barker, Jos. W. Carlton, John 
Davis. Jos. How, Jos. F. Ingalls, John Low, Jo- 
siah G. White. 

Middleton, Ebenezer S. Phelps, Reuei A.Phelps. 

Ncirhury. Richard Adams, David S. Galm 
Joshua Coffin, Joseph Little, Daniel Noyes, Sam- 
uel Poor, Jr. 

Neioburyport, Daniel 1). Akerman, Jacob Atkin- 
son, Charles 11. Balch, Wm. B. Bannister, Hor. 
Bickford. Wm. Bradstreet, Daniel Coleman, Tris- 
tram Collin, Jr., Jer. Coleman, Solcroou li. Currier, 
Geo. L. C.icy, Wm. Davis, Thos. Davis, Caas. C. 
Dame, Henrv Frotkingham, Nathaniel l osti r, 
Jos. G. Gerris'h, Benj. W. Dale, John llarrod, Ja- 
cob Horton, Nathaniel Hills, Stephen Jackman, 
Eieazer Johnson, 3d, Josiah Little, Mjses Little, 
Nathaniel. Little, Edwin Lawrence, Micajah Luut, 
Orlando P.. Merrill, Andrew \\ . Miltimpre, W. A. 
Marston, Edward S. Mosely, Plumer, John 
Samuel Phillips, Edmund Smith, Wi I m 
Stover, Eben F. Stone, John 15. Swasey, E. T. 

il>- ./.,;, James Dennison, George D. Hale, Jas. 
Haskell, Joseph B. Manning, Wm. Pool, William 

Roirh-y, Richard Herbert, Thomas E. Pavson, 
Edw. Todd. 

Nat:.. K. Allen, Joseph Andrews, Nath 

fred Pressqsn, Leonard J. Pressor,, Joseph Rev- Appleton, John Ba 11, Benjamin Barstow ', Robert 
nolds, Charles Sawyer. Jr., John Webber, Samuel : Brookhouse Neh. Brown. Neh. Brown Jr., ph. 
L. Young. Brown, Jr., Johu l.Burnham, Oliver Caxltoi 

GroveinuA \v^ q r>..i,i. «»„ i-r ..;?,,.,.., m PF. Gheever, Geo. F. Choate, Joseph Cioutman, 

GroveSnd,y^ta. S. Balch, Geo. Hudson, NatiPP 1' • Ckcever, Geo. F. Choate, Joseph Cioutman, 
Ladd, Benj. J'arker, Amos Parker, J. W. Reed, H°ra. • < >lly, E Hersey Derby, Humphre, 
Geo. Sav.ny, Jeremiah Spofford. | Deverei c, • 

Haverhill, John Btickett, Wtu. Caldwell 

K Chase, U. h.S. Chase, Jesse Clement, Fph. 
Corliss, John R. Easierbrooks, Orenzo T. Emer- 
son, M. G. J. Emery, James Gap, Samuel E. 
Greenleaf, E. J. M. Hale, Ensign S. Ilunkins, 
Chas. B. Hall, Isaac It. Howe, Nathaniel S. Howe, 
Thos. M. Hay™, Jlufus Lonqloy, Moses Merrill, 
John James Marsh, Wm. Xaggart, Thos. West, 
Chas. White. 

i d-ii ott, Wm. IP Po 5 ur, Daniel P. Grosvenor, Ja- 
cab Hood, Hen. L. Lambert, -\a th. J. Lord, Otis 

! 1*. Lord,, Thomas Needham, Abijah Northey, J< hu 

I II. Nichols, Wm. D. Northend, Joseph P. P. Os- 
good,. Francis Peabody, George Peabodv, Robert 
Peele, Juirus W. Perry, David Pingrce, Thomas P. 
Pingree, David Putnam, Perley Putnam, David 
Roberts, Augustus D.Rogers, Jnl^u ltussel 

jiael D. Shepherd, George IP Smith, Joseph G. 


SpraRue, Wm. Sutton. Augustus Story, John W. 
Tread well i Charles W. Upham, Nathaniel West, 
George Wheatland, Henry Whipple-, Jonathan 1 . 

Salisbury, Wm. Carrnthers, Thomas L Clark, 
Cyrus Dearborn, John Evans, Dudley Evans, Benj. 
hi. Fifleld, Enoch Fowler, Elias L-'rench, Daniel 
M. Gerrish, Timothy S. Morrill, George Turner, 
A/or 0. Webster, Daniel Webster. 

Sauqiis, Wm. H. Boardman, Wm. W. Board- 
man, Benj. F. Newhall. 

Topsfield, J03. W. Batchelder, Nelson Bodwell,' 
William N. Cleaveland, Zaccheus Gould, Andrew 
Gould, Charles 11. Holmes, John G. Hood, Joel 
Lake. : - - - ■> 

H r «iAflw, Andrew Dodge, Nich. Dodge, Moses 
Poster, Edmund Kimball, John Porter. 

[Vest Newbury, John C. Carr, Eliph. Emery, 
George Emery, Edm. Hills, John Moody, M. 
Newhall, Thomas S. Ordway, Dean Robinson, 
Samuel Rogers. 

Notaries Public. 

Andover, Samuel Merrill,' Win. Pierce. 

Beverly, Stephen Baker, Frederick W. Choate. 

Dancers, Samuel Preston, John W. Proctor, 
Jos. Shed. 

Georgetown, George Foot, Jeremiah Russell. - 

Gloucester, Wm. Person, Wm. Sayilie, Joshua 
P. Trask, Chas, A. Johnson. 

Haverhill, John James Marsh, Wm; Taggart, 
Charles White. 

Lawrence, Benj. Boardman, N. W. Harmon, 
Dan Weed, Nathaniel G.Whit?. 

Marblehead, Samuel Bowdejii, Wrm Faheris, Jas. 

Lynn, Edward S. Davis, James II. Newhall, Benj. 
Oliver, A.uos llhoades. 

Newburyport, William Bradstreet, John Cook, 
Kath. Foster, Samuel Phillips, John Porter, Wm. 
Stover, John B. Swasev, Asa \V. Wildes-.' ' ' 

Hotkport, J<inu>s Haskell. 
' Salem, Oliver Carlton. Joseph Cfoutroan, Eph. 
F. Miller, Jos. F. B. ' Osgood, John Puncharu, 
John Russell, Lurkin Thorndlke, Jos. G. Waters, 
Stephen 1'. Webb. 

Salisbury, Henry F. Brcwn, Gcorje Turner. ' 


Ami-sbury, Jonathan Morrill. 

Andover, Joseph Rice. 

Bradford*, Jonathan Kimball, Jr. " -•" 

Danvers, William Walcott. . 

F.ssex, Caleb CoggswelL r ■' 

Gvo, yeloicji, Charles S. Tenner. 

Gloucester, William Person. 
' Grovdand, Nathaniel H. Griffith. 

Havcr/uil, Trueman M. Martyn.' 

Ipswich, Theodore Andrew*, Stephen Baker, Jr. 

Lynn, Hiram N. Breed, Plumer Chesley, Wm. 
Hboades, Eleazer C. Eichardson, Sarnusl Vial. 

Lain ence, Julius H, Morse. 

Marblehead, Samuel Bowden, James Gregory. 

Neicbury, Orlando B. Merrill. . 

Newbury port, Jul a Cook, Jr. 

H 'est Nctrbury, John Moody. 

Salem, Nehemiah Brown, N. D. Symonds, Win. 

Salisbury, Edward Dorr, Elias French. 

Tonsfuld, Richard Phillips, Jr. 



Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
William J. Boardman, William Nichols, Moses 

Clerk,— Joseph Merrill, Jr. 

Pre isurer and Collector. — Daniel Worthen, 

Constables.— Enoth. Currier, John Howell. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, nml As$t isors. — 
Hen. Osgood, Joseph Ltice, i'. P. Pillsbury, 
Chickcring, Benj. I'. Jenkins. 

Clerk. — Henry Osgo id. 

Treasurer. — Samuel Johnson. 

Collectors — Moody Bri tge ,< I arles Abbott, Jo- 
nas Holt, Jacob S. I'm b . 

Constables. — M. Bridges, Chas. Pray, Abral 
Foster, A. N. P.ean, James I'. Burnhain, Johu T. 

B£V£RJ Y. 

Selectmen.— William II. Lovett, John I. Bato .-. 
Haskett D. Whitney, Joseph E. Ober, Andre 1 

■Overseers of Poor. — Robert Kantoul, John S ."• 
ford, Stephen Baker, Henry Lorcom, S...D. G. 

Assessors, — John Porter, Francis Lamson, James 
B. Hill, Samuel Foster, Jeifcrson Perry. 
Clerk.— John I. Baker. 
Treasurer. — Robert G. Bennett. 
Constable and Collector. — Jacob Lunt. 


'Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, arid Assessors. — W. 
II. Cole, Ansel Dorman, Bonj. S. Barnes. 
Clerk.— John F. Kimball. 
Trcasurerand Collector. — John Brown. 
Constables. — Geo. Perley, Jonathan J. Port rj 
John F. Kimball. , . 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Joseph Hall, 
Ga^e Day, A. Gilmore. 
[•■ Assessors. — Richard Hazeltine, Jacob Kiral 
j Samuel Jenkins. 
J Clerk.— Daniel Fitts. 
I Treasurer and Collector. — Alfred Taylor. . 
Constable. — William Tenney. 


Selectman and Assessors. — Lewis Allen, Ricl i ! 
Osborne, Samuel Preston, Kendall Osborne, Fr m- 
cis Dodge, 

Overseers of Poor. — Wingate Merrill, Levi Pres- 
ton. Ebi n fr". B 'rry. •• ■'._ 

Collector. — William Wolcott. 

Clerk — Joseph Shed. 

Treasw er.—l 'r ■- ;is 1! iker. 

Constables — William Wolcott, Andrew Torr, 
Morris 0. Obey, Elijah Pope, Benj. Upton. P. R. 
Basfordi Thomas Bower.. 

; iSEX. 

Selectmen and Assessors. — Caleb Cogswell, 0. 
Burnh ira, 2.1. ' mn J. Burnh'am. 

Ocerst ■ rs of Pi >or. — John Choate, William B 
ham, Sd, $ehemi ih D< I ; ;. 

< 'I-. ,-.[■ — Aaron L. Burn ham. 

"fr, nsx i <r. — ( trover Do Ige. 

Con. talit 5 - H >bert VV. Burnham, O. II. P. 
Sarg! rtt, Warren Andrews, Norman Story. 


Selectmen— John Kellam, W. H. Harriman, 
Moses W. Howe. 

Overseers of Poor.— Moody Cheney, David P. 
Hohues, Moses Spofford. 

C 'Icrk. — Otis Thompson. 

Treasurer and ColU tor. — Caleb G. Tyler. 

Constables. — E. G. Dresser, G. W. JJoyntan, 
Otis Thompson, Caleb G. Tyler. 


Selectmen and A. ors. — Wm. Person, J< 
Friend, Henry Elaskell. 

Overseers of Poor. — Blbridge D. Friend, Aaron 
D. Wells, George Norwood. 

Clerk.— Joshua P. Trask. 

T)easw-er. — T. S. Lancaster. 

Collectors. — Bartholomew Ring, Joseph Pr< 
Ira Saville, W. R. Robiuson. 

Constables. — George Lane, John Chrkc. 




Sefestmmand Assessors,— Chzrles Peabody Ell 
jah Clark, Jr., Ceo. Hudson. 

Overseers of Poor.— Pbineas Hardy, Paul Pa^ e 
Enoch II arrrmi :ai. 

Cierk. — Ira Ilqpkinsoa. 

Treasurer and Collector.— Charles G. Sayary. 

Constable. — John I. I., add. 


SefeerJnen.— Robert G. Walker, Caleb Ilersey 
Jesse Clements. _ _ J ' 

Overseers of Poor. — Jacob How. Rufus Slocomb 
Roger B.ituck. 

Assessors. — 11. G. Walker, J. B. Hoyt, WiUiara 
Mcnill, E. W. Chase, Moses Marsh ' ■ 

Clerks A. B. Jaques. .. ; -' 

• Treasurer and Collector. — A. B. Jaques. 

Constables. — Jacob How, J. Edwards W J M 
Steele, R. 11. Aver, P. kk Davis. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors.— 
John Whittredge, Bsnj. W. Patch, Geo, Nonas, Jr. 
Clerk.— Joseph Levering. 
Treasurer.—' George Appleton; 
Constables,— J. K. Davenport, Ira P.Knowlton. 

ips n re it. 
SekeinwhOvei'seers ofPoor^cmd Assessors.— John 
1). Cross, Joseph Farley, John A. Newman. 
CT«rA. 7 -Al£red Kimball. 

Treasurer and Collector. — William T. AvcrT 1 
Constables.— John Pinder, Joseph Spiller Ste- 
phen Baker, Jr. -. . 
Selertmen and Overseer* of Poor.- — Wm. Rk Pa"e 
Levi Sprague, James Norm. 
Assessors.— Bq& Osgood, Elisha Williams H T ' 
, Chandler. * ■ ■ ' 

Clerk.— G. W. Benson, 
j Treasurer and Collector.- -G. W. Sanborn. 

Constables— -N. Ambrose, B. Bavilett," Moses 
| Perkins, H. L. Fuller, George W. Totter. 

£jZ*g5 C(mimon Cow ^-Joseph Br. 

" '''' ■ ■./ r.— Wn I!. | r •., 

;• ^■•-.•V 11 - Bawett. Salary, 

Philip Short, Israel Builum, Jesse L. L 
uibon Lrajje. 

c!fL^K 3ic J a V' m r J - } : ]y y*> M- D. Salary, £50. 




■ lent Umshom 

flvester Go< 

r/,;*Fv ».-»-. -.:»iu^.cr uor-tiwin. 

mlr*{$$™ ° r "'* Ve P ari ^it.-Szx^ s S\ 

City Marshal.^CzUh M. Loner. Salary, C300 
tCT* C ^»!««-— Larsons Cooke, Cha&man s 
ihcodore Attwijl, Secretary. 

. # Tfrffe.—Goa. Hon;!, j/ayor; James R. New- 
hall President oj the Common Council, ea 

v-' : ;' ,;'■ T f a ^ M. Sargent, Albert N c < I 

J} ard 3. Timothy I\ Crane. Ward 4. Philip C 

Kr.apo.Jes.lI.Hcs. Ward 5. James Cla 

| .Adams. Ward 6. Parsons Cooke. 

w £ t w ard 7l Theod °re AttwiU. Ward s' 

Walter Johnson. Ward 9. John Allen, Jr. 

''7 ( ^/.;^7' Vavd L KtewillUm Griffin., 
grfT^V, i'WiP-^Spgcr, CW; Oris I, 
; V ; lI ' lU .-fkocapson, Wm. D. Brackett, Inspectors- 



: ;. 

John Chapman, 
| Courti,, Warden ; Renj. A, Ward, "6'l7rk ; ]>,-. fi 

V tte^^SS^ ; ... 

I J /;■ ^ ]i " G - Pearson, Benj. W. Putnam, Tt i 

i v- Vf'^'ir, 7 '-- ■ : ;;''V/ ; John c - G -^. A isessor. 
t ^*rd .. Jvoland G. I. .! -• U rden; Jas I 
rv 7' r ' c ■ ■■• J»n«?s. W, Ingalls, Wm. F Parker 

iC,. Rd wards Davi , Warden; Oti . N . 
:' 7" O.Ch: IwcU, Micajah r 

{J aX }^ I ?& eetor *. ; c y™* nought 
« -'.. j i»M-aowh f ir««fe«; T] 


lynx.— 1851-2. 

l/«yw--Geo>ge Hood. Salary, S400. 

Aldermen.— Jona. Blan^ey, Jos M Fuller Oa'« 
Memtt Thomas lladdin. Jr., John B. Alley, 1 aa< 
Kewhall, Jr., John C Vom-rd, Hiram S- I 

Comwow Council.— Jamea R New] all ''.' •■ 
gsrf. Ward 1. Henry J. Thin-, Tho-s. :■ ' ne. J? 
Ward 2. Asa !,. I'rec-'l, Jacob A. Orarw ['i 
^- r -bates, John Mailev. Ward." Oliver j m 
f ard 4 Aujjustu^ If. In R al!. 3 ; Valchiii M 
Ahfter >.«whttil, Andrew K#Ht, J. m - \l I 

-— -:i„^'*' «»^»- Jeremiah C. Bacheller. 

/ i 

•' ' I " "■ Sylrci ter Oliver, 
■• ■ Bcnj. Shaw, Assessor, 
■;;? } • Johnson, Warden ; Daniel 
< ' • . Artemas Murdock 

' • ■• " • ' : : ' :*:■■'; William F 
""■ ^>"ard 9. I.- nes 51 -, H' ar ' 
1 '" '•//'-■■-. Samuel O. I 
• - ll7 -- Hardy, Inspectors; Breed 

- i . . ■ r. 


• ' - •"/'- ',.:;.■.•!■; ssors.— Jno 
• -• whali, J:.-. Danforth, Jr 
. Jr. 
^ ' — Ji u i: ft-es. 

; "■":-—::. 

—Peter Forrester, Orren Russell. 

•' Overseers of Poor — 
l ----- r Bingham, Isaac S. West. 

1 ■■' 

- rrice t Sasnuel CroweU, Rich- 

••'"- ■= ■-■r-t:: r R-.k 


' r " ■ " KT>. 

td,Hcnn Rnoper, 
. •- Peter Browni J. 

■'''", •-•• : knight, W. Sterens, 

Geo. ( - .'•■ ian, L. Gi ves Wj i. Ii U m, hrira lr 

ColU :. r.— George W. Shcpard. 



Conatahle. — John S. Atkins, John Hanson, Jr., 
Thos. Adams, Sam'] Sinclair. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — J. 
W. Carleton, Samuel H. Harris David Clark. 

Clerk, Treat., and Collector. — Josiah Dearborn. 

Constables. — John Low, Jerome Cross. 

Selectmen and Assessors. — Jonathan Eerry, Sam'l 
\V. Weston, Geo. P. Wilktns. 

Overseers of Poor. — Jeremiah Richardson, Goo. 
P. Wilkins, 'Samuel P. Richardson. 

Clerk. — Joseph A. Batchelder, 

Treasurer. — M. A. Phelps. 

Collector.— Joseph P.Gould. 

Constable. — Ezra Richardson. 


Selectmen and Assessors. — Stephen W. Little, 
David S. Caldwell, Benjamin Pearson. 

Overseers of Poor. — David S. Caldwell, Paul 
Titcomb, Joseph Little 

Clerk . — J o s h u a C o I H n . 

Treasurer and Collector. — Nathaniel Little. 

Constable. — Jeremiah C. Youncr. 


City Government 


2d Moi 

day in Dec, and 

organized 1st Monday in Jan. 

Mayor. — Caleb Cashing, 

Altiermen. — Ward 1. Thomas Huse. Ward 2. 
Philip Johnson. Ward 3. Moses Davenport. Ward 
4. Nathaniel Horton. Ward 5. John M. Cooper. 
Ward G. Joseph Roberts. 

City Clerk.— Eleazer Johnson. Salary, #300. 

Messenger. — David E. Cutter. Salary, §250'. 

Common Council. — Ebcn E.Stone, President. — 
Ward 1. Geo. W. Knight, John Woodwell, Z. P. 
Thurlo. Ward 2. Mark Symons, Rufus Smith, 
Edmund Pike. Ward 3. Isaac H. Boardman. 
Samuel T. PaySOS, Moses Hale. Ward 4. Wil- 
liam C. Batch, Philip K. Hills, Eton E. Stone. 
Ward o. George W. Hills, -Silas E. Sherman, 
Enoch G. Cuvrior. Ward C. John Currier, Jr., 
John Colby, George W. Jackman. 

Clerk Common 'Council. — Edw. Burrill. Salary, 

Treasurer and ("nil 'dor. — Jonathan Coolidge. 
Salary, >300. 

City Marihal.— James Carey. Salary. 5100. 

Constables. — J no. A kesrnran, Stephens Dockhnm, 
David K. Cutter, David Brown, Samuel CasweR. 

Assessors. — Eleazer Johnson, Daniel Grander 

Overseers of Poor.— Ward 1. Charlea W. 
land. Ward 2. Daniel Colman. Wai 
ard Stone. iVafd 4. !).■:.:.: 1'. Pike. W. ■ 
William Pritchard. Ward 6. John Col 

School C wmi/tetfc—Ward 1 I 
Ward 2. William Graves, Mark Svni'^ 
'■>,. Reuben S. Curtis, K. Campbell. Ward -1. D i I 
P. Pike, J. if Sawyer. \\ ardo. Henry W. . 
mar:, Benj. 1. Lane. Ward G. Henry Merrill, 
Jr., E. J. Grosvenor. 

Ward Officers. — Ward I. Major Go 
Warden; Matthew Merriam, Clerk ; David T. 
Woodwell, Henry A. Lander, Cutting Pettingell, 
Inspectors. Ward 2. Philip Johnson, Wan .; 
Moses II. Sargent, Clerk; Charles M. Bayley, 
George Greenleaf, Nicholas Varina, / - 

I Ward 3. NathT S. Osgood, Warden; Jos. H. 

J Bragdon, Clerk • Dan'l S. Blake, Chas. W. I' 
port, Rufus S. GrilHth, Inspectors. Ward 4. Wm. 
Thurston, Warden; Daniel Granger. Clerk ,■ Wm. 
A. Marston, John Buntin, Eleazer R. Walker, In- 
spectors. Ward 5. Edward Burrill, Warden; Jos. 
N. Mace, Clerk; William H. Brewster, Robert 
Sherman, John Newman, Inspectors. Ward 6. 
Qeorge W. Jackman, Jr. Warden; Jol.n M. 
Tukesbury, Clerk; Amos Wood, S. H. Currier, 
Dan'l T. Colman, Inspectors. 


Selectman, Overseers of Poor, and Assessor 
David Babson, Wm. Bbynton, James Mam 

CAr/l-.—Wiliir.m Pooh-'. 

Treasurer. — Addison Cult. 

Colltciors.— Thos. O. Marshall, Abraham Lur- 

Constables.— William Caldwell, Daniel S 
Samuel York, 


Selectmen and Assessors. — JohnS. Prim?, J. M. 
! Phillips. B. H. Smith, 

Overseers of Poor. — Ezckiel P. Bailey, Gorham 
Smith, David E. Perley. 

Clerk. — Thomas E. Pay son. 
Treasurer. — Thomas B. Crcssey. 
Constable. — Edward C. Smith. 

W j2B %>% 

- ! 


;n Stone. Salary, $100 


Mm ,r— David Pinjzree. Salary, £800. 
Ala'ermm. — Thomas Trask, Aaron Perkins, Na- 
thaniel Silshee, Ivi: th A. Hanson, David Huberts, 
Geoi jc L. Newcnmu. 

Conn. . Council. — Ward 1. John V 
pi , President; Ebon K. Lakeman, Lemuel B. 
[Hatch. Simon U Dalrymnle, Samuel B. \V 
franklin,'!'. Sanborn. Ward 2. Augustus Story, 
Henry B Smith, Aucustus T. Brocks. Wm. S. 
. ert , Nehemlah Brown, Jr., John C. I 
Ward 3 Nathatrel K. Allen, Andrew M 
man, John B. Shepard, John Jewett, ' 
ettengill. Salary, 550 each. Hodgdon, Timothy Ropes. Ward4. Benj.) 


Assistant Assessors .--D.m'i Coiman, Andrew W 
WhtUimorc, Moses P 



land, Joseph B. F. Osgood, Edward II. Palton, 
Edward B. Arnold, Thomas Nichols, Jr., John II. 

City CU r/c— Joseph Cloutman. Salary, 5000. 

Clerk of Common Council.- — Nathaniel Clea<ves. 
Salary,.,^ i 00. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Joscp'h Felfr. 

City Marshal. — Joseph Winn. Salary 

Cofmm&sioner of Streets — W m. Roberts. 

Messenger.— William Mansfield. Salary, 5300. 

Ward Officers. — Ward 1. Jonathan Tucker, 
Warden; Edward B. Lane, William Leavitt, As- 
sistants ; H.J. Pratt, Clerk. Ward 2. George 
Kiinbull, Warden ,- 1. 1). Shepsrd, Stephen P. 
Ives, Jr., Assistants; John Ii. Batchelder, Clerk. 
Ward 3. 11. il. Farrant, Warden; J. A. Newcomb. 
W. H. Farnkam, Assistants ; John S. Junes, Clerk. 
Ward 4. Stephen Daniels, Warden; A. Draper, 

A. Hardy, Assistants ; W. A. Purbeek, Clerk. 
Overseers of the Poor. — The Mayor ami Alder- 
men, and Messrs. Lemuel B. Hatch, Henry B. 
Smith, Nathaniel K. Allen, Edw.B. Arnold, 

Physi-cianto Alms House. — George A. Perkins. 

Chaplain. — John Cult on. 

Keeper.- — Be nj amin Sco 1 1. 

Assessors. — Jonathan Perley, Nathaniel Apple- 
ton, Jonathan Tucker. Salary, $'25'd each. 

Assistant Assessors. — G ecr^e West, William 
Goodhue, William Hunt, Thomas M. Saunders, 
Luther Upton, Nathaniel B. Mansfield, Leonard B. 
Harrington, and James Chamberlain. 

Softool Committee. — David Pingree, John Whip- 
pin, ^.r-o/lr/t', Geo. F. Brown, Thos. Cole, Geo. C. 
S. Cho ite, Joseph Chisholm, Oetavius B. 1'rothing- 
ham, Win. R. Gavett, James M. Hoppin, Stephen 

B. Ives Jr.,Wm. Kimball, Thos. 11. Lefavour, W. 
F. Nichols, Joseph H. Phippen, W. II. Prince, 
George A. Perkins, Thomas Symonds, Jr., Jona- 
than Tucker, Daniel Varuey, Henry Wheatland, 
Stephen Whlimore, Jr. 

Constables. — Nath'l D. Symonds, Joseph Winn, 
Win. Mansfield, Thos. B. Perkins, John Jeffries, 
Eara Osboru, Geocge T. Cook, Charles Creesey, 
Bradstreet Allen, Nathaniel Heed, Thomas Saul, 

I Thomas Brooks, Alfred R. Brooks, J in 
! Joel Abbott, 11. if',, 1, Gordon, A no El 
j J. P. Allen, Mo-e-j A. Shacklcy, Joseph !'■ I 
■ Joshua Postor, James Dalryraple, H. D. J 
| George P. Thomas, Joseph S. Barton. 

su.ism ry. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of P< r.— 

Thomas J. Clark, Daniel Webster, C" 
born, Jr. 

Clerk. — A /or O. Webster. 

Treasurer, Collector^ and Constable. — Cyrus Dear- 
born, Jr. 


Selectmen and Assessors. — John B. Hitcl 
Samuel Hawks, Geo. H. Sweetser. 

Overseers ofPoor.—Seth. Heaton. Thomas Tat- 
tle, William M. Newhall. 

Clerk.— Harmon Hall. 

Treasurer. — Charles Sweetser. 

Collector. — Thomas Tuttle. 

Constable. — Richard Mansfield. 


Selectmen.— John Wright, Thos. Gould, Joshua 

Overseers of Poor. — Samuel Todd, Josiah Brad- 
street, S. P. Mundy. 

As.ti ssors.—B.. D. Perkins, A. S. Pcabodv, J. G. 

Clerk.— J. P. Towne. 

T, -eas u rer. — Job n Wright. 

Collector. — S. S. McKenzie. 

Constables.— Andrew Gould, I. M. Small. 

\vi:;>i! Lai. 
Selectmen, Overseer* of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Eufus A. Dodge, Augustus Dodge, Harvey Pierce. 
Clerk. — Step iien Dodge, 
Treasurer and Collector. — Samuel Porter, 


-Jos. Beckfoid, John A. Putnai 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, - 
Moses Newell, John L. Plummer, Geo. Emery. 
Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector. — J. C. Can". 
Constables. — George W. Carr, John. B. Parkei 


Arnold Edward, Slarblehead 
Barton Gardner, Salem 
Bateman L. K.. Georgetown 
Blackington iver, Kockport 
lilatchford Ebcnezer Jr., Roekport 
Brown John J.. An lover 
Brown X; Price. Salem 
Caldwell William W., fcfewburyport 
Chamberlain J. A , Haw irhill 
Clark A. N . loverly 
Coburn Stephen, Ipswich 
Curtis Franc!-!, NewburyporS 
Dearborn S. F.. liiwn'Rco 
Bearing Roger M.. Lynn 
Diekins Job T., Newhuryporfc 
Kudicott William, Beverly 
EmcrtoB James, Salem 
Farrington Geo. P., Salem 
Greer Charles It., Gloucester 
Harmon William L., Lvna 
Harris Nathaniel B , Salem 

Harris- , R<,ckpori 

Harris S. !I..'r., Methncn 
111- t hark* M., Xe 
H-.M-n Aaron. ! vnn 
Holman .1. l\. Ipswich 
Hooker & Bfcmehard, Lawrene* 
Howe J. S., M< : huen 
Jones Anthonj S , Scwburyport 
Kimball <i. A. L&wrence 
Indd William M., Lynn 
Lane Georsje, ilawrhill 
Lathrop & Co . Haltibury 
Lamn/us George, hymn 
f.iiiimms Thouia* J., Lyim 

f) pf 


I Merrill 1). .)., Ncwburyp vt 

j Miilett N. C.,Sal< m 
Mobre & Field, Lawrence 
Xasou Jonathan, Amcsbury 
Xichols J. R., Haverhill 
Pearson Thomas, N'ewburyport 
Porry A. F. ; Lawrence 
Phillips Walter A., Newburypor 
Pierce J. ('.. Lynn 
Pii kharn Charles II., Salem 
Pratt Henry J., Salem 
Prince Asa, Beverly 
Proctor & llhodos, Lynn 
Putnam George* Salem 
tieynoldd Jostsph, Gloucester 
Rogers Robert S., Lvnn 
K. uw !., ■!. hn. Siarbleh a I 
Sargent S. it Sou, L;iwronoe 
Smith Horatio, I awrenee 
Soule Samuel, Lynn 
Stone James Jr.. Salem 
Swwuser 1" A.. DanTers 


Coffin Frederick J.. Xe\i arvpot 
Conner R,, Salmi 
Foster Prancia, L> tin 
licwia Alonzn, Lynn 
Sar'cnt Rufu.s, Newburyport 


VViUl : 

■:■ tu, AndoTer 
A . u i s. 1 invert 
i rve; , lleyerli 

V\"« ! !■ 


iiliai i. • il m 
:■ Stt-j lien, Adisbury 

;aleb \vl, 1 ynn 


Allen Joseph F.,<N"orth) A. 
Alley 'J in., thy Jr., Lynn 
Andrews Theodore, Ipswich 
i;. kei Samuel X , Ipswich 
Uaker Stephen. Beverly 
Btk- r SU'pli •!;. Ipswich 
Bartli ti J C, Haverhill 
R .-••:: \\ illj im, Lynn 
Bateman L. Jt.. Geor! 
Bridges VI ody. [N rtii) And ver 
Ci ■ i - ii Baniel P., Danvera 
Culimm Honjaniin, S dein 
Curri -r h'n >ch Jr.. Amesl ury 
DavLs Phinwia K .. Haverhill 
Dueker J. M., Ipswich 
!>■ ckh: ::i vV Carey, N'ewbu 
''•■ liver \\ iii- itn P., Gl m 
Emi - Lucius, Lynn 
Pitii ; ! Uetijamin E., SalLsl ury 
'-• r i !■•• r Pou r, Lj nnficld 
Poster li rzekiah. Bct srly 
Posu r S. i'., Andi ver 
Gillej Jc.hri, Marbl. head 
[>. C . UaviirliiU 

rburj port 
Gritttn H I . S., Wi st N'cwburj 
H< ■-[ John »"... TopMield 
Httbl ml H uUiam, Toj 
Inius John A., Salem 
Jnhnaon S S., S 
Jiipliti William D., Ijawreneo 
Kimball Edmund, Btadf r 1 
Luld John V.. Grovelaud 
tM\c Thomas I... Topsfii ! I 
| Lone Caleb M , Lynn 


j Low John, Mcthueu 
v!.r-h:mr John W'.. Rockport 
iferritt Charles, (\Vest) Lynn 
Morgan W'iHisuu 15.. Manchester 
Morrill I. B., Amesbuxy 
Morrill S. G. & Go., Newburyport 
Needhaui 'i'.. Salem 
New hail B. t'.. Snaagus 
Nichols George. Salem 
Nichols H. P., Saiigus 
Pearl Horatio, Bradford 
Pedrick & Glosson, Lawrence 
Porter Dudley, Hamilton 
Pnusiand Edward; Beverly 
.. Proctor George, Manchester 
Putnam Benjamin ('.. Wcnham 
Russell Grin, Lynnfie'ld (Centre) 
Shepard 1 -^i-;i* 1 D.. Salem 
Smith Edmund, Ne^ buryport 
Smith Gorhani, Rowley 
Sparbawk John. Jr., Marblehead 
Steele W. J. M. } Haverhill 
Story Norman, Essex 
Tappau Joseph, Newburyport 
Tewksbury William, Amesbury 
Trask Joshua P., Gloucester 
Trask Thomas, Danvers 
Tuck John, Beverly 

Alien Ambrose, Marblehead 
Ball William, Salem 
Batten R., Salem 
fcoardman Thomas, Marbleaead 
Brown Daniel, Salem 
Bullock Benjamin. Manchester 
Butler J. W. & T.'. Newburyport 
Clark Amos, Newburvport 
Colburn & Co., Haverhill 
Currier William. Newburyport 
DaeiseB Jeremiah, Amesbury 
Iannis D.. Marblehea 1 
Dodge Charles T., Beverlv 
Dowst David, Salem 
Estes James. Ipswich 
Fit/.. Eldred & Co.. Lynn 
Gardner Simon, Salcui 
Goodwin Samuel, Marblehead 
Greer & Kelt, Gloucester 
Hall J., Ipswich 
Hardy T., Salem 
Huyt & Marstnn. Lawrence 
Johnston John S., Gloucester 
Knowlton Ebon, Rockport 


' -a-'ons Jonatiinu Jr. 
I'ayson S. T., Neirbui. , 
Pearson John, Newburvport 
Pearson II. & T. C. Newburvport, 
pease & Price, Salem 
Pratt L.jDanvere 
Pratt Leonard. Salem 
Preston John/Saiem 
Prime John B., Lynn 
Putnam, Alfred, Andover 
Hhodes Jesse & Co,, Lvnn 
gogers.E. 0. & F.J.. (West) Lynn 
: awyer Edward, Salem 

Skinner , (North) Pan vers 

Stirki>,. N - George, Beverly 
Stow & Tibbetrs, Salem" 
Turell B. P., S*lem 
Whitney, Fraser £ Co., Lvnn 
mlsonA. & J..Lawrexise 

Eark Kills. 

•«■' rye Joseph S.. Salem 

rryc William, ' *• 

Jacobs Josooh, Danvers 

Lit;!,- V,-. u ; 

G-born Miles & Co." 
! Pool Leonard. 
| Plummet Hiram, ' ; 
| ^outhwick James, •• 

J- pton Prankiiu, ' •• 

« eato&Charles, Salem 

Bcdstoad Sfanufaeturers. 

J'uraut Brothers, Sewhu-ry 

l *raon MieUael, (Belviiteport) New 


AW ott Joseph, Newburvport 
Adams Joseph U., 

Allen Nathaniel P., Beverly 

Anderson ttoliert I*... (West) Roxford 

Andrews William II., Topsfiold 
inaable Nathaniel, Danvers 

Annis George S., Methuen 

Appleton George, Hamilton 

Bailey Daniel, West Newbury 
Bassett E.H., Salem 
Batchelder Ezra. Beverly 

Bayley Bichard L., ( West) Amesbury 

Bent James, Lynhfield 

Bradbury Daniel, Wenham 

Bragdon Barak. Grovcland 

BrownSfcepben D., Lynn 

Bryant Amasa, Lawrence 

Bryant Jonathan, Lynnfield (Centre) 

Burnham Warren, Gloucester 

(.'alley William, Salem 

Canney Hiram, Newburyport 

Chapman Charles W., Ipswich 

Cochran James, Andover 

Coffin & Jewetfc, Newburyport 

Cole Warren, Rockport 

Collins Oliver, Lawrence 

Cutts Benjamin, Salem 

Cutis Bichard, ' kS 

Bale E G.. HaverJiBd 

Dane John. Hamilton 

Davis Stephen L., Gloucester 

Dooris JameSj Andover 

Ellis Arm. P., (Sutton's Mills)Andover 

England D. B. & J. J., West Newbury 

Ervine Asa, Lvnn 

Evans E.. Marblehead 

Foster Robert, Beverly 

Gale William, \.rnesbury 

Gamage Gideon L., Lynn 

George E. H. & G. J., Newburvport 

George Joseph M., Newburyp* 'n 

Gilbert William G., Essex 

Goodell A. C, Salem 

Goodhue Abel, Essex 

Goodhue J. B.', Salem 

Goodridge Wm., (New Milk) Danvers 

Goss C. P., Methueu 

Gregory S. B. Marblehead 

Guilford. Samuel I'.. Ipswich 

Hadiock John, Rockport 

Hale Albert. 

Haseltine William, Haverhill 

Haskell Benjamin, [shipsmith] Glou 

Haskell Francis. Essex 

Haskell Luther, Rowley 

Haskell Perkins, Beverly 

Hilton Francis. Gloucester 

Hobbs David, Topsiield 

Hdwe Augustus M., Gloucester 

Howe A.M., [shipsmith] Gloucester 

Howe Charles, Methuen 

Howe & Dodge, (North) Danvers 

Johnson John, West Newhun 

Johnson Washington, Haverhill 

Kenney George, Sal*»m 

Kimball Jefferson, Bo.vford 

Kimball Thomas 11.. (North) Andovet 

Knight. Enoch, Newbury 

Knowlton George, Rockport 

Long Henry, Topsheld 

Luiuinus Ueorge A.. VWnham 

Mack James. (North) Danvers 
Manning George W.. Newburyport 

McGiiiw II., 

Marsh Richard, Ameslutrv 

Merrill Jonathan, Andover 

Moody Ucnry, Newburvport 

Mors*; Samuel. VV'est Nei bury 

Ne-d. Kbrne./er. i West) Lynn 

NenlJatnes M., Sausus 

Neal Samuel & David, Lj an 

Nichols John, Saiem 

Osgood B»:njaisitn, Lawrence 

Page Hbeuezer P., (W« st) Amesbury 

Page John T., Newburyjmrt 

Rahnu- Charles il., [W'tal | Amesbury 

I'.,-, ns John j,. Salem 

Patten Geortrt:, Sali^burj 

Peabodv J. & N.. Bradford 

Pearl .l! I'-. [North) Danvers 

Peirson Georiffl II. . Salem 

Perry Frauds L., G 
Pettigr..w Mark, (IlolvUlepo 
Pel teugill l/.-nr> (Jeoi _'■ r urn 
Plwlp* Henry, (Sutton U 

I'MflW ' I l..r!,e. I---..X 

Plumnn - M 

''"'"' I l'«vid, IBaUard Vale) Andover 

Pollard Du-stln M., (North) A 

Poor SI< Izard, Ipswich 

Potter Daniel, Saleui 

Proctor KIm o, lilouc< •-• 

Putnam Joseph, Newburyport 

Ri hardsou A. & N . 

KifCM'Jomeii M., Lynn 

San lew Timothy, (Ballard Val 

Sargtmt, Gunnison i Co., | 

Sargent Jouathan B.,(W< ;( 
Sawyer Leonard, 
Sawyer Thomas <.'.. ' ; « 

Sheldon Samuel, Haverhill 
Stackjiole «'. P., r^awrence 
Starr William II. , Lynn 
Stew n : --.. Andover 
Stiles David Jr . Hid ; 
Stoddard h. k il.. Salem 
Story Abel Jr.. Ks'sex 
Symonds Dean C, Salem 
Thomas Joseph, Lynn 
Thompson Isastc, Georgetown 
Todd Charles 1.., Ruwloy 
Very Natlianit-1, Saiem 
Wadleigh Joiwithan, >a';>bury 
W'alton .J':- :,:!'. .'[., Salem 
W^aterhouse <;. II., Topstield 
W< bber Si pa, Sao ;us ' 
Wheeler . V V Marine, Gloucester 
Wilkins Charles, Salem 
Winslow x Randall, Marl lehi I 
Woodbury Benjamin, (West) Bosfi r 1 
Woodbury i Giles, Beverly- 

Boat and Ship Builders. 

Beadle Joseph, Salem 

Becket & Fellows, Salem 

Boyd Adam, Essex 

Burnharu Aaron. 21 Essex 

Burnham Bben & Brothers. J-- x 

Burnhaan Jeremiah. 

Burnham Luke, « 

Burnham Oliver, « 

Burnham W. K. & P. A., " 

Choare Lewis, Ipswich 

Courtney B( ujrmnn, Essex 

.Kw< I K.Bvard, Marble] • • : 

- "r. ! . ; ■ Lvnn I . 

liar ly Thomas, Kssex 

J.-mies Si Mclvenzie, i:^<ex 

Leach William, Salem 

l/owell Brothers, [wherries] Salisbury 

' »rin x l:.»::' , Newburj port 

1'arkhurst. Charles, Hseex 

Perkins Ehvard. Gl.>uces l er 

Pickett x- Ladd, Newburvport 
j PiptT .^ Lunt, 
j Pri sc< !t George I!.. Rowley 
' '■ :■ Abel, Essex ' 
; Story An Irew x Co., Essex 

Story Epes, 

Toj ham James, Marblehead 

Breare Thonuis, Jlarbl* Ilea i 
•':•■:'""" II i . N ■••■; urvport 
Herbert Thomas, Lynn 
lV8\\ x S. IL. Salem 
Perlcy J. Jr. X Co.," 
Tiltou J G. x- < .... Newburyport 

Barnes J. H . Lawixnce 
Bnviru Thomas. .Marblehead 
b - I) lb. Saleui 
Bui im •' tn • - i'.. \n lover 
« 11 A \ v >vl, U rvport 

u William V . Marblehea 1 
t ogswoll Daniel, Ipswich 
Colhy J., Lawrence 
rn-ainen George, Salnn 
Dow John I' . I.awre- '.; 
Draper v\\ r.. .^,,1 , V ci 
Pord tfeorg I... Glom 



Grant franklin, Lawrence 
Herbert ThoniA*, Lvnn 
!l«m.«v Caleb. II ivrrliill 
Ives VV. & S. B .. Salem 
Jaques l: a., Haverhill 
Mayo Aaiory, Uhmcesfcer 
Mann e J. M .. Lynn 
Ni'v.nini Mark, Andover 
Proctor Francis, Gloucester 
Putnam Franci-. Saii-m 
Kichardson Alpheus, Methuen 
Sands Michael. Andover 
Sargent Most* H.. Newtoarypert 
Tilton John <;. & Co., 
Tuck Joseph D., Beverly 
Whipple Charles, Xewburyport 
Whipple Henry & Son.Salem 

' Boot and Shoe Dealers. 
Arcrill & Law. Salem 
Averill K. P. & Co., Middletown 
Bancroft Thomas K.. Danvers 
Barlow John, Salem 
Barrv William II., Lv an 
Bartfett U.K. & Co., Xewburyport 
Benm tt R. P. & Sous, Haverhill 
Bosson& Glover, Salein 
Brown Asa. Ipswich 
Brown John, Lawrence 
Buruham & Gentlee, Manchester 
Burrows Egbertj Lynn 
Buswell Kbea, Salem 
Caldwell A. & Co., Ipswich 
Cheney A. 1'.. (North) Andover 
Colby Harris, Lawrence 
Cram M., Lawrence 
Dalton J. & Son, Salem 
Davis L. B., Xewburyport 
Dike Samuel. Bevcrlv 
Bodge Wiiliam, Manchester 
Driver S., Salem 
Elliott William, Haverhill 
Ferguson T. U.. Salem 
Flint William. Gloucester 
Ford George L, Gloucester 
Footman & Currier. Lawrence 
Foss Thomas, Marblehead 
Foster Moses, Groveland 
Frve T.C., Andover 
Fuller John S.. Haverhill 
Fuller Nathan. Haverhill 
Gomes Joseph, Salem 
Greeley Joseph, Xewburyport 
Green S. A., Xewburyport 
H«fc George i>.. ftoekpnrt 
Harmon <•■• :.:•• U.. Haverhill 
Haskell John W., Gloucester 
Haskell William it., Gloucester 
Henderson S. Jr.. Salem 
Homer John, Lynn 
Horton Natlianiel, Xewburyport 
Hovey .1?. K., Lawreuee 
Howe Nicholas, Andover 
Hoyt & Whittier, Lawrence 
Jordan Simon, Newbury port 
Jordan William W. & Co., Salem 
Larrabec S. X.. Salem 
Lee Ue< rge W.'. Salem 
Low John. Methuen 
Mason Horace, (North) Andover 
McCombe John, Gloucester 
Merriam K. P. & Co,, Middletown 
Morss William !>.. Xewburyport 
Nourse A., Salem 
Nutting William Jr . Marblehead 
Osgood Joseph, Haverhill 
Palmer Charles & Co., Salem 
Parsons Gorliatn. Gloucester 
Peabody Charles Newburyport 
Pearson S. .v Co.. NVwlmrvport 
Perkins l>. & C, Gbmoo-ste'r 
Perkins Geonro, Vm< sbuxy 

p«rkins — . \u I urv 

Perley John. Salem 
Pettiogill William; Amesbury 
Phelps Joel, Ami m r 
Pingry Daniel, Kewhurvport 
EMuiMaerJfcJ., Salem" 
Pluunncr X. H , Sai'-m 
llluxles C. Salem 
Biehardson Jeremiah, Salem 
Bobioson It. Jr., Xewburyport 

Kowcll Samuel, i North) Dan vers 
> indorson John C, Lvnn 
;ar lit I A.. Haverl il! 
Simoudsi s. Jr., Lawrence 
Slater Edward, Glouci ster 
Smith E. W., Xewburyport 
Stic km y John, L\ un 
Taylor John £c Henry, Amesbury 
Thoi ;;.-• n L\, Georgetown 
Trask John, Lvnn 
Tufts Eli G.', Itockport 
Wait Joseph 8c Bona, rpswieh 
Wallis Sc Perkins, Beverly 
Webster William, [rubbers] (W.) Lvnn 
Wellington & Daniels, Ipswich 
Wetherbee & Webster, Lawrence 
Whittredge William A., Lynntield 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

[See also Shoe Manufacturers.] 
Allen Francis It., Hamilton 


AuuisJ W., N 

Armitage George, Nc 

Ashby it. II., Salem 

Atwood George, Groveland 

Averill E. P. & Co., Middletown 

Babeuf Eugeue, Lvnn 

Baleh W. II., Groveland 

Bardett Benjamin, Xewburyport 

Bartlett George XV., Xewburyport 

BassettJ 1 -. K.. Marblehead 

Bishop Benjamin, ltowley 

Blanehard J., Haverhill 

Boardman Sewell, Saugus 

Boardtnan W. W., Saugus 

Boynton Henry, ltowley 

Boynton G. G. & Co., HaverhiU 

Bradley & Tyler, Haverhill 

Brown Addison, Haverhill 

Brown J. & Son. Marblehead 

Brown Josiah, Haverhill 

BuiTum !•. ('.. Salem 

IVuffum Edward S.. Salem 

Caldwell A. & Co.. Ipswich 

Cameron John H., Gloucester 

Carlet m George Jv.. Havi rtiitl 

Carleton George P., Groveland 

ChamberLin Asa W., Xewburyport 

Chapiin George W., Georgetown 

Chirj')lin Henry P., Georgetown 

Chapman Samuel, Marblehead 

Chase & Emerson, Haverhill 

Cluwe k-u-well S., (Ea.-tl IhneriiiU S. & C. W.. Haverhill 

' lark & Dearborn, M'' huen 

Clement Stephen, i Werf* i i^iuesbury 

Cob urn S. M., Haverhill 

Coker 'John B., Georgetown 

r>,\Uy Samuel, Manchester 

Cross Ikmjanu'n. Xewburyport 

Currier cc Co., llaverhiil 

Currier Daniel, Methuen 

Currier David,' Xewburyport 

Currier Thomas, Xewburyport 

Da-laud 15.. Salem 

Davis L. B'., Xewburyport 

Davis William, lioekport 

Dodge Aaron. Hamilton 

Dole Lewis II., ltowley 

Downer J. R., West Newbury [ladies'] 

DrcsserT, X., Haverhill 

Drown John 0., Bockport 

Duty X. P., Haverhill 

Elliott J C.,(East) fclawriiill 

Emerson Benjaniin, 2d. Haverhill 

Furnsworth T If.. HaverhiU 

Farley N'athaniel !.. & r- cu [p^wich 

Kitrs 1). F„ Haverldll 

FitU Joseph. Haverhill 

Klo> ers & Goodhue, i 

pewter William LI., Ko< kport 

Frve T. C. Andover 

Uardner D & J. W . Haverhill 

Garney Thomas., Marbl< head 

Georsre Frederick. Methuen 

Georco & Little, Haverhill 

G.^.rge & Whittier. HaverhiU 

titles Eben,Uockpo'rf 

Gould Amos & Sou, Wen ham 

Graves u II.. [pswieh 

Greeley Joseph, Newlmryport 

('•rr.-r .i. c., l' iverhUl 

Grci u S a. \. ivbury port 

GreenleafS. & Co., Haverhill 

Grei iiougli E. tt T , Gi i 

Grc ■ •! ■-. !i Smith. Mar!.:, hi n I 

Griflith N. ii . Groveland 

Guil ! Eli T. i. 

Hi!' George D.. Bockport 

Hal- J hn, B 

H:.-ri- James, Marblehead 

Harris Joseph & Son, Marbl 

Ha-.-Itin.- Charles, HaverhiU 

Haskell William T.. Marblehead 

Hawk.- Benjamin, Marblehead 

derrick Clvirles, Topsfield 

Howes & Huuking, Haverhill 


Ililliard Timothy. Xewburyport 

Hitchcock c<: App'leton, Hamilton 

Hitchings Benjamin, Saugxi • 

Hitchings E Iwavd, Saugus 

Hitchings Otis M., Saug is 

Hobson Daniel. Havi rhill 

HobsonJohn IL. HaverhiU 

Holmes D. P., Georgetown 

Holmes Samuel, Georgetown 

Holt Thomas. Am 

Homan J ohu, Marblehead 

Ilomau John, Lynn 

Horton Nathaniel, Xewburyport 

Hosmer Charles E., Georgetown 

Howe A. S., Ijiswich 

Howe Moses, HaverhiU 

Howe Nieh< ias, Andover 

Howe .Boxford 

Ilunking I.'Iihn. Haverhill 
Hutchinson E. & W. A.. Haverhill 
Jackso i P.; Saugus 
Johnson D. \\ ..Haverhill 
Johnson L. fz Co., HaverhiU 
Joi'dan S.. Xewburyport 
Kauiffort William, Kockport 
Kimball Albert. Haverhill 
Kimbali Alfred K.. (West) Amesbury 
Kimball Benjamin, Topsfield 
Kimball George. Rowley 
Kimball W. N.* J.. Haverhill 
Kii iball W. [{ . (West)Boxfm 
Knight George & Co H irl 
Knight Moses C, Xewburyport 
Knight William A . Salem 
Lake Calvin H., Marbl< !. ad 
Lancaster T & J. P., HaverhiU 
I^iueThon as L . Topsfield 
La fence Fananuel u u '■' -■ , [ 
I.-. George U'.. Haverldll 
! efa> our James. Marblehead 
Lefa%-or James (>.. Marblehead 
Little & Xoyes, Georgetown 
Little William A.. Newburyport 
Long John :,Iarbl< ■■, ad 
Lovering J- hn A., Georgetown 
Lucy \^ ilii mt, Hav 
Mason J 15. & > n, Marblehead 
Morrill John F . H ivcrbill 

n F. P. 6c Co., Mi LiU - i 
' ' ••-' ■: ry :'. Co., Havi rhUl 
Morrison Danii '. Itowley 
N<i rs; \'« ; liam U-. Xewburyport 
Moulton i»..,. : .'; K . Gei rgetown 
S whall Cluirles W.. Saugus 
> • David, 
N. whall John W., i: 

Xiehol J. B„ (fiist) HaverhiU 
Nieli >!s M - ?, [] tverhill 
Ordwaj Warren, HaverhiU 
1 ... > iuI, Gro\ >land 
Page Bufus II.. Groveland 
. l, 1.-. untie! 1 
t Stephen, Groveland 
Park -r Wotxlbridge, Groveland 

.- ib im Jr., Wenham 
I'.!-- i. \ :.. Topsfield 

■ -. S -■ buryj '■ r: 
Peabody D. It., Salem 
Pi George. Wenham 
Perkins Ezra, 3d, Essex 
Perkins .^ Jones, Wenham 
Perkins 1;. D., Topsfield 
Perley & Drew, ltowley 
Perley Samuel, Haverhill 
Pettingill B. V , Xewbu 



PettingiU Henry A., Newburyport 
Phelps Joel. Andover 
Phillips Kichanl Jr., Topsfiela 
Pinjrry D;tni.'!, Newouryport 
p Intra Column, Georgetown 
pool Harvey, Kockport 
Prime Daniel V, Kuwley 
Proctor Thomas, Essex 
Punchard J. I'.. Salem 
Rjuusdell Daniel S., Lynn 
Ran 1 Leonard, Haverhill 
Re) noids .Joseph, Marblehead 
Reynolds Michael, Marblehead 
Rhodes Edward, (West) Lynn 
Robinson R. Jr.. Newburyport 
Robinson Samuel, Newburyport 
i:< sfi Job!>. Newburyport 
Roundy George, Beverly 
Roundy Neheniiah, Beverly 
Sargent W. IT., Essex 
Savary George & Son, Groveland 
Sawyer Aaron, Amesbury [boots] 
Sawyer & Wheeler, Groveland 
Sparhawk John Jr.. Marblehead! 
Sparhawk Samuel, Uarbleheadj 
Smith E. W., Newburyport 
Smith Thomas B., Beverly 
Snow Thomas, Marblehead 
Stevens J., Barerhill 
Stevens Robert, Marblehead 
Stevens William, Marblehead 
Stiekaey D. ];. & Sens, Groyeland 
Story Stephen & Sun. Mane hester 
Stewart & Tibbetts, Haverhill 
Symonds & Brothers, Salem 
Tenney George ./., Georgetown 
Tiiton J. C, Haverhill 
Todd Henry B„ Rowley 
Todd Nathan, Rowley 
Wait Joseph & Sons. Ipswich 
Walker Ftantelin, Banvers fboota] 
Walliagford Charles, Groveland 
Watson D. S., Haverhill 
Webster N. & Co.. Haverhill 
Webster P., Haverhill 
Wellington & Darnels. Ipswich 
West Isaac S„ Man <bester 
WhkeJ.G. , V V Sen, Methuen 
Whit- T. V,*., Methuen 
Whirrier A. &., Haverhill 
Whittrer Leonard. Haverhill 
Wbitfrredge Win. A.. Lvnnfield fCent 
Wiihor Daniel K.: Row'ey 
Winter David 51., Georgetown 
V^.-dJ ■ : • Ha,^ - <■ 

V. ..,, \r- , ? , , , , J . ,, 

WooM-ridge Fhoma&Jr Mafbl< 
Worthon George W., Haverhill 
Wright John, Topsneld 

Botanic Medicines. 
Biumham J., Lawrence 
Knight William M., Marblehead 
LuTOiuns George, Lynp 

Smith N.J Lawrence 

Botanic Physicians. 

Adams John (J... Haverhill 
Auies Seih <.'.. Lawrence 
Buraham Jo?lah, Lawrence 
Jenkins Jacob, Andover 
Ordway Aaron. Lawrence 
fatten J. R.. Salem 
Russell Charles. Methuen 
Russell Jonathan F.,Methnen 
Smith X. J.. Haverhill 

Boz Makers. 
Roberts Isaac, (New Mills; Danvcrs 
■-. lor J. & a.. Dauvers 

Brass and Copper Fonnders. 
[See also Coppersmiths.] 
Jtevb Edmund & Son, (>,'.} Andover 
Essex Company, Lawrence 
Jackman .V Goss, Salem 
Haters Andrew S., Salem 

| ffost Samuel. Newburyport 
i uttfeOeUi Josiah, Newburyport 

Powers 1 hom is, Xewburyport 
Vi inn Benjamin L., Salem 

Brick Makers. 
Berry David, rpswfch 
Putnam Joseph, Salem 

Britannia Ware Manufacturer*. 

Smitli Eben, Beverly 
Trask Israel, • 

Joplin W. D., Lawrence 
Nichols George, Salem 
Fierce N\, Salem 
Shepard 1. J).. Salem 

Abbot Enoch, Andover 
Abbott J, St, Andover 
Abbott Milton, Andover 
Abbott Moses. Lawreni e 
Adams Richard, Newbury 
Akerman Benjamin, Amesbury 
Bailey C. P. & Co., (North) Andover 
Barnes P W., Boxfbrd 
Bray Silas, Gloucester 
Chapman E. L., Lawrence 
j Churchill & Co., Lawrence 
j Cressey & Envy, Gloucester 
Cross John P., Ipswich 
Davis George G., Haverhill 
Gordon George, West N'ewbui'y 
Gordon Joseph Z-, West Newbury 
GouldJ. P., Topstield 
Green Samuel 11.. Ipswich 
GreenleafM. II.. West Newbury 
Hardy John B., Groveland 
Hill & Sawyer, Lawrence 
! Ikoyt Aaron, llavrhi!' 
Huntington P., Haverhill 
LowMieajah, Essex 
Marshall & Witham, Gloucester 
Merrill Daniel. 3d, Methuen 
Merrill John ^.. West Amesbury 
Messer Daaaus, Metku m 
Millet Joshua; Rowley 
Monday William & Sou.-Tmwfieid 
Moore Thomas, TopsfiVld 
L Morse & French, Lawrence 

Ed on Eliji ''..i .i 

El enwm i| \ M 

i:ilrr> Henjamln, Glow 

Eiftis Kbmiezer, Dauvers 

flint David, Jlarblohi id 

V'..t,- r I » : ( % i. i c . Beverly 

GHes Alfreil, Kockport ' 

Godftiw JbIjw, Manchi 

Henderson & Kimball, 

Hildretli lu njainin, M i 

Hilton Aanm S., Salisbury 

Hulion Hciitj . Salem 

Hunt Will in m, Lj an 

Kelhnni & lit<. Manchester 

Lambert Porter, Salem 

!..>::.■> n Ji bn l;.. [pswich 

U-e Charles, Slanchestcr 

Lord J> i.ib, 1[ -.vii h 

Mann J »bu, Lj nn 

M ■■ !. >i - ■-. Newhnryport 

Newman Mark, [p '. ii h 

r ' ■■ ;: in Mark, 2d, Andover 

>;..- Jo ph w., (West 

l'i'-k.-n Thomas, [reed o jaus] Beverly 

Poor Nathan, New I in 

Procti r Charles, Glouc< st r 

1: •_''•,- Ebeu, Newburyport 

Flolfe Kben, Newburyport 

Russell Andrew, Ipswich 

Kussell Porter, Newburypi rt 

Sufford Samuel, Newburyport 

Sanderson John, Sal* m ' ' 

Seidenburg Henry. Newburyport 

Severance .S; Jewctt, Manchester 

Smith J. F., Marblehead 

Valpy S. G., Andover 

Vt rv Nathaniel. 2d, Salem 

Wallis Jo.<eph, Salem 

Webb John C. Manchester 

Whipple & Fellows, Salem 

Wiiliston S. P., Salem 

Woodbury Larkin. Mai Chester 




aulton Dai 

del. B 



srood Nab 

mi S;i 



eree T- B. 

Iiav ( - 




lsou Al'lml, (No- Mills) Dan vers 
■s Philip K., Nowbtii-y 
at Riehard, (West) Amesbury 
_r A.^i. Danvers 



Shepherd G( 

Sheldon Charles, M- L-hester 

Sheldon Jesse, Beverly 

Star!; W. I.).. (Ball.'trd Vale) Andover 

Tetmey Charles. Ni nburyport 

Tenney John, (Jroveiand 

Tewksbury Willuuii, Anscs.bury 

Titcomb Brothers, U >wley 

Talpv S. G., Andover 

Waldo L.. Bradfonl 

UTicelerS: Tenner, Manchester 

Whipple John Ji.,' Lo] ' 


idburv Tristrtm, !.N ■;;!:) Danvors i 

I Woodman Stephen, Salisbury 
Ga-bifret takers. 

Abbot 1L & Co., And -or 
Allen & Ji.M-k.n-. Beve'rl 

j Allen 21. P. fc S. P., M .:■ .:• st 

. Attwell Jesse L. Lvi'sn 
imard II V.. Awl wr 


is S.', N 

■ ; iryp 

Bovnton Wil 

■ . . ■ 

Brown & Fu 

Hi i', M i 


Brown. Jsuuca 
Cole Weeden, 

. Newbi 
Bevi rl 

n . porl 

ok Lhomas, i. i« renc • 
rrier S. 0., ?uli Ijui i 
nt irth & Co., Manchester 
dgt! Cyrus, Manchci t r 
le Elaui, Methuen 


j Adams Dudley, Rockport 

j Adams Giles, New4>nry 

: Adams Joel, (Belvill . - r: 

j Allen fsaae-, Essex 

! Andei '< n John, Methuen 

, Aj •• Samuel A.. Boxford 

! Babson Abram, Newburj'poTt 

j Baglcy William, (West) Amesbury 

Bailcj Ezeki 1 V. S Sons, K 

Bailey H. & C, Ijiwt i 

Bailey J''-.r>. Nuwbur 

i . :: ■ .'< '.-. ! r New bnr ort 

BaileyJ. N., «>st N , I : . 

Bart ' George M ., N . iryj 

Bartlett Joseoh, Amesbury 

Bassett J R.^Marl leheatl 

Batch 1 ! r Edmund Wenl tm 
j Batchelder Sewall, Newburj 
, Ba rhelderT. !... Newb - 
, Batchelder William Jr., Sa 
. Bonnet Josiah II.. Lynn 
j Berry Henry, (\. rtli | An lov< r 

V. ,yr,l i! Ti; »raas, M irl lehead 
; Breed Samuel 0., I j 

1 J. lo.. Salem 

j Brown A. ,^ J., M inchester 
| Brow i Charles. I --ex: 

Brown Oeorge, > ilem 

J!ru\vn G. A , Salem 
j Brown Ira P.. I ; on 
; Brown J ■■ ith in St - i S :ioni 
i Br •»!! .v I ;.-,!i g 

Browne Nathan, [pswich 

Bryant Benjmnin, Lyuofield (Centre] 

Rurnh im Kilward, filoui ster 

But lor John, [.awn ; • 
■ Dani -1 A..'io- n 


Carl. • »n J. P . bra ll rl 
« ha [ man James. Mar'. 
Chapman John, Maxblimi ad 

m John Jr., Lynn 
Chi 'k< ring Jacob, An lover 
Chickering \S iUiam, \» lover 
CI V P. . Salem 

Choate Ap< llos, Bocknort 
Clioite Caleb S., 



Cheatc David, Rnekport 

ChoA'to John, E- =ex 

Choatc John S , Hoc! port 

Choate Prentice, 

Churchill Ivory, Lynn 

Clairhourne GuorgeC, !>•»: 

Clark Albert, Rah kport 

Clark Samuel, To-p-th Id 

Clement II. !).. Lnwrcncu 

Clifford Philo, Lynn 

Coffin C, Salem 

Coffin Emery, N'cwbuTrpc rt 

Coffin Joseph, (Belvilleport) Newbury- 
port [ship] 

Cogswell Caleb, Essex 

Colby Benjamin, Haverhill 

Collins W., Newburypi rl 

Cooper Charles, Newburyport 

Coopor James M-, Newburyport 

Cooper John. Newburyport 

Courtney & iijaniin Essex 

Cresscy Bradstreet, Rowley 

Cross John H.. Beverly 

Currier John Jr., ( li--iviltt-pr,r t) N w- 
buryport [ship] 

Currier & Townsend, (Belviileport) 
Newburyport [ship] 

Curtin A. 1-.. Lynn 

Danforth J, A., Salem 

Dauforth S. C Salem 

Darwell Hezekiah, (Nbrth)Danvers 

Dearborn C. L.. r (Ballard Vale) Andover 


Dickson Augustus, Salem 

Dickson. Thomas Jr., Salem 

Dodge Azcr Jr.., Beverly 

Podge Greenleaf, Newburyport 

Dodge Jacob Jr., Wcuham 

Dodge Ritfus A., Wenhaui 

Dodge Timothy P.- Wenham 

Dodge William L., Newburvport 

Dodge William S." Newburyport 

Dugjran Patrick, Beverlv 

Duua-J. H. & Co., Suugus 

Button Beni . (-Belviileport) Newbury- 
port [ship] [vers 

DtvitJcll Hezekiah, (New Mills) Dan- 
Edwards J. V... Salem 

Edwards John 5.. Salem 

Ellis Israel D., Topstieid 

Elwell & Day, Siilem 

Eveleth .Aaron. (New Mills) Danvesrs 

Eveleth Francis, (New Mills) Danvera 

Fears Samuel P., Gloucester 

Fellows I&hraiui. Ipswfeh' 
Fisher Joseph, Lawrence 
Vic/ J. J.., Salem 
Flanders George W.. Lynn 
Foster Jacob, Topsfield 
grands Wm., Danvers, [.shoe-benehe5 
" ind clamps] 

French Curtis S., Newburyport 
FriendBaniei W., Winchester 
Gage Alfred, Haverhill 
Gage George, Bradford 
Gardner & Walker. Salem 
George William, Gcnr,r< town 
Gifford T.J, & Co.. Salem 
Gihnan Hiram, L\ rm • 
Gibson Samuel, Newburyport 
Gihnan Joseph. Lynn 
Goldthwait & Dav, Salem 
Goodhue M., Salem ii I;.. Marble 
Goodwin Joseph; Marbl 
Goodwin Philip, Marl 1- 
Goodwin Snnmel .1 , f.^ 
Goodwin Wilbain, Marl 
Grant John »., Danver- 
Rranville Stot.hen. (Noi 


Griffin Bi 

Hale Peiribotfoo. Salon i 
Hammond .tohn , Lynn 
Hardj Abner, Groveland 
Hardy Charles, Grov,>laud 
Harris G.. Marblehead . 
Hastings Natbani 1, Methuen 

Hayden William II , Lynnfleld 

Heath A. C, Haverhill 

Heath W. D., Haverhill 

Heavey Thomas, Newburyport 

Hill Hi nry, Gn veland 

Hill & Kehew, Salem 

fiili Parsons C, Lynn 

Hilton Andrew J,, Lvnn 

Jl ! -on Moses, Lvnnfield 

II- 1-Uins Daniel I-., Ipswich 

Holt Peter, (North) Audover 

Honeycomb Thomas P., Salem 

Honeycomb William H., Salem 

Hooper John, Rockport 

Hooper Kobert Jr., liockport 

Hopkin; on William, Groveland 

Hopkinson Uriah, Grovi land 

Howe Edward, (East) Boxford 

Hoyt Edward, Gloucester 

Hoyt Moses B., (West) Amesbury 

Huse Timothy S., llaverhiU 

Hutchins B. Ii., Lawrence 

Hyde Daniel, Lynn 

Ilsley Joseph II., Newburyport 

Jackman George W, Jr., Newburyport 

Jewett Mark II., Rowley 
Jillson George, L} tin 
Jillson Samuel, Lynn 
Jones William, Salem 
Kelham Augustus, Manchester 
Keller Joseph B„ (.West.) Ameshury 
Kenniston & Sons, Salisbury [ship] 
Kill am John, Georgetown 
Kimball Humphrey, Bowley 
Kimball John, Georgetown 
Kimball Joseph, Georgetown 
Kimball Josiah, Ipswich 
Kimball & Richardson, Newburyport 
Knight Thorndike, Salem 
KuoxEli, Groveland 
Lakeman V> illiam, W'enham 
Lancaster Thomas, Newburyport 
Lane William Jr., Rockport 
Larkin Benjamin, Beverly 
Lure i'/.- George ', Lynnfiehl 
Leavitt if. !>.. Salem 
Leavitt Walter, Sail m 
1a.' v, is James S-. Lynn 
Lewis Samuel, Salem 
Little George,' Lran 
Long William, Salisbury 
Lord Josiah Jr., Ipswich 
Lord Samuel, LJ no 
Lovejov John, Salem 
Lowell Daniel' & Co., Salisbury 
Mansfield Daniel Jr.. Lvnnfield 
Martin J. S., Marblehead 
Martin Samuel, Marblehead 
Martin Williani, Marblehead 
Masnry James. Beverly 
Masury John, Salem 
Mayo Scdomon II., Lynn 
Mclntire. Nathaniel. Kssex 
Meacom John. Beverly 
Melcher Edward. Salem 
Merriam J. V. & T.. Lawrence 
Merrill Franklin A.. Danvers 
Merrill Samuel B., Lynn 
Millitt David K.. Lvnn 
Morunn William B." Manchester 
Morrill B. E , Grovi land 
>lorrill Kobert. Salisburv 
>b mi! William V... Newburv] ort 
Mor-e Edmund, Uaverlull 
Mi •■•• William U'.. Lynn 
Mors* Jo«i ph, Newburyport 

Moulton N. 

'.. Salem 

Munroe Ph'u 

p. S Lynn 

Nash Fwnei 

. ,1 . Newburvport 

\. -.-.-•-■:. 

sui ' X.. Lyn iti- IfCi •■': 

\- -. hall ' - 

n A Lvnnfield 

N«,rr s \\ .,• 

. Salem 

N urse Kti5? 

ell. tpswirh 

Noves Sauiu 

■1 C . West Newbury 

Voves Wanl 

(North) Andover 

Oakes Fredi 

ick <i-. K< ckport 

.••---! & M 

Kay, Amesbury [ship] 

Pnge John i 

I . V-- ! mn poi-t 

Ci.e Williai 

, i:.. Lawrence 

Palmer S. D., (Wc«t) f ytta 

: irki v, L . Grovilan I 

Panona s s , D 

Patch William, Bi v-rh 

PeaI>ody Jut™ V! - 

Perkin.1 1. 1 pd,< 

I'erkius K. I. . - 

Perkins Ucnrj . ( North) D voy\ r^ 

I'.-i w'm< ,\ v. oodburj - 

Pettingill Vni is, Salisbury 

Pettingill k Colby, Newburyport 

Phelps Augustus, Middletowu 

Phelps William A.. Middletowu 

Plumer II., J..'..* rence 

Pool Eben., liockport 

Pool Eliphidct, liockport 

Poor Lsaac, \\ e-t New 

Porter Benjamin, Ila. 

Porter George, (New Mills) Danvers 

Porter Joshu i,lIamilton 

Porter Jonathan J., (West) Boxford 

Potter John S . Top'sfii I I 

Preston It. J., Beverly [ship] 

Prince Warren, Bevoi Ij 

Procti r , So igus 

Baddin John, Lvnn 
Roberts 0. U. & S., Haverhill 
Ross Josiah, (New Mills) Danvers 
Rossi ter & Daley, Lawrence 
lluddocl: Tin. ma-, West Newbury 
Russell Moody. Andover 
Sargent Abel, (North) An.l rver 
Ssirgent Thomas Jr., (West) Amesbury 
Sawyer Joshua, Salisbury 
Shapleigh Charles, WestNewbury 
Shaw Charles G., Groveland 
Shorey Joseph G-. Lvnn 
Small I. M.,Topsfield 
Smith Aaron Jr., Salem 
Smith Benjamin IT.. Rowley 
Smith David, Rowley 
Smith !> i rid, ' lloucestcr 
Smith James A., Salem 
Smile Enoch. I j o; 
Southwick J. W., Lynn 
Southworth A.. ! on 
Sfwinlding Levi, Danvers 
Spillei Wflhaui T , (North) Andovejr 
Spofford C. G., Essex 
Stearns Dauiel, (North) Andover 
Stevens L. D . Wcsl Newbury 
SHckne-j Charles ')'.. Salem 
Stieknej K.. S ( 1- m 
Still s Dean, Salem 
Stoil : . ird 1 1 > nard, Lawrence 
Ta\ kir Carr L.. L\ nn 
Tavloc Joseph D . I ran 
IVwksbun & Caldwell, (West) Lynn 
Thompson S. T., I i\ rence 
Thurston Nil Ii ■ -. 1 - . '. 
I Tilton Samuel D . Salem 
i Titcomb Alfre«L Salisbury 
| Tod,! Charle.o W., Lvnn " 
T. •! 1 I'retleriek. Lvnn 

'l,..i U.S.. .:•■•-:■ -. 

'ie/,1 r Sauiud M . Lynn 

' n I • ii. !:.. f.y nn 

' r I i s. S tlisburj 

Tufts Henry, Lynn 

Tucker Elx u. S.. Newburj p . : 

Tu ■•'.• r M Llliam, N wl urj p >rt 

Wade John, Ipswich 

Wa.le William. Ipswich 
: >n tlilbert, Satigus 

V\"nllis David. Uoekpi rt 

Wallis .'■ i.o .]■■ rt 

Walb D James K . Newburvport 

Warn ti G H., Salem 

Webl i-r Williai i, I • vcrly 

-,■. ■ -.- & \ ; . ii ■■' iter, (ifoucester 
| j AVI ••■ ike'r W il i:im, - 

W'l : ■ \ ills I . 

. :- we, V\ ■■■• An • sbury 

Whittier James ,1 . | West ) Amesbury 

U iii.v Daniel, Top Qeld 

\\ - . - P.,Sabuu 

Without Wiil*nm Jr., Uockport 
:ti '.- Ilcnrj .if 

Wooilbur} NeheuiLah. Hamilton 

Woodman Ubcrl 1... Newbury] rt 

Woodman Are! ■>.. Am- sbur) 

Wo I-.. ! Brothers, Xi wl uryport 



Carpet Manufacturers. 
Vavtor George, (North) Danvers 
Taj :< ;. Gilbert, (Taplej rillcj Dau?ers 

Vn«-s Jmnes E-, Haverhill 
(!ark»t»n J. H., HaverhRl 
t;«,Mthwait M. Jr. & Co., Salem 
floldthwui't Willard, Salem 
PulstferD. & J.. Salem 
PulsiferX, Salem 
StmrnsA. H"., Lawrence 
Sweetser S. & Son, Newburyport 

Carriage Builders. 
Atkinson John. Gloucester 
Bailey Enoch, West Newbury 
Bartlett John, Newburyport 
It<>\ p.s Robert, Georgetown 
Brown Amos, (North) Danvers 
Brown Charles, Newburyport 
Chamberlain John. Haverhill 
Cliamberlain II., Palom 
Chase William, (West) AmesLury 
Cofiin John. Salisbury 
Cnshing J. '!'., Beverly 
Elliot & Folsom, (West) Amesbury 

I Gerry Elbridge, Lynnfield 

j (ioodwha Ephraku, (West) Amesbury 
Gooding, Sargent & Co.,(W.jAmeSbury 
Hadley Franklin. Wenham 
Ha-wkes Adam, Lynnfield 
tlerinetd Amos, Salem 
Hi>di,drins John Jr., Ipswich 
lloyt Leonard, Lawrence 
Lane John, Ipswich 
Leach Thomas K.. Topsfield 
Lord A. P., Ipswich 
Losing Edward D.. Salem 
Mctntire If.. Salem 
Kichols Alfred, (West) Amesbury 
XichoLs William II.. Salisbury 
Noycs Charles II., ('West) Amesbury 
Palmer Charles, (West) Amesbury 
Patten George, Salisbury 
Peck Nathan, Lynn 
L^kin* Edward, Gloucester 
Perry Felix, (West) Amesbury 
Poor William & Co., Andovcr 
Prcssy Frank, (West) Amesbury 
Rice Joseph, Andover 
Richardson J. C, Newburyport 
Sargent, Gunnison £c Co., (W. ) Araesb'y 
Sargent John P., (West) Amesbury " 
Sarg. at Jonathan B., (West) Amesbury 
Sargent Tappan, " '• 

Sargeut Thomas, » '■■ 

Sargent Willis P., « <■'■ 

Small Amos T., " » 

Sauley Francis, '• « 

Smiley William, « 

Stevens Samuel, " < ; 

Stacker John W., Salem 
'I uckwcll Samuel S.. ( West) Amesbury 
>arnnra Corliss Methuen 

;)"aldrwi e. S.. iNrt Mills) Danvers 
'»»IHh Charles \.. Beverlv 
W'hktiw Jalm P.. Haverhill 
V hittjer Moses, liowley 
Whitney & Tuttio, Salem 
Wilkins Charles X.. Danvers 
Wood William, Lynn 

Biirnfcam Aaron L., Essex 
Doeater Paul, Lynn 
Nagtiter Charles" I[.. Manchester . 
1 rue Joseph, Salem 
Wiison & Son, N'ewburyport 


I Rumhani Nnah, Kssex 

I Rurnharn & Quimby, Essex 

t'hipnittj, C. h. & Co., Newburyport 

Fhurch. I... Neivhurvport 
I vnefftn Patrick. Beveriv 

Flanders En. .eh, Newbtirvnort 
j K'uiMp William Newburvi r.rt 

J.l-ff P. & Co., Sfcwbwypirt 

Jjobin««» David, Lvna 

TonjpsoB , l jnn 

ropham James, Marblehead 

Chair ami Sofa Makers, 
■•- !.,-, Manchester 
. & Co., M inchester 
ear', & Co.*Manehester 
-.■' Cyrus, Mancb ter 
t William, Mancb 
- 1 :on IVilli an, Manchester 
ball J.. Salem 
idley Rufus, Manchester 
■an Samuel, Manchester 
uardE, S., Manchester 


Cig-ar and Snuff Manufacturers. 

Bartlett Frederick B., Sal. ra 

Battis & Brown, Saiem 

Bond Charles M.. Saugus 

Bond Milton, Saugus 

Clifford & Ross, Newburyport 

Copp James M., Saugus " 

Copp John, Sangus 

Copp William, Saugus 

Fisk Francis, Saugus 

Huse Enoch, Newburyport 

Jaques Amos. F.. Newburyport 

Laskey & Richards. Salem 

Merrill W. W., Newburyport 

Noble William, Saugus 

Parker William, 2d,"Saugus 

Pousland T. ])., Salem 

Proctor Thomas B., Marbieheud 

Raddin Charles, Saugus 

Raddin Hiram, j&iugtMi 

Raddin .Milton. Lynn 

Shorwin William, Salem 

Skiuner R. & Son, Salem 

Smith William K., Salem 

Sweetser C. & Son, Saugus 

Ziumtenuon J. A., Saleiu 

Explanation of the Abb^tviattnjis. — ('. 
T., Congregationa!i$t{ Trinitarian i ; 
B., Baptist : F. i?., Freewill Jytrptisi : 
JSL, Methodist; M. P.. Mitfirutist 
Trotcstaut; M. F., Lbth ■, .!, u ;:-.'■.- 
copal: F. M.,Evan. Sl'tho '-a .■/.'., 
Episcopalian; €. //., Conerrgati n- 
alist { Unitarian) ; Uv.. X'ni-versn :-: ; 
Ch., Christian: E. C Roman Cnik. 
olic ; N, /., New Jtruxaittrt; Me.. 
Millerite; 3/n., Mormon. 
Abbott Joseph, [C. T.l Beverly 
Adams I.. fC T.J Georuvrowu 
Adams John, [ Vi. K.| \.\ nn 
Aiken ?,.. [0.. T.] Olotw ester 
Appleton Frank i'.. [C. C.j Dan vera 

Austin . [>I. E.'] Marhlelnad 

Babcock William 11.. re; Salem 
Bacon J.M.. [C. 1'.] Salishun 
Bailov A. F., |M. V..} Gloucester 
Baker Abijah R., [C. T ) Lvrm 
Baker Henry, [Uv.j-Geor^ f. *-n 
Banister Daniel E\.. [M. V. ] -■ 
Barrows F. Q., [M. K.] Marbkdiea ! 
Bower Charlcs.J., [C. L'.] Newburyport 
Boy den human, [M. }'■■' Salem 
Jlraman Naae. [.C. T.] fieorjn-town 
Braman Milton P., [C. T.] Danvers 
Brigham Levi, [C. T-] - lujtus 
Briggs W. T., [C. T.] (North) Andover 
Brooks EldridgeS., fUv.j i.yftn 
Bronson B. V.. [B.] Me h u n 
Iirouv, Addison. [B.] 11 iv«\rhiil 
Brown William B„ C. T I And v t 
Butler James D, [C T.j I>anv« ra 
Bnrnham E., fCv.] tewx 
Bvram K. P., [B.] Sali.-hm v [fK>rt 

Campbetl Baudoli-h. ' I \ N( ury- 
Carlton Miehael, | B.J Salem 

v*r>-< John <;.. f.M. i: . 

farr'.'v. W.. [B ; •'• 

Chiidwick Nicholas S... [< h J Ly on 

Chafhn A. W.. [B.] Punv, r< 

Clark Jonas |;., [<'. T | Lynn [rester 

C.lhn K. \\\. [Cv .i( ^nni? |urun I filou- 

CoBcin W'iiiiuii S. ;<• I ' Uoxt; rd 

Cole Tinvithv.fCl | »: ' •' bill 

Condit CzalW ' [C.T.J I vnnlii I l(Cen'r) 

ftftmings K. J., C. 1 |H ■ ■' 

Conway James, [R. C.J Salem 

Cooki Parsons, [C. T | Lynn 

CnMAbljrili. I 

Croweli l:. ' , • . i i ; k-- x 
Cu»hi« ~ '■ , ; 

Ciutim; II. P., ,i i ,\- , . 

Luth< r 1 
Button •'. II . . ■ . | 
Dwiiwll lsrni-1 I , [I 
E.iton \\ .::• .... i... \\ \ 
15.1 ly r,:. n U . H H 
Kdgell .1 Q A <' ! ■ 
Eolla IV. W..(. . . . r - 

Kidr-dir.- Georg. FL,(i 
Km. r»«n Brown, [0. T.] si m 
Emerson i:.. [C. I | An 
I i-!e- r i;i ,.;,, ./. r . [Uv.J Salem 
1 : :. Dai iel 1 . [C. ] , Newl irypoxt 
Fitz Daniel, [C. T.J Ipswii b " 
Fletcher James, [C. T.] Dam 
Flint James. \'\ L'.J SaJem 
Frothingbani B., [C I ^.dcm 
Fuller Samuel, [E.J Andover 
Onto u-tk. ■:■•■; I, [C. T. Ko. kport 
Gannett All. n, [i .T.J B. r< rlv [p. rt 
<;••. Ion William C.. [M. E.l Newhnry- 
tttvene II. S., (C. T.J (BaUard i 
lialiam Isaac W'.,[E.J Lynn [dover 
H.-irrintrrou Ueni-v F.,(CU.J r>awren< ■ 
HiKhWillLnm C.,[M.E.J Danvers 
Hineklcj Frederick, [C. C.J !, . 
Uolbrook Willard, [C. T | [U 

Molbrook Wi'iar l. [C. T. 1 Rowley 
Mood J. A.. IC.'i.j «idU cton 
lb pi in J. M.,[C. T.J Sab 
Hostord B. V., [C T.J ILiverhill 
Howe 0. S., (31. B.] (Ballard Val v. - 
Kuutoon B., [C. C.J Marb] b 

J, hnson , [Cv.J Mar! ; 

Johrwon J. !:.. [Cv.J l.\;.r. 
K -ei.-y .losiah, [B.JWcidiam 
K-K.y Samuel, [M.E.J Law T ence 
I Kin«? Rufus, [C. T.J Amesl ur>- 
J Lawrence Edward A.. [C. T.] >J 
j 1 >'i non li« nre. [R. C.J V..-„- ! .-:rv p. rt 
! U-wis Wales, [C. !r.](Eut] i' iveri 
| l.inrolnN.,a'v.l An loi r 
! LiudseyJohn. [M. E.J Lynn 
I Lyle (Jeorge, | U.J Rockport 
; '--i-ry [cliabod, |.M. E.J (N.)An 
j ^:ar-o Jozitxl ;'l . j ' ; - ugi>j 
j Ma.-on Bavid, [M.l Rockport 
| Mascw L.B.jCv.'j Haverhill 
i MaroA. D., ' I v.; Olouc ter 

MeDonahl , [R. C.j [^iWTence 

! M. Uud Anson, [C. r.]Toj -• . I 
; Me tbnry Nicholas. , G N. bin ri 
illiam I' F. B .■ 
Mills Robert C, [B.J r d. id 
MordoutrhJ. 11 . [C. T.J Hamilton 
M .r-.- llryan, [M C.J M< thuen 
■■ : >nnti rt' w illiam. C. 
Munroe Natlian, [C. T.J Br^ulf. r . 
■ ■■ ■: . 1! Jul . -. [R. c.j !.' : 
Ohphant I'., [C. T.J (N rl 
' ; -i r Leonard, [M. K.J Salem 
Prune Alb.>rt. [C.T.](AVesi \ 
t'ark Calvin C. [0. 1 W. I );■ \, 
I' li fh-orge W.. [B.JMar 

I I — . II.,[C.T.](W. ■■ 
IVrkinsJohnW., [M. E Sew! 
Perrv (Jar Iner B., [C T.] G 
Phi ipsj. hn < . [< . T Methuen 
!'• •• Dani, IP., [Ch.] Newburjport 
I'ikeJohn. [C. r ] Rowlev 

v - "' •: iel J., I: i \ 
Plumb D. It., fv JGloii •• ■ 
IMun mer Henry, i Mn.J Hav. 
! ritieo .;■ : .i, y\'.. [C. T.J ■■ • 
Purnai i J. W..[Ci i 
PuriKiin Suuiim. [M. E.J L> on 
C W.,[H r 

: I' I -.tin Willi i0., ' 

si n.l.i . B.J • •••(• 
ii Edwin I... [C Esst'X 
-anthrd Miles, [B.] Cil. • *ter 
? ■ ' Ben jju , . . - 
-■ ^ ■ ■ Edwin, [C. I 
SbaekJ r! CIihu. C .["' I I ' 

,..- !i . [I! I - 
Sht ■ tr I Jam. -. [M K I. - ■ 
Souths it. B, bert, C T I 



Spaulding Sani'U., [C. T ] Newb'yport 
Spaulding IV'., [Ut.] (West) Haverhill 
Stone I. T., [G. I'.' Salem 
Sfuun,! r. A.. (M. K.j Salisbury; 

Sweet , [Ch.] Lawrence 

Taylor Jeremiah, [C. T:] jWenham 
Taylor J. L.,[C. T.j (South) Andover 
Taylor O. A.,[C. T.j Manchester 
Tcnney F. V., [C. T.] Xewbury 
Thayer C. T., [C. U.J Beverly 
Thompson J. W., [('. r.) Salem 
Train Arthur S. ,•[!:.] Haverhill 
Van Campen II., [Uv.j Rockport 
Vermilye A. C., [C./f .] Xewburyport 
Very Jones, Salem " 
Waggoner W. H., [Uv.] Methuen 
Wasson David A., [C. T.] Grovelattd 
Wheaton Levi, [C. T.] Gloucester 
WillardF. A., [U.j Danyers 
Williams Francis C., [C. U.] Andover 
Wilson Juris, [M. E.] Gloucester 
Withington L., [C. T.] Xc.wbury 
Woodman Jonathan, [F. U.j Lawrence 
Worcester Samuel M., [C. T.] Salem 

Clothing-, loo. 
Alien Edward, Salisbury 
Alley John, 3d, Lvnu 
Baker S. N., Ipswich 
Ballon C N. & J. VV., Xewburyport 
Bartlett Charles A., Marblehead 
Batchehler Oliver P., Bauvers 
Bated &* Perkins, Salem 
Bote S. R., Xewburyport 
Boyd Joel, Essex 
Brown. .John, Marblehead 
Campbell George \V.. Xewburyport 
CanriUon J. 0. II., Lawrence 
Carlton & Merrill, Salem 
Carpenter D.P., Salem 
Chamberlain George, Marblehead 
Chaney James, Salem 
Cheeney Charles, Xewburyport 
Conway John, Marblehead 
CunaerA., Haverhill 
Dane, Dole & Co.,Danr6rs 
Day Luther, Lawrence 
Dean If. A., Lawrence 
Dean Wfiliam'H., Rockport 
Dike Samuel, Beverly 
Edwards Benjamin, Salem 
Elwell & Drum, Gloucester 
Fairfield .1. M. £ Co., Lawrence 
FletchcrEdmund, Haverhill 

S.. Xi 


Harvey George B. & W. H., Lvzm 

Haskell William II., Gloucester 
Hill Georse W., Lawrence 
Keith Nathaniel. Lynn 
KjrabaU & Treab, Haverhill 
Kimball William It., fU'est) Box-fort! 
Linn 11. P., (Ballard Vide) Andover 
Logue Daniel, Andover 
Lord William. Beverly 
Martin Dean R., Xewburyport 

Miii.-tt William?-, Attu&Ter 
Xason S. F., Lawrence 
Xewcomb T & J . Haverhill 
Palmer William H.. Salem 
Peck J. & P. S.. Salem 
Perkins & Brown, Salem 
KosxTimnthv 1!.. Ipswich 
Seavems Gi m.rge W., Salem 
Shaw Mosos II. Jr.. Gloucester 
Shovrell Al&ed, Lawrence 
Sibley G. .V, Salem 
Simmons A. F.»Salem 
Smith Poster, Xewhuryport 
Smith foster VV.', Xewburyport 
Smith Geonre H., Salem " 
Spaulding William IL, Liwreuee 
Stacy Rhen It, Ufourotcr 

Si Uer Moses, Xewburyport 

TappanJohn S.. Gh»uee*ter 
Taylor Levi. Haverhill 
Tuck Joseph V.. Beverly 
Tufts George, Rockport 
Turnc r George, Salisbury 
L'aher Roland ('... Lvnu 

WadeFrank, Marblehead 
Willcomb Daniel L., [pswich 
Williams fames, (W< st) Lynn 
Woodbury Henry, Lynn 

Cloths and Cassimeres. 
Henfmid John, Salem 

Coal and Wood. 
Appleton Thomas, Marblehead 
Black Mo ( - & James, Danvcrs 
Breed Daniel, Lynn 
Breed & Fowler, Lynn 
Brooks A. I., Salem 
Brown Jacob, Ipswich 
Brown Newman, Xewburyport 
Clifford & Xeal. Lynn 
Coffin William, Xewburyport 
Dike John, Salem 
Dolliver & Stacy, Gloucester 
Dodge -J. I, , Salem 
Fowler & Kingsbury, Salisbury 
Fowler Bichard & Son, Xewburyport 
Grov< i John, Salem 
Hale Samuel, Xewburyport 
Haskell & Marshall, Rockport 
Hatch L. B., Salem ' 
Heency & Clark. Salem 
Hodgkins J. B., Rockport 
How Moses, Haverhill 
Humphrey & Twisden, Marblehead 
Hunt Joseph, Salem 
Kitfiekl Thomas II., Manchester 
Knight George W., Manchester 
X'ewhall William M., Lynn 
Patch Joseph, Xewburyport 
Pattee, Brown & McGregor, Lawrence 
Pearson W. M. & J. L., Xewburyport 
Pettingill J. S., Xewburyport 
Pickering William, Salem 
Pickett R, &J., Beverly 
Pierce Edwin, Lawrence 
Pitman John, Marblehead 
Richardson Joseph. Andover 
Sanborn S. & P. T.. Salem 
Sanborn John S.. Gloucester 
Stafford John, Beverly 
Simpson David, Marblehead 
Smith George, Gloucester 

Sullivan . Lawrence 

Swan D. S., Lawrence 

Trail E 

Coilee Factory. 


Coflu Warehouses, 
Abbott IT. & Co., Andover 
Barnard II. P., 
Union Hc-nrv, Salem 
Girdler D. C.~ Haverhill 
Randall J. P., ' ; 

Comb Manufacturers. 

Bailey S. X West Newbury 

Chase II. G.O. & T. M., West Xewbury 

Chase Johu, " ; 

Chase J. S., " 

j Emery (ML, :: 

] Emery L. A. & Co., l: 

! Marshall John, " 

j Noyes Anson W., 
| Noyes S. C. & Co., '; 

I Commission Merchants, 


t j.c. 

VV . !•. 



( onfectioners. 

Allen Jolm IL, Andover 
Carter Chiirlcs W., Sewburyport 
Carter Luther, Xewburyport 
Crov-ker S. V., Salem 
EstesG.W., • 
LaneE. .\., Xewburyport 
\.w.-y N. T. & 0. W., Xewburyport 
McLavin .).. I^wrence 
Mideroa D. A., 

Parsoni .1. I». Xewbury port 

Pru.-f'-r , c . Kho 1- - I.', un 
Rogora 1- . 1» .. VI rbl 
3aj leg Alfred S,, Law .■ 
Siiui'ii .)., Salem 
Stacl pole N'atlian, Lai 
Steele M. >ir-.. 

Wood 'Jlr.aia- t; 

Wymftn II. B., Salem 

Coopers and Packers of Fish. 
Allen David, Mancu< t< - 
Arriugtoh Joseph .\.. Salem 
AverilJ Wan-em [pswii h 
Hacon Jacob. Gloucester 
Bradley WiUiaui II. \ S< 
Brown Samuel, Marblehead 
Bumham Alfred, Es ex 
Burnham Amos, 
Bumham W r m. 2d, -: 
Cone Henry, (\\ est) Lynn 
Dalrymple Simon <>.. - 
Floreuccj Parley & Co., •• 
Getchell Benjamin W., " 
Goodwin A. K.. Xewburyport 
Goodwin John, " 

Goodwin Uobert, Beverly 
Goodwin & Lowell. Salem 
Hale Charles W.. Xewburyport 
Kehew Samuel, Salem 
Kimball John, Ipswich 
Low Kichard, Salem 
Merrill J. & Son, Salem 
Nichols William II. , - 
Parsons J. & VV. VV., Rockport 
Perkins William II. , Gloucester 
Patten Thomas. Xewburyport 
Roundy Thomas. Salem 
Savory Robert, Beverly 
Story Daniel, Salem 
Swett Henry', Marblehead 

[Si>e also Brass Founders.} 
Currier & Wait, Haverhill 
Dana J. II. & Co., Lawrence 
Knapp V,. R., Xewburyport 
Le Cas.[uet & Ames, Haverhill 
Richardson M. II.. Andover , 

Cord and Line Manufacturers. 
Chisholm vloseph, Salem 
Davis Samuel, Xewburyport 
Gwinn James, S d< in 
j •■•or. Paul, Xewburyport 
Peai son Ariel, 
Smith Samhel, " 
Wormsted Michael, Newburyp rt 

Cordage Manufacturers. 

Bovmton K'":!/»r. Rockport 
Chisbolm '! lion is, Sali • p itcnt] 
Coker St< phen X. Jr., Xewl un rt 
: • . ; - Uenjamin IL, Glou est 
Essex Cordi re Co., [Henry VVTiiti 

agent,] M; rblcl 
c;„- M itthew s.. itoctport 
\\ ilsou J« hn, Beverly 


Abbott Alfred A., Danvers 

Andrews George, Sal*»m 

Barstow Benjamin, '• 

Cai tli tt Enoch, Lawrence 

Benson Geo. 'W',, 

Hiekford Horace, Xewburyport 

Ilium >■ \\ iWux-.a C .. Ames h try 

15 aneiisiM A. A., Lawrcm e 

Bordman B., 

l.-i ::< George P.. 

Brown X. Jr., Salem 

Chase Pcrlej S., La' 

Chevci <••• ■'.''• K.. S.u.-.n 

Chnate (Jeorge I'.. 

I lurk Joseph P.. Lawrence 

CoDolly H. i... Salem 

( oih h Joseph, Law en« o 


Do Igc Alton W..Hai 

Duncan J:\v.u-> IL, ILiverhiU 

Endicott William C, Salem 



I v i .-, William, Marblehead 
I • r Moses Jr., Andover 
Oerrish Joseph 0., Newburyport 
[I irruoT) N. VV., Lawrence 

M i-k.'il George, Ipswich 

[is ten N. W., Andover 

jf..yw.-ird L. C, l/.nn 

If Ills Nathaniel, Newburyporfe 

fjohnes Charles H., Topsfleld 

Ifowc > 'atBan S.. Haverhill 

fves g. B. Jr., Salem 

Jones Jeremiah P., Georgetown 

Kimball K. VV\, Salem 

Kins; John (/'on. Salem 

Kittredge Alfred, Haverhill 

Lord George R., Ipswich 

Lord Nathaniel J., Salem 

Lord Otis J'.. Salem 

Manning J". !».. Roekport 

Marsh John J., Haverhill 

Marston Stephen VV., Newburyport 

Marston W. A., " ' 

Merrill Samuel, Andover 

Nudge Bcuj.F.. Lynn 

Nash Lonson, Gloucester 

Newell Charles S., Lawrence 

Newhall James R.,Lynn 

Newhall Thomas B., - 1 

N'ewtdn Christopher G., Lawrence 

Northern! William P., Salem 

Osgood J. B:F., ;1 

Ps'rsons Thomas A., Lawrence 

Pay son Thomas E., Rowley 

Pe&body Dean, ( '»v'c -t) Lynn 

Perkins B. C, Danvers 

Perry J. VV., Salem 

Phillips Samuel, Nowburyport 

Phillips Stephen II., Salem 

Pierce Nathaniel, Gloucester 

Prescott William C., Salem 

Proctor Jiihn IV. , Dan vers 

Rantoul Robert Jr.. Beverly 

Reed Jacob W., Croveland 

Roberts D.'. Salem 

Rogers LAtigustus D-, Salem 

Russell Jeremiah. Georgetown 

Safford Daniel B , Hamilton 

Saunders Daniel Jr., Lawrence 

Stephens Thomas, Beverly 

Stevens Ivan, Lawrence 

Stevens William, " 

Stevens William 0.. ; * 

Stiekney Jeremiah ('.. Lvnn 

Stone Ebeu P.. Newburyport 

Storv Augustus. Salem 

Ta.'gart William. Haverhill 

Teroiey John, Methuen 

ThomdikeL., Salem 

Waters Joseph G., Salem 

Watson B. 1',, Lawrence 

Wei>h Stephen P., Salem 

Weed Dan. Lawrence 

Wheatland George, Salem 

Wheatland Stephen (1.. Salem 

White N. G., Lawrence 

Wright Thomas, " 

Wright Wm.H. P., < ; 

Country Stares, 

[Where are kept Thy Goods, Groceries, 
AsrricultMral Instruments, if c, £e. §"c. 
Those who deal in bit! one kind of 
goods will not bt found here, but un- 
der their appropriate headings.] 

Abbot H. W... Andover 

Abbot & Hidden. Andover 

Adams B. P.. Topsfield 

Adams Samuel. Beverly 

Allen William, Salisbury 

Atwood M. P., Croveland 

Vverill K. T. & Co,, Middle-ton 

Rftbson David & Gorham, Roekport 

Bailej George K., (North) Danvers 

Bancroft Thomas K.. Bankers 

Bartlett T. C. Haverhill 

LatcheMer Oliver P., Danvers 

Bayley Stephen, (W.) Amesbury 

BWkintcn Oliver, Rowley 

Koynton David P.,Roekport 

Boyntou IJenry, Rowley 

RoyutonJohn, ' ; ' 

ttuyntoii William, Rock port 

Bradley & Tyler Haverhill 
Brooks Reuben, Kockport 
Brow d B. & 5o i, V\ i I Ncwburj 
Brown James, Roekport 
Brown Leonard. Salisbury 
Brown S. W .. Gloucester 
Bumhani George W. Jr., i ■• i 
Bwuham Leonard, Gloucesb r 
Burnham & Gcntlee, Manchcsti r 
Bum & Dearborn, | Ballard Vale) An- 
Cantillon Joseph 0. If., Lawrence 
Carlton F. D., West Newbury 
Carlton Guy. Methuen 
Can- J. C, West Newbury 
Carruthers & Brown, S disbury 
Choate Benjamin, Roekport 
Clary John, (West) Amesbury 
Clark Augustus N\. Beverly 
Clark Henry, Roekport 
Coburn Stephen, Ipswich 
Cogswell Daniel, l - 
Cogswell H. C.j Esses 
Cogswell Ebenezer. Ipswich 
Cule Gideon, Beverly 
Courtney Benjamin, Essex 
Dane, Dale & Co., Danvers 
Davis James, Gloucester 
Dearborn Cyrus Jr., Salisbury 
Dodge M., Ipswich 
Dodge William, Manchester 
Dooley Michael, Gloucester 
Eames & Hale. Roekport 
Eiwells Henry. Gloucester 
Endicott William, Beverly 

Fairbanks G. W., Saugus 

Frfield Benjamin K.. Salisbury 

Flint E. S-, Gloucester 

Foster John. (North) Andover 

Fowier & Kingsbury, Salisbury 

French & Tapley, (North) Danvers 

Friend George & Co., Gloucester 

Garland George, ' ; 

Griffin Gustavus, " 

G rover C. E. & FL, 

Gutterson B. G., Methuen 

Harris James, Roekport 

Haskell.- Marshall & Co., Roekport 

Haskell, Stimson & Co.. 

Haskins J. S. & Co.. (Ballard Vale) 

Haskins Moses. Roekport [Andover 

Hathaway & Ellis, Georgetown 

Henderson Daniel S., Hamilton 
j Herriek Samuel D„ Hi rcrl) 

IJig^ins & Abbot. Andover 
i HilPAlbort, fuswieh 
I HoltS. P., Am'..-, er 

Hood Francis G., Boxfoi i [bury 

Hosum, Bailev & Durgin, West New- 
Howe J. S., Methuen 

Hovt John, Roekport 

Jewett Israel K., Ipswich 

Joplin W. 1)., Lawrence 

Kidder W. W. 5c l 1 "., LynnfieW 

Kimball & Gould, Topsfield 

Kimball John. Salisbury 

Knights Thomas P.. Ilockp irt 

Knights Winchester. Salisbury 

Lambert & Merrill. Danvers 

Lane-Gideon, Gloucester _ 

T^reum Cornelius. Beverly 
I Lathrop & Co., galifbnry 

Lawrence J. D-. Sangus 

Le Fav >r Thomas, Beverly 

Lo r.l Asa, Ipswich 

Lowe Daniel,, Roekport 

MansReld ic Sons. Gloucester 

Marchant A. .*c Co., 

Mavchant & 'Wells, 

Marshall Thomas •>.. R< ckj ort 

MeXeal C. G., Andover 
j Morriam F. P. & ' o MiJ l»( '* a 
i Merrill F.zra, Salisl ury 

Montgomery & Co . Haverhill 

Morgan Luke, Bcwrly 

Munroe h. S-. Lynnfield 

Oak Joseph. (West) Amesbury 

Page A. J., Danvers 

Patre Rufua H . Groveland 

Parker Amos, 

Parker Kenjamin, " 

Parker Peter, 

Parker s. II., (Si • 

Pai < as !' 

Pay-on J, hn ~. . u , .• I 

Pedriek & * I - an l . 

l'( . . .-.: Joi pa, Wcnham 

1'i-rley ,^ Currier, (Xorl 

Perrj Ju 

P. it I K, J.. Beverly 

Pool Johu. Roekport 

u : v I - . n 
Pr. ■-. ):. <, . Unnlford 
Prince Asa, Ki v« siy 
Prince Daniel N. & S"n. Rowley 
Pro< t..r J. o . Gloucester 
Putnam B.C. & J. A.. Wei : 
Fliehar la Daniel, (North) Danv< ra 
i Is II. C, rpswich 

Kichardron J. M., I 
lliehartlson T. J.. Methuen 
Bussell h.'vi H.. Lynnfiekl(C 
J;u t J..!m P.. Hamilton 
Sargent, Gunnison & Co., (W( 
Sargent Jesse, (Sutton's Mi 
Sargent St l»anforth, (North ) ! 
Sargi nr & Stor . I • • . 
Savary George .v Sons, Croveland 
Sa-ville George, Gloucester 
Savory VV. II. , Georgett ■•:. 
Sh-.-mt I) , Methuen 
Sawyer Moses, ( West) Amesbury 
Say ward K;»->- ic Co., Gloucester 
Siuifrh Ebeu, Beverly 
St ii n.-y Charles, Lynnfield 
Spofli rd il. A.. Croveland 
Squires James, Amesbury 
Stacy .^ Babsou, Amesbury 
Ftovens Warren, (Nortl (As 
Stickne) I>. B, & Sons, Groi 
Sti :r \\ iUiam, Amesburj 
Story Andrew, Essex 
; -. ;. I yjm . Gloucestei 
Swift Nathaniel, Andover 
Tappan Israel F.. Manchester 
Tarr Washington, Roekport 
i odd Sc Johnson, Rowley 
Tuck & Apple ton, Hamilton 
Tvler I aleb G. & Co , Georg 
VV'aii Joseph & Sons. 1. 
Wales Abiel, Beverly 
'.'■ ales Andrew 1'.. Beverly 
Wallis Caleb, ' - ; [vera 

VV an, u A. W. & Co.. (New MiUs) I>an- 
\\ ebster Stephen, Ssilisbury 
West Luther, H< verly 
v. >. ; Charles H.. Amesburv 
v. Iii ,• & Hodges, (North] Vr I vet 
Whittier U-oi ..rJ. LlavcrhUl 
\."i lard George, Ipswich 
Willi omb Daniel L.. Ipswich 
\\ . ■ pub William, ' " 
\i inter S: Johnson, Gloucester 
Wi nson Samuel & Sons. Gl mcestei 

. v .. I PCS, 


!■ ■ ■•- N. G.. N^.■«hur^ port 

llcwditchW.A., Salem ' 

Breed & Childs, (West] I di 

- . Asa, Salem 

' rlton J. H.. Haverhill 

< hurchill II., Lynn 

1 .->.•; N. & '1..N. wbur rt 

Iry.- & Ayer, Haverlull 

;; Bnos II., Lvnn 

i A., ' "'• 

L., Haverhill 
L-riiu vV Clark, l.a\vTcnce 
M- •« I i>. ^ Co., Lynn 
»1 ■ It n Ji - ph, N--.vl uryport 
Koj - '! iniothy. Salem 
Simon Is S, C. .<. K. A.. Salem 
Smith Kben, Beverly 
Co inn Store, Lynn 
\\ , .; . i rancis P., Lawrence 

Curled Hair Fac - 

Lord E, & Co., Salem 

[Stt Leather Dressers and Tanners.] 
Adams Thomas 11.. Rowley 
Allen Ephraim, Salem 



Austin William, Salem 
Blodijett & Turner, Haverhill 
Bott James, Sakm ' 
Bott John C. k - 
Boynton D., Haverhill 
lfraydcn James, Salem 
Brewster Ir.a A., '« 
Butters II. A. oc Co M Marerbill 
Butters James, 
Burnhairi Francis, Essex 
Caldwell Thomas 3L, Methucn 
Carrol Edward. Lynn 
Carter & Riley, Salem 
Coffin Lsaac, Georgetown 
Conrey James H„ Salem 
Conway Hmrh, 
CuilitonJoho, '• 

Dale Joseph, t; 

Davis Warren P.. " 
Eiiioti L. W., Darners 
Emerson Oliver, •• 
Evans Alvah, Salem 
Farley J. Danvers 
Farrar Kimball, Bradford 
Feroald Stephen, Danvers 
Frye Daniel, Salem 
GiddingsJ., Danvers 
< John W., Danvers 
Gould 0. P.. Salem 
Harrington Charles, Salem 
Haskell Daniel C. Salem 
JJegapty JereuiiahV Satem 
Herriman J. P.. (New Mills) Danvers 
Hodgdoi; George C. Salem 
Hpdgdoh S.. Salem' 
Hodgkins J. S., Danvers 
Hortoa Nathaniel, Salem 
Koyt & Harding, Haverhill 
Huse John, Salem 
Jcljers William, Haverhill 
Jewett George, Rowley 
Johnson Samuel. Satem 
Keazer Albert, Salem 
Kenru'v William- Salem 
Kimball Slopes, Danvers 
Kiuiball Obailiah, Danvers 
Knights John Jr., Manchester 
Learoyd J. A., (North) Danvers 
Looby Thomas. Salem 
Lord John A.. Danvers 
Lord William X., Danvers 
Ldvfqy Elbridge, Lynn ' 
Low Benjamin, Georgetown 
Mahoucy Jeremiah. Salem 
Martia William P.. Salein 
MeCiirlv Mu-li:,.d e-'alem 
McGeary James, Salem 
Merrill Joseph. (So* Mills) Danvers 
Mors,* William T., Salem 
Moulton Joseph, (West) Lynn 
Nelson & Jkmll. Danvers 
Newton John IL. Salem 
Nichols Th omas, Salem 
Noah Samuol Jr., Salem 
1 Oliver A.. Lynn ' 
Osborn Franklin, Danvers: 
Osbom Milts fc Co., Danvers 
G'Shca Timothy, Danvers 
Parker Nathaniel, Groveland 
Parker Stephen, Groveland 
Perry & Smith, Lvnn 
Pevear & Co., Lynn 
1'm.l.T & Brown. Danvers 
Pitman J. C, Salem 
Pitman N., S.dcm 
WoulTEdward, [pswfch 
Plttmnier Hiram, Dan vera 
Poor George, Danvers 
Poor *»n than IL, Danvers 
Porter Andrew, Danvers 
Porter Benjamin 1\, Salem 
Pratt Elwha, Satan 
Putnam Jacob, -deuz 
Reed Stephen F.,j Sev* Mills} Danvers 
Richardson & Coohdgc.JN.) Duikers 
Robinson Levi, (West) Lynn 
Bupp Andrew, Salem 
Sanborn .l,u,e,-. SaJ.-m 
Sawyer VL P.. Danvera 
Smith Richard, Danvers 
Souther & Blaney, Lvnn 
Bouthwic'k Jaines, Danvers 

Sthnpson J. C , Salem 
Taplcy Philip, Lynn 
TemploJ, M., Ipswich, 
Thomdike \\ illiam D., Salem 
Tibbetts Horace, Danvers 
Titcomb Paul. Newbury 
Todd.Jonathan, Rowley 
Troadwcll Nathaniel R., Salem 
Turner Charles '»','.. Salem 
Turner James, II iverhfll " 
Tuttle Nathaniel, Salem 
Tutcle WiRiam, Salem 
Upton Franklin, Danvers 
Varney William D. 5c S.. Salem. 
Walden Joseph p., Ralem 
VVallis Aaron, "Ipswich 
Webb Putnam, (New Mill ;}"Danvers 
Welch Thomas S., Danvers 
Weston Charles, Salem 
Worthen Lyman. Haverhill 


Batchelder Nath'l, (New Mills) Danvers 

Bent Israel, Newburvport 

Bowdoin D. W., Salem 

Colo Charles, Lawrence 

Guilford E. It., Amesbury 

Hardy Jason, Lawrence 

Miller It. A., Xawren'ce 

Moulton J. W., Satem 

Newberts A.. Lawrence 

Perkins Elijah R.. Topsfield 

Snell W 'illiam, Salem 

Whittemore S. PP. Lynn 


Appleton J., Georgetown 

Batchelder J. IP. Salem 

Blake D. S., Newburvport 

Bowdoin W. L., Salem 

Buekminister Isaac, Lawrence 

Colby J. L., Manchester 

Collins Hiram, Salisbury 

Curler .Marblehead 

Elliott S. IL, Lawrence 

Farnum Joseph Jr., Salem 

Fisk Joseph }.'., Salem 
j Harris—, Pockporfc 

Hayes Elijah D.. Danvers 

liurd W. W., Salem 
Kennison G. W., Newburyport 
planieyH., Lawrence 

Martin TAP. Haverhill 
I Mumford M. 3L, Newburvport 
Norc-hell Henry. Gloucester 
Robinson J. A., Salem 
Sanborn Eastman, Andover 
Sanborn J. F.. Beverly 
Smith Justin P.. Newburvport 

Stearns , Andover ' 

W lutney C. II., Haverhill 

Caldwell Alexander. Newburvport 
Caldwell John. Newburvport 
Hodges Si II., Salem " 
Stone P. W.j Salem 

Doors, Sashes, and Blinds. 
Anderson.'Silas, Haverhill 
BuiFum Clarke, Danvers 
Colby Benjamin, Haverhill 
Cross J. he. (North) Danvers 
Novell Joseph, Sal m 
Pi rkjns Abnim, Jjssex 
Ph-l(w William & Sous, Salem 
Pickering J 1 , p., Newburvport 
PhepardJoseph, Marbii h< a i 
Wilson. Allen k Co . Laurence 
Tewkesbury ^c Cal h ell, (W, v; ; Lynn 

Dry Oooda. 
[ S-, aho Country Stores.] 
Abbott K W., towrence 
Aiiains 15. P.. Topstield 
Ames J. P.. Haverhill 
Awrill E. p. v v c.,.. Middleton 
P.i.huian Solomon, Newburvport 
Ratobeldep IL, Salem 
HatcheiderJomtthiin, (West) Lynn 
Batchelder Oliver t'.. Daiivsra 

BernharJ & Block. Xewburj 

Bakei Samuel N.. [p«wich 
Brackett V\'Uliam D i 
Bray Ann K.. Salem 

lii ul ■ n, !:•.. 
Brown ft Bartlett, \. 
Brown John II., Man. 
Brown Wm. P.,Mari, 
Bunker A. F.. Solera 
Buntin John. N'ewburypi r( 
CalderWm., (Ballard 

< iihiwcU James. Newburyport 
Calef J< hn C, Gloucester 

Cli mix rlain R. K., Salem 
Chamberliu George, Harblehea I 
• hase Blaney, Lj an 
ChaseS. IP W., IlaverbiU 

< base William. (Westl Lynn 
I boatc Harvey, Beverly ' 
Choate 1. & Co., Salem 
('lark Augustus X., Beverly 
'' >lman B., Salem 

ConleyJ. S. .V- Co., Newburvport 
pane, Dole & Co., Danvers 
Daniel K. S. & Co.. Danvers 
Davenport Charles W., Newburyport 
Dickson 11. & Co.. Lynn 
Dix Asa C.. Salem 
Dodge Benjamin P., Bev< rlj 
Dougan, Kerr & Co., Lawrence 
Downer Thomas & Co., .-V 
Endicott William. Beverly 
Evans Thomas, Marblehead 
Fairfield J. M., Lawrence 
Flanders S., Amesbury 
Foster & Price, Salem 
French David, Amesbury 
French & Taplcy. (North) Danvers 
tvothmgham J. A.. Newbujn poi 
Gavetf Cliark-s, Salem 

j fiavett \\ illiam P., Salen 
Ceorge & Little. HaverluU 
GohUhwait M Jr. & Co.. Salem 
Gohlthwait Willard, Salem 
Griffin Kiiphalet. Newburvport 
HaleS.,Ro .. 
HarUj Jason, Lawrence 
Harrod M & P., Newburrpi rt 
Hoskins Moses. Rockport ' 
Hathaway & Ellis, Georgetown 
■'(■:!-,; l!.,l:owlev 

Hesseltine Charles, Newburyport 
Hill George C, Salem 

KHI W. & i;.. Salem 
Hohnos Ch trl s I... Lvnn 
II' od Fntneis P.. Boxfor I 
Hi rton Edward J;.. Newbur p rt 
Howai i John P.. Lawrence" 
Hunl M.J. Mrs., 3IeAuen 
Hutchinson William, Law.. n« 
Ireson N. IP P.. Lynn 
.;■::.- ,. Parsons, Gloucester 
Keith J.. Haverhill 
Kidder W. W. £ Co., Lvnnfi Id 
Kiinbiill & Gould, Topsfiel t 
I^imbert & Merrill, Danvers 
•■-■'■ ■•■• -T S., Gl ucestcr 
|-.>Master Polly & Sarah, Marblehead 
i l-'M A. P.. Ipswich 

Lu »n '• George A., Marblehead 

M>'> U.B.. Haverhill 

Marchant Henry P.. Gloucester 

Martin If., Danvers 

x ' Jrrfcmi k. t>. \- Co., Middleton 

Merritt T. IP. Haverhill 

Moore & Field, Lawrence 

Mudg, G 0\ •- W.. Lvnn 

Munroc L. S., Lynufield 

Murray & Shattuck, I^iwrenco 

Newman S A .. Ipswich 

Paine J. A.. Salem 

Pucm Ala!. Haverhill 

Palmer W illiam IV.. Salem 

Perley . v c Ciurier, (North) Danvers 

Plummer Richard, Newbur ; - 

Pi rtei l.i„ u. Haverhill 

Prenti « (feorge. (N« rth) Danvers 

l< m ! dl V, illiam P.. Lawn ;i,-o 

Richards Dai iel, (North U 

Ropes K. i, . Sal.-m 

Bora Timothy B., Ipswich 


Kuv-H Levi H.. Lynnficld 
Rust Benjamin T., Salem 
Fav«»rj William H., Georgetown 
k-avev Isaac 1'.. Newburyport 
Shcpanl Elizabeth, Salem 
Shepard .1. B. & S. D., Salexn 
SbiUaber S., Salem 
Smith & Stanwood, Lawrence 
Spimiej Charles, Lyunfield 
Staey & Babson, Amesbury 
Stearns A. W,, Lawrence 
Stevens Samuel & Co., Gloucester 
Strain J. & Co., Newburyport 
Sweetser S. & Son, Newburyport 
'i ICeomb Charles Pi.. Newbury port 
tohnan G. B., Lynn 
Towne S-. Lawrence 
Trow & Bushby, (New Mills) Danvers 
Tufts Richard, Kockport 
Tyler C. C. & Co., Georgetown 
Union Store, Lynn 
Valpey Samuel B., (West) Lynn 
Walker & Bolkconi, Lawrence 
Wallace II , Salem [vers 

Warren A. W. & Co., (New MIL-;) Dan- 
Webster Samuel, Methuen 
White C. II., Amesbury 
Whittea II., Lynn 

Dodge George 11.. Newburyport 
Howorth & Kaseriek, Danvers 
Roles Samuel Jr., Salem 
Trees John, Lawrence 

Fancy Good3. 

Babeook & Remond, Salem 

Badger Charles P., Newburyport 

Ballard 31. Miss, Saugus 

Barker M. Mis.. Methuen 

Barnes J. H., Lawrence 

Bod well William, Lawrence 

Call A.. A., Newburyport 

Carlton James II. . Haverhill 

Chase & Laubham, Haverhill 

Cheever If. Mrs.. Sangus 

Dale B. Mrs., Methuen 

Frye it Aver. HaverhHI 

Hale Moses, NewbuiTport 

Hodgklns Jacob P., Newburvport 

JaquesA, B.. HavcrhiU 

Johnson I!. G., Newburyport 

Kimball L., Haverhill 

Lawrence John, Lawrence 

MumlerS., Lawrence 

NewhaJJB. M., Sangus 

Potter Sarah C, Salem 

Ramsdeil C, Lawrence 

Richardson K. P., Lvnnfield (Centre) 

Rogers S. P., Salem 

Skerry Francis Jr., Salem 

Smith & Chamberlain, Salem 

Smith E VV.j Newburyport 

Staekpole Nathan, Lawrence 

Stevens P. A., (North) Andover 

Stimpson M. A., (Ballard Yale) Andover 

Thompson J. Miss, (Ballard Vale) " 

Niton J. Cr. & Co., Newburyport 

Webster Samuel, Methuen 

Abbott Eben. G., Kockport 
Abbott William T., Rockport 
Adams Samuel, Beverly 
Babson D. & G.. Kockport 
lUmford J. A. & Co., Newburyport 
Barker George, Marblehead 
Bjatchford John, Kockport 
Blatchford William, Kockport 
Bowden .». O. <t (',... Marblehead 
Bowler William. Marblehead 
Buynton David P.. Rockport 
Boynton Eleazer, Kockport 
Boynton William, Rockport 
Brown Samuel, Marblehead 
Brown Sam'J N., Gloucester [curer] 
Carver Philander, Kockport 
Cloutman George C, Marblehead 
Ctoutuian P. IV, Marblehead 
Crowclj David, Beverly 
Curtis Robert, Marblehead 
B<-um-i Amos, Newburyport 


Ml! & Pratt, Salem 

Doyle Abraham T.. Beverlj 

D .dd \u Irew, Rockport 

Dodd Stephen, Kockport 

Bow Z., N< u buryport 

Kndici tt & Xhomdike. Beverly 

Kit/, Riggs & Co., Gloria ster 

Foster & Lovett, Reverb 

friend ('has. & Co.,G)o'u •■•'■■■ [i ur's] 

Friend Geo. & Co., Gloucester [curers] 

Friend Joseph k Co., •• [curers] 

Garland George, Gloucesti r 

Gills John S . Roi kport 

Glass Joseph & Co.. Marblehead 

Goodwin William, Marblehead 

Gregory John II.. M irblehead 

GriffinJames. Kockport 

Hale K. & VV.', Newburyp >rt 

Hale Samuel &: Pro's. Newburyport 

Hidden Samuel, Marblehead 

Humphrey & Twisden, Marblehead 

Knight George & Co., Marblehead 

Lovett & Davis, Beverly 

Mann William, Rockport 

Mansfield J. .s. Sou, Gloucester [curers] 

Marehant Addison & Co.. ■• [curers] 

Marehant Henry, Gloucester 

Marehant Richard & Co.. Gloucester 

Marshall Thomas 0. Rockport [curers] 

Morgan J. & 11., Beverly 

Noble Francis. Rockport 

Ober Samuel & Son?, Beverly 

Pacrkhurst Charles. Gloucester 

Parkhurst David, Gloucester [cuter] 

Parsons Benjamin & Co., Gloucester 

Parsons Daniel W., Rockport 

PettingillS. & Son. Newburyport 

Pew John, Gloucester 

Pickett K. & J., Beverly 

Pitman Henry P., Marblehead 

Pool John, Rockpurf 

Pool Moses Jr., Kockport 

Pool, William Jr., ■• 

Poole .lame?. Gloucester [carer] 

Prestos & Co., Salem 

Proctor J. 0. & Co.. Gloucesfcorfcnrers] 

Ramsdell Richard, Marbleh. ad 

SaywardEpes & Co*. Gloucester 

Short Henry, Newburyport 

Staudley S., Marblehead 

Stone Edward, Beverly 

Stone I, & J., Beverly 

'i'arr David, Kockport 

Tarr Francis, '• 

Tarr Jas., Jr., i: 

Tarr Moses, Jr., Gloucester fcurcrj 

'i'arr Washington, Roekp rt 

Tophiim James & Co., Marblehea ! 

West J. A. & B. A., Salem 

White John & Co., Marblehead 

Wonson Jem 1'.. Gloucesti r 

Wonson Samuel & Sons, Gloucest. r 

Woodbury Elliott, Beverly [curers] 

Woodbury John & Son, Gloucester 

Wright David, Salem 

Young John, kockport 

Flom* and Grain. 
Ball William, Salem 
Bayley Robert & Son, Newburyport 
Breed Asa, Lynn 
Brewster A. R , kiwrenee 
Brooks A. T., Salem 
Buroham & Gentlee, Manchester 
ChaudlerJ. T . Salem 
Courtney Benjamin, fcssea; 
Dodt?eE. & Co., Salem 
Dt>d'4e V- i'ii »n, Man' In *ter 
DowJli njataiu k Co., M iv«*rMH 
Fowler & Kin ; bun . - ill- aiy 
Fnrness W. P., Lawn m • 
GwenJohn A & Co-, B 
Gunuwon 'A iliiam \ S- >>'i »vl urj port 
Hale )>. .'^c L. Xewbun port 
Harvev Samuel, Methuen 
Kiggius & Abhott.An : -v. i 
Johnson John •"■•• ( : ''•' • '''•" 
I'm.-.t j ','..1.. N ;wb iry'l*- :t 
Knight Joseph, Newhuni ort 
Knight William M , Marhli head 
Ljiniper J. P.. Lynn 
Luut Charles. Newburyp' rt 

Newhall WUlium M., (W.— 

Phil!;;-. GokI! U) - I 

l Itn an ll»nrj F., W 

I'liiii", I.. Salem 

Rliod, ■ J lui J 

Richard I 

Ropi R. w ..\i i . Salem 

Runt John I' P ti i ' 

H in : ;• N I:.-. .. dds. S.ileni 

t ' nuel \ . <;i m 

■ ■ i . 

Swift N ith ■..:• '. \. r : lover 

Tarr Bi njai in, Rock] ort 

la.-kc; & M.ii ihall. Itockport 

'1 uck & Vppl -rori. Hamilton 

Tuck .1 '.:, •'., ! '.\ '.-f; Lynn 

W an n J ■ ••-■. (New Mills) Danven 

Wood John .v Son, Newburj 

Fruit and Produce. 
< ;i -. e .v Laubham, Lawrence 
Clement I <'.. Newburyport 
Colburu II. P.. Lawrence 
Cn • ker S. P., Salem 
)>a\i- W. R., Newburyport 
L)i dge Thonuu P., Newburyport 
Dyer K It., Newburyport 
fc'letcher Kdwin, Lawrence 
John n - ; u ii. 1 i '., Newburj port 
Kendall William II., Newburyport 
Marks John & Son. Salem 
McK u- ker ■'• ihn, Newbury port 
M< '_■:...• a. W . Newburj port 
Needham & ILawbi s. Sai cni 
Nourse Lbeneaer, .^aiem 
Peckham J., Salem 
Philbroot John P.. Salem 
Rogers S. ¥.. Salem 
Stevens William, Salem 
Vickary Otis, Lynn 

Turniiure and Featbsrs. 
Alibott Herman & Co., Andover 
BaruarJ U. P., An.iover 
Rassett N. G., .Newburyport 
Ik-an & Whittier, fjawr rm e 
Royuton William, Georgeti 
Bnudy E. G., Laurence 
D le Klam, Methuen 
Dolliver Edward S. 1.., Glow • i 
P.!'.. rv Benjamin, Gloucester 
Grover K & P., Gloucester 
Henderson ^c Kimball, Salem . 
Ilendi :■- on Samuel, Lynn 
Jewett John, Salem 

1 d Johti B., Ipswich 

Lord Josiah, Ipswich 
Maiming & Sargent, Salem 
V iy C. W., Salem 
Ni . -. an ' ; irk, tpswich 
Newman Mark, 2d, Andover 
Pi Irii k k Classen, Lawrence 
Pooi Nathan, Xewbun . . 
Randall t). p., Haverhill 
Russell Pmter, Newburyport 
Seidenbutg Henry, Xewburypi rt 
: :- • c '1 homas, Danvers 
'.v Joseph, Salem 
Whipple & fc'ellows, Salem 

Gas Pipes and Fixtures. 
Barues V iliiam, Salem 

Gents. Furnishing Stores. 
: C.N. & J. W., Newb 

Blukel. W. ; Lawrence 
Cnrri i A phens, Haverhill 
Pa-. Lutli . . I ■ 

1 ;•'!.! M. & Co., Lawrence 
n I, Haverhill 
- S., Xewburj \ ort 
Hill '•••. •■ •. \'.'.. Lawrence 
Kimhall \ Treab, Haverhill 
K:.i,-h: ,\- Pierce, Newbury] 
Martin lv R., Newbury port 
Mi lett William P.. IVndover 
Xettc nul T & .'. P.. Have 

/ Wiliiam K.. Law: i 
Swect.scr Mi «es, Xewburj ; i : 
Taylor Levi, Haverhill 



Gilders and Picture Frame 
Shaw Xraophon 1L. Salem 
Stromberg F. IS., Newburyport 

Glue Manufacturers. 
Anderson John, Marblehead 
Brown Thomas, 
Walker & Upton, Danger? 
VTyman Rufus & Sanger, F/anvrrs 

Grist Mills. 

Adams Asa, Newbury 

Alley John. Lynn 

Berry Nehemiah, [West) Lynn 

Bickford Josiah, (New Mills! Dangers 

Brackets & Brown, Gloucester 

Breed Theophllus N., {Wast) Lynn 

Chase H. & Son* (West) Lynn 

Dodge Aaron, Beverly 

Doane 1*3111, Georgetown 

Dodge Brothers, Kowley 

Dummcr Brothers, Kowley 

Emerson D., .Middle ton 

Essex Mill Corporation, Essex 

Foster Israel, Manchester 

Fowle r Samuel, Beverly 

Hodgkins Wilfiam, Beverly 

Knight , Newbury 

McKenzie John, TopsSeld 
Manning; James, Roekpbrfc 
. Nawbali B. F.. Jiaugus 
' Oner Jacob L.. (New Mills) Danvers 
Pearson Benjamin, Newbury 
l-earson Elisha, Ipswich 
Pearson Joseph, Newbury 
Pearson '!'., Nesvburv 
Perkins John P., Xopsfield [bury 

Powow Fuer Mauufaeturiu^Co.. Saii<' 
Bitddiri G. \r, Jr., Saunas 
Smith Ammi, Hamilton 
Smith. Dorr & Co., Andover 
Spofibrd William, Georgetown 
West Amesbury Manumcturiug Com 

Wilson & Allen, Lawremse 

Woadhriage M lllsmx. Andover 

[ RoweJ. s.. Salei i 
Salter Abel, Newburvport 

j Saul .lain..- If.. Salem 
Simpson A •'.. Haverhill 
Stewart W iliiam IF. Lvnn 

| Symonds FI. 0., Marblehead 
Turner John, Dar.vers 
Wardwvll Hiram ll., Lynn 

| While KobertM,, Lawrence 
W illiains A., Salem 
Wood 1\. Haverhill 
1'oungJ. C. if , Newburyport 

Hair Manufacturers. 
English Philip, Beverly 
English William, <• 
Wilson John, " 

Hair Work, Wigs, &oc. 
Foster N. & T.. Newburvport 
Mosley R. F... Newburyport 

Potter .Sarah (.'., Salem' 
Putnam ('. F., Salem 
Bemond & Babrock, Salem 
Skerry P. Jr., Salem 

Abbott II. W., Andover 
Adams & Bichardsoh, Salem 
AppletonJ.A. & G. r Haverhill 
Boardman Samuel, Newburyport 
Breed Theophihis N., Lynn 
Brooks A -a. Sclera 
Chase William, Salem 
Gloon William F., Marblehead. 
Currier A., HaverhiLl 
Currier &- Wait, Haverhill 
Goldsmith, Newcoinb & Farless, & 
I Hale lleurv, Salem 
Knapp Charles, Newburyport 
I^Bosfinet & Aiiaes, Haverhill 
LiTermore H.J. & Co., Lawrence 
Mirnck N. EL, Lynn 
Noyea David, Newburyport 
Peele Robert; Salem 
Rones Timi.ih.- c,i., m 


Fairbanks & Hodges, NVwharmort 
Perry if. fe., Salem ' " 

Rogers William. G.. Lawrence 
bar^eot Charles ll.'. Newburvport 
Thompson & Knowledj Have'rhill 

Hair Dressers, 
Alley TV. II., Salisbury 
Anderson Henry, J^iv.rence 
Babcock Janies, Salem 
Lean Castor, Haverhill 
Bond ThonwsH., Lynn 
GasseU John, Sabm 
Cooper J). J.. Salem 
Cunis W. Haverhill 
Edwards F. A.. Andover 

^untain James, Marblehead 
Gardner B., Salem 
Giiliard Otho, Lynn 
Oirojer Benjamin, Lrmnmce 
i'?. 1 !^,' 11 ,io bn, Newburyport 
Hill Joseph P., Lynn 
Hovey Ueorgeii.. Salem 
J*cKsoa f H av( . rhlll 

Jones John, Manchester 
Lander 15.. Salem ' * 
Lang David, Newbsjrvnr-rl 
LoydJehn/Glouc^S POrt 
Lj«s^ u Weymouth, Newburyport 
Mjdcros Andrew, Lawrence 
Koyes Isaac !' , Newburyport 
OrreUj haJr.,Ammver 
Oaborn John, Newburyport 
Pope Orlando K., l>anvera 
Putnam J. IF, Salem 
Quimby Jam.-, Jr., Salisbury 
|^aymond Aadrew, Newburypori 
itaymond John, Gloucester 
Raymond Thomas, Gloueeatar 
«toss N'athanieL Salem 

C & F 


fappan A-nios. Newburypori 
Tufts Samuel & Co., Lynn 
Wills William T., Newboryport 

Harness Makers 

Ames . Lawrence 

Av^h George, fcewburvport 
V'thert o Albert. Lynn 

Barr Joh-r. S., (Nrtrth) Darners 

fferr William, Bererly 

Bartlett John, Newburvport 

Bennett Charles F.. Salem 

Bennett G. W., Salem 

Bott J,uu,< L.. Gloucester 
, BarTum Edward. Salem 

BnswellD.. HaverhiH 

Barding William. Danrcrs 

Jlurtt Henry, [trunks] Andover 

Carter Kendall, (V-w MilLs) Dan vers 

' ochran Silas, Topsfield 

Coffin .1 hn, Salisbury 

Connell Martin, Salem 

Coombs F., Salem 


;hraim ? (\\ est) Amesbury 

icbael. Georgetown 

tm^l H., [West) Amesbury 




[North) Andove 
''■•: ■ Amesbury 


Morse I 

aae, Bradford 

Morse J 

hn. Bnidford 


Kufus. (West) Amesbury 


1 lis 1 1 us, Salern 

Perry !'. 

li<, (Ue.-n Amesburj 


id Matthew, Lynn 

Price El 

>en N.. Salem 


s H.l,, Essex 

Savory Robert, Georgetown 

BhttW • INortl.i \)u 

«"wellJoM.-ph Uwr 
lufts Palmer, .-.• i 
l*utth II G - 
Varnurn Corliss, Andoye? 
Watson JbVntoci, Sa in 
Whiuey & Tattle, Salem 

Hats, Caps, and Furs. 
Adsit Leonard, Lawrence 
Appleton Beujauiin. Newburyport 
Carlton l saac, Lawrence 
Cook Humphrey, Salem 
Curri.-r A., Haverhill 
Bay Luther, Lawrence 
Foss Thomas, Marblehead 
Geary George W .. Newburypi -c 
uleason David. Methuen 
Hall ll. U.. Lawrence 
liorton Daniel, Newburyport 
Kimball William, Salem 
Lancaster T. & J. f., Haverhill 
Lanson William, Beverly 
Maynes Wuhan,, Salem 
Milletfc W'iili ..m P., A .mover 
Nutting William Jr., Marblehead 
Osborne Stephen, Salem 
Piper J. E. ft W. H., Newburyport 
Spalding w. R., Lawrence 
Taylor Levi. Haverhill 
Webster C. & Sod, Salem 

Aye- John, Haverhill 
Baldwin Philo, Methuen 
Crowell Jonathan, Haverhill 
Gleason & Brpwn, Methuen 
Gleason David, Methuen 
Uleaso i K. C, Methuen 
HoweP.B. &Co.,Haverhfli 
Ingals Charles, Methuen 
Lancaster T. & J. p Haverhill 
Merrill Washington, Methuen 
Misser M. & Sons, .Methuen 


Broivn S. Jr. & Sons, Salem 
Horse Shoers. 

Clark .Tames, Si.ieLi 
Harding David, Salem 
Wiikins Charles, Salem 

Hosiery, Shir*? and Drawers. 
Glover James S., Ipswich 
Maun Jabez, « 

Ice Dealers. 
Smith C, Newburvport 
Wenham !...'.. Lcc Co., (P. 5 . -■ 
agent) Wenham 

India Rubber Manufacturer. 
Cpton Samuel, Beverly 

Inspectors of I'ish. 
Goodwin A. E., Newburvport 
Goodwin John, 

Hale ChllS. W., " 

Patten Thos,, « 

rhurloJohn, <• 

Insurance Agents. 
Abbott David Jr., Salem 
Allen N. K., Salem 
Bi is -tt William, Lynn 
IJuncissB. F., (Ballard Tale; Andover 
I'avis John, Methuen 
Hayes Thomas M,. Haverhill 
Hall H innon, Saugus 
Joplin '»»'. D., Lawrence 
Mu.L"- Benjamin, Lynn 

' • in F., Lynn 

N' si Lai; ):. F., Saugus 
NcwhalJ George, Saugus 
Newhall James JF. Lynu 
Nichols John IF. SaJiaa 
Robinson J. L., Lynn 
Bussell Levi ll., Lynu-Jeid (CentieJ 



Stndborn A. V., Lawrence 
Sargent John J-, SftUgUB 

,,n [k-njamio, Marblehead 
Shepard i- D., Salem 
T'-iiiH-v John, Methuen. 
Weed Dan, Lawrence 
Whipple Henry, Salem 
V. :.)•.' George N., (North) Andover 

Iron, Steel, &c. 
A-hhy .Tames T., Newburyport 
Coleman Alfred H., " 

Iron Founders. 
Dana Edmund & Sor\ (North) Andover 
Essex Company, Lawrence 
Ka*seH'& Walker, Ncwbnxyporfc 
Smith J. R. & S., Salem 

Irou Manufacturer. 

Hooper Matthew, (New Mills) Danvers 

[iron hoops, nailrods. castings, &c] 


House and Ship. 
Carey William B., Essex 
Horsfield John, Esses 
Homes A. & C, Kssex 
Sinett W. J., Essex 

Last Factories. 

Efeown & Stanley. Dauvers 
Goodrich S. P.. Haverhill 
Goodwin Albert T., Lynn 
Roman Joseph, ( West) Lynn 
KVdev lira, Haverhill 
Wadlejgh L. C, Haverhill 

Lamps and Campheae. 

BUI Henry. Salem 

lead and Pipes. 
Nc'.vcomb p. & G. L.,-Saieai 

Waters Andrew S., Salem 

Lime Dealers. 
Boiiiver & Swcy, Gloucester 
SIsfrston David, Danvers 

Warren J., (New Mills) Danvers 

Leather and Morocco Dressers 

and ColortTS, 
Arnold Edward 15,, Salem 
Draper Wiiiinm, Salem 
Black William, (North) Danvera 
Blaney Stephen, Danvers 
Perley Jacob, Dai; vers 
Tool & Jacobs, Danvers 

Livjry Stables. 
Ayor R. 11.. Haverhill 
Bagdey David. Ainesbury 
Batcheldes E. & Co., Heveriy 
Btean A. X., (Ballard Vale) Andover 
BeekfonJ & Vincent, Lvnn 
Biekford H. M..(Sntton's Mills) Andov'r 
Biackintno Oliver A.. Rowley 
Boardman Green leaf, Newburyport 
Bodwell & Sprague, Lawrence 
Boynton .John. Rowley 
Boynton & Richards. Georgetown 
brown J. D., Haverhill 
Brown Thomas. Salisbury 
Burt Henry, Andover 
Chaplin Charles, {New Mills) Danvers 
Chapman La Layette, Ipswich 
Chase Luther, NcwburVport 
Lhusch S.uuuel. Salem" 
Caiman Mows, Newburvport 
Dresser K. <;., Georgetown 
Moody, (West! L\ mi 
woing V, P., (West) tmesbnry 


rjoyd iivuixu »> ., tnoueesrer 
roster Johu P., (North) Andover 
Jjoidthwaite & Mower. Lynn 
<"«w Allen II., Gmvebuid" 
Gunnison Isaac, Aiue-bunr 
H*-ke11 If, Ilrv . Manchester 
"ijdreth k Krnoks, Uwrenee 
Johnston Edward. We.sf. Newbury 
"»»itt J. S., Salem 

Littlefleld Eilson L., Salem 
Iiow .John, Methuen 
Mclntire S. J , Salem 
I'eabody Henry, Weuham 
Pemberton John, Groveland 
Pendar Simon, Salem 
Perkins Daniel, Tupstiukl 
Potter H illiain. Danvers 
Potter William, S tleui 
Pray Ch wlcs, Andover 
Preston Daniel J., Danvera 
Price John, Salem 
Proctor Thomas, Marblehead 
Remick John K., Newburyport 
Roundy William i:., Lynntield 
Sargent H. 1'.. Newburport 
Scarborough William, Lvnn 
Shaw Edward 11., Gloucester 
Shaw William, Newburyport 
Simonds Charles. Uauvers 
Smith John. Andover 
Smith & Manning, Salem 
Spalding Samuel vV'..(N.) Danvera 
Stocker Frederick, Saugus 
Stocker William. " : 

Tenney Jacob B , Jpswich 
Thompson ft Darker, Lynn 
Tuck John, Haverhill 
Tuttle John. Salem 
Varnuin Corliss, Methuen 
Walker & Young, Beverly 
Walton W. J.. Lawrence 
Webster Charles IS , Bradford 


Appleton Thomas, Marblehead 

Austin Eleazer, Salem 

BassettJ. It., Marblehead 

Bovd N- Salisbury 

Breed S.N. & Co.. Lvnn 

Buffum & Clarke. Danvers 

Bntfuni David, Salem 

Caldwell S\!va:ui-. Ipswich. 

Chase & Harmon, Haverhill 

Chiefcering Jacob, Andover 

Choate John, Essex 

Clifford & Neat, Lynn 

Courtney Benjamin, Csscx 

Crosby Stephen S.. (East) Haverhill 

Dockham & Co., Newbur;. port 
1 Dodge Wm. S. Jr.. Newburyport 
| Doliiver & Stacy. Hlnwcester 

Dow Benjamin & Co.. Haverhill 

Essex Co., Wm. M. Kimball, 

Far;um> J. M.. Salem 

I-oavo WUhaa., (^t.T 

Etiske 5c Xavross. Ln*rvhce 

Goodhue William, Ssilem 

Granger George '1 ., Nc rhun part 

Greenoutrh iv & T., <«i^r«daml 

Haskell & Marshall, iio-kj^rt 

Hathaw-ay neujoiuhi fj . Mar! ieh i 1 

Hod-kins J. B., Kockport 

Kimball II. & R.. Newbur.port 

Knights George W. r Manchester 

Newhall William, Lynn 

Pickering Wiili-uu, Salem 

Potter & Co., MarblelK'ad 

Pulsifer NV., Bockport 

Putnam Calvin \ Co., Danvers 

Pre-eott G- II.. P.mvlc, 

Had. liit John, (Went) L\rtn 

Sanborn J. S . GtonCtSter 

Smith Aiims. Salens 

Smith H. P.. Salem 

Spofford V:. C Ksmx 

Tha- rr Oliver Salpni 

ThitVfton 'iVHliam. Newburyport 

Tuft* S. & Co.. Lynn 

Ward If. ».. Salem 

Worxtburv .!. P. ' Co , (West) byai 

VVillcomb Daniei I. - l| iW ii b 

Williams & Bartictt, Scwburjp<JTt 

Brainard k Sheldon H iwVhiU 
D:v, John Jr . < A'- «t) Boxti«rd 
■Kmery E. It., West Newbury 

F.ssox" Co., I.awre. .. 

Pairba-iks & [lotige*, Newburjport 

Coodell A. C, Salem 

Gleaaon David Be I •• . (N.J Andovet 
llawley Isaac W . Lj nn 

I. P.. N wburyport 
Lesley Kdward s.. Newburyport 
N'ewcomh Ge< -:-•• L . .-'.. « > > 

Edward I. . Salem 
Raymond N. ll . L) nn 
Hi liard . o N.uh.ui Manehester 
UcwsJwiah.(New M:!I-i Danvera 
Sargent Charles R., Newburyport 
Savagi Eli;u«, (New Mills) Danvera 
Tompson John, Marble 
'frask Benj.unin, Salem 

Mahogany Dealers. 
Allen John I'.. 51 rachester 
Burnham & Gentlee, Manchester 
Prime, Kenney & Co., Salem 


Salem laboratory Co., Salem, Georp; 
Nichols, agent 


Atlantic Cotton Mills, Lawrence, II. K. 
Oliver, agent 

Bartlctt Mills, Newburyport, Micajah 
Lunt, pres. . Bbenezer Stone, treas. ; 
John Balch, agent 

Dane Manufacturing Co., Ipswich, 
George W. Ihmrd, pres.; Thomas 
Lord, treas. : John Hobbs, agent 

Essex Mills, Newburyport, Gei . Gard- 
ner, pres. ; James Reed, treas. ; Wm. 
C. Batch, agent 

Globe Mills, Newburyport, J. Hatha- 
way, pres.: John Porter, treas.; 
Daniel 1>. Crombie, agent 

James Wills, Newburyport, Robert 
Bayley, pres. ; ''had.-' J. I roi . 
treas. ; I>. D. Tilton. agent 

Methuen Manufacturing Co., John 
Davis, agent 

Newmarket Manufacturing Co., Salem, 
!'.. Wheatland, treas. 
i Ocean Mills. Newburyport, Josiah rat- 
tle, pres. ; James Reed, treas. ; iUi-.,j. 
Saunders, agent 

Rockport Steam Cotton Mills, r..^-k- 
port. James HasKell, aupt. 

Cotton BUachery. 
Walker Sc TJpton, Danvers 

Powow River Manufacturing ( o. -.- - 
bury. David I, Dearborn, agent 

Machinery and Lotomotives. 
Es ex Co., Lawrtmce, Chas. S. Storrow, 
treasurcrand agent, Caleb M.Mai > 1, 

Whit' Lend. 
Vore*t River Load Co., Salem, Georc^ 
C. Chase, agci t 

Amesbnry flannel Manufacturing Co , 

Amesburv, Joshua Auber, agent 
Ballard Vale Co., [flannels j Andover, J. 

P. Bradlee, agent 
Bay Suite Mills, [shawls, etc.] Law- 

rence. 0. H Perry, a -o* 
Hale's Flannel Factory, Haverhill, E. 

Hale Jr., prop. 
Vlannlnp Mills, [> -.rnl Hamilton 
M irlnud Mooufai turlng Co., Andover 
Norih An ! iver 5D.1L", [Uannt \»] North 

1 lover, lb- Igea N: Sutton, prop. 
I Pilling Jonathan, [flannels] LynnfieW 
i (('entre) 
1 ker Edward lam 
' Salisbury x i inut icturing Co., 9 iBa- 

bury, .! imes ll lughton, agent 
Scott 8: Faulkner, [flannels] - 
Stevens' Mi Is, [flanneLs I S 

dorcr. Nathaniel Stwvei s : 
Sul ni\« Mills, [flannels] ■ N 

dover, El oneaer Sutt 
Worsfe 1 Mills, Pi..' 

Vale)^t I pcWiH ! img : a*'i 

Vale) ^i '■•^-.',- ^ 

— 3 . : . . 



Maps, Charts, &,c 
Whipple II. & Son, Salem 

Marble Workers. 

Brown F. A , HaVcrhiil 
Brown Henry, Salem 
T):ivi • in L M " Xewburyport 
Fletcher & (jowan, Lawrence 
Jackson N.. Salem 
Lord A. & IX, Salem 

Masons, Colorers, and Whifceners. 

Adams Samuel I'.. Lynn 

Allen William. Marblehcad 

Atkins Benjamin, Lvnn 

Bond William, 

Burnham John II.. Essex 

Carleton & Sargent, Haverhill 

Caswell E., Topsfieid 

Chesley Pluuaer, ( West) Lvnn 

Clark Edward, Row-lev 

Cleaves William, Beverly 

Cloutman Jacob, Marblehcad 

Colby .v Bird, Lynn 

Coombs L'erez, 

Currier Albert, Xevvburyport 

Currier Samuel, " 

Cushm&n & Flint. Salem 

Dr.! r 'i John J:-.. Xewburyport 

Bodge Nathaniel. 

Elliott Andrew, (New Mills) Danvers 

Friend Eihridge G., Gloucester 

Friend Samael, 

Giddim*s James, E-sex 

Grant Benjamin, Beverly 

Greenleaf J. Jr., Xewburyport 

Griffith William. Groveiand 

Harris & Farmer, Salem 

Hayward Aaron, i: 

E&yward Josiah, ' ; 

Hardy Cbarles, Groveiand 

Hovey John, Ipswich 

Ireland Jeremiah ll.. Xewburyport 

Ireson John D., Marblehcad ■ 

Kimball Ebenezer, Ipswich 

Kimball Stephen, Xewburyport 

Lord George W„ Lynn 

Taint M tv, Xewburyport 

Mansfiel t Richard, Lvna 

Merrill Haskell B., 

Qbet Philip. Beverlv 

Paliner Ba&fel, Haverhill 

Patterson J. C, Banveia 

Perley & Tuttle, Haverhill 

Plhmmer Win. (.Be!YiUe)Newt.urvnort 

Pool James. (West Lvnn 

Pool Jam** Jr., - ' "* : 

Praarir«.;.~ ret*; - ; '•' 

Preston David,'Essex 

Preston William, Manchester 

Reynolds J. el, Marblehead 

Reynolds IVm. II.. •• 

Bipi. y Thomas, Lynn 

Ripley Thos. Jr., '" 

Roberts William S., Salem 

Hue John A., , West) Lvnn 

Russell Geurire. Ipswich 

Russell & White, Salem 

Sargent Warren, Groveiand 

Slocum E-, Salem 

Smith Enoch, Xewburyport 

Standley Ezra, M inchester 

Stone James, Salem 

Tibbetts KM. 'Lvnn 

Tibbetts Ezra R., Lvnn 

Warren Charles, (West)Xynn 

Whipple M. U\. Haverhill 

Wcx»d Joseph, (West) Lynn 

Bertram John, Salem. 
Brookhonse It., " 
Chever-J. W., » 
Coffin Charles II., Xewburyport 
Cushim; Isaac, Sali*m 
dishing J. X.., Xewburyport 
Cashing William, il ' 
Daveuport Moses, " 
Pahens Benjamin, Salem 
Hodges John, 
Hoffman Charlesf. " 

Hortou Jacob, Xewburyport 

Howard John Si I«nn 

Howard J. C. & Co., Salem 

Huse Ralph 8: Co., Xewburyport 

Johnson Xiehol " 

Kimball E. D., Salem 

i ant Charli -, Xewbui . iort 

Lnnt M., <■- 

Merrill !» .Salem 

Moore David, Salem 

Xichols [saiiih, " 

Peabxly George. " 

Peele J. W., - 

Phillips, Goodhue & Bowker, Salem 

Pickman William D., Salem 

PingTee T". P., - 

Putnam Edward, 

Quarles Samuel, {; 

Savory George, <; 

Shatsweli Joseph, < : 

Shepard Michael, ct 

Sh*pard M. W., " 

Silsbee B. fl., ' « 

Silsbee John R., " 

ShVI.-e John 11.'. 

Spofforcl X. C. Essex 

Stevens Samuel, Xewburyport 

Stone B. VV., Salem 

Upton Benjaniin, .Salem 

Upton Benj. Jr., 

Upton H. P., ' " 

Upton James, " 

Upton Luther, '* 

Upton Robert, 

Waal A., '• 

Webb B., " 

West George, " 

West John A. & B. A., Salem 

Wood Juan & Son., Xewburyport 

Allen El imheth, Essex 
Bacon Anna C. & Grace J., Lynn 
Barnes Marv. Wenham 
Barker N., Methnen 
Bartlett S., Amesbury 
Bi nn< C Sarah. Marblehead 
Bigtdow &. Merrick Salem 
Roardman R. A., Xewburyport 
Boynson A. 0., Georgetown 
Buxton Thomas, Salem 
C <-v>e:l J., Glonc • tei 
Chesley .Marv X., Xewburyport 
Clement 51., 

('■ llin? PtancliaM., (West) Ly*m 
C ■•: ..■ ; Jane. Lynn 
Crane Rebecca, Salem 
Grosft-nlsij C. B., Lynn 
Dole Elam, Methuen 
Pougaui Kerr & Co., Lawrence 
Draper A., Salem 
Ell -tv A. M., Gloucester 
Ellis William R., Xewburyport 
Emerson Eliza. (West) Lynn 
Farnsworth D.3.I., Gloucester 
Felt M. D,,&ilem 
Fletcher R. C. Salem 
Foster >!. L., ' ; 

Foster ;<: Price, " 
French U. B. & A. D., Amesbury 
Frve Susan. Audover 
Fuller Julia A.. (West) Lynn 
Gilbert S. K., Gloticester 
Glover M. F.. MarMc-lie«ul 
Greeley A., Ge irgi town 
(It™. '■-■; ['■.. Xe ■■ Imr . port 
Griffin Sanev, Indover 
Griffin V, . [] ivi rhill 
Hawli J . Lvv-r ■■ 
H iwks Misses. Niarhlefiead 
HoliL r Mai ; M . | » est) Lvnn 
!i o?»er Hannah & Co., Manch • r 
Hunt ''i. J .. I nwn n< e 
KePh J., HuTerhiU 
i amr'leli S. A. >k L J., Lawrence 
Le Master S. E., Salem 
Lr>rd A. 1'., Ipswich 
Lyon John. Xewburyport 
M inn Ann E. L) nn 
Merrill 0. A., Gloucester 
Moody S.. Newhurvpi rt 
Morse L„ Salem 

Motley M.,H:tv<rhill 

Marnier 8., La i 

Newman S. A.. Ipswich 

Xoyca I'. II . Xewburyport 

Paine J. A., Salem 

Patten M F . Amesbury 

parley j ,..-., \_nti. i 

l 1 ! i :i. !'. Salem 

Putnam Huldah, Beverly 

Kun- I -li M., Xewbury poi t 

R md dl 'A 'ilJi.-mi I., I.-, n 

Richar Ison T. J., M tl 

Richardson S., Xewbuj 

Ropes >L. Danvers 

Russell L. G., Haverhill 

Sav \ er S. J., Lawn i 

Smith J. P., Hav< 

Smith L. w. )i . Glou 

Smith & Stannard, La 

Starey Rebecca <)., Lynn 

Stanwood L. M., Kewburyport 

Stevens P. A., (North) Ai li -er 

StimpsonM.A.,(BaUard Val 

Strickland 3eorge W., Lew:,. 

T lompson J., (Ballard Vale) An lovi - 

A alpei Laura M., {West i L\ nn 

Webster S., Methuen 

w.ish Margaret & Agnes, Lynn 

Wingate M. & P., Haverhill 

Works S. II., Haverhill 

Wyinan M F., Salem 

Morocco Dres- _ 
AiUy. Tapley & Co., Lynn 
Ames Adam, Saugus 
Ames Joseph, Saugus 
Furry Darius, Lvnn 
Black William, (New Mills) Danvers 
Blaney Stephen, Danvers 
Carroll Edward, Lynn 
Ke'.ty & Frown, i: 
Kimball E. & B., Haverhill 
Lovejoy Elbridge, Lynn 
Moulton Joseph, " 
Oliver Albourne, " 
Pei ley Jacob, Danvers 
Pool & Jacobs, " 
Roberts, Pevear .1- Co., Lynn 
Souther J. Jr. & Co., 

Music Stores. 
Bavlev A. W., Newburj | 
Caldwell W. W., "' 
hlmerson & Whit more, Salei i 
y - ' '.' R. E., Xewbur\ • 1 1 
Nichols A. P., Haverhill 
Til ton John G. & Co.. Newbu j p rJ 
A\ illey Geo. r ., Lawrence 
V, illiauis Rufus, Haverhill 

Mustard Faett 
Webber John P., Bev< rl 

Nautical Instrument Maker. 

Finery Samui !, Salem 

Lake William G., Topsfield 
Manning Robert, Salem 
Putnam C. P., 
vrood Ephraim, ' ; 

Oil and Candles. 
('• • !• ,v Rriggs, Salem 
Goldsmith, Newcomb & Farl 
SmithC. A. & IF W.. SiiU-m 

Organ Builders. 
Alley J., [enh thuonic] Xewbury]*ort 
Xichols A. P., [reed organs] Haverhill 
Pickett Thos., •• 

Oysters aud Refreshments. 

; Allen Geo 1 . Manchi ster 
; Vll. n John IF. An : 
: Bixbv Daniel. Haverhill 
j Burnham J. P., Andnvcr 

Cli ; a \ Laubham, Haverh 

Dyer J. R., Xewburj port 

: -: G W., Salem 

Farmer P., Salem 

Gardner IF, " 



Holbrook k Wiley, Lawrence 
Johnson J. F.& A. C., Lawrence 

j...,-.,, a., Haverhill 

>|«rtin .John N., Salem 

Morris J. U , " 

v,m)v James, Lawrence 

SVwctfrib &, Salem 

pucker William D., Newburyporfc 

1'jl:_--> J. S>, Salem 

Ryder Joshua, Newhuryport 

Ryder Keuben, 

Shearman James L., Salem 

Sbute Alonzo & William, UaTerhill 


House^ Carriage, and Sign. 
Abbot Philip Jr., Salem 
Ames Edward B., il 
Ashton Samuel G.. Lynn 
Babson Daniel T., Gloucester 
Babson Nath., :i 

Baglev John, Georgetown 
Baker William, (West) Amesbury 
Baker William, Ipswich 
Balch Leonard, Groveland T. P., Lawrence 
Bartlett Johu, Essex 
Bartol John, Marhlehead 
Hartol William. Marhlehead 
Batchelder B. L., Haverhill 
Blaney Philip. Danvers 
Linut J. . Armorer 
Bonk&au William J.. Amesbury 
BawdenJ. 0. Jr., M'arb'lehwjd 
Eoyuton Henry, Rowley 
Brown William, Newhuryport 
Brigham S. T., Andover 
Buekman T. M., [carriage] Lynn 
Burbank Gardner, Newburypert 
Burbauk E G., [carriage] Salem 
Burhauk Nathan, Amesbury 
Durham: S.. [carriage] Salem 
Burixham itufus, Essex 
BurriU Henry ML, Newburyporfc 
BumilJ & Co.. « 

But man John, " 

Calta Samuel, Salem 
Carey Joseph VV-, Salem 
Carpenter Elisha, Slethnen 
Chase Jacob, Lynn 
Chase L. II. & G. W., Newhuryport 
Chase Philip Jr, (West) Lynn 
Choate Addison, Rockport 
Clark S. C, Salem 
Ciark ■ Tihomtjs. Andover 
Ckmtman Peter D., Marhlehead 
Copcloml George W., Salem 
Creasy J. B. & W. J., .Newbury port 
Crouo!l Charles, Manchester 
Cutter l'homas II.. Newhuryport 
Davidson Mosses, [carriage] Salem 
Rhtguean Louis, Lynufieid 
Dodge Luke E., [carriage] Salem 
Edwards UicWd L., Beverlv 
Ellis N., Andover ' 
Evans John Q., Salisbury 
Falls John Q., Lynn 
Bellows Isaac, (New Mills) Danvers 
Felt John. G., [sign and fancy] Salem 
Ferguson J, P... Salem 
Ferguson 8. k Son, Salem 
Fosttr A. & N. H.,. Beverly. 


■ r .) ana than • Sal is b ury 

Fowler a It., Elaverhill 

Gage ft Si-oouds. Salem 

Gibbs Aii.-u, (West) Lynn 

Goff Mer.rv, Andover " 

Gould G. W., (North) Andover 

Hardy Augustus, Salem 

Hardy & .V irshaTI, Lawrence 

Hfader-iou Joseph,. Srdom 

Hddwsih .i.c, Lawrence 

Ii'ill Benjamin D Jr.. Danvers 

Hu&newcU frankJiu, Lynnneld 

Hu.-eC. I„, Vewburvport 

"use & Kimball, Georgetown 

Uutehinson Nathaniel C, (West)Lynn 

Jewet^Jolm S., Danvers 

J < «■ :; & SearL, Danvers 

Johnson Albert. Lynn 

Johnson Isaac, Newhuryport 

"" ll "" l » & Jordan, (West) Lvnn 

Johnson fc ood, Newhuryport 

Kenrick A. ('., Haverhill 

Kixnhul] Alfred, Haverfull 

Kimball & Skerry, Salem 

Lowii Mark. Salem 

Luounus J tines. I West) Lvnn 

Lu-eoT„i, Benj.A Samuel, ( West) Lj-nc 

Lo comb William II., | ign and fancy 

Mansfield Joseph, Salem 

MathesJ, w. & Co., Uwrence 

Messervy John, Salem 

Millett Lewis, Gloucester 

Morris W. H. & Co., Lawrence 

Morley Tbomas, Ipswich 

Morse Moses D., Groveland 

Mosely C. ('., West Newbury 

Newman Benjamin. Ipswich 

Newman John A., Ipswich 

NewhallJ, H., Saugus 

Nichols & Pulsifer, Salem 

Nichols William H., Salisbury 

Norris George Jr., Hamilton " 

Osbornll. M , Marhlehead 

Barker Charles, Andover 

Pearson Isaac, Newhuryport 

Piummer John, Haverhill 

Pool John, Rock port 

Punchard J. S., Salem, 

Pulsifer D. & J., [carpet] Salem 

Pulsifer N., [carpet] SaFem 

Putnam Eben, (North) Danvers 

Kemmomls John, Beverly 

Rhodes J. W.. [carriage] Salem 

Rollins D. C, Methuen 

Rogers S. W., Gloucester 
| Russell L. G., Haverhill 

Rowe Anselot, Rockport 

Short Joseph, Lvnn 

Stevens C If.', Bradford 

Stickney Richard II., (W.) Amesbury 

Synionds J. Shove, Salem 

'Parr James P., Rockport 

Todd Samuel, Newhuryport 
j Tucker George. .Manchester 

Walker S., Tops field 

Watson &: Damon, Lawrence 

Wells James, [carriage j Salem 

Whieiden Michael L., Danvers 

Williams David, Sangus 

Wood J. C. Bradford 

Whlttier Moses, ilowley 

Osgood Charles, Salem 

Southward George, Salem 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 
Boardman Samuel, Newhuryport 
Bofium Jonathan, Lynn 
Burriil J. & Co., Newhuryport 
Chase Jacob, Lynn 
Cutter Thomas II., Newbun port 
Felt John G., Salem 
Goldsmith, Newcomb & Fariess Sal ; . 
Knapp C, Newhuryport 
Pulsifer D. & J.. Salem 
SimondsS C. & E. A ,S,ilem 
Wills William T... Newburypori 

Paper aad Paper Stock. _ 

Weston P. R., Salem 

Paper Hangings. 
Billow Joshua R (W'^t) Lynn 
Call A. A.. Newhuryport ■ 
Charter Paper Co.. Uvwrenee 
Creamer George, Salem 
Herbert Thomas, Lynn 
Ives W. & S. B.. Sal<-m 
Munroc James M-, Lynn 
Sargent M. H., Newburyp >rt 
Mm ads S. C. St E A., - • ■•' 
Tilton John G. & i ' N'«*l un port 
Whipple Henry & S n. Sal< ai 

Paper Kill. 
Crane & Martin, Middleton 

Patent Medicines. 
Atwood Moses, [Atwood'a Bittera] 

Calder W in , | BaUar I '• 
Uookcr & Bl inch « I I •. • 

Periodical Depots. 
Bal i Jo i ph E., N'ewburyport 
i- Charles I-'.. 

I Co Salem 
b! ■ i Satbai MT., 
Mel !usk< n • .. N'i ffburyport 
SI •■.!.■. William FL, Salem 
Whipple Henry & Son, Salem 
Wale An Irew I'., Beverly 

Abb ■• o. D.,N«wburyport 
A lams A. .-'.. Lynn 
Allen l).S.,Saugufl 
Allen K. B., La < 
Ann 5 J. .V, Ipswich 
Appletou T.. Georgetown 
Atkinson Behj., (West) Amesbury 

.\ r '-.;, -..ii J'hn. N'.-u hu'" ;■■ | ' 

Atkinson St. 1... Lawrence 

Balrh I-ral. Amesbury 

Barber Joseph S., (AnnLsqu ilou- 

Bartlett F-. Haverhill 

BlaLsdell Clark, Marhlehead 

Bomer Joseph E., rpswich 

Boyden W.C., Beverly 

Bri^s Calvin. Slarblehead 

Bri .- James C., 

Brown Charles II., rpswich 

Burgess B. P., (Ballard Vale) Andover 

Cho.-K • G« orgi . Salem 

Clarke James, [eclectic] (West) Lvnn 

Clark M. P.. Lawrence ' 

Cogswell George, Bradford 

Cogswell William, Bradford 

C< J;. Isaac, Salem 

c thy J. I... Manchester 

Cox A. D., Lawrence 

Cox Benjamin Jr., Salem 

Couch II. M. Georgetown 

Cress: Olivers., Hamilton 

Cross Enoch, Newhuryport 

Crowed J. Jr.. ILaverhili 

Dan t Davi i Jr., Lawrence 

Davidson H. E.. Glou< 

Birkins Job P., Newhuryport 

f)i :G.. ; a Cyrus, Salisbury 

Dinsnv re J*. B.,[homoe.] if;-% 

Dyer — ., (Annisquam) Gloucester 

Eastman E. P.. Lynn 

Plii f Kendall, HaverhiB 

!■'.• r. Henn . Salem 

French A. J., M-thucn 

French c, p ( Topsnel 1 

(! JeJ B.. Sitlisbury 

Gal( Stephen SL, Newhuryport 

Galloupc Isaac F., (West) 1 

Gai lam! Josej Ii. Gloucester 

Gi i Daniel, Slarblehead 

G il.l Abraham | West) Lynn 

ih tt liPiuuel, Rockpi rt 

Grosvetior David A., Danvers 

Gn sveno'r V.. P., Newburj | • r 

flrosvvnnr E. P.. \s"e-f Nowbury 

(ir John M., >h thu« u 
ii • 1 Lh '. ■ ir • -. r k-crlj 
II inon William I... (We t) Lynn 
Harris Jerome, [honwe. ' La.. , 
ILtskell Benj . Rockport 
i' rberl Itichard, Ro irlej 
lb Li ■•!•. Ji.seph P.. (Swainpscot) Lvnn 
11 lv< ■ i: a.. Salem 
\h -. trth James, An lover 
lion: I!' enezer, Danvers 
Hi •■• ■ St< ;!:••:! Methuen 
Jones N Lthanj Wonham 
■' ■ on 1). A., [homoc j Lvnn 
J >hnson ..'-.!.. i. G. Newbun \ ..rt 
J< hnson w illiam 0.,'Lynn' 
■• ' Nimii :. v; 

•'• i - in > imuel, Salt m 
Keennn riiomos, Lynnfiel i 
Kenisrui Timothy, ib.- 

II w. If . \o lovx r 

Ige [ngalbs, B* 
KUtre '.-•■ [ugalls Jr.. " 
Kitl •■ i. • J..,V-.rt)i) An.i t.t 
Liiuih W. i)., [uwrence 
Lauison J< giah, Essex 


Longley Rafus, Haverhill 
Lord Samuel A., Danvers 
Mack William, SaJcni 
Manning John, i-^-kf-irt 
Manning Thomas, Ipswich 
Merriam R. A.. Top*neld 
Merrill Jqfan, Newburyport 
MwUj George, (JebnRKow'n 
MoiweJ. II., Lawrei fee 
Nawhail AsaT., Lynn 
NewhuB Edward, "•' 
Nichols Andrew, Danvers 
Nye James M., (West) Lynn 
Osborne George, Danvers 
Qsgoo i George 
Osgood Joseph, 
Packer II. T., Newburyport 
Peirson a. L,, Saleai 
Peirsou I:. R., 
Perkins Henry, Newbcyynort 


trge A.. : 
Jl Lynn 
in T., \. 

am II.. - 


' WV-t ) I. vim 
- Gloucester 









Reynolds Joseph 

Robinson D., W\ 

Root Martin,' Newbury " 

Sanborn ^ W ^wr™, 

ra.iborn .7. F., [dentist! Beverly 

bargout S., Lawrence 

Sawyer George U\. Roxford 

Sawyer J. Jj., Newburyport 

Skinner George W., West Newbury 

Smith, Lynn 

Smith (.si,.,.: p., Gloucester 

SparSviwk Thomas; Amesburv 

Spo:Ford Jeremiah^ Groveiand 

Fix- lord IS.:,-.,-) < - - \ 

M i ru iu< .i.u .i hr., Newbury core 

»&££ .James Jr., Saieni 

g£S A,-, Manchester * 

^—•^ K., (North) Andover 

•otvu B., Lawrence 

3, Auie»burv 


111 tin 


Tread well J (1 

Tattle H.C., ' 

WadidghJ. B.,H a verfeiU 

Keeks Charles,' Lynn 

Wheatland ff., Salem 

g?W«r-*. II., Ipswich 

Williams u-ii!; :u; . < <lhna 

Kymau Samuel H\, .N^vbury port 

Piano-forte Fra&e Hanuiac- 
Stevens Abet, Lawrence 

[&« pa#« 63.] 


Osbora Kirhard, Danvers 
Heed J. W., 

Bellows S. M Lawrence 
Jutterllclj & Kellogg Lynn 
JJ l »Pwm» A Palfray, Salem 
tojnn bd.vard !».. Marblehead 

gl^Wo., Andover " 
* f,ott! <-aieb, Salem 
Jrotanignain E. <J M Haverhill 

J I '•-■•■ & Ni'-'<..-,..\,, w }., irv ..,„* 
[!*it.-hiu*on T J .^u" 
Jvea t\iiii.un & Co., •• 
Josselvn lewis. Lynn 
Ri'.iMU.^ah K, Lv-nn 

gw™ •»-*.■«., Oto«c«rter 

l llW " J - «• & l'o., Newburyport 


Printers' Ink Manufacturer. 
Merrill Samuel, Andover 

Abbott Enoch, Andover 
Abbott Mow, Lftwretree 
Akerman Joseph, Newburyport 
tinker Stephen Jr., Ipswich 
"""•ill N II. & Co.. Lynn 
Uiapman E. 1.., Lawrence 
Churchill & Co'., 
Clifford Hiram, Lvnn 
Craig & Griffin, Salem 
Dunids Stephen, •• 
pam George G., Haverhill 
Dn.Jge3Ijin.ning, Ipswich 
Dow Perkios-H., Lynn 
blhot [suae, Salem 
rrench & More, Lawrence 
Goodrich Moses It. G., Lynn 
On < U iwait Benj., Marblehead 
(> omen wait Moses, 
Green G. VV\, Newburvport 
Greer, Samuel If, Ipswich 
Hi!I& Sawyer. Lawrcnce 
Howard & Ricker. Salem 
Huntington P., Haverhill 
r«»onS.-S. 1 {\Vwt)Lmn 
La'wrence Daniel S.. Salem 
Lumrnus Edward A, (West) Lynn 
garden Lben W. k Co., Salem. 
Merrill Danl.SJ, Vethuen " 
M.-rrill Klbridge.'Newlnuytidrt 
Mel-zeard T., Salem 
■Mfwer Darius, Merhuen 
Millet D. Jr., Salem 
Newell Joseph, Newburvport 
Oher feamuel, Salem " ' 
Orne.Kihn, Marblehead 
Pfckwipg & Hold..n. Salem 
Pierce L. J3 , Haverhill 
Pink ham Isaac, Lvnn 
Piander John G.. Salem 
Read John, n 

Kemick Thomas, Lvnn 
Rose J. Jr.. Salem " 
SnwverAWi, Lvnn 
Sheldon Edwin, Lynn 
Sheldon Charles, Manchester 
Smith Robert, Salem 
Sti -kr.ey John, (West) Lvnn 
Stone Ib-nj. J, Lvnn " 
Sweet Moses, Marblehead 
Sweet Thomas*. ;i 
ribbetts James, Lynn 
TiH-kerGeorae R,(lv'est) Lynn 
i afts S C, Salem 
V alpv S. G., Andover 
Ward Alfred A., Salem 
Wheeler Ara, 
VVhwler B. S, « 
WiKrfu Levi. 

Merrimack llouw, j. B . Cm 


Mrthiwn «»tel,H Hauible 

«•;---..■.,... a. d i 

Mr.Plw-am rfouse.-.rVvatt i 
NuhantHoM, P. Dro, >;l , . 

N.H. > i, k ,-•,_' if,,,..., l. Dearborn Palem 

Of S y^« S *.,R.E.'uu„t P S 

Ocean Ho, We , W'rn. K. DavJ | 

SsteSBiii5* , p 

Thompson's Tavern, \V.ii Thomr. .,n 

l --:-.j'-^i iu>Run,ual,;;/;::-;; 

Union .House .Benj -Rivers. Ma 
Kgwngton Hbw,, Thoma, 

Newburyport ' 

IvM^ n ^°V, Itoni!0 ' Geo. Ricker, Lvnn 
W £*" ejr ' -lto . te -» Albert Whitav/jS! 

, Pump and Block Makers 
| Bray William. Baverly 
| Burnham Parker Jr.. R=gex 
Garrol John, Marblehead " 
burner Nathaniel. Newburyport 

Donaldson a, Salem - 
relt Benjamin ..'., •• 
Jones Samuel. Gloucester 
Knight Thomas, Essex 
Pjckard Nathaniel, Kowley 
P>Ke Kins, Newburyport 
Russell J. Jr.. Salem 
Sticknej Caleb, Newburyport 
l>tockn>au Moses 
Todd Elias, « 

Public Honses. 
Agwram House, J. M. Docker, Ipswich 
American House, Win. Poor, Lawrence 
Berry Lben G., | Xorth) Danvers rford 
« Hotel, D. C. Knowles, Brad- 
ttty gpear, (-»VostJ Lvnn 
Danyers Hotel, D. J. Preston, Danvers 
Dunbar s Hotel, J. T. Dunbar, Geor .- 

town ' ° 

Eaglf Hotel, K. S. Merrill, Andover 
hajrle Hou?e, W'm. Brown, Haverhill 
K*s«x House, J. S. I^.,vitt, Salem 
f ' ; '-' * /I •'- ■■- l/£i-is. Simonds, Danvc-^a 
irankhn Hon-.-, J. I,. Huntress, Law- 
rence , t 

franklin Hou5eu L. Y. Lang,Newbur^- 
Oeorgetown Hotel, Geo. Going, George- 
town ' f,... r ,.,. 
itioueestcr IIr>r,, c ., \f.;j. PeaNvh .Giou- 
John on House. J ,h hi --... Nahaut 
La rountaine, \V. D. Packer, \. .v-,-.. 

Lynn Hotel, Moody Dow. (West) f vnn 
Lynntidd Hotel, K. Rand, Lvnnfl Id 
ManibesCr Hotel, Henry Ha«keil, Lynn 
Mansbm House, Asa Lainson, Andover 
Mansion Honse, 1. A. Merriam, Salem 
Manufacturers' Hard, 1. J^. Merrill 


Alk-rton William, Gloucester 
j Baker S.. Ipswich 
j Barker William, Mothuen 

I'arr Robert, Marhiehejul 
j Bixby Daniel, Haverhill 

5wckwayThb«.B. > (a W Bmpecot)tymi 

| Buchanan George, Salisbury 
Bnrbank Moody, Newburyport 
Burnham J. P., An. lover" 

J Caldwell John, Lawre, :e 
Chase ft Laubham. Haverhill 
< ofburn H. V.. Lawrence 
Corner Samuel, Newburyport 
( rosbv George, Danvers 
Danforth Rufus, Newburyport 

I Dennett A, Ames! i rv ' 
Dennis Hiimphrev, Marblehead 

j powdingT. w\. \. ,t Irvport 

• Dpwnipg Peter C..(ttW) Lynn 
: Metcher Edwin, I/., " 

tne Mrs., Mi rhn -i, 

• Garland f. A.. Newburyport 
;;Jf»» w - t f^'lard Vale) A, 

liill J. I... Ipswich 

Huntington Charles, Gloucester 

Jackson Luke, ( i\'est) Amesburv 
I -bieobs George H., Lynn 
I banc Albert, Rockport 
i l-ir!« .James. Ipswich 
j Lewi* A., HaverhiU 
I I ".^1 Jacob. Danvers 

Jbirston B. P., l^-vrence 
I Masti'r) (J.'or,:.-. Bcwrly 
! Merrill Levi (North) Danrera 
! N ' '■-'••■ Stephi .) i , (}j, mc , ster 
I NorwoiNl Ephraim ¥., Aiue»bixry 
i Noyes VVilliam I! . Gloaccster " 
j Packer William D., Newburyport 
: Page A. J . Danvera 

Weed John, Lynn 

Shute Alonxoft William. Haverhi i 

i>mith 11. Eranklin. Lvnn 

Sti upson John. 

Stacker K., Lvnn 
Sweetser Mosc<, Lynn 




TowBjcnd J- A., Lynn 
w ,u- Andrew P., Beverly 
Wonson h. S., Gloucester 

Berry Charles It., Salem 
Bm«l & Proctor, Essex 
Broiubeck Tallac, Newbttrypwt 
FWicr & Babson, Gloucester 
Phillips George, Salem 
l*ii chard J. '■•• Newburyport 
Pritchard William T., " 
Woodman William B., " 
Woods William W., " 

Eope Makers. 
Swett Brothers, Newburyport 

Bobber Goods. 
Chapman William II. & Co., Salem. 

Sail Makers. 
Allen Daniel, Rockport 
Allen David, li 

Clamn & Goodwin. Newburyport 
Crocker Josiah, Salem 
Currier Charles, Newburyport 
David B. ft Son, i; 

Davis. Prindle & Swift, Gloucester 
Fears'Robert, '* 

FeKou James, Salem 
Fi.-h'-r 5c Babson, Gloucester 
Foster] mac W., Beverly 
Friend George Jr.. Gloucester 
Friend Richard .Jr., " 
Gilbert Thomas, Marblehead 
Graves Elissur, " 

Haines Andrew, Newburyport 
Hale George W., " 

Holden N. & Co., Salem 
Kfinp S., ' : 

Lane E. B.. " 

Lord William, Ipswich 
Lyon Samuel, Marblehead 
Lyons Thomas, Lynn 
Parsons John, Rockport 
Pickett R. J., Beverly 
Steele George & Sun, Gloucester 
Steele William 11., " 

Sash and. Blind Manufacturers. 

[See Doors, Blinds, and Saskes.] 

Sawing and Planing. 

Allen John P., Manchester 

Andrews T>. & !.>., Boxford 

Baker John. Manchester 

Batchelder S. PL & Co., Boxford 

Bulfum David, Salem 

Buffura & Clark, Danvors 

Burnham 8c Gentiee. Manchester 

Currier John Jr., (Belvilleport) New- 

IHnforth & Co.. Manchester Iburyport 

Day J ■ >hn Jr., ( West) Boxford 

Doane Paul, Georgetown 

Dodge Aaron. Beverly 

Dodge Brothers, Rowley 

Dodge Cyrus, Manchester 

Dodge W, S. Jr., Newburyport 

Emerson Darius, Middleton. 

Essex Co., Lawrence 

Essex Mill Corporation. Essex 

Fowler Samuel, Beverly 

Pisfce & Norcross, Lawrence 

Friend John, Manchester 

Harmon & Jewett, Haverhill 

Hay war 1 Augustus, Boxford 

Hussey E., Andover 

Ingraliam L. J'., Ncwbttryport 

Jenkins F.beu, Andover 

Kelhom 5c Fit;-. Manchester 
Kimball W. M., Lawrcueo 
Pearson Benj., Newbury 
Nichols & Llovfc, Ipswich 
Patch, Breed & Co., Lynn 
Page W. k., Lawrence 
Pearson Tappan, Newbury 
Perkins Elisha, Ipswich 
Perkins Nchemiah, Topsfield 
Ptttingiil & Co., Gloucester 

Porter J. J.. (West) Boxford 
Potter & Co., Marblehead 
Powow River Mauuf. Co., Salisbury 
Prime, Keuney 5c Co , Salem 
Sargent J.. !V> est) Amesbury 
Shannon I. V... Salem 
Smith Ammi, 11 uuiltou 
Smith, Dorr 5.- Co . Andover 
Spofford Solomon, Bnxft r ■'. 
Spofford William, Georgetown 
Story -a Mill. Essex 
Syraonda Samuel. Middleton 
Tewksburv I) M., (West) Amesbury 
West Amesbury Manuf <',,., Thos. T. 

Merrill. (West) Amesi ury 
Wilson & Allen. Lawrence 
Woodbury Jept'ha P. 51 Co.,(W.) r.ynn 

Seraphine Manufacturer, 
Bradley Isaac, Newburyport 

Ship Chandlery and Stores. 
Roardman S., Newburyport 
Howard J. C. & Co.. t'aleni 
Knapp Charles, Newburyp< rt 
Phillip?, Gor ham & Bow ker, Salem 
Wills William X.. Newburyport 

Ship Smiths. 
Goodwin W., ( Belvilleport) Newb'yport 
Kennisron & Sons, ■* '• 

Pettigrew Mark, ' : ; ' 

Ship Wheel Maker. 

Pearson Michael, Newburyport 

Shoe forces. 
Faulkner A.. Lynn 
Patch & Co,, " <; 
Straw Eleazcr, " 
Woodbury Jeptha P., Lynn 

Shoe Fin-ling Stores, 
Montgomery & Co., Haverhill 
Newcomb T. & J. D., - 
Smiley William, ' : 

Shoe Fannfsctrrcs. 
[See Boot and Shoe Mznw/ocfuw.i.] 

Adams David. Lynn 

Adams James, " 

Allen Albert G., (North) DauvcrS 

Alley Nathaniel, Lynn 

Arlington b Jr., ' ; 

Aiherton Artotnas, Lvna 

Atkins SoiwoeT, ' * c 

Atwell Gustavus, (i 

Babb Nathan, u 

Bacheller John T., : ; 

Bacheller Thos. W., ;; 

Baker Kara, i: 

Bancroft Thomas F., Dauvets 

Bancroft Thomas P., Lvna 

bate- Thomas S.. 

Boardmau & Gould. (North) Danvi rs 

Howler Thomas, Lynn 

Boyce .Fames P.. " 

Boyce Sam.& Gilbert, Lynn 

Breed Bsirtlett B.., 

Breed George lb, 

Breed Isaiah, 

Breed Isaiah C, 

Breed James A., " 

Breed Joseph, 

Breed Moses S., 

Breed Natlian, " 

Btee.1 Nehemiah A., " 

Breed* Pone; a. 

Brown Asa, Ipswi* b 

Brown Kbehezer, i^ynn 

Brown Nestor, 

Babierllcnrv M., ' ; 

DubierStnfi.M., •• 

Buffum Charles & Co., Lynn 

Burrill Alan son, 

burrill John B-, 

liurri 1 ' Mirajnh, 

Burriii Micajab E, 

Butler J. ('., (North) DanTW* 

Call.-y Penjam'm F., LyUD 
Carlton Wiu. P., 

C!i !•<• Charles W., Lynn 
<b i.-r' l ■ • " 

Ch i ■■ Dai i-l P., " 

Chaw George II., " 

< ;....-.. James B., ' ; 

Ctl iae'WI . liii \., " 

Checver Juaeph, M 

' li lord II hti* d, " 

Clough Josi di IL, " 

Collin Charles P., ' : 

C< le Gideon, Bev< rly 

Lane Frauci-'. Danvers 

Daniola )><\bl. " [bury 

1"' mvt J. It., [ladies' shoes] W. 

Downing Wni,. I/- on 

Durgin s imuel, W< -t. Newbury 
r Ed wards Beuj., ; ' " 

FIlis David, Lynn 

Kmerson 1<- 1. | S"rth) Danvera 

Felt W. F. 1> . I. un 

I rt-.-r I.' Dian B . Lynn 

Fuller Edward, Danvers 

Fulh r Joseph M. 5c Co., Lynn 

Gale Samuel. Lynn 

Gallop 1) II . Danvers 

Graves Burrill, Lynn 

Graves James. tv 

Graves Za hariah, Lynn 

Grei ly It»aac W., [ladies' shoes'; Sali8b*y 

Gunnison Isaac, Amesbury 

ITallowell Benjamin A., Lynn 

Lfarne) Martin D-, " 

Hitskell William ' ; 

llawfccti ElbridgcG., ' : 

llitcl ings Ul • rt, t; 

Hosum, Bail* y i\ Durgin, W. Newbury 

Hougliion C. W., Lvnh 

Howe Edward, (East) Boxford 

Hutchinson Ben j. 1'-. Lynn 

Ifyde Henry, ' ' : 

liv-.on Nathaniel " 

In>on SamueU., " 

.0 hnson Christopher Jr., Lynn 

Johnson Jacob A., ;; 

I Johnson John B., M 

i Kecne George W., " 

i l;i!. • man •'■•• ; li, " 

j \jc Favor David, Beverly 
: Mansfield Matthew, Lvna 
, Masay George W., " 
! More & Allov, « 

MudKe Daniel L., c; 
! Mu !.- Nathan A., " 
j Nral Joseph W., ;t 

Neinlham Albert, " 

! :,• • - til Ban'l W., u 
! Newhflll ElbrgeG., u 
J N rI all George, '- 

Newhall Harrison, i: 

N. ball Isaac Jr. ' ; 

N whal! James Jr.. ' : 

Newhall J. M., ' " 

N . iiallJ P.& Co., ; - 

Newhall Lucian, " 

V whall Paul & Sons," 

Newhall Timothy, " 

Newhall Timothv A., il 

N •• h dl IVrn. P.', ' ; 

\. \..-> Browni & Edwards, "W. Newbury 

N >\es Francis, (North) l'snvers 

Nve Joseph M.. I.vrrn 

Ober Kimball, Beverly 

Oliver Benjamin P., Lvnn 

Oliver James P., ' •' 

Oliver Stephen Jr., 4; 

Oliver Win lb. " 

Parker Win. P., <; 

I'arrotl Tyler, <: 

! :•< rkins A., [North) Danvers 

Perkins George, Amesbury 

l'. .'■ ■•> Frederick, (North) Danvers 

Phillips \. P., Danvers 
lips M G., Lynn 

. J , lynn 
r Kol-.-rt, " 

Plunmter WilHain, " 

Pope 1-1 P., (North) Danvers 

Porter William, Beverly 

Pi iti GeorgeO., Lynn 

Pratt John, 

Pratt >b.aut,('., M 

Purinton Jas. Jr., " 


Putnam A/iron, (North) Danvers 

Putnam & Black, i: 
Putnam & Fellows, ' ; « 

Pufcuara George A., " « 

Putmun I it., « c< 

Putnam John, Lynn 

Putnam Mt*es ; (North) Danvers 

Quinby Uttocii it.. Lynn 

Raddiri Ci.< ,-■.-,. w.. " " 

Raddio >': il.dl, '• 

Raddin Thomas Jr., " 

Ramsdell DanielS « 

RamsdellDan.S.Jr., « 

Ramsdeli Robert, " 

Bavell Benjamin B., i; 

Raveii John 1;., « 

Reynolds George: " 

Rhodes Jacob, Lynn 
Richardson Jarnea X., Lynn 
Richardson Stephen V "" 
Richardson Thomas P. " 
Robinson Christopher,' i: 
Robinson ..' f, « 

Sanderson JohnC, 
Sargent James M^, " 

Sargent Siunuel, « 

Seribner Amos, < : 

Shaw Benjamin F., " 

Spinney ChariesJB.j < : 

Spinney William N., " 
Stacey Oliver M., « 

Stueey Thomas, " 

Story" Thmrv E.^ Jbretiy 
Story John, (Swampscoc) Lynn 
Story .Jr,j m D., « 

Swain Joseph II., « 

Swam Oliver H., •< 

Sweetser Ephraim, <; 

Taylor Da v'id, 
Taylor.!. & H.. Amesbury 
wwxst-m John A.. Lynn 
TohuanJohn B., Lynn 
l'rask En.10 fe.John,Lynn 
Xxmk fclbndge, (North) ©savers 
Trufant David B. } Lynn 
Tatpy Kichard, ' « 
Vfetearj David, a 

Waldcon & Galley, t; 
S?eelerAu gU BtuJE. « 
Wilson William K.. " 
W'iaslow ClKiries ' :i 
WsDldredge.John, » 

Shoe Peg Manufacturers. 
»fetcheM G rSa^ael& Co., Bosfcrd 
JBontley John, « 

Kimball & Sawver ' : 

Shoo String- Manufacturers. 
|«Bosciu«t& Stocorab, Haverhill 
h«^rd Closes, Georgetown 
Xeiuiflj Richard, 

Shoe Thread and Twiae Manu 

Smith. Dove & Co , indover 
Greveland Thread Factory, Alvan Per 
ry, agent, Groveland 

Silver Spoon Manufacturers 

Carlton James H., Haverhill 
Kimball L., e< 

Snuff Mills. 

»" w ^tJ«;hn,(>'orth)Sauguj 
Sweetser C. & Son t;° 

Soap, Candles, &e. 
Beach & Son, Lawrence 
Bo:iramau Cofen, Salisbury 

gjJreth".!. W., Danvers 
Hddreth Samuel, Lynn 

Jefferson P, M„ MidjWn 
tord Bracket, (West) Lynn 
PahnerJ. v., Fpswich ' 
Pearson William, Xewburyport 
£*! Story , Rockport 
«obert«on S. W. & Co Salem 
^^J.l),N e wburyforf 


Shaw Joseph, Danvers 
Shepherd Joseph Gloucester 
Skeels Amos, St wburvport 
Skce!HJohn& W., Xewburyport 
Smith Jnm< s, San rus 
Stackpole & Si --...,. (W,.. t ) Lynn 
Stanton John. Salem 

Stanwood Atkins *buryport 

Wentworth C. W., Haverhill 

Sole Dealers. 
Atwell Thomas II., Lynn 
Estes David, 
Newhall Terry, « 

Spar Makers. 
Cook William, Jfewbun port 
Titcomb & Lunt, •■ ' 
Young & Trefethen, Xewburyport 

Spice Mills. 
Breed Theophilus W., (West) Lvnn 
Chase IT. & Son. Lynn 
Raddin G. W. Jr., Saugus 

Stair Builder. 
Collins Stephen. Xewburyport 

Stone Cutters. 

BabbS. & Bro., (West) Lynn 

Beede Valentine M.. Lynn 

Pis bee Noah, Lynn' 

Blake Jonathan, Xewburyport 

Clifford & Wetherbee, Rockport 

Cobum B., Rockport 

La vis Nath. & Sons, Xewburyport 

Dow Thomas W., Lynn 

Durrell Oren A., " 

Eames Ezra, Rockport 

Eaton Thomas M.. Lynn 
Fisher John E., Salem 
Hale Benjamin, Rockport 
Haley Mi hael, Lynn 
Hunt David S., " ;; 
Knowlton & Webster, Rockport 
Know! ton W. H., " 

Lord Moses, Lynn 
Lord iiosas'B.j Lynn 
XewhalJ Joseph. '•• 

Page JohnS., ' ^ r port 

I reston, ternald, Sewall & Co Rock- 
Richards John, Lynn 
Tarener Jacob, " 
Teomey D. & M , •'■ 
Webber Jehiel, " 

Tailors and Drapers. ' 
Allen John P., Manchester 
Alley William, (New 3ii!ls) Danycrs 
Atkinson.). B., Lawreuce 
Banlett Charles, Marblehead [vers 

I Batchelder Nathaniel S., (North) Ban- 
Rates & Perkins, Salem 
Brigham William, Manchester 
Blake 1. W., Lawrence 
Brown Bailey, Amesbury 

Brown Elijah,' (West) Amesbnry 
I Burchmore John, (North) AndoTer 
Ivurnham Edward, Essex 

Burns John, (North) Andover 

Chamberlain S.. Salem 

Colbv JosephS.', Salisbury 

Colby & Uobie, Sewburj-port 

Conway John. JIarbiehcad 
j Cook George C, DauTers 

Cook Rufiis, Xewburyport 

Cornelius .V ttlj^r. .-a'.cni 

Currier Charles Jr.. Xewburyport 

I frnser John, Salem 
Furretl John, Daorcn 

Hale /•■!„.! ,.,. l:. -.. 

tfarl .; imca 9 . Sewburyport 
I J:i i< • Henry. Lynn 
I Joiim S. (}., - I ,„ 

KHIej John. Lawrence 

& Treab, El ■ 
Knight S Jferee, Newburyport 

1 " '' • Levi, Shirl lei I 

•" ,n,i - ''-'l;a!!,ri'. ,' |A ud r 

Logue James, Andover 
Lt<I Ephraun, Danrers 
Lord W iin.ii;). Beverl) 
' ; irchanl tlenry E., Gloucester 
MelclierJ. A., Salem 
MillcttX. A., Ipswich 
^Iillett W. P., Andover 
Nason S. t'., Lawrence 
Nelsi .i John I).. Newburj ■ 
Noble Benjamin, 
Parkh si □ John, Topsfield 
Parsons Ephraim, [pswich 
Per] ins J. S. & Son, Salem 
: I i ■ i I j.J-n; 'une nryoopft 
Pike Charles S., » 

Piummer Samuel, Georgetown 
Poole John, Xewburyport 
Purbcck William A., Salei • 
Quiun Thomas, Salem 
Rogers Peter, Marblehcad 
Roiwfi Joseph, Methuen 
Shorn 11 A., Lawrence 
Sibley Moses IE, Salem 
Smith & Cole, » 
Smith Richard R., Lynn 
• <! " ;m ' Samuel A., Ipswich 
Sniicu Wiiham, Lynn 
Spiller Henry, Xewburyport 
Stevens- Isaac, « 

Sweetser Mosea, " Sangus 
Thompson G. majjei b., Danvcra 
Tod 1 & Johnson, R >wley 
Truland Hugh, An ' 
Tuck Joseph D., Beverly 
Tvi: iGeorge, Gloucester 

Webh John K., Salem 

Williams James, Lynn 

•h John, Xewburyport 

II. A., Li 

»ie u 
J. D 

ck] ort 





■■!- m 

,1s Ifenjai 
■ElweUA Danu, Gi ucester 
Evans Reuben Jr., Salbbury 
Fletcher E., Haverhill 

Flinn John. Lvmi 


Bond Lewis; Salem 

Bott James, « 

lh.'u,-t.r [ra A., Salem 

Bushley William; Danven 

Buxton Joseph, Sal \m 

Carlton E : • ■ '. Sal n i 

Carlton fc razii r, s dehi 

Clark, ;e| h X.. Salisbury 

Cressey John, Rowley 

Cressey Nathaniel, Rowley 

Ci lliton John, Salem 

Dalb n J A., Salem 

Da-vL4 John, 3-1, Salem 

Elliol L. W., Danvers 

Flandi r- !.., ki 1, Sah'sl iry 

K ■ ; - ! ' Augustus, (North) Danvers 

' ' r Harrison I?.. Sal 

Fowler Samuel P., (North; D . 

•' ros( C: li b, Danvers 

trw a, : i. s . Salem 

ephen X.. Salem 
! ,; '■'• John, Salem 
GillionJohn W.. Danvera 
Han on E. A ., Salem 
Hardy Isaac Jr., Dauvers 
Harrington William. Salem 
Hi rris Samuel, Danven 
li trl WiUia n, Danvers 
(i ; ■•• J ihn, Salem 
Henderson Joseph, Danvers 
HigM Charles, Salem 

IH. P., Gennretown 
Hills & Smith. Salisbury 
Hi Igkia^ J. S.. 1'iiivers 
Jewett George, Rowley 
Ji I !.->!i Samuel, Salem 
Kenm y Ulllmin, Salem 
Kimball Obadiah, Danvers 



yrtle W, MT., Danvera 
l/>ob> Thomas, Salem 
I., i ,£ James. Saloiu 

i,.pl.).-lllr- A., " 

Mnjoon William, Salem 

Murstoo Afla, 

McCarty Michael, < ; 

M -■ 1 .:t m\.- ! i tin I'.- >nj»min, Georgeixwra 

Moore X. C, Georgetown 

Huiiroe fcane, Danvers 

Nelson William. Georgetown 

Nfchols Daniel P., Salem • 

Xichol-s David, Salem 

Nichols George Jr., " 

Nichols Samuel, " 

Nichols William i'., " 

Noah SamueUr., " 

Gsborn B. C, Salem 

Osborn C. VV., Danvers 

Osborn Denuisou W., Danvers 

Osborn P., Danvers 

Osborn Richard S., Salem 

OsbornMiles & Co., Danyera 

Osgood N. U'., Salem 

Osgood X. TV'. Jr., Salem 

Parker Nathaniel, " 

Parker Stephen; Groreland 

Patten 0. Si & R. W., Amesbury 

Peirce William, Dangers 

Perry Jacob, (North) Danrers 

Plouff Edward, Ipswich 

Plummer Jfiram, Danvers 

Pool Leonard, Danvers 

Pope Eleazer, Salem' 

Poor Enoch, Danvers 

Poor Joseph, DanTers 

Poor- William, Salem 

Poor George, Danvers 

Poor Ilenrv. Danvera 

Portor Benjamin P., Salem 

Porter & *vye, Salem 

Putnam Jacob, Salem 

Putnam James S., Salem 

Kowell & Hoj t, (West) Amesburv 

Hupp Andrew, Salem 

Searles Joseph, Danrera 

Smith Richard, Danvers 

-outhwick James, Danvers 

Stimpson J. C. Salem 

Stevens John T., Danvers 

Temple. J. iff., 1 Ipswich 
Tttcomb Paul, Newbury 

Tm-r Amhv.v. Dnnvc-ra 
Tiirm-s- Calvin- Salem 

\ 'ariK-v W. I). & s Salem 
IfAlISs Aaron, Ipswich 
»'e don Ch^lev: Salem 
"■i.ftips Albert. Salem 
Wilson Warren. Danvers 
Horthen Lyman, Haverhill 

Tarpaulin Manufacturer. 
Swasey H. S., Newburyport 

Mann James, Newburyport 

Thread Score. 

Firth & Clark, Salem 

Tin Cap Tube Manufacturer. 
Atkinson it., Newburyport 
Tin Plate and sheet Iron Work- 
ers and. Stove Dealers. 
* r "u»r C. M., Ipswich 
{•Maett William, Audover 

»Wt A, Lawrence " 
»»vi,h»D.\\m., Georgetown 
;™ck& rim,-, M«hu»n 
•-'"- & StraUon, Lawrence 
f^wn Biwuml, Lynn 

^Pman a'.M. & 6. M., Salem 


Cook Samuel, Xewbun port 
Currier 8c Wait. II it- ( rhill 
Dana .). [I. & Co., La rretice 
Dearborn Charles A.. Salcui 
Dodge Samuel, Newrmn | ort 
Prothinghani N. & T. It., Salem 
culler K.. .* 

fuller U iltin ii P.. n 

Hale Jacob, Ncwl un poi I 
Hale Moses If., 
Haskell C. N , 
Ilinkley William, Beverly 
Ilobbs & Jellison, S:i i.shury 
Horton Win. II., Newburyport 
LeBosfiuet & Ames, i !..-,; ruM 
Lor-J \v' m . A.. Danvers 
Loring F. M.,' Gloucester 
Lunt Benjamin S., Beverly 
Morton Wm. W., Lynn 
Paul John X. & Co., Lynn 
Pease Sam 1 ! VV\, Salem 
Preston Jonathan. Salem 
Richardson M. S.,'Andovcr 
Robinson & Brock. Lawrence 
Ropes John T. cv Co., Salem 
Ropes Joseph W., (North) Danvers Samuel, Lynn 
Sargent Horace, Newburyport 
j Sargent P., '« ' 

i Sawyer & Littleb'eld. S ilisbury 
J Silver Harris, Marbiohetid 
I Sumner John, Newburyport 
Woodbury William. Clou -■ .-• • 

Tobacso and Snuff. 
Clifford & Ross. Newburyport 
Dodge Brothers', [snuff] Bdwley 
Ilu.-e Enoch & Co., Newburyport 
Jaques Amos p 
Merrill W. W., 

ClappL. & a.. Salem 
Parker John if., " 
Peirson AIouzo, Newburyport 

TTmtrella Manufacturers, 
Butler Enoch. Haverhill 
Hobbslhivid, 'Lawrence 

Dame John, Salem B,.'-:rj. P., Salem 

Stone S.. ' ' " 

Fan-out 11. it., Salem 
Lord T. H. & A. IV'., Newburyport Amos, 

Veterinary Surgeoa. 
Saunders V/w.,, Salem 

Watches, Jewelry, < r cc. 

Bailey John, Lynn 

Balch Daniel, Newburvp* rt 

Barker William, Mcthm-n 

P.rainard Joseph 31.. Vmesbury 

Brooks E. C, Lawrence 

Brown John J., Ami .vvi 

Burgess S. 0., 1. 1 <• ■ r-« 

Buims Joseph. Rockjiort 

Carleton Jas, 11. . liavi rldil 
i Cogswell J. C. & H.. . . i 

Currier Edmund 
! Drown C. L., Newl urvj ort 
i foster X. fc T.", - 
; frye S: Aver, lf.-in.-rh! ' 

j GreeuoHgh N. C. N ••■!•': -rport 
; ITill Jolut 15 )•■ ,'-oi - 

16 kkmsJu '■'..,■■ . .;. ; 

Jlutnaii Sam. t Marl . J 
j ttimbail L., Ifavurtdll 
j i.a;..-:!K,!i K. !;.. Salem 

XamaottChw;' " 
I Letavour C i -., [\U>*t] I I n 

Lusco tibJolm «... S;i!.-iu" 
1 Melvvnzie S.uum I S., !'••, - • 1 
I Vloselv C. 1... Newbur* u >rt 

I'r.v. • | ■ 


• i \ . ; . i.. 


• •• . Lawrence 

; i ■ i 
- ■. . ■ 

st India Goods. 
'.•" - also Country Stores.] 
Adorns .\. II., Newburyport 
' Murbleh I 

Adams v, , : . ■,.... \, ,.•. 

ubi v.. '■• 

i; ;-■:•' ,: i- ., (North) Danrera 

1 •'■'■■'. A . Newburyport 

Raid .:. !!.'. u* r 

ftodwldcr 0. II, & Co., Lawrence 

B irl i tt A.. Salem 

Bnrl :, VI m. C, - : 

i; : ' : R url aead 

|; '"'•■ & Brown, Salt n 

!: '^ 5 n \\ .. :• ewburyport 

}',< ,-i-v Ceorge B., Salem 

Kick ford J., Newburyport 

Bfckford 1 I'*. =alern 

[>lmi ' y P. II. Newburyport 

P'Oar Lman f; . .-. cm 

Bowl, c iViiii im, M^rblohead 

liowlej i. liviu, Haverhill 

Bi ; i ton John, Kowley 

Brackett \Ym. D., (Swampscot) Lmn 

Bre<d Joseph, Lynn ' " 

Brei i s ihil Is, - 

1 ■■ !::•: <■ W. IL,Iaw] : 

] '-' rht William >!., Marbiehead 

Brooks Lul ■ Jr., Si l< m 

llro. - v o ■ bster, •• 

BroolcsN. ii., 

Bi^i kins Albert, Newbury]-.- rt 

Brown Ja •; 

Brown J< urn sa, ' ; 

Brwvn J. (). VV'., <! 

Bi u N.Uhand P.. " 

BmllO. M. & Co., Lawrence 

Buil<H , ;-. . .... Salem 

BUi '■.:-!. (,.. y .-.; .,; 
Burke I. II.. .v,-.,: 
Barrell N lf;n ' ; 
I :■■• I J< .I--. Salem 
Caverlyj .1 . : •■ , [ford . 
' • • ' in J. A., llarcrhill 

j Chan i.-'erliiin S. cc Son, Salem 
< liand! r J. |... Salem 
<"! ■ : i .!..:.. . 

; • Uii. New1 Lirv; ort 

; ■ ' - • i; -- '.:-: : - 

j I I' •-■ i< ■ .-. ■ »., S'ewbiurv.] r - 
: ' ' •■ .:...-'. Lawrence 
j I I • B. II.. Lawn a 
:' ■ Co.. Lvnn 

■ • - '■ in hi V D - :•' . ; lehead 

i, I - ■ . h 
Cvl urn S. M., Haverhill 
( :••■• ': [»avi I, Ipswich 
:■' •■ 
• , 

f -1! rt. Lynn 


' ' ■ ■ - : "•.-..-..■ . 

" - i . rt-rhill 
r ■ < :-.■.-.; 

• ■ ra 

■ ' ■ ■ , Ihivvrbi'l 

• ■ ■ ace 

I . - ' ■ 

-■ rt 


' ■ ■ ■ 

. i ■ 

. . ■ i . I .. . • . ; ■ 

1 ■ -• ■ • S it! u . Newl ... 
■ - 
i ' ■'■ i .i., Danvers 

•.M«.«.< II., \- . 

' ! )Wl . I v - 




Gardner I). »., Salem 
Giles Matthew S. Uockport 
Uixidliuc! Joseph, Nvwharyport 
Goodwin 1>. A.. Newbaryport 
Goodwill ,i. 1). & Co., Xewbnryport 
Goodwin George, 
Goodwin Major, " 

< loo !>'• iii S. - ! •. -"' I ■ ■' '■' •' 1 
Goldthwait .1. '*■'.., Sa-lnni 
G< Idthwait Mo<es, Marblehead 
/ Gordon I'jka-, Lynn 
Grant .John, Salem 
Graves Aums F... Marblehead 
Graves Samuel, Marblehead 
Gray William B., Salem 
Green Joseph G., Marblehead 
Green Otis Ji., Lynn 
( ireeu leaf lli< hard 0., Newburvport 
(h't-'UDii'.-ii K. & T., Groveland 
GrindalJ. I... Newbury port 
Gwinn T. W.,' Salem 
Hall D. II., (East) Haverhill 
Hallowell Samuel, (West; Lynn T., Salem 
Harris Richard, Marblehead 
Harris & Saunders. Salmi 
ILoskeU Thomas. Marblehead 
Hastings M.. Lawrence [liead 

Hathaway Stephen Jr. & Co., SlarDle- 
Hawks William, Marblehead 
Hidden Samuel, Marblehead 
Hobbfi S. F., Lawrence 
ITouian John, 

Howard John B.. Lawrence " 
Howard John 0. & < T o., Salem 
HovtJ.B. & Go., Haverhill 
Hudson George, Groveland 
Hudson John, Lvnn 
Hutchinson A. F. Lvnn 
IngaUa OtLs, (West) Lynn 
Iresoa G. W. & S. S., Lvnn 
Janorin J., Newburyport 
JewettS. K., Ipswich 
Johnson Frederick, Bradford 
Johnson U . Newburvport 

a Real 

m Web 
i A. S. • 
ill E. 1> 


st) Lynn 

.. Law] 




Knight George & Co., Marblehead 

Knight & Lunt, Newburypoisi 

Lambert Nath mii I. Geor«T;town 

Laittson A<Sa Jr.. Salem ° 

Lane Allen, Rocknoxt 

Lawrence Emanuel, Marblehead 

Lehy & Kelly, Lawrence 

LeMaster George. Marblchead 

Lindsey Richard, Salem 

LordA«a, Ipswich 

Loring & Clark, Lawrence 

LummusA.,(West) Lvnn 

Lununus E. A.. (West)" Lvnn 

Lunt Henry Jr., Newburyport 

Lnnt Tristam, il ' 

Mann J. ti.. Salem 

Marks .Mm & Son, Salem 

Maynard S. D., (East) Haverhill 

McCarly John. Lawrence 

MeGowan A., Lawrence 

Mead D. & Co., Lynn 

Merriarn Matthew, Newburyport 

Morrill Abm r L., ' " ' 

Merrill David J., « 

Merrill W. S., Danvers 

Millet 1). Jr., Sal^m 

Millet J. K., Andover 

Moseiy George <i„ Lvan 


X. Ji. Protect, Cniou, Div. Vo.'-t, Lvnn 

N. K. Protect Cni ., [<•■- > ., »^) 

N.K.Pratrt.6.L T nfc.H!Biv;Vo!2r*; ' ; ! 

K.E. Protect. Union'. Div. No. 28, i; 

Newhall ii. f , Sun.'us 

Sevfallfeoq*. *" 

Nichols Jkubvn, Marblehead 

NichoLson Thorn*., •■ 

Xoyes Enoch K-., Silem 

Noyca B. 11., Newburyport 

Oliver Stephen. Lyun 

Paine II., Marblehead 
Park r Stephen, Groveland 
Patch William II.. Uocl 
Payne Samuel, Salem 
Paj son Carlton, Lawn nee 
Pel p n U K. 1 . I. .... 
Perley & Currier, (North) Danvers 
Perl' \ Frederic, 
IVrley JnVeph G., (West) Lynn 
Piert «■ K 1-- in, Law rence 
Pill bury S. M.. Newburyport 
Pitman Henry >'., Marblchead 
Pitmau John, 

Plumer Joseph E., Newburyport 
Poor Isaac, 

Prentiss George, (North) Danvers 
Prime James M., Salem 
Purbeck Aaron Jr.. , -; Lk-m 
Putnam W. H.,(Ballard Vale) Andover 
Quarlos Samuel, Salem 
Itaddin George W., Saugu ■ 
Ramsdcll Oliver, Lynn 
Heed E. M., Newburyport 
Ri. li Stephen, Lynn 
Riohar Lson Edward, Lvnn 
Richards & Co., Salem 
Roberts Parker, Newburyport 
Kohin«on J. L., 

Salem Independent protective Associ- 
ation, Salem 
Sanger & Reynolds. Salem 
Sargent T. W., Newburyport 
Sciuiao Joseph, Lynn 
Siiattuck .Joseph, Lawrence 
Shaw J. X., Salem 
Sibley Joseph, Salem 
Simonds S. i Son. Salem 
Simpson 1)., Marblchead 
Smith Robert, S Llem 
Smith Rufus, N'ewbun'port 
SndSh Sc Co., ).<-■■• renco 
Snow J , Marblchead 
Snow Nathaniel. Salem 
Snow Thomas, Slarblehead 
Sn.>-,\ Tims, 2d, 

Southwick ^c Co., {Ballard Vale) Ando- 
Spnrhawk John Jr., Marbb head [ver 
Spiller R. 0.. Danvers 
Standley S"., Marblchead 
Stevens William, Salem 

rens A. W., N« 

Stickney John. (West) Lynn 

Stkknev M. A.',' 

Stone ,). W.,Marb!ehea I 

Stone William L., Amesbury 

Stover George, Newburyport 

Strong Kii.dia, ' ; 

Sumner k Sw:a«ey •■ 

Swectser C. & Son. Siiugus 

Swindles Charles, Salem 

Symonds Benjamin R., Salem 

Symonds Thomas Jr., " 

Svmonds Samuel Jr., " 

farbox John, (West) Lynn 

Tarbox James .M.. 

Thompson Waldo. (Swampscot) Lvnn 

Thrasher John, Marhlehead 

thrasher Wni., 

Thurlow Samuel, Georcet >wn 

Tiiley William, Marblchead 

Tit ton Daniel, Lynn 

Tilton Albert, Newburyport 

TiJton Daniel G;, " 

3 LI ton Willi un, Lynn 

Toppau X: Pingry, Newburyport 

Trefren Ja.tncs.. Salem 

Trow & Bushb'v. (New Mills) Danvera 

Tuck William. (S van) pscot) Lynn 

Tu< ker *;. i:.. (West) Lynn 

Tufts S. C. Salem 

TutUe & Parker, Newburyport 

Tj - r V. tliiain M.. Lawr< nco 

I ; . a. store, Lv un 

Wtj John, Sak-m 

\ i.'ka.-v Joseph Jr., Lvnn 

Warren Joilas, i \, w Milh») Danvera 

Ward Thomas B , Salem 

Walton Kheuezer, '• 

H aters Thomas S., " 

Webster K.. Haverhill 

Welch R., Newburi ; rl 

West !-.. ■•• W., \:.;; 1 a.-t < v 

- ilem 
Wiley t'uh b, Lynn 
'■'. illcomb lJ i.l; Rich 

• i Q . II •■..rl.ill 
Willi ton S - . ■-.; ... 
n ills i' ■:.;• v -. >.l .;.: 
I I 

\\ <<■> i liimm, S'ewbur 
W< ■ king Me»'« !';•■• 
Working Men's i'r<>ii-< tiv< '■ 

■■-,. An lover 
Wonn^teu I Benj., Marblehead 
Wri John Lynn 
\\ right VcUtt E., Salem 
Young Jacob, Newburyport 
Young Jamei, '• 


Andcr on J. • ph M., Lynn 

Vtv d Mori i town 

Barker Joseph IV., Sal m 

R itchel l< • George, Groveland 

Bean Ira G . 11 

Bennctl I. S., (Bjillard Vale) And( 

Row's Rol i • r. Go rgetown 

Bradley George, (North) Andover 

Bucknam Thomas J., Lynn 

Butters E. G., Methuen 

Cozzens James, ( Ballard Vale) Andover 

Currier Joseph J., Georgetown 

Do Ige John W., Salem 

I Ige Simfton, Marblehead 

Dorman Jesse, Newburvport 

Ellis A. P., (North) Andover 

Farnham J. W., Lawrence 

Foster Ambrose, ;t 

Gage C. S., Essex 

Gnrney Nathaniel. Newburyport 

Haiiley Franklin, \Venham" 

Haines Jam -. Han Llton 

Haines & Marshall, Newburj 

Harding S Lmuel, Lynnfield (Centre) 

Hawkes Adam, Lynnfield 

Hentield Amos, Salem 

Merrick Benj.. Topsfi ' 

Hodgkins John Jr., Ipswich 

Hovey Q. D.,( A. t) G .si rd 

tloyt Leonard, Lawrence 

Jackson William 1!.. Hamilton 

Lane John. I ;•-•■■ i :h 

Leach Thomas K.. Topsficld 

Mafsceson J. B , 1.-. an 

Noah S,. Salem 

O'Connell John, Andover 

Panlv Charles, Salem 

Patch J. II.. 

P. i ; S'ath. S: Lucius, (West)Lynn 

Ploof John. Lvnn 

Preston H. Iv. Methuen 

Poor William fc Co.. Andover 

Reed James, (West) Lynn 

Rice .1 iseph. Antlover 

Roberts J. M . Sau-us 

.- ii i in Samuel, Haverhill 

-';- ■•!■ rd Solomon, (W< st) Boxford 

Tibl ets A; ron, II imill in 

Varnum Corliss, Methuen 

Ward G. W.,Newburyj . r 

Wines and Liquors. 
Gardner I>. B., Salem 

Pierce Itldwin, Lawrence 
Rvinon i John, Salem 
Walker Abbott Jr. ^ Co.,Salem 
Wilson J. 0., 

Wood and Bark. 
A Men Lot t, Salem 
Ann ■■ Peter, 

Rr i ■■- n S. Jr. ^. Sons, Salem 
Dike John 

N. A., " 

Prime, Kenney ^: Co., ' ; 

j ('.. 
Putnam Nathan, ' : 

Stanley S. S., 

Woo! Dealer. 
Merrill U. Jr., NVwbur: 




A*ricnltural Tool t.— Goldsmith, New- 

' eooib 8c t'avless, Salem 

in-! an I Tack Miniifaclurtr. — YY~. S. 
Cr iwftin, Haverhill 

Prick Kiln. — Smith Brothers, New- 
bury poet 

Card ' Manufacturer. — Smith, Walker 
& »,'o.. Lawrence 

Cotton Wicking. — John Bentley, Eox- 

Enamelled Leather Factory.— II. A. I Leather.- David II 

Butters & Co., M.H- 
File Manufacturers.— 3. 6c K. Butter, ! Survivor of Land ' 

Lawrence .■--■. 

Gold G-ail Mimnfattwmr.—3. Uorton ; Lmtk'r Cutting . f 

Jr.,Newburvi»ort i a icMon, U.iTer 

Gvlrhmith.— K-.iw. H;uw, Newburyporl H'A* !.«, Sawing, ifr.— U'< 
G/^i C7>p»J IVbrAs.— s. Whipple & Manufacturing C 

Brother, Salem ' ni^nt, (West) \.mecbury 

Hermeticnl Sealer.— A. Caldwell, New- Window Satkand Shu it Fixtures*— 

buryporfc ' Bray & Raymond, Beverly 


Formerly part of Hampshire County, was incorporated June- 21. 1811. Connecticut River divi ' 
County from North to South. Miller's River flows through the Eastern portion, and Deerfield 
through the Western. The population of Franklin -County in IS10 vvas2S ? Si2; the number of t 
20; square miles, 723 ; population to a square mile, 40. Population in IboO, 30,869; population to a 

square mile, 42. Shire town, Greenfield. 




Jud-jc of Probate, George Grennell, Greenfield, 

Register of Probate, Samuel O. Lamb, do. 

Clerk of Court*, Henry Chapman, 

Register of Deeds, Almon Brainard, 

County Treasurer, Almon Brainard, 

Crier of Courts, David Wright. 

Pejnity Jailer, Charles II. Mann. 

Overseers of House of Correction, Franklin Rip- 
ley. IL G. Neweomb. 

Sheriff \ James S. Whitney, Conway. 
Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ashfield, Anson Bement. 

Coleraine, Thomas It. MoGee. 

Greenfield, William Keith. 

Montague, Samuel C. Weils. 

New Salem, Wilson Andrews. 

Nofthfield, Charles Pomeroy. 

Ora/i/c, Bcnj. G. Putnam. 

S/ielburne, William Christie, Jr. 

Probate Court, hojdes at Greenfield, 2d Tues- 
days of February, March and May, 4th Tuesday in 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
I). W. Alv .-■■!, Almon Bramard, Ilenry CI 
man, il. \l. Lwivitt, Sylvester Maxwell, Hoi 
G. Newco.mb, Rich. E. Neweomb, Horace W. .. . 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 

Bernardston, Henry W. Cushman. 

Charlemont, Sylvester Maxwell. 

Col ■■>,>''. I h tries Thompson. 

Deerfield, ITinv Arms. 

Greenfield, David Aiken, Almon Brainard, llen- 
rj Chapman, George T. Davis, George Grennell, 
Horatio G. Nb •.-. o rib. Franklin Ripley. 

Orange. Wm. B. Washburn. 

Sunderland, Horace AY. Taft. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Ashfiehl, Wait B( nei t, Chest r San ! irson, Nel- 
son Gardner, Samuel W. Hall, H. A. Ranni y, A. 

Benmrdstoii, John £. Lurk, Aretas Ferry, 
Timothy I\. Morton. 

tit ■.''■■'. :.. D. Bement, J. W. Griswold, Ezra 
Howes, Tl rnasB. Montague, John Porter, R 

^ August, 2d Tuesday in October, 1st Tuesday in... Trowbridge. 
November, and 3d Tuesday in December. " Charh-mont, Stephen Bates, Luthe 

At Conway, 1st Tuesday in Feb. and 3d in July. Hart Leavitt, Roger H. Leavitt, Alexand 

At Charlemont, 3d Tuesdays in May and Oc 

At Orange, last Tuesday of April and the 3d 
Tuesday of September. 

At Korthfield, on the Wednesdays next after 
.the last Tuesday of April, and the 3d Tuesday in 

All processes and matters returnable to the 
Courts at Wendell, an the last Tuesday of April 

Maxwell, Elias Taylor, A. lb V : 

(' 'olvrain . ^.mos i. ; u dwell, Sum: el ('• lidge, 
John Drury, Jonathan Johnson, William La 
Calvin \V\ Shattuck, Stephen Shepardsou, 
Stewart, lirastus Taylor, Jonathan Totman, ; 
Wilson, X. P. Merritt. 

Come '. Bhineas Bartlett, Chester Bern nt, 
Stei -• .. '•• ' • •- Horace B. Child, Asa I 

and 3d Tuesday of September may be acted upon 1 Austin !b ■•.<■ rdiuer Dickinson, E. 1'. Rui i 
at the Courts hoi den at .Orange; and all processes j J) ic Al rcrombie, Jr., William I 

and matters returnable to the Courts at Wziricick, | man, EL 11 wkes, Jonathan llawkcs, ry K. 

on the Wednesday next after the last Tuesday of [\ ■■■,•■. .1 natli n A, Saxtou, lb Saxton, Artei as 
April and the 3d Tuesday of September, may be | Willi i •- - ; in Wilson, Samuel Willard, Jr. 
acted upon at the Court at Northfield. i I lyce Alexander, JohnG. Bart m. 

At Lock** Village. Shutesbury, <n\ Friday next ■',. 'I, Eliphalet S. Darling, Joel Lyons, John A. 
after the last Tuesday of April, and the Friday next i '{bii *y. 
after the 3d Tuesday' of September. G'n »'•'-'•, D. W. Alvord, David N Cari ' 

(All Acts providing for holding Probate Courts Wend^U lb M yi , Ri hard E. Field, Wl 
in Warwick and Wendell were repealed in ISiiO.) wyld; David S. Jon , Samu I O. Lamb, Harvey 
_, . _, . . C. N • ton, !' Ni:ik, H. ('. Parker, ' Ans 

Comity Commissioners. 'Phelps Alfred Wells, David Willard. G 

Nims, Greenfield ; Hart Leavitt, Charlemont 
Special Com missioners 

| \W I - 

■ //•'■■.(' Ivin S Longley, John Vincent. 

| //• • . '■' w Buck, Luther Gal . J( scj h ■-'. 

Gardiner Dickinson, Comcau ; R. B. Hubbard, Hunt. A. II. Taylor. 

Sunderland. . j Leveret!, Ahl C. rield, Zebina tield, Fran«3 

Times of Mcciin;.~At Greenfield, on the 1st I Fra y, lilijn lJ _ am, Timothy B 
Tuesdays m March and September, and 2d Tues- '■ (/••#», Pcrnando AV. Carlton, John 

^avs in June and December. ; [ '•'■ v •■■ !>: " ;; " r - 



Montague, S. I>. BardwelJ, Apoilos Gunn, Harri- 
son T. Root, X. }•'. Henry, Elisfaa M. Hatch. 

Monroe, Asahcl Gore. 

.\eic Salem, Robert Conk. Emerson Fay, SamT 
Giles, Alpheus Harding, William Smith., Jabez E. 

KerfhHeld, Kehulon Allen, Richard Cotton, 
Alfred R. Field, Timothy Field, Charles Mattoon, 
S. A Field, James White, Charles Osgood. 

Orange, II. Baker, Otis Brooks, Stephen Emery, 
Josiah Goddard, Zina Gyodell, D. GodJard, Dan'l 
Frost, Rodney Hunt, R. D. Chase, John R. Whip- 
ple, Hiram Wood« ir I. 

Poire, Humphrey Gould, William Taylor, Noah 
Wells., Charles M. Duncan, Zebulon W. 
Field, Elam Kellogg, Eben G. Lamson, A. Max- 
well, S. J. W. Tabor. 

Stmtesbury, Hardin Hemmenwav, J. L. Small- 
edge. \ 

Sunderland, Charles Cooler, "William Delano, 
Ashlev Hubbard, Clark Rove, Emmons Russell, 
Wm. W. Russell. 

Warwick, Jona. Blake, James Goldsbury, Chas. 
Pomor'">v. James Stockwell. 

Wendell, Thcs. D. Brooks, Lucius Cook, Jabez 
Sawver, Jr., Jonathan Whitaker. 

Whaiely, Josiah Allis, Chester Bard* el!, 2d, 
Daniel Brown, James M. Crafts, Samuel Lcsure, 
LaiiielF. Aiarsto.i, Justice White, 3. R. Y\ into. 
Notaries Public. 

Greenfield, Wm. H. Allen, Charles K. Grennell. 

Charlemoni, Samuel Potter. 

Cdlerame, Thomas it. McGee. 

Con-cay, Chr. Arm;. 

Dee/field, Isaac Abercrombie, Jr. 

JLeverett, Sylvanus Field. 

Greenfield, D. X. Carpenter, David S. Jones. 

■North field, Richard Coi'ton, Simeon A. Field. 

Sunderland, William Delano. 

Warwick, William E. Russell. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Ilrnry Paine, Aivin Perrv, Nathan IvROwiion, 
Clerk.— Nelson Gardner. 
Treasurer. — Chester Sanderson. 
Collector and Constable. — H. Gilford. 


SeUctmm a!l ,7 ..J.. s ,v:.v //? JollU E. Bulk, Ed- 

ward II. Show, Samuel J. Grem:. 
^ Overseers of Poor.r-J}. p. Temple, J. E, Burk, 
Edward II. Snow, Samuel J. Green. 

Clerk and Treasurer.— -iLenry W.. Cushman. 

Collector and Constable. — Samuel J. Lyons. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Ansel Taylor, 
N. D. Williams, H. Ward. 

Assessors*— T. B. Montague, Franklin Ballard, 
G. K. Ward. 

Cleric and Treasurer.— J. W. Oris wold. 

Collector.-*- Samuel Ward. 

( bnstaate. — Samuel Perkins. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors; — 
Asahel Judd, Jr., Samuel Upton, R. L. Bishop. 

Clerk.— A. L. Tyler. 

■()■: mtrer.—lAitliPx Bordwell, Jr. 

Collector and Constable.— Joseph Sears. 

Selectmen en.d Oi < rut t rs of Poor. — Morris Pierce, 
A . W. Snow, <;. W, Gleasbn. 

Assessors.— H. McLeRan, David L. Smith, O. H- 

Clerk and Treasurer.— Horatio Fiasg. 

Collector and Constable, — d'homas R. MeGcc. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Pt ■ . ■ -'.V. ( 
bell, Asa How ! md, Ge< , J r. 

Assessors.— Wm. Avery, G. Daniels, G. 


Clerk.— E. F. Ames. 

7L u ."/, /■.- -G. bhigcrton. 

Collector and Constable. — Win, C. Car. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Ei 
| Williams, Allen Mansfield, Ralph Clapp. 

Assessors. — Horace Williams, E. Stebbins, II. L. 


Clerk. — Charles Williams. 
Treasurer. — Asa Stebhins. 
Collector and Constable. — Austin "Ware. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, an 
H. Holbrook.F. Alexander, David Blackmer. 
Clerk and Treasurer. — John G. Barton. 
Collector and Constable. — Albert R. Albee. 


Selectmen, Ova-seers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
L-eonard Barton, J. S. Purple, L. Cushmau. 
Clerk (i)td Treasurer. — E. S. Darling. 
Collector and Constable.— Abel Bliss. 

frKT:VNFiri .:>. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Wc 
Davis, Peleg Adams, George W. Potter. 


Clerk.— David Willard. 

Treasurer. — Rufus Rowland. 

Collector. — Henry 1 rink. 

Constables. — Wm. Wilson, C. II. ZNlunn. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Clark Sears, Otis Longley, Milo T. Carter. 
Clerk and Treasurer. — Calvin S. Longley. 
Collector and Constable. — Elijah F. L Qgley. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Joseph W. 
Hunt, Edward Tucker, David Gould. 

Assessors.— Dzvid Temple, Luther Buck, John 
Ret i. 

( './"'. — Aaron Dickinson. 

Treasurer. — John F. Temple. 

{.'. Utci -rand Constable. — George Temple. 


Selectmen mid Overseers of Poor. — Silas Ball, 

I Horatio N. Watson, H. 0. Field. 

Assessors. —Timothy B. Pice, Alder C. Field, 
j Harrison Fie! 1. 

Clerk. — Jenersou Mo >i ■. 

Treasurer, Collector, and Constable. — li. I Id 


Select rn n. Overseers of Poor, and Assess 
I Edward Deuison, Joseph Green, Chester Sever- 

Clerk and Treasurer. — E. W. Parker. 
Coll and Constable. — Robert S. Nash. 


Seu tmen, r&t r s of Poor, and Ast 
James 11. Sheldon, Ashel Gore, Riley Boyd. 

Ci . — ii »< i »' ■■■ Ballon. 

Tr> '.surer. — M n tin M. Ballon. 

Coll r a . < on tab '.-.— Walter A. Pb 

s r u,fF. 
Si ' ctm s, Overseers of Poor, and A 
R. N. Oakman, Alpheus Moon-, Lucian H. 
, Stone. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Jonathan Hartwell. 
C '." to: and < ons table. — E. L. Delano. 


S ■••■■//. Overseers of Poor, and A 
E. F. Porter, Samuel Ail ; 


Clerk find Treasurer. — Alphcus Harding, Jr. 
Collector and Constable. — W. P. Freeinan. 


Selectmen* Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
S.'.v Field, Samuel Helton, Franklin Barber. 
"" Clerk and Treasurer. — Samuel V. Dutton. 
•<:((,)■ and Constable. — Sam'l S. Holton. 

Selectmen, Overseers of ] i oor, and Assessors. — 
Uodney Hunt, John D. flagg, H. Baker. 
( lerk. — Davis God&ard. 
Treasurer. •?- Thomas H. Tenney. 
Collector and Constable. — H. N, Moore. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor,* and Assessors. — 
Elias Keith, Ilezekiah Brown, Horace Browning. 
Clerk and Treasurer. --John C. Drury. 
Collector and Constable. — Norman Goodnow. 


Selectmen and- Overseers of Poor. — Isaac J. 
Hawks, Henry 'Wells, Samuei L. Bardwell, 

Assessors. — It. B. Bardwell, James Bishop. Fran- 
cis A. Fisk. 

Treasurer and Clerk. — C. M. Duncan. 

Collector and Constable. — J. A. Andrews. 

Cleric and Treasurer. — rlenrj I> : 
Collector and Constable. — A. S. h 

St.N DEAL 1ST). 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and .! • ■• ■ 

Nath'l Smith, Brastus Pomrey, Mc 
Clerk.— Horace W. Taft 
Tit asnrer. — E. Smith. 
Collector. — George Graves. 
Constables. — Georye Graves, Win. Russell. 


Selectmen, Overseers r>f Poor, and A 
Hervey Barber, George \V. Moore, John G. G 
( 'lerk. — Ira Draper. 
Treasurer. — James Goldsbury. 
Collector and Constable. — 11. Barber. 


Selectmen. — Luther Stone, Win. Butnam, Eras- 
tus S. Orcutt. 

Overseers of Poor and Assessors. — Aaron Ch 
ler, Ruggles, Wni. Davis. 

Treasuri r. — Otis Chittenden. 

Clerk. — George B. Richardson. 

Collector and Constable. — George B. Arnies. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Arnold Mor- 
ton,.Seth Bardwell, Asa Parker. 
Assessors. — Hiram Smith, Chas. D. Stoekbri 

Selectmen end Overseers of Poor. — Albert Has- j Rufus Graves, 
kins, D. Adams, Samuel Dudley. Clerk, — Samuel Bcsure. 

Assessors. — H. Davis, II. Stowell, E. Kellogg. I Treasurer, Collector, and Constable 

•J. White 




iule i: 

Daniel, Greenfield 

G. U . Shelburae 

S., Greenfield 

Barber II'., Warwick 
IfcrdwvllJ. 1!.. Shelburoe 
Bennett A.. Ashfield 
!' wli&ai <;.. Monta-rue 
Craves It.. Sunderland 

»--v,>> Willard C, Bernardst'on 


Iward Hiram; Oram 
;Ut David, (South') D 


Axe Manufacturers. 
Miant Jonathan F... Warwick 
rxaUJ.Sc Son, Shelburne Fall? 

th) Orange 

Leonard William, Ashfield 
Lyman Samuel J.., Warwick 
Marsh John C, Leveret fc 
Morgan Eli-sha, Northfield 
Morse J,. hull.'. Montague 
Morton E., Buckland 
Palmer — ., Deerfield 
Porter P. S., Coleraioe 
Pratt & Kogers, Greenfield 
Sackefct Abuer, Howe 
Sanderson II. ¥., Sunderland 
Shaw Elbridgc, New Salem 
Sheparl Henry F., Montague 
Shoiner S. M., Charlemont 
Sibley Peter P., 
Sibley Philo, ' " 
Smith Seth 0., New Salem 
Snow Barney, Gill 
South wick - — , Shutesl ury 
Spear Isaac, Orange 
Stevens Darius, Ashfield 
Tenney DanWrs. Erring 
Underwood Alpheus. Orange 
Upton Sylvester, Charlemout 
Welter Henry, Hawley 
Wells Horace. Charlemont 
Wheelock Joseph, Conway 
Wlutney Lewis, Howe 
Wise M., Leydcn 

Poots and Shoes. 
Rodman A. H. 5 Greenfield 
Dowev E., 

Elbridge Thos. B., >: 
Ortt John, 
Sprague Peter S., " 

Boos and Shoe Manufacturers. 
Adams Rufus, Coriway 
Ba Iger Benj , Wendell 
Nrewi r Nath in C, M ntagne 
Caswell V\ illiam B., Bus kiand 
Ch imberlahi E., Bernardstou 
Utile William B., 
Kelloiig 1!-, Montague 
M-esseUirer William, Coleraino 
Paine John I'.. Montague 

Spear Silas J., [boots only] Ora 
I Wait Moses, Bernardston 

IVillnnl 3. Jr., Deerfield 
I Winter Jonas IL.Shiitesbury 


Rice Levi W., Greenfii i 


Gunn D. P.. SI i II 

Mcrrifun [. , Gn 

Phelps Ansel, 

Taylor M.H., [periodical, ]Greei 

Bcws and Shafts Manufacturer. 

Perkins J. II.. Coleraino 

Broom Makers. 

Belding I'-. Wl i . 
Brown Willi. im, Xortlifi* Id 
fishA., Sai rland 
I-'i-li I-.. 

Frary George, Wl " 

Reed B. F.. ' ; 

Russell Austin, Sum! i 
Swift Carl< 5, \\ ! ite ;■ 
Watriss Elij ih, .V rthfield 
Wood E. IF, Who .. 
Woods W. & J., " 

Cabin:! Makers. 
Aiken George C, Montague 
Baker Jacob, Shut, si 
Clark Horace B.. Ei i 
Elmer Ihmiel 1'.. Coi 
K< i'h Elias. Kowc 
Lyons David, Conway 
Lyon Lu< iu.-^. « ol( raine 
Lyons & Waterman. • 
Miles ^c f.vuit. tircenfiel 1 
Pierce .S. >'k»yu, [st in Is an I I ' 
Weils & Fisher, Grei nfield 

Cane Maker. 
Day Herman >.. Ashfield 

Carding. ' 
Wo 'I. 
Field E.. Ashfield 
Sluxttuck Truman, Co 

Avery James, 
Barnard A. L . • 



BartleUZ. W., Whatcly 

Chapin . — , AshrMd 

Chapin Julias bud- a 

Cobb Lewis, Hawley 

Collon A. >!., tardea 

Cook J., Hawley 

Coolidge N. 1; ,N>w Satan 

Darling Benjamin C . Sunderland 

1> ivis I'routijw, Oi m :o 

Fox Edward, Montague 

Frost & Tilson, Sh 'llmrae 

Goddard Jonas. Orange 

Graves Fraukliu. H'hatelv 

Nov,' |.. .,.-i< J. ,),-,,.,. - 

"unt William, Sunderland 
Lamb A. \Y., Greenfield 
Maxwell <;., Suo lerJan 1 
McGee Horace Coleraim- 
MulcrJas,pl i ; G reonn fi lj 
Ncttlctnn Edward, Montague 
Peabody George. Conway 
Peiton Charles, Shelburuo 
Prati James, Levden 
Smith Hoyt, Burklaad 

Spviug John C, Greenfield 
S^arns George A. v Xorthfield 

Weill JahS riv.i^"" 
Woodward Hiram, Orange 

Carriage Builders, 
Alexander E. 1).. Lcyden 
BattksIchabodIX, Emu, 

ClappAyerv, Slonta ;ue 
Elmer Hanson, Ashm-Id 
Foster I). P., SJielbunus 
French Richard, Orauce 

M»Mps& Pickett, Graenfiel. 

Whitm.mJ. U\, Charl mon 

i\ right Buckl-tn i 

Wright Eiisha Jr., Montagu 

Nodoan & Nutthyj, 
Tiu,:;,,, A. L^CoIuteun. '" 

Chair takers. 
Baker Isaac, IrVing 
Cole H., Asnfield ° 
DavU & Kilborn. <W*e 
Lion Lucius, Colcraire 

;.;;r l '^A-;i;i-'.H,nr,. 

WoodliNvT 1 " 




frno/« tf 

Baptist; k B i.,.,,-.,;j '/,• 
AT, M>.lhodist; ] 1/ p v- •',„,/, 

Airier }| . -• 
Brdlou l.v. 


Bradford W . , 

Brw, ,;.,.•;.:,. \ _;; 

Brookn K. I'.. [L\ T.l Gil] 
Sutler William [M J i s 
wyrene Martin, (B.I Cm « 

f HI,.. ;;-,!. \ S • V • ;,:: 

Chapin M. (V. [M. E.] Rowc 

«* — -■ [M. K.i Buckland 
; !i:K I;'""-'- ''■■;«'■ C.J Warwick 
< >«>s Marcus B., [C. T.j Deerfield 
Cushman H . [M. E.] Leydon 

PeUoh Daniel, [31.] I , v ,l. n 
Dickinson X. 8., [C. T.] Wendell 
If 'man David,[C. T.j Leverett 
twtaian John, m. T.] (West) nawlej 

Foster Aaron, [O.T. JCharlemonfc 
| Jagg A. S., [M. E.]Buckland 
Gilberts li>imH,[C. 1\] Ashfield 
Graves A., [C T.J Heath 
Gray Edgar H., [B.] Shelburne 
GnggsfJ. R.,[M.]Northfii Id 
Hatch J , [C. T.] 
Hatch Roger C., [C. T.J Warwick 
Hayward Charles, [Jr. E.] Greenfield 

HosfordI LB; [C. T Sund rland 
irubbanUWlham,-[M. H.] C lerainc 
Ives Alfred K ,[C. T.J(Xorth) Deerfield 

^ 8W ?^i[«:T0(X« ff thJ.aS^ 

Jor Ian J. U . p.. [\[.i ^m 

JuddJ. S.. [C. T'.'j Whately 
p^daU Charles, [C. T.l BoFiiaTdston 
J-icounM m . F.. r.M. E.] (South)Decr- 
Leach^dham.fB.jWendall rfi e ld 

Udmid William, [C. C] Charlemont ' 
Memil D. Iv., [M. K.] Oharlomdnt 
MerriU James II., [C. T. J Montague 
Moors John P., [<]. y ) Deerfield 
Aewton Baxter, [ij.l U-verett ' 
Packard T., [C. T.] Slielburne 
Packard T. Jr., (U T.jShelburne 
Partndge Oeo. C, [C. T.j Greenfield 
Paulson John, [M. V } 
Seymour Henry, [C. T.] (East) Uawley 
amuhAsaB. [C. T,] Bucklatid 
^rmth Davis. ..'. U.I Jl ■: W. 

*™ t hJohiiD v [C.T.ich J .rlcmont 
Strong-^ A , [C. T.J (South) Deerfield 
Strong Pnus, .:;.;<;:•■ n ,. ,| 
'iVmpie.J. If., [(.'. T.j w'v,r,. iv - 
T^nuey VV.<J., ,,;. t.: North! eld 
Tisdale James, , r c. T.'l :-!:;'•, sburv 
TraskGeo.. [C'.T.] Enin- '" " 

Ueston , [C. C.] l'*rnartston 

Wheaton Jas., [C.T : Xew v',. a 
Wiilis Lemuel, [Lv.| Onuige 

BaggE. & Co.. Rernardsl a 

Merrick Henry A.. Orange 

Cotton Cloth and Batting. 

[See Manufacturers | 

j Cooper. 

J Marsh Amos, Sunderland 

, e Aiken' DaTid, Greenfield 

' Allen Chas., 
Alvord D. \V'., •■ 

. Arms Pliny, Deerfield 
;t | Brainard A., Grueiifiol 1 
. ; Chase. R. 1).. Oran • 

i Davis Geo. T.. Greenfield 
.' I r>avis W. T., ' 
. j Drury John. Colerainc 
1 ! Emery Stephen. Orcmgp 

i Grennell Ceo.. Greenfield 
' Grenneil Jas.S.. ■• 

t . r 

. ^7 

T.j Orange 
•h ) Oramra 


•' i 


Wu«U«*rA.,tU. T.j .;:•„„ 

I XewconibH. G., G n'iih-M 
, Pirkerif.G., ' 

I'.-nilstou John, 

Saxton Jonathan A . Deerflold 

! i >•'■ » VV., - mdt r!an l 
j Fiiiiii • A. H , l i 

I ^> lis i;<> ,.,. ;, . .. ,-. ■,-.. . i 
I H'illard David. 

Country Stores. 


■"■'■■: ■ ,•< 
Adaina Atmw, Monta 
Alexander P. &L I. : 
Allen & !>on*, >: .. 
Allen T. s.. Hawley 
AniesE. I- . & ./. M., Conway 

[•aliaidG. 11. & Co., She] -■ 

\., (Jill 

i •■ - J m ., , .. 

iJcm ir .:•-. ■ ;,. A .' 
, Bincknier David, Erri - 
i jJW e i .•■:■- B., A 
j Bodman L.Jr . I • 

Carpenter Abi I, l,- r dcn 
j I ook Richar 

Co ilej ('. L..Colerj 

.- . Bu« .'•• ■ 

' own ;Park,(: , 

Curtis & up. Co] 

Davis ic Kilborn, 'Ora 

Dexter Poster D., Xew Salem 

: : ' : ^r;: n ;. UV! - •• " I n u,Conw a 
I 'hott \> ilham, Gre. i 
! ly \7insor i. . \, rtl 
Ferry Aretas, Bernard 
: rj ., & Field, Levi r,i •- 

':* ' l ;•' , ' & '■ ■■■ wow i ■ 

'; Ward & \^ ml, Orange 
Guild Asa, Heath 
lull & Ranney, Ashfield 
Harding Al] heus Jr., \.- ■ Salem 
Ut> rings & Fay, North I 
iatch G. M & Co., Montague 
Hi tch \i illiams, Leverett 
Hawkins Daniel A. Jr., \\ 'arwick 
Hemenway J imes P . - .. 
Horton fimotbj i:., Be uar 
Howe A. S.. Shuti il 
Johnson ! dhan I . Oi 
Kelley A., Hawley 
King Jo= >ph, Orange 
Lamson, Goodnow & Co - 

I falU) 
I- sure Samuel, Wdial 
Matthews, Bond & Childs, C i 
Mayiww F. L.,C1 irl moot 
Merritt \. P.,C< • 

i EHsh Vortli 
;'/. C. & Si u.J aai 
wrcur-t Hiram, Orance 
''■-■• ; Charles, Xortl 
:•■ isc I... (S ith)P 

['. .i;r..y & Bi^lOW, • I 

Pti u m '.'■ 

; - j. ii. & co..m ii - 

R> oti Potl -,Gi 
! Boot t. 11. . 
j ~ '■ len .-. l rki is, \ 
nek Siuion L., i.. 
;h0] r I Ansou. Cnnwav 
- Avery, Uh ir i 
j I m.m Sn>re, Mont 
; » - i I. M . Oreei 
! J*are I-l : . :1 . Deerfield 
■ ' "■"" ■ ^ '■-■ S.. Sunderland 
j worwwk P., (Xorth) Orauge 

:• ■ - Co,Sundei 
' "' N * Parker, (S< utli) Doer Id 
Wheeler Chas. W., \-„ Salem 
w hippie Geo. A. ^ Co., Oraugo 

It. S Co., Shelhurne 
'• ■ John, As ;.:,;, i 

L. UecrSeld 
simian. Greei del 1 
U., \\ ii iady 


''"; '-'"^ Bi dj imin F., U I -...., .1 

I i enfiold 

- - . •• 

Dry G : Is. 
i: I ly George >.. Greei 

Fricvion Match Sticks. 
I '. .'■:■■ • 'S T-, Erving 

Glue Maker. 
i'i-h.r Reuben, Warwick 

Grist Mills. 
\ :1 , i John, <>iit 
a . . «rj David. Charlemont 
I.u-j R. & 0., 13.-rnai-a.stOQ 
Ii, : i.i r l & Janes, Gill 
Bitmap Abijah, Rowe 
Crate* Calvin. Heath 
I |, Samuel, Coleraine 
ComiosJ-, N'orthfield 
Cmtwav Grist Mill, Conway 
t rftteiideii David, Charlemont 
Davis & Kilborn, Orange 
Itentiison D. & II. L., Coleraine 
Kerry Aretas, Bcrnardston 
Vitus James, Leverett 
llarriii rton Simon, (North) Oraago 
II. vr Azor. Greenfield 
Kect Roswell, Leyden 
Marcy Andrew If., Leyden 
Merrill 1m, Shelburne 
Moore Gerry, Leverett 
Moore Lyman E., New Salem 
0\ cult Jonathan, Orauee 
Priest Calvin Jr., Erving 
Putnam William, Wendell [Depot] 
Richard son Joseph, £hutestmry 
Sah Icrson A. W ., Whately 
Smith J iseph Coleraine 
Thorn Henry, Ley den 
Tyler Daniel. Montague 
Wait & Well's. Whately 
Ward F.h'sha, Shutesbnry 
Ward John 0., Charlemont 
Warner & Sanderson, Whately 
Warner S. P., Greenfield 
Webster Arnd. N'orthficld 
Wbitmore D. W. & J.. Sunderland 
Wilson John, Coleraine 

Hair Dressers. 
DofcyJ. E.; Shelburne 
Gmm Francis, Greenfield 
Putnam J., ' 


Allen's Sou?. Greenfield 

Harness Makers. 
Abbott Kendall J!.. Montagu* 
Atkins Reryamin F\, Xorthfield 
1' 'Hard Jonathan, Charlemont 
Bartl. :ft Phraeas, Conway 
Coleman II. L., Ashficld 
Hint A., Coleraine 
fia ce Levi Jr., Orange 
Graves Walter, Leverett 
Hastings Charles \\ .. Orange 
l!'\vt T.B. & J. R.. Bernardston 
Me-rath A. W., Greenfield 
Pon-1 A. k Co., ; - 
Wjl.!i. r Peter 2d, Charlemont 
; Wilkinson W. St s., Greenfield 

Hats and Caps. 
! Alden r.utSier P., Orange 
J I'"-'. :i:.-. ii A. II. j Greenfield 
j ft»nd A. & Co., 
j Wilkinson W, &S-s" 

Hoe Makers. 
| '' r -'-ii 5c Cpton, Charlemont 

•livery StaMes. 

, UrunilfT Arnd. Vorthfield 

• ' - : ■■ i ijjih, Conwaj 

1 ' '■"' \- M & Co., S»!icHmrn« 

i V ■-■<-/.. x W. B.. Greenfield 

! •'.•:i;n.,.;; i ).,. (South) Ih-erfield 

i {'"bn* Kldred^, Greenfield 

i '-""^dWrn. W..Sunderland 

! **»«) Lyman, Orange 

| Machinists. 

n. Gcodaow & Co., Shelbu 
al it) ' 

I »" r « Chalet, Conwav 

Munson James M., Greenfield 
N idean & Nutting, Orange 
It nney Dai vers l-Jrviuj; 
Wheelock Ji sejdi .)., U< away 

c« -.•-»». 

Allen Elij ih l ' tu tings] Conway 

Cotton Cloth Mill, [print*] 

Griswold Manuf. Co., [printing cloths] 

Joseph Grisw »ld, Coleraine [land 
Mouson Thomas ]•:., [batting] Sunder- 
Thompson Mill, Coleraine 
Whitney, Wells & Co., [cotton duck 

and seamless bags] Conway 
Cuitt ■ -. 
Bnrk E., ag ? t South River Co., Conway 
Cleary Henry, agent, Conwa} 
Lamson, Goodnow cc Co.. Shelburne 
Russell J. & Co., Green River Works, 


Coleraine Iron Foundry ,"A. L. Thomas, 

[eastings] Coleraine 

Bardwell Seth, [satinets] Whately 
Conway Manufacturing Co., K. Burk, 

agent, [satinets] Conway 
Day Stephen 1*., [satinets] Rowe 
Field & Hubbard, [satinets] Leverett 
Greenfield Manufacturing Co., Theo- 
dore Leonard, agent, [doeskins and 

cassimeres] Greenfu Id 
flolden George C. [varus] Whately 
KeRett John, [satinets] Shelburne falls 

Kellogg Sophia W., Orange 
Taylor li. K. 7 Greenfield 

Tiiiey C, ' : 

Pail Manufacturers. 
Bacon, Day & Co., [staves] New Salem 
Ballard & Jones, Gill 
Ellis & Taylor., Orange 
Carpenter K. E., " 
Davis & Kiiburn, '•'• 
Murdock & Johnson, Northfield 
Putnam William. Wendell 
Thompson C. ii.. Orange 
Washburn Wm. B. Sc Co., Erving 

Crafts L.. Whately 
I !war I; P.. Shel «urrie 
Fairfield E.. Charlomont 
GiHitcau Geor-e, Greenfield 
Jones Isaac, Asiifi. ! ! 
Kendall George, Montasue 
Mark Geovg • W., Gree ifi< ' ' 
Phelps George II , Northtield 
Rarasav Luther P.. [carriage] Orange 
Rice I. G., Montague 
Tai'c Francis L., Sunderland 
Turner John, Oraug • 

Palm-leaf Hats, 
HUdrethP., Greenfield 

Andrews Robert, N'ew Salem 
){ardwell Chester .2d, Whately 
Barton Edward Orange 
Barton John <;.. Ervrng 
Bates Stephen, Charlemont 
Reals l>. S.. Sun !. rlmd 
Rends i.csws. Shuti sbury 
Bradford David, Montague 
Brooks John, Berinu 
Brooks Si li-y. \-u:;, I 1 
!!t:li Georfjw, Slioiburue 
c iv- enter E. V> ., '■' rnardsl i 
Cobb \>> >n. [b ■■ mil Montague 
Co] as llei ry V.. I on way 
Cook la;> ius," Wen .■ 11 
Dean A. S., Oi mge 
Dean A. Calhoun, CoI< raine 
Dean I hr -to| her, 
Dean. Jan ?, L!n nfiel I 
Duncan C. M., Shi-lburno 

?outh) Deerfield 
Ki-k D. D., -c auic] Greenfield 
Gould II.. I! ••.-• 


Grooi I C.,l 
Hall I liilip, N 

II ■ . . I., h . 
i; w 
l Myrou! Wh 
Hawks D B . Bin dand 
Ha; 'i.-- J dwin, I • 

Im'.i ■'.. Gn en 
Kn iwil □ Charles L . A? 
Lvona J ■■:. (.ill 
M< id Mai hall S., Xorthfield 
! Putter C, <'•'■ ■•: ■>'■}.' 
! Revere i:. jt. It., Greenfield 
! Rice Dai id, I 

1 mm,., Conway 
Seymour I.. I 1 

S., Greenl Id 
Stratton Elijah, Xorthl • I I 

■.'.•-■ I J.i-vcn-tt 
: l ibon S. J. W., Shelbmne 
i T:n lor Amos, \V'ai 
; Tayl t A. Ii.. He th 
Thomas Ch ster, N- •■ Salem 
Trow ••'• •• ( i Bui land 
Trow V G., Min.i.;-'. ind 
Willi ims K. •;.. N'ew -.,.• m 
Williams Stephen W ., Deerfield 
Wilson Milo, Shelburne 
Wright Geo . M< nl 

Planing Mills, 

B icon, Bay & Co., N< ■ v ' ilem 
Crittenden Dai . I. « :.:■.. 
Davis & Kilburn, Orange 
Merrill Ira, Shi 11 
Thompson Clark, Xew Salem 
Wait William, Conway 
Washburn Wm. 1>. & Co., Krvii ■ 

Pocket Books W . C ■■ 

[ These articles, togetherwith 1 
n lies, are exlen 

in the towns named :■- ■ .' 5 
Deerfield, alone, more tha t 
r. ■' pers ms are e npl • '. in : < 
' • iness.] 

Arms W. S. & J. S., (S th 

Belding Stcj hen, Wh 

Brown C. C, (South) Deed ■ I I 

Brown Orin, 

EdwanlsAsaC, " 

Edwards W. F., (: 

Graves Lemuel, Whately 

Uauwood R. P.. 

RudduekEii, (South) De« 

Bel lin? .f; Kasti in ' A^h- 

WcU . Crafts & Wells, W1 

Eastman S. P. & Co., Cvcx: t I I 
IngersollC.J. J;. 
Mirrick Charles A., " 

Public Hon 
i Alexander Ant !. \ rl 
| Raker Isaac, K 
1 ttarber Samuel, li' ath 

iv,-, - K. A., Gill 
, Br •>•• ster W. E.. Deerfield 

<•!. mi nt W. A. (Gn ut sci r ". 

. .! - ; 

■ Comec i hai les, W irwick 

Cross 1... AsknVld 
! Dalrvniplc i». A. & 1 . Ch n 

i rrar George II., S 

I . ! G< ■•:•_■•. > ; r • 
' K, v N*. & JI., II 

1 llayden L . \\ 
| Henry Ii.. M ■ 
! HoytD., P • 

Jenni ;•-. H nil I 

K, ; ah William, Gn ntl< ' 

Merrick k\ 'i.. Con ) 

Merrill Joseph. Shell 

- i •• \i. : .Cob -i-'- 
•■ Ales mil" c 11 

<>«,-u Willard !' . ■■ " 




Piorco William w. New Salem 
Putnam Benjamin G., Orange 
Richard* & Stevens, \.v. s.ii m 
Uusscri William W., Sunderland 
Stratton II. u ., Montague 
Whittemwe William, New Salem 
WiNon John, Coicraino 

Rake Makers. 
ir.-tll Samuel, llowe 
Peeler M. J;. & Co., Montague 
Rugg Amos, 

Sashes and Blinds. 
Hanson & Shaw, New Salem 
Johnson A.. Northtield 
Spoonor & Amsden, Orange 
Wilson Joel, Greenfield 

Saw Mills. 

Adams I)., Shutesbury 

Adams Joseph B., (South) Deerfleld 

Alexander F. & L.. Wendell 

Amidon Joseph, Rowe 

Anns John, Gill 

Avery David, Charlemonfc 

Avers Aaron, llawiey 

Ayera & Co.. Warwick 

Bacon, Day it Co., Now Salem 

Baggs U. & C, Beraardston 

Baker John, Shutesbury 

Baker Smith, " 

BailO., Leveretfc 

Ballard B. & Co.. Buckland 
Ballard & Janes, Gill 
Bates Nahum, Il'eathr 
Bemis ¥,. 0. & J. G., Rowe 
Bills & Taylor, (North) Orange 
Blake D. & M Ashfield 
Blanden William, Colcraine 
Bliss Milton, (North) Orange 
Boutwell Calvin S.. Montagu© 
Beyden Whitney, Conway 
Barown Russell, Warwick' 
Cellar H. B., Northffeid 
Caswell .v Co.. Montague 
Cha pin Joseph, Ro we ° 
Coates Calvin 0.. Heath 
Collier R., '•■ 

Conant Josiah, Warwick 
Crittenden A., Buckland 
Crittenden David, Gharlemont 
Crosby C. F. & J.j Charlemonfc 
Crowley C. & J., New Salem 
Cudworth & McCulloch/Oharlemoiit 

Davis Asa, Dockland " l 
Davis & Kiiborn, Orange 
Den&m b, & l[Js.,Col«raiae 

Dudley Aaron'LeveVeU 7 

Dudley Isaac ' 

Budley Luther, « 

gwight. Sanderson & Co., Sunderland 

£aton Alfred P.. New Salem 

Xldridee l..-vi, Ifawlev 

KlmerOharh*, Uhiidd 

*».Y Willi. ui:. Conwa\ 

Felton Charles, Shutesbury 

Ferry A., Montague 

Pitts Robert, Lcverctt 

j! ' : '' Lyuian, Wended ■ 

«E>ske Stephen, 

[\^:J.\ E., Heath 

FJeuuiiff ?. L. & Co., Erving 

W Jacob K., Warwick 

Gardner N. & j. . AnhfleU 

|'ore Stephen, Bemarditon 

Graham Kokwc-H Oran«« 

Green Joel G Bernard>ti n 

Hale Increase S " " 

KaHC.jMnnri -' 

jlitnilloa I»., SJwtWhury : 

Ua«kcU Jarub. Sew ^| ra > 

|^vk 9 E.D. ! Ci.ark.mont 

»awks James, 

Hillmao ¥. S., Cftierauie 

'Jmes Miranda, Mnnm. 

Jfolbrook An Ithw, A*hfi>M 

[toward George >v.. tforwiek 

"owes Jonathan, tahfwki 

taghanj John, Conway 

Keet Roswell, Leydi n 

Kelle}-, B.iice & Bemont, Ashficld 

ufffiiiice »'.. Mon i"i • ' 
Locke Z. L., Wendell 
Lyon 0. W.. Coleraiue 
Lyon & Perkins. •• 
Marcy Andrew If. Leyden 
Watto n II . Northfietd 
Maxwell A. ['., Charlemont 
Merrill Ira, Shelburne 
Mom,-,.. & Gleason, Wendell 
Moore George W'.. Warwick 
Morton Duxter, Whately 
Mowrey W., Leyden 
Murdock & Johnson, Northfield 
flash Eber, Greenfield 
Nelson Jesse. Coleraiue 
NewcombZ. C, Bernardston 
Newton II.. Hawley 
Newton ,)ixuu\<, Greenfield 
Nhns Lemuel. Heath 
Orcutt Jonathan. Orange 
Phelps Charles, Monroe 
Phelps Cvrus, 

Phelps William II.. Wendell 
Porter W.. Ashfield 
Pratt Noah, Shutesbury 
Pratt V., 

Priest Avery, Erving v 
Briest Calvin Jr.. Krving 
Purringibh K. S., Coleraiue 
Putnam William, Wendell 
Key?;. .Ids George, Shutesbury 
Rice J', Charkniont 
Rice I. B., Leverott 
Richardson Joseph. Leverott ' 
Richardson 7... Shutesbury 
Richardson 0., \shfield 
Bobbins Ltnvis.O us B 
Rug- Reuben, Ifevth' 
Sajiderson A. W., Whatelv 
Scott E. If.. Hawley 
ShattUi k Abe!, Bernardston 
Smith Joneph, Colemine 
Smith & Sandercon, Whately 
S pra^ne John. Asldi. Id 
Stallord flm ir.son. .Monroe 
Stafford Thomas Jr., - 
Stanford D. It. & J. A., Rowe 
Stetson Gideon, Shutesbury 
j StoiMJ Luther, Wend< " 
j Sumner Amasa, Coleraine 
j Swan Calvin T.. Northfield 
| Thaine John, New S-i. 
i ;.';;• cr Almi'/o, Ciiarleaio-.j, 
Tlioinas J. & 1C. 

Thompson , Leyden 

Thompson Clark, New Salem 
Thorn Heurv. Leyden 

Upton /Huwiey 

Vincent.)., '•' 
V> ait Willja'm. Conway 
«'ard Austin. Buckland 
H ard Kli.-in. Shutesl)ury 
Warrl LleKeki'ah, Buckland 
Warner & SandeTjton, What) !y 
■Warren William, Conway 
Wa.iii.urn William B. & Co., Erving 
Washburn U'iJJiam B. & Co., H ended 
. Watson 31. N , I^verett 
j Wheeler John. Conwav 

Whitmore Charles, Sun Icrland 
j W iliranis Daniel, Ashfi< Id 
: W il>nn John, Coloraiue 
| WootlJoel, Heath 

j Scythe Snath Miaasfaoturers. 

! B-vlweli L. Jr.. Charleni! • 

i l'«app E. S. & Co., Mom ipuo f(Kalls) 

Lnmsnn. (h„> In iw & Co.. Shell urue 

Nuttins! L. !■ ren H 

J ••ti»[il;' & Irj eon, Bernards a 

Sleigh Maker. 
Ramsey John, Orange 

Soda Manufacturers. 

Fox E. C. & S, A . H. rnardstOn 

Shingle Mills. 


''■' William 11 . n 
I* kee Calvin V\ ,. I 


Stocku : : •. 

•'" >■ s 

Stoves and Tin Ware. 

Chapman •..• . - . burn • 

"'I J ■ I : I . S .<.. CO 

Jo u , Vlib -I] I V , ,. 
Mi ■•■ N ithani ■'. Charl 
v ' oi • Uph( u ■ ,v Co . U 
Ficrci J nut ^ 1)., Grc( 
Washbu .. l o, , Omnge 
W iley Robert, Gi 

Tailors and Drapers. 
Dickinson ')'. >.. Conway 
Bow Joseph T., Shelburne 
Foster Edwin W., New Salem 
Jl ' usiou C. 1 ., Conway 
Li-, ti Mil h h Orange 
Merrick Henry A., Oi 
MiIKt David P.,Ashfield 
M ui igueT. B., Shi lb 

;>' ■■'- Charles A., (South) Deerfield 
Kust & ( i Lrk. Greenfield 
Sanderson A. IL, Orange 
Smith Charles W., Conwav 
Stebbins Charles C, donta^ue 
stratton W., Nortlitield 
f)iayer& Jones. Greenfield 
W iliiams 1'. D,, Montague 

Barber Samuel. Ashfield 
Bardwell A. & Sou, Shelburne (Falls) 
P-atcs Nahum, Heath 
Billings Samuel !>.. (South)D 
Caswell Km. B., Buckb i ; 
Clappz., M, ntagne 
Clapp \\ iliiaui T., Conway 
Cuthvorth & McCulloch, Charl 
trary Dexter, Whately 
Holmes llenrv, I 
N 'ward Moses, Coleraine 
j Moore ^ Parker, Orange 
, Nutting Kansom. Lcverett 
' ,s rood George, New Salem 
Parsons Albert C, Northfield 
Parsons John. Coleraine 
1 • ■-■'■ B. I'.. Montaeuc 
;; io i- I h rli . i barlemont 
^ - rson .'.-. Ashfield 
-- li -i uJ.C, \\ hately 
•" ■ ' I '■ ■■ ■•:■■ ■ -. itowe 
Smith Amos N.. New Salem 
Stratton S luiui !. Gill 

Tool Factories. 
Brnv uin« H n ice, Itowe 
; ' ■ ■ i v lament, Ashfiel I 

''■■•■■ I til er, Chai 
Smith, Big. low & | ,,.. Conway 

Avers A . 11 
1 HI ai : ' . 
Seoti r I!.. 
Vincent Ira, 

\ ■■'■■ ml .i . 

"Watch Makers. 


in W" 

. Krving 
B. & < .-.. Erving 

■own & i irman, Shelburne 

'■ ••■ i i l. '.... : '.. ;.[ 

'• ' '-I- ,fi seph II . •:,,- • ' | 
efwin K'ilU: m. Shelburne 

West India Goods. 

ini • 0. \|.. Coleraine 
-■• A. S., Shutesbury 

• ■ 
'■■' '•< ■ . . Greenfield 
. i A. r... 

eanis Ja ics C, Grout's 
I'inple S. W .. Ltrnardston 
'nno\ T. A. S: J. W . 
i is & Co.. Gn • ■: 

Charles, Shell nn e 
iilaxxl Samuel Jr . Devrfli Id 

Whip Maker. 

raves Walter. Lvventt 


i : 3 


Formerly the southern section of Hampshire Comity, was incorporated February 20. 18X2. 

IJlie Connecticut River crosses the County from north to south ncarl} in the middle; tl I 
flows through the eastern, and the. Westfield through the western part. The population in 1 I 
37,336; the number of towns, 18; number of square miles, 65; population ton square mile,57 Tl 
population in 18-30 was 51,285; number of towns, 20; population to a square mile, 7'J. The si ire 
town is Springfield. 


Judgecf Prolate, Oliver B. Morris, Springfield. 

Register of Prolate, "William L. Smith, do. 

Clerk of Courts, Richard Bliss, do. 

Register of Deeds, William Bice, do. 

Count;/ Treasurer, William Bice, do. 

Crier of Courts, William Hatfield. 

Jailer t Rollin Parks. 

Overseers of House of Correction, Stephen C. 
Bemis, John B. Kirkham, Elijah Blake. 

Sheriff, Justin Wilson, Bland ford. 
Deputy Sheriffs. 

Chester, Charles W. Knox. 

Chicopec, C. Churchill. 

Chicopec Falls, Jeduthan (iieason. 

Granville, Timothy M, Copley, 2d, 

Holt/oke, Robert G". Marsh. 

Ludloir, Jesse Miller. 

Palmer. Parker N. Webster. 

Sprint} field, Edward T.Moseley, AbijaL Chanin, 
Rolen Park. 

U est field, George T. Moseley. 

Probate Court, hoiden at Springfield on the first 
Tuesdays of January, February, March, April, 
June, July, November, and 4th Tuesdays of April, 
August, and September. 

At Westfield, on the 3d Tuesdays of March, 
June, September, and December. 

At. Monson, on the 2d Tuesday of June.; and 
at Palmer, on the 2d Tuesday of September. 
County Co,-»/}} issioners. 

Norman T. Leonard, Westfield, Chairman; 
Mf-lviu Copeland, Chester „■ William V. Sessions, 

Special Com m iss io ' i ei s . 

Elizur Bates, Springfield; Lucius F. Norton, 

Times of M'ecfing.— -At Springfield, on the 2d 
Tuesday of April, and 1st Tuesday of October, and 
•ith Tuesdays of June and December. 

Commissioners to qualifp Civil Officers. 

William G. Bates, George Bliss, Richard Bliss, 
Reuben Boies, Win. B. Calhoun, Jas. W. Crooks, 
•Limes Fowler, Oliver P. Morris, Norman T. 
Leonard, Erasmus D. Beach, George B. Morris, 
Justice Willar-d. 

Commissioner concerning New London, Willi- 
mantle and. Palmer Ilailroad. 

Calvin Torrcy, of Palmer. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 

Chicopee, John Wells. 

Holyoke, Chauncy B. Rising. 

Low/hit adoic, Wm. White. ■ 

Springfield, George AsKmun, Erasmus D. Beach, 
Reuben A. Chapman, James W. Crooks, Josiah 
Booker, John Hooker, Henry Morris, Solomon 
Warrincr, Justice Willaret, 

West Springfield, Reuben Champion. 

Westfield, .Matthew Ives, N. T. Leonard. 

Wilbratutm, Abel Bliss. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Blatidford, Enos Boies, Lyman Gibbs, Eli Pease, 
David P. Robinson, Albert Knox. David Boies, 
Wm. II. Qibbs. 

Brimfield, Henry F. Brown, Ebeiiezer Knight, 
Asa Lincoln, Samuel A. Hitchcock, P. .' 

Chester, Johu J. Cook, Forbes Kyle, Jabin B. 

Williams, T. K. D'Wohf. 

Chicopee, Sylvanus Adams, Robert }'.. 1' 
Edmund Kclsor, Aurelius C. Root,Bennin« Leav- 
itt, Otis Chapman, Casson Pendleton, Wm. L. 
Bi mis, Pliny Cadw, II, Timothy W. Carter, Chas. 
R. Ladd, Alpheus Nettleton, Amos W. Stockwell, 
John Weils. 

Granville, Charles F. Bates, Aaron L. Curtis, 
Vincent Holcomb, Samuel Boot, C. C. Holcomb. 

lIolyol;e,C. H. Branscomb, Harvey Chapin, Hen- 
ry-Ely, Cyrus brink, P. L. Miller, Lester New< I , 
A. S. Peck, b'ayette Smith, Geo. C. Erving. 

Holland, David B. Lean, John Wallis. 

Long mead oic, G. O. Bliss, Lorin Burt, John F. 
Crooks, Wm. White. 

Ludlow, Chas. Alden, Geo. Booth, Theo. Sikcs, 
Eli M. Smith. 

Monson, Austin Fuller, Hiram Newton, Til 
Packard,, Joseph L. Reynolds, Walter Sn ; t;.. 
W . Smith, Jacob T-honiosoa, Warren Fuller, Sam' 
D. Greene. 

Montgomery, David Adieu, Oren Parks, Edv.ard 

Palmer, Moses Barnes., Alou70 Y. Blanchard, 
Ruftis Brown, G unaiiel Collins, Aaron Eh- -. 
Jacob B. Vlerrir-k, A. B. Murdoch, Mari 
Shearer, Calvin Torrev, Frederic T. Wallace, J 
Ward, Sam'] J". Spalding. 

Russell, James Bishop, Newman Bishop, Jr., 
Rowland Parks, Th ron Warner, N. D. Pi'rk~,. 

>■'■ ■•/.'. y HonterM. Forward, Ainasa Ilolcomb, Shwi ; I • If, ! h« r> i Warner. 

Sprina field, 'David Ames, Allen Bangs, Fr( 

A. |j :: - . J >1 n- J. B =s< it. !.. W. Bond, Walter 
II. Bowdoin, William Bridgman, Rufus Chai dl i . 
Chester W. Chapin, SamT S. Day, Waitstill 
H. tings, Solomon Hatch, Josiah Hooker, John 
Hool cr Joseph In rral am, Eliphaz Jones, D 
Lombard, Rouer S.Moore, Henry Morris Kiel 

D. Morris, Gi »rge B. Morris, James H Morton, 
Simeon Newell, Joseph W. Newcomb. Lo 
Norton, A " Phelps, Wm. Bice, Otis A. Sca- 
lleman Smith, Benjamin Sikes, Wellinql i 
Thompson, Henrv Vose, Solomon Warriner,! 
Walker, L mard B.Wight, Charles T. Arthur, 
Harvej Ch pin, Chas. A. Winchester, William L. 
Smith. Ri hard Bliss, Lorenzo II. Gatnw< 11, 1 im- 
othy D. Pelton, Henry B. Judkins, Augustus L. 

'fijlinud, George W. Granger, Joseph D. Slo- 
cum, Philandei Twining, Clifford C. Holco 
i! tram C Brow i , Hi nry A. Bi'ls. 

I . ' ., Absalom ( • irdner, Corn - r, A. 

Needham. John Smith. 

]l'< tt field, J« hicl Abbott, Patrick Boies, E 

B. Gilh :. I) ivi ; M< - ley, Silas Root, A 

. ■ i Her, Lucius Bit e, 
I vi . 

Wt -' Spring/ ■ '•', Homer Ely. Sam 
Alfred Flower, S] ■ ucer Flower, Newbury - N - 
\V. lla So tthv rth, Daniel G. White, 1 
kVilli; n ; tl Parsons, B. Palnn r, Wm. J. 


Wiibraham, Samuel Bebee, M rem ' i ly, 




M. Merrick, JohtxB. Morris, Jesse W. Rice, Wal- 
ter Stebbins, L. B. Bliss, It. S. Merrick, Solomon 
C. Speilraan. 

Xotaries Public. 

Chicopee, John Wells. 

floli/okc, Lester Newell. 

Springfield, Ephraim W. Bond, T. P. Triton, 
James M. Thompson. Henry Vose, Geo Walker, 

A. L. Sonic, James \V. Crooks, Otis A. Seamans. 
Westfield, Win. G. Bates. Henry Fuller, James 

Holbrook, E. Gillett. 

Brimfeld, A Ivan James. 
llolyoke, Robert G. Marsh, Addison Peek. 
Monson, Hiram Newton. 
Palmer, Elias Turner, Frederick T. Wallace. 
Soitthwick, Gideon Styles; 
Sprinofield, Elijah Blake, Harvey Chapin, John 

B. Kirkham. 

Westfield, Jehiel Abbott, Edward B. Gillett, Jas. 

Wilbraham, Solomon B, Brewer. 



Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Albert Knox, 
John Parks, Augustus Bartholomew. 

Assessors*,— Qlivxlcs B. Gibbs, Pun id ShurtlifT, 
Elihu Brown. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Justin Wilson. 

Collector. — Franklin W. Knox. 

Constables. — F. W. Knox, L. A. Bartholomew, 
Wm. S. Tinker. 


"Selectmen* — Sumner Parker, Lemuel Allen, P. 
Parker, Calvin B. Brown, Ezra Perry. 

Overseers of Poor. — Nathan F. Robinson, Aimed 
Homer, Cheney Solander. 

Assessors. — Calvin Piker, Geo. Puffer, Solomon 

Clerk and Collector.— -Henry F. Brown. 

Treasurer. — Alfred L, Converse. 

Constable. — James Brown . 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Samuel Steb- 
bins, Aforan Etoed. A. Sanson. 
Clerk.— Otis '1 aylor. 
Treasurer. — David Cannon. 
Collector and Constable. — K. L. T. Fomeroy. 


Selectmen. — Geo. S. Taylor, Charles R. Ladd, 
Giles S. Chapin. 

Overseers of Poor.— T. Williams, Clark Albro, 
Sidney Chapin. 

Assessors. — Lysa&der Chapin, Ira M. Bullous, 
B. B. Belcher. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Wm. L. Bemis. 

Collector. — Austin Chapin. 2d. 

Constables. — Aniory Dooiittle, Andrew Hubbard, 
Wm. Kenttield, Simeon B. Fairbank. 


Select men and Overseers of Poor. — Eltsha Brown, 
Joseph P. Minor, Wm. W. Bacon. 

Assessors.— D. W. Whitney, II. V. C. Holoomb, 
Charles Stow. 

Clerk. — Ralph Brown. 

1 be, :s u rcr.~-Elij a h S e y I n our. 

Collectors and Constables. — Samuel Gallon, David 


Selectmen and. Overseers of Toor. — John Wallis, 
Benj. J. Wilson, Alvin Goodell. 

Assessors.-- Warren A. Wallis, Horace Wallis, 
Harrison Allen. 

Clerk. — William A Bobbins. 

'J'rrusurtr.— W'ilUzm A. Webber. 

Collector and Constable.— William S. Wallis. 

II'. T.' 

Selectmen and Overset rs of Poor. — Alex. Dai 
seph M. Morrison, Amu: Allen. 

Assessors. — Jared P. Searl. L. B. Bow 
Willard Ely. 

Clerk. — Joseph N. Cavis. 

Treasurer. — flenrj S. B bbit. 

Colic 'tor.— -Chester Crafts. 

Constables.— 3. W. Davis, P. N. Boston, S. S. 
Hitchcock, H. K. Day, William G. Ei 
Gilmore, C. Crafts. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Alford Cooley, Randolph Stebbins. 
Clerk. — David Booth. 
7Vauu>-cr.—WilHam White. 

Collector. — Henry B. Coomes. 
Constables. — II. B. Coomes, Nath. P. Newel!. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Jerre Milli r, 
A. H. Whitney, Henry Puller. 

Assessors. — Chas. Alden, Wiliiam Pay, John P. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — John P. Hubbard. 

Collector and Constable. — W. B. Alden. 


Selectmen red Overseers of Poor. — Walter Smith, 
Rufu? M. Pease, Daniel G. Potter. 

Assessors. — James M. A. Squier, Daniel Carpen- 
ter, Philip Gage. 

Clerk. — Austin Puller. 

Treasurer .—"William N. Flint. 

Collector. — Daniel G. Green. 

Constables. — Hiram Newton, Francis S. Smith. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — | 
E. P. Parks, II. Clark, Sf. P. Bartholomew. 
Clerk.— Oren Park. 
Treasurer, Collector, § Constable. — N. S. Moore. 


Selectmen.— Marble K. Turrell, Cyrus Knox, A. 
V. Blanchard. 

Overseers of Poor.— M. K. Turrell, Cyrus Knox, 
John Ward." 

Assessors. — Jonathan Webber, A. R. Murdock, 
John Poster. 

Tree surer and Clerk .— -Theophilns Knight. 

Collector. — Ches ! or Stron g, 

Constables.— Parker W. Webster, C. Strong, 
Geo. Moors, A. P. Murdock, John M. Converse. 

Selectmen, Overseers of 1'oor, and Assessors. — 
H. K. Loomis. N. D. Parks, B. W. Palmer. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — J. P. Lo -mis. 

Collector and Constable. — T. T. Curtis. 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
P. W. Stevens, T. Rockwell, E. Q. Rising. 

Clerk. — Joseph M. Forward, Jr. 

Treasurer. — Homer M. Forward. 

Collector.— Moses White. 

Constable. — Jarvis Stiles. 


Selectmen. — Wm. B. Calhoun, Eliphalet Trask, 
T. Stebbins. 

Overs', t rs of Poor.— Elijah Blake, John B. Kirk- 
ham, D. Hit.:. cock, 

.!■ is ssors.— 'John B. Kirkham, Samuel S.Day, 
Marvin Chapin. 

f 'rrk and Treasurer. — Joseph In graham. 

Collector. — Roderick Norton. 

Constables.— 11. Norton, R. Sikes, Hcrvey '■' 
Geo. Ainsworth, Waitstill 11. AJlis, 1. Rinsjold, Jr., 
Win. Hatfield, II. D. Braman, Chas. L. Shaw. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor.— -Daniel Spring, 
Noah B. Nye, Edward L. tinker. 



Assessors. — Daui<-'1 Spring, Hiram C. Brown, E. | 
D. Moore. 
Clerk. — William W, Harrison. 
Treasurer. — Hiram C. Brown. 
Collector and Constable. — Lucius Thompson. 

Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Absalom Gar 

diner, Warren Shaw, Silas Perry. 

Assessors. — Absalom Gardiner, "Warren Shaw 
Orcn Needham. 

Clerk; — Ferdinand L. Barley. 

Treasurer. — Jonathan G. Koyee. 

Collector.'— 'George H. Needham. 

Constable. — William A. Shaw. 

Constables.— Charles White, William H. 
i Charles C. Dwight, AnUiew Barth , A.J). 

j Bagg. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Po* r, and At lessors, — 
; Dennis Hedi t ~. Geo. Noble, Wm. Mosclcy, I 
W. Cook, Si] \\ 

Treasurer. — Wm, 0. Fletcher. 

Clerk. — Henry C Mosclcy. 

Collector*— Leicester Loomis. 

Constables. — L. Loomis, George. A. Gibson, E. 
Hubbard, P. D. Siblev. 


Selectmen. Overseers of Poor, and As& 

Daniel G. White, J. 0. Moseley, Samuel Smith, Roderick S. Merricl 


Selectmen and Overset rsof Poor.-— Samuel L?ebc, 
I Joel M. Lyman, Kobm O. Sessions. 
ssors. — i Assessors. — Marcus Beebe, Dennis Knowlton, 

Wm. S. Bowe, Jonathan W. Freeland. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — E. N. Smith. 
Collectors.— R Brooks, W. H. Miller, C. Flower. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Luther 15. Bliss. 
Constables and Collectors. — William B. Morgan, 

Harlow Lancrdon. 


A gric ultra: al Store s . 

Alien & Briggs, Springfield 
bliss & Haven, '' 

Pago; Joseph S., (Cabot) Chicopee 
Belcher Benj. I!., Chicopee (Pails) 
Bjgelow Edmund, [teeth and surdcal 
instruments] Springfield fiield 

Bliss P. E. & Haven, [wholesale] Spring- 
Bonteecu Daniel, Springfield 
tocwarH, & J., 
Bunker JI. I,., ' : 

Ciaric Asa B.. Westfiebl 
Ford B. M. 1 <>.. Springfield 
Gardiner Henrv F.,{botanic] Springfield 
Holbrook William, Palmer (Depot) 
Holland Henrv, -WestfieW 
Hooker Wm., Jr., " 
Kent 0. F.. (Cabot) Chicopeo 
Iiombard & Cundall, Springfield 
Packard Timothy, Mon-on 
Peck Addison S., Hoi vote 
Sneppaid Thos. B., " 
Smith Warren, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Segur Gideon C Springfield 
Stebbius Edw. C., 

Taylor Wfflfara B.. (Cabot) Chicopeo 
Worthington Amos H., " u 

Artists' Materials, 
Bliss B. K. & Haven. Springfield 

Artificial Legs. 
Calmer & Co., Springfield 

Cttdy Henry S., [dry goods] Springfield 
Kuan-son Daniel C, [furniture] Holy oke 
Hatfield William, Springfield 
Hi -soy Nathan, [general] Springfield 
Killee & Co., [general] ;l 

Axe Manufacturer, 
Hannuin C. W., Chester 

gloomintrdnle William, Springfield 
Katele;, Oscar. Holyoke 
Sturtevant Warner C, Springfield 

Brown George W., Springfield 
! WUitoAJfoedJ,, " 

Bedstieadi Manufac tarers. 

j J ;!"'!.i' l l Alfred, Chester { Village) 

Allien Marcus, Monson 
Aldridge Hiram,. <; 
Alexander Jesse, Granville 
Averill & Watts, Springfield 
Axtcli A., Chester 
Barber Benjamin, Westfprd 
Bixbv John, Brimfield 
Bowker Amos G., Biandford 
Carter L.. Chester 
Campbell S. G., Itusseil 
Cunningham Jos., (South,) Wilbraham 
Clark Calvin Vv"., " '' 

Chamberlain Lyman, Palmer (Depot) 
Chandler Levi C, Monson 
Coknan E.. Chester 
Fitz & Chandler, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Gates Israel, Longmeado'w 
Gates & Ifnsmcr, Holyoko 
Goodrich W. f Chester 
Gonnley Janics, Palmer (Depot) 
Granzer Ileaton, Southwick 
MokombN. A., 
Holcomr e Augustus, Granvilio 
Knox William. Biandford 
King Stephen, Granville 
.Uoultou Needham. Holland 
Mills Fred. riek, Lousnueadow 
Munn Dennis L.. Tolland 
Parker Luther, Wali a 
Parsons Levi, Granville 
Phelps Wm.. West (lei I 
Pratt Silas, Tolland 
Revzwlds Daniel, Springfield 
Lice P.. Chester 
Richards, n Lorenzo, Westfh ! d 
Itobinson Nathan (j., Brimfu Id 
Seeery Patrick, Sprinpfu Id 
Sherman P., 
i Shaw Solomon, Wales 
Shaw Warren, u 
Smith Curds, Southwick 
Smith John, (North) Wilbraham 
Street L -njamin W.. Chicop. e] Kails) 
Twimr Kufus (North) Wilbraham 
Wyman Horatio, Biandford 

Bobcin and Shuttle Manufac- 
LeavittB. & Co., (Cabot) Cliii opce 
Bonnet Ma aufacturera. 
Merrick & Lay. Mon.sou 

Wilson Geo. W., [blank book fj'ictoryl 


Baker John R., ITolyokc 

II, Sj-rimrnYl ! 

p., (Cabot) < hicopec 

Br<>wn i 


Hutchinson H. \Y. & Co., [publishers] 
Springfield [field 

Mcrriam, Chapin & Co., [pub.] K 
Merriam <<. ,\: C. [publish's] Springfield 
Snuth if. P.. \\.- 
"'ayi'.r Horace S., [stationer] - 
Wright & Burt, ('North) Wi i 

Boot;, and Shoe Dealers and Man- 
Avery Solomon, Wcstfield 
Ball A. L., [1< dies'] Si>ringfield 
Bliss Ebeneztfr, Longui ;adow 
Bhxlgett Kd'ward P., Holland 
Bowles John. Palmer (Ik-pot) 
BTevrer Chauncy P.. Wales 
Bullen IraM..[l i li. s-](Cabot)< I [i i • 
Butler Joseph, Holvoke 
Bui ■ ; ielJ A. JI., Palmer (Depot) 
Campbell H . Southwick 
Chapin John .M . Holyoko 
Chapin G. S. Jr., Holland 
( on verse Rdvin, t: 
Converse Una;. , ' : 
Cutler \.. fC ibi t) CI ><■: -. 
Davis Alvah S., Sprii . 
Dewey ''. V-, I ie^l t Vi\ 
Dunuels A. 8: Co., Springfield 
Eager OtLs T .Wak-s 
);.:.. r Nelson !... Sprinj :< 1 1 
Elmer Itufos, [rubbers] Springfield 
Kim >r Wilkird, ' •• 

Ely Jonathan D . (North) Wilbraham 
; inney John, £ pricgfield 
French Lev is, Granvilk 
Oreen \» illiam, Springfield 
Hale David, Lonsnueadow 
Harger David. Tollaud 

• . <" kin. Palmer (IK pot) 
Hitchcock W. ),. & .'. W., (C ibot) I oi- 
Itixon iJohts R., Springfield [co] ee 
II ■ I ••• Sil is, Granvillo 

Howard W., Chester 

Hubbard An Irew. Chicopee (FaB«) 

• ; - '. S| ringfield 
Kilborn S imu •;. I .-iu r i..< id ,v 
[.Han I John L\, Springfield 

I I h 3, (West) Springfield 

Lfwia B. V. k Co., Westtield [opee 
Mixton .).-. A., [ladies'] (Cabot) Oliie- 

t«n IIo ce, Wal a 

ton : olomon. •• 
Oh J \. , M land 
Orrutt P..-la. (West) Springfield 

mo.l ■: .- lius* . 
iter, M ns a 
ki !••!■ I ranklin F.. Springfii . '. 
Iti • .' ihn B., 
Bice M -■-. Holyota 
; :- >»h ns S . (Cabot) CI 

Georgfl II., Sprinjrflel 1 
; ■ .i i :: m i... \^ i! - 
Smith Sherman L . t i, 
.• pellmau L. C, Urai 



Stewart Austin. Springfield 
Stowell Jonathan, Holland 
1'ftlcott & Smith, Springfield 
Tinker David, Chester 
lownsley U. R., Springfield 
Tuck Isaac A . J' >lvoke 
V.ul! IJiriim, Tolland 
M//..1-.: J 'tulip, Wales 
Walcotl <S» Brother, Uolyoke 
Weaver Thouias J., VV ales 
Welbnan"Marvin, Springfield 
Wentwortb Benj., Holland 
White Ezi-aj (North) Wilbraham 
Wilson & Pike. Springfield 
JfoungEdward, Holland 
Young William, " 

Era S3 founders. 
Ames Manufacturing Co., (Cabot) Chic- 
opee [Springfield 
Burjiham E. G. & '-Co., [car lamps] 
Bruce George, [plater] Springfield 
Dale Lombard, 
Kutan R. S., [plater] ^ ' ; 


Hooker John, Springfield 

Bridge Builders. 
Stone & Harris, [Howe's patent truss 

bridge] Springfield 
Stone X Maxwell, [Howe r spatent truss 

bridge] Springfield 

Case II. X., [veal estate and money] 

Moore R. >.. [real estate] Springfield 

Howe Alfred, " kl 

Broom Makers. » 
Booth Samuel C, Longmeadovf 

Brush Manufacturer, 
Chapman George II., (Cabot) Chicopee 

Builder and Contractor. 
SlcClallan Charles, (Cabot) Chicopee 

Button and Buckle Manufac- 
Chandler D. & Co./I/ongmeadow 
HoMistei & Bradley, 

Cabinet llakors. 

(icon George, Westfield 

Gridley Joseph, Russell 

Hamilton Paralt i, Tolland 

Johnson ('. M., [stairbuildor]Holyoke 

Jones Edmund, (North) Wilbraham 

Kent William .Jr., ■• ' ; 

Kni-rbl Milton, I liester 

Lufc Ja - ■ •-. (Nor h) Wilbraham 

Marks Samuel, IJiai -it:-.! 

Marshall Lyman, Tolland 

Miller William 11., Montgomery 

t, Motion 





•j.> .,•;■, 



son S 
iss CI 






"., W( 


Fie lei 



s (. 


ipb< ! 



ird .^c 




itn A 

. Ii 

V l 




■ Cha 


( '1 




; Klv, 
j. L. 




iil-l ' 





t) Chi 


Card Board Manufacturers. 
Dwight & Wilcox, Chester (Factories 

Atehmson James, Lougmcadow 
Adams A. L.& Co., Springfield 
Baker Luther, WabV 
Barton Elbri.Ige, Springfield 

hurt f.uei 
CadyH. r. 
Coob>v fv, 

Newton Lucius J., ,; 

Page George, Springfield 

Peas Chester M-, Monson 

Pickering Samuel F., (N.) Wilbraham 

Bobbins William A., Holland 

Rogers Joel, Wales 

Scripture Ralph, (North) Wilbraham 

Shaw William A., Wales 

Shepard & Cniry, Westfield 

Snow ('., Chester 

Stanton James, (North) Wilbraham 

Taylor George, Longraeadow 

Taylor Levi E., 

Tupper Edwin, (North) Wilbraham 

Watson J. IL, 'Westfield 

Webber Alfred, Tolland 

West John R., (S6uth)S¥llbraham 

Whitnev Marcus I., Southwick 

Wilson Benj. F., Holland 

Carriage Builders, 
Adams Edward, (South) Wilbraham 
Bush David A., Springfield 
Child Charles, " 

Clongh Jos., [wheelwright] Chicopee 

Fay Laririn, (North) Wilbraham 
fowler Charles, Westfield 
Loomis J. ik W., Springfield 
Medcalf Edwin, Springfield 
Norris George i'.. Monson 
Rising 1.. Q.", Southwick 
Robertson Robert K., (Cabot) Chicopee 
Shaw Ednn D., Wales 
Shun- Salem, ' " 
Shaw Warren, " 
Smith David, Springfield 
Strong W. IL, Chester (Factories) 
Smith G. K. & Co., Palmer (Depot) 
Taylor & Crane, [ploughs] Springfield 
Webber W. A. & 0. L . Holland ' 
Wilson George C, Monson 

Cimr Sfa'ker. 

Lee Horace, Springfield 

Church Organ Builder, 
Johnson V> illianij Westfiel 1 

Cigar Makers. 
Birge Sidney, Southwick 
Brown Wm. It., " [field 

Graham John, (Mitteueague)W. Spring- 
l.Lolcomb John, S uthwick 
Kneiil. & T., Westfield 
Marger-nm Georgi '., Springfield 
j Mi :- Charles T., WeStti i i 
Welcome Joseph, Southwick 


Explanation of the Abbreviations. — C. 
T. t Contrre: at* in ri r -t{ Trinilan in) ; 

: /•'. j..".. i '.-■ eicil /'• ■ ' isl ' 

ctht; M. P., Mf.tho.iht 

Jit E 1 ., 3 ; . ilwdist Epis- 

If., .'■ in. MttAodisl; £"., 

m ; '.(..'■'■-•' ■ ' • - 
rian) ; <'.'■., Um 
ian ; K. C, .'.' unan < ath- 
'., ,V-?r Jer ■ :' •-: ; . .• , 

Protest a 

uross Porter (N«rth) Wilbj 
KUisM. M., (Cabot) Chicoi 
Flak -Asa, Spriugtield 
Gardner Charles, Wales 
J^lpson A.. Ch.-ster 
''ouch George, Springfield 

Atl ins Daniel 

[M. 1 

i Wales 

Belwe II., [C. 
Bellamy 1: K 

P.] (Si 

nth | Wilbraham 

(I t, - } 

Bennett Alvin 

■ Mi-! 

North) Wilbraham 

Bi st ,[I! 



Bfenkiusop W 

. A.. [ 

:. C.] Chicopee 

Bowers J., [C. 


ortb | \S ilbraham 

1 Mi • ■ : i: ! 

Bridge Hci ry M 
Bridge J. D., [M. K - 
Bucl I 

CadwcUJobn, [M. K | W« 
Lra,[( r.j Ch.-r. r 
Carpen ei Mark R II 
Ch mi. A;..!.!. [B.] Ii 

n George, [M. I. I 
Chile V illi imS.,[] 
Clapp W.A..[M. i: .; 

Clarl E. l:.. [C. T.] Chieopei 
Cooley Henry, [C. 'J'.' - 
Cool iiothy M.. [C. ] ." 

Cummings E. E.. [B.] S| 

. John, [it. E.] Will 
1'. ImauJ. W., [3f.£.]M u 
Davis Emerson, [C. ">'■] Wi Ifield 
Edward Henry, [E.] PaJ 
Ely Alfred, [C. T.] Monson 
I'eiton G. D., [B.] Granville 
Field Henry M.,[C.T.] Wi 
Field Levi A., [C. T.j (Mit1 


Ford , [Ur.] Springfield 

Gates Alfred, [B.] Si atl 
Gris\rold E., [M. E.] Sprincrfi Id 
Har lingJohn W.. [C. T.] fiOngmeadow 
Harrison Roger, [C. T.j Tolland 
Hinsdale Charles J., C. E Bl idford 
Kenuej Joel, [is.] West 
KTitcredge Charl-s I'... [C. 1 
Ljunberton Sewall, [M. E.] Southwick 
tester SVilliamJ., [B.] Russell 
Miller Simeon, [C. T.] Ui . 
Morse Jason, [C. T.] Brinrfield 
Nute !•!.. [C. U.] (Cabot) Chi< 

Ni ; te , [M.E.]Chi 

t>? :oo '■. S,, [C T.] Sprin 
OT.iattG.A^[C.U.] (Cabot) Chic 
Page AlvahC, [C. T.J H ■■'.: i nd [Ri 
Parker Addison, [B.] Pali - 
Perry Ralph, [C. T.] (Agawam) West 

Ran i T.. [B.] West Sprin rfiel 1 
Robinson Asa A., [B.] VV'esi .- | ri rfield 
Sail '■ rsnn Alonzo, [C. T.]IIoliai ' 
Seeley Raymond II., [C. ] .] S v mgfield 
Smith C. B., [B.] Chicoj « 
Smith H. B., [C.T.] lh- 
StfKldird Moses, [31. E.] Li 
Stone Win. i:.. M E.] (S.) \ 
Strong H., [C. T.] Chester 
Strong Samuel W., [C. T-] - ri 
Spyv o i G. A.. [M. L. 1 - 
Thayer L. (t„ [M E.](< abot I - : .> ; e 
Tuck J. W.. [C. T.] Lu 
Twombly J. IL. [M. E.] Westfield 

is Letter Jr., [B | Ru 
Wilson ". '■ omas, [C.T.] i 1 .^ 
w : Pliuy, [M. E.] (Nortb 
Wi I EbeuezerJC.T.] Ludlow 

Clothing Stores. 

Britrham Dexter it.. Springfield 

Colbv Sari 

1 : :. (Cabot) Chi 

Hayi • ri f & Co., Sprii ^ield 

J Ii i id Robert B., |] 

i.nv Gconre M., Spiiiict'ield 

U-vy Hark, 

McKeau? S: Lifllin, (Cabot) Chicopee 

Kirh William If., 

.1 ; . ■ it. Jr., Westfield 
Wait Nathaniel L.,Pahn< 
.'■ hit irth William >>.. [hats, < , . 
& c.,] (< ■>'■■■'! Chieo] • ■ 

Clover Mill. 
Clark Lorenzo, Montg >mery 


Bf-mis Stephen C, Springfiel I 
Chipi.. S. W.. %Vi '■.■ l 1 
Pi . • & Ashley, Sprii 

Coffin Warehouses. 

■:■ '.' ^ [patent met ring- 

B. stun E. N.. Iliilvoko W. P., Springfiel I 
ytnuia Ely, (Cabot) CI 


1 17 • 

Venhorn John, Springfield 
White J. I.., Westfield 

Coffee and Spice Factory. 
FojcJohu Sc Co., Springfield 

CoWks & Lombard, [toys] Sprjaa jlicld, 
Kibhu 3c Crane, [wholesale man. j " 
Pease A. S. &A G., [toys] " 

Wallace George, Springfield 

Brown Elisha, Granville 
Brown I^evi, 
Cooky F., ' ; 

Pbmroy R., ' ; 

ShellyA., « 

Tryon ];., " 

Tryon I;., ' ; 

Cotton Manufacturers. 

[See Manufactures.} 


Arthur C. T., Springfield 
Ashman George, u 
Bangs Allen, " 

Bates Charles F., (West) Granville 
Bates William (;.. Westfield 
Beach E, D.,Sprhnrfield 
Boies Patrick, Westfield 
Uranscomb Charles IF. Holvoke 
Loral F W\, ^prira-tield 
Catis Joseph M„ Hoiyoks [field 

Chapman-, Ashmun &- Norton, Spring- 
Crooks James W., Springfield 
Fuller Henry, Westfield 
Giliett Edward B.. Westfield 
Ray.ward Charles C, Springfield 
Hooker Josiah, Sprihefi >l& 
Jndlcins Henry B., Sprinsfield 
L&d.j Charles R.. Chicopee 
Leonard X. A., Springfield 
Leonard ». T.; Westfield 
Miller E. 1... Holvoke 
Morris Henry, Sprinerfield 
Morris C.eorgo B., " 
Mwrfc G. B., " 

Morton James IF, " 
Newcomb J. Warren, Springfield 

Newell L. 
Norton L 


'ii i mot J 
^s Ansel, 

:r & Ball 

1!. CTT-drol 
*., SnriagfSeld 

B., 11 



Augustus L., Springfield 
George L., Chkopee (Falls) 
s John M. v S P ringfield 
«3 Amos W., Chicopee 

"fington, Springfield 


»' FreUcric T., Palmer 
John, Chicopee 

" 1 

A.. Brimfield 

Torrev C 
V,,,, Hei 
»Valk - i 
Wall .. ,. 


Winchester C'harieaX, Springfield 
Country Stores. 

[Ware are kept Iky Goods, Groceries 
Crockery ware, etc., etc., ate. These 
tehodtal exclusively in one kfnd of 
goods mill not be found here but 
under their respective headings.] 

Adams F\ A. L., Springfield 

•open ! 
\\ est I 

» ■'■ n -v Uxskwell w, | M 
Jt-,>1 Samuel. Palme': 
[wBant BcnJtuuin P.. (Cabot) C 
^f^** Ww;, (Hitteacagm 

." ," ^^iam.lTwtSprinirfieM 
•' e, r^«J«uinB.,l-liico>ie(F a Jte) j 

•tor CrXftrthJ Wilbraham I 
field ! 


Drown J. T. 

Brown L. &. 

Bulleus [sane, (Cal) >t) 

Butler Benjamin, (North) Wilbraham 

Calkins Dickinson A., L'ahncr (Depot) j 

Catlender Georgi W., bougmeadow 

Careou Daniel l:., Westfield 

Chadwick & Gilli tte, •• 

Chapin C. & J., Holyoke 

Chapman Albert P., Palmer (Depot) 

Collins A. C, 

Collins & Newton, (Thorndike) Palmer 

ConcbJn J. I., Holyoke 

Converse William B., Monson 

Cooley S. F. & Co., Springfield 

Cook j. J., (North) Chester 

Copies Market, Westfield 

Crafts Chester. Holyoke 

Curtiss A. L., GranTille 

Davis Philip C, Chicopee (Falls) 

Dimock Lyman, Chester (Village) 

Drake C. B., Holland 

Dunbar & Ely, Holyoke 

Emerson M. J., Springfield 

Flagg & Brother, Holyoke 

Fletcher & Co., Westfield 

Forward 8c Co., Southwick 

Fuller E. A., (North) Wilbraham 

Fuller E. G., Holland - 

Gallaudet & Co., Ilolvoke 

Gibbs G. C, Blandford 

Gibbs J. W. & D. B., Russell 

Gibbs & Avery, Westfield 

Gibbs Wm. li". & Bro's, Blandford 

Gleason J. & Co., Chicopee (Falls) 

Gorman Patrick, (Cabot) Chicopee 

Green G. W., (Feeding Hills) West 

Ilannmn IF, Chester (Tillage) 
Haryy Luke, Springfield 
Hiteheoek Hiram, Chicopee 
Hooker William Jr., Westfield 
Hubbard & Lebanon. Brimfield 
Johnson & Brother^ Westfield 
Kimball Elijah P., (Cabot) Chicopee 
KimberlyE. & Co., Springfield 
Kinny Eiisha, Holland 
King Lyman, Springfield 
Knowlton Seth, (North) Wilbraham 
Lyon James L., (Cabot) Chicopee 
Mclveag John, i; " 

Miller Jerre, Ludlow 
MurdoekE. G., Palmer 
Nelson & Cone, Chicopee 
Newton & Co., Monson 
Norton 2c Ely, Blandford 

Packard 0. F. So Co., (Three Rivers) 

Packard Wm. N., (Thorndike) Palmer 
Palmer Eenben, West Sprinfrfield 
Parker William L., Palmer (Depot) 
Perkins & Purple, Springfield 
Perrv Ezra, Brimfield 
Phettepiace II. IF. (Cabot) Chicopee 
Heed & Monson, Chester (Village) 
Band & Co., Westfield 
Root L. M. & A. C, Chester (Factories) 
Ripley, Noyes £»- Co., Springfield 
Robinson j>. P., Blandford 
Rogers Joel IL, Wales 
Rogers N. F. & Co., Monson 
Royco James C.j Wales 
Seymour Elijah, Granville 
Slmckford & Tavlor, Chicopee (Falls) 
Shepard Lucius "B.. Blandford 
Shepard & Barber, Chest< r (Factories) 
Shumway Asa, Pahm r (Three Fivers) 
Shurtleff Caniii, Southwick 
^ '.v.rt.- 'ff Davi.l, Blandford 
Smith Lucius, Folia, id 
Smith Lvman, Granville 
Smith & Palmer, (Feedi tg milR)Wiest 

Spclhnaii ; : iintaon C, (?.) Will raham 
Spellman William P., >: " . 

Tavlor Jonathan, Westfield 
Taylor larnum N'.. Clii< ope" (Falls) 
Taylor \Y. IL, (Cabot) <' ; ii i pee 
Torrey St Chandler, Springfield 
Trask Eliphalet, 
Ward T. & Co., Palmer (Depot) 
Welhuan Marvin, Springfield 

Wells Jcrouie, (U^otTi 
WTnto Wil am I 

Lyman, | \ , 

1 r iL [j 
Wright & Burt, (! 

Crockery, China ar^ Glasa 

HuUi9& Co., furoceric Hi :•. 

Hamilton & Chapio i 

Hatfiel ! I 

Miller .\- Newell, lb 

Miles F. p. & Co., Palmer (Dej •, 

Bostwick WillLam v.. Spi ■ ■ • . - 
Colli ,,'i.p.. Westfield 
Cooley Otis it., Sprii 
Sv.i(t R. lb. (Cabot) ( bi 
Walker Sheldon H., Holyoke 
WardC, Springfield 
JjMhburn ,J. H. & D. F„ Chj 
W lute Luther, Springfield 

I) a gnerreotype Ka fceri ala. 
Cooler OtisH.jSprh . ■ 

Bliss Silas, (North) Wilbrahan 
Clark E. L Westfield 
Lawrence J. W., (Cabot) Chicopee 

ilorgari Ralph, ' : a 

Morgan R. M. % Springfi I) 
Perkins Cyrus, '• 
Perkins J., ;; 

Post 0. IF, Ilolvoke 
Scarle Flavins, Springfi I 
Sweetscr A. A.. (Cabot) ( Inconee 
\V r hitc George II., Sprii 
Wooiworth Isaac, V. \ ■ 

Dentists' Gold Plato. 
Big* Low fckhi and. Sprbn ; i< Id 
Eidridge Benjamin, 

Dry Goods! 

[Sec also Country Stores.] 
Cady Henry S., Sprincrfi ■] 1 
Chadwiek & Oiliette, Wcstfii : 1 
Claggett James P., (Cabot) Chic< pee 
Cutcer Lewis, (Cabot) Chici :■■■ 
Davis Philip C. Chicopee • I 
Holt & West, Springfield 
Hutching Hezekiah, Hi ■ i • 
Jenks George W., Sprin 
Jeuks Liberty, (Cabol i . • 

Johnson ,1- Rrottier, West! 
t-\i Horace C.,Sprini 
Lincoln Anias • W., " 
Mills E. B. . v b- Co., Pain - Hi oot) 
Palmer & Shurtleff, - . 
Fay E.A. & Co., We 
Ripley Danii I IF. Sprii g 
Rockwook J. P. & Co., " 
Shackford & Taylor, CI icop • 
.- lottls Lewis, Palmer I D 
Taylor & FF';- , [car] t - Id 

ThOrndike Timothy, !!•'• 
Wells Jerome, (Cabot) I 
Williams Seth & Co., (Cal :) I 
Willard & RoUins,[car] ets - 
Wilson oc Co., ^ 

Alais George, Springfield 

Engineers and Surveyors. 
Butler Wm. IF & II. >: . ?] rfi rflelJ 

Engraver and Lithographer. 
Chuhbuck Thomas, Springfield 

Fancy Goods. 
Alden F. B., Chicopee 

• i o . blV;, 

i ■ • .!■ hn P., Wi -: 

Jewell Henry jr^fbooh 

Rogers Will ird C, (< 

Tnek Isaac A., 

Tuck I. A.. Holvoke 

Wilej Madison E., (Cabot) • 

Feed Cutter Me 
Plimpton II. R. & •' '•• v - 



Firo Arms. 
Ames Manufacturing Company, James 

T. Ann*, n«ent, (Cabot) Chicop * 
Massachusetts Arm* Company, T. W". 

Carter, agent, Chieapee( Falls) 
Springfield Anus Company 

Pita Rod Manufacturer. 
Mallory Simeon, Russell 

Flour and Grain. 
Bangs John, Springfield 
Dunham & Bates, " 
Hull & Valentine, Patau r (Depot) 
Houghton M. A., Springfield 
Fngersoll, Doolittle & Co., Springfield 
Lathrop Benjamin, i( 

Phrkcr, Harris & Co.,Holyoke 
Taylor, West Sc Co.. (Cabot) Chicopeo 
Wells J. & Co., " " 

Wilson 0. P., Springfield 
Yeamana Ira, Westfield 

Fork Manufacturer. 
Brown Hiram C, Tolland 

Furnishing Goods. 

Fowler George W., WestfieM 
Haynes, Tilly & Co., Springfield 

FiirrdUire Dealers, 
fcalccr Andrew, Holyoke 
Loomis Janie3 S.j Palmer (Depot) 

Grist Kills. 
Bangs John, Springfield 
Bradley Marcus. Russell 
Brimfield Factory Co., Brimfield 
Butler Benjamin, Rvorih) Wilbrahara 
Rutterswortto John «'.. Holland 
Chaffee Norman. (South) \S iibraham. 
Coltoii Newton., Longnieadow 
Gonant S. fc\, Monson 
I»;ckiii>-.»!t Bevil, Granville 
Brake C. B.. Holland 
Fish Glacious. (Jenksville) Ludlow 
Gleasoti J.. Chicuj>ee ('Falls) 
Homer Lia;i us, Brimfield 
IngersoiL, Doolittle k Co.. Springfield 
Morgan Thomas, Brimfield 
Nichols Abner, '• 

Palmer Co. Palmer (Three Fiver'.) 
Parish J. Hi., Chester | Factories) 
E'hettenlace Smith. Wales 
Rice Charles Gk, Springfield 
Rice Levi A.. Brimfield 
Runnels If. S. & Co., Brimfield 
Stebbins H. & Co., West Springfield 
Stebbens Milton. (South) Wilbraham 
Stow Volney, Granville 
Taylor, West & Co . (Cabot) Chicopee 
Thorudike Co., Palmer 
Wallis Hiram', Holland 
White Hervev. Monson 
White 0. & Son, i; 
Yeomans Ira, Westfield 

Call Amos, [manufacturer] S] ringficld I Smith John C, Sprii 
Fletcher & Co., Westfield 
!' ., >i mer & Co., Springfield [field 
Howard & Brotiier, [saddlerj ] Spring- 
Snow & Doubleday, [paints and oilj 

Wells Jerome (Cabot) Chicopeo 

Harness akers. 
Ammidown R. T., Springfield 
Ballard James W., [trunks] Springfield 
Couch Stephen C, [trunks] Hoi; oke 
Crane J. E., Pahner (Three i:iv rs) 
Hubbard 5: Lyman, Springfield 
Johnson Thomas M., (Cabot) Chicopeo 
Montague William E., Springfield 
Russell John K., Palmer (Depot) 
Searle Julius P., (Cabot) Chicopeo 
Smith Benjamin D. , Monson 
Talmadge Klisha G., Westfield 
Tarbell William & ^rm, Brimfield 

Hats and Caps. 
Chalkcr James V... Springfield 
Cole Cyrus, [manufacturer] Springfield 
Gafneld Charles M., [manufacturer] 

Palmer (Depot) 
JudsOnGurdon C, Springfield 
Norton Roderick, '• 

Parshley Samuel,W., [boots and shoes] 

(Cabot) Chicopee 
Pettea William B., r Westfie3 1 
Roberts George II. , Springfield 
Sandersp.n &TGay, ' : 

Hosiery and Glove3. 

Waterman & Mayer. Springfield 

implements of War. 

Ames Manufacturing Company, James 

T. Ames, agent, (Cabot) Chicopee 

India Rubber. 
India 'Rubber Webb Maufactur'g Com- 
pany, Springfield 

Ink Manufacturer. 
Burt Roderick, (North) Wilbraham 

Insurance Agents. 
Burt II. ?., Springfield 
} riest Samuel (i.. " 
Rand Asa P.. Westfield 
Ray Edwin, Springfield 
Rav Minor L., u 
Riee Charles W., ;t 
Thayer E. W., Springfield 

Iron Foundries. 
SojaierJohn M., Palmer (Depot) 
Trask Ivliphalet. Springfield 
King & Meacham, ; : 
Bullurd Ancel, 

Iron and Steel. 

Bemis S. C, Springfield 

Brewer James D., [importer] Sprin rfi d 

Foot Homer & Co., u 

Hair Dressers, 
Adams William, Springfield 
Bacon U. D., Holyoke 
Brown George W.\ Springfield 
Chapman James, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Feftdersou B.H., Springfield 
(Reason Gkard F., Westfield 
Hull Charles W.. Springfield 
Hector T.,(Cahut) Chicopee 
Holcomh Walter C, Westfield 
Howard Stephen P., Springfield 
tafhrop Soinuvl P., 
Lisbon Jeremiah, Palmer 
Miller Thorns .Ir.,.Spriurfieid 
Montague William if., - 
Ringgold Thoma i 1C. (Cabot) Chicopeo 
White Alfre t .1., Springfield 

Mtu-riU SHtts, '(Cabot) Chicopeo 
Hardware. ;- v> .,.,, tVrus, Springfiel ' 

Bemis S. C. Springfiol i Patch Kli H., 

Brewer James D„ •• [er (Depot) Peek Alanson, Palmer (Depot) 

Brmvn [paint-! an 1 oil] Palin- ; Scott Horace, Springfield 
Brown & Graves, Springfield ' ' Smith Henry & ^«-, " 

Lath Manufacturers. 
Allen Charles, Ludlow 
Wilcox John 1L, " 

Livery Stables. 
Baber Joseph & Brother. Holyoke 
Bowers Grosvenor B., Springfield 
Brown E. P., " 

Converse Klisha, Palmer 

Green & Co., Won? n 
Hastincra '' ; . *ter. Vfon 
Keith A. «'.. ['aimer ■ I 


i abol jr.;. 
,. oc Co., Springfield 

smith Leveret 

Chester I! ' 
.-• monds Willi >:ii II.. S) rii gfleld 

\\ ail \' ■•■■■•'. • . . • ■ ■ 
■■■-.■, ■ Uonzo, u'.-r S] rin • I 
Wells Soah G . 

.. Ingrabain,(( 

Looking Glasses and Picture 

Goulding John, Springfield 
Holcomb E. M., 

Loom Harness. 
I .i S., (Cabot) Chicopee 

Decreet, Boyington & Co.. Springfield 
Harris & Colton, 
RobL son 11' nry A., " 

Bacon 8c Harris, Springfiel I 
Burt Timothy, " 

Carpenter J. 1>. C, (; 
Colton Jose M., 

Littlefield Levi, [force pumps] Spring- 
Perkins Draton, Springfiel ! 
Stebbins Erastus, (Cabot) Chie .. ee 
Yeomans Ini, Westfield 



Agnwam Canal Company, Chester W. 

Chapin, Treasurer, (lUtteneague) 

West Springfield 
Raid Leanrtcr, Holland [Brimfield 

Brimfield Factory, Ezra Perry, 
Cabot Manufacturing Company, J t. 

E. Bemis, agent, (Cabi 
Chicopee Manufacturing Co. 

Blake, agent, Chicopee (Falls | 
D;right Manufacturing Com 

A Lams, ngent, (Cabot) Chi ■ 
Hadley Falls Manufacturing • 

William Mclcher, agent. ; . 
Monson & Brimfield Cotton ' 

ti:ring Company, A. W. Port< r, ag t, 

Men son 
The Perkins Mills, Rufus Whittier, 

agent, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Thorndike C nn| ti y. Jacob B. Mer- 
rick, agent, (ThOrndike) Palmer 
Caiito Printing. 
Pahni r Gompam-, Joseph Brown, ag't, 

(Three Rivers) Palmer 
Ames Manufacturing Co., James T. 

Ames, r/c nt. Chicoj ee 

Wool is, 1 ro i (cloths, Satinets, $ .. 
Hamp ; .;i Manufacturing Co., Cyriu 

\V. Holmes, agent, Monson 
Mi • - on Woollen Manufiicturing Co., 

Horatio hyon. agent, Monson 
Nort m & Ely, Blandford 
Ripley, Noycs & Co., [Thibet clot) , 

Scripter, Gaae & Co., E. Scripter, ag't, 

(South) \\ ill raham 
Shawl lijah, \Talea 
\S di 3 W oolb a Mannfacturi ; Co., 

[satin ts]i yalP.Wales t, Wales 

Marble Workers. 
Tonilinson S.. Spring .■ Id 
Keep Gi urge, 
Parks Levi W., " 

Mechanics' Tool Mannfaettirers. 

i [lill !! rv( .' : :- ngfield 


! A lams Gar lner, Sprii . ' 1 
, Av< ; M ' r ' r - 

Bartlett DanielJ., " 

Blake lA'wis, " 

. !:;."!..- M M.,Pal 
; Brown Mary, (Mitten* - 
! Springfield 



Chapin J. M., (Cabot) Chieopeo 

Chapman I... Westfield 

!-., ir'.i. I rind i, S| ringfield 

Cooley L. VV ., Chicopee 

Hubbard V:. SI., Springfield, 

Hutehings U-i Chicopee 

l.ont Aaron C, Springfield 

Uice Horatio, (sWw goods*) Chieopeo 

Ripley Daniel II., Springfield 

Rove A.. " 

Russell H. M. Jr., Chicopee (Falls) 

Stoddard & Butterfield, Springfield 

Tucker A. IL, 

Wait A.. Holyoke 

Wait Sarah, Chicopee 

Wilcox 0, VE\, Westfield 

Wilcox Qbadiah W. 3 Springfield 

Walcutt , " 

llovrollJuliihv 11., Springfield 

Molasses Gate Manufacturer, 
Stebbins Erastus, (Cabot) Chicopee 

Moulding Manufacturer. 
Clapboards, Brackets, and Ornamen- 
tal Work. 
Decreet, Boyington & Co., Springfield 

Musical' Instruments. 

Gemur.der A., Springfield 
Leland Aaron, ,; 

Washburn J. N. & D. E., (Cabot) Chi- 

Music Stores. 
Chubbuck Thos., [pianos] Springfield 

Inland A., ■'" 

Bliss B. K., Springfield 
Brewer I). C. " 
Morse Robert E. ' ; 


Eastings k Co., Springfield 
Huntington, Avery & Co., Springfield 

Oysters and ^Refreshments, 

Allen Lambert, Palmer (Depot) 
Adams Henry 0., Springfield 
Butterfield Gideon P., " 
Bromley John, (Cabot) Chicopee 
l warn igh John, Holyoke 
Chandler Xorris, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Chavch & lite, " " 

Colton Henry, " c « 

Cowan 1'., Chicopee (Tails) 
Cruvs ford James, Holyoke 
Delaue James, Chicopee (Falls) 
Feu ton Austin R., Palmer (Depot) 
Garland A., Springfield 
Gibbs & Avery, Westfield 
Kendrick & Stebbins, Springfield 
Hur.-ldus Uezekiah, Holyoke 
JuddZebina, '- 

Kellogg Leonard P.. Springfield 
Leach 11., (Cabot) Chicopee 
Ixnv Francis 11., Springfield 
Manchester & Spear, " 
Pease A. S. & A G., " 
Fierce & P>annon, " 

Rockwell Philo A., < ; 
Rowe Willis, " 

Siicke H. Heinaii, Westfield 
Sheldon AsaO., Springfield 
Smith Levi, Westfield 
Spalding A. P.. Holyoke 


I pee 
William E., (Cabot) Chico 

Pail Makers. 

Richardson sfosejj, Toliand 

Allen Alansou (?., Holland 

''- ffaes George J., (Cabot) Chieopeo 

Churchill Henry, 

Clark Luther, Sprinjjhi dd 

Crocker Kbeuezer, (South) WUbraliaia 

Durkee iu-nry 8., Springfield 

Estes r.. J., Sprinf fli Id 

Hamilton P., Tolland 

Hitch ■ " k Sis on l.,Chicop 

Houghton <v Bennet, Springfield 

Lydston Franc »A. u 

Marslra.1] Lyiuan, Tolland 

Slips J. L., Springfield 

Skinner John L., •• 

Snow .. Has iuga, Westfield 

Spring Milo. Southwiek 

Stock Joseph W., [portrait] Springfield 

Suliing Jasper, 

Walker & Hancox, t: 

Warner I)., " 

Webber Alfred, Tolland 

Whitney Josiah, (Cabot) Chicopee 

Woodward J., West Springfield 

Pair Is and Oils. 
Hale James W. & Co., Springfield 
KeithS. G., [zinc pain tj '• 

Papyr Hangings. 
Greeuleaf & Co., Springfield 

Paper Mills. 
Ames P. & J., Springfield 
Beruis C. J. & Co., (South) Wilbraham 
Jessop & Laflin, Westfield 
Smith John R. & Co., Russell 
Southworth Manufacturing Co., (Mit- 

teneague) West Springfield, hd-.vj.rd 

Southworth, agCTit 

Paper Stock. 
Greeuleaf & Co., Springfield 

Percussion Cap Manufacturers. 
Gbattaway James, Springfield 
Hollister & Bradli y, Longmeadaw 

Abbott Jehiel, Westfield 
Adams Nathan, SpriOirfield 
Allen E. C, (Cabot) Chieopeo 
Alden W. B., Ludlow 
Barron Reuben. Palmer 
Bartholomew IF. Montgomery 
Bartholomew iiiram. Wefl Springfield 
Basset J. J., Springfield 
Bartleft X. S., Chester 
BeD Cyras, West Sprinirfiel I 
BeimVDavid, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Bottom Abiei, (South I VV LSbi-aham 
Bi-eckW. CL, Spriugiu-ld 
Burns Edmund A., it >!\ : • 
Bridirm'an William, Sprinijlieid 
Burke George W-, Falun r 
Cady Henry, Mon»ou 
Cady Marcus, (South) Wilbraham 
ChafSx C. C. Sprtnjrfiel 1 
Champion He u hen. West Sprfn '.'.i 
Chapman Thomas G.. !•■ ■- ru«id ■ 
Chapman Solomon, llol>ok« 
Church Jefferson, Spriuu r fi< Id 
Colton -Francis P., Springfield 
CorkinS David, Monson 
Cross W. V.. (Cafr t) Clucopee 
Davis Amasa, Palim t 
Dean David B.. Holland 

| Denison G. W., Chicopee 
DeWolf T. K., Chester 
Dotrries-Nathitnful, We I Sprii I 

English R. W.G., SpriJ afield 
Fitch VT. L., 

Foster Geonje'T.. (Cahoi ■ 
Gardo r U. b\, [botanic] t i 
Craves S. U . 
Gray James Hm 

! Holbronk William 

• Holcnmbe C. C, Gran' • 

I 11. .'.. ml c It. '• ■ L'-j " 
HolromboYim^nt, " 
il -Hand J . ' " ngflvld 
Hooker George, Longiaeadow 
Hooker JohnTSprin^eld 
Holland H.. U'estfii t 
H..!iand Juiii.s. ■• 
Hubbard S. P., Palnx r 
iluntinsrtou KUphaiut. Cbic- roe (Vails) 
j ,, ,,' • \ [or i •>-■ i I ■■' ■ ;: '- '' ; ■' l> ""'. ! * "' > '" 
Kibbfl Charles P., ■ ■ riujrfieM (ope« 
Kiblc Gi Icon, (North | VV Ubi i 

King Aaron, Palmer 

I unl '--t Alfre i. S; rii 
I. inc.. in ,\-.i. I:-: 
I-.n.' A J. . [I 
iMUft; I... (In Im hlli ■ 

H.J: i r • -;. r 

n A .-.. .^| : in. ;,■ 1 

1.1 .. iii . Holyoke 
McKinstrv 0., M 
Milk r \\i!i ; .,m 11.. B i 
i' ■ [>. :;.. ual i) <1 

Perkins !'.<., , - 
Pii n-cE. •'■• ilolvoke 
,. . .:. Geoi -■■ t 3 
RobbMoi M I... We ■ 
lUceJohn W., (North) WU1 n 
KoekwvU J. \\' Soatliwick 

■ i 1. Iwin. Spring! 
SI unl< ll s.. Westfif-ld 

Marcus M., Palmer 
Smith Alvin, Monson 
Smith James M.. Springfii . i 
Smith Ji in,. Wales 
Smith Samuel M.. Ft 
fuiitl) V\ . U . ( ; . t) CI ici pee 
Snell Ehcuezer, Springfield 
^^:•kIM•v p. i„ i; . Holyoke 
Strickland R.. Lougmeadow 
Swazey Geo. W., [homcco.] Springfield 
Thomas J. B.,P:Umer 
Tully W'Fiiam. Springfield 

V. ■ ■ 1! 1 . ' 

VV liitweH B., Holyoke 
Wilbur J. I!.. Chicopee (Fall ) 
Williams Arthur B.. II 
Ww d G. C, Springfield ' 
Wright F , Wostfii Id 
Wrijjht Silas P.. Blandf i I 

Planing Mills. 

Harris & Colton, Springfield 

Plaster, Lime, and Cement. 
Freeman & Matton, Springfield 

Plough Manufacturers. 
Il<?«lxj Marcus, (South) Wi iraham 
'■' '-■ tore J R. &: Co., Chi 
(1 -.Us) 


Knight & Cooper, Springfield 

1 I !.;."'■•- (... [1 -;■'! | 

Kowe v<: Kuici v. 

Rowc & Kmery, Holyoko 

Powder Manufacturers. 

ell T. ^ Co., Southv ick 

Powder Flask Manufacturi 

Battes & Co., Springfield 

\ndn ws Francis '.'.. Si'iingfield 
Bowles Samuel, 
FiskG. M.. Palmer (D 
; . -.-v Lucius X.. Sj rin ■ I i 
- > .- ^^ illi un S., Ho] 
Sukm .1. ('.it .,: i •;' Chieopeo 
Taylor Horace S., SpringficH 
V ... Geoxwi W. } - 

A n 1 ' m, Sj ringfield 

\ .- i. & s. v... ii . 

I :-- -. Kill . Springfield 
Collins Danld, " 

Ci oles Russell, « 

• - l< hu 1.. .y Son, IF iv kc 
IV unison J. A & Co., Chia>pee 
I Uanivl, Springfield . 

• ujntnin, •• 
I i a & s u. Westfield 

Albert, Springfield 
Hi - hi s John W. ^ Son, Si ri 

n William W., (Cal 
1-. rt nee s. R. ^ Co . P dmi r(l»< 
Haswidl, VV". • 
i-ll Edward r., S| rii 
Taylor A. (' vv ( ••.. Chi ' I 
'1 nruer Jami s, I 

" ; 



Public Houses. 

Allen's Hotel, J. Alien, Calmer f TV-j^ot) 
American House, Thomas D. Winches- 
ter, Springfield 
Armorv House, Wiiliavn Grossman, 

Bartholomew's Hotel, M. & H. Bar- 
tholomew, West Springfield (field 
Brown's Hotel, Henry F. Brown, Briin- 
Brown Levi, Granville 
Cabot [louse, Madison Ken laiJ,(Cabct) 

Chaffee T. S., Blannford 
Chicopee Factory Hotel, John Dickin- 
son, Chieopee (Fall-) [Chicopee 
Chicopee II >use, R. Masher, (Cabot) i 
Citv Hotel, II. McKinney, S] ringfield \ 
Cooley'sIIotel.J.M.Cwiey, Springfield 
Craft's Hotel, Chester Crafts, (Ireland) 

Hoi yoke 
Eagle Hotel, Lyman Orcutt,Sprin<rfield 
Eagle Hotel, Horace Adams, (Cabot) 
Chicopee [Springfield 

Exchange Hotel, D. D. Winchester, 
Franklin House, M. M. Tahnadge, 

Globe Hotel, John Kolroyd, Spriugf'ld 
Reason's Hotel, J. B. Gleason, Palmer 
(Three Rivers) [field White, Spring- 
Hayden A., Southwick 
HolyekeHouse, Ross & Dillon, Holyoke 
Kinney -^lisha, Holland 
E&zell Joseph, Cluster (Factories) 
Mansion House, EHsha Converse, Pal- 
mer (Depot) [Springfield 
Massasoit House, M. & E. S." Chapin. 
Mead's Hotel, Charles Mead, (Cabot) 

Mccb mics 1 Hotel, Freeman Perkins, 

Wen Springfield 
Merwin David, Granville 
Monson Hotel, C. Hastings, Monson 
New England House, John M. Bliss, 

Nye Gilbert, Blandford 
Member's Coffee House, Elijah Pemher, 

gontoosuo House, M. Tavlor/Westneld 
Kail Road House, L. Johnson, " 
lC.rii Road House, A. M. Butterfield, 

Palmer (Depot)' 
Samosett House, William Marsh & 

Son, flreland) Chicopee 
Springfield House, John Maddin Jr., 

Stocking Alexander, Montgomery 
Temperance Hotel. xJiiu L. Fau!, 

(Thosaidike) Palmer 
Ten Mile House, Joh:. Baldwin, Norm 

Iruesdell William IL, Russell [field 
Union House, Jeremy Warrioer, Sp'ng- 
United States Hotel, Reuben Cleave- 

land, Springfield 
Western Hotel, N. U. Bean, Sprincfield 
Wheeler A. M., Chester (Village) 
Sforoneeo House, Lewis Chapman, 

Eailroad Car Manufacturer. 
Wasson Thomas W., Springfield 

Eeed &> Harness Manufacturer. 
AldenJ,, (Cabot) Chicopeo 

Killo Manufacturer, 
Hali Edwin L.. Springfield 

Ropo Manufacturers. 
Pratt Joseph Jr., Springfield 
©hurch George, 

Sash and Blind Manufacturers 
Alden Charles, Ludlow 
Champlin & Harrison, Lndlow! 
Harris & Colton, Springfield 
Day & Jobson, ■ ,l 

Saw Mills, 
Alien Jefferson, (Cabot) Chicopee 
Audros Orin, 

Babi ock C. IL, Ch< stcr 

Baker Calvin, Brimfield 

l:> I lit] Andre .■.. Gr mvillo 

Blair & Son, Blandford 

Blanchard ..t Brothers, Monson 

Boyoton George C, HolyOke 

Bradley Lyman, Russell 

Brtull y Marcus, " 

Bradley Sharon, Blandford 

Brimfield Factory Co., Brimfield 

Burt Lucius C, Longmeadow 

Butler Benjamin, (North) Wilbraham 

Buttersworth John C, Holland 

Calkins Nelson, Monson 

Chaffee Lathrop V.. (Sowth) Wilbraham 

ChaiTee Norman, (South) Wilbraham 

Champlin & Harrison. Ludlow 

Clark Benjamin, Granville 

Clark Benjamin F., Granville 

Clark Lathrop, Monson 

Clark Lorenjio, Montgomery 

Colgrave David, Brimfield 

Colton Newton, Longmeadow 

Conant S. F,, Monson 

Crouch Roman, Kussell 

Cornwell A. & E., Granville 

BeWy — , " 

Dickinson Otis, " 

Drake C. B., Holland 

Raton Jacob 8., Ludlow 

Foote & Gilbert, Southwick 

Fuller E. G., Holland 

Gibbs Lvnsan, Blandtbrd 

Gi'bbs & Saeketc, " 

Harger David. " 

Heath Jabea, Ilusseil 

Horner Linceus. Brimfield 

Howe E. G.. Chester 

Hosford David, Granville 

Humphrey Loyal, Tolland 

James Alvin & Harvev, Brimfield 

Lambrow & Whitney, Southwick 

Lane Artcmas. Monson 

Little Benjamin. Chester 

Lombard L.. Brimfield 

Loomis J. K„ Russell 

Levels W. M., Blandford 

MalloryW. D., Russell 

Merrick Ambrose, Brimfield 

Mitchell Selden, Granville 

Moore Elizur D., Tolland 

Moore William C- .n; Lyman, Tolland 

Morgan Thomas, Brimfield 

Munroe — , 
[ Nichols Abner, i; 

I Nobic X Merritt, Blandford 

Osborne J.. Russell 
I Pi, ay J., Chester 

Palmer Co.. Palmer (Three Rivers) 


Faulk John B., Ludlow 
Phelon Gad, GranvBie 
Fhay £., Chester 
Phelon John, Granville 
Preble Francis, " 
Phelps William, Blandford 
Ramson — , Granville 
Reed Samuel, 
Rice Charles G., Ludlow 
Rice Levi A., Brimfield 
Ripley Frederick, Granville 

Sessions Sumner, (South) Wiibraham 

Shaw Daniel, Wales 

Shaw Elijah, ' ; 

Shepard ■'< tnies, Bhtndfvjrd 

Sinnett \Viley, ' : 

s?mith Allied', ' u 

gmith Rufus, Tolland 

Smith Walter, Monson 

g] [in m Charles, Granville 

.-'.. bins Luther, (North) \'"ilbrnham 

Steb> ins Mild n, *■- uth) ^\il'•run;a^ 

Stevens R-, Gran 

Stewart Wiley, Blandford 

Stih -. i Clark, Eussull 

.>- 1< w \ olney, Gram ilto 

Stow William, Tolland 

1'aggart A. R., Blandford 

Taylor Kds->ard, Montgomery 

1'horndikc Co.. Palmer 

J racy Avery, Riaudibrd 

Trainable John, Monaon 
Twinlu ^ii I 

Waido & Alden, Ludlow 
Wallis Hirom, Holland 
\ Sc i 

\\ I'.i'.c lk.r\r-' . V p. on 

White i ion 

Wil o\ ,i ,titi ii.. Lu How 
\\ im hell [<uke, Granville 
Teomaoa in, Westf i 

Screw V/vcnch Manufacturer. 
Merrick Bolander, Springfield 
Shinp/le Mills. 
[See aho Saw Mills.] 
Blanchard 8c Brothers, Mod on 
Butler Benj unia, (North) v. .. 
Calkins N slson, Monson 
Char-- band D., (South) Wilbraham 
Clarke Lothrop. Mou<on 
Clarke I/oreuzo, Montgomery 
Conant Senec i I'., Monson 
Ta I .yard, Montgomery 

White Harry, Monson 

Shirt Manufacturer. 
Burt Itoderick, (North) Wilbraham 

Hnntoon Lemuel. Springfield 
Kent John, Granville 

Soda, Ale, and Porter. 
Bigelow E., .Springfield 
Burt Uri, " 

Loitdjard i Lush, " 

Soap and Candle Hanqfactnrers. 

Cooley K. M.. (Thorndike) Palmer 
Lawrence Solomon R., " 
SaAiryer John D., " <! 

Shumway R. G., Springfield 

Wilder S., u 

Spectacle Manufacturers. 

Colton Jacob, Longmeadow 
Gates .--■■ nor W., Longmeadow 
Kent Job G ■anville 
Moody Daniel D., Monson 

Stoves and Tin Ware. 
Alhce Josho i, Springfiel I 
Barton N T eheiniab P., Monson 
Bliss William G , Chi© 
Liis-i William 0., (Cal ot) Chi« 
Chapai in Asahel, We 
Dow I Horace, Holyoke 
Ensign Isaac. (Cabot) Chicopee 
Galpin & Hubbard, Springfield 
Hill James, [jaj annedware] " 
I^.'wii Thi maa A., [fbundrj '• 
M ice A. H . Springfield 
Spencer F. A. >s: Co., Westfield 
Wallace George, Chieopee (Falls) 
Wilcox William f.., Spring 
Williams & Stevens, Chester 

Tailors and Drapers. 
Avery Henry, Sprin rfield 
Bailej Levi A., Palmer (Depot) 
Rannan lb F. & C W., Sprin 
Barnes Morgan H.. Chicoj ce 
Cadwell George '■ .. Springfi* Id 
Churchill & MaxweU. (Cabot) Chicopee James W., Springfield 
I 11 url J. v. ., Ludlow 
DenneeV • Theodore C, Mon 
b.-wv Dwight J., Westfield 

i .!. II.. (Cabot) ''.•.'.. 

Ditii ii Wc-bstert II 
Pairchild Morris S., Springfield 
1 ; -Id Mi ses, Longiuei 
Fowler George W., Westfiold 
I n'l, r Henry Jr., Sprin rfield 
Gates lb nry C, Westfield 
Johnsi ii I 1 ., 
Keagh Deter 1l.,P 
Lane I i 

Law George W'. : Springfield 
Levy Mark. 



McLane N. & D- S., 5*prin<rflcld 

M rrifk Wm. W., (North) Wilbrahara 

>'.-. -1:1. mi ll.-nr. , Mouson 
I'uTif & Mitchell, iloljoke 
Poniroy William, Russell 
i;.-i\- Samuel ('., Springfield 
UiHi William I[.,(Cahet) Cbicopee 
{{ van John . J . Springfield 
Suulhers David, Blandfnrd 
Stowe John 11., Westfield 
Stows John 11: Jr., " 
Strong Daniel, Springfield 
Taylor John., (North) Wilbraham 
Taylor ltufus, Longmeadow 
Turner Milton, (Sonth) Wilbraham 
Tinker William, Chester (Tillage) 
Tinker George, " '• 

Upson Arlington E., Westfield 
Willcut II., Chester (Factories) 
Waite Nathaniel L.. Palmer (Depot) 
Webber A., Palmer (Three Rivers) 
White Homer. Southwick 

Tanners and Curriers. 
Bliss & Adams, (West) Springfield 
Bliss Elijah V."., " 

Brigham & Nye, Blandford 
Dwight Oliver, Longmeadow 
Farrington Zeno, Wales 
Howard Cooley, Chester 
Howe Albert, Tolland 
Hubbard E. Jr., Chester 
Kellnssr I.or<M.y... Si uthwir-k 
LUrl, benj.., Chester 
Marks Lyman, Granville 
Norton & Ely, Blandibrd 
Osborne Jarvis, Imssell 
Tinker E. L. & William, Tolland 
Warner John W. & Son, Brinifield 

Telescope Manufacturer. 
Iloleomb Amasa, Southwick 

Fine cut, for clawing. 
Daniels Seth J., Southwick 

rnss Bridge and Koof Manufe. 

Stone S Harr :, Sprin :u-\ l 

Stone v. M .ix. v !!. 

Clark Benjamin, Granville 
Bi< '.■ r • o lleuel, 
Root, tinonh, '• 

St- . ;.- Iteucl, t: 

Watch Makers and Jewellers. 
Bailey &, Brother, Springfield 
Blodgett Arza, Paluu r(Dejmt) 
Brooks Frederick 0.. Paluu r (Di pot) 
J. Jndge B., [nianui ■-. ■ ngl* Id 
Fowle John II., llolyoke 
Kirkhaiu James, Springfield 
KnOwlton Nathan Jr., P.dmer (Depot] 
Morgan Theodore S., (Cal ■ 1 1 Chieopvc 
Morse James, Westfield 
Pardon I,., Springfield [Westfield 

Rose George W., [musical instruments] 
Russell Daniel N., Springfield 
Shaw Chauncey it.. " [field 

Skiff & Norton, [fitney good$3 Spriujj- 
Taber William A., Holy Dke 
Washburn J. II. & D. E., [i mi j goods] 
(Cabot) Chicopee 

Water Cure Establishment. 
Snell Ebenezer, Springfield 

West Inditi Geo4s. 

[SesfUsc Country Stores.] 
Cate Nathaniel, Springfield 
Callender William, •• ■ 
Crocks Russell, ' : 

Cutler & Smith, " 

Collins Daniel, i; 

Daniels Samuel, " 

Dearborn Peter, " 

Dunham & Bates, " 
Fisk Benjamin W., ' ; [field 

Gimn Elisha & Co., [wholesale] Spring- 
GunnWm. & Co., [wholesale | %rii :• 
Hale Jas. W. & Co.. Springtii kl [Sii Id 

II i. ••: • 

; i . . ■ 

lIUIll •( ■:., \:-c: & CO., 

!..-.. I | U 

S I : • ••■ i • i 0. S. C • '■ ■. 

ih Jr., --.-. 
I •■ . I 

igfii i 
Simon! < ':■ i ro, S| ringfi ' 1 
.-a iw i'| iui ■'. i .. Palnn I 
Smith SV-th W., (1 

■ S 
St«l I. Joha C. 
Stock J. Jr.. [pro^ 
Webster S., [wli ■ '.. sail | • 

Vbip manufacturers. 
Dow i. \ Co., Westfield 
Ely Minor, 

ll icl '.'d, " 

Harrison Hiram & Co., Wes 
I k-rriek, 

Noble James 2d, ' ; 

Provin William, ' : 

Rand .'. i:.. « 

Scizer ! ;■!>: dm, 

Wicking Manufacturers. 
Bear I U» idor, Holland 
ButtenvortJi Johu C, Hi : ' 

Wines, Liquors, &<?. 
:>■■■■ . V. :Intosh& Co.,S] 

Webster Sheldon, 

Wire Workers 

Bigidow Chenev. Sprin . 
White Henry, West 

Wool Dealer. 
i Gould Eilwin, Sprin<rfi I I 

j Woollen Manufaetti 
j [See Manufacturers.] 


Was incorporated Slay "{, 1602, at which, time it included but three town . Northampton, Si ril 
and H-adley. 

The surface of this County is very uneven, the Hoosac Mountains bordering the County on '.'. 
West, and the range of Mount Tom in the central part, running South into Connecticut. 

Population in 1840, 30,897 ; number of towns, 23 ; number of sqn; re rail •>, 000 ; population to si 
mile, 52. Population in 18-50, 35,7U ; population to a -■ware mile, 60. The shire town is North- 

Judge of Probate, Ithamar Conkey, Amherst. 
Reg. of Probate, Sam' '1 F.Lyman, Northampton 
Clerk of Courts, Samuel Wells, do. 

Register of Deeds, Harvey Kirkland, do. 
County Treasurer, Charles Delano, do. 
Crier of Courts, Christopher Wright. 
Jailer,' and Master of the House of Correction 
Hiram Ferry. 

At Amherst, 2d Tuesdays in January and -V . ist. 
At Ih.leh . ' ••- m, 2d la - ; iys in May „• 
At XV • •', • | i u, : -..;..y Lnilay, and I 

day in October. 

Cot i i (ssioners. 

Joseph Cummin ;s r II ■■-, ( ' ; ii, . 
den. Williamsburg ; Ilavues II. Chilson, North- 

mi Co 

Overseers of the Home of Correction, Samuel George Allen, Iladley ; Elkanah Ring, Jr., TFor- 
Wells, Charles Delano. . Uhinrjlvn. 

Sheriff: Alfred L. Strong, EastJiampton. , /; ' . ' ' "»:>—\t .^ ■ «, 1st Tucs- 

;; day* in March, April, September, and Dec« 

Deputy Sheriffs 


Bckhertoicn, Henry A. Longley. 
Chester, Charles W. Khqx; 
Chesterfield, William L. Stetson. 
Enfield, Rufus Church. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright, G. F. Wright. 
South Hadlnj, Joel Miller. 
'are, Ira P. Gould. 

find Tuesd »>• i xt aft( v the 2d Monday of 

a n n . I 

Com < ;, ners t- ■ ■ ■' ) <i ( Vr 'I O 
liai-'.^r Conkey, Mark Doolittle, Slyi n T...^v- 
renco, David Mack. Solomon Stoddard, -~ ; 
\V"i Lis, tiiphalet Williams. 

Jttslicesaf'thc 1'ccr, and (I 
Imhi ■ f, .!. W. Boyden, I. Conkey, E. I 1 :in- 

Prohate Court, holden at Northatnpton, 1st Tues- | son. i I ivid M ick. 
dny in each month. '• Uel herlou n, Mark Doolittle, M) 

ro?! I.. 





Chesterfield, Dyar Bancroft. 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark. 

Greenwich, Laban M.irey. 

TIadtey, Charles 1'. Phelps. 

Hatfield, Israel Billings: 

KortJiarnpton, Osmyn Baker, Chas. Delano, C. 
E, Forbes, Charles P. Huntington, Samuel F. Ly- 
man, Solomon Stoddard, Lewis Strong, Oliver 
Warner, Samuel Wells. 

Southampton, Asahel Chapman. 

Worthinyton, Chauhcy B. Rising. 
Justices of the Peace. 
[See also Justices of the Peace and Quorum.'] 

Amherst, Hiram li. Allen, Lucius Bolt/wood, 
Elbridge G. Bowdoin, Ithamar F. Conkey, Simeon 
Clark, Daniel Dickinson, Erio.s Dickinson, Baxter 
Eastman, Leonard M. Hills, James Kellogg, Cy- 
rus Kingman, Ferdinand Robinson, Horace Smith., 
Luke Sweetser, Jr-.s. H. Winter. 

Belchertoum, Leonard Barrett, Calvin Bridgman, 
H. A. Bridgrrian, Wright Bridgman, James II. 
Clapp, Justus Forward, Seth D. Griggs, Asahel 
Goodeil. Ralph Owen, Win. Phelps, David Rice, 
Mason Shaw, Israel Towne. 

Citestcrfit-ld, Dyar Bancroft, Benjamin Bryant, 
Oliver Edwards. 

Cummington, Plleazer W. Hannum, Elisha Mitch- 
ell. Nathan. Qrcutt, Wm. Packard, Eliph^let Pack- 
ard. Wffi. SvrUi. 

Easthmnpton, Luther Clark, Moses Ferry, Fben. 
Ferrv, Samuel Will is ton. 

Enfield, Oliver Bryant, E. Clark, Ichabod Pope, 
Josiah B. Wood, Rufus D. Wood. 

Goshen, Luther Stone, Benjamin White. 

Grand?/, Rodney Ayres, Urban Carver, Philo 
Chapin, Wm. J. Patrick. 

Greenwich, Stephen Douglass, John Northum, 
Andrew II. Sears, John Warner. 

Uadley, George Alien, Simeon Dickinson, Chas. 
P. Hitchcock, 'Stephen Johnson, G. C. Kellogg, 
Dexter M. Leonard, J. A. Morton, Samuel Nash, 
James B. Porter, Moses Porter, John B. Porter, 
Ephraim Smith, Joseph Smith, Cotton Smith, Or- 
lando Smith, Jason Stoekbridim, Parsons West, 
Perez S. Williams. 

Hatfield, Israel Billings, George W. Hubbard, 
Alphens Longtey, Austin Smith. Jos. Smith. 

Middlcfield, Uriah Church, John Smith. 

Northampton, William Allen, Jr., Benjamin Bar- 
rett, Juntas Poles, Amos II. Bullen, John Clark, 
H. H. Chilsoh, Charles Delano, Hiram Ferry, Wm. 
O. Gorham, Joseph Ilasklris, James Hibben, Hor- 
ace I. Hodges, Roswell Hubbard, Benj. S.John- 
son, Jos. S. Kirigfcy, Harvey Kirkland, Asahel 
Lyman, Samuel Parsons, Theodore Sheldon, Milo 
J.Smith, Daniel Stebbins, Oliver Warner, Elipha- 
let Williams. 

Nortchh, A;iron II. DImock, Francis Harwood, 
A. P. Kirkland, Samuel Kirkland, Joseph Stanton, 
Washington Stevens, Horace Taylor. 

Ptlltiua, Cheney Abbott, David Abererombie, 
Calvin D. Eaton, Horace Gray, Henry Kingman, 
John Parmenter. 

Plainfield, Elijah Clark, Isaac K.XracoIn, Ja- 
son Richards, Ebenezer Shell, Geo. Yining, 

PresceU, Samuel Henry, Horace Hunt, Stacy 
Linzie, Nathan Vaughan. 

Smith Uadley, Win. BoAvdoin, S. D. Brooks, Ti- 
tus Clark, Edwin Dickinson, O. P. Ingraham, 
AlonzO Lamb, Wells Lathrop, Daniel Paine, G. A. 

Southampton, Asahc] Pdnrc, E. Edward-, Jona- 
than N. Judd, Samuel Lyman. 

Ware, John Bowdoin, Joseph Cummings, Ar- 
thur L. Devens, Josiah French, Geo. H. Gilbert, 
Aaron Gould, Joseph Hartwell, William Hyde, 
Joel Rice, SaniT T. Spajildiug, (.has A. Stevens. 

IVest/tampion, Anson Chapman, Joel Cook, John 
Pish.. John A. Judd, Almon P. Ludden, Jesse 

Williamsburg, L. Bodman, 8, H. CI t] 
Clapp, Joel Haydcn, Elisha Hi 

Root, Perez Smith, S tmuel S, \V< 


Worthinrjton, Hiram Baag, Elwha 11. Br - 
Elkanah King, William Ward. 

Notaries Public, 

Amherst, Edward Dickinson. 

Bclchertovm, Mark Doolittlc. 

Chesterfield, Dyar Bancroft. 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark. 

Northampton, Charles Delano, Hiram i 
Jas. Hibben, Dani< I Stebbins, Charles Whiti , Jo- 
siah D. Whitney. 

Ware, Arthur L. Devens, Joel Rice, ! 
Spaulding, C. A. Stevens. 

Amherst, Solomon K. Eastman, 
Belchertoxcn, Ralph Owen. 
Chesterfield, Francis Burnell. 
Greenwich, Stephen Douglas. 
Hatfield, Austin Smith. 
Northampton, Ansel Wright. 
South Uadley, S. D. Brooks. 



Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — A. C. Mar- 
shall, T. Nutting, A. Baker, S. Clark, L. M. Hid. 

Assessors. — E. A. Palmer. A. Piastman, S. 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector. — J. W. Boyden. 

Cons ta file. — Isaac Gri diey . 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Calvin Pridg- 
man, H. T. Filer, P. Horman. 

Assessors. — li. Bridgmanj C. Barrett, J. T. j 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector.— li. A. I ongley. 

Constable. — J. T. Thurston. 


Selectmen, Ovet'seen >.f Poor, and .! 
Tun. A. Phelps., Chas. Cudwofthy, John Pom 
'Clerk and Treasurer. — Oscar Edwards. 
Collector and Constable. — Joel Engrani. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Ass-; ,:>'■.-- 
E. Packard, C. W. Mitchell, L. T. Cobb. 
Clerk.rr-L. M. Packard. 
Treasurer and Collector. — William Packard. 
Constables. — E. R. Drown, E. Whitman. 

r. \KTU\MVTO>,\ 

Selectmen ^Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 

Luke Jane^. P. Ferry, If. G. Knight. 
Clerk.— E. Ferry. 

Treasurer and Collector. — William N. Clapp. 
Constables.-— E. L. Snow, E. IE Rice. 

rv: ri!.i>. 
Sn'c '■ - • ' Overseers of Poor. — Daniel Ford, 
Jc ; . oh Root, E. V ■ I, 

Asses i r S .— D. Fi rd, B. Blair, E. H. Rod .- 
Clerk end Treasurer. — Oliver Bryant. 
Collector and Constable. — Rufus Church. 

G sjfEN. 
Selectmen, Overseers or' J i oor, and Assc 
Ik N ii more, \. Billing s, Geo. Abell. 
Clerk.— H. Washburn, Jr. 
Tn usurer ai ■ Coll ! .— E. Billings. 
Constable.— -E. Billings, 


Selectmen and Assessors — Medad Ferry, L. S. 
Nash, Park Vdunrr. 

Overseer of the J'oor.— Cyrus Stebbins. 

Clerk. — Wm. J. Patrick.' 

Constable and Collector. — Philo Chapin 




Selectmen and Overseen of Poor, — LabanMarcy, 
Luko Karl, John Warner. 

issessors. — Samuel Hale, Sylvester Lincoln, 
Rtfftis II. Milter. 

Clerk. — Tho m a g S mi t J i . 

Treasurer.— iv& Haskell. 

Constable. — Chas. 11 a nn am . 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Rodney 
Smith, M. F. Cook, L. N. Granger 


Constable. — John S. Bailey 

Clerk and Trt isurer — I tvi Clark. 

Collector.— Sppncer 0. Dyi r. 

Constables. — Leonard Campbell, A- Dyer. 

r ■ 
Selectmen, Overseers of I'c .-, and ' • nr$. — 
Andrew 11 rde, Jau J 

Clerk.— Sanim i Lien ■ . 
Treasurer. — Girar I i:>. ihnell. 
( 'onstable. — C. I'ierce. 

s '<■ ru n iDLEV. 
ssessors. — Joseph Smith, J. S.Bailey, Z. Cook. I Selectmen and Ot ■ ••• of Poor. — S. ?' 
lerk, Treasurer, and Collector. — Orlando Smith. A. Bradwcll, E.G. '' I ord, Krastua T. S 

Assessors. — S. Moody, A. Bradwell, E. G. 

CI rk an ! Treasurer.— David Turner. 
Collector. — Lorenzo W. Lyman. 
Constables.— L. W. Lyman. C. R. Stearns, C. L. 
Bugbee, E. 11. Pierce, I). Smith, II. Ju 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Wm. C. Bliss, Rufus Cowles, II. W. Field. 
Clerk.— E. L. Hastings. 
Treasurer. — Josiah Brown. 
Collector. — Horace W. Field. 


Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of Poor. — 
Janus Church, Samuel Ingham, Milton Combs. 
Clerk. — John Smi th . 
Treasurer. — Solomon Boo t. 
Collector and Constable. — Jesse F. Wright. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Chauney 
Clark, Wm, Clark, Samuel Day. 

Assessors. — Henry Shepherd, Yv\ Street, H. Kirk- 

Clerk.— "Wm. F. Arnold, 

Treasurer and Collector. — Ansel Wright. 

Constables.— Geo. F. Wright, J. Taylor, Wm. 
E. Partridge, F. W. Clark. ~ 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and. Assessors. — 
Wm. S. Rogers, T. P. Bates, E. A. Edwards. 

Clerk. — Jonathan N. Judd. 
. Tre isurer and ( 'olU ■ tor. — Stc phen Lyman. 

Constable. — X. II. Washburn. 


Selectmen and On rset rs of Poor.—S. T. Spauld- 
ing, II. French, It. Tucker, J. Hartwell, S. Pier< . 
L. McCiintock. 

Assessors. — J. Rice, L. Dcmond, J. Bovrdoin. 

Clerk.— Francis De Witt. 

Treasurer.— Joel ll : c>:. 

Coll, (or— J. \V. Hartwell. 

Constables.— S. K. Fletcher, J. W. Hartwell, W. 
.De Witt, A. Blair. 



II. Si 

S'eth Porter, B. Tinker. 


.1 Bai 

Overseers of Poor, and Asst 

Med ad King. Enoch II. Lyman, 
Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector.— Edward Wil- 1 Clerk. — John A. Judd. 

liams. j Treasurer.— Daniel W. Clark. 

Constables.— Wm. Kyle, Henry Stanton, G. Constables.— Elezzer Judd, Jr., Albert G. Jewett. 

Manson, E. Williams. 


, ^ ff.lkam:. , Selectman, Overseers or' Poor, and Assessors. — 

Selatmmand Overseers of Poor.—C. D. Eaton, i n ; r , m Xash E . Graves'; S. S. Wells. 
L .-AbarworabM, N. Aldvicb. j ( ■ _,•..,.,;■. usurer. -A Itis G. liiil. 

Assessors. — D. Aoercrombie, Inos. Burlum, M. 
Eaton. v.-i,!:r;nvrros. ■ 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector. — Lyman Joaks. j Sehrtmen, Oi'-era ■■ of Poor, and fei tors.— 

rr vrxii'TD I Russell Harriett, Milton Brewster, Ethan Ban 

Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors - \ Clvrl an I Treat, w.-Johu Ad 
F. Hamlin, L. X. Campbell, W. N. Ford. I Colt tor a m ( onstablc^-L. \\ . Kingman. 


Agricultural Tools. 

j Bartholomew II. & Co., Northampton 
Clark C., 4t 

Brokenbridge W. S-, Ware 

Cowles h\. Amherst 

Crafts & fc'ield. Northampton 

Curtis & Lester, South Uadlev (Falls) 

Fit, h Newton, Amherst 

Hiliyer ic Wood, Northampton 

Judd ,1. X.. Southampton 

Miner D. W.. Ware 

Parsons s. ('.. Northampton 

Porter J. B., Hadlcy (Falls) 

VV'uson & Starkweather, Northampton 

j Clark A., Northampton 
! lucraham A. T.. South [Iadley 

Kelt...™ <\ a.. Lladtey 
I Kirkinntl IL, Northampton 
j kmgloy li. A., Ikrlcbertovm 
I SiinsS,, Amherst 

Palmer F. A.. Amherst 
i Parsons K., Northampton 
i PhelpH Samuel 11.. Warn 

| Shaw Gfortrc T... EnfieM 
Smith G. A.. South Hartley 
Stetsou W illiara I. . " '- • tor-field 
Warner Lewis, Williamsburg 
Washburn £,, Southampton 
Whitney S. W., Amherst 

Axe Manufacturers. 
Gilbert S. W. & < 'o n - I ■'■ '. ; ■' '■'■ 
Kannwu Jloses, Norwich 

Closson William, Noi 
Davis & Dewitt, War, '• i • ■] 


Fuller Walter, v ■■'■ - 

Bedstead and Bench Screws. 

Bartlett & Jones, Worthing n 


Atcry Asa, Wan 
Barnard A.. Amh« rst 

li.trtl. tt — --, ■ ■ ■• • ■ ■ ; ' ' 
Blandcn — -. Nortli i «!' «« 
i jjrid-jiuan P., »■ cbcrUiwu, 

: i . Ware 
Chapman A., Llatfit 1 I 
Ch man lauus, Westhaiuptoo 

I'- k 1)::\ id S-, luihi :-: 
Cook I Iwin :.. im lerst 
., u-s, li- ;.•■>- 

• •->(•■!• I.. .-.. Worthingti n 
Cow Ira 1. & Pon, lJekhertown 

i - I. & S. 1> . 

:. '• . > . • ;rfielJ 

I Pickiusoa . V'r'.h H.idley 

Finch li.. Southainpfr a 

• • ■■;. J mi ■-. I n ■' ' 

». C, South Hadle: 
raj .i •. ih, P» 
I ■ iy .losi ih Jr., •* 

' ■ . ■ •_ 11., Ai 
I James D., 

1 ::,.' Llisha, V 

■ !. . \ rtb mil i 
k.lauson, Midd ■ field 

I - l IV., Noi 

Id A., Chi stei lil 

i i ..... \ ■ 

Hi ■ i. ,., in, I . 



Rust Benjamin E., Amherst 
Soarta K. :-., Norwich 
Smith Chester, Uranby 
Smith Waiter, Chesterfield 
Smith William, Hadley 
Speneor Nekon, Middlefield 
St.'iiilc. Henry, Grajiby 
St< bbins & Palmer, u t>rthuagton 
Stockwell S. A , Amiv rat 
Underwood It., tnik-1 1 
Watt Henry I.-, Worthington 
WcUer Si Stone, Northampton 
Wellman A. L.. Amherst 
Wilder 1',.. Chesterfield 
Wiuslow G. R. & Son, Wore 

Books and Stationery. 
Adams J. S. & 0., Amherst 
Chapman A., Easthampton 
Cutter G. K.. Ware 

Cabinet Makers. 

P.!!.-;.:- , Worthington 

Carter Jacob, Rel'-hertown 

DeWitt William, Ware (Village) 

Edson Noah, Hadley 

Jordan John 'I'., Greenwich (\ ilia je) 

Mood} n.. Northampton 

Smith S. >!., Northampton 

Strickland W. G.. \mherst 

Thaver W. & W. E., Williamsburg 

Tinkham Samuel, Enfield 

Wight 0. B., South Hadley (Falls) 



For Cotton unci Wool. 
da & Brother, Enfield 

Hopkins, Bridgham & Co., [and bind-; Bartlett 


AbellAsa, Northampton 
I Uartlett It., Worthimjton 

Morton P., Williamsburg 
Pease William W.. Northampton 
Spear M. N., Amherst 
Warner C, Williamsburg 

Boots and Shoes. 
Baxter S. R., [trunks] Nortbampi 
Chapman S., Southampton 
Clark C, Northampton 
Curtis & Lester,- South IX: 
Cutter C. B.. Authors* 

e ^ 


y (Fulls) 

Davis L>. E 

GaylordJohn, South 1 
Ilimos Sanmel, Belchertown 
Howard Austin, ''• 

KeJJogg 1). II. & H. C, Amherst 
Merriain.J.G., Enfield 
Randall A., Enfield 
Rice E. II., Easthaiupton 
Sackett K., Northampton 
Slate E., 

Slater Edwin, Ware (Village) 
Smith S. A.. " " 

i'iilotson William, Northampton 
Wage Warren., Pelluun 
Watson Oliver, Amherst 

Thayer A. W., Northampton. 

Broom Makers. 
Etrdvrell K., Hatfield 
Bih's W. C, '• 

Brown John, " 
Brown Josiah, i: 
Cook Jame« Jr.. Hadley 
Curtis L., Hatfield 
(ri-.ivcs .J. 1?., Northampton 
Graves M. P.. 
Mursh 0.. Hatfield 
Sh'pman John tSo Son, Hadley 
Sliipnmn W. S., •■ 

Smitli It. & E. 1)., <; 

Smith W. D. & C, " 

Wheels Charles W., ;: 

Broom Handles. 
Bates M. A., Worthington 

Brush Maker. 
Powers Cvrus, Greenwich 

Bates L. 1)., Southampton 
j Bisbee Elisha, Chesterfii Id 

Bouncy S. S., Ware 
! Breck MoseSj Northampton 
I Bryant Patrick, Chesterfield 
j Puck E.,Ware 
Carter A.. Ware 
Church K. S., Amherst' 
Churchill Elijah L., Middlefield 
! Churchill Giles, '• 

(Falls) ! Clark Daniel W., Westhampton 

1 ' " ; i Clark •!.. Easthampton 

I Cotreh b'., Worthiujrton 
Crossett Liberty, pfescott 
Cr' ssett Merritt', " 
Cutler Bobert, Amherst 
Davis Lorenzo, Greenwich 
Drury George B., Westhampton 
Engram N. W.. Chesterfield 
Ferry Lucius, Grunby 
French. JaheZj Northampton 
; Goodell N. 'i ..' Amherst 
j Ilannum A., Easthampton 
I Haskins J., Northampton 
j I£oM»n Josiab N., Prescott 
! Hoi eon Ellis & Co., •- 
j [lowland Warren S., Amherst 

Kenney Galen. Worthingb » 
! Kingslev E. G., Williamsburg 
j Knight W., Norwich 
j Loud Ewmcis, Westhampton 
j Meacham Ambrose, Middlefield 

Nash L., Hadley 
i Newton Ephraim, Greenwich 
j Newton Lyman. 
I Norton .Joseph D.. Westhampton 
! Nuttins J. II., Amherst 

Nye .1. N., Easthampton 
Pomroy Thomas Jr., Easthampto: 
Pratt Charles, Northampton 
Preston S., South Had!e> [b ills) 
Beed Siineou, Chesterl'u Id 
Robinson C, Worthington 
Boot I. B., Greenwich 
Sibley Solomon. Prescott 
Smith Wyman,' Hadley 
Snow Almond, Greenwich 
Tilson E., Worthihgtou 
Upborn I... Enfield 
Waile Amasa P., Northampton 
Warren Eli, Granby 
WarnerS.. Enfield 
White David, Williamsburg 
White R. A., Belchertown 
Wirherell l.<ui-. Chesterfield 
>.o>?te W > ictiu. \\ -ire 

Brick Yards. 
Elfcworth, Clark & Pay, Northampton I 

Gibi .John i.. Carpeting. 

! Hawks E. K. & Co., Northampl >n 
| Stoddard, Lathrop & Co., " 

Carriage Builders. 
! Banlweli WiUiam 1' , ^ ilHamsbun? 

tchcock A., Ware 

Buckle Maker. 
;rr M.jWilUamsbwrg 

Button. j. 

Crothiow A., Northampton ! I'd 

TliUO. (}., WHUiiUtsburs ! fa 

Thayer W. Cv W E., [steel pern and Ca 

hardware] Williai i«i>urg i CaiT C . 

Way Mareus, [airoutj •■ ! Cowl< s V. & S. !>.. Jieicherl 
Williston Samuel & Co., Easthainpton j Bavia Luther, Northampton 

»n J. P.. S< 



li< Id 


Day Pliny P II 

Kairhanfc - l... W iru 

Vuhcx 11. T., D 

<;!••.-: >vn, D. & c,,.. i^ ; hertown 

[lannuui V... 

Lyman A. Y... Willianv 

\.\ u\an w . J., 1 

I'ac.kard Jut I & Co., 1. 

h ppor 8 . 

Uu--cll )•;.. Amherst 

Spear Thomas, I 

;,.::• ue .1. <;.. Amherst 

St< arus Isaac Jr.. V. ai i 

Trask Banforth. Greei 

V'augimn Nathan r . " 

Wood K. T., North imi ton 

VI right Enoa, 

Colton (.'.. Northai ipton 

Children's Wagons, &.^c. 
Dickinson L. & P.. (South) Ainhi rst 
[ting E. cs; T., [sleds] Wortliington 

Cigar Makers. 
Holland & Smith, Northampton 


Ej phinution of the Abbreviations. — C. 
7'., Congregatianalist [Trinitarian r 
/;., Baptist; /'. B . )■'■■■ ■ 
M., Metiwdist : M. P., .■ 
Protestant ; M. R, Methodist Epis- 
copal; E. ill, Evan. Methodi u 
Episcopalian; C. I.. Congregation- 
alist { Unitarian): L'r., t nivtrsalift; 
C7t., Christian; /.'. C Rom in Cath- 
olic; A'. J.. Neio Jerusalem j M... 
Mi i rite ; iSIn.. _> 
Ames Daniel, [M. E.] Enfield 
A3 era Rowland, [C. T.] Ha Uey 
Baldwin .). B., [C. 'I".] < ami; i 
lieaiuan Warreu li., [C. I. • rtl • 
Bestor b'.,[B.] Chesterfield [U I • 
Billing L., re. u.i rt'are 
P>!..-.' In) i:. p.T.i Worthington 
[III i ■: i I*.. [C.T | Greenwich 
Bui >:Ui. A., [B.] Wore 
Bun-ouirha Henry. [E.] Northam] I c 
Caiwu li. I)., [M !•:.; Cumi 
Chapman J. 1».. [C. T.] 
Cla I T.J., [C. T.] 

kward, [C. T.l Mkl I • 
Ci hum David n.. U. T.] W •' 
Cogain i 1 '-. id, [C. 1 .] Westliaiu] - >n 
I Iti .i A. >... [0. T ; Amherst 
C Iton T. G., [C. T.] Ware 
Ccm k Geor-j . C T , (N- rth An I 
Crain H- W-- [V. W. B. 
Crane l> M.', [H ' Nortl qij ■ D 
I Cresb) Jh lab 

1 i : -■ . ■ It ert I . I '.] G -• 
i ( usumii us I A., 1 1' Vmhersl 

Cuntiim i u i . SI. E.] M ■ ' field 
j Esr»leston Ai I :. S . \'\ Pre5< bt 
;..:»■• ilufus, ;«'. i - ., . 
! ■. | , ... ... . -p.] Prescott 

Hitclicnek K... [0. T.] Amherst 
' ■ I homas, | M. E.] North i | I 
McEweu :: bert, [C. 7 : Enfi. I i 
I Vb Hen James, [Mn.] C 
; Merrick J. i .. [C T.] (South) v. 
John K . [C.T.] v 
I • ■•; : Soui 
Nichols 11. M., [M. P. i W illi 
Nichols .lames. [M. E.] Bclcln t u 
I 1 ! '>'. ; i.. [M. K.j Soutl 

:. '. )\ .. [i . j.) Williamsburg 
Saver P., [M. P.] Worthin I i 

J( ':... [M,E I 
St<K-kinan E. \.. V\'oi 
.-• ■ .-...; ; o 

Swwt ,[B.] Plaii ' I I 

■ ; .> et . [C. 1 .] VVi 

\V:ird .' [M. K.| Ws ■ 

\\ . ■• M. I-:.. '«'. T.] Soul i 
Woleott SuuucL [C. T. 
Woi Ibii l-e.r U'n. [C T ; i 
Wri-ht It. W., M I Ki 


Coal Dealers. 
Hclutire & Burr, Northampton 

Bridghain ('- P.. Northampton 
Kin-i.ury K., South II idley (Falls) 
Law ton & Brakeuri I_re. Ware. 

Felton v.*. If., Northampton 

Stevens Josiah, 4i 


Strong ; Southampton 

Whipple , l'clharu 

Cotton Manufacturers. 
Glasgow Company, J. E. Smith, sup't, 

South Hadley (Falls) [gingham?] 
Greenville Slanuf. Co., Northampton. 

J. P. Williston, agent 
Kayden & Saunders, Williamsburg 
Jones Thomas, [Kentucky jeans and 

woollens] North Amherst 
Otis Company, A. L. Devens; ag't, Geo. 

Draper, sup't, S. A. Whitney, pay* 

master, — employ 650 hands. Capital 

8500.000, Ware 
Whfa lock P., [Kentucky jeans and 

wooBensj North Amherst 

Baker Osmyn, Northampton - 
Bancroft Dver, Chesterfield 
BiBines Israel, Hatfield 
Bowdoin Eibridge G-, Amherst 
Bowdoin William, South Hartley 
Boyden James W., Amherst 
Chllson H. LI., Northampton 
Clark E., Enfkdd 
Cotikey 1. P., Amherst 
Delano Charles A.. Northampton 
Dickinson Edward, Amherst 
Doolittle Mark, Beichertown 
Forbes Charles Ev, Northampton 
Gorham William O.. 
Hubbard Elisha, Williamsburg 
Kantington CfcStfes P.. Northampton 
Kellogg Giles C, Hadley 
Lawrence Mvron, }'<• iv-hertoivu. 
Marcv Laban, Greenwich 
M32fer.£. L . South Iladley 
Spauldine Samuel T.. Ware 
White Addison LI.. Williamsburg 


Court Plaste: 
4E. F , Iladkv 

Country Stores. 

[W7,v;v are k*pt } Dry Goo-'s, G'OCrrliS, 
Hardware, etc., etc. Those, icho deal 
eoxlvsivdy bi one kiiulofgoc Is, wiii 
not befownd here, but under the ap- 
propriate headings.] 
Billings David P.. Ware 
Bodnian Lewis, Williamsburg 
Boise & Doten, Mlddlefield 
Brewster S. i K. li., Worthington 
Bridguxan C, Belcliertown 
Bridgman W., 

Bridguian W. & Co., Granny 
Brown Josiah, Hatfield 
! Bryant B. & Son. Chesterfield 
Chapman Anson.' Westhainpton 
Church S. U. & Brother, Jliddlefield 
Cole & Parish, Worthington- 
Cooiey B.l"., (North) liadiey 
Dickinson E., South Uadiey 
Bunmock A. P., Norwich 
Eaton Calrin D., Pelh mi 
Edwards O. * Sons, Chesterfield 
t'-rr\ Ebcnezor, E-isthumpton 
Field fc Leland, Enfield 
I il, c George, hekhcrtown 
e'Mi x Lyinan, Westhampton 
Goodman Edward. Hadlev 
Uapkell Ira. Greenwich (Village) 
'lay ward Charles P., (South) Amherst 
I K. K.. HadJev 

"His L. XL, Amherst 

Bill Samuel Li., Northampton 

Holland S., Amherst 
Hunt II.. (North | L'i scott 

Hunt \ Pow r-, I'. -i I • • r 

Hyde, Warren & Co., Williamsburg 

Jumeri E., William .burg 

Judd John a.. \\ >■■ tliampt m 

Judd L. S.,Sout!i I!.- tl( ) (Falls) 

Kellogg U. A., i: i I . 

K •'.; ■■.-.: James, Amli 

Kellogg Win. Jr., '■ 

Lane Sc Sanford, Ware 

Lindsay Stacy, Prescott 

Littlefield & Brothers, Williamsburg 

Longley it. A. i Co., Belchcrtown 

Lyman Jessie, Westhampton 

Mclntire 5; Burr, Northampton 

North Benjamin, 

Fierei !•:. S. & P. A., Amherst 

Porter E. ('.. Worthington'. 

Porter James B., Hadley 

Robinson Asa, (West) Chesterfield 

Robinson F., (N.) Amherst 

Sheldon J. K.. Southampton 

Smith EI, Greenwich ( \ Mage) 

Smith Hiram, South Uadlej (Falls) 

Smith 0., Iladley 

Smith Thomas, Greenwich 

Sp< II man C. G. & < v >. W illiamsbur ; 

Sweetser. Cutler & <_'<•.. Amherst 

Thayer W. & W. E., Williamsburg 

Thomas A., (North) Pressor* 

Yiutr.n George. South Im Ik-v 

WeH> J. IF. & Co , Easthiuuptou 

Winter J. H, T .Amherst 

Woods & Hale, Enfield 

Crockery Ware. 
Arnold W. F., Nortiiajnpton 

I/OwellJohn I... Ware 
Shumway E. <i., Amherst 
Smith David. Enfield 
Wells J. P., Northampton 

Allen David, Nortlmmi ton 
NorthamJ. W., Enfield 
Stititton C, Amherst 
Walker Charles, Nortliampton 
Wriglit , South Hadley (Falls.) 

Dry Goods. 

[~$eeals ■ € m '•• S •-.. j 
AJLli a Exra, Ware [\ iliase) 
Hawks C. K. L Co., Northampton 
Parsons £., 
Rogers v^- Ferrv, Ware 
Stoddard, La'tl ryp& Co ,X> rthau pto 
West, Piekn.. -.: :■. C . 

Ed^e Tool Makers.. 

Baker P. K., WBliautobui ; 
Hitchcock ilemau, " 

Express Office. 

Ferry Hiram, Northampfc u 

Fancy Goods, &<c. 
Nutting F.. South Ha Uey (Falls) 
Spear II. N.. Amherst 

Fire Aunihilatovs, {PhSi . ss ) 
Welis 0. I.., Northampi. n 

Flour, (Jraiu, aud Salt. 
Mclntire ^c Burr, Nurlhamptoo 

Fork Maker. 
Sibley B. B,, Greenwich 


JennUon n, ..-_■..■.. '•• i 

Gimblet ^laker. 

Taylor II.. Willhim>hlirg 

Grist Mills. 

Avrcs & Al hi< •■■ Gi =';• 

Bailev K. oc Son, ^*«re 
1 U mister .1. *'•■ u i ;: ■:■''•'"" 
i Pi-N-e Elisha, Cheat' ■': I I 

Burueil b'rancis, 

l k Lyman, l ■• . pton 

I lui . I ..:■ I, I ■ 

Cowli ■ ■. . i.. • ■ erl iwu 
Cutler 1 : • .r. : 

Ellsworth .^ Bartlett, ! 

Gi I :'i'., Worthin 

.! ■- ;•!!. \\ ur< 

Knight 'A'.. Norwich 

Palmer J- A.. Amherst 

Peter I Ware 

Puffer s. ■•;.;.. n. (NorthJ Amherst 

Si ..•:. Alvin, Enfield 

Smith K T . S u U 

Smith Si Bell. II • Hey 

Smith & Granger, (North) Hadley 

Stevens I... Wi rthington 

Strong N. L., Southampton 

1 I : - i: , • ' Bi I 

Warner Ji hn Grei dv i< [\ | \ iliage) 

Adam's F. A., Northai . 

Hair Dressers. 
Cone P.. Ware 
Puller Walter, Amherst 
llarley T.. Northampton 
Reuslow I.., " 

Hammers, Faucets, &,c. 
Biekin • P., Amherst 
Kellpg : J. P., N< rtli ■ ■ 

Arnold W. T'.. Northampton 
P. Witt Wiiliivm, War- [liamsbur? 
Thayer W. & W.E., r ^:< .•! :.. . 
\\ ishhurn L. I., Northain] 

Harness Makers. 
Cowan l!ir.;m. Amherst 
D '-Mi- A. S., 
Pwight C U., Belchi r 
Eu.-> Joseph G., Northampton 
Filer U. T.. Ltelchcrtown 
French Harrison, Ware (\ il 
[Ian ■ k E., Northain ] 

Hitehci c.k , Southamx>( 

ir.1 W. A., Uadlev 
M : :i.-r Edmond, Enfield 
Packard J< el ^ Co., B ' In rfc i n 
Smith H. !'.. Nortfi 
Stearns Henrj . Willian - 
"! ii kef A. J., VV'ortluisgtou 
V hitney'E. P., Amherst 
WhituevS. W., 
Wilder Narhan A., CI 

Hats and C 
\mes \. & Si n. Belcriertown 
i ■ :■■,."- thti [>ton 
Merrick I candi r. An I 
~ i ppard lleoi .r-. Noi Lamj ton 
I illi ts«m William, 
Tulmau J. & Son, W - 

Insurance Agent. 
Wells C. L., Northampt . 

Iron Manufacturers. 
Hampshire (n>n Foun b • . v . 
ton, W. It. Clapp 

I i M re, Chesl rfii Id 
Root & Kins di ;• . [ii n und 


Livery St ibl 
I r •• rth S. .).. North i ipt a 
'■ hi E. G . . V 

■ ':■ • ■ I... - ' ' 

i" I ither, F.e-ri. •. 
E. :■.. AmhiTst 
1 ■ James Jr., Haillcy 

kl \ B., Kn1 Id 
'• ' ' M., Btdehcrtown 
Judd- — .S.mth Had 
! "■•n.i-t Lutluir, Williai I 
' n 

M K ■■ : .. ■. . Ei ii. Id 

L., Easthai 



N'ims S., Amherst 
Pettis A. D., Williamsburg 
Phelps Samuel I!.. Ware " 
Simmon* Samuel. Northamptoa 
Strong A., Relchertowu 
Strong & f...wj s Kortbrnaptea 
Sweeter Wanvn, Ware 
Tapley & Dii kossoa, Amherst 

WeUin^ou & r Ln<rroft, South Iladley I fc5 aTid ' * f « 

(Falls) ■* Jj eI1 Artenias,Southampt 

Wells K. B., Northampton **""* V ° 

Williams C. Williamsburg 

Wood A. & Sou, Northampton 

Paper and Paper Stork 
i n . j ,, Northampton 

Patent Wooden BoxrT* 
Everett A., Middlcfield 


Allen David, Belchortown 

Lumber Dealers. 
Adams Joseph & Sons, Iladley 
Congdon, Weld & Co., South Hadley 

Lamoureaux J. A. 

Honney Franklin. Fladh v 
Brewster J. M., Amherst 
Brooks S. D., South Hadlev 
Chamber ajn 0. H., Granby 
Chamberlain Levi, Greenwich 
Chyan Solomon, Easthaniptoa 
i lariv Arherton, 
Clark ![., Northampton 

Cummins .1 \ 
Kinsley 0.,Noi 

Public Hoi 
[jisscll Itcnj !• . , . . . 

: ; : ; : "' •' ■ n 

»r».Jgemau !■:., WiU 

Bi >wn i:. c. 

Clark r. T.. South 1!. 11 •, ty t •• . 

CookL. V.B.,KnfielU 

Cr; lu 1... U 

Uavis Otis, East'hamptoa 

Earl I,., Green-rich 

[Jitoa Calvin !>.. Pelhatn 

' "' '■ Henry, Amherst 

;-' A. L., belchcn 

'" l ves i: . Southamj I .-. 

Hamilton Paul, Ware 


Bailey ,^ u „ 

j Carter John, '■ 

Clark Nathan, (North) Hadley 

Herrick W " 

Wells Hiram, « 

Marble Workers. 

Gfcpp 0. M,. Ambers 
Cone S.W., Ware (nila ? e) 
G^dale Moses, Belehertown 
JumaeyC. 31., Northampton 

BartlettD. Jr.. Amherst 
»««fe-M. 3Ii« WiUiamsburg 

Hamilton S.. Miss, Ware 

Judd L. S., South Hadley (Falls) 

Parsons Enos, Northampton 

Smith E. A. Mr*., South Iladlej -(.Falls) 
South Mary Miss, Northampton 
Rulers M. A. Mrs., Ware (ViuW) 
J»;«vfrw. H., Northampton 
« uson George, Northampton 

Abbott E., Northampton 

Carr , WortKIngtaa 

Coombs C. B,,-BelcheTtBwa 
Ferry T. M.. Dek-l-ertowu 
Glenn .!.. Ware 
Graves George, Amherst 
liannuMi S.. W'iiluii'-bi'r"- 
IlicksG.B.; Northampton 
Howe A. P Enfield 
Kimball Edward, Ware 

Jtoh?"wtl i;,XortJ * uap * on 

Prentice W . C .,.Northampio a 

^^rfcS;trS a]Cy(raliS) 
Tanner V„ Northampton 
Wethcrell Charles. War/ 
wbiteombi>.B. 3 Northamptoa 

So. Iladley (Falls) | Collins Daniel, MUhEbuP* I IgSSfV*?' ? ; 

Denuiston Fdw»mi v n-i nowe A. p., Amhei 

mists. NoXmoton^ *"» ^^P^Wc] | KeUogB David, Gra 

Pimlap James, Northampton 
lish Nith. (North) Amherst 
t wh aamuel A., Northampton 
rreelandC. I.,Worthhi .-.'„.' 
Gardu er Benjamin, Ciuumin«»ton 
Goodman Otis, South Hadlev 
Goodrich Horaci War" 


J^r'\^^^viuiLsbur S 
Hooker William, Westhampton 
aoy uoyal, (. ainteington 

Knight . Hatfield 

Lester W.. South Madlcv 
^^E,lbot:ir t ieJJfadIer 
Miner D. W,, W^re "' ' l "- 
Munroe A. I,. I".. Granby 
Orcutt Hervey, Westhampton 
• •arson \\ ., fhnnw, •• .. j Ifadlev 
'eckG.D., Northampton J 
Perry D. 0., Chesterfield 
Pierce Daniel. Goshen 
Richardson E.G.. Ware 
RockwoodE. 11., Enfield 
Shaw Samuel, Plain fi< M 

SinrthA.M., Wortliinffton 
bmith B F., Amherst 
Smith J. N.; (N.,"' J; Amh^>t 
Smith N A- 5 Enfield 
jtarkweather Ri dqev, (MiosterfielU 
Kr-atton Chester, [dehti.sf] Amherst 
Saniasr n., [botaniej Ware 
faylorl. II.. Pelimm 
Thompson Dauiel, Northampton 
Thompson Horatio, heh-heriown 
Thompson James, Northaauptoa 

l.ndorw,>„d J\ . [b.,t.,. ■!, ; " 
>;^IE. G., South Hadlev 
Lnderwood W. E., iliddlefi'dd 

k rst 
! Lymau Z. X . U 11. r 
j Warsh 0., Hatfield 

f 1 - John, Northampton 
! Pern Alden, Worthii 
I Jomeroy G., Southampton 

aears Haskell, Greenwit h | Villasel 

hmithO. L., South na d 

"arner Oliver, Northamptoa 
I UhitneyS. W. } Amherst 

Rash and Blind Makers. 
Abells & Co., Northamph n 

Saw Mills. 
Adams J. & Sons, Hadley 
Alien David, Greenwich 
; Bailey E. & Son, Ware 
!^ e «fihu&Co.,We S tI l ampt 

gurnell Francis, . h, . 
bart Levi, Westhampton 

( ! » ■ '■ ra< !. Grstnby 
Clark ^ Jones, Easth li ton 
Coats Freed nu, Middiefield 
tenant . Northampton 

poombs S. E., Sriddlefield 

l-ovan M. & [>., p rc scott 
i ' 1,!l '' i Robert, Pelham 
' ; ■ '•'•' f>avid, Northampton 

' " ■ ■ '— - ■ X< rth mpton 
<•■ ivlord C. Worthin 'ton 
< ■■■-; .W.& Co.,p 
«.ray liorace, h | •■■, 

'•' *J h . ! . (..,;,:! 

1; irdiurf Joseph, Ware 
i »l l U Frankliu.Preseott 

Palm leaf Splitting and Press- 


5*7% »., Amherst 
Hills L. M.. « 

UM-- "V" V - ,,J,l,li -' 1 - i l ' wranklm.Preseott 

VJ . ke, t-harleSj fhom.J Northampton llayde. ;S unders IV ^ 
WuircaJoseah.Middlorio.ld Hill Calvin, Milliamsbarg 

I Warren Joseph/iiMdTeiieia 
« ujslow.Joseph. Enfield 
Woodman; Geo. S., Amherst 
1 ale John, Ware 

Plane Makers. 
RingE. c, Worthingtou 
Sanderson I. E., 

Planing- Mills. 
Abells & Co., N'orthiunptan 
Paper Mills. "1* w '^'i & Co., South Hadley 

a-ent. South Uadl'v/tvIiM ( ;m '' v ' j l«ay M W. & W. ]•; . U illiamsbarg 
Clark I. ft >. r.. ihh.u rtjZV, r. • 

Clark WiiiL-tm < c t r " J Printers 

[*nuaffp^r]| Adam, j. S. & C, Ami, rst 
Ileory S., Northampton 


►«b & Lyman, Westhampton 

Loud (' i ' 

■y >v i f 7 J im A., Nortiiamptoa 

■•'t'J. ic 1,, 

& Co., South Hauler (Falls) 

Rood II.. Ware 

• fill If.. 

I inn o. <;., .; 

I j! : !a,:l r '"ther, Belcherl vn 
, '; William, Mi | | 

jlyle ^c Rhodes, I i: ■••..-..; | 
| Uudc° Chatm °y w -i ^'esthamptoa 
! Lym; nEnoB, ii u Jesse! 

' * : ", ;il J- ''■■ Easthampton 

' ' " iver, Mi I i cft>bj 
, : ' r • - »uth) \;..!HT>t 
•aimer F. V., Amherst 

' Elii . ,. '• [,] • | | 
I ' '■■ ! - Asa, Wesl lauipton 
■■ -'" ' r John, Wan- 
;!>«'{* •'■ nathan .«. Co., Westl . 
ieree Appleton, [»r« 
Powers Itnfi -. 
Presto i Lanson, Graahv 
Seed & Tower, l h< -• ; 

1 l: - C, \\\ rthin -. 

hOltill ,.;, ,'., 

Ifuot Harrisou, Bclchertown 



Pnmpwn P.. Worthington 
Shaw gaehnriah, Chi sterfield 
Suiitli .v Bell. Hadley 
Smith & Granger, (North)/! ultey 
Sj'eur Johu, Ware 
Set-urns & Cumuirnjrs, Ware 
Stchbins Austin, Gra iby 
£tcveus N. J'. & A., Worthinston 
Strong I- >•'•• Southampton 
Taylor B. B.,' Chesterfield < 
Taylor Henry, Williamsburg 
Thayer Job, lielchertown 
Walker E., ' " 

Warner A., Williamsburg 
Warner John, Greenwich 
Watt John, Worthington 
Whit.; Ellis, Prescott 
Wright Nathan, Middiefield 
Wright S. S., Northampton 

Scythe Manufacturers. 

Allen David, Greenwich (Village) 
Warner. John j " 

Shingle -Jilachine Maker. 
Root Joseph, Enfield 

Shingle Mills. 

[See aho Saw Mills.] 
Holland Luther, Belchertown 
NuttingT., (South) Amherst 
Hoot Harrison, Belcuertovra 

Thayor.Tob, ' t: 

Walker*"., « 

Sieve Biais, &>c« 

Stevens N. S. 5c A., Worthington 

Silk. (Sewing.) 
Macomber & Parsons, Northampton 
S.onotuck >i^ Co., Northampton. S. 

fRarner, Holland k Co., Northampton 

Silver Platers, 
Doak Albert 1.., Greenwich 
Douglass Stephen,' ■• 

Stone Cutter. 
Ilea Id E., Amherst 

Steves,, Tin Ware, &c, 

Arnold William A.. Northampton 
Boland Thomas, Williamsburg 
Brooks & Mills. South Hadley (Falls) 
Downing Daniel. Enfield 
Ifiilnian & Day, Northampton 
Lee S. W.. " 

Wttrte <'. K.. Amherst 
Pepper .V C. Ware 
Stebbins I. I'.. U illiau 
Witiierell S 1!.. Ware 


Straw Bonnets. 
Bartlett D. J., Amlierst 

Blood f. S C< .. , 

Clapp 0. SI., Amhtrit 

Di mon I I,.. Ware 

Pierce H. S. & F. A.. Amherst 

Suspender Manufacturers. 

Nashawannuck Munufac taring Co., 
Edward Smith, agent, llasthiirapton 
Tailors and Drapers. 
Clapp G. C, Williamsburg 
Colton & Russell, Ambers; 
Crosby J. M., Enfield 
Dickinson G. R., Enfield 
Pish Charles }J.. Amherst 
Kimberly T., Amherst 
Kingsley D., Northampton 
Kneeiand IsaacN., .NurLlunjipton 
Merrick 1,., Amherst 
Metcalf J. II., Williamsburg 
Preston L . Easthampton 
Simpson John, Ware 
Smith E. & Co., Northampton 
Stewart William, Ware 
Tinker G. W., Worthington 
Waterman W. T... S. Hadley (Falls) 
Wells & Hibbaxd, Northampton 
Wiliard W. H., Ware 

Tanners and Curriers. 
Bar-dwell A., South IJa lley (Palls) 
Bodman P. & Co., Williamsburg 
Cole Horace, Worthington 
Cudworth Paul 11.. Chtsteriielii 
Dickinson S. & P.. Hadl«y 
IL'ggins Jacob G., Chesterfield 
Porter Seth, Norwi< h 
Shoals J &Son, Easthaniptou 
Snow S-, South Hadley 
Tolrnari John, [currier] Ware 

Tool Factories. 
Burnhani George Jr. & Co., Amherst 
Kellogg James, 
Nutting E., (South) Amherst 
Nutting T.,' '• 

Wells Henry, Williaairburg 


Brainard E. L-, Wave 

Cook Bei ' ai n i 

fowle .'. ii.. 

1 1 ii & Brothi r. '• 

. Amherst 
Kelln^ N'iitliMofel, " 
I . >d 

■ n , \\ orthii 

Water Cure Establishments. 

Dennis ton 1.. ]:,. Northampton 

HallC. A., 


West India Goods. 
[S>« ..-,., Country - 1 
Bat • .. k II. & ('.,.. So 

Bitmhnm George .T. c"; Co., A] 
i I irk (' . N'nrthai 
(.'rata & I ielda, •• 
D . & Iti th ird, & th I: dley (Falls) 
Dunhur John, ,: " 

Guild v . Ware 

H:. . i r & Woo 1. Northampton 
Junnisoti *:• urge K., Ware 
Jone .'■■-. Pi 
Jndd J. N., Southaj .- 
Protective I'nii n, N«». 151, Ware 
Ku -t T., Northampton 
Thaver J., [pri visions] Nortl 
W'i ins :•!., 

Wilson & Starkweather, ' : 

Wright A. & Son, " 

Wooden Screws. 

Jones David, Worthington 

Woollen Manufacturers. 

Abells V., Williamsburg 
Aver- Si Aldrich, [satii '- I 
Blush Oliver, Midd'.eficld 
Church S. L". & Br ither, [b 

und satinets] Middiefield 
Clark fsrnei. [satinets] Granl y 
Gilbi rt George II., Ware 
Hunkmonk Slanuf. Co., W. S. Pierce, 

agent, [satinets] Williamsburg 
Minot C mipany, [satinets] I • 
Northampton Manuf.Co., J. Mi 

: i •_ . • : 1 1 . Northampton 
N< rthamptnn Wi 11( B f:u;. Co.. 

[broadcloths and shs 

Musgrai . a rent, Northi ai i □ 
Scars N., Williamsburg 
Stevens Charles A.. Ware 
Snow Ziba, Greenwich 



in Eneland which includes the city of 

Was incorporated May 10th, 1613, and v/as named after 

The population in 1S40, was 106.611: the number of towns, 48: number of square miles, SSb; pop- 
ulation to asquare mile, 120. The population in 18-50, was 101,: So; the number of towns, 50 ; popu 
lation to a square mile, 182. Cambridge and Concord arc the County towns. 


Judqe of Pro'infe, Samuel P, P. Fay, Cambridge. 
Register' of Probate, Alonzo V. l.ynde, i>toneficiM. 
Clerks oj the Courts, Seth lilies, Cambridge. 
Register of Deeds, Caleb Hayden, TV. Cambi dge. 
Count)/ Treasurer, Stedruari Buttriek, Concord. 
frier 'of Courts, Levi Parker- 



Jailers, - 
Staples, Concord; Samuel Meserve, Loireil. 

Overseers of House of Correction, William P. n -r 
Oienter, Cambridge; Samuel Chandler, Lexington 

Muster of House of Correction, Nath'l Watson. 

Sheriff* Fisher A. Hildreth, Lowell. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Cambrithjrport , Josiah W. Conk.. 


Perez ii. Jacobs, Itiehard Nichols. 

Concord, Aaron A. Kelsey. 

}'.. i 'ambridge, Levi !' irker. 

/',•,•>.■>....'•;, John Clark, E. Wheeler. 

Grot' ■. A. S. Lawrence. 

Hapkint , !.• • i P. Go • "i. 

/-,■•• ' ffm. 11. Ciemencc, Lthamar A. Beard, 
Jan ■ s [topi im. . 

.:'. .j fhu White. 

y .•[■■■' . Ad . h Smith. 

/■ • ;• . S. ;'. • . itt t< k. 

S .•. Reading t Daniel Xorcross. 

'foicnsi >d, lienj. 1. Lewis. 

Waltluim, E. W. Pis 

J!'..' urn, Albei I Thompson. 

I) ay land, II. Ii. Iiraman. 

Probate Court, hold< n at Cambridge, on 
Tuesdays of J anuarj and June, on t\ 



days of March, May, November, and December: 
on the 1st Tuesday of September, and on the 2d 
Tuesday of October. 

At Concord, on the 2d Tuesdays of February, 
April, August and November. 

At Chartvstotcn, on the 3d Tuesdays of February 
and August. 

At FramingJuim, on the last Tuesdays o?" Jane 
and October. 

At Groton, on the 1st Tuesdays of May und j 
Nov mbcr. 

At Lowell, on the 1st Tuesdays of March, June, j 
and December, and 3d Tuesday of September. 

At Wdburn, on the 4th Tuesday of April. 

County ( 'ommissioners. 
Daniel S. Richardson, Lowell, Chairman; L. i 
Huntress, Tewkesbury; Ebenezer Barker, 67/</ /-/to- : 

Specif/ I Com misstoners. 
William Hastings, Framingham ; John I,. 
Fletcher, Acton. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At Cambridge, I 

on the 1st Tuesday ot' January, and at Concord, 
on the 1st Tuesdays of June and September. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
Josiah Adams. Nathan Brooks, Alpheus Fc. I 
Brojarnj Caleb Butler, Christopher W. Bellows, j 
benjamin I'. Fix. Mooes, Samuel P. P. I 
Fay, Isaac Fiske, John W. Graves, William 
Livingston, Joseph Locke, John G. Palfrey, 
Leonard M. Parker, Wm. Sawyer, Charles Thorap- : 
son, John Walton, Paul Willard, NathT Wright'. ! 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 

Acton, Francis 

Ashby, Luke Wellington. 

Cambridge, Scth Ames, J. T. Buckingham, 
Ephraim Buttrick, James 1). Green, Abraham 
Hilliard, Asa F. Laurence, Isaac Livermore, Win. i 
Parmenter, Nath'l Whitney. 

_ Ch&rlestoicn, Arthur W. "Austin, James Dana, : 
James K. Frothingham, Wm. Sawyer, 
_ Concord, Nehem'iah Ball, Nathan Brooks, Fran- : 
ei>> It. G'mrras, Ebenezer It. Hoar. 

Dracut, Wm. P. Webster. 

Framingham, Mose-. EdcjelL 

Groton, Geo. S. Boutweli, Caleb Butler, Brad- j 
ford Russell. 

Lotvell, Josiah G. Abbott, Joel Adams. S. P. j 
Adams, Samuel A. Brown, Jefferson Bancroft, i 
Benj. F. Butler, Alpheus R. Brown, H. G. ]■'. j 
Corliss, Nathan Crosby, Asa W. Farr, John W. | 
Graves, Flisha Huntington, Isaac S. .Morse, Tap- i 
paji Wentworth. 

Melrose, John T. Paine. 

Katick, Chester Adams. 

Xt wton, Amos Allen, Nathaniel S. Partridge, i 
Andrew H. Ward. 

Peppcrell, John Walton. 

Shirley, L. M. Parker. 

Stoneham, S. Dike, Enoch Fuller, Ira Gerry, J 
Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Waltham, Jarvis Lewis. 

Watertmm, Tyler Bigelow, Levi Thaxter. 

West Cambridge, James Uusseli. 

Wcstford, John Abbott. 

Weston, Isaac Fisfee. 

Wobtmi, Leonard Thompson. 

Justices of the Pt tee. 
Acton, Nathan Brooks, Fbenezer Davis, Jr., 
Abraham Conant, Winthrop E. Faulkner, Alden 
Fuller, Lyman Maynard, Daniel Wetherbee, Jas, 

T. Woodbury. 

Ashby, Ezekiel Colman, Martin Howard, Amos j 
Wellington, Luke Wellington, Francis W. Wright, : 
Stephen VVyman, Jr. 

Ashland, William P. Ellis, C. F. W. Parkhurst, ! 
James Jackson, Ben;. Homer, William Seaver. \ 

Bedford, Reuben Bacon, P. W. < ■ 

BiUericu, John Baldwin, Jr., tlenrj Ci 
Dudley Foster, Jonathan II. 1!, 1 • 

Wm. H. Odiorne, George H. v, hitman. 

Boxboro', Cephas Harti ■ 
Oliver Wethi \- ee. 

Brighton, Klijah Clark, Charh li i 
Hart, John S. L. Lly, Edward Sp irhawk, 1 • 

Burlington, Nathan Blanchard, .' i dd. 

Cambridge, Henry M. Chamberlain, Jol n B. 
Dana, Abraham Edwards, Nathan Fiske, 'i 
W. Harris, Caleb Havden, Ezekiel ll;e 
Henshaw, Bela P. Ja tobs, Jol n S I 
C. Little, George W. Livermore, Loi 
Charles R. Metcalf, Lucius EL. Paige. Jon 
Wheeler, Benj. W.Whitney, Thos. J. Whittei 
William Wyman, Lebeus W. Smith, Ezra P 
Chas. B. Stevens. 

Carlisle, Calvin lb aid. 

Charh'stoxcn, Macon B. Allen, Henry D. A" 
Benjamin Badger, Ebenezer Barker, Joseph i. 
Boyd, Philander S. Briggs, Moses G. Col . • 
W. Collin, Samuel P. Croswell, Reuben Curtis, 
Thomas M. Devens, David Dodge, '! hos. J. i 
Henry P. Fairbanks, George Farrar, Samuel M. 
Felton, Jacob Foss, Jacob Forster, H. K. Froth- 
ingham, Richard Frothingham, Henrj ( ■ 
Timothy Gay, 1'hos. Greenleaf, JohnQ. \. Griffin, 
Philip B. Holmes, James Hunnewell, Ezra C. 
Hutchins, Geo. 11. Jacobs, Geo. P. Kettell, Nathan 
Merrill, Charles W. Moore, Geo. P. Neal, Chas. 
Poole, Chas. B. Rogers, Georye P. Sanger. Abra- 
ham B. Shedd, Thomas Sumner. E. T. ! 
Joseph F. Tufts, Benjamin Thomp on, E 
Thorndike, A. S. 'J uttle, George W. Warren, Wm. 
W. Wheildon, Paul Willard. 

Chelmsford, Benjamin Adams, J. C. ] 
lett, Samuel P. Hadlev, Jonathan M. Reed, Jos. 
Reed, Alpheus Spaulding, Eli F. Webster. 

Concord, Narram Bail, Geoi ge M. Bn ks, Sii 
Brown, John M. Cheney, Charles B. Davis, A - 
dison G. Fav, Phineas S How, John S. Keyes, 
Daniel Shattuck, Elisha Wheeler. 

Brand, Daniel Abbott, C. Blood, Jr., D. Blood, 
Asa Clement, Jr., Geo. W. Coburn, Abel Coi 
Ira Hall,- Israel Ilildreth, Peter Lawson, ■'■ 
Parker, Win. Smith.;, Alien Cummincjs, Josiah Cummins, 
Ira Hall, Henry Parkhurst, James Swall 

Framingham, Joseph Ballard, Jonas Cloves, 
C. C. Estey, Charles Fiske, Joseph Fuller, Jon- 
athan Greenwood, Lawson Kingsbury, Warren 
Nixon, Carleton Parker, Henry Richardson, ] >■ 
renzo Sabine, Wm. i.. Southw i 
Elias Temple, Charles R. Train, Sim . I 

ney, John Wenzell. 

Groton, Jona. S.Adams, George S. Pan!. 
John Bovnton, Caleb Purler. Bcnjamiu P. Dix, 
George F. I arley, Calvin Fletcher, Joshua Gil 
Welcome Lothrop, Daniel Needham, Jacob C. 
Pollard, Phineas G. Prescott, Noah Shattuck, 
Charles B. Train. 

iJolliston, Benjamin F. Bach- hi r, I lias Bul- 
I.ird, Eb< i ezer H. Carrier, I Cutler, 

Johnson, Aid n E land, Eliel Littlefield, S 
Pavson, Abel Pond. 

Uop/iinton, Wm. Claflin, S. D. Davenport, 
Al ijah Elli . J dm A. Fitch, Em 3 Kin . 
Merrick, Augustus Phipps, Moses 
son Pratt, Jos. Valentine, Wi 

/.: ••■ 'ton, A n > Adam ;, W 
Benj. Fisk-, William Plumer, Marshal) Pre 
Simon W. Robinson, Christopher Solis, P >yal B. 

Lincoln, Elijali Fiske, William Foster, Abe'. 

Littleton, Daniel Bolles, Benjamin Dix, •' 
G. . •' . Jonathan rlartwcll, James Kin 

Loieelt, James C. Abbott, J uliai A I dwin 



\ Alger, <»tis Allen, John Averv, Daniel Ayer, J. 
11. B. Ayer, Cenj. W. Ball, Horner Bartlett, 
[ihatnar A. Beard, Ithamar W . Beard, John 
Bennett, IT. G. Blaisdell, Arthur P. Bonney, 
Artemas L. Brooks, Ethan Bupnap, Benjamin F. 
Butler, Joint A. Buttricte, George-H. Carlton, R. 
B. Cavwly, Joshua Converse, Alanson Crane, 
Franklin Crosby, S. L. Dana, Wm. Davidson, 
Benjamin Dean, Robbins Dinsmore, James Dins- 
more, Erastus Douglas, Jesse E. Farnsworth, 
James K. Fellows, Cyril French, Benjamin E. 
French, Abraham French, Josiah B. French, Thos. 
P. Goodhue, Andrew J. Gunnison, Asa Hildrcth, 
Lorenzo G. Howe, Moses G. Howe, Anson Hunt- 
ington, William Kittridge, Chauncy L. Knap;), 
John A. Ivnowles, Jonathan Ladd, Rufus La;. hum, 
Samuel Lawrence, William Livingston, Scwall G. 
.Mark, George W. Mansfield, Stephen Mansur, 
Joshua Merrill, Willard Minot, Isaac S. Morse, 
Thos. Ordway, Frederic Parker, Ephraim B. Patch, 
Josiah G. Peahody, Henry I). Phelps, Benj. Poole, 
Jr., Rushrod W. Poor, Peter Powers, James H. 
Hand, Daniel S. Richardson, William A. Richard- 
son, Wm. lioby, Isaac Scripture, S. S. Seavy, 
Edward F. Sherman, Sidney Spalding, Samuel W. 
Stickney, Joshua Swan, Geo. P. Waldron, Oliver 
M, Whipple, John Wright, Nathaniel Wright. 

Maiden, L'eavitt Corbett, Francis J. Fay., Frank- 
lin I,. Fay, Joseph Gerrish, Gilbert Haven, Ben- 
jamin G. Hill, Charles Lewis, J. W. Maynard, 
.William S. Stearns, John Sprague, Joshua 
Webster, Solomon Corev. 

Marlboro', O. W. Albee, Wm. Barnes, Lambert 
Bigelow, Richard Farvvell, David Goodale, Isaac 
Hayden, Stephen Morse, Nicholson B. Proctor, 
Geo. S. Kawson, Solomon Weeks, Jabez S. With- 
erbee, Wm. II. Wood. 

. Medford, Jona. Brooks, -Timothy Cottin*, Alex. 
Gregg, Aaron K. Hathaway, Edmund T. Hastings. 
Judah Loring, San ford B. Perry, Thatcher It. 
Raymond, John Sparrell, James M. Usher. 

Melrose, Wm. Bogle, Jona. Cochran, Samuel O. 
Dearborn, Elbridge Greene, Isaac Emerson, 
Jeremiah Martin, Caleb Howard. 

Xati'k, Chester Adams, John W. Bacon, Moses 
Eames, Stedman Hartweli, Edward Walcott. 

Newton, Christopher C. Andrews, Joseph Bacon, 
Joseph Barney, Martin Collier, Edward J. Collins, 
Scth Davis, Wm. Jack-on, Timothy Jackson, 
Samuel Jennison, Jr., Win. Kenrick, Marshall S. 
Rice, J. St. Clair, William 0. Strong, Stephen W. 
Trowbridge, Horace 11. Wetherell, Loring Wheel- 
er, John V\ in slow. 

Peppcre.ll, Christopher W. Bellow; , Lemuel W. 
Blake, Samuel Farrar, Arnold Hutchinson, Luther 
Lawrence, Samuel P.. Lewis, B. G. Robinson, 
Samuel Tucker. 

Ilftdinq, John Batchelder, Charles F. Flint, 
Daniel Flint, Stephen Foster, Abiel Holden, 
Chauncev P. Judd, Daniel Pratt. Jr., Thaddcus 
B Pratt," Alfred A. Prescott, Joshua Prescott, 
Thomas Sweetser, Caleb Wakefield, Horace P. 

Sherburne. Jeremiah Butler, Amos Clark, Thos. 
J. Morse. 

Shirley, James Gerrish, John K. Going, Israel 
Longley., John Park, Thomas Whitney. 

Somcriilk, Henry Adams, Alfred Allen, George 
0. Brastow, E. F. Cutler, John K. Hall, John C. 
Mainour., Samuel Poor, Edward L. Stevens, Ed- 
mund Tufts, Columbus Tyler. 

SWA Headin/?, Lillcy Eaton, -iNoah Smith, B. 
B. Wiley, Wm.'il. Willis, 

Skmehmn, William L. Brown, Geo. Cowdry, 
Silas Dean, Geo. W. Dike, Solon Dike, Amasa 
Parrier, Ira Gerrv, Abel !•". Hutchinson, Alonzo V., Edward Mansfield, William E. Stevens. 

Stow, Seth Bass, Elijah Hale, Chas. Tower, .Tod 
Walcutt, Edwin Whitney. 

Stulbun/, C. (-. Cutler, Lvman Howe, Kahnin 

Thompson, Ephj 
Asahi 1 B dcom. 

Tewkesbury, Jon i. Brown, I 
Thomas P. Kend II, I 

im, Elijah M. J.-, i, \\ m. J:. : ei ., 
I hump sou. 

' dam \, Noah Bill. G( I 
3 an uel J< nkins, Jr., J vi S ■ rwin, I ■ 
F. A. Worcester. 

Tynr/sboro', Chas. Id, John Ear. 

mon 'i hompson. 

Waltham, N T ath. P. Banks, Jr., Nahura H n h , 
Arad Moore, Eliphalet Pearson, J' 
I S\ Sj rie, S. :;. Whitney. 

Watcrtown, Ch is. Bemis, I- i .<• V. 
Fram is W. Bigelow , Iliran [Io smer, Isaac Rob- 
bins, Wm. A. White, Grcnville T. V, i 
Wayl '.nd t David J l tavus A. S 

West Cambridge, David W. Horton. J. 
Eat tee. 

Westfard, Ephm. Al bott, J( hn W. P. Abbott, 
John B. Fletchei, 'i rueworthy Keyes. 

>' 'on, Alphcus Bigelow, Samuel F. H. Bing- 
ham., Nathan Hagar, Edwin Hobbs, Isaac Jones, 
Benjamin Fierce. 

li ilminnton, Henry Blanchard, Charles II. 
Cartel , James Gowing. 

Winchester, Cyrus Bancroft, Loring E 
N. A. .Richardson, Samuel S. llichai ... I ei 
F. Thompson. 

Wobum, Joshua P. Convr-rse. John E. Flagg, 
Asahel W. Goodell, Albert II. Nelson, .Ed a kel- 
son. Stephen Nichols, Austin H. Perkins, Albert 
L. Richardson, Abijah Thompson, C] rus J boi .;•- 

Notari - Public. 
Briqhttoi, Charb - Heard, John S. Kelly. 
Cambrid •/•,}] nj. W. Whitney. 
Charlcstown, Moses G. Cobb, William 
| G. Washington Warren. 
j Com ord, N than B ooks. 

Fra/tiii 'hunt, Josiah Adams, RufttS I'. Brewer. 
j Gro ■ - ,"C ih ; Butl , 

Lowell, James G. Carnev, John A. K.- 
J David Ilvde, S. W. Stickney. 

M i \kh, Benj. G. Hill. 
; M>tr> ■ , ■ • . ■ Dearborn. 

Xiirton, David Smith, (.V. Corner,) Sal 
i Jennison, Jr. 

fl •'.'.. ,3 ih .1 ard. 
j Wobum., Alp •• as I , '! hompson. 
< '■• >n\ >i. 
.3 -ton, 1. ither Con mt, Wdnthrop E. Faulkner. 
j Ash'.';/, Ezekiel Coleman, Alex. T. Will 
Cam ■ , \. : . iske, 
Carlisle, Jonas Parker. 
| CE'.A .'••/<, I'ho i Sumner, Daniel J. Coburn. 
Concord. Antl ■ nj Wright. 
Th >• . David \)h \. Jr. 
l> ■■ .i mhd P e-e, James Swallov . 

/■'■ . Eliph. Wheeler, H. Richard a. 

Grot . .\ ■. 1 • i&worth, Benj. Moore, Jacob 
! Poll rd. 

!hr I, Li ■ Id. 

[1 ■ Silas Merrick. 

•■.-,-. .;-•.-. 
Lowell, Charles J. Adams, Jas. Fisher, J 
I B. Fne i I I •• tl rl. 

•J . I ' yies. 

; . I., i . W :. • 

M ■ J ■ n ; . " bite. 
\- 1 tirh, Ale j 

\ . A i) Iphus Smith, Henry M. ■ 

! Sarnu I ■' i i i, Jr. 

E ,, '. 1- ■■• Boynton, Jr., Luth i 1 
i Ilfu H len. 

Smith tniah Bryant, Jr., 

N . :, ■■ rns - 

7 .■ ■ , -'.• ■ ;. I ',.••■•; \t ( 

T,, liawson. 




Tynysboro\ Rufus Modgett. 
Westfield, Solomon Richardson. 
Waltham, Wm. Hobhs. 
Way land, Win. Heard, 2d, 



Selectmen and Overset rs of Poor. — Ivory Kej es, 
Luther Conant, Janus Tuttle. 

Assessors. — A. Conant, Nathan Brooks, Jona. 
B. Davis. 

Clark.— Daniel Wetherbec, 2d. 

Treasurer and Collector. — John Tenney. 

Constable. — Peter Tenney. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — Cushing Burr, 
Wm. Sheldon, F. W. Wright. 

Assessors, — M. Howard; Silas Bice, James Hay- 

Clerk. — Francis Tinker. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Nathaniel Adams. 

Comtable — Martin Howard. 


Selectmen and Overseers- of Poor. — Elias Grout, 
Wiliard R. Fames, William Eames. 

Assessors;, — Wm. Ellis, S. N. Cutler, Benjamin 

CUrh.— Wm. F. Ellis. 

Treasurer arid Collector. — Benjamin Homer. 

Constable. — S. F. Thayer. 


Selectmcn.-rThQm&s Stiles, P. W. Chamberlih, j 
Amos B. Cutler. 

Overseers of Poor.— William D. Feed, Moses F. 
Brown, Thaddeus II. Davis. 

Assessors. — John P. Feed, R. Bacon, Samuel 
Sajre, Jr. 

Clerk. — Thomas Stiles. 

Treasurer.— P. W. Chamberlin. 

Collector.— D. Constantihe. 

Constables. — D. Constantino, Joseph Phelps. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors.- ■ 
Benjamin L. Judkins, Jeremiah Crosby, Caleb S. | 

Clerk. — John Baldwin, Jr. 

Treasurer.— George Bacon. 

Collector. — William Blanchard. 

ponstables. — Wm. G, Alley, Wm. Blanchard. 

Selectmenand Overseers of Poor. — John Fletcher j 

Wm. Stevens, Granville Whitcdmb. 

Assessors. — Yarnum Taylor, S. II. 3Iayward, 
Eliab Feed. 

Clerk.— Cephas Hartwell. 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor. — William R, 
Ghampney, Edward Chamberlin, David Collins. 

Assessors. — Wm. R, Champney, G. Fuller, Geo. 

C/rr/c.—William Warren. 

Treasurer.— Henry H. Barnard. 

Collector.— Jonathan 1 tastings. 

Comtable.— A. II. Ciishman" 


Selectmen and Overseers of Poor.— Win. Nichols, 
"W in. \V inn, Jr., Humphrey Prescott. 

.Issmors.—Wm. Nichols, Wm. Winn, Jr., Geo. 

Clerk.— Sam'l Scwall. 

Treasurer. — Humphrey Preseott. 

Collector.— Alfred P. Shaw. 

Constables. — Stephen Skeiton, Jr., Jos. Butters. 

CAMBRIDGE. — 18ol-o2. 

City Election \st Monday in Mar/It. City Go\ 
ment organized 1st Monday h, A, ril. 

Mayor. — George Stevens. Salary, 5 

Aldermen. — Stephen Smith, Abraham Edwj 
Calvin Dimick, John Hews, Anson Hooker, Rich- 
ard C. Joseph. 

Common Council. — John S. Baud. Pr 
Ward I. David S. Buck, David Ik Had 
Meaeham. Jonas Wyeth, Andrew S. Waite. 
2. Qeorge T. Gale, Hiram Brooks, John Dudley, 
J. Dana Hovey, Royal Douglass, Hosea Spencer, 
Mason Davis, '/,. L. Raymond, James Atwood. 
Ward 3. John S. Lacld, Andrew Jones, Iienrv S. 
Hills, Thomas P. Aver, Luther B. Parker, Edmund 

City Clerk.— Lucius It. Paiqc. Salary, £700 
and tees. 

Clerk or' Com man Council. — Eben. M, Dunbar. 
Salary, £100'. 

City Treasurer and Collector. — Samuel Sloe 
Salary, §700, 

School Committee. — Bis Honor the Mayor, ex 
officio. Ward 1. Francis Boweu, Cornelius C. !'•':- 
ton. Ward 2. Wm. W. Wellington, Artema-3 B. 
Muzzey, X< lotes [Iosmer. Ward 3. Moses Cl; 
Massena Gooch ich. 

Overseers of the Poor. — His Honor tl 
ex .</.- ... Ward 1. Charles R. Metcalf, 
II. Rice. Ward 2. An on Itiee, Edward T. \\ 
ney. Ward 3. Geo. W. Fifield, Ba - Binney. 

Assessors. — William L. Whitney, Chas. Wood, 
Joseph Whitney. 

Warden of A ms House. — George W. \! . 
Salarv, <\^). 

Aims 11 use Physician.—^.. Clarke. S 

Principal Constables. — Joseph Sanderson, Al- 
mond Lawrence, Hiram Welch. 

Constables. — Cl .'- ims, James G. Gi s i 

Joseph G. ( ini ". .1 ■"'. n Br; ant, ^•.^' !■:• . I 
rev, Amos P. tlnllins. James B. Hi . an H. 
Batch, John Nichols, Benjamin L. Mayhew, Jas. 
C. Nute. 

U 'ard Ojncers.— Ward 1. Stephen T. Farwell, 
Wan '■ n . G i orq ■ S. S mnders, CU rk ; ' 
Rice, Hen. Ik ( »1 >ver, Alex. 11. Ramsay, .' 
W; i 1 2. Josiah W. Cook, Ward i; J >ph \V. 
Annabte, ( lerk; Llijah 11. Luke, Daniel 11 I 
ards, John P, Grecorv, Inspectors. Ward 3. Lu- 
ther X Parker, II rden; Franklin Hall. Clerk; 
Wm. A. Munroe, T. Nelson Hastin 
ley, / •. ' ■ - 

Sup't t' Streets.— I amm i Palmer. S 1 

Su} • • ■ a ' Groun '•-.— Ward 1. 

Joseph Bracket. Ward 2. Daniel Stone, 
c \k[.!-.i.i;. 

Selectmen, Overseen of I'uor, and Assessors. — 
John Jacobs, Thoina'; Green, Joel Boynl 

Clerk. — Jehu J .•■ 

Treasun r. — i . in i Green. 

Collector and Const abL . — George F. Duren. 




Officers, 1352. 
C'<7;/ Election 2d Monday in December. Govern- 

merit organized 1st Monday in January. 
Mayor. — Richard Frothingham, Jr. Salary, goOO. 
Aldermen. — Edward Lawrence, Nathan A. Tufts, 
George P. Sanger, Philander S. Briggs, Samuel S. 
Reynolds, one vacancy. 

Common Council. — IL P. Fairbanks, President. 
Ward 1. H. P. Fairbanks, Amos Tufts, Solomon ! 
[J.ovey,_ J. V. Fletcher, Andrew Sawtell, Caleb Constables.— William -Hasting*, Theodore IT 

Clerk.— lb It. Go 
Treas trer.- -Strdui in Buttri 
lor, — ' ' V. Goodenow. 
( ' m . 'able. — S. Staples. 

S '■ men, (> < - of Poor, and . I 

0. Varnum, Daniel Abbott, Colburn Bl 

< "■ r/i. — I It nry II ■ tiai ilson. 
Ti '.surer. — Reuben < oburn. 

< '•>■': tor.'— I I ■ 3C0tt Jones. 

Constables. — Samuel Parker, E. E. Richardson, 
Prescott Jones. 


Selectmen, er vers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Andrew Spaulding, Ashur G. 3 ewett, Freeman W. 

Clerk.— I. N. Wright. 

Treasurer and Collvt \r. — Ashur G. Jewett. 

Constable.— Ira B. Hall. 


Selectmen. — Simon VYbnitnev, Franklin Turner. 
C. C. Esty, A. J. Parmehtcr, C. lb Horn. 

Over 'ers of Poor. — Henry Richardson, Patten 
Johnson, Chai le , C 

Assessors, — Warren Mixon, John Wensel, Sam'l 

Clerk,— Elias Temple. 

Treasurer. — Moses Kdgell. 

Land. Ward 2. Ezra Brown, Isaac E. Brown, das. 

Fogg. Jesse Gay, P. J. Stone, Foster Peirce. Ward 

3. Otis Clapp, Charles A. Barker, Elijah Bigelow, . 

Jesse Stevens, David C. Willis, Hiram P. Remick. M*tmen.-4 11. t :her, D.Lakin, C Pre 

CUy Clerk.— Charles Poole. <'\'- : V."''b °J ' ' "'■—;;.}^ 2 ^' A ' V ^ kt ' J " 

Wheeler, John K. Clark, J. W. Tuttle. 


ch, X. Shattuek, S. Willard. 

ssors. — J. Gilsnn. E. Lewis, W. Torrey 

Clerk of Common Council.- — G. V. Hall. 

Messmger to Mayor and Aldermen. — N. Pratt. 

Messmger to Common Council— J. D. Gould. Clerk.^-John^Y. Parker 

Treasurer. — Y\ alter shattuek. 

Ci :; '.or.— A. S. Lawrence. 

Constabl. s. — W. C. Lewis, John Pail 


— E. Cutler, Jr., John Claftin. Wrn. 

City Collector and Treasurer. — Amos Stone. 

Assessors. — J. F. Tufts, Thomas Greenleaf, J. 

Overseers of the Poor. — Joseph Souther, John 
Wesson, Thomas Greenleaf, S. S. Reynolds, G, B. 
Albee, John Sanborn. 1 E r . Blodgett. 

Ward Officers. *~W.ard 1. Abraham W. Grant, I Overseers of Pool — Alden Leland, Luther Bel- 
Warden; Darius Merrill, Clerk; Oliver Pratt. Sain. | lows, Win. S. Batch* Ider. 
E, Tufts, Jr., Inspectors., V. arcl 2. J. A.B. Won es- • '.■.. swrs.— Luther Green, Gilbert Leland, 
fcer, Harden; John A. Sanborn, Clerk: Win, C. Pond. 
Lears, Samuel Palmer, Inspectors. Ward 3. J. K. I (Merle— A. N. Currier. 
Pnfthrn-gfiatn, Warden; W. B. Shedd, ^VcrA"; S. Trmsnrcr and 1 ■ ector.— Edward "W. Blood. 
R. Brintnall, A. W. Hovey, Edward T. Band, In- \ Constables.— Edward \\ . Blood.H. M. Johnson. 
spectors. hovxixtox. 

Fire Department. — Henry Conn, Chief Engineer; j Selectmen.— Albert Wood, S. 1). Davenport, E. 
J*raos M. Gardner, 1st Assistant Engineer; S. L\ j a. Bates, !>. W. Karnes, J. A. Bagley. 
Keliey, 2d Assistant Engineer; K. Todd, 3d As-\ Qv rseers of Poor. — A. Wood, S. D. Davenport, 

sistant Engineer 

School Committee. — President of the Board, The 
Mayor. Ward 1. William Tufts', James Adams, 
0. C. Everett, Nathan' Merrill. Ward 2. Jam s 
G. Fuller, Edward Thorn dike, John Sanborn, Win. 
Williams. Ward 3. A. K. Hunt, C. D. Lincoln, 
Lemuel Gulliver, George Bradford. 

E. A. Bates. 

Ass tsors. — Augustus Phipps, J. A. Fiteh, Win. 

( V r[ — !.' \ : P. Churn. 

7',. -.■■.' .- r and Cnltet tvr. — A. C. Putnam. 

Constables.— Jon ithan Whittemore, C. M. Mel- 
lon, W, Woodward. 2d. 


Selectmen and Assessors.— V. F.Webster, S. lb! > ' '- i.— S. W, llobinson, Joseph Howe, 
Hartley, Ziba' Gay, Jr. Galen .Allen. 

Overseers of IW.—Sherebiah Spaulding, Jr., B. | Oc< rivers of j oor.— Samuel Rice, J. C. V . 
F. Hodges, Sewall Parkhurst. | ton, 1 . 1 . -1 »«ce.. 

Clerk, E F Webster ' ?s*or&.~-\* m « Chandler, J. S. Parker, Silas 

Treasurer. — Joseph Manning. 
Collector. — Moses (iridin. 
Constables. -^U, lb Proctor, S. E. Drugin, P. P 
Perham, Marshall Moore. 


—Albert V.b Bryant. 

Ti : . . .. r. — N ith mici Mulliken. 

, . . • .. - 

Constable.— O. W. Ki nd ill. 


Se&rfmcw.— I. S. Keves, A. G. Fav, A. A. Kel- ( : ;N ' 'v v - , , 

soy Selectmen, O ■ Poor, an 

Overseers of Poor.- E. E. Bigelow, G. Farwell, j Am. ■ [Lag ir. Jr. J. v . Tarrar. Wm 1 . Wh 
S-. Brown. ' " ''"■'•" 1: ' - r ' : 'l" n - 

^Mcwors.— Georgo Hcywood, I). Clark, James ?V< w«rer.— \Vm. I. Wheeler. 
P. Brown. . I CV'A tor and i e.-~ James L. Chapm. 


low ell.— 1S-52. 
City Election, 2d Monday in December. 

Mayor.— Elisha Huntington. Salary, 51200. 

Alcfernien. — William Fiske, Wm. North, Sam'l 
Burbank, Joseph Bedlow, Joseph B. Y. Coburn, 
Jos. M. Bullous, Alpha Stevens, Sam'l J. Tarnry. 

Common Council. — Ward 1. Rufus Rogers, John 
C. Smith, Jeremiah Clark, Paul Hill. Warn '2. 
L. B. Cavcrly, Paul Perkins, Milton Bonnev, Wil- 
liam Hovey. " Ward 3. 1). C. Brown, Wm. Twichcll, 
B. C. Sergeant, Michael B. Caswell. Ward 4. 
Holland Streeter, Eibridge Livingston, Abram 
French, Willard Minot, Ward o. Edward Fitl eld, 
Phineas Whiting, George Vv 7 ". Patterson, Jonathan 
Kendall. Ward 6. Leonard W. Jaquith, Seth 
Pooler, Caleb G. Weaver, William C. Parker. 

City Clerk.— Thorn ts Ordway. Salary, 51000. ! 

Messenger. — Daniel G. GreenP af. Salary, 5G25. \ 

School Committee, — The Mayor and Aldermen, 
exoffdis. Ward 1. William G. Wise. Ward 2. 
Alexander Wright. Ward 3. Gershom F. Cox. 
Ward 4. Walter Buruham. Ward 5. Noah M. 
Gavlord. Ward 6. Theodore Eds on. 

Ward Officers.— Ward 1. Daniel D. Hackett, 
Warden; "Charles A. Welch, Clerk; Chas. French, 
Charles Wilkins, John P. Hue-sins, Inspectors. 
Ward 2. George P. Sawtell, Warden; John P. 
Rogers, Clerk; George JL Paul, Otis L. Allen, 
Alfred S. Saunders, Inspectors. Ward 3. Ira 
Bpaulding, Warden; 11. H. Wilder, Clerk; Leon- 
ard Brown, Benjamin P. Holderi, George Crane, 
Inspectors. W r ard4. Benjamin Go ddard, Warden; 
Aiausoii Nichols, Clerk; Hubbard Wilson, Joseph 
S. Grush, Holland Streeter, Inspectors. Ward 5. 
Horatio Fletcher, Warden; Jesse Huso, Clerk; 
David Hyde, Lyman P. Crown. John McLennan, 
Inspectors. Ward 6. Henry J. Baxter, Warden; 
Levi 11. Straw, Clerk ; Alpha B. Purr, Philbrick 
Cram, Charles B. Russ, Inspectors, 

Selectnun, Overseers of Poor, and Asvrxsors. — 
Amasa Sanderson, Thomas S. Tattle, B. Dodge. 

Clerk. — Amasa Sanderson. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Luther White. 

Constables.— Luther White, G. A. Stevens. 


Selectmen.— Caleb Wait, Henry AT. Tan Tcor- 
his, Jesse Berry. 

Overseas of Poo;-.— Daniel A. Perkins, Daniel 
P. Wise, David Faulkner. 

Assessors. — Win. H. Richardson, Timothy C. 
Edtaeston, Reuben Atwood. 

Clerk,— -Benjamin G. Kill. 

Treas urer. — John Sprague. 

Selectmen. —David Goodell, F.bci Howe, S. P. 
Phelps, Hpllifl Loring, J. S. Withcrbec. 

Overseers of Poor.— A. Brown, L. Jewctt, Wm. 

AssessQr&.~-V?m. Barnes, A. Brigham, D wight 

< 'l' rfe, Treas. and Co 
Constable. — 31. \V. Woo lu trd. 


Selectmeji.—J. 0. Cun . PctcT C. B il 


<>"■ ■ Pi - n T. White, i:. LI. 

Teele, Alex. Gr< j ■ 

Assessors —II. W'ithii :i n, T. P. Peck, E.l 

Clerk — J,,,, ph P. Hall. 

Treasurer. — George W. porter. 

Collector. — John T. V 

I 'on, t ibl s. — John T. White, S. Blanchard. 

Selectmen and Over, ers of Poor.—- J< emiah 
Martin, Shubael L. Taylor, Jonath a I 
Assessors. — Shubael L. Taylor, A:. >n Gi a. R. 

H. I lint. 

Cleric- — Jonathan Cochran. 
Treasurer. — Isaac limcrson. 
Collector. — Shubael L. Taylor. 

n.m rex. 

Selectmen and Overst rs of Poor. — Willard Drury, 
J. D. Morse, E. P. Hollis. 

Assessors. — John Travis, John Kimball, Stead- 
man HartweR. 

Clerk and Treasurer. — Chester Adams. 

Collector. — Benjamin F. Ham. 

Constables.-rJnmes H. Dash, John E. Lane, 
Horace Cate. 


Selectmen and Overseers of' Poor.— Isaac Hager, 
John B. II. Puller, Luther 'Paul, Edward J. Co - 
lins, Wm. P. Ward. 

Assessors. -r Isaac Hager, John IL 11. i 
Edward J. Collins. 

Clerk.— Marshall S. Pice. 

Treasurer and Collector. — Luther Paul. 

Constables.— C. E. Allen, James L. Hamsted. 

i'Kwrui r,i . 
Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, end Asses ■ • — 
Sam'l W. Farrar, Richard Pierce, Thomas J. I 
Clerk.— Sainw 1 Farrar. 

Treasurer and Collect r.— Luther Lawrence. 
Con v '■'.• •;.— L. L twren ■_■. S. F. Shattuck. 


S- h -'.■■•■ n, Ovi ■:■■ > rs of Poor, > \ 
Nath m !*. Pratt, Isaac Fli ' , T ph . : 
Clirk:— Daniel Pratt, Jr. 
Tn-asi rt r an Collet tor. — George Batchelder. 
Constables.— -H. N. Cate, F. A. Upton. 


Seleclma mdOrm r. — Dalton Gould- 

inj . I! '■ : Sti n< V\ iirren V\ hitn< ; . 

As tsi rs. — Nathaniel Dowse, Jeremiah Bu 
Lyman V\ hitney. 

Clerk, Tr< wr r,ai\ ' C< 'lector. — Alpheus ( . 

Const ?. — P. M. Biekford, Joseph Dowse, Jr. j 

SHIR] i:v. 
St ■•'■■ ''men and Overseers of Po r. — Andrew J. | 
Reed, James P. Lo'nglcy, George Davis. 
a,, ...,..• — s. j). Benjamin, Lewis Blood, N 


C'lfi ■■■■'■ a Brown. 

Treusi rt ■ . — 1 ; • : ncy. 

< ■■■'■ u •.— -I'.-t. r j arbell. 

Com tal ft «. — Peter Tarb< !!, George Davis. 


> - ' u.— J. S. j; ;., rlv, John Run -v. T. J. 
Leland, Chas. Milh i. ( ;. 'ter Guild. 

Urt ■ ■■ ■ of Po\ r.—C. '1 ylcr, John Dugan. 

.1 irssors.— John C. Magoun, Abel Fitz, Wil- 
liam Uonner. 

Clt rk.—C, P. Gilm m. 

!,. itrer.— Robert Vinal. 

< 'oUet ' '■■. — 11 :•:'; Moore. 
Constables. — Hugh Moore. William IP 



Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors.— 
Lilly Eaton, Samuel Gould, Peter Wiley. 
Clerk. — Edward Mansfield. 

Treasurer. — B 1 1 rrage Y.-ile. 

( 'oltector. — James Oliver. 

Constables. — John S. Eaton, James 0. Boswell. 


St lectmen and Assessors. — Ira Gerry, Axnasa Far 
ier, Enoch Fuller. 

Overseers of Poor. — Jonathan Kay, Solon Dike, 
\V, Richardson. 

Clerk. — Silas Dean. 

Treasurer.— George W. Dike. 

Collector. — Elbridgc Gerry. 

Constables. — Osb/om Richardson, Samuel Tidd. 


Selectmen and Assessors. — C. Tower, "W. E. 
Clark, J. B. Brown. 

Overseers of Poor.— I. Soper, Daniel Conaut, 
Chas. Parks. 

Clerk.— Joel Walcott. 

Treasurer. — John Gates. 

Collector.— I. B. Drown. 

Constables. — M. Davis, G. Rice. 

SI.' D BY 11 Y. 

Seleetmen and Qverseer&of Poor.- — James Moore, 
Levi Dow, Elisha W. Hayues. 

Assessors. — A. B. Jones, Uriah Moore, Samuel 
A. Jones. 

Clerk.—, iEphraim Stone. 

Treasurer. — Xahum Thompson. 

Cothi-tor.—F,, W. Haynes. 

Constable. — S. A. Jones. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors — 
Leonard Huntress, Caleb Livingston, Samuel 

Clerks — Jonathan Brown. 

Treasurer. — William Rogers. 

Collector.**- John P. Ta> lor. 

Co — Samuel Scarlett. 

town si: NO. 
Selectmen. Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — 
Charles Powers, Joel En. cry, Aaron Pressev. 
Clerk.— H. A. Gerry. 
Treasurer. — Joseph Adams. 
Collector.— C. B- Barrett. 
Constables. — B. F. Lewis, Eliab Gawing. 


Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — E. 
T. Blodget, Cyrus Butterfield, William Sher- 
burne, Jr. 

Clerk and" < T}*casnrer. — Yv". B. Cumrnings. 

Collector. — Jonathan Bancroft. 

Constables.— Isaiah Davis, Reuben S. Coburn. 


Selectmen. — Josiah Rutter, Sam'l Terry, Nathan 
^ Overseers of Poor. — Samuel Perry, A. Townseud, 
N. Sanderson. 

Assessors.'— S. B. Whitney, Josiah Beard, Jonas | ! 

Clerk.— F. M. Stone. 

Treasurer. — D. A. Kimball. 

Collector and Constable. — Ebcnezer W. Fisk 

Overseers of Poor.— Antiu i J . 
Russell, Josiah s. Clark. 

A>- SC '.is —I ;. . 


Clerk.— William II. ' 

Trea mrer and Col .-s. 

Co/ •■ i s.—ll. ('. ;; 
ace J\< 

w Wi. V.XD. 

S- lectmen and Oca ■ . .;' p. or. — W. C. ( i 
Jam< s ]). Walker, 'i ..• m .;. U iraon. 

Assessors. — EJi Sherman, James S. Di 
Le v. is .1 

Clerk.— Henry Wi . t. 

Treasurer.— \V . (". Grout. 

Coll , tor.— O. B. i i .. n. 

Constable. — Horace Heard. 


Selectmen!— Mansur W. Marsh, L. P. Barl tl 
Moses Procter. 

Overseers of Poor.— Isaiah Jenkins, L. P. I 
lett, S. Symmi ■., Jr. 

Assc. sors. — Wm. Dickson, Stephen Svmmes, Jr., 
W. J. Lane. 

Clerk. — Moses Procter. 

Treasirrer. — Josiah II. Russell. 

( w-\ {or, — Edw M-<! Smith. 

Constable.-— Lake Agur. p •:... 

S( lectmen, Overseers of Poor, and Assessors. — J. 
Cutler, Amos II av wood", L. H. Hildreth. 

Clerk.— Jam ph'Hildr* th. 

Treasurer. — Kphraim Wright. 

< 'olh t tor, — E I ward Prescott. 

Const, Ucs.— E. Prescott, Marcellus H. Flet 
Joseph Bailey, 


Select mc?i. — Edwin Hobbs, Isaac Coburn, Wr . 
Hastii ■. 

Overseers of Poor. — Nathan Eager, Isaac Co- 
burn, A. Johnson. 

Assessors:. — Xathan Hagcr, John Jones, A: hi 

Cle. ;.— SsAh ra Eager. 

Trea ■.• - ■ irsh ill 

Col ■ - '.- '■ imin Pi • e, Jr. 

Co. ■■ • -■-■• '. u Ji nes, Benjamin Pierce, Jr. 


S< '■ ■ . ' .". Overs ers < f l' -. and Assc. sors. — 
Caleb 1-. ••-.' ?, J m< s Gi « n j, Simeon Jaquith. 
( ' • .. ~: emuel C. Eame ». 
Treasure}- an ■ Ct U 'or.—S muel D. Nichols. 

WINCHES! i'.-U. 

Select en and Overseers of Poor. — N. T; John- 
son, Charles Mcluthre, I .• • r i :i ^ Emerson. 

Aw • • : il't, Gardner Syn 

J. O. II' 

( ' '.— 1 >.•.• ill Younc . 

Tn :— S. U \\ hite. 

i .— S. S. Rich irdson. 

Con ■'. t.—Seth J . .'■ a Fletcher. 

.— ■• [ihen Nichols, Jr., Horace Conn, 


j ■■ r.— Oliver U. Parker, Walter 

' I : ■ . Jam : 

—Jo B.Liti . :.J ' . 

Js . ' '■ eai 

' ' ■. — Na! .:'■'•'. tn, Jr. 
Tn ■ ttrer.—G. R. Oaqc. 

Selectmen.— Scth ^Bemis, Leonard Stone, Dcnnv j ' (' . ' -.—Mdward Simonds. 
i • Hooker. I .... . '. Lpson, T. J. Porte 




Agricultural Stores. 
Burbank, Chase & Co., Lowell 
dough l«aac S., Waftham 
Marisui Stcph m, Lowell 
RogorsJ.F.&J., » 

Allen Curtis P.. Lowell 
Angicr Luthor, Medford 
Ayr James ('., Lowell 
Ayer James C. .v Co. •' 
Badger William M„ Wakluim 
Baniett George, Charle*town 
Blake J. IP, Lowell 
Bond William L., Charlestown 
Carey John \V., (East) Cambridge 
Cailton & Hovey, Lowell 
Cloutman John A. J., < lharlestown 
Colby M. I). & Co.. Lowell 
Cooper E. & Son, Woburn 
Cox William VV. \., Maiden 
Crafts Benjamin F., Charlestown 
Crafts P., Jr., 
Davis Kendall, Beading 
Eastman C. S. <£ Co.. Lowell 
Eaton Lilley, South Reading 
Goueh VV illiam B, Lowell 
Cray E L., (Cast) Cambridge 
Green Reuben, (West) Acton 
Guild William A., Lowell 
H<ile 11. S. & Co., " 
Hayes Joseph it.. 
Howe James S. N., Pepperell 
Howe Joseph T., Natick fnungli 

Abbott J. VV. P, Wesiford 
Allen C. E., (West) Newton 
Allen J. M , I ' tmbridge 
| Baker William, Marlboro' 
Baldwin i'r mcis, Billerica 
!'':'.■ 'I homas, Hopkinton 
Battles Thomas I) . Sudbury 
Bellows C. VV., Pepperoll " 
Bellows Luther, Holliston ' 
Billow II. H., Marlboro' 
Billings &. Newhall, (West) Newton 
Blanch ird S., Medford 
Bolles Daniel, Littleton 
Biadshaw S. C. Jr.. Somervillc 
Brigham William E . Marlboro' 
Brown Charles, Lincoln 
Brown and Brothers, Waltham 
Brown J. B., Stowe 
Brown William, Cambridge 
Burnham P. II., Newton 
i ( barter A. J., Charlestown 
j Chamberlain VV., Sherburne 
I Chandler William, Lexington. 
I Chipman John, Marlboro' 
Dana Benjamin, Watertown 
Dean Silas, Stoneham 
| Emerson James G., Melrose 
Eustis James, South Rending 
I Fosdick, Carter 8c Co , Charlestown 
j Puller Aidcn, (West) Acton 
Gay E. A., Marlboro' 
Green Samuel S., (Past) Cambridge 
! Hall Gustavus V., Charlestown 
mi j Hammond Thomas F., Natick 

>n Ahner R., (Saxonville) Fra- | Handford Horace, Cambridge 

Kettell George P , Charlestown 
Kidder Samuel, Jr., Lowell 
Kidder Samuel &. Co., Charles-town 
Kinsley Eli C„ (East) Cambridge 
Lewis Jairus, Waltham 
P ncoln Levi P.. Lowell 
MantevJ. IP, Watertown 
Mann b. P.. (West) Newton 
Maynard John, Lowe!! 
Mead Jacob, (East) Cambridge 
Mead John, Lowell 
Moore M. A., Waltham 
Noyes Samuel. Watertown 
Orne Joel S,, Carhbridge(port) 
Parke; J. M. G., Lowell 
Potter & Gerrish, Groton 
Potter William Francis, Concord 
Ramsey A. if. & Co., Cambridge 
Rogers Charles 13., Charlestown 
Scnbner Isaac \V., Lowell 
Shattuek W. & C, Groton 
Sherman John P., Leading 
Sisson L. VV., Lowell 
Smith S. 0.& Co., » 
Snow L II. , (West) Newton 
Staniels Edward A.. Lowell 
Staniels Edward L., " 
Studley Joseph, Cambridge(port) 
Thayer Henry, 
Toothakcr Charles, Lowell 
Troll E., Woburn 
Vincent F., Waltham 
Walker J. C, Charlestown 
Warren William, Brighton 
Webster William VV .' Lowell 
VVhitwell J. George, Framioghrtm 
Willis William H., South Reading 
Youagmaa David, Winchester 

Bean Daniel C, Lowell 
Ihvies George H., (East) Cambridge 
£<tj A. R., Praminglmm 
Hovey & Ryder, Cambridge(port) 
JarviaJohn, West Cambridge 
Merrick Joshua I'.., ( Past) Cambridge 
Rand James IL, Lowell 
Stevens John, South Read'tn" 
Tnwle Lyman, Newton (Centre) 
VViley John, -J.!. South Reading 
Wilson Walter M., Cambridge(port) 

Adams Otb, Chelmsford 

Abbott Joel Augustus, (North) Roadin 

Hardy, Dexter & Co , Lowell 
Hart. Joseph S., Charlestown 
Hartwell Stedman. (South) Natick 
HeaJd Cyrus, Carlisle 
Heard Horace, Wayland 
Hichborn George R , Brighton 
Hill Benjamin G., Maiden 
Hohbs William, Waltham 
Howe Albert, Brighton 
Johnson Horulio N., Holliston P. P., Pepperell 
Jones John, Weston 
Kimball William, Littleton 
Kingman Ambrose, Reading 
Knights Samuel C, » amhri ':• imrl 
Lane William J., West Can ! ridge 
Leslie VI. F, South Reading 
Lewis W.G., Groton 
Long-ley James P., Shirley (Village) 
Ldvfejoy Jeremiah, R tubus 
Manson Frederick, Cambridgeport 
Mellfen C. N., Hopkinton 
Morse Roval, Camb: 


I A ' ims 

! fle.m D. S & W., M 
III ...-' A. '.. | 

'< Blood Sewell, Waltham 

Bond Al n rl VVil i 
1 Bond T. D.. D. & G.J., Lowell 

Pro .\ :: & Co., ( hni le ■ town 

Child* Sc Clark, Fraini 

Clark John IV., I h rl it< i 
Josiah A., (Easl • 

Davi n ort Edw in, Cli . -'own 

Fairfield IV illiam, '* 

Pitcham P. V, ' « 

Plannegan John O. " 

Gardner John VV., (East) Ca 

f. ites G< org ■, Groton 
_ Gilmore Orin, Charli stown 
j Harlow Andrew B., C 

i liggins Jol a, CI i I • 
• Kennedy Artemas, i ' . • 
I Leland .v Ellis, Holliston 

Lewis S. VV., Charlestown. 

Moody i'. , " 

I'attet Jesse P., West Cambridge 

Pierce Benjamin Jr., Weston 

Prentiss a., Lowell 

.- nhom J. C, " 

Scripture I. Ik Co., Lowell 

Sims N . " 

Smith &: Kenney, Cambridge 

Smith Ne'-on. Cambridge(port) 

Seow & Wilder, " 

Rweetser J'> eph, Lowell 

Torrey & V\ r esto . . ."■ 

Waste E. I'., C brid« port) 

VViUard J. H-& Co .Ch irlestown 

Wit) ington, IP, Medford 

Bedste ad Mnu afactur ers. 

Crosby E. &: G , Lowell 
Owen & Stmtton, VV ilth ira 

Podtick Biuding. 
Huddleston William, Billerica 

Beli Hangers. 
Libby I. II.. Lowell 
Steven- S llmon, ' { 

. Belt and RollManufac! rers. 

Gates Josiah, Lowell 
Stevens A. 8; S., ■• 


All n A. J.. (West! Newton 

Oliver Dar.!L-l S., South •'.:-' '" 

Parker Joseph, Lowell 

Parkhurst flenry, Dunstable 

Patch E. B-, Lowell 

Philbrobk lohu, Powell 

Pietc(; P. P., Lexington 

Powers Charles, Townsend 

Preseott Pother, Wesiford 

Prichard .Moses. Concord 

Rawson (i. S., Marlboro' 

Raymond P. L.. Somervili • 

Richardson Nathan. -I A., Winchester 

Bobbins Isaac. Watertown 

Shaplcigh & Pctrrington Lowell 

Sime ; Is George, Bedfoi I 

Smith S. 1\, Holliston 

S; ip] ■- .-' • naiei, < 'om ord 

Tarhi H Lnthet Jr., lVp|ioicII 

Tarl ell Peter, Shirley 

Thompson S unucl, 'fvngsl oro 1 

VV, ed Cum If, I ■ ■ 

Wheeler II, I ramingh im 

Wheeler T. IP, 

White J. T„ Medford 

Whitney John A., Ashland 

Winn VViMi im Jr.. Burlington 

Wright F. VV., A- : ■'■■■ 

Bacon Works. 
Hovey P. & Co., Cambridgc(port) 
Eiowo& Teel, ' ; 

Al y VV illiam «;.. Billerica 
Angicr Joseph, Framingham 
Vrmstrons ic Wetherlx ;, Newton 
Bacon William, Asii I ind 
Bailcv Ch rlea [South) Natick. 
Bark^i T. V'. ., Marlb, 
Bell ,<c Keen, M 
Bickford P. B VI., Sherburno 
Bij •!..- I . P . Concord 

I, Townsend 
Bl ike U . rius, Cnmb 
i'.i ■_ •• t 
Bludsclt William IP. Acton 

, Blood S K., Shirlev 

Boyse Purk, IV ( 
Bradi B. V. Wesiford 
i • - >. R., Ho| kinton 

Brown James H., (Wn9t) Acton 
Bry tnt Aaron, Tyngshoro' 

mt A W . I ■ - 
By'am Marcus I)., I : ! luisford 
Pen John, -Vshby 

all Joshua, West C«! 
Call than John, (East) Can 
Parr Willi im. Stow 

■Iain P , VV< stford 
Chil Is I lolvin Gi I 
Cobut David A., L well 
Con;:-ii <.'. IP, Lharh-stown 
Cook IP A., 


Cor corn n Luke, (Fast) Cambridge 
Craft* Mos«s tc Am.isa, Newton (Cen- 
Cumrnings VV. B., Tyngsboro' [tre) 

i i'i«r James II., Cambridge 
Dad man N. P., Chelmsford 
[)umon ('., (Cochitn ite) Way land 
Damon Myron D.. Reading 

I ifcmc John, Fillcrica 

I Dine John, Westford 
Daniels John, Waltham 

I Davis S. A , Lexington 

I Day Stephen, (East) Cambridge 
Dodge Seward, Somerville 
Dow J. It., Cambridge(port) 
Drake La, Sherburne 
Durante Palmer, (North) Chelmsfoid 
Dutton Alexander, Billerica 
Dotton George, Bedford 
Dutton L. L., Actoa 
Dwyer J- G., Hopkinton 
Dames James IF, ( North) Heading 
Barnes Joshua N., South Reading 
Raster Josiah, (Saxonville) Framing- 
Baton Henry, Tewksbury [ham 
Eaton Warren, (North) Reading 
EmeTy Darius, Shirley (Village) 
Emery James, Charlcstown 
Emerson Daniel, Waltham 
Farrar Geu^e, Shirley 
Fcnnessey James, Framingham 
Jfinnegan Hugh, Cambridgo(port) 
Forbes Benjamin, Brighton 
Freeman Oliver H., Melrose 
French Lcander, Pepperell 
Frost John, West Cambridge 
Frost Phineaa, Newton (Lower Falls) 
Gage & Wheeler, Lowell 
Garfield Hiram, Weston 
Garland G. W., Lowell 
Ooodliuo William W., Westford 
GseonwQod Aimer, Ashland [kinton 
Grenawood Hiram, (Woodv.ilie) He-p- 
Griftin Silas, (North) Tewksbury 
Bal > G. VV., Brighton 
Haii'Ammi. ('East) Lexington 
Hall E & VV., Concord 
Hull John, Marlboro' 
Ua::i fe Brother, ChaTlestown 
HasrsonJoei F., West Cambridge 
Hasting E., Pramin<rham 
Harris Daniel, A. -ton 
Henderson Robert, Cambridge 
\<<M Amos, Tewksbury 
Hill John, Lowell " 
Hill Lawrence, '« 
Hwiskms William, Charler-towo 
H'odgman Benj., (West) Townsand 
Hoihrook II. VY., Holliston 
Balden Lufber, Shirley 
Holt Luiher. Lowell 
fhiu;! John & Co., South Reading 
Huvey Goor°o, Cambridgc(portj 
Hutchinson J.'W. Charlestown 
J irkson A,, Watertown 
Jettison John, Newton (Lower Fails) 
Johnson 11. B. & F., Winchester 
Jones Andrew J., Cambridge 
K.-it J. VV., HoUiston 

I Kdborn J. K., (South) Grotqn 

I Kimball , Boxboro 1 

KnovylesJ., Lowell 

I Larkin C, Charlestown 

i Lawrence Daniel E., Pepperell 

J Leeds Joseph, Stoneham 

i L han D., (di*ast) Cambridge. 

I i oihrop John, Acton 
1-ovejoy L. in D., Lowell 
Mansur David, " 

Marshall Ebfcn H., Chelmsford 
Maynard Aaron, Bilferica 
Maxwell T. J., Lincoln 
Melbourne Thomas J., Stoneham 

1 Mcrmi* George, Lowell 
Mi rritt I .-II j mi in, Watertown 
Mcwenim II. C., Holliston 
M*»re i|. F., Medford 
M«nphy John, (Fast) Cambridge 
ftc4soti Avery, Stow 

NMwrWo., i„,well 

NuuhisA: Pmeoiu Cambridgo 

" »"<m»D, Framing!.*,,, 

•»,.,... Kln-n H.,(\oah) Re-uling 

l '" "1 Kichord IL, Maiden 

Pago David, Bedford 

Parker Cephas, Reading 
Perry J. S., VVilmin fUlll 

Parker Samuel, Dracut 
Peters Edward, Framingham 
Petiingill Sc l>\ heeler, Uambridgo 
Phelps & Diw»in> VV iltuam 
Pierce El irhl ■ Shi ley (Village) 
Pool rose ph, Mai leh 
Powers Ahijah, Sudbury 
Priest ^., Lincoln 
Putnam .». B., Wilmington 
Rand James, Cambri l«e 
Ranger Benj., Townsend (Harbor) 
Heed S. L., Watertown 
Rich irds Lawrence, Waltham 
Richards William It., Hopki il to 
Richardson A. P., Lexington 
Richardson John VV., Churlcsto m 
Richardson W, i!. IF, West Cambridge 
Richardson Win. S., Charlestown 
Riley Patrick, (East) Cambridge 
Robbing John H., Acton 
Robinson Joel, (Fust) Cambridge 
Rogers Joseph, Stow 
RusseJi John A., (East) Lexington 
Russell Milo.Groton 
Scott Samuel F., Carlisle 
Seniles John, Townsend 
Shaw& Neal, JVatick 
Simortds John, Melrose 
Skinner Joseph, Bedford 
Dmitri A., Ashby 
Smith Edwin, Waltham 
Smith a- Meadowcratt, Low.'!! 
Soper Jac6b, Stow 
Spear S., Cbarlosiown 
Stevens G. A., Littleton 
Stevens J., " 

Stinson & Poole, Lowell 
Stone Buckley, Framingham 
Stowe Emerson, Marlboro' 
Sutton Sc Vidito, VVaylaml 
Symmes Alexander S., Medford 
Syuitnes George VV*., •' 

Symmes Marshall, Winchester 
Taj lor Samuel, Bedford 
Th'wing Gardner H., ( Camhrid ■■ porl 
Trowhridge Geo., (South) Fraiu ighe \ 
Tucker Ebenezer, Wcsioti 
Tufts Edward, Maiden 
Tuttle John, Cambridge 
Fpha;:! Abij th, (North ) Tew" ■ rj 
Uphara George, Weston 

Walton Jorihua, Sooth Readirrg. 
Warren Ahlen, Grotwn 
Warren J. i;., i ittlat-bn 
Webster Moses, (North) Keadii ; 
VVeaman &. Chalk, Charlestown 
Weston S. J. M., (Feltai iviile) 
Wheeler Artomas, i-o\vell [boro' 

White Charles, Bright, a 
White. J. il., LitihMon 
Winchester Samuel, " 
Wood M, VV. &c Co., Shirley 
Wood William, West Cambridge 
Woodard James C, i 1 
Wright George .P., 

Wright T. B., (Forge Vill ge) West- 
Wright William IL, L'ovvnw nd 

Blind Fast and Sasli Angle 

Bacon Jonathan, Bcdfwrd 

Boat BniMor, 
Bowers Jonathan, Low •' 

Bobbin and Shuttle STannfiic- 

FiskG. W., Lowell 

Bonnet Bkacheries. 

Bradshaw J., Lowi II 

Flanders IVier Jr., " 
Thompson Bolbuel T., 


Dresser Edwin & Co-. Gamhrid 
Jordim A , Waltham ■ 
L.are...,! L.S [blank bnoka] Cam n 
learned S. D., Wnterto« i [port 

Marshall John J.. Pi in i eham 
Me Don ild n I 
M rrill ic Sri I 

.N"iir« ■ .\ R mil k . I 

Pari,, ri. I; . 
Pnnrton Jan i[),,l 
Sargeanl B. «'., L„. , n 
Siuiunil S, P.. 
Stacy John, Concord 


Allen Jonath in, L v.rli 

•'.-- i:. M. Or« ■ 
Blanchnnl Itufus, Lowell 
Butterlield VV. J., Lowi II 
Ci . . L. P., 
Davis John \V., " 
Dayton N. L., ,; 
Fowlo S. V\ ., VVi 
Howe J. T., N iti :k 
Hui new ill VVilliam, Can. bridge 

!•■ irned L. .-' , ' 'arnbri ' Report) 

IS D., VV iti | 
March Oliver, Lowell 
Marshall John J., 1 raminghnm 
Merrill Nathon, I harlestown 
M< rrill & Straw, Lowell 
Ma Hoy < '•■■nm?, " 

Mun roe James ii- Co., Cambridge 
Parker Sc PIvmpton, Hollbtun 
Pearson J. if, Cambri Igi (pi r;) 
rhiibrick John, Lowell 
Pratt Joseph, Cambridge(port) 
Ro| p George, (East) i ambridgo 
Sargeant 1>. (,'.. Lowell 
Simonds S. P., " 
Stai v A Ihert, I "n 
Walfci i James P.. Lowell 
W tit,.,-. \: ios, Natick 
Watson Ahijih, Lowell 
W lit. , Abel, 
Woodard W., S3d , Hopkinton 
V'oungman David, Winchester 

Eo3c ani Shoe I : Irrs. 

Adams Enns IF. L... 
Arnold >i: (,'o., Char!. - 
Vu tin James, Lowell 

Paeon R, i: 

BarrJohn, <: 

i'.-. tn '.'. : : :i;im, " 
l^rrv .<c Co ! an, '• 
Klarrcbanl Rofu%, 
Bnardra I . H. " 
i I i i lm -I r- V., ' " 
: ... •% !ser Luke D , " 
| i liias*! Lorenzo. " 

. (' H IF, " 

Co. '. John • . ' : 

- mui i *'.'., Maiden 
• Critchctt Nathaniel, Lowell 
. ; inr*i rth < .1-, Carol - 
i. •'■ .'■'-. iam, Lowell 
i -v. \\ hitney, " 
Fernald L wia S., " 
Giad i in i'. A., " 

H. ('., 

.1 i-'^' > , '• 
hue Willi ira P., Charlcstown 
I Hale A., 

; Hill All -rt, Lowell 
i Hill Charts, M ilil i 
Hovi v, l.owi II 

■ I,, . . Cambridge 

J .'.- *, Lowell 
! Kittrcd'C Dani ■'. '■ 
■ ; . ... Poor, Charlestown 
im P., LoweJI 
N'ewell, Chnrli 

J., Low. II 
' I. il II. F S., " 

•' I .-.•.,., S., 

Merrill J ph, 

i Miller l?h ii . i, Charlestown 

| M • H> I. Lowell 

y V\ ,; m, 
list W::.ler, Cambridg 
' O'Hrifn F ke Low. II 
i r L'lim < 

' I 

i . • . i ; . - , : . « ■ L* 



Roberts William, Lowell 
Russell Nathan, Cambridge(port) 
Sampson & Pear, 
Scar! i Churl >«, Lowell 
Spencer ftlicliaol., ,: 

StOKC Samuel, " 

Wait James M., Maiden 
Ware I! F & Co/jWoburn 
Webster William VV., Lowell 
Wellington & Rogers, 
White Bbenczer, Gharlestown 
Wliii.- T. J., Cambridge 
Whi tidy Joseph, Lowell 
Winchester Mark, Churlostown 
Wood Jonas, Cumbridga 
Wright George, Lowetl 
Wright llapgood, i; 
Wright N. KL, " 
young Janice, " 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

Abbott R- F., South Heading 

Abbott Predcrick.(North) " 

Abbott J. A., i: " 

Abbott Samuel, 

Abbott Thomas R., " " 

Adams A. I 1 .. C! arlestown 

Albeo Abner Jr., flopkinton 

Avery Ephraim, Melrose 

Avery Kittredge, " 

Bacon Reuben, Bedford 

Baker George F., Wahham 

Bake* William, &c S. D , -Marlboro' 

Balcnm E. S. &. Co, Groton 

Baldwin Henry, Townsend (Harbor) 

Baldwin Uriah, ' ; " 

Hanker D. 1.., Newton 

Barnard & Claflin, Hopkintoji 

Barrott Artcmas, Melrose 

Barrett James, " 

Batchelder B. F., Holliston 

Batchelder Joint, 

Batchelder Wm. S.. l: 

Bate George, Cambridge 

Bencefc :\uiadamc,( Feltonsville) Marl 

Bemis Roval, Watertown [bora 

Bent William, (Cochituate) Waviaud 

Bigelow U. I)., Marlboro' 

Blaisdellfe Button, Carlisle 

Blood Willard, Ashland 

Bowers Charles, Concord 

Bowers Charles R., fWest) Actor: 

Bowker fc Phtpps, Hopkiriton 

Bowker Uriah, ■' 

Boyd & Corey, Marlboro' 

Brigham Denuison. » 

Rrigham Ephraim, Natick 

Bngbam P.& Co., (Feltonsville) Marl 

Brigham George, Marlboro' [boro 

Bryan* Joseph, Lowell 

Brook* William, Reading 

Brown Caleb I)., " 

Buekruan D. & Son, Woburn 

llurnham D. !>., Littleton 

Burrcl! Edmond, Sudbury 

Butterfiehl John, Bedford 

Butterworth John, Lowell 

Caldwell S., Woburn 

Campbell James 6., (North) Reading 

Carr John, Ashby 

Chamberlain P. \V. fc Co., Bedford 

Chapman S. II., Pepperell 

Chipmam John, Marlboro' 

Claflin John, Holliston 

CUrk Charles, Wallbam 

Clark Dnniel, 

Clark Thomas, Cambridge 

Coburn Abijah, Weston 

Coburn N. P. & Co., Hopkinton 

Coggin Oilman A., Beading 

i'mm., V. K.. Woburn 

Craijjin B, Groton 

Cmi-in 1., »« 

Crook* 8. v A., Hopkinton 

CwMsman A., Shirl ••. 

Cummings Dani-l, Woburn 

Cutler Auiorv, Holliston 

'"mler fc Lelund " 

Culler Silas, Burlington 

Cutter Caleb, Shirley 

I'avi i;u>rt fc Gibbs Hopkinton 

Davenport S. !). fc Son " 

Davis I, Tynastwiro' 

l'a\ ta John, Lexiugti in 

I'r. in S, ||., »\ incho ter 

Daniels Georgi T., Holliston 

Eledman Willi im, Marlboro' 

Deland William, (West , Townsend 

!'• ■:.:.'• 1'. , < 'ambridge(porl ; 

Dii kinson E. M., Marlboro' 

'. : :■. L) m 4 :i & Cu. , Stoncham 

Dous. Nathaniel, Shi Iburne 

Durgin II. P., Natick 

Durant Reuben, Cambridge(port) 

ihiren Warren, Lexii ; [ton 

I I i;'rr VV illiam, Mar lb >< ' 

Baton Timothy, West Cambridge 

Edwards Baker, Stoneham 

Edwards J. P. fc E., Lincoln 

Elliott Joseph, Sonierville 

Emerson fc Barrett, Melrose 

Emerson Charles, Stoueham 

Emerson Darius F., " 

Emerson Thomas, South Reading 

Emery William E .. Lowell 

Este3 Joseph, (South) Groton 

Evans J. M., South Readin » 

Evans L. B., • " » " 

Fairbanks J.. Waltham 

Farnswortb David, ( Feltonsville) Marl- 

Farrar A. W., Shirley [boro' 

Farwell Royal, Natick v 

Fay S. G., Marlboro' 

Ftlch Isaac, Natick 

F»sk John D.,(East) Pepperol! 

Fhk II. N., Weston 

Fist Lovett, Holliston 

Flags William, (West) Newton 

Flanders H. FL, Woburn 

Flanders John, 

Flanders William, " 

Fletcher John. Acton 

Flint Frederick Woburn 

Foster Dudley, B.illerica 

Foster Joseph, 

Foster Samuel, '• 

Foster Stephen, Reading 

Frost William W., Churlestown 

Fry S. T., Marlboro' 

Fuller fc Newhall, Meln -■•- 

Furbush E. A., V Island 

Ga range Joseph S , Hopkir ton 

Gates Scromus, \ hby 

G tv &; Proctor, Newton (Upper Fal'^i 

Gleason Lewi- P., Bedford 

G rammer fc Brother, Woburn 

Gr :y William 1! . Acton 

( : " m Varon, M tlroso 

(»r« en George, Stonehatn 

Green Jam •.«, Melrose 

Green Olivet \\ ■ ■ 

Gr< c\\ Peter Jr. ,"Stoneham 

Greenwood , Marllwro' 

Harllev Timothy B., Stn el i n 

[{agar ^ alter, Newton ( Lower Falls) 

Mail.!. 75. . (North) Towi»wM«d 

Hanchctt Ebenezcr, Natick 

Hanehctt F. fc Co., " 

Hunchett Wm. T.. ' ; 

Harvey Patrick, Waltham 

Hastings Jonas, (Concord 

Hasting-a Jonas, Weston 

fl tstings William. '• 

Hawkes Ad tm, South Readin? 

Hawks James & Son, Iforfli ton 

Hawks fc Perry, 

Hawley Georse, Lowell 

II iv Cyr«3, Stonoham 

H-v den Isaac J., Lowell 

Haves Ephraim. Nat i '• 

Hayes Richard/ » 

Howes Aaron T., 'V '"'•' Reading 

Hildreth Joseph, U -■ 

Hill Brewi r. Cnmbrl I 

Mill Charles, M i ! 1< ■ 

Hill H. VV., 'A cs! l';i 

Hill J ihn .v Co S'o 

Hilehiu-^Geor-e, M •• • ■ 

Ho<i«dtiii JoJm, iVowton < • ntrc) 

!l,,| len Abiel .t Sou • R •.'• ,' 

Hol.ton Luther, Woburn 

Holyck i v' im. W., M i 

Hooper William Tyng^lmro' 

H . ... |„!i . M rlboro' 

Hovi ir i Am '•. Stoiieh u 

Howard <'fc u •, Mi In ■■• 



llubli ii I Vppletwi . Hopkinion 

lliilib u \ hlty 

' Willi mi, I.''.. 

Html «»n A.. Lowell 

Huntomi Mnnea C„ Lowell 

1L t!.- .N.i' h ,r., \\ oburn 

Jon.-i Abel, Littli Ion 


l. mi-, i nr-i- VV., Brighton 

J ones Sam il ind 

Kelsey A. A . Con :ord 

K i Ider Enorli Su'lbury 

Kidder F. II , ••'■ 

I . i i g I , , i . - i 

Kingi h im 

King ' urv Benj W ., v - 

Knu . Ii s David, ( North ' 

Lam y ( lliver, Charh ttow .> 

! \ fc '!'. W n'>„rn 

Lawrenee A., Townsei I 

!.<• ith William, Woburn 

Leiginon Albert. Groton 

Leland Alden, Holliston 

i " ' i- ' i. Jr., Stoncham 

Lovejoy James A.. Billerica 

Lyon JauM--, Brighton 

Maguire Andn \\ , Lowell 

Maim William, Maiden 

V. n'ng A. W., Woburn 

Mansfield F. B., Hopkington 

Marshall Geor« i W., '. 

Mason A. A., South Reading 

Mcfntire Abel, PcppRrell 

Mcfntire Levi, (North) Tow I 

Mono John, Watertown 

Merrill I.) irius, Lowell 

Merrill Mose3, Somervillo 

Messcr Moses K., Stoneham 

Motley Richard, Brigiiton 

Moore A., Chi Im ford 

Moore J V. Lowell 

Morris John, " 

Morse E C, Natick 
j .M'c-:'> Freeman, Marll 
} Morse Leonard, Natick 

Morse Walton, 
j Motti i Willi im, Winchester 
! Moulton Ho ■. Framingham 
j Nash (>.. (East) Lexington 
1 Swell I* w »rth, A 

Newhall '.' rge Melrose 

Ni wton Ii R., Wayl ml 

Nichols fc. Wilder. Cm 

Nichols \\ W.. " 
richo ' '■ ' -vi . Woh iru 

Nu Blea ror, East] !'• | pcrcll 

Nutlin" Vespasian, Dr 

' ■;>■ r r. ;. : 

Ordway s .. « ' . South N it 

Parker'Charles II . II 

Parkei i . • md, Wi : 

Parker Gustavus (North) Re 

Parker Jerome, Reading 

Parker Sti i i in Ifc " 

Parks .1 n i •. Wati rtown 

Pi.-rl - lonathan, Mi'dford 

Perry Calvin IL, Nali 

Perry William 3d., '« 


Phillips i:.«. -Li-! P., N 

Pratt F f Feltonsville) Mai 

PufterElij - lx ■ . 

■ i • ■ ell -' . ( 'a m I ills 

Bams lell Thorn is, Wi st Can 

K ind S inuiel, Cnmbridse 

Itaj . yVm. 'P., Cai 

I ,| )' . | ;| I . 

!■ miles Alfred J.. Si 
Biro A'ner. (South ) Fr imi 
; ■ 1 1 ph a , J 

Ri ••< <on Heiirv, 

i: c i ir '■.■,■> ii. i... iii 

Ri :b ir Ison fc ..:' linn, "•' • burn 
Rich ii Ison I >. W & Sun 
Rich irdson Piestoii, R< 

- Asa, Gr.iton 
R.mudy Augustus, Woburn 
Itiiu P.irki r"S..C«ml 
Bnwe AH. n & Son, Stoutduiiii 



Sawyer Jnsiah, Caiiibridge(port) 
.-.-,. |loy M . Charlestown 
Seaver Charles, Hopkinton 
Suave r William, Ashland 
Shattuck Josiah, (East) Pepperell 
Sinttuck l''i t n.irts , Pepperell 
Shattuck William, Acton 
Ski rm;ii! Prentiss, WulttiaiO 

(flattery John, Low* .1 

Small A. H.,(West) Newton 

Smith A., Somerville 

South A., Wallham 

Smith James, Newton 

Smith Josiah, Lexington 

Sprague Daniel L,, Sloneham 

Sprague Henry, Melrose 

Stafford John, Gambridgfl 

Sunder Simeon, South Reading 

Steele James <L John, Stoneham 

Stevens Darius, " 

Stevens Joan W., Marlboro' 

Stoddard &c Woodman, Natick 

Stono Abijah, Waterto.wn 

Stowe John, South Reading 

StrrWton L., (Feitonsvilie) Marlboro' 

Sweetser A. N. & A. G., So. Reading 

Sweetser Madison, :; 

Sweetser Tliomas Fl., Heading 

Sweetser Warren & Co., Stoneham 

Tash J. H„ Natick 

Taylor J. D., Woburn 

Temple Hiram, Ashland 

Temple R, N., Reading 

Thompson < >: ;. Barber, Hoj kinton 

Thompson Cyrus A., Reading 

Thorn tag John, Son>er\ i'ie 

Thwing C. H , Woburn 

Tidd John <fc Son, ■■ 

Tilu.;, A. k Co., Ashland 

Tolinan Blisha, Concord 

Tru-k M. ('., West Cambridge 

Tucker Joshua, Hopkinton [ham 

Tuttie Isaiah (Sa.\onvifie) Fraining- 

Uiiham Asa, Jr., Metrnsa 

Upbam Benjamin R., » 

\ i.'es Nathan, V\ a Ithnm 

Wait Joshua, [ladies] Maiden 

Wait Samuel l!., [ladies] " 

Walcott E. & S., Natick 

Walcott George, " 

Walcott John B., 

Walton K. H.. South Reading 

IVotk*. baac. vVwtcn 

Wane.. Jonathan, WaHham 


Washburn & Gurnev, Natick 

Washburn Thomas. 

Wells U. B. & Co., Melrose 

Weston Aaron, Reading 

Weston Luther, " 

Whitcomb Lowell, Dunstable 

White John. South Loading 

Whrre Luther, Lrttlotoo 

White Robert, Lowell 

Whitney Joseph. Wallham 

Whorlnn J. S., Walt ham 

Wiley David, South Reading 

Wiley E.E., 

Wiley Leonard, iC 

Wilkins A. B., Stoneham 

Wiikins fc Installs, Acton 

Wilson Asa, Newton (Upper Falls) 

Wilson John O., Natick ■ 

Witbington Isaac. Brighton 

Wood A. S., Woburn 

Wood Elijah, Concord 

Wood William S., (East) Pepperell 

VVoodard J. & W., Hopkinton 

Woodbury John, (West) Anon 

VVyeth Hollis N., Stoneham 

Wymun G. M., Winchester 

Botanic Medicines. 

Cheover John, Charlestown 
Cheney William S., Loweii 
Dowse Amos W., Lowell 
Uomtfck llir.itn P., Charlestown 
Thompson II. L., Lowell 

Box and Trunk Makers. 
Alien Otis 4i Co., Lowell 
Uxaoks & Tyler, 


Fiske George, Lowi II 

i! flow Charles, i Inmbridgo(port) 

Mi •-:■ p. W. S , I! ipl inton 

Mitchell L. I)., Cainbridge(port) 

Osborn Dolphin, " 

Page George <;., 

Priest Michael, Ashland 

Priest P., W it rtown 

Bras., rounder. 
Dana David, Lowell 


Donahoo Owen, Lowell 
Fow ler William, Charh slown 
Haley Nathaniel, 
Hancock Otis, Lowell 
Jones Joseph, Jr., Waltham 
Kent John, Charlestown 

Brick Makers. 
Bennet Clark, Somcrvillo 
Blake 8c Hayes, Cambridge 
Chick Horace, Somervillo 
Clark Joseph, " 

Fisk Mar 1 -:, " 

George Obadiah, Camhrid<»( , (port) 
Had ley Benjamin, Somervillo 
Holt C, v " 

Hubbel Peter, Charlestown 
Hubbel & Abbot, Cambridge 
Jaques William, Somerville 
Ketmiston Albert, " 
Kinsley H. &C, 
Kinsley Z., 

Knowkon Ira, " 


Sanborn & Blair, <; 
Sands John, Cambridge 
Tufts fc Bbyden, Somerville 

Brown William, Cambridge 
Brown S. D., Cambridge(pori) 
Fowler H. S., Lowell 
Hews John, C am bridge(porl) 
Flovev ic I'vder, '' 
Hyde'Daviif, Lowell 
Marvel! Henry W. " 
Munroe William A- (East) Cambridge 
Olmstead II, Lowell 

Brush Makers. 
Fellows Churlcs F., Lowell 
Fellows John, Cambridge(i»urt) 
Harvey it Burton, (East) Cambridgn 
Stratton, Sheriff &. Co., (K.) Cambrrdgi 

Butchers . 
Abbott Jacob. Brighton 
Alexander Oliver. " 
Allen & Barber, (West) Newton 
Allen John. (North) Reading 
Arnold M. V, Brighton 
Arnolds., (Feitonsvilie) M ■.,-' 
Baker George, Brighton 
Bates -M., 
Rates Otis, 
Bent Rufus, 

Boy.nton Isaac, Jr.. Pepperell 
Boynton Joseph. Brighton 
Boyhton J. T., Bedford 
Braekett Chas., Newton -' i! 
Bracket! N ithanii-l, -N wtou 
Brewer Elisha, Brighton 
Brooks Stepl •>. " 
Buck James, Wilmington 
Burnham Richard, Wtnchcstei 
ButterfieM Abel, Lexington 
Bulterfield S., 

Carter & Gowing, Wil '." ■■ 
Chamberlain X. U I). - puihjlro \ 
Clapp Moodv, Rri-hjti n 
Clark Edv i I, - i ■'' ' 
ClaikJitmes, H - 
Clifford E. M., Hiill»!on 
Cuhurn Edward, W e»iou 
Cock Arnold, Somei villa 
Cook John, Brighton 
Cooled"e J F.. I South) Frnm 
Cummings N. F., Town* ml (Ilaibor) 
Cutler I. D. .<: C. A., Sudbury 
Cuzzens Eli. Sherburne 

Pan i J i. 

Dit»i« \. i. . « ■ -i 

I >.■•■'. ,! 

Davii II. ii. 

|)H«in Sumuel.Jr.. " 


[)j I ■ : ./■., •' 

!'. u>. - J. 'I'.. W i ii-.i • 

En s \. r , 

Earn - Will ird It., v 
I. ! - h John, Brishton 
Fin \ al in , I 
Fletcher Robert, " 

rGi tan, BillericB 
French Vol u y, Stow 
Full i l ■• - . ;hton 
Gil >i Willard, 

■ i j. r... " 

•liiinr,' Jam m, Wilmington 
i .' .•■ i. J . Groton 
Hamlet- Willi im, Tyngsboto' 
Hap uod Cvrus, Bedford 

. ,,'c. I).. West Cam 
IliMre Ii II. P., Natick 
Hill Stcpln . Uriq 
Holdcn < i tries, Shirley 
Hollis J. W., Brighton 
HollisT. Q . 
Houghton J. C Littleton 
Howe >.v Brizha n, Marlboro' 
J N i?c S., Brighton 

J ickson S. .M., Xcwtn C al ) 
Jenkins 'I hi mas J.. Hillenca 
Johnson Benjamin, Brighton 
Jordan Horai ■-. " 

Keyes Marcus, (North) Chelmsford 
Kinesbury Lc in ird A., (South) Nati 
!. • . 5 s lem, Sudbury 
Leland Ira, Weslford 
Mansfield J. el Bedford 
.Martin Nathaniel, Brighton 
Mel nrl intl C, Hopkinton 
KU id A & O., (West) Acton 
Moore . x . - We it] I ownsend 

Nelson D., Ho! Ii-^' <>n 
New eon. b J.i:ne«, J'.ri^htOil 

Nutter < harles, 
i : I '. !... Winchester 
Parker & Ti Itl ,Wi -lord 
Park.-- John | South) Groton 
Peabody James, West Cainbi 
Pwibo,ty Ji . " 

Phipps William G., Hopkinton 
Pier ' IS. F, Brighton 
l'..... . | ;. . . ^ i. 

I ierce II W., " 
Pierce Mtlo, CI elmsford 
Piatt E. It., Brighton 

Jai • . '■'• est Ca bridge 
IC, Littleton 
Boe.l Ceorgi W.. Brighton 
It • . :- . . [Wesl \ Acton 
Reynold* vV l>erby, Con 
lire Edmund. Jr., Bi 
Kohinson !'., Hoi. kinton 
Russell B. P., West Cam! ridge 
ois N., Brighton 

. ■ 

i R., Pepperell 
Si iwart Jam J, Somerville 
Stewart i:.> -it, " 
. ■ ■ 
J i s F., Shirley 
Swan Chail . Wc st ( Iambi 
I ills N., « ' 
Taylor J.. Gi • 
■ 'Pa jr lor Ja ■<•!) 1'., Brighton 

Lilt er, 

I'owiic \:'i-it, " 

fownn Amus 

. Holliston 
i i vis Willi im, »• 

, Brighton 

I | Vim Clement, Chi hmsfoid 

: \ ; - ■. N irl 

W i tler.i N 
W , ■••,. f 

v. k, 
WhitoC " 



Wild* Georse VV. &Co., Medford 
Woods k. Warren. Mnilboro 1 
Woodbridgo S. F., West Cambridge 

Cabinet Makers. 
Adams James, Concord 
Badger Geor-e, Beading 
Badger William, '■ 
Ballard Joseph, (East) Camhridfre 
Bancroft Joseph VV. South fading 
Batchelder George <>., Beading 
I!, His Matthew, Waltham 
Bent Ebeftezer, Charlestown 
Bent J. J)., Beading 
Bent Luther, Watertown 
Blancbard Dexter, Grulon 
Buckley S., Charlestown 
Burditt, Ball Sc Spear, " 
Cheney John. Reading 
Childs Otis, Framiogham 
Ciark Charles, (North) Tcwksbury 
Cumfnings G., Waltham 
Cumming Joseph, li 
Damon John F., Stoneham 
Delano, J., Charlestown 
Dinsmore Samuel li., Bending 
Dupee George B., Westford 
•Fewkes Edward, Watertown 
Forster, Lawrence & Co., Charlestown 
Soster J. & E. & Co., T.ewksbury 
Francis Walter, (West) Waltham 
French E. F., Hopkinton 
French Gardner, Reading 
Goodnow William, Waltham 
Hancock Horace A., Cambridge(port) 
Uarnden Sylvester, Reading 
Hart J. M., (North) Reading 
Hixon Edward, Cambridge 
Holmes E. & Co., Charlestown 1\ M.&. Co. 
Holmes &. Fletcher, " 
Kendall John, Framingham 
Kieman Jarr es, Camhi idgo 
Kinxball Stephen I.., t><.'iit it Reading 
Kingman Francis, Heading 
Kingman Henrv, 
Kingman Josiah A., « 
Kit!.- James, Charlestown 
Lawrence William, Burlington 
Leonard G. F. <t. E. A.,Catnbridgc(port) 
Manning Ezra C, Heading 
Masse Marcellas, " 
Parker A, Mannrag, " 
Fatten Aaron H., Billerica 
Pence F. &c J. &- Co., Charlestown 
Parry Charts, 
Perear Thomn*,-S#ading 
Pond Nelson, Holliston 
IVttW Asa, Watonortn 
Robinson A: Fifield, Charlestown 
Ross Ozias, Lowell 
Roegles Samuel T., Reading 
Sanlbrd A. W., (South) Naticfc 
Simonds I. P., Waltham 
Simonds William. Winchester 
Smalh k).! E. A & G. T , Newton 
Skinner A. H., Charlestown 
Sweet,&; Bayer, Cambridge(port) 
Taylor Sewall, Sudbury 
Thorpe Thomas J'., VVest Cambridge 
Walker Francis. Waltham 
Whall Geo. F., Brighton 
Witredge Williams-North) Reading 
Wood C. P., V\"atortown 
Wright A. &G., Westford 


[See Soap and Dandles.} 

Cap Makers. 
Bent Jo Bush, Lowell 
tiopkinson A., " 

Carpenters and Builder?. 

Adams Abijah, Ashland 

Adams & Atwood, | East) Cambridge 

Alien & Co., Lowell 

Atmstead JoUn^Charlestown 

Atwood Benjamin G., Lowell 

Bailey E. K., Ashland 

Bailey Thomas H., | East) Cambridge 

Baker A., Lowell 

Baker K. W., Winchester 

Bolch James, (West) Acton 

Bald Noun, Townsend 

Barber II. ilollistoii 

Barker Josiah 11., Melrose 

Marker Samuel, " 

, Barnes SylvanuH, Marlboro* 

Barrett J. , (West! Townacnd 

Bntchelder J »-iah, (North) U 

Bealy & Bradley, Medford 

Bellows Luther, Uolliston 

Bellows S, A., " 

I Bemis C. W., "Waltham 

Benson Samuel, Lowell 

Bigelow Charles, Sherburne 

lligelow James, Ashland 

Bigelow & Wight, Xatick 
i Bird Charles, Jr., (South) Xatick 

Black Simon, Maiden 

■ Blake C, Lowell 

! Blake John, Melrose 

Blancbard Aianson, West Cambridge 
| Blood Luthor, (■.'o'ori 
! Boulton Stephen IK, Natick 
i Boutel! Calvin, Townsend 
I Bowker Samuel, Ashby 
! Bradbury <fc Tenny, Sornervillo 

Bradley George, South Reading 
! Brasee M. P., (East) Cambridge 

■ Brewster If. R., Ashland 
Broad F. V\ ., Brighton ' 

I Brown Abijah, Marlboro' 
I Brown Amos, Charlestown 
I Brown David, Marlboro' 

Brown D. L., •< 
j Brmvn F. C, Lincoln 
. Bruce Ado|phus, Weston 
i Bruce &: Pettingill. Lowell- 
'■ Bryant Willi irri, Tewksburv 

Buck J. S., (East) CanibridjK 


Buck S 
! BuIIakI Appleton, Hollijion 
| Burbank William, Medlbrd 
; Burns Jefferson, Mekose 

Bun dishing, Wesi Cambridge 

Bu'rrell '. IK, Charlestown 
J Buttrick F., Concord 
; Buttrick Francis, Waltham 

Buttrick. Isaac { Ea3t) i • < sington 
! Caldwell Charles, Med fin 1 

Campbell Charles, Wayland 
\ Campbell Warren A., (North) Readj 
| Capel Curtis, ( Fast) Lexington 
! Caswell Asa, iValiok 
j Charriberlain John, Cambridge 

Chii'pi i an Ellas, Pepperell 

Cftapm; a fe Porter, l.'harh *trwn 

Choivov Hear,-, (AsWl rtj Sudb sfy 

Childs S. A., (West) \> ton 

Ciark Aaron 2d, Charh litowh 
, Ciark David, West Cambridge 
j Clark Jonathan, M arid an 
| Clark Joshua, ' '■'■ 
j Clark Ozia ; ;, Cambridge 
| Clnfk Simon P., " 

Clement Mpses, Winchftstcr 
| Clement VVilliam P., f ; ■; kmtou 
j ClisbeeJohn, Marlboro' 

Colburn A., Hopkintoo 
1 Colburn D. G., " 
{ ColcSamuel C. Lowell 

Collins Hiram, Charlestown 
i Conant Bailey, Stow a 
j Corey Georse, Westford 

Corson Jededi ib V., Melrose 
i Cousens Horace, N'ewton (( et tre) 
! Cousens Joseph R , " 
! Cowdry N. W., E -■ Peppnn il 
I Crawford John, South Lloadi ; 

Creesv Daniel, R< tiding 
■ Pushing i; Bates, Chtir*. "tow a 
I Ctitler Amos B . \i- ::■■' : 
. Cutlet fsaac, < Jambridgn 
i Cutb r Nathaniel t'-, I: ;dford 
I Cutler Thorn is C. 
! Cuttioj; Ephraini, •'• 
! Dailev i.'-u.s, C imbridge 
! Dame* W. VV., Brigh . 
| Damon John E., 
i Da vies Ceo. II., (East) Can : - 
| Davis D. .'•: B., LowpII 
i Day Ralph, Cnmbri 
i Dow Daniel F-, i'-<> ■ f W 
j Dowser William, Low -:i' 

I Dudley I . K , Wait 
] Du II y S. W. L. J., ( 
| Dunh mi I. i'., 
I hupi o C. II . Weal i 

Dupee \\ . T., 
' )>v. ijht I'i.i r,.:i-'. I hirh , 

Knn • lose| II . N 
! Eaten l./ra I> , " 

Ellis John ( 'i..irb - .u (. 

■ Emerson it I. .. I. . 

Emery Stephen, M( li 

Esty Uexter, I r tinsham 
i Fall George II., Maiden 
! Fall G nshom L-. " 
, Pi II Sewall, 

: F v Hirim W., '• 
Pi Ich Andrew V\.. (South « 

i PeriMld K.., .■ 
' i ilield ... . 
Fitzgerald Stephen, I -\,:i-ton 
PI i her B !•'., Caml 
Fletcher J. E , Liltl 
Flint S. Sc U. K., Cam 
Floyd Daniel, Bi 
Foss D irius VV., Lexii 
Francis Ehenezer, Can 
French <k- Fuller, Lo\ 
h'rost Oreo, Tewksbury 
Gay J., Charlestown 
George James, Brighton 
(Jilrs fc Noyes, Acton 
Cilmore Metealf, llolliston 
Goodwin-Charles !!., I 
Gowing Eliab, Townsend 
Grant Elijah, ( '.-.: 
Grant Job N., (East) " 
Gray George, Waltham 
Green Elisba, Stoneham 
Green Jeremiah, South Reading 
Grovei Edmund, (North) " 
Hall Ira li., Dunstable 
Hamlin Cyrus, Westford 
Hamlin Paikci W.,(NorthJ 1 
Hammond Martin, Natick ' 
Hart John. Tow 
Hart Samuel, " 
Hapgood VV. G., Marl ■■ ■: >' 
Hardy San uel, Billeiica 
j H irtwell John B , West Ca: .' 
j llartwell j. C . Shirley 
. I! iseltineG. VV., Low. II 
! Haven George F., Mar:. .:■>> 
| Haven Isaac, 
! Hayes I. tuber S.,Cai 
; Ha'yi i s Nathau, (Saxo \\ il ] Pi ■ 
' Huyward Francis, .'■ 
| Haw ard Matthev , Cambi or!) 

j Hayward Moses, Acton 
| Hayward William, Lexington 
i HealeyJohn P., Na 
j lb aley Joseph, 
| Ileal h J I!., Watertov n 
Hemmcnway Adai 
Hernia i',wa> A. H., V 
Hcinmenway D ;xtcr,(So.)Framii 
I Hemmcnway EL, " 

; ilemmenway J, " " 

j il >m .-.i-nuay John, " " 

' Hersam I b ••' 
: Hill J >hn. Som irvillo 
; li »ar Daniel, Waltham 
\ Huh "ir .Aloses, Concord 
1! ■■ !l - '-(i Isaiah, Newton 
; ■ (,. irj e. Ashby 

. - 
Holmes Stephen, Newton 
Holl Daniel, Lowell 
lb lyoke Edward. Marlboro' 
Hood Abraru K . la. vet: 
Horn George Wan .own 
H^n W illiam, Jr., " 

A.J. (West) Townsend 
Hosinfir \. S., i '■•■. . rd 
Hosmer 1>. W.. (W - \ I n 
II >v htont b irl. ,. ^ a 
I Houghton VV. P., (Wi -• N 
! Howard Calvin. (North) Chelmsford 
i Howe Elbrid»e, Marl 
j Howe II. C.vt J. F., Lowell 
Huckins N., Lowell 
Hunt J., t.'harlestown 

\ •'■■ok, ( V. • st) Nowtoo 
■ 8..I lharlestuwa 



y {ViI]a S e) 


HutcliinKnn Erastus, Cambridge 

i , ,,s Charles S., Hertford 
JttrvwJohn, VVestCamh dze 
J.i<ir.«-< H. I'.., Charie*town 
.1 ujues John '.'., TewRidmry 
.!. ■iii.i:..'-' Jesse, Hopkinton 
Jutmson A. tf. (West) Newtou 
j ihn <>a A. VV., Hopkinton 
Johnson Elsnore, Winchester 
Johnson Gideon, Walthara 
Johnson P. L., Hopkinton 
Jones F., Acton 
Junes J., Lincoln 
Jones S. A., Sudbury 
Jordan A., Newton (Lower Fa!!-) 
Jordan Thomas (East) Cambridge 
Kendall Amasa, Framtngham 
Kendall Jeremiah, Tyn^oru' 
Kendall John, 
Ken.lall S C, Walthara 
Kendrick Samuel C, Maiden 
Keycs Crf>.oi%o VV., Newton (Lower 
Kimball .Moses, Melrose [Falls 

Knapp E , Acton 
Knowlton Edward, Ashland 
Larcom Jonathan, <.'heiins:oru 
Lawrence A., Ashby 
Lawrence David, •• 
Lawrence J. W.. Peppereli 
Lawrence Levi. Ashby 
Lawrence Losing, " 
Lawrence Q. F./SJiirIev (Village) 
Lawrence William J.. Ashby 
I Libby Isaac H., Lowell 
Lincoln G. & C A.. Cambridcc 
timkin Jacob, Melrose 
Lttchiield I;., Cambridge 
Locke Simeon, Melrose 
Locke William, 1 
Lengley E. D., S 
Longley Otis, ' 
Lmiug Elisha B. 
Lothrop Amasa, Sherburne 
Lorett Thomas, Loweil 
Lowell John, Peppereli 
Lucas Miu., (West) Newton 
Lynde Amos P.. Melrose 
Lyon VV illiam, Newton (Lower Falls) 
Mann Ebenezer. Sherburne 
Manning J., (Feltonsvi'Ie) Marlboro' 
MarplcJohn M., Charlestown 
Mason S. L., :; 

Masse John, (South) Nafick 
di tes A., Lowell 
McCareu 'J'errence. Lowrfl 

•rv & Htfhr'v, ; - 
Weeks Titaoiiiy, I uncord 
Men-ill K/.ekiet, Shelburne 
Meserve C, Hopkinton 
Miller Jacob. Peppered 
Miller Samuel, ,; 
Milton -J. S.. Charlestowu 
Moore Sumner, Wayland 
Morse J. A.. (South) Natick [ham 

MouIkh) Chas., (Saxonvilie) Framiug- 
Mullikcn Henry, Lexiugton 
Muilikcn Isaac, 

Jfeavcomb 1. VV., South Reading 
Newton Da via. Marlboro 1 
Noble John, Maiden 
Xo.ves Joseph, Lowell 
O'ilrieu James. Charlestown 
Orcutt Levi. Le 
Orcntt Levi Jr., •• 
Packard '/.••mis. If^.'M-roTx 
Paine John. Charlestown 
lia«e Asa, Billeri. a 
Palmer A. C, Charlestown 
Palmi r Granville, (East I Cambridge 
Parker Eli P., Chelmsford 
Parker William 2d. U. iding 
Parkhnrst Edwin K., * •-■ Lmsford 
Parridc John, Weston 
Patch William, 
Pay.»on Edwin, Uolliston 
Paywn S. & VV. L.. " 
Peabo»ly & Woodward, Lowell 
Pern! fxter C. & A.. | Easi . Cambridge 
Pi rklns Andrew C, South Beading 
•"•TkiiiH John, Waylan 1 


'rknis Levi, Cai 
• 'i i Jona!», Ut 

• rid. 

Phelps Svlvestcr, Hopkinton 

l-h. I] si Thorn -, (South) Natick 

Pickett Samuel, Cambridge 

Pierce & Burnham, Watertown 

Pierce James, Medl rd 

Pierce N'ehemiah, Hopkinton 

Pike S. K . lb llisti n 

Plntts P., \\ iitertown 

Polland Dawson, i West) •' h rtmsford 

Pond .)., Hopkinton 

Pope & Pingree, Newton 

Porter 11. VV .. I;. 

Pratt A. W., Charlestown 

Prate Edward, 

Pratt . Maiden 

Prentiss 15. !•".. Hopl rnton 

Prescott Humphrey, Bur iugton 

Pringle John, South Heading 

Pritehard G. VV., Littleton 

Proctor James, Lowell 

Purrington John, South (leading 

Putnam J. B., Hopkinton 

Randall Benj., Somerville 

Reed S. A., Peppereli 

Reed William D-, Bedford 

Reeves Henry, Wayland 

Richardson & Collamorc, Winchester 

Packer M. & J., Cambridge(port) 

Livers Isaac, " 

Robbins & Law, Littleton 

Robinson C. il., Stow 

Rogers William R„ Maiden 

Rowe S. W., Groton 

Russell Samuel ( '., Cambi idg*. ( port ) 

Salter Joseph, Billerica 

Sanderson Henry, Townsend (Harbor) 

Sanger Jos< pli, Watertown 

Sanger S. A. & Ambrose, Sherburne 

Saunders & Blodgett, Cambi i«J 

Saunders William, Cambridge 

Sawtcll Josiah, Low< 11 

Sawteii Josiah A., I owell 

Sawtell William. Shir! -y I \ ill iir< ) 

Searle William, townsend (Hai hoi ) 

Shattuck Joseph, Winchester 

Shaw Lewis, Camb If 

Shed Thomas i:.. Billerica 

Shcrwin Nero. (West) Townsend 

SherwinT., ,; 

Smallidge J. W., (E?ist) Cambridge 

Smith S; Flayward, C iyirlest - u 

Smith Josiah, Weston 

Smith Mioah. Stow 

Smith Nathaniel, Naticfc 

Smith Reuben, r' to - 

Smith Sidnej , Marlboro' 

Snell Orlando, Lowell 

Spalding ^c Page, " 

Sparrow Jas. II., Combridae(port) 

Spokesfield Joseph W., Ueadiug 

Stacy Rufus R., L< ■■■'■< 

Stevens John, West Cambridge 

Stewart Eli. Soin« rvil ■ 

Stickney Nathaniel, Dn ut 

Stickne'i - r^epar ( 

Stiles Stephen, ' 

Storer ^ Blanchard, Vu-; < ambndge 

Stone J. B. (Co« hitu .:• ■ 

Stone II. P., Winchester 

Swallow B-, Tyng> J ' ri) ' 

Swallov. Jaines. Duust-ible 

Sweet D. XL, I-dwell 

Taylor Elbrid^e, Wiln 

Taylor Franklin Hi li - 

Temple Timoth'v . !'•■ 

Tenney Samuel, Ti wtiwml 

Thomas W. B., Med ford 

Tower Charles, Stow 

Tower J. L., " 

Treffren Jonas. S ir rri •' 

Tr. v. Frin.-is 11., Cai il 

1 -.,. hi- . - 01 N ■ 

Turner J. Jr 

Turner Lather, (West) Newton 

TutileD. A., U-xinv'l n 

TuttleJ. S. & J. W .* iwrrillo 

Tyler Edwsinl, (Eostj I^xmirton 

('.••!• rwo l Ceurg. I 

[Jr,..lerwocHlJohn, (E«st)i 

Vali Hi i« 1- ■ '■ ;: ■ 

Vickery Ji nathan A . VV in m-ter 

VVadleich JO- Brigbtou 


Walcol I'll 

M ■ rd M i • '- 

'»•."■• . ■ i, -. • 

\\ : J • : n.,i - i0r t) 

ton All i rt, '.- 

\\ .-f i! I..- rjre. Lli 
Wetherbei Andrew, Waltham 
Wetherl»ee 'ita, L 

W ( thi il- • .:■ -■ .1, .i. . Walt 

w . ti.. . ■ • ■ ] 

Wheeler Er *tu« .' 

VV heelei Josiah D., ^ 

Whipple i ' n, < 

Whitcher Havu i : I 

«■ hi) • : b 0. W.. Shir! y (Village) 

White John P., I ■ 

Whitman Ebeu W., Soi 
\\ ":.. m f\ . I i • 

Wiley A 1 ai.i. South Leading 

Wil y Pi ter, 

w illiams ii., Charli - 

Willis s. \„ Sudbury 

Wilson .).. Charh si >wn 

\\ ilson J. B. . k '. C, ■■ 

WiLson Nathan, Cambridgcl 

V. inds, - \- . S., Bngl ' 

V\ inn Prancis, Cambi 

v > irit-.-r Stephen, Bill i 

Witt E.,(Feltonsville) Marlboro' 

Wit! <-. D. 
! Worcester J. 5c F., Stoneham 
: Wright Hanson, Lowell 
i W right Ephraim, v\ i - fI u I 
| Wright James M . BiU< 
j Wyman L., Charlestown 


•Adam 5c NorM,. | 
t Hardy Thomas, - : 
| McDonald John Jc John Jr., Is- 
Weaver & Bn 

Cnrpot Manufacturers. 

< iwi > J., Ix>weU 

Knight 5'c Maynard, ( Assabet) Sudbnry 

J.ari.' i;"_-'T, IjOWcII 

towell Man 

Mather J., L 
Siii-rJ., . 

Carriage Manufacturers. 
Abln ■'. I evi, Wi - ingtoo 
Ad ■ - William, Ilopk 

Eilwin, Sudbury 

Ifcicon Isaac P., I 

Li.-; ham Thoma«, Natick 

Biakc 1 

•• 0. M . Bill riea 
B '.• I . i'. . ! 

Brigham William! (East) Lexii - 
llrigham ^^ il iam E 
lit ! .... !• | -; U '.e 

|t, - . - 
i rown James, 

;. .- •' . v. . st ' ami ri !. • 
BurtUeont E., Wcstf i I 
1'-. -mi. Stilim .'i CI tnsford 

» .• iu 
«' trr E., Groton 

• ■ A, i r'.L l 

■ Si -..ham 
Coffswell \ ELski . 
t wk Asa, Newt 

W. C, West • 
Cntlor Jam* - M . U 

v\ .. "' 
■ neon, 
i. ,. ... , ,. , ... i..,. 

a\\ iu, West < 



Mx Joseph 0., South Rcadiu* 

Dixon, Chartfstown 

J>u lley W. R., \v a > : in I 

Durant John. Pcp'perell 

Durant Juhn W.. - 

Eatc . J. I!.. Uwefl 

Emers »n Darnel, Waltham 

H-h.-r Addison. N< tie* 

Rslier Anson, Xe rton il..,-.. c i- k ;; "-, 

Frost Aaron Jr., Tewkiibury 

Frothiagham Richard, Charlestown 

Garfield George. U,>t >n 

Hanson Joel F.,' West Cambridge 

Harrington Edwin, Su Iburj 

Haraden .tomuuan (Xorth) Reading 

HarwoodB. & E. A.. Westford 

Hfanaond E. Jr.. Ashland 

Hastings Mollis, '(South) Framingham 

Heard J. F., Wayland 

Hitchcock George ],.. Ashby 

Hemruenway K; ; i.,ct. Marlboro' 

H< rn C. E (South) Framingham 

Howard Elbridge A., (Xorthj Heading 

Houghton X S.. Reading 

Howe James, a s ; L1 - : : 0TO ! 

Hunt Joshua, C; rlisle 

Hnnnewelt Charles. Cambridge 

Jenkins Joel, Lowel] 

Joy X. T., (East) Pepperell 

Kfgan Patrick, (West) Xewton 

Kingman Ambrose, Reading 

Kingsbury Joseph, Waltbmn 

Lapham i>. K.. Groton 

Lapham L Littleton 

Lynde Nathan, Charlestown 

planning 0., Littleton 

sS?n?rdG ! in rUiI M C T bridge(POrt) 

kci>aniel,7amSL.G r roto r n 

Mead Lyman, Boxboro' 

Moore Georse R., Westford 

Morrill C, Wilmington 

Xewhall Franc-is, Lincoln 

Partridge Josi-ph,. Houston 

Pierce ANjaii W.— .-, 

Pratt & Perkins. Bedford 

Proctor Char! ■-, Ch< InwtVvd 
Pu&r Reuben, Wan rtown 
Rand Benjamin, Cambrid <e 
Rand Wiiktrd, Wcsrou 

Rhoum , Watertuwn I 

Bobbins . Dunstable ' 

Sage Samuel, Bedford 
Salisbury James C, Sherburne 

fi?, ke ? J - & ,; W'«ertown 
llydo James, Charlestown 
stcvena G< rj e, Charles! m 

Chair Factory. 
H< It Asa, Ashby 

Chemical Work': 
*£*« Chemical Co., G, .nrcGardoe 

&< o., (Boston agents, Waltham 
HoUis Charles, Charlestown 

Cigar Malcers. 
Bennett B. P., Bilierica 

Farrar James, Maiden 
Fowler George D., Lowell 
f reuch William S., Charlestown 
[^oudA-.O., (East) Cambridge 
>■ irucker Henry, •• « 

Ilowlett William, Cambridge' Dortl 
Leonard C. W., :s ° * ' 

LcFrancis Thomas, » 

Mason Allen, Lowell 

MortJ. W;, 

Morris Samuel, Maiden 

Sylvester J. 1.., Cambridge 

Vaneida John, Maiden 

*ahmtine Isaac, heading 

JJhitney H. A., .Lowell 

« itbaffl Thomas, Cambridge(port) 

i nd 



(South) Jr.. 
W-, Xewton 


■ ■■ tang [ <.! tb B., CheLrnsfbrd 

Stearns Charles, Haylau-l 

Stevens L. \V., [Wc 

Stevens S imj <on 

Stereos \\ tllian 'j 

Stick™ ? ii !. u 'i. 

St«nc j", S- i ■■ .■'■'■■. 

Sylvester Q. A.'. To- 

Symines L. R., Win 

Teele Elbridee M 

Thayer Isaac P.J ■ 

Trowbridge Ge< i - ■ 

Trowbridie StcphVi 

1 ! < :kerC. K.. ]', xii 

Tufts F.lias. >r*dfor 

Tufts Richard, - 

^, F -H-r(F^t) Cambridge 
Mitchell J. a.. Waltham 
Ware V 0., Sherburne 
WfcS f^*^ A., Cambridge 


^oods , M J ti<StSe? atiii{ ^ 
Young Alexander, Ih.j.kmron 

Carriage Repository. 
Tamphn James I)., Charlestown 

Bent Kverett, Watcrtown 
Brewn F„ Ciiarltfsir.uii 


Civil ingineers and Surveyors. 

Abbot E.,Westfonl 

•^amsT.J.JXorth) Chelmsford 
I Appletou Edward, Heading 
j Bacon Austin, Xatick 
■ Bancroft Joseph, l\ idin" 
; Barker E., Charlestown ' 

Rennet John. Lowell 

I K LV "?■,?•! Newton (Centre) 

Ballard GtisJL, !r.„H„, J0 
I Butler Caleb; Urctbn 
! Butterfield & Swan, Lowell 
, ( hasc Joaiah (}., 
j Cloves Jonas, I i-amin ;h?w 
| Crehore C. i'.. XewtoTi ,!■,,. ■■ p a n , 
I Havis Seth, j 11 est) XeSvt. ii 

•»«™cT.& J. Jr. r Charlestown 
Bodge J. C, West Cam bridw 
I Eaton Henry ]... S.^ait lie. i ,-- 
; Harwell i'.. Marlboro 1 
; j / r ;-.^ ^ lr , kcr i ' UarlesUnra 

I Prosi Jmuuhan, Hcsidii - 

j Grout William C, Way laud 

| Hathaway A. K., Mcdtbrd 

. Haynes John W., Stidl ... 

. HoweC. 31.. Marlboro- ' 

■ Latham C'vrus, Lowell 

j Livingston S-, VVestfonl 

; Miisau UilliamA.. Cambridg( '. , r t 

I Moore Amd, \^'altham 

| J^ell J, Lowell ' 

; Nix « Warren, PramingUam 
1 i Pickersgil] W. <:. /.,.,. t i 
■; Priest J. A., Littleton 
; Rawson G. S., Marlboro' 
i Ri •• Marshall S., Xewton (O litre) 
j Richardson A. L., (Hist) Woburu 
i "whardson C. It.. Lcxiiijrtoo 
I inborn D. A.. Somen] li, 

Spam- Uohn.'Mcdl n-d 
| >'■■;;••-> ^ Sanborn, Ch Lrlci :o»n 
! Stone p. >[.. Waltham 
I !»yB«»e3 Edward, Westf rd 

rhoreau II. i>,, fftiic >rd 

Tower* harlps, gtnw 

rutth t'nim is. \ ■ n 

Whitney Jnwpli (j •-: il 

Vinson Walter x >i.. Can I - I 

W>k1 William II., Marll ... ' 

V. '» ■■! •.•.•.•!! ! i.'.„ nezer, N>« ton 

V. \ man Stephen Jr., Ashby. 


Ralcom \ arnnm. Lou-el] 

['•' ;• Jonatlian, [nwk rj Heading 

LibbyJ. H.. Lowell 

Molloy Georsro •• 

TAtltttersmbrac&ttsl , . 
Denominations at • i . c 

thodist; 1/ ,- 

A?« Wrf«a«; c. D C ■ ■ 


:; ; ,:::::: J ; . 1 ; V ;,-.', ; 

JhroJolinA ., [C ] I 
fWcnbPth, C.l ! Lincoln 

Bajlard Joskh, [C.'g .' , ;.^- 
^."uH^d^Uv.JMcclford" 17 
Balfour W., Charlestown 

Banisters. W.,[C.T.]Carli 


liarrj \> dhan . \>\ i - \ , . 
Bates Reuben, [c. U.] Stow 
Bf "ell AUen E.,[B.] Marlboro' 
niam John, Charlestown 
Bjanchard Amos. [f. T.] Lowell 

Branson A. C. [}:.; ( .n 
B row aJas.F.,[C.U.]M - ■ 

: L ;;;7V — > l*\ (Woodviiiej i;. ; - 

5«n»ap b'raiah C, [C. T l ■ . 

taark Reiy. b.,t< r.; ( \ 

U-irkWward* . | 

bi Llmau. [C. B 'I i . .. ■ 
;;.' v .'• ' - v - ! '- Cv.J^ 
1 ' "ffirinJ., [0. T.JTewkesI 

CooJdgeJ. A., '"I.'-, i 

Look 1'heo.J ::. [C.T. 

' ■ i •' >hn [B.] li 

' ' ■ ■' ■ Wohiirn 

ox S. W., f.M. K.] ] 
Cmne 0. [B.] W. - , 
Crndden Pttor, [R. C.l I 
! i ■■ ■ ■■ 

?niaw,(C.T.] P, • 
I u ;"^bro«ck,rc.l Wa< rtovrn 
' '••• I Icnry, [B.] Ashland 
, IK-nhani t.'eorge, [C (' V] - 

B-iiW-'ttTheophilua P.,[C i 
Inian i C, i 
! I£. C, [M. >:.] \\ 
: , Manasses,[R C.jf 
Buncau J., [B.J Lowt- U 
B«i3ht Mosely, [M. E.J Wat rtowo 

. i sin A., Cambri 
! ■• D. C, [B.] Lowell 
' " n ' i ■ : re. [1 i 

-' ■■ M itertown 

I. Ul< i„.,,r-.. K., I'harh 

f ; nn.-rsou Alfred, [C. T.J South Readin- 

[:"'• ■ r ~'" ' : ~ ■ -'■. [c 'J I 

: , ■■ ff«ubei 

bdward [K c ' ^ 
Pamlly Edwanl, fR P.] nop] 
! »T. 1 I | Waltham 

ll--ld J..v..; ,, .,- | •, 

t'«sk Kiauklin, [M. !•:.] Marlboro' 

flood Patrick, [il. ('.] W altham 
I |, ,| Patrick, [it- C | Watertown 
t . , .■; c, avi rs, [C. IL] Cambri Igo 
(i-po^t George V> ., Sudbury 
I fogt Hurzillai, [C. r.] Concord 
lurbcr D. L.,[C. T.] Newton (Centre) 
. K. iv.j [IL] Medford 

ftavlord ,'{Uv.J Uwell 

(jjlbert Lyman. [0 J'.; West Newton 
fiooctrich Massena, ( East) Cambridge 
Guilford V... [L'v j (North) Reading 
Jfackettll B., [E.] Newton (Centre) 
Hanks Stedman SV., [C.T.J Lowell 
Haskius D. G., [E.] Medford 
H.uch SV. IL. [il. K.] Melrose [town 
Hempstead itenrj «.,[>!. E.] Charles- 
, Hill George, [Uv.] West Cambridge 
i Kill Thomas, [Uv.] Waltham 
Hoppin Nicholas, [E ] Cambridge 
llorton Francis, [C.T.] W. Cambridge 
Norton Jotham, [if. K.] Natick 
Howe S., [HI Lowell 
I Hatchings Hiram, [B.] Charlestown 
J Jackson \S . C, [C. T.j Lincoln 
Kendall Hoilis, (M.) Woburn 
Kaapp A. L., [C. U.] (West) Newton 
Latham Thomas 31., [M.] Dracut 
Lamson Samuel, [C T.j Tewkesbury 
Leavitt William S., [C. T.j Newton 
LelandTra, [B.] Lexington 
Lewis Willard, [M.E.] Hopkinton [port 
l&rtapy Joseph <\. [C. T.] Cambridge- 
foveland J. ."-., I'M. E.] Chaaeiestown 
Lyndon Patrick i\, [K. C-] 
Luce Leonard. [C.T.] Westford. 
Manning James, [Uv.] Concord, 
SfcClure A. W., [C T.j Maiden 
McDermott J. 1'., [R. C.] Lowell 
Meik-u C. SV'.. it v.] Chelmsford 
Merrill A. P., [M. E.] Medibrd 
SferiU Joseph, Dracut [bridge 

Merrill John VV., [M. E.) (East) Cam- 
Miles Henrv A.. [U j Low< U 
SfooreJohn* H.,'[Uv.] South Reading 
Morse William. [C. V .] Xyngsboro' 
j Mn27.ey A. R, :«'. (.'.] Curabrid<*e(:port) 
j Sewed William. [C. I'.] Cambridge 
] Nichols John, [Cr,] Holliston 
Northrop B. GL, '"C T.| (Saxouviile) 
I Northrop ML, [C. T.] Melrose 
Noves G. R., [C. U.l Cambridge 
! 0-Brif»n .John. [R. 6.] Lowell ~ 
I Park It. <i., [C.T.] Burlington 
j Piirkrr Jc«eph W.. [B.] i iunbge(port) 
j ParkhurstJohn. [B.l Chelmsford 
i Parson j W. II.. (M. P.l Melrose 
j Pattesou U.K.. [B.J'Newton (Centre) 
I I'ettes Samuel Jr.. [C. U-] Billerica 
j W tlee J. T.. [M. E.] (Saxonviile) Fram- 
I togham 

■ Phillip Daniel W., [B.] South Beading 
j Phipps Joseph il., [C. C.JFraminghaux 

! Pierpont John, [<\ IT.]. Marlboro' 
! Pope A. 11., [V. i.'.l Somerville 
! Pratt Francis G.. [C. T.j Maiden 
I Prior John, Cambridge 
' Proctor Ucorjre. [L'v.] Billerica 
; Putnam !>.,[>[. B.l Newton (Up. F; 

■ Richardson IL. [IL] (West) Acton 
I Riordan Geo. T.. [It. C 3(E.)Camb 
i Riplev H.J M [iL] Newton (Centre) 
I Sears Edmund H .[< . L JAY 
; Sewell fciamuH, [C.T.] (Nor: 
, Shaw Linn- il., h'. \ .; Sudbury 
j Sheldon L. Il.JC. T-l'Townseua 


) Wobnrn 


Thayer T. IL, [Uv.] Lowell 
TlnverW. M., [C. T.] Ashland 

Thursf -i..! lines, [0. L | [South) Xaiick 
Thompson George \'< ., !('. 'J'. J Dracut 
Topliff Charles 11.. fl?.] (Jharlcstown 

Towue J. 11., [('.] i,,'.vrll 

Townley I-:., [Uv.] Charlestown 
Tucker Joshua "'., [C. T.j Holliston 
Tuppor Samuel, [ M. K.| Town en ^ 
Vose il. C.j [Uv | W'atertown 
Walker J., [C. U.] Cambridge 
A\'are John F. \\'..[C. U.] Cambridgep't 
Warner A. B., [C. T.j Medford 
Watson William IL, [B.] Xatick 
Webster John C, [C.T.] Hopkinton 

Webster , [B.j N'ewton ( Upp. Falls) 

Uliaoiinr. W. V., [C T.] Stoueham 

White W. IL, [C. U.] Littleton 

Whiting L., [C. T.] Reading 

Whitney Frederick A., [t.'. ii.] Brighton 

Whitney John, [C. 'J'.] Waltham " 

Wild Zenas, [B.] Billerica 

WoodC. W., [C. T.j Ashby 

Wood Horatio. Lowell 

Woodbury James T.. (C. T.] Acton 

Clothing and Furnishing- Goods. 

Bebo Label, Lowell 
Lrine W., (FZast) Cambridge 
Buyhee Amos, Wobum 
Burbank, Chase & Co., %oweIl 
Burnap John, Lowell 
Burnap William II.. Lowell 
Burnap & Woodward, Lowell 
Caswell F., Lowell 
Colby & Totman, Lowell 
Connaughy Patrick, (Last) Cambridge 
Evans Josiah F., Lowell 
l^arnsworth T. G-, Waltham 
Farrington D., Lowell 
Farrington Isaac, •• 
Gilbert A. Jr., " 
Goldsmith Thomas, Lowell 
Hay ward Asa E., 
j Heath William, Charlestown 
Iliii Charles, Maiden 
Howe Willard, (South) Framingham 
Irish Cornelius, Waltham 
Jewett fr- Gates. Charlestown 
Kelley A. S., Cambridgeport 
Leslie E. C, Lowell 
McEvoy Hugh, « 
Nichols Hiram, i: 
Putnam Addison & Co., Lowell 
Quinn John, 

koaf N. R., Cambridge(port) 
Rogers A. B., Watertowh 
Slain Thomas, Lowell 
Stacy L. P., i: 

Tu/ buty T. L., & Co;, Lowell 
L'sher lieury W'.. Medibrd 
Wait James M., Maiden 
Whit.' T. J., Caiubriu^e 

Coach and Car Trimmer. 

Livermore Charles, (Last) Cambridge 

Coach Lace Manufacturer. 
Wightman William J., Loading 

Coal and Wood. 
AiS in James, Lowe!! 

■sOrin. [C. T , BtHiford 


t!i J. W., [11.] Lowell 

f i> S. ¥.. 115 ] N'^wton (Centre) 

wit Win. A.. rt'.T.jfamb-.^port) 
■'■■'> »hn M.. .'. T.j Winchester 
'^«lL,tUV.] Acton 
| -;:.!-e J. •'.. [ii.] Wobum 

»bftt , [u.i Maiden 

• / William S., [M. F..] Maiden 

■■ Arthur! [C. T.] Rrightou"' 
■ VV.jUv.] m : :-,...,. 
' ,:! F. nj. Jr..f(VT.l Charlestown 
10 v '!' [U».| (West) Newton 

er Luther, Medford [ton 

kett C. It. & A., Newton & Brigh- 

ks & Tyler. L-,.s, li 

•ton A., Charlestown 

ell William, Charlestown 

Fee K. S. & Co., (East) Cambridge 

>• Jacob, Waltham 

tingfc Richanb, Medford 

L Jr., Charlestown 

::::<U !>. oC Co., Ctiarlestown 

GoourtdgoGeorgo, I'll irii itowu 

<;...«•!. .iTitn. CumbridKC 

Gresg Alexander. Medford 

Howard Horace, 1a. ..ell 

Hon' diton A. & Co., (.East) Cambridt 

Kittmlge W., Lowell 

Kni 'ht >- & L . CharlestoAvn 


Livingston William, Lowell 

Lord Jeremi ill P., Maldea 

McParlin \\ . .v L., Lo 

MBwcomb A. «... Soul ti 1 

Oalunan & Eldridge, Ch irlcul 

Parmonter J. V«'., Waltham 

Parsons John, Charli stown 

Pi : d ii an i>.. Lowell 

Phillips Ezekiel, [coal] Natick 

Richardson W. 'i'.. Cambridge 

Russell Jo iah H., West ' 

Sanborn John, Charlestown 

Shapleigh & Farrington, Lowell 

Smith M. L. & Co., Cambri I je 

Stone A. J., " 

'lay R. L. & A. Hammond, « ba • . ■. 

Taylor Oliver. ( Kasl | Caml i 

Thompson Den jam in . • l lo., « harlest'a 

Thus A. W., Charlestown 

Tuits J. W., Ma lien 

W arm r J. L.. Waltham 

Wiley Timothy Jr., Stoneham 

Willard Emery, Brighton 

Woods J. S-. [coal.] Natiet 

Wood Sc Pn scott, Conconl 

Wyman William, (East) Cambridge 

Coffee Grinding. 
Stuart & lluinnhrey, Low< .1 

Coffin "Warehouses. 

Clongh Isaac S., 'Waltham 
Litchtield Roland Jr., Cambrid • 
Proctor James, Lowell 
Prow Francis K., Cambridge 
Rollins A. P., Cambridge(port) 
Boss 0.. Lowell 

Commission Merchants. 
Dewey George M., Lowell 
Mixer, Pitman it Co., Lowell 

BelLEHzaheth, Lowell 
Cassell W. C, Charlestown 
Childs Georse il.. Charlestown 
Colby Sarali A., Lowell 
Dickey BenjamiiiF,. Lowell 
Douglass & Greenwood, Carob'ge | :' 
French A- B., Lowell 
Hobbs C B . Lowell 
Lum Lsaac. Cambridge 
'.Mar-hall Hubbard, Dracut 
Oldham James, Lowell 
Pannenr.r Harriet, Lowell 
Ramsay A. U. & Co., Cambri I i 
Smith William B., Charlestown 
Wait D:S., l»well 
Wood Lydia. Lowell 

Adams James E., (West) Towns i 
Ad;. ii;- & Powers, Townsend 
Bills Daniel, Townsend 
Blood Nathan, Pepperell 
Brooks S., Townsend 
Chaflin A;uron, Acp u 
Chem y Thomas F., Dunstable 
Clough John, Medford 
Cutting Levi, Framingham 
Davis BJnathian, To^vnsend 
Dole Reuben, Marlboro' 
Evans li- sea, (West) Townsend 
Fessenden Walter, Townsend 
Giles Daniel, Townsend 
Gilmorc W. >L, (West) Acton 
Gilson John, Ashby 
Haudlej D. M. Acton 
Hastings Jonathau, Brighton 
Heald Joseph, Carlisle 
Holden Artemas, Lowell 
Johnson Lewis, t harlestown 
Kealtj .v Canity, Lo\ 
Knighl C. r... i harlesto\ » 
Locke C. A., Charleston 
Lund James. Charlestown 
Osborn l':i. Weston 
Parker Ja^ah, Ashhy 
Peacock F., Chnrlestown , , . . 
Proctor Itenjnmln 1 • ' lf1 
Putnam & Jewell, Cain 
Shattuek C.Pepperell 



Phattuck J., Pepperell 
Smith Ana, Stow 
Stewart IV., < harlestown 
Stockbridire L. X., Charlestown 
Tarl*!l Lamp: in,Cambridgct»oefc) 
Tuttle Francis, Acton 
Upton Joseph, ']';■ tigslwro' 
Woodward James, Dunstable 
Wright Franklin. Pepperell 
Wyman John, Tyngsboro' 
Young Joseph, Reading 

Comb Manufacturers. 

Houghton & Daniels, Holiiston 
Shepard Calvin, Ashland 

I7.aywu.rvl Henry L., Charlestown 

Cordage and Twina Manufac- 
Allen Hiram. Somerville 
Arkerson James, Cambridge 
Arkerson fjeonard, Cambridge 
Butler Tho*., [twine] Cambridw 
Edwards 0. W., Cambridge^ port) 
Edwards John, Cambridge(port) 
Ga'.aty James, Somerville 
tiegney John, (East) Cambridge 
Lockey John, Cambridge(port) 
Bcotchburn T., [rope.] Lowell 
Sprout Francis, [twine,] Camb'gefjport) 

Cotton &■ Woollen Print Wo-fks. 
Daily John & Co., Watertown 
Schouler William, Acton [Cambridge 
Schooler Robert & Brother, (West) 

Cotton Blescheries. 
Boston Manuf. Co., Isaac W. Muliiken, 
agent, Waltham [agent, Lowell 

Lowell Bleachery, Chas. A. Babcock, 
SoHierville Rieachery, SomeryiUe 

Cotton Manufacturers, 

Abbott & Brown, Lowell 
Abbott Julian, 
Abbott .1. W. P., Westford 
Adams Joel, Lowell 
Adams John T. ly., Lowell 
Adates Josiaii. Fiauniusham 
Algci II. A.. Lowell 
Andrews C < ., N'< wton (Lower Falls) 
Bacon J. W., Natiek 
BallB. W.. Lowell 
Banks N. I'.. V alt ham 
Beard & Howe, Lowell 
Bern is Charles, Watertown 

Bonus I, v.. 

Bigel< w Alpheu-?, Weston 

Brgelow F. W., Watertown 

BlaisdeU Jc Abbott, Lowell 

Bonfcey A. P., " 

Brooks Geo. M., Concord 

Brooks X., 

Brown & Alger, Lowell 

Brown William L., South Reading 

Rullard Elias, Holiiston 

Butler Caleb, Groton 

Butler & Webster, Lowell 

Butterfuld ( barley Tynirsboro' 

Buttrkk .'s: Marrctt, (East) Cambridge 

Caverly & Adams, Lowell 

Caverly '/. B., " 

Chamberlain & Jacobs, Camb ! ge(port) 

Cobb M. <; . Charlestown 

Converse.) »hna I*., Woburn 

- ii. U. I'., Lowell 
Cr» by P., 

Dana Jam< ; . ( :: tries rows 
DeanSc DSdmihw, Lnwll 
Edwards Ahraii mi. C tmbri !ge{port) 
Esty C. C, Fran in; ham 
Parr A. W., Lowrll 
Farley George P., Groton 
Parwell .U'lv.:. Tynsr*l oro' 
t irwi ti Richard^ Marlboro' 
I si e Isaac, Weston 
Betrish James, Slurley (Tillage) 

Gooduow (J, W.. Concord 

Oriffiti J. <j. A., Charlestown 

Heard F. P., Uopkinton 

Heard F. P., Framing ham 

Halliard Abraham, Cambridge 

Hoar S., Concord 

Jackson B. P., Low. ; : 

jennison 3. Jr., Xi". t >n 

Judd Chauncy P., Beading 

Keyes l. S., Concord 

Knowles .lolin A., Lowell 

Ladd John S., (East) Cambridge 

Ladd Jonathan, Lowell 

Lapbatn ftnfus, ' : 

Lewis Charles, Maiden 

Lewis Samuel P., Pepperell 

Livermore George W., Cambridgc(port) 

Lynde Alonzo V., Stoneham 

Moore And. Waltham 
^ Morse Isaac S., Lowell 
j Ne.i! G. )i., Charlestown 
j Needham Daniel, Groton 

Nelson Albert H., Woburn 
i Parker Frederick, Lowell 
j Partridge . Newton (Lower Falls) 

Perry S. E., Mcdford 

Toole & Sweeter, Lowell 

Poor Bushrod W., Lowell 

Potter & Gordon, South' Leading 

Prescott A. A«, Reading 

Prescott Joshua, ,; 
| Presu n Marshall, Lexington 
! Plununi r \\ i; ;i;:>'.. ; - 

Ran !all James v., Woburn 

Richardson I>. S. & W. A., Lowell 

Ripley Ezra, (East) Cambridge 

Robinson John P., Lowell 

Robinson J. J'.. Bracul 

Jiusseli Bradford, < irotou 

Russell James, \\ : Cambridge 

Rut'ter Josiah, V> : irham 

Sawvcr William, Charlestown 

Sherman E. P., Lowell 

Smith William, Lowell 

Smith Wm., Uracil* 

Somerbv G-usravus A., Wa viand 

Ppauldi'nu: John, Ur< ton 

Stearns Wifnnrn S.,3Iu.lden 

Stone J. >.i. W allhas i 

Train C. it., Frainh-.ghani 
j Waldron George i 1 ., i<owcil 
■ Warren G. \Y., Charlestown 
\ Wentworth T., Lo v« II 

! Whitney )' v.. CTinbrid^ 
I Whitney Edwin', Sro -• 
1 WiRarsl Paul, l-h .;v ■ ■.••• 
I Willard Paul Jr., " 
J Worcester Frederick A., Tov,T3send 
Wright Nathaniel, Lowell 

Country Stores. 

[ Where are kej t Di v ' r'rod.t, Groceries, 
Crotkerij, Agricultural To ' , err . 
i'c. Those who deal txdusivily in 
cne kind of goods will not be found 
herr. but under their r< sptcliv-t hex,!- 

Adams Daniel, Townsentl 

A'i;uns Sanford, Wilmington 

Albec C, A., Uopkinton 

Andrews .'t Thompson, flolliston 

Bacon Albert, Bedl »rd 

Baidwiu .1. Jr.. Billeriea 

Barrett C. B . (West) Townseml 

Barrett James, Melrose 

Barrett & Whitnev, Shirli v 

BarUett rra, Ashhy 

south) Gr«iton 

illc) Marl- 


der U 

' v, ill 


!.. & 

I Brl t 


i.\ m 
11 & ( 
L, Wi 
a & 1 

i a 

i ( i.'i 

Clark & Edwards, (South) :• 

(.'Lark George, . v !:>-i bun e 

Mark, Winch fie Co., Na( 

Cli land John & William, (S.) Satick 

Coburn A i ; . twttio, &«x ul 

Coburn & Johnson, Hop] inton 

Converse SI. 1... Wobura 

Cutting George W., We t» a 

Damon Clms. R., (Cochituate) Wayland 

Davis C. 1!., Concord 

Diel in on P., Billeriea 

Drake & Evi ns, Wilmington 

Du II ■■ Benj. A.. Wayland 

Dunn William, Dunstable 

Edwi rds B., Littleton 

EIJi •■ Samuel. T-. ngsl oro 1 

Ellis Samuel '& Co., (Saxonville) Fra- 

Emerson D. F.. Stoneham 
Everett Cyrus, Newton (L'pper Falls) 
Fare sworth S; Boardman, M dro 
Fiske, Saunders & Co., ( Saxon ville) 

Fletchi r >. & S.D., Westford 
Fletcher Simon T.. Carlisle 
Flint Rufus II., .Melrose 
Kiinr Simon, Dracut 
Polsom John L.. (South) Grot in 
Foster & t'o., (A'orth) Reading 
Foster Enoch, Tewkesbury 
Foster E. S. & Co., Shirley (Tillage) 
Foster Stephen, Reading 
Puller & Newell, Melrose 
Gardner M. T. & Co., Shirley (Village) 
Gleason George, Burlington 
Goodnow Asher, Sudbury 
Gray \V . II., Tewkesbury 
Gre< n Reuben, .Maiden 
Grover Wm. H.. Newton (Centre) 
Hartshorn Dennis, (Bragville) H >lli u 

Uastings Benj. Jr., Coi rd 

Heard Newell, Wayland 
Hildreth A. AV.. Westford 
Hiklreth Geo. W., Concord 
Sliil John & Co., Stoneham 
Holden Nathan W., Maiden 
Uolden Rufus ^c Co., Act.):. 
Uo ipi v William, Tyngsboro' 
H nner George, Weston 
Houghton S. M., Holiiston 
Houghton Elbridge, Stow 
How L'hinoas. Concord 
Howard Amos, Stoneham 

flOV ■.:• ! C. P., (N( rth) Ke:> : . 

<'■■:. ■ AH i rt, (West) Towi sen i 

11 imt ( : . \ I. & Co., Sudbury 

Hurt! L'zri'4, Littleton 

Jennison William, Ashland 

Johnson & Bemis, Holiiston 

Johnson ^ Carter, " 

Jones E. P., Pepperell 

.i. i G. W . Ashland 
! K. n<bll H. & Co . Ashby 

Kii : William, Littleton 
I Knowles 11' niy, South Reading 
! heighten A., Groton 

L< ■ id Aii-rr. Ashland 

l en ell J. v.. (West) Acton 

faring II. Si Co., .Marlboro' 

i orin : James II.. Pepperell 

I man, Dike x Co., Stoneham 

Mace Svlvester, Dracut 

M i: ■;■.;. i Edward, South lh a V: g 

Me.-i i John, (West) Newton 
' ^..• : !.■:^ C. 'N., Uopkinton 
j Metcalf S., Holiiston 
. Millikin P.. T. & Co., Ashbj 
i M< :-, x Ellis, Natick 
! Mr e Hiram A., Ilollistou 
I Morse i". J.. Sherburne 
1 Monroe Jonas, Bi dford 

■ Varnuni, Carlisle 
■ Nichols S. B., \V'ilmington 
j Ni hols. Winn & Co.. Woburn 
| Osgoixl ^ Whitnev, Townsend 
: Page 0. 1... Concord 
j Parker Artemas, Carlisle 
; Parki . J. S . Lcxiugton 
; Parker Thomas 2 I, Dunstal ' i 
• V ukhurst S. S., Chelm-sfor I 
: PI , ; < Benj., Uopkinton 
i I'ci :• Samuel, Melrose 



p( err & Gcrrish, Groton 

• 'harles, ( South (Framingham 
i'rui Thorn**, Itc.-tdin : 
l',-,- ( Asa, (Foi-gevilie) Westford 
I'rmton II. E., Tewkesbury j 
[•titnanit'mnklrn, Heading [hnro' 

[{a Jail Jonathan, (Fcltonsvillej Marl- 
i:,,,l William H. I! . i extort i i 
lUcc 0. & •"'•• I Itockbottoni) Stow 
RJcclI., Lincoln 
Kir-hards & Drake, Marlboro' 
Kiehardson Alpha, Stoneham [ford 
Roby, Sawyer & Co., (West) Chclms- 
Ilnwe, Alien & Sons, Stoneham 
Seaward John M. & Son, Natick 
Shackford John. Maiden 
Sliattuck VY\ & G., Groton 
Sherwin Levi. (West) To wnsend 
Smith Benjamin, (Assabet) Sudbury 
Smith & Blodgett, (North) Chelmsford 
Smith George. Way land 
Smith & Hill. (East) teximrton 
Smith Jacob, (North) Heading 
Smith John. I Woodville) Hopkinton 
Smith William II. 2d, (East) Lexington 
Snow I. 1!.. (West) Newton 
Stevens Darius, Stoneham 
Stiles Lncius, Carlisle 
Stiles Thomas, Bedford 
stone E., Sudbury 
Symincs Edmund, Lexington 
SA'.risur Warren & Co.- Stoneham 
factor A. & Co.. Winchester 
Ta'c.r James, New ion (Upper Falls) 
Sample Hbtuu, Ashland 
Thompson & Barber, Hopkinton 
Thompson Nahnnt, Sudbury 
Thompson & Tidd.' IVobnrn 
Sucker J A.. (Ease) Peqperell 

Tuttle Ja 
N. E. Pn 

Walcoit 1 
Walcott & 
Waiton A 
W arren F 

i Union, .Division No. 

-.. Maiden 

Townsend (Harbor) 
(?n, Concord 

-. Co . FrazuinghaiB 
. .. Ohebnsford 
Weils Henry B , Melrose 
Wetherbce D. 2d & Co., Acton 
Wheeler & Co., Framingham [ham 
Wheeler T. l\. k Co.,(Sou?h)Framkig- 
Whitcomb Oliver, Townsend (Harbor) 
Whitimirsh Charles, Stow 

Wiley E. E., Reading' 
Wilson S. C, (North) Chelmsford 
Wood A. Jt., ffrdton 
Woodatd William 2d, Hopkinton 
Wood William IL, (Fekousvlile) Marl- 
ffSoiodbpry William, Wobnrn 

Crayon Manufacturer. 
Brown Curtis, Waltham 

Crockery and Glass Ware. 
Bemis Nancy, Charlestown 
Brown Kphraim, Lowell 
Bruce & Gregory, Cambrid<*e{nort) 
fcearden William, Lowell ~ 
Jfunueweli William, (East) Cambridge 
Hyde Edward, Cambridge! port) 
Ltsure Benj. V., Unveil 
Uttle George W. & Co.. Charlestown 
Hansur St. phen, Lowell 



-v. lay & Co., 

Palmer John, (East) Cambridge 
K«pn George •• 

i, Kill & Co., B 
William. UamT 

=tl S.&&, Shirley 
: '"^aam Stephen & George, Stoneham 

"• v wnjamio, Littleton 

Favor & Hoffman, Cainbridge(port) 

Kernald IV. It., Maiden 

Fisk Oliver, Elolli-ton 

Plefccber Peter, Stow 

Fuller W. <F, Stoneham 

Grajmner John G ., M. Id •■■. 

Guild Chester <.v Sous, Charlestown 

Hartshorn. *\ U., 

Hide Henrj 11. Framingham 

Hobbs & llageu, Weston 

Hard William, [morocco] Stoneham 

Lane George, Charlestown 

Lee George, Tewkesbury 

Mann Alexander, Charlestown 

Mitchell Patrick, (East) Lexington 

Moi rison David, Lowell 

Packer , (West) X rwton 

1'eabody John, Groton 
Pollard Samuel, Charlestown [boro' 
Randall Phiio A., (Feltonsville) Marl- 
Richardson Ira (K, Westford 
Smith John. Lowell 
Thompson B. F., Winchester 
Tidd & Bloomer. Stoneham 
Travis Randall. Holliston 
Trull Herbert, (North) Tewkesbury 
Warren Isaac. Framingham 
Webster & Co.. Maiden 
Wright B., Lexington 

Smith John, Lowell 

Fogg C.W., Waltham 
Gilehrest & Cunier, Lowell 
Crilchrest George C, i; 
Hazelton B. C, " 

Howes Samuel P., " 

Osborn Albert IV., u 

Simpson A. J., " 

Warren Andrew, Walt ham 
Warren G. K., Lowell 

Abbott Samuel. Lowell 
Allen J., (North) Chelmsford 
Coolidge John B., Natick 
Cow le's J. IL, (Saxonville) Framingham 
Edwards Andrew, Concord 
Field F., Waltham 
Gladwin Silas F., Lowell 
IlUckins D. T., Watertown 
Johnson A. T., Lowell 
Kidder C„ Eraniingham 
Knowles Calvin. C, Lowell 
Ladd Calvin IL, " 

Lawrence Ambrose, " 
Lawrence Samuel, u 
Lewis J., Waitham 
Man ley II. , Lowell 
Mansfield George, Lowell 
Rogers Z., Charlestown 
Sherman N., Waltham 
Thompson C. E., Groton 
Underwood Jos. Jr., West Cambridge 
Yinal William D., Lowell 
Ward S. L . ' ; 

Wetherbce Isaac J.. Charlestown 
White U Y., Littleton 
Whitney II., Charlestown 

Lawrence Daniel, Medford 
Stratton & Howiand, Charlestown 

Doors, Elind3, and Sashes. 
Arnold L., Sonierville 
Benson S., Lowell 
Brackett Cephas, Level! 
Brarkett S. 11.. •' 

Clark Ch-\rles I!., South Beading 
Farsou Samuel, Lowell 
Piflcld & IVubodv. t; 
Fis'ke & Notcrosw, ' : 
Goward Jason, Acton 
Gould Joseph, Watertown 
c.iv C. V., Ashland 
Hyde Isaac, Cambridge 
Johnson s. & V. If.. Winchester 
Kellev William, Lowell 

liendall J, & G., (North) Chelmsford 

J othn pCharlea l<.. A :ton 

Luke Jarm - Jr., I iu il 

1 '. born Dulphon, 

l*helpsS. IV'., (Ea»t) PeypcreU 

Place 1 a»ie, Lowell 

Pri *l D. H., Watertown 

lUnd -•■ Daniel, [Voni ) Caml 

Sawyer Jo •; h, Water! • 

Waterman & Litchfield 

Door Plates. 

Applcton J. P., Lou el! 

Door Springs. 
IHUOrinF., Lowell 

Dry Goods. 
[See also Country Su r, - ] 
Abbott C. F.. IVesfcCambrid ; ( 
Abbott Theresa, Low'i 11 

Adams A -. | i:.i.-t ) Li sing) i 

Adams IVillard, Waltham 

Arnold Willi;mi. Charlestown 

Bacon George W., N.< wton 

Bates & Saunders, Cambrid •■ 

Eattles A.. Lowell 

Baxter D. !>., " 

Benthal . c c Hilton', Lowell 

Bigelow & Newell, Waltham 

Billuigs Albert, Newton (Upper Falls) 

Bowers A. h I... Waltham ' 

Hradc & Orange, Lowell 

Brinnan Michitel, 

Brown Joseph S., " 

Bruce & Gregory, Cambridg (j rtj 

Castles S. Jr., Lowell 

Coburn Jonas & Co., Medford 

Culberson John, C mep! ; 

Owmmings & Burt, Lowell 

Cutler Samuel M. cv Co., I 

Curtis Helen, Stoneham [mi; 

Danforth Samuel S., (Saxoi . ... | I - 

Davis Wllliani J., Lowell 

Brew Charles W.. " 

Farusworth '!'. G.'. Waltham 

Fosdick William. Charlestown 

Fowle John 2d, Wor urn 

Ffogg Hiram. ' ' ; 

FlaggJohn P.. Charlestown 

Folsom Charles !»., (EasJ (Can ■ 

Folsom J. P. & Co., Lowell 

French Sanford B., Maiden 

Frost Jonathan, Kcadii ; 

Frv Cliiirles G., Walth on 

Fuller IL IL, Lexington 

Gove Luke, Lowell 

GrilHu A. J-, ,c 

Hall & Burnham. Newton 

Hardy B.T., r^owell 

Heath A. II.' & Vo., Charlejste'.m 

Hildri th C. & Co., Lowell 

Hoogs Geo, W., Newton I cr 1 

Hosmcr Stephen, Lowell 

Hyde Edward, Cambridge j r 

Iucraham IV". IL. Wati rti wu 

Jordan Charles. ( amb i '/• 

Kimball John H-,IiOweil 

Kimball E. F.. 

Ladies' P. U. Store, " 

Lucas T.., 

Maguire & Cassidy, " 

Mansfield Edward, South ! '> 


N. F 
Xa h 
Osgi , 

!•■ a [) .lira- s M . Lowe i 
PhippsS. <;.. Charlestown 
Pn scott & Pn ctor. West Cam 
Priest II. W.. l/o,, II 
Raymond F. L., Somen ' •• 
Bead John .X Co.. C — 
Hi tjers A. 1'... Waterti n 
Sanborn, Hill & Co. ''• 
Skiltuu John. Chnrl< *to»n 
Smith John & George, L> »*•" 

r C. W.. Stoneham 
son A.B., Lowell 
ock Asa, (East) Cambr 
Protective .Union, Dii 



U CharlesTL. Lowell 
tKs Samu< I. Reading 
.1 A. C, Lowell 
r S-. Readii g 



Snow & Co . Cambridge(port) 

Spraguo Phineo*, Maiden 

Stone C. J., Waltham 

Strait u T. 1)., IVaUham 

Taylor James, Newton (Upper Falls) 

Thurston John C, Carabri lgc(port) 

Tower Jam< -, Lowell 

1'1»1m:u & Clark, \\ al ham 

Usher .1. 0.. Winchester 

Ward '■: Thoun - n, Lowell 

Watriss William, Cambridge 

West Daniel & Co . Lowell 

Wheeler Jonathan, (East) Cambridge 

Wheeler & March, Watertown 

Wilson John Jr., Lowell 

Woodbarv James, Charlestown 

Wynian N. Jr., Woburn 

Barrett & Brothers, Maiden 
Chambers ('.. Lowell 
Clifford Weare, " 
Crowther Henry, Li 
Holt John, ' " 
MeGarrv John, Watertown 
Page William, [agent] Sotuervilte 

Dye Woods, Drugs, &/C. 
TarbocC. P. & Co., Lowell 

Dye "Wood Extractors. 
Adams Georpr, Water town 
thsyerP.F. & Co., '• 

Dye Wood Grinding. 
Freeman William F., Watertown 

Edge Tool Manufacturer. 
Barnard Granville, Waterto'wri 

Engineers and Surveyors. 
[See Civil Engineers.] 

Hedge Frank, Lowell 

Fancy Goods, 
Allen Otis L„ Lowell 
Bascom William, •• 
Lerrv & Cochran. Lowell 
Brown 31. M., >c 

Caliehder S. B., Carabridgefport) 
Clark James. Lowell 
Drikely Thomas. (East) CambridM 
Eastman Daniel, Loved. 
ISuraa d Philip, t; 

Mavnard Charles, ;; 
Mavnard C. I. W.. i: 
McLanathan H. S. S.. Lowell 
McLanath&n Samuel, 
Siorriii X. W.. ;v 

Mowrj N. B., < : 

Packard N., « 

Pearson Henry, Cambridge(port) 
Pratt Joseph, - '• 

Snow „v Co., " " 

Stone ^ To'wnfl, Lowell 
Taylor S. G., Cambridge(port) 
Thurston J. C, 

Feather Brush Manufacturer. 
Davis Abbott It., (East) Cambridge 

File Cutter. ■ 
Ash worth Sager, Lowell 

FKh. (Preth.) 
Brown David, Charlestown 
Fell a - Cyrus, Cambridap [port) 
Smith William, Chartestown 

Flannel Manufacturers. 
[Stt Manufactures, Woollen.] 

Flour and Grain. 

Coburn J., Lowell 

Corner Jo*iali, " 

Dai iels S 0., (South) ! . .' igh uu 

Davis llt-rviy, Cambridge 
t Eames Benj., (North) Ki ailing 
I Farrar & Harrington, Watertown 

E <y F. SI., (.-out:.) Framinghi in 

Haseltou II B., Watertown 

Hastings i . & C ... (East) I ambridge 

11 -hi 11. & S. P., Charlestown 

Hills C.F., Lowell 

Jones George W.. Ashland 

Livingston William. Lowell 

Mackintire James, Charles town 

Morey & Ellis, Natl k 

Pierce H. C, Hopkiuton 

Quint Wilson, Maiden 

Stearns & Coltram, Cambridge(port) 

Stiekney & Curtis, Cambrid e 

Train Fxlnaond. (East) Cambridge 

Tufts X. Jr., Charlestown 

Wesson > c ~ Gary, L; 

Win nek James P., Medford 

Wood 5c Hall, Cambridge 

Wood Samuel, Lowell 

■\\ oodbridge S., Charlestown. 

Fork Manufacturers. 

Huij and Mknure. 
Pope S: Parsons, Shirley (Village) 
Wheeler David, (West) Townsend 

Fogg Luther, Lowell 
Hunt Sarah. 
O'Connor J.' " 
Richardson Neherniah, Lowell 
Smith John, " 

St rat rnn E., « 

Whitney II., i: 

Wilson Daniel, " 

Furniture and Feathers. 
Adams ■'- North, Lowell 
Allen George W., Unburn 
Rates K. A . ii ; kin ton 
Clark, Winch & (.:.'., Mati :k 
Coburn & Johuson, Ilopkiuton 
Clough Isaac S., Waltham 
Fosdick. Carter & Co., Charlestown 
Forster, Lawrence, & Co.. " 
Hancock Horace A., Camb.ridgc{port ) 
Hardy Thomas, Lowell 

m'i's-.-, i Liiis. Na:ick 

Otlijtt George, Lowell 

Russell Thomas, Cambridge 

Shaplelgh & Farringtun, Lowell 

Smith. Puffer & Co., ' : 

Weaver & Brother, 

Whitney & Bracked, Cambridge 

Bent & Bush, Lowell 
Brazer William P., Lo veil 
Gammell John, West Cambridge 
i Gilbert A. Jr.. Lowell 
Lewis Samuel Jr.. West Cambridge 
Morrill Joseph, Loweil 

Gas Fixtures, &€. 
Darraeott Geortre Jr.. Lowell 
v. j:. Gas Pipe Co. . U. Ih*d, I-owell 

. Gentlsr-ica's Furnishing Goods. 
Kcllej A. -'., Cnftibridge(pnr») 
Klmbali William, Cunibri Ige 

Seward Daniel, Chart ^town 

Glass and Britannia Mannfac- | 

Lay State Glass Co., (East) Cambridge j 

fiemis Nathan it., , 
Brackett C. II. & A., Brighton 
BrackettC. H. & A., Newton 
Blauchard, Wrijrlrt & Co., I^jweU 
Clark, Winch & Co., Natii k 


lira per Francis, 

N. E. Ulasi Co., '• vL 

Glue Manufacturers. 
Collins K. J., Newton (I^ower Palls) 
Collins Frederick, " 

Green Houso Plants. 
[<S*e Nurstrit r.] 

Grindstone Manufacturer. 
BurrageJ. & Co., Cam 

Grist Mills. 
Adams R., Chelmsfonl 
Barrett Samuel, Concor i 
Benjamin V\*. 0., Lincoln 

i. •■:. : Joi itbti n Peppi reiJ 
Blake Gilman, (East) - : 
Bl tod & Page, (North) Chelmsford 
Bowers Micnj ih, Carlisle 
Brinley Nathaniel, Tyngsboro' 
Ci-irk Jonas Jr.. \Valtham 
Cutt^ i i.'yru-. West Cambri 
Cutter C. Medford 
Dutton Solomon, Sudbury 
Faulkner W. J-:.. Acton 
Fitch David, Bedford 
!'< iter Joseph, Ashby 
Gleason & Ball, Stow 
Grout W. C. Wayland 
Harding 51 E., Ashland 
Haj ward Otis, Concord 
Hollingsworth I. M. & L., Groton 
Howe B., Sudbury 
Jackson James, Ashland 
Johuson P. E., Hopkinton 
Kilburn Jonathan, Shirley 
Lawrence John, G nton 

I eland J. 31., Slierbuvnc 
Lincoln \'. illiam G., Watertown 
Livingston William, Lowell 
Moore Ephraim, Sudbury 

N E. Worsted Co., Framingham 
Page Thomas, Carlisle 
Paiten Aaron !f.. Billerica 
Pratt Nathan & Co., Acton 
Richardson A. B., Sudbury 
Richardson John. Billerica 
Bobbins Cyrus, (South) Natick 
Smith & Hill, Lexington 
Southwbrth Charles,! North) Tov nsend 
Stiekney fc Fitch, Cambridge(port] 
g wallow Daniel, Dunstable 
Trull Jesse, (North) Tewkesbury 
Tufts N. ,Tr . Charlestown 
Upton John, Tyngsboro' 
Varnum Bani< !. liracut 
Warren Sc Tuttle, Littleton 
Wesson & Gary, Charlestown 
Wctherbee D,2 I, Acl n 
Wljipi l. 0. M.. Lowell 
Wilson Danii 1, Billerica 
Wilson FrUncu Bedford 
Wood Georgi s . Chelmsford [boro 1 
Wood William H., (Feltonsville) Marl- 
Woodward James, Dunst ible 


II ; cock M., t harlestown 
Haynes Joshua, Waltham 
Pratt A., Concord 
Richardson 0. A. & Co.. Lowell 

Hair Dressers. 
Bannister Edward, Maiden 
Barth Daniel W., Lowell 
ii<'.-it & Hadley, Charlestown 
Ben?on H. J.'lL, (East) Cambridge 
Bentle> John. '• '• 

Bixby Charles, Charlestown 
Booth Holder, Lowell 
Brinslej Frederick, LoweU 
Brooks \Villiam F-, 
Buck George AS"., Hopkinton 
Cadmus J. Klias, Cambriilge 
Ch imherlain J. M., CI mr' -town 
Fayesil. P., 
Gale A. B S ; I 
Garilner & I.e.. i.-. l.nwell 
Gray John B , Ch irlestotvn 
Grci n Joseph, Cambridge 
Gmsh Jaseph S., Lowell 
'Jnnnison b:., (. harlestown 
I la llev K.. 
Harraa J. L., Lowell 
Hilton Johu T.. Bright) n 
Hodsdon A. II.. South Reading 
i L'olbrook — , B i. hton 



II .-., irt M. iv. Cam bridge( port) 
i \\n.<-A II., Charles town 
. \\, Concord 

;. ,. on H. J., Charlestown 

[«uox John, Watertown 

!,..,■ \ John M., Waltham 

) e\Y l'rt'T I!-, LOWfll 

|«wH Button, •• 

Le«js J. W., Cambridge 

Mitchell :orge, Medford 

Mitchell George & W. I'.. Charlestown 

Nason Charles, West Cambridge 

Neal C. II., Charlestown 

Prak U. N., Medford 

Phipps Samuel, Lowell, 

Richardson Edward. Medford 

ItuggC S., Lowell 

Tash Charles G., Charlestown 

Telford •James T., (East) Cambridge 

Toney William, Lowell 

Wallin Charles E., Cambridge(port) 

Weaver John Q.. Stoneham 

Hardware, &oc. 
Adams James, Charlestown 
Rttrbank, Chase & Co.. Lowell [port 
Chamberlain L>. \V. & Co., Cambridge- 
Kdes It. 15. Jr., Charlestown 
Hutchinson Bcnj., Lowell 
Kimball & Ladd, VVoburn 
Mansur Stephen, Lowell 
Xutting & Mason, Cambrid?e(por') 
Page IL P., Watertown 
Palmer John, (East) Cambridge 
Rogi rsJ. F. & J.. Lowell 
To Id Benjamin B., Cambridge 

Harness Makers, &,c. 
Adlington Thomas, Wayland 
BSspham Thomas, Natick 
Ulake Edward, (South) Natick 
Bntbrook Joseph A.. Lowell 
RridU-v J. B., Brighton 
Bridge'Chnrks, Lowell 
Brigham George, Groton 
Kurgess Ebeneze'r, Lowell 
Burgess J. I».. Charlestown 
Rutt*rnerd< harles M., Bedford 
BusHn William H,, Watertown 
Carleton Noyes. Heading 
Clark W. L., West Cambridge 
Cogswell & Fisk, Brighton 

w ; 1 

\ C 



[-,;..,. fenvple, Maiden 

F i-troin E. P., (East) Cambridge 

r.v.-ivtt As:i 0., Ashbv 

!'• r rr Willi,'. m, Bedford 

I ''••. II William. Waltham 

Fwk Ehenezer VV., 

Fuller Gnstavus, (West) Newton 

Hay Edward A.. Marlboro' 

Hal! Harrison. (North) Chelmsford 

Hancock Belcher, Cam bridire( port) 

Hartshorn A. P., Medford " 

HhsChi-s Hollis, (South) Framingham 

Hatch GeorgeS., Jewell 

it rrick Zenns, Billerica 

Hobbs William, Waltham 

H**morE.fc Co., Concord 

Jenkins E. ('., Newton (Lower Falls) 

Jones Henry h\. Holliston 

Jones M. & J., Weston 

K'iic-y Dennis, Charlestown 

Kelt Francis, Holliston 

Kinssburv Joseph, Waltham 
hnnp'ji Oren II. , Mai len 
|*wnme« Abel, W est Cambridge 

e'f l:.. (West) Towusend 
! "•■■■" 're I haries, Cambridge 
;;•-'...„. Peppered 
' : '"" Wiltiaru P.. " 
J K««e David, Lowell 
; 'n-- Christopher, Cambridgefport) 
'"' < harles T.. Charlestown 
''"•Gi-.rjje, Medford 
" ' ■' ••mas. Watertown 
■ I" '-'.i.. Charlestown 

Prentiss Jonathan (,'.. Cambridge 

Robinson , S; > v 

Sargi ant S. S., Ch ■> ! fc' wn 

Smith II. N.. Littleton 

Smith Jonas Jr., Newton 

Smith s. w., (East) Lexington 

Smith Willi uu. Lexington [mlngham 

Stearns Franklin, (Saxonville) Fra- 

TaylorZ., Acton 

Tinker Francis, Ashby 

Trowbridgt Geo.. ( South) Framingham 

Tucker Ebenezi r, Cambridge 

Tucker William, Watertown 

Watts Richard, Charlestown 

Woods M. W. & Co., Shirley 

Harness Plater. 

Brooks Nathan VV., Concord 

Hats, Caps, &C. 
Adams John Q.. Charlestown 
Bent & Bush. Lowell 
Brazer William P., Lo-.vell 
Critchett Nathaniel, " 
Farrington Isaac, " 
Gilbert A. Jr., ' : 

Hopkinson A., ' ; 

Mason Stephen J., ' : 
.M.-rrill Joseph. ' ; - 

Mitchell Hunt & Sons, Framingham 
Pick John >[.-, Waltham 
Porter William., ; - 
Richardson Bartholomew, Medford 
Simonds Stephen. Charlestown . 
Smith Joseph C, Cambridge(port) 
Stacy L. P., Lowell 
Thomas John C.. Charlestown 
Thurston J. C, Cam bridge( port.) 
Turner Henry, Charlestown 
Turner James, iL 

Turner K.J),' « 

Whitbed Darius. Lowell 
Wyre B. K. & Co.. Woburn 

Hat Felting 1 Manufacturer. 
Bacon John II., Winchester 

Brown J. W., Lowell 
Davis E. P. & Co., - 
Dopp. Joseph, " 

Fisher Cyrus, iC 

Knox Mary W.. - 
Sawyer & Sfanwood, l<owelI 

%m Dealers. 

Bright II. 0., Watertown 
Bright Samuel, Cambridge 
Bright Winslow, '• 
Gasre. HaCi'ver & Co., Charlestown 
Kenney M. Ik. (East) Cambridge 
McFarlin William x Luke. Lowell 
\. E. Ice Company, South Reading 
Pierce George S.. how. 11 
Reading Ice Co.. Reading 
Richardson Jusiith & Co.. Cambridge 
j Russell & Harrington. Charlestown 
Stedroan Augvistns. Cambridge 
Tohnan John E., Waltham 
Tudor Frederick, Charlestown 
Wvetii N . J-, { Fresh Pond) Cambridge 
Wyeth 3ST. J., (Assabot) Sudbury 

Ink and Blacking' Manufacturer. 
Chambers Cyrus, Lowell 

Intelligence Offices. 

DaTidson William, Lowell 
Morgan Ebenezer, 

iron Founders. 
Harden Frederick', [railing mill] New- 
ton (Upper Fads) 

CltShing & Ma- k, Lowed 

Johnson G. VV. & Co., Low, 11 
McDonald & Tap;.. Cam bridge( port) 
Mirick Freeman 11.. Lowell 

[ present! Jonas, [wrought iron] (Forge 

• Village) Westtbrd 

I Waltham Iron Foundry, [iron castings] 
i: 1'. DaTiH, agent ' [lord 

I Williams, Bird v Co., (North) Cheluis- 

Iron and Steel. 
Wheeler Artenias, Lowell 

Iron "Work. 
Jewell, A. S., Waltham 

Lace Stores. 
Bebby J. IL. r/jwell 
Fisher C, 
lianscom E., " 

Ladder Mauufactarcr. 
Spare Elijah Jr., (East) Cambri Ige 

Lamps and Burning Fluid. 
Whitney Luther F., Charlestown 

Lard Oil Manufacturer. 
Jones C. L. Sc Co., Cambridge 

Lard and Sausage Manufac- 
Daris William & Son. Cambri 

Last Manufacturers. 
Cox Samuel ,t Sons. Maiden 

Cox & Elastiugs, Cambridge(port) 

Lead Pencil Manufacturers. 
Fay Addison G., Concord 
Monroe Francis, 
Snow Charles P., " 
Thorcau J. S., ' : 

Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead Manu- 
Stearns George L., Charlestown 

Leather Sealers. 
Bfxby Thomas, Lowell 
Brown Willard, " 

Livery Stable-. 
Appletou Isaac, f/owell 
A\er W. \\\. Charlestown 
Biiiley G., (South) Natick [haia 

Bickford Jesse^ (Saxooville) Framing- 
Bickford P. M.. Sherburne 
Bigelow (':■ rli m, Lexington 
Billings Ge irge, (West) Newi >n 
Billings J. M . Concord 
Blanehard S; S: Son. Medford 
Kioo ' Amariuli, Heading 
Blood E. W., Hollistou 
Boyd James. Natick 
Brighaui N.. Marlboro' 
Brighani Peter, Cambridge(p 
Broad Oliver, Natick 
Bruce Joseph A., Charlestown 
Butti-ick Williahi. Holliston 
Cars Rufu '. I harlestown 
Gate Horace, (South)Natick 
Cate Stephen. Newton (Lower Falls) 
Chamberlain VV., Littleton 
Cobleigh A. B., (West) Townsend 
Connell James. Concord 
Colburn David i: Jonathan, Natick 
Covev C C. Groton 
I oyei Charles C Bedfov I 
Cox Loring. ( Feltonsvillc) V i 
Craig A.. (West) Townsend 
Crawford H. A. & S. N.. Stoneham 
Cushman A. H.. Brighton 
1 n i rgetl Samnel, Charles >wn 
j D-. iiev & Holmes, (East) Can 
Bailey TT. J., 

' Davis Harvey, Cami ri I '• 
j H.ivi, Georgi . Shiilcj ( Vill 
il> .\Mier B. T.. Ch irlesto^vn 
Karnes J. N., South Kca - 
Eaton Lil'.ey, Reading 
! Eaton & Metcalf, Cambri lg* 
Enternou John r'.. L 
i Fessenden S. G., Su-i'' 1 
Flint Oliver VV., F- 

Folsore J. I... 

Hi! C.i 

Foster S., (Nori 




Frost George, Hopkinton 

Gay & Punvkin, (North) Chelmsford 

Gil) 5 if . Hopkinton 

Gibbs Jueksou, Hopkinton 

Gootlhue Charles S., Maiden 

Hadfcy John, Lowell 

Hand ley Keuhen, (West) Acton 

Harrington F. v.. Lexington 

Hemphill Vmos, M< Iford 

Hill II. & $ P., Charlestown 

Kill & Stearns, Cambridge(port) 

Howe Albert, Brighton 

Howe Gilbert, (South) Framingham 

Kimball P. It., Lowell 

Urral tc Charles, Melrose 

Lathrop Man-lev, Newton (Centre) 

Laurence Alden, Peppereil 

Leeds Joseph, Stoncham 

Leonard Warren, Framineham 

Monson & Alden, VValtham 

Moore .John. Marlboro' 

Morse James 0., Hopkiutou 

Morse Moses, Heading 

Moultou John, Framingham 

Newell Marshall. Newton (Upper Falls) 

tforris G. W., Lowell 

Noyes & Beau, Lowell 

Orcutt & Luke, Somerville 

Page E. T., Walthani 

PageM., Sudbury 

Parker Arteiuas, Carlisle 

P:irker Gardner, Hopkinton 

Barker J. D., Newton 

Parker Thomas. Lowell 

Pearl & Huntress, Lowell 

Pierce Abel, Groton 

Porter Joseph, Cambridge 

Prentiss B. E., Lowell 

Putnam William A.. Bedford 

Robbius J. P., Lowell 

Rogers David, " 

Richardson Alden, Billeriea 

Richardson Osboro, Stoncham 

Russell Charles, Marlboro' 

Rasscli Geonre, West Cambridge 

Sherman C. II., Way laud 

Smith Andrew, Watertown 

Smith ft. D-, (East) Cambridge 

Spofford George A., Natiok 

Stocker Frederick, Maiden 

Stone Calvin, Charlestown 

Syrnnies Joseph, Winchester 

Sweetser Stephen, South Reading 

Taylor Samuel IK, .Melrose 

Thayer S. 1'.. Ashland 

Thomas A., (Saxonvilie) Franiingfeara 

Thurston Benjamin, Lowell 

'Jr..). i George W., Acton 

Tuttlo ■, Acton 

Washburn T. W., Cambridge 
Welch Walter, (Kast) Cant bridge 
WeUman Asa, arlestown 
Wh 'elock L. S., Wa viand 
W hippie Perlev, Marlboro' 
Whirncy Charles, Watertown, W. -- Cambridge 
Wiley R. i:.. South Reading 
Wiley Leonard, •• 
Winship Sam'i, t: ;< 

Wright Warren, Hopkinton 

T.ock Manufacturer. 
Moultou StepheD, Lowell 

looking Glas3 Manufacturers. 
ByarW. H .Lowell 
kVwsendeu Charles, Charlestown 
Weaver & Brothers, Lowell 

Loom Harnesses. 
Stevens A. & L., Lowell 

Loom Ticker Manufacturer. 
Goding WilUain, Lowell 

Allen Otis fc Co., Lowell 
BaniesG. & Son. Waltlnuu 
Bigelow & Wright, N«tiek 
Boynton & Doughty, Charlestown 
Brewster R. U., Ashland 
Brigham John. Watertown 
Brooks & Tyler, Lowell 

Bunrage k Gale, Cambridge} port) 
Cottn 11 .V Brooks, Charlestown 
''ut; r & Crossman,Cambri(lge{port) 
Daniels S. 0., (South) Framingham 
Dix Joel ./r., Charlestown 
Fiske & Norcross, Lowell 
Fiske William, ;: 

Fletcher Horatio, '< 
F< :.-r F. V. & Co., Medford 
Fuller & Banker, Brighton 
Gouch John, Cambridge 
Greenlcaf Thomas &: Co., Charlestown 
Hammond Martin, Natick 
Hall J. & Son, (East) Cambridge 
Hastings Oliver, " '• 

II >ward Horace, Lowell 
James Joseph, Medford 
Johnson George, Charlestown 
Johnson William, 
Joyce Samuel'. Medford 
Livingston William, Lowell [boro' 

Monson George E , (Feltonsville) Marl- 1 Baldwin Compan 
Palmer William A., Charlestown 
Priest S., Watertown 
Richardson & Collamore, S. Readin 

Smith & Gouch, Brighton 
Smith & Hopkins, Charlestown 
Smith M. L. & Co., Cambridge(port) 
Thompson Bcnj. \. Co., Charlestown 
Warren Moses & Co.. (East) Cambridge 
Wiley Adam & Co., South Reading 
1 K., Brighton 
Wood A.. (Feltonsville) Marlboro" 
Wood &• Prescott, Concord 
Young & White, Charlestown 

ILonglcy & Walker, Shirlej (Til Bg< 

Lowell Manufacturing I ompany, .\;> x 
Wright, agent. Lowell 

Mas* ichu setts C< tton Mills, .J. 
White, ngent, Lowell 

''''■rnii.;i k M .,!.!!"• turing Con ■ 
| Isaac Hinckli j . agent, Lowell 

Pnwcott Cotton Mills, Frank F. Bat- 

thfS,agent, Lowell 
' Putnam T. II., agent, Holliston 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company, Ji I 
1 Wright, agent. Low* 11 [Lowell 

'Tremont Mills, Chas. L. Tilden, agent, 

Worcester Willard, Shirlej (Vil ig« | 

Worcester 6; Longley, Shirley [\ illage) 

f.'otton Buck. 

Pearson Manufacturing Comp'y, Pcier 
Lawson, agent. Dracut 


[worsteds for car- 
| petings] (North) Chelmsford 
Chelmsford Co.. John Nesmitb, agent, 
' ( West) Chelmsford 

es Jr.. Newton (Lower Falls) : Damon C, C-, [flannels] Concord 

Machine Card Manufacturers. 
Kitson Richard, [for tlax and hemp 
Lowell [Lowei! 

Putter &. Ilowejjfor cotton and woollen] 


AMri"h. Tym? & Co., i owell 

Atherton M iiiiam, 

Barnev J., (Saxonvilie) Framingham 

Reals William, Lowed 

Bingharo S. H. P., Weston 

Blase Lemuel W.. (East) Peppereil . 

Bo Hard George, Pram hi gh am 

ButterSeld William, Lowell 

Damon Jonas B., Ashby 

Davidson John, Charlestown [ Fa II- ) 



Faulkner James R. & Co.. [flannels] 
Billeriea [torn,) Stow 

Gleason & Dale, [flannels] (Rockbot- 

Knight William II., [carpetings, fee] 
( Feltonsville ) Sudl urj [Lowell 

Lowell ManuL Co.,Alex.Wrigbt,ag at, 
I Middlesex Company, [broadcloths, &c] 
•j ll'm. '!'. Mann, agent, Lowell 

New England Worsted Co., [yarns ?.nd 
] blankets] (Saxonville) Framingham 

Stott Charles, [flannels] Lowell 
I Ward, Brooks & Co., Peppereli 

Marble and Stone Workers. 

Chandler & Colby, Medford 

Chase .).. Waltham 

Clauseu >F., [marble] Charlestown 

Cloyes Franklin-, Framingham 
| Day Benjamin, Lowell 
[Giimorc i; Swctt, (West) Acton 
; Hunt Thomas ]-'., Concord 

Jepson Asuph, Newton 

JepsonJ.B., - 
[Jones Sc Robinson, Lowell 
I Nichols David, '• 

I OConner .lane-. Framingham 

Moulton .S; Co., Newton (Lower O'Donald WilUam, Brighton 

.\ Bartlett, (East) Cambri 
Gav-, Silver ^v Co., (North) Chelntsf 
Gaged. F., Lowell 
George SainueJ D., Lowell 
Harrington L. & ,T. Q. A., Weston 
Hilt Jonathan, Billeriea 
Ilitcinrrer & Cook, Charlestown 
Kimball N. G-, Lowell : u 

Lowell Machine Shops, Lowell. William | 

A. Burke, agent 
Libbv Nathaniel L., Weston ! A ' 

i Parker .lames L., Shirley (Village) ; At 

Pettee Otis, Newton (Upper Falls 1 
Prescott Luther, (Force Villagi 


Parker Artemas. ( S'orth) C 
Pierce Cyrus, Concord 
Powers .). S , Ashlaiid 
hooey ^c Stafford. CamI ri.lj- 
Sanbi rn A. C. cv Co., (East) Cambridge 
Simond i W illiani, Waltham 
Tucker Hiram, [patent marble] Cam- 
Warren Theodore, Lowell [bridgi poi 

Appleton '. o , <•■< 
Boott Cotton Mill 

Lowell [if 

Boston Mamifacl 
Elliot Mills, <'ti: 

Newton, (Uppei 
Uawiltoa Manufn 

Averv. aseut, 1. 
Ijiwreriee Manufo 

ms P.O.. PeppereU 
ins J<-'hu. Lowell 
A-.jen Amos. (South) Natick 
West- : Bates V> illiam, Cambridge 
, ...j Bean Joel W.. Stoncham 

!$< • in •■•■: B il b r. | R;ist) Cambridge 
Berrj Jesse, Maiden 
; Benjamin Cyrus, Concord 
' t Blanchard Otis, West Cambridge 
' Bow<Iitch G., (South) Framingham 
. Bowditch Granville, Asldand 
j I5oh -rs Walter, (South) Natick 
\ Bowman Edwin, Billeriea 
} , Brigham George II., Marlboro' 
' Brooks E. D.. Newton 
Brown J. J., Framingham 
Cad) 1,., l.ow.-li 
Manufactures. t'hase l... Medford 

Cotton. I Colburn Jonas, Bedford 

'o. <l"e. Motley, •- ''- Lowell CoJcord \\ . [xiwell 
anMillH.Linus Child, »gj;ut,.j Conaiit Francis, A.-r,<n 

t,^ ii ;::••• Cuuuuicgs A..L, Watertown 
. El • er Cunningham Simeon Jr., Marlboro' 
proprietor, j Gushing 1". R., West Cambridge 
K'ushtuuu J. H.. (West) Newton 
turing Lom'y, John Damon B. 1>.. " " 

iwell IKulge C. P., Groton 

turing v'otu'y, Wm. I Dodge Ira, 
Lowell I Dowling Martin, (East) Cambridge 

Sanrent & Lr 

ne,Lowell '0 

Sawiel! N. P 

, Sbirlev { \ iilage) 

Scott & Mm, 

iv. Lowell 

Sibley Natha 

oicl S-, ^V estou 

Simpson Job 

n, L-wvII 

Stevens B. T 

^ Co., Lowell 

Stevens Will 

am, (West) Townsend 

Stimpson Gc 

n-ge, Charlestown 

Thorpe Thot 

las, West Cambri ; ■ 

Tucker Willi 

mil', Shirley llhige 

Whitney Jot: 

, Winchester 





p mster A.*nph, Melrose 

I,::.. >!] Samuel, 
i inerson George, Waltham 
K-t-ibrook 3. 1'., Cambridge(port) 
Ktt.-!i I'.ilvin, Grofcon 
; lovdJ. G-, Medford 
; ; iV (1 Thomas, Maiden 
French Jefferson, Floll&ton 
French Thomas L., Watertown 
Furbush Lewis, Marlboro' 
(Jerrish Joseph, Maiden 
Hadley John, Lexington 
Hall & Manning, Heading 
llartwctl Nathaniel, Shirley 
|J ivmao Abiel. Hopkiuton 
JI >rrick & Tuttle, Lowell 
Holt & Hurt, Cambridge(porfc) 
Hubbard 1'., Hopkinton 
Hunting M., Newton (Upper Falls) 
Johnson B. K-, South. Heading 
Jones Andrew, (East) Cambri Ige 
Lanison Rufus, Cam bridge( port) 
Littleficld Rufus, Soinerville 
Locke William, (East) Lexington 
Lovejoy Joseph 15.. Peppered 
Mann James, Natick 
Messcr Abiel, Lowell 
Morris L., Waltham 
Muliikin Alfred, Melrose 
Nichols Stephen, Winchester 

I Nichols William. Maiden 

j Omthvy Williaui, Medford 

i Noyes Henry, Cambridge 

Olcott John E., Waltham 

I'age Charles, Lowell 

Parker Benjamin, Medford 
I Parker Dext<>r, Lowell 

Perkins William K.. South Reading 

I Pollard John S., Cambridge(port) 

| Pratt Ralph, South Reading 

j Reed Klijah M . (North) Tewkesbury 

i Reed .N Powers, Lowell 

) ISiokcv I*. F., Somervillc 

: Ripley & George, South Reading 

j Ryan H. M7. Waltham 

j Sampson Seth P.. (North) Chelmsford 

Sanij«on L. P., Littleton 

Saub rn W. F., Lowell 

j San • i p Fr tnkliu, I lambridge(port) 



^tiO, Newton (Up 

Seaver A W.. Townsend 
j fevers? Stephen, W, -ton 

Shattuek A., Peppereil 
j Shattuek Elijah, ( East) P. 
I Sharp Daniel, South Reading 
j Sherman Dexter, tt'aj land 

Sbnonds Mixter, Wilmington 

Sioper Abner. Natick 

Smith Isaac Jr., Brighton 

Spaulding William, Peppereil 

Ppencer Ilosea, Cambridge(port) 

St*v< ••-■ William G., Canibridge(port) 

Swan K. W., Holliston 

Taylor J S., Sioneham 

Titus Daniel, West Cambridge 

Tufts James, Medford 

Tufbi John A., (East) Cambridge 

[attic George S., (North) Tewkesbury 

tuttle Jabn B., l/>wel! 

I nderw»K)d Charles, Natick 

U'akvSeid William, Reading 

Waltts Oliver, Hon ling 

Webster Charles. (North) Reading" 

W'eatworth George W., Brighton, 
rth Nathaniel, Joel, Winchester 

" '■''■' -f't Stedmau. Grot •>. 

Mast and Spar Makers. 
Bbuxhard & Caldwell. Charlestown 

Helodeon and Seraphicc Manu- 

r - ; '-* & Green. Townsend 


; ; '• 'i^iM.II.. LoweU 
* ■'■•»« UiiM-. Waltham 


j Alley & Johuson,(Ea ;t) Cambridge 

Bacon K. P. South Reading 
' Bail ■;. Mi - , (East) Cand rid| e 
I Bancroft S. A.. \\ inchest) r 
j Barton Silvia, Low ■'[ 
' Bean Stiliman P., Lowell 
; Rigclow Olive M.. Marlboro' 
| Billings Mary A.. !.• >v< 11 
j Biilings S. M., Lowell [Fall 

Bosworth Josephine, Newton (I'pp*. 

Bradley II A., Lowell 

Brainard J.. Woburn 

Bridge E., Newton 
j Brown Jane A.. (West) Acton 

Butler Sarah, Lowell 

CallenderS. B., Cambridge(port) 

Capel Betsey, Grotoh 

Carey Ann, Watertown 

Carleton C, Charlestown 
j Caswell Mrs., Natick 

Clement Charles C. Lowell 

Clifford Mary A.. Lowell 

Cram A. D... Lowell 

Crehore Susan. Maiden 

Curtis Helen, Stoneham 
j Cunamiskey Hugh, Lowell 
j Dix Abba, Waltham 
I Boane B. II., Brighton 
j Dodge A.E,, Lowell 

Emerson Elizabeth, South Heading 

Evans E. B., ;; 

Ford Hannah, Charlestown 

Fariiham Caroline, Waltham 

Fisk L.. Ilotliston 

Frost M.. Lowell 

Gibbs II. If., Framingham 
j Gleason Julia, Concord 
| Gordon J. H., Lowell 
j Gray Cynthia, Lowell 
j Hanson Mary P.. Waltham 
i Harding S., Brighton 
I Hatch II. A. 11.. Charlestown 
' Hills Mrs,, Natick 
1 Hill Sarah, Lowell 
| I lone E„ Marlboro' 
| Keer Ann. (East) Cambridge 
! Ladd Louisa, Lowell 

MavnardD. & H., Lowell 

Muyuard M., (Feltonsvilie) Marlboro 1 
! McQuaid Catherine, Lowell 
■ Messer 0. W., Stoneham 

Newell & Sherlacfc, Cambridge(port) 
•• Norton Sarah. Cambridge pore) 
! Patten Sarah V... Melrc7e 
i Pearey Ma.ry A , Lowell 
! I'everlev p. & E., Charlestown 
I Pollard J„ Medford 
j Quimby & Grilftn, Charlestown 
! Richardson S !>.. Concord 
' Robinson G. & B. W., Lowell 
j lioundy B;, Woburn 
I Ross M. Pv , (Feltonsville) SJarlboro' 
i Russell v. L., Unveil 
I Smith J. A , Medford 
j Smith P. S., Wayland 
i Snow FJannali, Charlestown 
I Soper B.', Stow 
i Stevens Mary, Lowell 
j Stockwetl^lrs., (West) Acton 
i Stone Mary, Framingham 
Taylor S G.. Cam bridge( port) 
i Tear M. A., Woburn 
| Temple Sarah. Reading 
j Thompson B. F., Lov :! 


fts K'i. 

a A. B., M 


lit Mar 

tl'ta T.. 1-e. 


Mr. n 

t!:f. I., 





L. K., 


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b m ; 

Eunice. Chi 

I Morocco Dressers & Colorers. 

i Binney Moses, Cambridge(port) 

; Rrowu &: Jackson, Charle>town 

I Butterfield Win. P., Cambridge(port) 

: Clark & Watrb«s, 

• Dean Cliarles, Charlegtown 

t'runch A. S., Townsenu 
j Gibbs George I... Charlestown 
| Green I. A.', Carabridge(port) 

I Hall G. s . Charlestown 

I Kimball II. /... 

. Leeinan S'. I:.. 

j Leeinan N. R. dr.. •• 

I Orr John, ( v. , » ■ Townsend 

' >'<■ :■■■ Ida & kVaitl Charlei 

! Sev.uli V. f . 

.'-ev-a.l & V> ichingtou, 
wift Joseph, " 

Waitt James M., " 

Webster .v Co., 

Music Stores. 
Dyar W. H., Lowed 

Shepard B. II., 
L'huan WilliamF., (; 

Mustard Manufacturc-rs. 
Stickney ij Poor, Cliarlestown 

Kail Manufacturer. 
Ellis Joseph Chas., (North) Chelmsf rd 


Bell Robert G . Dracufc 
Bigelow S.. Brighton 
Breek Joseph & Son, Brighton 
Carter William A., Cambridge 
Clement Asa, Dracut 
Davenport John, Cambridge 
Hide George. Newton 
Hided. F., Newton (Centre) 
Hi i S., Newton 
iiov.y & Co., Cambridge 
Kenrick John A.. Newton 
Kenrick Wiliiam, -; 
Kimball John R.. Dracut 
Marshall Simeon M., Dracut 
Page Thomas. Waltham 
Pond's, Cambridge 
Russell I'hili mon R.. Cambridge 
Salisbury Samuel, (East) *• 
Smith Edwai-d, Brighton 
Stimson lioval, Cambri Ige 
Towne Orr N., Somerville 
Vandine Henry. Cambridge 
Walsh George, CharU sti 
Winship v^'c Co., Brighton 

Oil Manufacturers. 

Brown Oliver. Charlestown 

Edmands Da^ id. : ' 

Fisk R. F. & J- C (; 

Fisk Wm. !' :■: ; •■ . Ci rnbri ! • • nrl I 

Kid. lord. i-.. Charlestown 

Kingman, Henr> >v Rice, Fasl 

Optical lnstrumeut Manufac- 
Clark George B., (East) Cambridge 

Organ Manufacturer. 
Stevens George, (East) Cambri _• 

Organ Pipe Manufacturer. 
Pierce Samuel, Reading 

Oysters and Refreshments. 

Banks Miles, Waltham 

Boutwell Thomas B., Stoneham 

Bradley GeOrge W.. Medford 

Brown B. F., Charlestown 

Brown James, 

Butman David. Maiden 

Campbell Kol < rt M., (E.) Cambri bj« 

Chenev R , Lowell 

Clark Nehemiah, (East) Cambridg* 

CliifopI Kdward, Lowell 

Con ant James, Lowell 

Cuiumings '•■' f •■■ " 

Dnvgin N Howard, N 

i- 1 .. 13 ... M . Ci i rlestown 

Fisk V. A . 

Foster Charles. Cam' . 

French A. B , U well 

Galbraith John. Waltham 

Gibbs Wiliiam. Hopk 

Goodridge John. Cam 

Gordon John, Charlestown 

Hastings Henry '■ ; 

Uazeltine J. B., • 


! Kelton J. P . Lowell 
Kempti n Albert. Love!! 

| Kimball C. W . Canihri lew 
Kimball William II.. Ln.wil 

I Knapp& Walker. L 11 

• Luurley I. W., Ptoneluun 

i Lenwin & \ twood, Lowell 

; Marston J. M . 

j Marston William F.. Brighton 

| Moon? E. A.. Lowell 

i Parmenter Jonas W., Walthara 

j Proctor Elbridge, Lowell 

{ Meeka Timothv Jr., Concord 
Sawyer S., Clmriesunna 
Metcnlf John P.. Cambridge 
Smith Charles, Charlestown 
Smith Uiehard, Lowell 
Stevens & WelMneton. Charlestown 
Stone Daniel, (East) Cambridge 
Strceter J. P., Lowell 
Taylor George, t tuirlesiown 
league George 51., Cambrirtgefoort) 
WitherellE. B., Charlestown 
Woodward P., Lowell 
Wright & Brown, Charlestown 
Wright H. L., 

Pail Manufacturers. 
Buferick John W., Acton 
Loring George, Concord 
Rand & Smith, Townsend (If a 
White & Kendall, Ashbv 
Wright F. W., A-sbby * 

Adams J.W.. (East) Cambridge 
Adlington T.. Wavland 
Allen Samuel M., Asbb 


S, .1. Lmv 

1 Preemai 

! Puller Goorge,' Chariestown 
i Puller Gustavus, [carriage] (W \ 
, Pulton John A , Cambridge 
! Gilson Charles, Cambridge .. port) 
! Glidden John, Lexington 
, Crab im G< orgo, b'ramingliam 
Gr< -..j-v A.. Westo„ 

S^? 011 .?:,, ?■• fambridge(port) 
i llamhhn William A.. South lleadi 
| Hanson & Turner, Maiden 
; lb-drink George, Lowell 
' Heinenway P., Hopkinton 
i Hildreth George B., Westford 

Hill Aaron G„ Maiden 
I Holcleu N., Charlestown 
! Howes & Harper, Lowell 
| llo-.vts S. p.. [miniature] Lowe!! 

| Turner Henrj «'., Lowell 
f f on Twist Daniel, Bedford 

Twombly Joseph ifc., Somervill* 
» mton II. L., Newton 
Wal iron II. <;.. charl< stown 
Walton Nathan s.. Ca 
Watern Samuel I I 
West Charles, fl,. ,;.■■• D 
Wesl .. C. K . Dun 
We.«ton G. \\ .. Grotoa 

Weston & Mas Charlestown 

M illiaras A. II., Walth 
Wjnsor & Harrinirton, Bri htoi 
Woodard M W., Marlboro' 
Woodbury Charles, Somerville 
W heeler Aaron, Aetou 
White L. S., Unpkii -■■•• 
Winter Obed. Frami 


Arriugton William M.. "South Readlm* J 10 *** Leonard. HnllUton 
Bacon Charles, West Cambridge ° I NKi -'-> is *•< (North) Reading 

bacon Sardis, South .Reading = Newman William, Lowell 

Bailey James, Melrose ! Pa £ e George 1L, Hoili -tun 

Hubbard Wm.C .Newton Lovver rails) !!™' ^"'JV^™ ^oro ' 

j Hutchinson E. H. & &™£5"; I ' a ' (leltM v " " 

j Houghton Warren, (West) Acton 
I Ireland William H., Watertown 
; Jackson 7... (West) Townsend 
[ Jennings Levi, Cambridge(port) 
j Kittredge Ahn'er, Lowell 
! Kittredge Jeduthun, Lowell 
i Lawrence John W.,(West) Cambridge 
I Lawapn Thomas B., [miniature] Lowell 
: Lincoln Gshea. Charlestown 
I Lindiey Charles, Watertown 
j LittleS. I!.. Brighton 
I Locke Wm, (,.. (Peltonsville) Marlboro' 
I I^fcerChas., ■faiwhville) Praminghum 
! MeAcpslin D.. Marlboro" 
' Mclntire Ebenezer, (East) Cambridge 
! Merrill M. & Sou. Mectford 
; Merrills. K., (South.) Groton 
! Morey George C Lowell 
Mors,' Leonard, IJoliUton 

Raiiey James, Melrose 
B.-dcom J.,:Groton 
Ballartl George P., Framrngham 
Ball John M., Melrose 
Barrett Joseph W., Stoneham 
Barton J. }{.. (.North) ! "n.->lmsfbrd 
Bates Jacob II.. Cam] n i <-:• 
Beadoe Thomas, Charlestown 
BesseS. if., (West) Newton 
Blake Seth Jr., (South) Natiek 
Blam-hard Henry V. V„ Charlestown 
Billings & Priest. Shirley (Village) 

ito-T^Tw?! . i "' ' '" ' ' ; 
Bradford Henrv, Chelmsford 
Bta-gdbn WillLam.Charleixowa 
Brigham Asahel, 5Iariboro : 
Brigham George D., Grown 
I'r-i'.o LR., Concord 
BurbankJohn. We*t Cambridge 
Burnap Ethan, Lowell 
Burton A. l;.. Winchester 
llurr Thor.ias, Ashbv 
Bumpus S. L.. Cambridgefnortl 
Butrick Nathan, Carlisle 
Chapman Faulkner. Charlestown 
Clark Charles. (North >Tewkesbury 
Cogswell & Piske, Brighton 
Cobb Warren, Littleton 
Conant Oliyer, Lowell 
Conham William. Natick 
Cook Benjamin, (East) Cambridge 
< '• k James, Reading 
Cutting Edwin, Wattbam 
Cushinj; William, Melrose 
Cutter G. A., Stoneham 
Damon Isaac N Lexington 
Banforth George' O.,Can0>ridge 
Danlorth M. G„ \V'inehester 
Deland James C. Charlestown 
E tmands Benjamin >■' 
Pliis & I)..,rU,rn, Brighton 
Emerson Nathan,' Lowell 
Fairbanks LewN, South Reading 
Farnsworth T. .-., Grutan 
Farriugton Isaac .Jr., Brighton 
Parson Samuel, Lowell 
Fielding Josiab !».. Lowell 
Pish B. p., Charlestown 
French E. F. & Co., Hopkintou 

PagpIL p., Wa'tertc, 
! Paine K. J., Chariestovni 
j Park 0. 0., ." 

! Parks George, Lowell 
i P.inin Asher, Natick 
j Partridge Charles D., Billerica 
i P;ie!] 1 sJ..(K. : s:) Peppereli 
! Phelps Joseph. Bedford 
j PhrppsJohu. South Reading 
: Pennington V, nijam P., Lowe! 
1 Poole Franklin, South Readini 
j Porter Obed, (Wi st) Newt 
; Pra'tr. Wm. C.,.[p 

1 ^uUob/Abozo-i 


j Paints, Oil, and Glass. 
I Beddoc Thomas, Charlestown 

Boardman James, Cambridg( 

Burnap P., Lowell 

Conant Oliver .)., Lowell 

Cutter k Otis, Woburn 

Edmands Benjamin, Charlestown 

Helding J. B.. Lou-ell 

Pish Benjamin P., Charlestown 

Gardner R. & E., Lowell 

Hastings Thos. & Co., (E.) Cambridge 

f.toldeu N., Charlestown 

Kittredge Jeduthan, Lowell 

Mixer, Pitman & Co., - ; 

Page II. P.. Watertown 

Thayer J. If., Cambridge(porfc) 

Waldron II. G., Charlestown 

Ubitney John A., Ashlan J 
j Whitney Luther P., Charlestown 

Palm Leaf Manufacturers. 
Barrett & Whitney, [hats] Shirley 
Kendall J. B., [mattresses] (JE.) Cam- 

Paper Hangings. 
Boardman James, Cambridge(port) 
: Purnap Ethan, Lowell ~ ' 
j Parson Samuel, Lowell 
Fielding J. B.. " 
Kittredge A.. " 

Kittredge Jeauthan, Lowell 
I Marsh Oliver. « 

b i Charlestown j Merrill Pro's. Cambrklge(port) 
nvill. i !•>..!.:;:■_■- j Merrill ^c Straw. Lowell 
■ Newman William. '• 
PatreH. p.. Watertown 

ix^uu »»nr:vn, 1 ■iKirie*t«.»wu ; i'age II. P.. W :i - , ;: , llV rj 

Bandal) A. II., Newton (U[»i«er Falls) I Palmer John, (East) Cambridge 
KKaiar,Won Ja.ues P.Cau.hrid ;e port) Pearson Char! aS, Cambridgt(port) 

Pearson Henr^ 

Pucker William, Lowell 

Roberts W m . G., (South) Pramincham Pearson J. D 

Rogers George, Rowling 

Russell Henry. Watertown 

Sargent A. T. & Co., Maiden 

Sawyer J. L. & G. P., Canibridge(port) 

Worcester James A. D., CharlestoMTi 

Pap-r Mills. 
Crehore Lemuel, Newton (Lower Palis) 

sawyer .... !,. Jc U. K.,Caml n Igefpfrt) (Jrehore Lemuel, Newton (Lower Fallsl 

Sargent George, (Porgeviile) Westfurd i CunLs A. C. ^c Sons, Newton 

Sawm Joseph, Waykiud ! ( iirtL<A.C.& W., Newton (Lower Falls) 

- nuttuok!.i:i {',., I',? i .-r.'Tl J- o-fef .lo-enb^n- ),.^,- n \ 

ttuck Jeremiah G., !'■•; > 
. Silver, Howe & Mea*.I, Lowel. 
j Simonds William C, Chariest 
| SpoonerJolin SV., Ashland 
I Smith I. M.. Concord 
j Smith M.. Weston. 
i Smith William if., Lexington 
J Stanton II. K.. Winehestor 
j Stearns C, Marlboro' 
j Stevens Joseph. Stoneham 
i Sterens & Copp, Medtbrd 
! utiles Amuii P., Waltham 
; Stowe Willium, : tow 
I Svftzc; N. (,.. Lowell 
: TemnlHJ, hn \ . Varirk 

- Jao,.< I! . Cam >ri Ige 


! Tiitmi LubeS.. Lowell 

i Trefethen S: Lock«, Hedford 

Tuck A. i: r (South) Natick 
j Tucker Lb, ue.-r Jr.. Cam I ridge(port 
j Tucker Josi ph, South Reading 
I Tufts j;b, aeaer T., (East) Cumbridgo 

Tufts PrancLj IP, >• «• ' 

y^'ii Joseph, [binding board] Newton 
(Lower Palls) 

Hartwcli & Butler, Groton 

H.irtwell & Butler, (West)Grofon 

Harvoy I. R , (East) Pepperell 

H-artwelUi. ((.. •• 

HnarJ. N.. Groton 
! HoTey J. a., (East) PeppereU 

'' Ihi *sworth .1 M. & j... Groton 
j [] >lh'ngsworth M. & L., Shirley 
: ■>! t! ;h ill 7.., Groton 

1 'i ■' r William T.. Sudburj- 

J'»ice Thoman .!r., Newton i Lower Falls) 

Riee & Garfield, 

I'" hmond P. 0., Lowell 

Roberts John, Waltham 

Sham way Elial. (West) Groton 
I V\-ales& Mills, Newton (L rl 

Whitney Leonard , v Son. Watertown 
I W hituey Samuel, Ashland 

j Paper Warehouse and Blank 
Book Manufacturer! 

I Learned L. s.. Cam bridge( port) 


) ' ' 

• 'Loathe, 1 Manufacturers 
„.,„ cyru-. Woburn 

u ::.,-.: -. U. : Winchester 

Pattern Worker. 
CbwibevUitu Aaron; Lowell 

Periodicals and Stationery. 

[>,\i- John W., Lowell 

M, Donald Edmund, Lowell 

"Kelvin .1. H-- Lowell 

Work Thomas, Carubridge(port) 

Pi.nno-forte Manufacturers. 
Raiulen Charles II. J., Charlestown 
llwirick George, Lowell 

Stevens A. & S., 
Weaver & Brothers, " 

Pianoforte Iron. Work. 
Podge Paul F., (East) Cambridge 

Piano-forte and Organ Keys. 
Abbott Zebediah, Winchester 

Pickle Manufacturer. 

tinderwood Wm. & Co., Charlestown 

plane Manufacturers. 
Drew & Rollins, Lowell 
Fnh Ansel, 

Pre^cott C, " 

T.iN r Wing II., '■ 

Plu ruber. 
Dana David. Lowell 

Hewes Abraham & Sou?, 'Weston 
Uuney James S., (East) Cambridge 
Kuney John. Somerville 


Pratt Nathan fc Co.. Acton 
Whipple Oliver M., Lowell 

Power Loom Harness Knitting 
Whitney John A., Ashland 

Press Die Manufacturer. 
Alexandre Jack, Lowell 

Adams Abel IS., Bedford 
Adwns (.'. F. VValtbaia 
A-lams Horatio, - 
Alcott James L., Lowell 
Alden Jonathan P.. Cambridge(port) 
Alien Charles H., "■ :t 

Allen N'athan, Lowell 
Ames Ebeae/er, Way-land 
Andrew A., Lowell 
Astie A., " 

Baldwin Dexter, Marlboro' 
Bancroft Amos B., Groton 
Barnes Edward F., Marlboro' 
Barnes John, Ashland 
Bartlett 15. I)., Lowell 
Bartlett J. (.'.. Chelmsford 
Bartlett Josiah. Concord 
Bartlett J. E., Somerville 
Barrett Henry A., Concord 
Ml L. V., Somerville 
• ' ■■:• Albert